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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 30, 2017 7:00am-7:10am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 30th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the senate intelligence committee vows a investigation of trump campaign ties to russia. meanwhile the house investigation is mired in controversy. new thousands of hackers to create speaker ryan's hillary clinton. interview. he talks about tax reform and the possibility of a governmentn opens up about beating addiction, working with rap star pit bull, and getting
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inspiration from his wife nicole kidman. but we begin today's "eye opener" with your world seconds. >> i will only tell you this. he andry tapping into everything we can to get intelligence that would be pertinent to the investigation. >> the senate intelligence committee takes the reins on the russia investigation. >> we're seeing this partisan clown show play out. we have two senators trying to show there's something they want to get to the bottom. >> they're the senate. they're the adults in the room. >> two adul. it is. a weather system that pounded the plains continues to move east this morning. >> torn down, trees down, shingles torn from roofs. it only gets worse. a pickup and a church bus collide. >> it's the only time we've seen
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so many confirmed dead at one time. you don't see that very often. >> ivanka trump. >> samsung announced its first major smartphone since a recall on the fire-prone galaxy 7. >> a snake spotted on the runway. >> they won't take it off the screen. >> one revealed its cristiano rinaldo's bust. >> it looks like his face is bending like beckham. >> i thought about you all week. >> i get home to halftime for the badger game and we lose to florida in your time in the last 0.3 second shot. it was -- >> on "cbs this morning." >> president trump turned down the chance to throw out the opening day pitch. >> i'm surprised he won't throw out the first pitch because he's clearly a baseball fan. ♪ take me out to the ball game
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take me out to the crowd ♪ >> yeah. he was struggling with pitch there too. >> reporter: this morning's "eye opener" presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the senate intelligence committee hears new testimony this morning in its investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. committee leaders say their probe will be thorough, in independent, and fair. they gave reporters an eye-opening look of some of the evidence they're investigating. >> on the other side of the aisle, they're stuck with the relationship between nunes and the white house. jeff pegues with a stunning claim. good morning. >> good morning. the senate hearing will likely start with fewer fireworks than last week's house hearing.
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there aren't a lot of names on the house list but what it will do is seek to expose what the u.s. believes is the kremlin's goal and that is to cripple the 2016 election. >> an outside foreign adversary effectively sought to hijack our most critical democratic process, the election of a president. >> the senate committee is reviewing thousands of documents, including raw intelligence. they've requested interviews with 20 people, among them, the president's son-in-law and seen your white house adviser jared kushner. >> we'll always say to you the investigation scope will go wherever intelligence leads it. >> both republican senator richard burr and the tom democrat on the committee mark warner said they'll use subpoenas if necessary as they investigation the actions. >> we will get to the bottom of this. >> the two men stood side by side as they vowed to work as a by part san unit. >> he usually knows my sources
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before i do. >> i've also got his cell phone. >> while the house investigation remains stalled and in disarray. there is no timetable for hearings after last week's testimony from fbi director james comey. >> all i can tell you is what we're investigating, which includes whether there was any coordination between people associated with the trump campaign and the russians. >> the embattled chairman of the house committee devin nunes is still resisting calls to recuse himself amid accusations that he's trying to shield the white house. >> there's nothing to report. i appreciate the attention, though. thank you. >> senators warner and burr say their investigation will be fair and impartial. >> senator burr, have you personally coordinated with the white house at all on the scope of this investigation, and how do you prevent it from going off track? >> no, sir, i have not, and it's the relationship and the trust we have. >> and that will be tested
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during the course of this process. they say their responsibility here is to produce a bipartisan report that exposes the extent of russian interference not only here but in europe as well. norah. >> all right, jeff. thank you so much. house speaker paul ryan is standing by the house intelligence committee chairman. we spoke with ryan yesterday in the speaker's ceremonial office in washington and asked him what he knew about nunes's unnamed source and the other evidence he's seen. now, this is his first extended interview since the failed effort to replace obamacare and we asked him about the house bill. ryan insisted his party isn't giving up. >> let me first ask you about devin nunes, the head of the senate house committee. you were among the first that he briefed. what did he tell you? >> he had told me like a whistle blower-type person had given him
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some information that was new that spoke to the last administration and part of this investigation. he briefed me about it. didn't know the content of it. only knew the nature of it and that he was going to brief others. >> did you ask to see the documents yourself? >> he didn't have documents, so i didn't. >> did you encourage him to then tell the president about it? >> no. i told him to add to his investigation. >> you at no time said you should tell president trump about it. >> he was going to brief everybody. i already knew. he just said he came into possession of new information that he thought was valuable to this investigation and he was going to go inform people about it. >> but he hasn't. i mean he hasn't even informed the republican committee. >> i haven't seen the actual documents. i don't know that he's been in possession of them yet. let me just say this. it's very important that we allow and encourage whistle
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blowers to talk to congress. >> can you help me understand this though. if it's a whistle blower, why wouldn't that information then be shared with the democrats on the committee and even the other republicans who haven't seen it. >> i don't know the answer to that question. you'd have to ask that person. i don't know who it is. >> you're a member of the going of eight. you can see the most classified intelligence that our government has, right? you could classify this information. >> we want the information to be provided to congress and we're waiting for it to be provided to congress. >> do you know if president trump is under investigation himself with ties to russia? >> i have no knowledge to that. i do not believe that's the case. if we don't know that, do you think -- >> i won't speak for the fbi, but i've never seen any suggestion or evidence that that's the case. >> here's my question. if we don't know if president trump is under investigation, why would it then be appropriate for the committee to then go brief the president? >> let me say this. i don't believe that he is. so i don't think he's under any investigation. no one has suggested that he is,
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not even in a vague way. toijt believe that he is. >> let's talk about health care. you promised to repeal obamacare for seven years. your bill didn't survive three weeks. what happenedsome. >> well, it has jts survived yet. what happened is we are going through what i call a very painful growing pain. i'd like to see the growth at the end of that pain, which is we've been an opposition party for ten years, and i've been long saying if we're going to be successle, deliver for the american people, improve people's lives, we've got to become a proposition governing party. about 90% of our members are for this bill. we're not going to give up after seven years of dealing with this, after running on a plan all of last year, translating that plan into legislation, which is what this is. >> okay. so what's the plan b? >> well, plan b is we keep talking to each other and figure how to get to yes and how to get the bill passed. >> you're not changing theore p
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>> no. we're listening to people. mak . at great. get people to a yes, >> the president says he wishes maybe he didn't do health care first. do you agree? >> not at l. couldn't do tax re for a whole host of reasons. it gets easier if we do health care first if you want me to explain. >> no. i understand. >> we didn't have time to write a bill yet. the house is working on a plan. the white house doesn't have a plan. the senate doesn't have a plan. it's innc


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