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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  March 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it is over, there are still more showers around center of the low which is still way back over portions of west virginia. here's snapshot of is what happening right now, lehigh valley picking up steady downpours, cape may county as well as let's zoom in on that and we can see yellow, orange shading denoting heavy rain, just about to cross over the garden state parkway. that will slow you down. also up to 55, expect a slow go there. this batch of rain heading for the city, commuting on i-95 will run into this on the schuylkill as well, and dark green shading will impact drive out there this evening. rain amounts so far over an inch and a half in kenneth square, wilmington at 1.34, inch and a quarter in philadelphia and over an inch, in allentown, as well as the heavy rain continues at lee through the next couple hours before it starts to wind up and move out, by midnight, but we do still have a flood watch in effect for region. lauren will tell you more about that and what to expect for rest of the night, lauren. we have a flood watch in effect for large portion of the delaware valley that does
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run until 2:00 a.m. overnight tonight, does include center city philadelphia, up and down i-95 corridor stretching up in to berks county, lehigh valley and has been extended on include our shore points as well, for this evening and tonight, yeah, much of the same, period of heavy rain, with embedded thunderstorms possible, especially, before midnight tonight, we will see heaviest of rain, seeing some light icing, ice accumulation reported in the poconos and that could potentially continue at times as we head in the evening and overnight, period and we are seeing poor drainage flooding being reported as well in conshohocken road, montgomery county, portions of that road already shut down all lanes closed because of that street flooding. again, concern in the poconos for icy conditions on the roadways, we do have this freezing rain advisory that remains in effect until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for portions of, the counties so natasha, just a mess for everyone across the delaware valley. it is, out there. thanks we appreciate that. track the rain and weather anytime you'd like at your fingertips don load free cbs
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philly weather app on itunes and google play. update now in the death investigation of the twin babe is in lindenwald, new jersey. camden county medical examiner says that the seven month-old girls, died last wednesday, of natural causes. their mother made heart break ing 911 call for help. authorities say that she found babies unresponsive in the family's apartment. they were rushed to the hospital, where they were pronounced dead. authorities are investigating a tragic accident in delaware county. they say a six year-old was fatally struck by a car driven by her mother. it happened on the 200 block of ivy street in chester this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in chester right now with more, cleve. ukee, police in chester do not suspect foul play at this time. it appears to be a situation, a fatal car accident, involving a mother, trying to round up her kid to take them to school. a young life lost friday morning on this one block street in chester. police say 29 year-old cherin
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a thompson backed her suv in front of her children while attempting to get another in the car seat. we know at this .1 of the children came out of their car seat, mother reached to retrieve them thinking she put car in park and then unfortunately struck the other children. >> reporter: accident happened after 9:00 a.m., thompson drove kid to the emergency room at crozer-chester medical center. medical staff found an ten year-old struck was not hurt, but younger siblings six year-old lay lah rodriguez was pronounced dead at 9:48 a.m. she was a beautiful little girl. >> reporter: neighbor's son was friend with laylah. she was a sweet little girl, and her mom loved her. they was the world. >> reporter: thompson may have inadvertently hit accelerator causing suv to jolt backward while she was trying to wrestle her four year-old back in the car seat. green ford expedition was removed from the hospital, as the investigation, continues. we're having the car inspect by pennsylvania state
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police and we are doing an accident reconstruction at this moment. >> reporter: at this point chester police are not charging thompson, again, this is an ongoing investigation. live from chester, cleve bryan , cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >>cleve, thanks very much. also at this evening indicted philadelphia district attorney seth williams reveals how he now plans to lead the office as he fights federal corruption charges and resist any calls to step down. revelations came during an afternoon court hearing over his representation, and "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was in the courtroom for the hearing today and he joins us live from the federal court in center city for very latest developments, greg. >> reporter: natasha, good afternoon his hearing lasted last then five minutes where williams told the court he was dismissing his previous attorney and hiring a new trial attorney, thomas berk. the judge asked berk whether or not he would stay on the case regardless of whether or not williams could pay for him , and he responded quote, short of my debtor being beat up by aliens, i'm in this for
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the long hall. embattled district attorney seth williams back in the federal courthouse on friday afternoon, now represented by trial attorney, tom berk. i'm honored to be representing the district attorney of philadelphia. >> reporter: after a short hearing where berk formally took over as williams counsel, williams new lawyer made this announce. today district attorney williams took the step of agreeing to a temporary suspension of his law license pending outcome of this case, he will remain in office in an administrative capacity only. >> reporter: that allows williams to continue to collect his more than $175,000 a year salary. it is a simple move made by former state attorney general kathleen kaine, charged and convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice. any comments at all. >> reporter: williams made no comment after leaving the courtroom on friday afternoon. he is accused of taking more than $100,000 in cash, gifts in exchange for favors, charges his new attorney say, are entirely false.
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district attorney williams assumes office in january 2010 , his office has prosecuted more than 500,000 cases, and the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the outcome of the single case, prosecuted by my client's office what's affective. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 o whether or not berk made any campaign contributions, when district attorney seth williams was running for the d.a.'s office, and that answer coming up at 6:00 may surprise you. we are live, from center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >>we will see you then, thank you. we have new details on the deadly shooting on the new jersey turnpike in cranberry yesterday, investigators say a state trooper shot and killed, christopher, of delaware, after he tried to run over the trooper at the molly pitcher service area we are told troopers were conducting an under cover narcotics operations when they saw him shooting up heroin. in an unrelated incident on the turnpike yesterday police surrounded a car in
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piles grove, office's rested three people, "eyewitness news" has learned that this incident is part of a criminal investigation out of maryland and police are not releasing any details. also, police make an arrest after an apparent snipper opened fire outside a popular gentlemen's club. we first told but this story on monday night, investigators say it was a very close call for a woman in the cross hairs "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live in northern liberties with the latest details on the arrest, alycia? >> reporter: philadelphia police say that it was a man from new jersey arrested in connection with the shooting that happened here monday night. he is currently in camden county jail and was reportly arrested with the magazine and ammunition on him. after just four days of investigating philadelphia police believe they have the shooter responsible for monday night's reported snipper situation. you'll recall, it froze part of the city for hours at the heat of the rush hour in the northbound side of interstate i-95 was closed, a stretch of spring garden was block off
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and this building under construction near front street was barricaded, as a swat team went floor to floor looking for the shooter. the alleged shooter now in custody has been identified as sources as 29 year-old lawrence mitchell of new jersey. at this point in the investigation, sources add that authorities do believe that the gunfire came from the fifth floor of the vacant building. police are waiting on one final ballistics test to confirm that, and police are also trying to confirm if what kind of gun was used in the shooting. it has been difficult to determine that, because the shots were from, so far away, more than a football field away. so only a fragment of the bullet was was recovered from the chevy silverado shot at. woman leaving delilah's gentlemen's club was getting into a truck and narrowly missed by those bullets. she managed to flee back in the club physically unharmed. investigators are still trying to determine if that with man was targeted and if so, why? and again, the suspected shooter lawrence mitchell is in camden county jail only on
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charges of illegal possession of ammunition and as a fugitive of justice charge. he is expect to be in philadelphia's police custody soon where he is expect to be charged with attempted homicide. reporting live from northern liberties, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news" a commuter nightmare in atlanta, fire causes a section of highway to collapse. find out how long it could take to rebuild, and just what was under the roadway, when the fire started. and warmer weather, means getting outside to run or to play sports and that means, foot and ankle injuries, why doctors say many injuries are misdiagnosed, and how you can make sure that doesn't happen to you. next. forty-five workers and students from delaware are planning for a performance of the lifetime, they are performing in carnegie hall in new york city. see what it means to them to be able to perform on that
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at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. well, welcome back. charleston church shooter
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dylann roof will plead guilty in his state murder trial according to the prosecutor on the case, guilty plea will be filed, on april the tenth and it means roof will not face a second death sentence or trial last year roof was sentenced to death on dozens of federal charges including hate crimes, roof admitted to authorities that he shot and killed, nine people at a historically african-american church in 2015. officials are still trying to determine what caused a fire that brought down a huge, chunk of highway in atlanta, one of the cities main commuter routes as well. crews used heavy equipment to pound away at section of the interstate 85 that came crashing down yesterday after flames tore at its trusses even before the clean up began officials were already drawing up plans to rebuild the highway. six sections will be reconstructed and work could take several months. everybody has a routine in their life, and for 250,000 people a day, crossing this section of the roadway is part of their routine. but the fact of the matter, the blunt fact of the matter
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that is routine has new come to an end. that is part of your routine, until this is fixed you have to get map out and you have to start looking at alternate locations. >>officials said that the state, stored construction materials, under the bridge butt plastic conduit and cables, were non-combustible. mourners gathered in philadelphia philadelphia meantime for funeral service of tuskegee air man john harrison junior. viewing took place at chapel of the four chaplains in the navy yard. it was followed by a funeral mass. harrison, a congressional medal of honor recipient, passed away last wednesday at the age of 96. he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery in northern virginia. on the healthwatch tonight , every year more than 3 million visits to the emergency room involved foot and ankle injuries, but patients often don't get what they need. health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on this new study. >> reporter: lots of people complaining about this one. foot and ankle injuries are often misdiagnosed which can
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lead to more serious, persistent problems, according to this new research out today athlete paul, always played hard, until an intense flag football game landed him on the sidelines last year. tried to grab the flag and felt something rip in my ankle >> reporter: next day he could not walk so he helpedded to urgent care. he said we're probably looking at sprain but x-rays are inconclusive. you need an mri. >> reporter: it was much worse it turns out paul had multiple ligament tears in his ankle. my foot was disconnected, almost fully from the rest of my leg. >> reporter: new study from the american osteopathic association find that primary doctors often miss diagnosis many common foot and ankle injuries. it is a pretty serious injury that we don't want to miss. >> reporter: doctors say pin and additional imaging can be critical. long term effect can be unfortunate painful, debilitating, can lead to osteoarthritis, can lead to
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possible surgery. >> reporter: with the right doctoring and intense therapy paul had a shorter recovery, and was back in the field in the month and a half. i think that the treatment regimen actually helped made it stronger. >> reporter: strong enough that just after weeks he took the plunge of a lifetime. yikes. >> reporter: wasn't injured on that though. experts say delayed diagnosis and treatment of foot and ankle injuries can also lead to recurring ankle sprains. this is probably time you want to see a specialist orthopedic for foot and ankle injuries. >>i have plan for fash eyes going on, we will talk after the show. good luck. >>thanks, stephanie. kate joins with us our forecast, rain, rain, go away. we're done. i'm done with this rain. it started last night. we left here last night it was raining, heavily and still raining. it has been on and off throughout the morning but this afternoon has been worst so far. nasty. >>a couple more hours of this to get through before we have any relief from the rain.
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good news most of the weekend, looks dry, so we will take good stuff where we can get it but it has been a soggy friday , continues that way right now. lets look outside at our parkway central library camera , sometimes we can get a nice late afternoon blue sky sunshine shot from this view. not to day. we have low cloud, fog, rain, and low visibility out there on the road. it is raw, windy, and there is just nothing really that great about today. flowers of course daffodils, grass, loving this weather but anyone who had to be out in it , you know it has been a slow go on the road and all across the area all day long. here's a snapshot of storm scan three heaviest rain pushing through. pockets of steady downpours across south jersey, lehigh valley as well, and is there more where that came from notice actual wrap around moisture here back all the way into ohio, this still has to come through. as the storm, starts to move out, it does tend to wind up faster so we will see this get out of here overnight and it is always, could be worse,
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file. look at new england boston massachusetts see some snow right now. at lee this is just rain but it will continue again at lee through about midnight, before we start to see everything taper off. some of the heaviest rain we have right now ace cross lehigh veil, allentown, lehigh , right along northeast extension from the lehigh valley into the poconos, steady downpours there, and near city as well we have steady rain showers, back to the west, right around the main line, portions of delaware county, along i-95, schuylkill expressway, really slowing things down on the road and police can see in reading, it is just these big, huge, rain drops coming through and it has been going on all day long. 43 degrees there right now. on the road for the rest of this evening, low visibility, and watch for road spray, there is a lot of ponding out there, and it can come up on you quickly and that, of course, sprays across the road and can slow you down as well. poor drainage flooding anything adjacent to a creek or stream, we have a flood advisory for most of the region including city of
5:19 pm
philadelphia, delaware county, montgomery, bucks county up toward lehigh valley, until 8:45 tonight, and bayless if your area is prone to flooding in rain events like this it will be happening out there on the road with these heavy downpours, and some spots could end up were 4 inches of rain before this storm is said and done. extremely, slow travel and we say it all the time and say it again, avoid flooded road, turnaround, don't drawn it does not take much to pose a life threatening scenario in the flooded roadway. this evening heavy rain, thunder or two, gradual tapering of the rain, overnight, and steady is early , it will be breezy, and wake up tomorrow morning, to perhaps a stray shower and then improving conditions, that is the story through your saturday, the sun will peak out in the afternoon, it is breezy, slightly on the cool side but not terrible, much better than today. sunday looks great and then we will watch another rain storm that will start to move in late damon and that is not the only one in the seven day forecast. >>april showers.
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thanks, kada appreciate it still ahead, color of change. it is the shade of orange a kind of red? crayola ditches one of the signature colors which one got voted out of the box, coming up next, don. mr. block party to book club how former philadelphia 76er is helping people cope with the nationwide problem
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we are playing at home in front of our city, in front of our neighbors and our friend, and our families. >>oh, yeah. right at home. this delaware county man set to open up for bon jovi tonight, coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what it means for them to hit the big stage at home, and how it got started on line. good for them. >>yes. i thought you were going to get that change. >>i think it is still up in the air. i played a little bit with the philadelphia funk authority but i didn't get my tape in time. okay. >>next time, ukee. this time talking about the big fellow. good to see him. >>yes, it was. theo ratliff has in the played in six years, after making tens of millions of dollars, the former sixer is retired but that doesn't mean he is lounging on a caribbean
5:24 pm
island with his feet up. in fact these days he is pounding the pavement and doing his best to help kid. ratliff. >> reporter: in the nba height is celebrated at 6-foot ten former sixer theo ratliff used his frame to bolster a successful 16 year career but his stature wasn't always an asset. people called me grasshopper, you know, spider legs, different things, different little things that people would do, and then, of course, you always had a group of the other bunch. >> reporter: at 43, ratliff is pouring his heart into helping kid avoid heart break that he experienced while a child, from bullying. it is always a passion of mine. my deal with several different things with kid and foundation s and i believed that the kid have always been our future. it is something i have a passion for as far as trying to help kid, whether it is, on the anti bullying side,
5:25 pm
understanding, literacy, just different things that a lot of kid just don't get a chance and a opportunity to be able to do. >> reporter: theo, the hero is name of rat cliff's children book a story of overcoming. in the book i say, you know, just say, hello, and go on and have a nice day. so everybody in the school, started saying that to the actual, you know, i couple of bullying guys and it changed, it diffused them. >> reporter: on the court ratliff was men for blocking shots n retirement his mission , it is to reject childhood bullying. to be able to leave a legacy of kid, benefiting from your success, that is what i have always, you know, been about. >>theo the hero. it is interesting talking to him because you think nba star , right. he has had a successful career at one point he was the one being bullied. he was tall.
5:26 pm
they can turnaround for you. it certainly can. >>letting young people know. thanks, don. >>coming up next half an hour the president will pay out, big bucks to trump university students. also straight ahead unbelievable find artifact sitting in plane sight for decade and experts found fascinating information, inside, plus... it is just beautiful. >>tonight, a new chapter in a story that began decade ago, hear from a local family who just took home a famous painting after searching, for 40
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5:30. i'm natasha brown. i'm ukee washington. michael flynn says he has a story to tell. intelligence committees in the house, senate, fbi are all investigating russia's meddling in the 2016 election. any comment on michael flynn, mr. president. >> reporter: president trump is not answering questions about his former national security advisor but tweeted that michael flynn should ask for immunity, in what he calls , a witch hunt. you want mike flynn to go and be completely open and transparent with the committee and whatever it takes to do that he is supportive of. >> reporter: flynn is looking for legal protection before answering questions, from the fbi and congressional committees investigating russian meddling in the 2016 election, and any ties between the president's associates, and moscow. flynn's lawyer said general flynn certainly has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell it. there must be assurance is a begins unfair prosecution. the ranking democrat on the
5:31 pm
house intelligence committee adam shift released his own statement calling the request for immunity, a grave and momentous step and saying that the matter would be discussed with counterparts in the senate and the justice department. i'm not going to say anything. >> reporter: republican chairman of the house committee would not comment last night and himself is facing questions about possible coordination with the white house. devon nunez admits making a trip to the ground last week to look at classified evidence the new york times identified his sources as nsc staffer ezra cohen-watnick and michael ellis a white house lawyer. if that was designed to hide the origin of the materials, then that raises profound questions. >> reporter: white house argues that the focus should be the leaking of classified information, not this process. and, joining me is host of the face the nation on cbs john dickerson, john, thanks for being with us. we will have members of the senate intelligence committee, i'm sure michael flynn and russian meddling investigation
5:32 pm
will be a huge topic. tell us your game plan. that is right, hi ukee. we will talk to senator cornyn from texas and senator king from maine, republican, independent, basically what happened here is the house intelligence committee is having a lot of back and forth , spat between chairman and the ranking democrat, because of the chairman's efforts to, he has got some new information he says there has been back and forth about where that information came from. this week it was disclosed out of the white house. it is unclear whether the chairman is investigating the white house is also working to help the white house get its story across which fuzzy up the line there. we want to talk to the senators wait a minute what are we investigating here, what is the state of the investigation in the senate, is what real and what is not, the president has reacted to this request by his former national security advisor michael flynn who is fired, and mike flynn has asked for immunity. that is a big question will
5:33 pm
senate take him up or not. where does the investigation stand in we have a lot to sort through, this week. >>back and forth indeed, lot has to be cleared up. we will have a conversation with nikki haley u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she described herself as a new comer to the world of international diplomacy. how is she making transition from governor because being a new comer on this level, being new is a whole new ballgame. it is, this administration has had some, you know, different signals it sent. one of the things american allies are trying to figure out who speaks for the administration. and that the u.n., nikki haley , the ambassador this week made some news by declaring that the u.s. position with respect to syria was no longer to remove barber allah sod the president who has been the previous policy under the obama administration was that he must go, he no longer could govern because of the many years long civil war in syria, that has killed so
5:34 pm
many, and created so many refugees. the question then is if the united states is going to step back from syria, what role does america play in the trump administration in terms of the conflicts like what is happening in syria, is it just not part of america's role, and then there is obviously the question of america's role in nato, that important alliance in the senate this week. there was a vote to increase membership in nato. we have a lot of issues to talk with her. >>very quickly, congratulation from his a new come tore a veteran, you have been named chief washington correspondent for cbs, that has to make you feel so good, congrats. congrats. >>we will see you this weekend john dickerson thanks for joining us. you can watch, face the nation with john dickerson sunday morning at 10:30, right here on cbs-3. california judge approves a 25 million-dollar agreement to settle lawsuits against president trump over the now defunct trump university.
5:35 pm
it brings an end to nearly seven years of legal battles. students claimed that they were mislead about what the program offered and the ruling settles a civil lawsuit brought by the new york attorney general and two class action lawsuits. president trump admits no wrongdoing under the terms of this agreement. also, hillary clinton was back in washington d.c. today to honor women at georgetown university. the former secretary of state made remarks at an award ceremony for women in international diplomacy. she also took a jab at president trump's use of alternative facts. when women participate in peace making and peace keeping we are all safer and more secure. studies show, here i go again talking about research and evidence, facts... >>clinton went onto say woman involved in diplomatic negotiations often create lasting peace agreements. the trump administration has faced criticism for its
5:36 pm
disregard of science based evidence, and use of alternative facts. here in philadelphia, mayor jim kenney honored woman who worked for gender equality at a woman's history month event. the inaugural state of woman and girls summit was held at community college of philadelphia, panel of female leaders discussed issues that effect lives of woman and girls. kyw news radio reporter cherri gregg served as the event's mc , some included women in business, engagement, and health, wellness issues. still to come on "eyewitness news", a million-dollar return, how a pool coup, is connected to the story of this american treasure, which was stolen more than 40 years ago and finally returned to its rightful owner, today. is it one of the orange crayons or blue? crayola gets rid of the color and a member of "eyewitness news" team is not at all happy about it. katie? well, your latest weekend watch we have good news on the
5:37 pm
way as we start to clear out, a early morning shower possible tomorrow but then seasonal temperatures both days this weekend, temperatures near 60 mark and sunday looks like day to get outside, it will be sunny, pleasant day, energy more rain on the way next week but we will get brief, quiet, interlude before that
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face look will allow users to create their own personal on line fundraisers. the request will fall under six categories, including education, and medical expenses facebook said it will review potential fundraisers for 24 hours, before they can go live. now the site will charge a 30 percent fee for the service and about 7 percent of the fund raised, the company says the money will cover fraud
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protection and payment processing. a big announcement, ukee on the national crayon day. yep, on wednesday, on "eyewitness news" at noon we reported crayola was retiring one of the colors but was going to announce that color until today. our katie fehlinger says she hopes crayola will keep one certain color in the box. i'm not sure if dandyline is in the box of 24 but i cannot draw a picture of myself without that color so please don't remove it. >>kfell, it is all right, you will to have pick another crayon, to color with dandy line is the in fact, the crayon they are retiring. sorry, katie. this is first time that the color has been completely retired from all boxes of crayons, new color is on the way, crayola says new color will be part of the blue family and this summer fans will be able to help make the new color. i like blue shade, ukee. dandyline what did he ever do to anybody? we have to bring him back, respect, everyone.
5:42 pm
>>that is right, respect katie 's love of dandylines. hid men plane sight since world war two. we will show you an amazing artifact d
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
well, tonight a local family has a famous painting back in their possession. this story began with the pool coup, 63 years ago and ended with a emotional reunion just a few hours ago. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt, explains. today we're here to tell the story. story began in front of the pool table in 1954. we have never thought this day would arrive. >> reporter: painting by norman rockwell called taking a break or lazy bones back in the hand of the grant family after almost 41 years someone stole from it their cherry hill home in 1976. beautiful. everything i remember and more >> reporter: owner susan mart assays the story of the painting begins two decade before it was stolen when her father bout tonight 1954.
5:46 pm
he was playing pool and when he pulled it back, it went through the painting. bought for $100 then. some say it is worth around a million-dollar. it grazed the cover of the saturday evening post in 1919. but the family says it is not about the money, it is about the memories. the painting is in the background of many family pictures over the years in, 2013 "eyewitness news" sat down with susan marta who had no idea in just four years the mystery would be solved. it is just with the, you know, to our family. to get it back. >> reporter: after seeing it in the news a man called fbi and said he bought the painting decade ago. he had no idea it was stolen and returned it to the fbi. authorities say he is not facing any charges. man who received this painting, sign right there, sir. >> reporter: what began with the pool coup is a happy ending and now he plans to keep it, after all, it is part of the story.
5:47 pm
and, bring back all of the memories. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". welcome home. david tells fbi agents will not identify the thief, from 1976. they continue to, work that part of the case. after more than 70 years, sitting on a shelf in the national museum of scotland storage area team of curators finally peaked inside and found an anxious piece of egyptian history. they found a 2,000 year-old mummy shroud, type of the linen cloth was used to wrap the mummified bodies of egyptians. margaret mateland says it was so fragile it took 24 hours of humid file go to unwrap. each pull that we unfolded , revealing, and. >>, the final result was so well preserved he can read the name of the deceased. shroud is on display at museum
5:48 pm
, curator at the museum say they still have more than 11 million pieces from all over the world, still in storage. wow. >>amazing. that is amazing you know what else is amazing, just how much rain we can get in one day or so. my gosh, worst part bit thinks storm will repeat itself early next week and possibly again late next week, two more rain storms on the dock it in the seven day forecast. so, we're not through this just yet, april showers getting a little bit of a head start, one day early for end of march. march has been marked by unpredictable weather. we have had snow, rain, cold, and this month, fittingly going out like a lion but the weekend does look better. lets start off with a look outside, out to bethlehem where it has cleared up a little bit. it is light rain falling but good news is right now we are starting to hit another low pattern, and, and, the next couple of hours and then it should fill back in later tonight and into the overnight hours here and there.
5:49 pm
heaviest of the steady, rainfall, unrelenting rainfall starting to push out and everything just a little bit more scattered this evening and into tonight, still possible heavy downpours until at lee midnight. we will show you in just a moment. lets check with the weather watchers. temperatures stuck in the 40's and 50's all day, it is a cold , breezy, raw day outside, glummy, wet, i will show you rainfall totals from across the weather watcher network, keeping an eyes on the ground, john carroll at 1.36. jeff moore in hatfield at 1.42 , getting a way here, delran, new jersey, just below an inch and a half, in and helen davis. house. mullica, 1.17. you can see these numbers, over an inch, ocean city only spot, that is shy of an inch right now on our weather watcher network. it has been a very wet, very soggy day, and things not looking too great out there right now, that is shot from yesterday from lynn. yesterday was a better day.
5:50 pm
today we are at 46, at allen's house in delran with rain continuing, to fall, add into that 1.47-inch total. lets look at is what going on, storm scan three, is there your storm. it still has away to go. we have a lot of real estate between back edge of the system and our area, still seeing rain from this over portions of ohio, and into west virginia right now, we are seeing snow across new england. this is starting to break up a little bit across our area, you can see a break in the action right about here, so steady rain from earlier this afternoon starting to push into northern new jersey into new york city, and starting to see a little bit of diminishing here back to the west but notice still a bunch of showers left to rotate threw are through the rest of tonight. heavier rain over burlington county, atlantic county as well, in the city we are seeing things moving out, that batch of heavy rain over allentown now shifting to the north and east but still seeing cloud and scattered showers around, kutztown area, temperatures are only in 309's
5:51 pm
and very brisk, east wind, keeping temperatures in the 40 's and 50's all across the area just feeling wet, damp through the afternoon. rest of tonight, again we will see heavier rain start to exit by midnight, still a scattered shower or two tomorrow morning and hepp fill that sun breaks out here 4:00 p.m. not the most sunny day but sunday is a whole lot brighter , nice day sunday and next system approaches as we head into monday, monday starts off possibly with some sun, and then cloud roll in. we are still under a flood watch, and all of the rain drops. and 2.73 inches so far and add to that total before the day is through. rain tapering off late tonight , breezy night, weekend looks better, highs in the 50 's, seasonal, sunday best day and our next storm comes in by late monday, heavy rain monday night into tuesday morning and another chance for rain by the end of the next week, ukee and natasha back to you. biggest names in country music will be celebrated this
5:52 pm
sunday night. luke brian, and dirks bentley, return to host the 52nd academy of country music award live from las vegas. we talk the two country superstars about the big show and also were being nominated for award this year. anytime you are able to perform your music and have the chance to win an award and thank your fans and thank all of the people that make your career possible, i mean it is always a big night a lot of energy. then when you add the aspect of vegas, vegas and the party, kind of enter into the room and we will be in a new, venue , we will be in a big venue this year. would i mention he is nominated for one award and i'm nominated for three. >>do you like that? i'm winning he has already won. >>yes. you can catch the academy of country music award this sunday night at 8:00 o'clock on cbs-3.
5:53 pm
>>they will do a great job. still ahead on "eyewitness news" high school musicians getting a chance of the life time. how these students got the chance to play at carnegie hall, vittoria woodill has th
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
they have to be great on the inside and outside. my hygienist said to think of my teeth like an apple. to strengthen both, she said to go pro. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. it strengthens... ...teeth inside, and is better at strengthening the... ...outside than colgate total. best check-up ever.
5:56 pm
musicians dream to perform at most prestigious concert halls in the country and some students there our area, have the opportunity, to do just that. our vittoria woodill went to rehearsals at one local high school where they are preparing for their once in a lifetime performance.
5:57 pm
♪ >> reporter: you ever remember day dreaming in class about the big places you would go. well, for 36 music students from delaware, the dream of playing at top music hall in the world, is no longer one spent looking out the classroom window. they have been invited to play at carnegie hall in new york city next month. everyone has that, fantasy in their head that maybe they could some day, and to be able to, and you have to have a right health. >>anita pissano is director of high school orchestra program from the brandywine school district. she sent in the teen orchestra just to create, we should come in, give us an invitation to play. >> reporter: following the audition, the community stepped in, to fund their dreams. there air lot of students that didn't have enough, fund to be able to go so we started , a donation for where
5:58 pm
they could be dream makers and donate money and we would get an extra ten kid to be able to go. >> reporter: including senior violin player aalayha johnson who will mark this as one of the growth for the program. even when we first started out, we didn't have a place to play. we even played in the closet. so like, being here we came from being at the bottom. >> reporter: but everything, right. all hard work, messing up, practicing, not being able to do this and learning how to do that so i could do it this way this is when everything has added up to be. now is the goal, carnegie hall one of the most prestigious places to play. ♪ >> reporter: how amazing that is opportunity. we wish them well, april 10th at carnegie hall and i just want todd share with you when they were doing fund raising process each student has a write an essay as to why they
5:59 pm
would wanting to, and one student from mount pleasant high school wrote if i get the chance to go to carnegie hall, met straight me to be better at everything because the success that could come if i work hard in everything that i do. here, here. >>right. yes. >>i sang there as an 11 year-old with the philadelphia boys choir and those word are identical to what i think about right now. i say it, an experience i will never for get. i know they won't. it was beautiful. thanks, vittoria. thanks "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 a friday soaker, umbrellas were out all day long as rain fell all around the region and we are not done, not yet. a flood watch remains in effect, i will tell you how long that will be in effect and whether it will spill over in the weekend. district attorney, seth williams, for philadelphia d.a. corruption case and the history that they have together. we're not in cincinnati, we're not in chicago but we're
6:00 pm
in philadelphia and that is where we live and work and where we breathe, bleep, sweat , where we are. plus opening act for rock and rel role icon home grown van that will hit the stage tonight in, south philadelphia , before bon jovi and their reaction at the shot of star come. and here's is what happening at 6:00, yeah, friday wash out, wet weather from start to finish. sea of umbrellas tonight and the rain isn't letting up just yet. checking out a live look at, storm scan three, where there is plenty of green, yellow still blanketing the region right now. flood watch remains in effect tonight. i'm natasha brown in for guess contact we want to get over to meteorologist kate bilo tracking this wet weather for us. what is the very latest, kate. first of all i need an umbrella.


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