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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 10, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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welcome back everyone. family friends and fans joined together to pay final respects to music legend chuck berry is st. louis missouri today. ♪
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>> four hour public viewing at the pageant club where berry often performed opened its doo doors. fans filed past the casket which held his cherry red gibson es3 thrive electric guitar on the signed of thed lid. he passed away march 18. he was 90 years old. >> american astronaut made history on international space station today. peggy whitson the first woman to take command of the space station twice. she became the first woman to command the station in zero eight. woodson on track to break another record later this month for most total days spent in space by a man or woman. piles of baggage are visual reminder of just how backed up delta has become following weather related cancellations this week some of the luggage belongs to people who checked in to their flights but then they were canceled or delayed. others have no idea where their
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bags are at this point. the airline still playing catch up after 3,000 of their flights were canceled this week. the airline is refunding passengers with the canceled flights. unexpected passenger joined turkish airlines flight when woman went into labor and gave birth mid flight. the 28 week pregnant passenger went into labor shortly after take off. cabin crew members and passengers helped deliver the baby girl born at 42,000 feet. both mom and baby are doing just fine. now here locally philadelphia zoo hosted autism awareness day today in celebration of autism awareness month. the zoo featured resource fares for families and fun play areas fort kids to enjoy including a few special guest characters as well. this is the 18th year the philadelphia zoo has hosted this event. mayor jim kenney played literacy games with kids in germantown today. the kids were participating in free drop in program that supports struggling readers in
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first through third grades. libraries like the joseph coleman regional could benefit from facility up grades funded through the philadelphia beverage tack. and taking in the views at philadelphia's most scenic location it's not always easy on foggy say it could be hard to seat skyline much more than 2,000 runners got out today as our anita oh reports all about bringing awareness to the air we breathe. >> reporter: more than 2500 runners laced up that sneakers sunday for the 36th annual run for clear air in philadelphia. >> great day to run outside. >> reporter: organized by the cleaner council region's largest earth day celebration which has grown to what it is from just over 100 participants in 1981. executive director joseph, says he's encouraged by the turn out. >> given what's going on right now in washington and what have you, i'm taking solace in the
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fact these people are here and hopefully will become more politically engaged and protecting the environment. >> reporter: both the 10k and 5k races featured a scenic route on martin luther king, jr., boulevard along the schuylkill river. race organizers say they aim to keep this event at environmentally friendly as possible by offering paper less registrations and t-shirts printed using sustainable ink. even offered picture frame medals first time racer christiana appreciated. >> i'm running with team humane league. we're vegan partly for the animals. partly for the environment and partly for our health. >> reporter: something these runners remembered with every step towards the finish line. with every breath of clean air inhaled. reporting near the heart museum, anita oh cbs3 would it news. >> it was certainly beautiful day to enjoy good food over 70 food trucks descend on the streets of manayunk for the annual spring street food festival. i wish i could have been there. vendors offered food from savory
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barbecue to desserts. visitors also enjoyed live music throughout the day as well. now the festival also introduced manayunk to restaurant week lineups and that actually begins tomorrow. and while we are experiencing beautiful stretch of weather here no stranger to wet and cold weather. this could be the week the sierra in california breaks the record for wettest water year. with 87.5-inches of snow that has already fallen the northern searer is 1 inch away from the all-time record set in 1982 and 83. the governor of california declared an official end to the severe drought throughout that state. all right. boy, certainly different situation there. but we have beautiful weather here local daal. >> gorgeous weather to get out in the sunshine. do a little brunch. catch a little tan. >> get a little t-shirt tan. >> t-shirt tan. prominently displayed. [ laughter ] >> i'm proud i'll wear it as a badge of honor. my time in the glorious sunshine
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today. beautiful weekend altogether across the delaware valley. and we're transitioning into a mild evening all is quite as we get live look at center city philadelphia. 52 degrees right now. winds are light out of the south dune points down in the 30s. that air is dry and comfortable. we did top near 70 degrees tod today. felt so nice. there was a chilly start to the day. we started off at 37 degrees this morning but under all of that sunshine with dry air in place temperatures real did rebound nice and efficiently. temperatures right now not too chilly. 53 in the lehigh valley. 58 degrees in reading. little chiller in millville down to 49 degrees. winds are calm tonight. southerly component will continue to usher warmth the warming trend will continue as we head into the upcoming work week. 79 degrees our forecast high for tomorrow. won't make it to record territory but on tuesday, we'll get close. forecast high of 81 degrees. our first time in the 80s since last november in philadelphia. the record high for tuesday is
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84 degrees. our warm day tomorrow at 79 degrees will lead into a very mild evening and gorgeous weather for the phils taking on the mets i think it's dollar dog night. 72 degrees for first pitch sunshine and clear skies temperature still in the middle 60s by the end of the game. so probably don't even need that jacket. also something to check out tomorrow night. it's a full moon. full pink moon named for pink months or months pink one of our spring flowers. moon rises at 7:07 tomorrow morning. check out jupiter nearby that physical moon. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions as has been the trend all through the out the weekend. patchy high level cloud cover. high pressure will takes into the overnight period there wasn't the day tomorrow keeping our skies clear a few passing clouds. not as chilly overnight tonight down to 50 degrees and for our day tomorrow well above average. average will have us in the low 60s. we'll be near 80 degrees tomorrow. another round of sunshine. little bit breezy into the afternoon with southwesterly winds up around ten to 20 miles
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per hour. but nice day again all across the delaware valley. beautiful weather for a hike sunshine 68 degrees in the poconos. also some upper 60s down the shore. little bit of a breeze with all of that sunshine. forecast highs for tomorrow, are going to be on the warmer side of average for everyone. up to 76 degrees in allentown. top at 78 degrees in lancaster and 76 in wilmington. as we head into your seven day forecast, could see a stray thunderstorm with some of that warmth on tuesday. as we head later into the day otherwise mostly sunny. more clouds as we head into wednesday with a weak frontal boundary maybe a passing light shower. otherwise breezy conditions at 72. thursday still looking pretty good. sunshine and 68 degrees. and a little preview of easter which is next sunday couple it? might be showers passing on through. stay tune to the evolvely forecast for the holiday. >> what is that in your little basket. >> chickies. >> little east eggs. >> baby chicks. >> i got to better contact lenses. thank you very much.
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lauren. >> levels what's going on. flyers -- >> got a lot going on today. >> little chickie's. >> flyers playing their final game of the season and did sergio garcia shake to title of best golfer if the world not to within a major. late inning traumatic from the phillies d they finally within a series from the nationals for the first time in two years.
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test. phillies looking good. encouraging, phillies looking for the first series, they have not won a series against washington two years, game tied bottom of the 9th, fly ball, fell jason wet whether, walk-off for her to three win, starting a three game series against the mets. final game of the season for the flyers taking on the hurricanes with the center, game went into a shoot-out. mcginnand beats anthony stole
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lar, r orange and black finish the scene six and place. final round of the masters, sergio garcia first masters, meeting the 2013 in the playoffs, garcia becomes the third player to win the master's, coming up in the sports zone, we'll review the flyers season, what grade would you give dave hextall and do the phillies need to replace gomez as the closer, rob cherry will be joining me to discuss all of this and more in just a few minutes >> lots to chat about. still to come how does a free tank of gas sound, we'll show you why one church went above
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. welcome back, bringing a community together one prompt at
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a time. hundreds of family in san antonio got gas tanks filled for free, the east side church partnered with valero to give out more than $2,000 worth of gas to anyone who showed up at the pump >> the salvation is free, but we understand gas is not. we hope people understand we're here to help and up lift. >> leaders say the gesture is a way to spread love and hope in a community known for being plagued by violence. plans on doing another one in the coming months. lauren will be back w
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unique parade made its way drove through houston. it's a celebration of artistic expressions. it's a tradition people come from all over to enjoy and the artists say it's worth it to see the crowd enjoy this. >> 10-year-old. look at that. >> look at the eyes on that
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thing. >> that's pretty cool. some of those cars will get a share of more than $20,000 in prize money. the art parade is in its 30th year and began with a donatedford station wagon and $800 of paint and plastic fruit >> it's come a long way. >> lauren is back way check on the forecast. >> tomorrow sunshine, 79 degrees. a little bit breezy, we're up to 81 on tuesday. little cooler by wednesday, still above average, a passing shower, thursday looking good, sunshine and 68, we keep it in the 60's and 70's all the way through the looking at easter 73, maybe a chance of showers. >> those are your little >> chicks. >> you put chicks in a basket. >> we got chick hunting in our easter egg basket. >> easter egg >>, we're handing
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things over to cbs sports zone. take care guy, bye. ♪ . this is the hyundai sports own on cbs3. flyers taking to the ice for the 82'nd and final time, a discussion on the team's future straight ahead. looks like a cut and dry win for the phillies, now we have


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