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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> right now at 11 a shocking video. a passenger dragged off a mraep for reuse foous fusing to leave the flight. your rights if you're asked to give up your seat. >> tragedy at a california elementary school. police say a man walked into a classroom shot and killed his estranged wife and then turned the gun on himself and now we know one of the children hit in the cross fire has died. and police in san bernardino are figuring out why that happened. good evening time jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. >> ukee washington has the night off. this tragedy comes as san bernardino tragedy comes after terror shooting a year and a half ago. shooter identified as 53-year-old cedric anderson walked no a special needs class ram north park elementary school and opened fire on hisses strainksed wife karen smith. township student and 8 and 9-year-old were critically wounded and 8-year-old later
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died and 7-year-old girl inside that classroom describes the carnage. >> i saw blood across the room. and i ran fast as i can. >> she lost her shoes. >> i lost my shoe. >> police say anderson stopped to sign in at the office claim heing was dropping off something for his wife. they were separated after a few months of marriage. anderson had previous run ins with the law. >> it's a video the world is watching. a map dragged off overbrook united airlines flight. >> this is wrong, oh, my god, look at what you're xwiping r doing to him. >> incident happened after the flight from chicago to louisville was over booked and air line officials asked for volunteers to get off the plane in. when no one did the airline told four passengers selected at random they had to get off. three of them did. and the fourth refused. and as you can see that man was dragged off by airport police with a bloody busted lip.
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he said he was a doctor and need todd get home. late today authorities placed security officer in that video on leave and united issued a statement apologizing to passengers. that video is shocking to watch especially when it's not uncommon for flight to be over booked. what are your friingts you're told to give up your seat. here's eyewitness news reporter greg argos. >> unit airlines motto is fly the friendly sky. i'm not sure this passenger agrees. >> have you seen that video. >> i did, yeah. >> it was not nice to watch good you're scratching your face. >> yes. >> that's reprehensible. that's apaling. >> what do you think about tha that. >> there's a lawsuit and somebody is out of a job. >> the flight over booked and this man dragged off by a curety officer. >> my reaction was there no humanity left and airlines just feel they can abuse people to
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the point of in this case, committing assault and battery on a passenger. >> arthur yolk is pilot. when you buy a ticket own any airline you agree to their contract of car yaj. >> you agree to all these term terms. 45 pages, look at this thing. that's what you agree upon. >> that's right. >> have you ever read this thing. >> no. >> would you ever read this thing. >> probably not, not. >> every time you buy a ticket this is what you agree to. >> i never read that. >> i don't think anyone has. >> and it appears united is violating their own contract. >> they had absolute a no right to remove the man from the airplane and absolutely no right to forcibly remove him from the plane. they're in trouble. >> that's horrible. he paid his money why should he be daingd off. >> air lines can dep eye you a seat once you're on board. >> as a different story. >> is that passenger unruly. >> that would be a treech if
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they tried that case in front ever a juror write they would lose 0100 rs% of the time. >> by uptd ceo paerm was approached by staff and "became more disruptive and i dlivrping rant before the passenger was removed" and guys this right here is that 45 page contract page 18 those that safety is consideration when removeing a passenger and a passenger can be removed for disorderly or violent conduct it's up to the viewers to determine whether he was under one of those things. >> alarming. >> thanks, greg. >> now to a story you saw on eyewitness news. montgomery county man accused of physically abusing his own children is now behind bars. police say the man's children endured several years of torture inside their colleg collegeville home. eyewitness news reporterer alex app degree ahof is live outside lower providence police station with the chilling details.
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alex. >> according to court documents he told police he hit his children and they never cried out in pain. that is contradicted by a video of screaming children heard for nearly app hour. >> it started with a fractured skull and hospital visit that sparked questions by the lower providence police department. >> the offender in this case m mr. myree was charged with aggravated assault. >> in the weeks since the head injury us is stained by josep joseph's wife proved to be first clue into alleged horrors taking placed in the greepz way circle home. >> in an area where we are we're not accustomed to anything like this by any mean means. >> myres home schooled childre children, two kids. they suffered strange and horrific abuse. such as father squeezing ply woods on to finger and needles to nil beds and in charging
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documents, many times he would hit my head a wooden sick and another thing he would do is shock me with a dog collar. and he would also bang against the floor. one team i needed stitches. both children stated in those document that the dog collar left burns on their skin. beyond the foiled taped to upstairs window police say the children did not sleep in bed. up stayed, two broaden boxs with air holes consult out. >> also in those court documents children indicate todd police that they were instruct todd lie about the injuries on their bodies for years. he is held on 1 million bail. reporting in live in montgomery country, alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> police in delaware continue to search for suspect in abduction and sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl. that girl was playing outside inville annual of plum run in wilmington when abducted by a
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man in a dark colored sedan. she was found a few hours later in banning park. police hope surveillance video from the area may help them get the suspect. parents are understandably on edge. >> people don't want to be out without their kids next to him. if that was her i don't know what i would do, honestly, i would lose my mind. >> the girl is home recovering and nip who may have seeding in or information is asked todd call police. >> one man is rushed to the hospital after suv crashes into the side of a buck county home. chopper was over war mipster drive. rescue crews had to free the man from the vehicle. he ways taken in stable company. no word what caused crash. >> tucker three over a seenious accident in springfield. it happened blue route southbound a car ended up wedged between card grail and box truck. five within tape to the hospital and there's no word on
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extent of their injuries. >> convicted charleston church shooter proof. and i found -- pled guilty to state charges in 2015 amass keer at he manual a muxt u church where nine people were killed and agreement comes with life sentence throughout parol parole. 23-year-old has been sentenced to death in federal court the move spares victims and their families better victim of a trial. he will await execution. >> syria launched on its own people and accusation comes ahead of a visits to russia. secretary of state rex tillerson departs from months cotomorrow. most americans agree with president trump decision to afak app airian sea bays. they agreed with the president's de session and move has posted the approval rating for 43%. >> and the nation's highest
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court welcomes its newest member neil gorsuch sworn in as supreme court ninth justice. the form area bell at judge becomes 114th person in sign oop the court. he delivered remarks after public swearing in ceremony and the whitehouse guard ebb. >> i'm humbled by the trust given to me today. i gil never forget to chose whom much is given i will be expected and i promise you will do my older permit toy be a taken full serve apt of the constitution and laws of this great in addition a. >> gorsuch also took the oath of office in private ceremony earlier this morning and his elevation to the bench supports the conservative majority. >> new tonight event honoring congressional medal of honor. at the irish pub 20age walnut street. they held eighth gathering fund
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razor officer. and among those in attendance tonight former vice-president joe biden. >> the only sacred obligation we have as country and to care for those we stand for and care for their families when they come back. >> medal of honor which did be be stoned on armed service men's is how high eingd award against effie stream. straight ahead at 11. more traffic congestion around the art museum. he think the down outside the nfl draft. bringing history to life. that than creating a personal tour. >> he's now getting a tension of hollywood. >> animals phased where rescues kes trued dogs and cats and how you can keep give thermometer a new home. >> today is well above arm and tomorrow warmer this is not just a record. it's been around more than ape
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century. i'll tell you what chances of breaking that record are and when showers could return to the forecast. >> big news for bad bradley cooper. what we're learning about the new addition to his family when it's now open in the poconos!
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>> all right heads up for drivers first phase of road closures in effect around the art museum ahead of the 2017 nfl draft. spring garden westbound is closed pennsylvania avenue and two right lanes at eakins overruleal in front of art museum steps are closed to screws with build a draft stapling and for more information on additional closures go to cbs philly come. >> and dogs and cats rescued are make thiring way to our area with hope ofs of one day finding a new home. more than 200 cats and dogs were thrown in from operating breathing room. 56 of those animals made way to brandy win spca in west chester
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county and staff welcomes them with on arms. >> when we have extra space we want to help wherever we can. they would not have had this without us. >> the journey has still just gun. brandywine spca looking to match furry friends with loving owners. >> 105 years ago tonight tie tantic set sale on maiden voyage from england four days later she would go down. tonight eyewitness news reporter david spunt has the story of a man working to bring the tie tantic to life for you. >> 105 years ago this week white star lines tie tantic went down in atlantic ocean and 1500 died and past two years he bucks county man has been working 7 day days a week to tell that story. >> tom and two friends are working tirelessly to create tie tantic hop other and dwlory a high definition virtual reality game honoring the ship
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the graphics pristine and idea ideal. >> in the end the player is paid for -- >> it's not just a sinking ship or any other disaster. it was one of those things that everyone in the world had so much confidence of and then it just happened in middle of the night without any help. >> lynn ski and his team created realtime sinking of ship on u to be a almost gone firl. we fist introduced you last summer but lynn ski created a new dpravic with the boiler room and sharing on television for the first time for the sixth time. >> i got a couple boilers and some are different. it's the boiler room number 6 that was rid ep over by the ic iceburg. >> they're waiting to meet with a popular stud to discuss funding.
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his goal is to have the game available for one reason, history. >> video game can be taste full and his torque li al and educational and be used as a way to make this information stick. >> david spunt, cbs3, eyewitness news. working toward a $7 million fund raising goal. this week they'll meet each da day. they'll have phillies own bradley cooper takes on important new role according to several records the 42-year-old actor welcomed a russian -- and russian mold epical entered the name the baby girl is the couple's first child and prolss there will not be their only child and have on more in the future. congratulations to them. >> janet jackson and billionaire husband are calling it quits after five years of marriage. 50-year-old singer split from
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omana. the couple are new parents. janet gave birth to her first child three months ago. >> and people of the the jewish faith wept until sundown. usually family and friends capable after dinner meals. and passover last eight days. 7 for most reformed jewish communities and observed exowed us of people from slavery in ape comment egypt more than 3,000 years ago♪ >> let's talk about the weather. tonight will be nice. we want a feel of this. let me put this on repeat and copy and paste through the weekend. >> that's what we'll do. with have a great stretch to look forward to. tomorrow khechinging a record. not as warm through the rest of the week and temperature-wise even though temps going down we'll see lots of sunshine. pretty much every day. just a few chances of of a couple showers and minimal rain
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chances through the next 7 days. here's a look at the foup tan. from the parkway library candle it's all set up and feeling tomorrow a lot of people will sit around the fountains and city and enjoying lunch out. temperatures will be about 20 above arm for the time of year. and tomorrow is the warmest day of this above arm stretch. >> here's a look at storm scan 3 showing not a whole lot ground kleter here that's nothing to worry about and if you have a couple clouds moving through you can see back to the west. warm front kind of draped over portions of great lakes. that will be followed by a cold front that comes through overnight tomorrow night and into the first parts of our wednesday. and but before that it looks like we have a good deal of sunshine to look forward to. and today was a beautiful day. 80 to start your week. can't get mad at that. 621 normal. 18 above average our record four years ago 2014, 46 degrees
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nowhere near the year of lower than 22 thank goodness. >> temperatures climb to low 0 0s. this sounds great. there will be a chance for thunderstorm mainly once the sun goes down. i think it's looking more likely if we pick up a shower or storm it would be overnight tomorrow night or into the first part of wednesday. so, here's tomorrow. you can see in the afternoon 4 p.m. clear skies across the board and nothing but sunshine for tuesday afternoon. notice this front starts to creep in. under the cover of darkness tomorrow night. couple of showers maybe a rumble of thunder and mainly back to the west. it will be a slow progression of this front moving through. and wednesday morning we start off with cloud, possibly a stray shower. it's not a washout. wednesday stops off gray that clears 2 p.m. sun out and second half of wednesday look a lot braiingt brighter and runs through us for the rest of the week. >> forecasted eye 82 that is within two degrees of record and very old record at that.
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18 live 87, 44 on tomorrow's date and we should be a couple of days tying or each breaking that tomorrow. >> overnight a few cloud and patchy fog. 58 the overnight low. headed to tuesday we need more money in your record that south west whipped 10 to 15 bringing warm air in and i showed you that front coming through tomorrow night into wednesday morning and that will knock the temperatures back just slightly through the rest of the week. tomorrow is the warmest day of this warm stretch. take a look at easter weekend forecast. saturday, surprise and cloud, looking good, 66, warm easter surprised and can't rule out a shower. don't think it's a washout. most of the day looking good and temperatures again back to the 70s for eacher sunday. and tomorrow is the warmest day and watch for that shower irrelevantly wednesday and wednesday clears out and tells you thursday or friday is cooler and perfect spring weather. easter weekend looks great as well. cold easter sunday droing autopsy round here. this one looks like a good one. >> comfortable.
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>> nice to have the sunshine on our side. >> lesley van arsdall is in for don tonight and up next with sports. >> whether warming up and it's running hot in people are getting app early shower
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>> the men shut out jacob degraw. phillies making sure that would not happen again. michael saunders with bases loaded single in the first scored howie keep rick and strong outing from jarrett ikoff who had two runs on five hits and struck out 7 got no decision. drama in the 8th game tied ramos throws it over cabrera's head.
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the umpire warned both teams. pete mackanin came out to argue and was tossed. and later jay crush this foych upper deck second homer of game and mets go up 4-2. rookie brock stovey at the dis dish. solo home to center field and phillies lose first game of the series. heres pete mackanin why he was thrown out of the game. >> i deposit like the fast i got a warning tie in the 8th inning i don't expect a pitcher to do something like that i don't know the circumstances or history he threw me out for no reason. i did not think he should have thrown me out. it is what it is. >> pete rose got the call to the wall phillies wall of fame. fans selected pete as newest member of the wall. he'll be inducted on august 12. he helped lead philly positive first world series tight until 1980 and major league all time hits leader. the final home game of season tonight down at center for
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sixers taking on the pacers. brett brown's team plague role of spoiler and pacers looking to earn a place in the playoffs. the three ball was good. was able to cut that lead to 7. they led the sixers. first up by 7. problem for sixers. hits a pull back jumper. 27 late in the game george works george in the arm. they had to be separated time for second time. quarter and henderson and george are both tossed and to be sixers 120 to 111. >> i think in general thinking about or fast forwarding to next year this year provide aid lot of positive signs that you really feel we have a chance to and we will build on. >> always positive brett brown. >> positivety matters. >> yes, it does.
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>> especially after the hot temper stuff. >> trauma. >> thanks. >> nasa is allowing people
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well nasa is gearing up for earth day by offering up sections of planet to visitors from the web site. >> they split the world into 64,000 pieces it's adopting out of part of awareness campaign. each piece comes out to be 55 miles wide and those whoa adopt then receive certificates they can print or share on social media. now this goes without saying but it's for fun dwiz. no legal property rights are involved here. >> no. >> okay. >> darn it. >> kate. >> it may seem early to talk about the weekend it's a big weekend , easter holiday plans. looks like things turn out nice. above average temperatures warmer saturday through surprised and chance for a
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couple showers in easter. we'll have to take a closer chance as we head through the west of the week. nobody holiday weekend for us in
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up next late know with stephen colbert followed by late, late show with james corbin. our team is back from 4:30 to 7. i'm jessica dean. >> i'm nicole brewer. >> we're always on at cbs >> thanks for watching have a great night we'll see you >> thanks for watching have a great night we'll see you tomorrow
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