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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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at 11:00, time is up. the philadelphia parking authority puts an end to the mobile payment ap >> a state wide sweep. parents arrested for not paying child support. how authorities are using social media to catch no coach tonight but you should be keeping the umbrella nearby. find out when rain in the forecast. big change when is it comes to street parking in philadelphia. good evening i'm ukee washington >> i'm jordan reed. the parking authority's meter ap will soon be a thing of the past. david spunt is live in old city to explain why it's back to the kiosk to pay. david? >> reporter: jessica and ukee, about an hours ago is when you won't be able to use the ap. you see these kiosks. meter up is the name of the ap. it's run by a company named
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pengo. where parking is at a premium, news at the popular park it's authority ap is a goner, upsetting and inconvenient >> i love meter up. i'm going to miss it. >> reporter: lisa and 20,000 others use meter up, the ppa parking ap. powered by a company that parent can't pay its bills including the credit card processor. and the website it boasts, 700,000 customers >> i will have to get out of bed and put money in the meter >> the company partnered in november 15 but was sold to new owners last october. the p p a made the announce tuesday. according to the ppa. the ap generated around $15,000 per workday, people will have to
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walk to the kiosk to pay. >> i think we're relying a little too much on technology >> the absence of the ap isn't a big deal in the statement, ppa director said i want to apologize for disruption in this convenient service. i anticipate that we will have a new company with adequate resources an history of success to provide stable service >> people need to learn how to get out of their car, walk somewhere. not just use their device, get fresh air. >> reporter: and that fresh air jessica and ukee will only get better. i reached out to pengo. the ppa assures me they will start working with companies with a new ap. reporting live david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thanks new tonight, work continues to fix a singing hole.
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the water department has finished its repairs. the streets department poured concrete asphalt work is scheduled for tomorrow, which means the a portion of 17th is currently closed is expected to reopen tomorrow afternoon. jurors find philadelphia police detective charged with assault not guilty. adam o'donnell was accused of kicking a suspect in the knee as he escorted him out of the special victims unit in february, 2015, police commissioner richard resolve suspended him. twice on a year, each county in new jersey is swept for so-called deadbeat parents. alexandria hoff is in our satellite center to tell you how social media plays a key role >> if you combine with 400
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people it would come out to be around $8 million. we're talking about a lot of cash and a whole lot of kids not getting the support. >> he knows he doesn't help out. it's a shame >> the shame, according to sharon is in her 12-year-old son is disappointed in his own father for not paying child support. the parent who's not receiving child support is doing the work. and all the other parent is just not doing anything. really. >> reporter: that is where someone like travis ash comes in. >> favorite excuse, i was on my way to pay >> he's an investigator with the camden county sheriff's office. >> it's not just deadbeat fathers, there are dead mothers and a lot of good men taking care of the children without the help of mother. >> reporter: in camden county loan 267 arrests were made in this month's sweep. social media has become an easy way oh to a zero in
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>> sometimes we'll see individuals on facebook or snapchat showing stacks of money when they're supposed to be broke >> at the same time some parents who do pay fear the money isn't always going to the child. >> she's getting her nails done or. >> reporter: for those caught not paying officials in gloucester, burlington and camden county say they seek payment agreements over jail time >> we don't want lock you up and let you sit. who's the winner? >> resident al bank the issue goes beyond money and back to basic responsible parent, >> money is important but time spent with your kid is as equally if not more important. >>reporter: between those three. officials were able to collect about $60,000, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." leaders of a key senate committee asked united airlines
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and chicago airport authorities to explain what led to the forced removal of a man from the united express flight. meantime, new jersey governor chris christie is calling for suspension of the regulations that allow airlines to overbook flights. united issued a statement saying the flight was not overbooked. airline was trying to get space for four employees who needed to be in louisville the next day. we learned the man was dragged off the plane was convicted in of several counties of obtaining drugs. he got his medical license back in 2015 the white house press injury is apologizing for major gas about chemical weapons, syria and the holly cost. comes on the eve of a high stakes meeting between u.s. and russia. as the trump administration is clarifying its involve in the
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syria civil war >> it's focused on accomplishing breaking isis >> james mattis explained president-elect donald trump's decision to launch 59 missiles on a syrian air field is not signalling a shift in ending the war. it was in retaliation for bashira's nerve gas attack against civilians >> putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person >> secretary of state rex tillerson arrived in moscow tuesday to try to sway the russian government to end its support of the regime and convince assad to step down. it was responsible for insuring demascus destroyed all its chemical weapons following a 2013 agreement >> it is unclear whether russia failed to take the seriousingly.
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sean spicer condemned assad. >> you had someone despickible as hitler. >> the nat sees it came on the jewish hollywod over. called on president trump to fire him at once. sean spicer apologized calling it a mistake to make an inappropriate and insensitive reference to the holocaust. the southern california school rocked by a deadly classroom shooting will remain closed. san bernardino say 53-year-old anderson open fire ten times on his estranged wife's classroom before taking his life.
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karen smith and 8-year-old student jonathan martinez were killed. a 9-year-old student wound asked still in the hospital. a delaware judge hear's closing arguments. he will rule whether the teens are culpable. she died in april, 2016 after a fight caught on camera. prosecutors called that a brutal beat-down, defense attorneys say no one could have known joiner francis had a repair heart condition. new developments in bill cosby's sexual assault case. the 79-year-old entertain is due in a pittsburgh courtroom for jury selection may 22'nd. once jury selection is complete. the jurors will be taken to montgomery county. they will remain sequestered for the duration of the trial set to
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begin june 5. a former attorney in montgomery county is facing dozens of charges on allegations he stole from trust funds. patrick bradley is accused of stealing more than $116,000 to spend on himself. his law license was suspended in august, 2015. but authorities say he continued to practice before he was disbarred and the district attorney was contacted. victims are outraged. >> my son was incapacitated, has autism and i was trying to seek guardianship for him. to have somebody not respond or help us out is a big deal and discouraging. bradley must also repay $30,000 in legal work he never performed. still ahead, a major shift in cancer screening >> why the guidelines are changing. easter spending is expected
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the u.s. preventive services task force reversed it's recommendation, men 55 to 65 should have a conversation with their doctor and make a decision on whether the psa testify is right. that's instead of just skipping the test as they had previously recommend more americans are choosing
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to use credit card or debit cards. a new survey find 17% of card holders use plastic. that's up from 11% last year. experts say people are motivated by safeties and unlike debit cards they will reimburse fraudulent charges. while we're talking about spending easter is right around the corner, this year americans are expected to shell out on a record. we're >> we're talking billions. nicole brewer is here to break it down. >> for many. holidays come down to traditions. whether you're whipping up a family recipe or hiding eggs, these thing cost money, a new survey suggests consumers are ready to splurge. from chocolate bunnies and sweet
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stuffed animals, how will you spend easter sunday >> easter in the morning, ham, turkey pasta >> that come at a cost, how much will the average person shell out >> between 50 and a hundred dollars >> around hundred dollars >> $1 just >> according to the national reality retail freshen. $142. 6.2 will go to satisfy the sweet tooth 2.9 billion spent on gifts. >> my family eats a lot. clothing accounts for all 3.3 billion. >> we want to look fresh and clean. >> anything floral. >> speaking of flowers we spend about 1.2 billions on balloons.
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that is surprising to me. >> altogether, americans are expected to spend 18.4 billion dollars an all time high. the reason? >> i don't know, this year's late date. giving consumer as few more weeks to shop >> i think it's definitely worth it. you can do that without spend, money. >> i feel like a little spoiled. >> little bit more shopping before next sunday. >> thank you very much. >> i do have good news, the number one thing most people will do this sunday according to that same survey is spend time with family and friends, that that doesn't cost you anything. spend time with family >> for surely you got that right. pool and a texas department complex is taking swimming to a whole new level. this is a glass bottom infinity pool hanging off the 40th floor of the building in town down
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houston. the tallest pool in texas. they go big in texas. >> >> that glass bottom pool would have been a popular spot today. feeling like summer, >> a lot of students are off for spring break. families made the trip to ocean city and other shore points to enjoy the warm weather. shops along the boardwalk were busy and workers we spoke to hope this is a preview of what's to come. it isn't that far. >> that ice cream >> indeed, ice cream. i thought about going down the shore but i was like, i'll go to work. >> go. >> thanks for paying attention. >> we did break record high temperatures. we got close in philadelphia, two degrees shy with the high temperature at 82. the previous record 84 set back in 1800 and temperatures are
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still very mild at this late hour. we're still well above our average high temperature for the day and the 60's we're at 68 getting a live look at center city. that moon check it out it's a gorgeous and conditions are nice for getting out and checking out the stars and moon, south westerly winds around six miles per hour, due points in the 60's. feeling sticky. record high temperature in allentown at 85. tied the record in reading at 85. mount pocono breaking a record high temperature and atlantic city we topped at 79. looks like this trend for above average temperatures will continue. climate prediction center has the delaware valley in this likely above average temperature category as we head into next week. april 16th to 22, 70 in allentown, 71 in reading, a little cooler in wilmington at
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62. overnight mild in the city, falling back to 60. south westerly wind around five to ten, for our day, above average at 75. could see a midday shower sneaking through light in intensity then increasing sunshine as we head to the second half of the day. stormscan 3 showing us quiet conditions, few more clouds toward the lehigh valley, couple of sprinkles trying to move in the poconos. we have a weak cold front, notice it's kind of broken batch of shower activity weakening as r as we lose the heating. slowly make our day as we head throughout the overnight period. best chance of showers early tomorrow in the first half of day. we'll see some showers working in berks county, lehigh valley west of the city as we head into the first half of the day. few showers will sneak into center city and down the shore
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by early afternoon, as we head to the second half no shower activity. by 5:00 breezy sunshine and 75 degrees. another pretty nice looking day. save that chance of a midday shower. poconos shower early. as we fast forward to easter, warm 76 degrees. chance of a late day thunder shower moving through and nice conditions. 68 on thursday, mostly sunny conditions 65 on friday with a lot of sunshine. and he were kick off the holiday weekend on the dry side. a mix of sun and clouds and 66 on saturday looks good for all the bunnies, the candy. >> all of it >> lesley is in for don and she has sports next >> the flyers heading home.
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what do they need to do next season to make the playoffs? we'll hear from wayne simmons. >> how much do the
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book your african adventure now! our proprietary material automatically adjusts to your weight, shape and temperature. so you sleep deeply, and wake up feeling powerful. tempur-pedic sleep is power. find your exclusive retailer at phillies had a tough time beating the mets. the new yorkers won 14 out of the last 16. hit 39 homers in the last 20 games. could clay buckhholz slow them down? first inning. getting all of this, dead center field, three-run homer, mets take the lead. getting warmed up. phillies down 7-1. adam morgan. went into the main concourse. in the fifth gets morgan again,
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he came into the game with one homer and one rbi. three homers five rbi and hit seven homers we made a lot of bad pitches. they didn't miss them. we'll figure those guys out. it boils down to once again i sound like a broken record, it's about locating your pitches. you make bad pitches out of the plate you get hit. for some reason the mitts don't miss them. for the second time in three years, the flyers will be watches, a shoot-out loss against the carolina hurricanes. wayne simmons was asked what this team needs to do to make the playoffs >> definitely be more consistent, a lot of up slides down and stay more even, you can
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put that on my shoulders. we got to work at being more consistent. we're great a home team, but on the road, we were subpart, so, you know, we got to work the a getting better. >> steve mason is in limbo. he'll be unrestricted free agent unless the flyers will offer him a contract. he signed michael nor virtue to a two-year deal >> i think it's showing throughout the league it doesn't work. tampa got rid of their situation, st. louis got rid of their situation. it's got nothing to do with us as people. it doesn't work work for the goal tending position >> steve mason telling it like
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a bright fire ball was spotted over the parts of the southwest united states >> a san diego woman was live streaming when it happened. >> did you guys see that? >> the american meter society said it receives 260 reports. most is describe it as green and very bright. >> easter weekend is around the corner, conditions are great for the easter egg hunts especially on sunday, middle 60's on saturday into the middle. dry conditions on saturday and through much of the day on
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the most awarded luxury suv of the century. it's the late show with steven colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning crew back from 4:30 to 7:00. >> we're always on for you at >> thanks so much for watching. have a good night family and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> hi, i'm white house chief strategist steve bannon. recently the "washington post" reported that a home i was renting in florida contained a bathtub that was covered in acid. look, the only thing you're going to find in a steve bannon tub is steve bannon. >> it's time for steve bannon's bathtub musing. >> i don't like the term white supremacist. i prefer brown minimalist. ( laughter ) >> oh, steve. >> i believe the san francisco earthquake of 1906 was an inside job to promote the gay agenda.


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