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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> a man they dubbed the trash bag. >> and bumpy ride for united airlines he was stung by a scorpion during a flight. >> and first united states drops mother of all bombs on afghanp stan. it's the largest non nuclear bomb ever used in owe combat and the first time united states ever used a weapon. good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer. >> jessica dean on assign: pentagon said they dropped the massive bomb to destroy isis tunnels and caves in afghanistan the remote location s means it was unlikely civilians were around. president trump declined say if he signed off on the use of the 20,000 owe bomb. >> weapon recent news on syria and russia the 11 ton bomb caught many by surprise. that's the way president trump
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said he intends to fight terrorism with no warning. >> this 2003 video shows a test of the bomb dropped in afghanistan hours ago and the target terrorism. >> we are so proud of our military and it was another successful event. >> 21600 pound aimed at isis complex detonated at 7:32 in the evening afghanistan time and bomb seen here is strategic weapon with letters moab on the side. john gagliano is a former navy pilot who flew over afghanistan and now he's an attorney. >> people take those and make you know play on words and say, moab, mother of all bombs. >> bomb is pushed out of the back of a plane as seen in this maybe test video. >> the moab itself is a guided bomb so they know where they're going to want it to hit and it's going to be guided to that
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precise spot. >> but this bomb is not your typical bomb. not only is it powerful it explodes before it hits the ground causing even more impact. >> it doesn't dig into the ground and blow up and out. it debt nature over the ground and just anile aits everything in the blast radius. >> after can americans are following it with mixed emotions. >> it makes you sad. >> hamad owns this restaurant on south street and has plenty of family in afghanistan. >> taliban and now isis they're all the same. they just killing their own people. >> pentagon says the target was isis and strike had been in the works for months. reporting live tonight in the sat center, i'm david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> david, thank you. three teenage girls learned fate today in the trial over a 2016 bathroom fight that left a classmate dead. a delaware judge convicted one
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17-year-old girl of criminally negligent homicide. she's seen in cellphone video beating amy joiner francis inside a bathroom in wilmingto wilmington. they ruled it caused the teenager's death who had a rar rare, undiagnosed heart condition. her attorney spoke after the ruling. >> she has a difficult road ahead of her for sure and that's why we feel deep sadness for everybody who has been affected by this. >> at the end of the day you cannot brute lies someone, pummel someone in the bathroom and lead to death and there's no con consequence for that action. >> the jng convict aid second teen on conspiracy charge. a third teenager also charged with conspiracy was acquitted and sentencing is scheduled for next month. but the teens may never go to jail because they were charged as juveniles. >> a pan handling crackdown is come together city of philadelphia and it's fueled on two front. one involving septa and the other national football league
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draft. eyewitness news hof hof is at eakens oval tonight to explain, alex. >> good evening, ukee, septa enforcement now involves plain clothed officers on trains and here's an example septa gave me. a man was found pan handling on a train jed and he was worn and die explained help and promise promised he would not return. he said he would just as he did 67 times before. take a spin around the sit yain there's a good chance a stranger with a sign will approach you. >> don't know who to give to and there's a lot of people plague games. >> in preparation of nfl dravlt two weeks away they will be enforcing pan handling violations with compassion focus is on out reach. underground pan handling taking a different shape. >> it's the difference between sidewalk in a city and septa subway car. a passenger is trapped. >> septa rolled out a new policy cracking down on what they call agreeceive pan
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handling on subway cars. >> we're focusing on the people who cause fear in our riders. >> i ride the l all the time i see the same people doing the same thing every day. >> those city police act separately from septa and their enforcement does policies that. >> for most pan handlers in the city there is no crime involve involved. >> attorney paul messing says pan handling is a right protec protected by the first amendment. >> what is not considered protected is conduct that is criminal in nature. if somebody uses or threatens to use for to get to you give a contribution. >> for many walkers and septa riders they're relieved the issue is addresseden the focus is on out reach. >> i think they obviously just have the best interest of everyone in mind. >> septa tells us that issuing
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citations or' able rests will only be turned to if help is repeatedly declined. reporting life from eakins officialal. hof hof, cbs3 eyewitness us in. >> alex, thank you. >> executives from united airlines got an ear full from the chicago city council. members grilled united about procedures for removing passenger from flights. and it follows sunday's incident on unit express 6-year-old david dell was dragged off the plane as horrified lookers went on. >> it becomes a poster child for all of us. and someone has to. >> what happens to my dad should have never happened to any human being regardless of the circumstance. >> and dr. dow's lawyer indicated his client will sue. >> a bad week for united got worse another passenger was stung by what looks took a scorpion. richard bell was flying from houston to calgary when the 8
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legged creature fell out of a bin landed on him and stung him on the finger near a nail. officials believe the scorpian was a stow away in someone's luggage he was checked out after the flight lanltded and is doing okay. >> the search is on for a thief caught on camera wearing a frash back. look at this surveillance have washington township. the suspect clad in a garbage bag broke into yogi's. if you have information on the crime you're asked to contact police. >> more surveillance now. philadelphia police searching for a suspect that robbed a center sitey boutique. suspect broke into. verde boutique south 13 street yesterday took julyly and got out through the rear door. >> authorities in montgomery county have arrested rooftop burglar that broke into several businesses and jose venega stole more than $100,000 in cash, jewelry and handgun in five separateburgies and
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lansdale meats and delis was among the victims. he conspired with a juvenile and it's alleged they got into the businesses through sky lights, duct work and one case scaled a drainpipe. >> in a number of these cases tools of the frayed were used and when ip of the individuals was apprehended, they were able to find you know evidence that corroborated what was seen in the video surveillance. >> he is charged with burglary and other crimes. >> today the pennsylvania state supreme court approved a temporary suspension of seth williams law license. the philadelphia district attorney is awaiting trial on federal corruption charges. and williams agreed to disciplinary action and suspension takes affect in one month. williams has brushed aside calls for him to resign. >> fulfilling a campaign promise president trump today gave state submiss to defund
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healthcare providers that fund abourtions like planned parenthood. the bill narrowly passed in march. it does not impact planned parenthood funding on federal level but overturns president obama era rule that robted states from withholding money to healthcare providers for political or religious reasons. it's a potential scientific break through in space exploration. >> nasa discovers nearly all of the elements needed for life beyond earth. straight ahead at 11:00 we'll tell you where and how this discover question was made and chief astronomer from franklin institute weighs in on the significance of it all. >> riders duck. where this roller coaster stopped in the track and pain staking process of trying to get the riders to safety, lauren. >> after high temperatures in the upper 0s yesterday, cooler today and more seasonable. but we do have another big warm-up on the way as we head to easter weekend and when to expect high temperatures in the 80s on your full eyewitness
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forecast coming up. >> and vittoria woodill is in the kitchen with the food you have to pinch if you want to make it the traditional way. modern spin one woman is put into her pierogies and where modern spin one woman is put into her pierogies and where you can get ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90.
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>> life beyond earth. it appears it's no longer just a plot of science fiction film. nasa says it discovered a tiny ocean world orbiting saturn that is now considered a top contender for having potential life. if you ever looked at the skies perhaps you pondered are we alone or is there life on other planets. >> yes, it's possible. >> universe is a big place we can't be the only ones in it. >> i believe there's life else elsewhere. >> nass is acloser to appsing
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that question after finding key ingredients for life on satur saturn's moon. >> groundbreaking. >> phenomenal. >> there's a moon that has life on it. >> not exactly. but the space agency orbiter detukted hydrogen gas. we're talking about hydrogen molecules found in water plumes rising from icy surface sat earn moon insellabus the way they thought life began on the ocean floor. >> and so if another planet became inhabitable would you g go. >> if it's a nice place, maybe. >> life there i may by a ticket. >> i'll follow here. >> derrek pits astronomer says life may already exist. >> it could be life has been developed there for a long time. and we're just identifying the fact that there's energy source and all we have to do it figure out a way to identify, detect it if you will, and that may be
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able to be done with the next mission that goes to sat irn in 2020. >> 2020 not that far off. nasa also announced new water discoveryes on jupiter's moon e uro apa. it's suggested to have a subsurface there is which would have an environment of sustainability. >> a frightening few hours for riders stuck on a roller coaster joker's jinx plaque six flags america stalled stall they used bucket trucks to pluck the people off the ride and bring them back to the ground. it took four hours and everyone is safe tonight. passengers got stuck on the same ride in august of 2014. >> a show of fate tonight in collingswood on this holy thursday♪ ♪ ♪ eyewitness news at the most precious blood parish on white horse pike and many there celebrated mass tonight ahead
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of good friday, tomorrow. >> well it's eastern european favorite food for easter we're talking about pixt dochis. >> in tonight's taste with tor torey, vittoria woodill learned how to make these potatoes just the way one ukranian grandmother did years ago. >> if peter cotton tail was on the trail for the pest perogiees he would follow the eggs to the perogie kitchen in roxboro she ha be happened pinching perogies since a little girl. >> it started with my my and my grandmother. she taught me when i was little to make them we made them all the time she named it before she died. yeah. yeah. so, yeah tradition lives on through me. >> perogie is known as praditional poor man's food because of simple ingredients wheat, flour and potato prosser
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for the doe is anything but and takes a day to make rolled thin and cut into rounds ready to be filled with duesyes on the menu like cheesesteak filling we'll pinch traditional potato and sauerkraut. >> fold it over and pinch all the way around the filling. >> okay. >> and then go around it here and you'll pinch and twist like snapping fingers almost get a nice little rip. >> this is pretty. >> nice. >> i love that. >> what do you think your grandmom would say of perogie making. >> she would say you were doing well for first timer. >> thanks. >> she would go like this. >> okay. >> speaking of marie can pinch a perogie in 7 seconds. >> ready, set, go. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, wow. >> although i can not pinch that quick i sure can finish my
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plate doused in brown but erin carpal liesed onion it was time to taste cheesesteak. >> it taste like it came off the sandwich you know what i mean. >> sauerkraut perogies. >> i love the sauerkraut. >> and classic potato and cheddar. >> mmm. >> it's like heaven with puppies and bunnies. >> happy easter. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'll keep eating. >> mmm. >> i can't wait until easter -- >> i never had a perogie. >> they are good? >> i should try one. >> easter meal. >> yes. >> eat outside. >> house the forecast looking. >> it's look going. good for perogie consumption. temperatures warming up into the 80s as we head to the upcoming holiday weekend and cool right now. 56 the current temperature as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. winds out of the north in that
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northerly component to wind flow givers us cooler temperatures after highs in the upper 70s yesterday and it brought us closer to average and dew points down to the 20s so air feels nice, dry and comfortable and high temperature today, not as warm as yesterday, 66 degrees and normal high of 63. started off the day above average at 48 and storm scan three showing us dense pile of cloud cover moving throughout the afternoon and filtering out sunshine and offshore and mos mostly clear to partly cloudy conditions and nice and quiet and temperatures under control and temperatures now chilly in the lehigh valley, 46 right now. falling on the verge of 30s in mount pocono. 50 in ac and 51 millville and overnight tonight, temperatures will be on the childly side down to 45. partly cloudy and light northerly wind and for our day tomorrow much the same. sunshine. patchy clouds in the morning. otherwise mostly sunny and high temperature average 6 5.
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and we're above average today in parts of the country. check out warm air high temperatures in 80s. birmingham, nashville. st. louis, little rock. warm front lifting through the delaware valley as we head to saturday night. and the upcoming weekend we'll introduce that warm air mass to us as we head to easter, 80s in store for the holiday and our best rain chance will come on sunday evening in the way of spotty showers and few shormz as well and this potentially could be one of the warmest easters since 2011 when we had 84 in philadelphia an a warm one in 2012, 70 and last couple years temperatures on easter topped out around average generally around 60. we'll be soaring past that as we head to sunday afternoon. and but pretty mild saturday, 66. some breaks of sunshine. clouds around. maybe a passing shower especially late in the day. and then again late in the day on sunday during the evening hours and we could see a fewer showers and thunderstorms otherwise warm and mostly sunny
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with 81 degrees. future weather showing us quiet conditions for tomorrow and clouds around in the morning that nice sunshine and as we head into the afternoon, evening looks beautiful tomorrow as we head into saturday notice more clouds moving on through and then there's that chance of few showers generated as we head to saturday evening. we start things off pretty quiet sunday morning look going if you head out to church service or headed to sunday brunch. you have to keep an eye to the sky as i mentioned late in the day sunday a. sunday evening with a chance of few showers and storms and then we quiet things down once again and bring back full sunshine to monday and tuesday high temperatures in 70s monday a little breezy and tuesday 63. but again that's right around average and temperatures cruise back up as we head to end of next week. so, not too bad. chillest day tuesday 63. sold. >> sold. >> that's the kind of weather. >> sold. >> right. >> thanks, lauren. >> and sixers kind of wrapping it all up. >> it's over. it's over.
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the season came to an end and already the fans ukee looking forward to next season. >> yes. >> ben simmons speaking to the media for the first time in months about missing the seaso
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it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark.
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all right postseason. >> excited already. >> and sixers entered season last night with a loss against the knicks and finished with 2 28-54 record. better than last year. today the team met with immediate why and for the first time in months spoke with last year first overall draft pick ben simmons and he's been out with a foot injury even though he didn't play he learned a lo lot. >> it was a lot of ups and downs and i learned a lot and just being around the guys and
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learning the system. and it gave me a great opportunity to learn the game. i had a whole season coye just learn. >> flyers front office addressed media today. gm ron helpal and coach dave talked about the importance of bringing young talent along next season. >> next season we blanton get a long look we don't plan to sign vet yapz on the back end. our kids it's time to give them a shot. we'll do that. >> you know as we come to camp we hope there's a young guy or two that is certainly going to come in here and compete to a take one of those top nine spots. >> and who says you cannot go home again. ken hitchcock coached the stars to the only win in 99 and rehired for second assistant at head coach. hitchcock spent part of four seasons with the flares and ravrned fourth with wins in nhl with 781. >> phillies have the day off
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and head to washington. aaron will be on the hill for the phils and sad news from nfl long time steelers owner dan rooney pass away. he took over the operations from his father art. dan rooney was 84 years old. heres with a fun night in center city first fundraiser held for the philadelphia sports museum and house the greatest sports artifacts mixed in with interactive games airport projects is in the early stages and fundraising again tonight. should be a lots of fun. >> want it on now. >> place to be. >> you like that. >> yes, i will be no doubt. >> thanks, lesley. >> up next how a young actor from philadelphia is making sure iingter is extra special for children at chop.
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children's hospital celebrating easter early. >> thanks to an actor cruz rodriguez delivered easter baskets for kids. the 9-year-old appeared on cbs series and instead of spending his paycheck on new toy or video game he decided to buy easter baskets for the children at chop. >> it's not fair to them that they cannot go to the easter bunny and get easter baskets with their parents. i feel like i am making these kids so happy bringing these easter baskets to them. >> so sweet. >> cruz said he want to continue helping others in whatever way possible and he's already thinking of having a toy drive for christmas, cruz way to go. lauren. >> easter holiday weekend is nearly upon us and we do have a couple chances at showers and storms maybe a passing shower on saturday. some breaks ever sunshine and temperatures in the middle 60s
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on saturday and then temperatures soar as we head into easter sunday up into the 80s. muggy conditions. we'll see sunshine the first half of day and scattered thunderstorms an showers brea breaking out
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>> other morning cry is back tomorrow. for don, lesley, everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. thanks for watching. have a good night family, and thanks for watching. have a good night family, and sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> sessions is under fire. it turns out he did have discussions with the russian ambassador sergey kislyak, even after telling the u.s. senate in his confirmation hearing-- >> fakey breaky news. time for my most tremendous tweet-storm yet. okay, here we go. huge tweet. this is going to be a sweet tweet. here it comes! ah, i can't get my tweet up! tweet-us interrupt-us, what am i going to do? >> donald! donald! ( laughter ) >> president nixon! i'm so happy you're here, tricky, i'm starting to get real scared. >> there's no reason to be scared, donny! you just have to flip the script. for instance, i heard that president obama tapped your phones.


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