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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  April 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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they have them dipped in chocolate. >> they're do-able. >> someone say they keep them forever, they get them hard he and dip them in coffee? i thought no thank you. >> i'll just stick with anything canned. >> i we can separate that. roadway looking good. we'll go right to weather. roads are looking. >> hey, fresh peeps today. it will be fresh kind of peeps weather. still warm day after hot hot day yesterday. 87 degrees in philadelphia. 3 degrees shy of the record high temperature, we got full shore in ac, beautiful day in cape may county, if you were lucky enough to spends the holiday on the beach. 85 degrees high temperature in wildwood yesterday. we got to eight an allentown, getting live look at center city philadelphia, we're about 20 minutes away from official sunrise, do have some clouds on the scene there in center city. 65 degrees, extremely mild, to kick off the morning, and little muggy as well with dew points to the middle 50'sment temperatures mild all across the delaware valley, 62 degrees in reading, six a
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millville, kicking things off at 66 in wildwood. but we do on storm scan3, have some showers, very light in intensity, spinning he will activity trying to work into the western counties, especially in parts of northwestern berks county, so some scattered showers as we head throughout the first half of the day today. cloud deck starting to breakdown headed into midday, breeze will kick up. meisha, another warm day in store with high temperatures in the middle 70s, no problems for the evening commute, sunshine, little breeze going, have to break out the shades, looking good on a monday evening. >> looking good in those shades, lawyer, a i have to say. good morning, p hey -- happy monday. look at the sky, beautiful over 95 south, 95 south at cottman. i have to say congestion levels, yes, building, crack into the 6:00 hour. not bad for monday morning. looking pretty good. heads up. might be wet in certain areas. this morning like lawyer hen
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pointed out. right now in the camera shots, showing pretty good roadways. they're actually looking real nice. forty-two looks heavy. this is fairly typical watch it look like cracking into the 6:00 hour. forty-two northbound, approach 295, looking good there. then look at the schuylkill, starting to heat up here as well. headlights moving in the eastbound direction at gladwynn. you are still traveling at posted speeds, both moving in the eastbound and westbound direction. but i would say that you will start to slow down fairly quickly as we start to see brake lights go off. then we also have this accident that's still out there involving tractor-trailer, and now the road closed. so take a look, route 47, delsea drive closed between grub road and brown road. you will have to use alternate route 55, or harding highway will be your best bet. rahel, back over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. updating breaking news in camden county now, chopper three as we can see live over house fire in woodland, 100 block of chestnut avenue. now you can see a lot of smoke there. crews battling the flames from the air. you can see that the side of the house has collapsed.
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so far though no word on any injuries. again you are looking at house fire in woodland camden county. new details come into the news room. we'll be sure to pass them along to you. >> weekends violence, just hours ago man shot and killed in southwest philadelphia. >> reporter trang do live near the scene with more details, trang, good morning. >> well, good morning, rahel, jim. police cleared the scene here, just short time ago. after being here for about three hours processing evidence, but take a look, this is 62nd and woodland avenue. this shooting happened right outside of this bar. lounge 62. and police found the victim lying on the sidewalk here, on woodland avenue. but let's take a look at the scene from earlier this month. this hang just after 2:00 a.m. police say officer about a block away from here. he heard single gunshot fired. officer returned and found large crowd surrounding 27 year old hispanic man who had been shot once in the torso. paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene. although a lot of people out here, offers verse not been
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able to get much information from anyone. but police say the man killed was a customer inside lounge 62 at some point in the evening. and earlier this morning, police also responded to another shooting just before 2:00 a.m. near d and whitaker avenue in juniata park. three people, 21 year old man, 24 year old man, and 22 year old woman, a all shot in the leg, taken by private car it temple hospital. all in stable condition. investigators believe that shooting may have stemmed from some kind of an argument, and with all of the shooting this weekend police say increased violence in the city usually coincides with warmer weather. >> we've had numerous shootings over the weekend. you know, summertime, summertime is coming, warm weather today. you know, we get shootings that peaks and valleys during the warm werth. certainly anyone who witness add shooting or shootings for that matter to contact the police, contact our homicide unit. >> and back out here at 62nd and woodland, police do not have any suspect, in
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either of the shootings overnight. again, a very violent easter weekend with at least 18 people shot. three fatally. but for now live from southwest philadelphia, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. trang, thank you. >> in other news, police in berks county looking foreman they believe shot a 13 year old boy. investigators say the teen victim was in his washington township home with two friends on friday night. whether a car pulled into the driveway. man stepped out of the car, walk up to the house, and punched through a screen window while shouting obscenities, he then shot the victim in the neck and torso, his friends troop safety that teen now in critical condition. police identified the suspect as 19 year old matthew hail. they plan to charge hail with attempted murder, but he's not yet in custody. >> and the manhunt for suspect who high had i police say shot and killed random victim, then posted it to facebook as spilled over into nearby states, including pennsylvania. now, authorities have identified the suspect as
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steven stevens. we've recently learned that the suspect's cell phone signal was pick up by authorities in erie, though no sitings so far. we'll have full report on this coming up at 6:30. >> overseas now, vice president mike pence continues his pen day tour of asia a mid rising tensions between the northwest and korea visited korean demilitarize zone, patience over with the north. hena daniels: >> the area an of strategic pain sense over. >> reporter: vice president visited demilitarized zone between north and caught soria vowing to protect the south and pressure the north to abandon its nuclear weapons program. >> we hope to achieve this objective through peaceable means, but all options on the table. >> the vice president warning came a mid rising tensions on the korean peninsula, on sunday north korea launched with us believes was medium range balistic missile from it
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submarine base. it failed. exploding about five seconds after it left the grounds. just the day before, the country paraded its military arsenal through the streets. >> this problem is coming to a head. >> president trump's national security advisor, lieutenant general rh mcmaster says the us now working with its allies and china to to respond to the threat. >> i think there is international concensus now including the chinese, and the chinese leadership, that this is a situation that just can't continue. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are on board. >> china is the key. the partnership with china, the countries in that region; what we have got to focus on. >> on the campaign trail, promised to label china currency manipulator. over the weekend he a periods to reverse court, tweeting, why would i call china a currency manipulate err when they are working with us on the north korean problem? hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, a concerned mother in abington township is begging for help in finding her missing caught here
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disappeared while dropping off uber passengers in northeast philadelphia. forty-five year old kristin life hasn't been heard from or seen since tuesday night. she was driving her 2003 olive green subaruu legacy to drop off uber customers cents last fare axe factory road, now her mother just want her to come home. >> i don't care if she is 45 years old she could be 145 years old and every mother in the world says the same thing. she is still my caughter. >> detective say there is no reason to believe foul play played a factor in this mysterious case, they interviewed the last passenger she dropped off and have cleared them of any involvement in live's disappearance. >> authorities in montgomery country trying to pinpoint the cause of house fire that left one person hospitalized. firefighters were called out to the 2700 block of vester lane, upper moreland township around 6:00 last night.
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flames put out in about 30 minutes. one person pulled from the home, suffering from cardiac arrest there is morning, still no update on their condition. multiple homes destroyed after quick moving fire in bucks county. this one happened on park avenue, morrisville before three. >> thirty, they battled the intense flames for hours before being able bring them under control. officials tell us the fire appears to are started in the kitchen of one home before quickly spread to go two more homes. everyone however did make it out safely. >> at this point we have no injuries. woman that lived in the occupied dwelling where the fire did start, escaped, the fire was starting out the front door. >> now, according to authorities, the two other homes that burned down were unoccupied. still no official word, though, on with a sparked that fire. >> well, coming up on "eyewitness news," the airline too long pay as much as $10,000 for passengers to give up their seats on over book flights. sign me up. >> i know. also, the boston marathon is
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today. we'll introduce to you one runner setting an incredible goal the minute she crosses the finish line. >> i'm pat gallen in east camden. what do squats have to do with running a 5k? we'll finds out? >> yes. >> yes, i'm sweating. we'll show you coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ # >> whether you are taking the main highway, driving down a back road, it is monday. we're making it through, meisha thought she was working today, she actually had the day off and showed up anyway. thanks for joining us, meisha. >> you bet. >> what are we looking at? is this rittenhouse? >> is that rid end snows. >> yes, i believe it is, it is. >> it is monday morning, a lot of people getting up, getting ready to approach, attack the work week, getting through it together. appreciate you being here, you, too, meisha. i'll be right back. >> ♪
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keep on scratchin'.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> delta airlines giving flyers a $10,000 reason to give up their seats. >> this is incredible. airline just announced it is increasing compensation for customers who are bump off overbooked flights. now you can get just as much as under $10,000 for giving up your seat. previously the largest amount delta offered was $1,350. >> i think it is great that the airlines are responding to
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what happened, and they're actually making a change. >> i heard someone say today they have the right to bump who ever they want. so, you have to get off, you might as well get $10,000 to do it. >> i don't think there will be develop people out there that are going to get $10,000 in vouchers from delta, because the bidding, well, people will accept much lower offers than that. >> i'm so surprised, 1350 previously to 10,000? that's crazy. last week severe weathe weathern atlanta forced them it cancel over five days. >> you don't get the money if it is a flight cancellation due to werth, that's considered an act of god. just letting everyone know, don't freak out in the airport thinking you'll get ten grand because storms have come through. >> okay. all right. >> yes, not going to get payday from mother nature. she only pays us in sunshine, paid handsomely yesterday for our easter holiday, getting paid more this morning specially along the coast, beautiful start to the day in rehoboth. take that scene very lovely,
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as the sun is coming up. looking live at our neighborhood networkment temperatures feeling good down the shore right now, temperatures middle 60s, 66 in wiped wood. sixty-three right now in dover, 65 degrees our current temperature in philadelphia. but, up wind, just some cooler air in place. in the 50's, 40's, little taste that far as woe head into the overnight periods as cold front is going to move through the delaware valley today. warm on the front side of the boundary, 74 degrees, some scattered showers around this morning, pretty light in intensity, then clearing into the second half of the day. mostly clear, overnight tonight, and getting little chilly, 49 degrees, after upper 80s yesterday. yes, little chill down your spine, but storm scan3 showing us we do have more clouds cover specially west of the city, clear sky conditions down the shore, cloud deck starting to move your way. seeing some light shower activity trying to work into far western berks county, right now. so heads up in burns ville. seeing couple of drip drops that will start headed your way. do have this area of precipitation right now moving across portions of west
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central pennsylvania. continue to move eastbound, see the chance of some scattered light showers, through the first half of the day today. future weather will confirm that for us specially in the city point southwards, even hear few rumble every thunder early afternoon along the coast, then gradually clearing skies into the second half of the day by this evening, clearing on out. overnight tonight, mostly clear, chilly, dropping down to 49 degrees. beautiful day in store for our tuesday, sunshine, high temperature at 65, meisha, looking like pretty good week with high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. >> yes, speaking every pretty good. lauren, take a look at the ski. i'll show that you in just a movement first quick show you the vine. vine moving in the eastbound-eastbound direction, looking really good. i would say steady levels, look at this gorgeous shot of the blue route, headlights northbound direction before route one, looking good there. this is the sky that i want to show you the airport. take a look how george thus looks, 95 right around the airport area, just beautiful morning. not to mention the fact congest to ton levels looking
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great. if you have flight today looks like in your pretty great company moving around the airport. with that being said, check the schedules on line. now we have been talking about an accident this morning, still out there, now we have a road closure. snow accident is actually involving a tractor-trailer, route 47, delsea drive closed between grub road, brown road. alternate, 55, or harding highway, going to be your best bet, rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you, that time of year again, where we like get out and run. >> group of kids is learning to do just that with a goal in mind. pat gallen is here to tell us a little bit more. morning,. >> i good morning, i got out, ran with some kids last week, a lot of fun. that will effort to get kids in camden moving this spring, group of local volunteers is setting the bar high. they're all headed to the finish line together. >> at st. joseph pro cathedral in camden there is parking lot is helping put student on the right track. middle schoolers training for 5k, launched by the joseph funds. >> first group, ready, go. >> the joseph funds is a non-profit that overseas six different missions in camden.
6:19 am
and we're the charitable arm in terms of we focus on fundraising. >> our motto with a hands up anyone can soar. really at the core of our mission is that we're unable people to do it for themselves. self determination, self motivation, self confident. >> local business owners and members of the community are raising their hands to help get kids prepared for their first long distance run. they're doing so to motivate. >> the biggest thing we're running, we stress here, the academics, put the time into run. going through the pain to run. why not do the same thing in the classroom. >> we start bad a month and a half ago training the kids. so they've been, g with their gym teacher, gym class, running with them once a week. >> it is tough. but the student love it. thirty to 40 show up with a smile, each weaning, to run laps in the parking lot. it isn't glamorous, but they enjoy the challenge. >> feels goodment like out here just like perfect weather for me. going slow, i'm really happy doing this, everyone is so
6:20 am
nice, like the coaches and everyone. >> coaches are really helpful. they push, they push you to succeed. and they lift you up so you don't doubt yourself. >> you can see that motivation, runners being fitted when brand new sneakers courtesy of the haddonfield running company. >> with these kids not planning in advance that they would come no this program, a lot don't have running shoes, instead of being out in their every day shoes, hook them up with a good pair every running shoes, when we dot race around cooper riff they have good footwear for the race. >> they believe these children will take the lessons, inspire them well into the future. >> i'm delighted there is interest outside of whatever we're doing here to have them continuing in this kind of a routine and program. >> have so many kids continue to come out each week, in a confined location, but still enjoying themselves. just ahead is the joseph funds 5k sunday april 23, where the
6:21 am
student lent test their metal. take part, joseph funds 5k. some didn't even have work out gear, work clothes, still running in their tie and shirt. they love it. >> i love it introducing them to new sport, also instilling some discipline. >> what it is all about. >> great story. thank you, appreciate t thousands of runners will be pounding the pavement this morning for the 121st annual boston marathon. >> run presser all over the globe came together last night. the john hancock sports and fitness expo gave folks a chance to pick up their numbers. gina baldwin is running her 50th, yes, i said 50th marathon, and says it is all part of her plan. >> to have 50 by 50. >> and you're doing it? >> doing it, god willing. >> how many have you up? >> my sixth boston. and i wanted my 50th to be special, and just really isn't anything more special than the boston marathon. >> i'll be really happen when i can cross off one off my list. also, victims of the boston
6:22 am
marathon bol action were also honored at special dinner last night and easter service also head earlier in the day. well, coming up little later, see some of the funny ways celebrities celebrated easter. >> plus huge news for coffee lovers, how to enjoy your morning cup of joe without staining your teeth. whole new kind of coffee. we'll have the details coming up next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to
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>> and now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> on the cover of the burlington county times new leadership posts as well as new officers in the works for the cinnaminson police department f approved from the current 23 officers up to 29. >> the reading eagle a beginning of repaving project, bridge repairs and natural gas main replacements in reading, temporarily blocked streets and turned parts of the sit my an obstacle course, and making
6:26 am
things even more complicated when major improvements in mid may. >> if the bucks county courier times little old-fashioned pharmacy in bristol township filled 2 million prescription, that's 2 million new prescriptions not counting refills, windsor pharmacy sell brat dollars by giving the 2 million customer a 100-dollar gift certificate, lottery tickets and canned. >> i and that's a look at the newspaper headlines from around the delawar delaware val. >> i we have news that could change the lives of coffee drinkers everywhere maybe even meisha. >> coffee that will not stain your teeth. amazing. this is clear coffee without the brown color, that stains teeth and clothes, quite frankly, transparent caffeinated drink has a taste like a strong cold brew, made from high quality beans, right now the british company isn't saying how they do it, so far the company does not plan to sell clear coffee in the u.s. >> it wouldn't affect. because meisha has it
6:27 am
intravenously. right through the veins. >> funny, i always say coffee drinking really about the experience, and something weird about seeing a clear color coffee in my mouth. like -- totally takes t i my mean, coffee you can have my teeth, red wine, no, i'll take the white. >> well, coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news," how shop remembers getting more for less. we'll take you inside the warehouses used by on line consignment stores. >> plus, we are following a developing story, a manhunt underway for the man who recorded himself killing a man, then up load the video to facebook, we'll tell you why police could believe he's in pennsylvania next.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, 6:30,
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and here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> another deadly shooting this morning's violence in southwest philadelphia, adds to what was a violent weekend. >> the numbers this weekend just staggering. eighteen people shot. three of them fatally. >> when the lady walk up, with the homicide jacket on, i knew it was real. >> horrific and shocking video as man records himself randomly killing a man in cleveland, then posting it on facebook. it is migrate honor to represent the president of the united states. here in the demilitarized zone. >> express visit this morning. mike pence talking tough in south coffee a he says the era of strategic patience with north korea is over. today's the deadline to register to vote in my primaries. democrats will pick one candidate out of seven in the race for philadelphia district attorney. >> this will be my sixth boston. >> i wanted my 50th to be
6:32 am
special. just really isn't anything more special than the boston marathon. >> and thousands of run remembers taking to the street of boston this morning, for the 121st boston marathon. >> well, lauren, are we going to have good running weather in our area as well? >> yes, i think so, feels pretty good out here right now, good old jog on. so muggy, do have clouds around, tracking few showers, but temperatures, feeling good. for little morning jog. get you started on a monday morning, get the blood pumping at 65 degrees in philadelphia, right now. dew points up there in the 50's, so we definitely have the muggy factor at 66 down the shore, certainly mild start in the poconos, at 56 degrees. but storm scan3, showing us, little more than activity picking up now that the sun's up over the horizon, getting daytime heating. shower activity starting to flare up specially west of i-95. see couple of scattered showers parking -- working on through in philadelphia, and down the shore for the first half of the day today. then gradual clearing as we head into the afternoon. high temperatures up to
6:33 am
74 degrees, in philly, we will top right around 70 degrees down the shore. and nice day in the poconos, start off with some morning cloud cover, but then turning over to sunshine, the most quickly on the back side of cold front at 72 degrees. we will have cooler day in store for tomorrow. but temperatures return to seasonable averages, in the 60s. that humidity factor will drop off. in fact, as we head into the second half of the day today we'll feel much lower humidity values. tomorrow will be a practically perfect, too bad tuesday, maybe you have move. >> that's right all right. hey, even a tuesday can turn into beautiful day, am i right? good morning, everyone, happy monday. getting back at it, looking outside, what are we looking at? ninety-five south near girard, where we do have disable vehicle. really just casino of the theme of the morning. little things moving out of our way. heads up. you will start to slow down. now you can see right around girard, no longer traveling at posted speeds, on monday morning at 63 we approach our
6:34 am
main hour of the rush, 7:00. we can expect that. overall, it pretty typical got to say. disabling vehicle heads up you will be putting your brakes as we pass by, start to slow down little bit more if it doesn't get moved out of the way. then another look at the 42 freeway northbound creek road approaching 295, we have been increasing congestion levels, but kind of holding steady here. so overall on 42 looking okay, it is busy, yes, on monday, yes, we expect that. it is just give yourself couple of extra minute leave more toward the 7:00 hour then. then do have accident out there, 611, old york road, near heart road, just heads up on that, then also another accident involving tractor-trailer that's been out there for quite some time. now the road closed. route 47 delsea road closed. fifty-five hard g highway will be your best alternate, jim, back to you. >> thank you very much. breaking news right now, reported shooting in the kensington section of philadelphia. this is on the six h.u.p. belong of east clementine street, still gathering details, as we've been telling you all morning, violent
6:35 am
weekend in philadelphia. which is now extended into today. this victim is one of at least 19 people shot since saturday morning. earlier we heard from police who say they often see up tick in violence, when the werth warms up. hunt foreman accused of committing murder ohio and posting it on facebook now cross being state lines. authorities say they recently pick up the suspect's phone signal, in erie pennsylvania, now, police are urging him to surrender. here's reporter read bin john. >> i mean, what happened today is senseless. >> cleveland police chief calvin williams speaking to the media after officials say stiviano ends killed elderly man, unloaded the video to facebook. >> i know you have relationship with some of our george i out here in northeast ohio, i encourage to give them a call, talk to them, call us and turn yourself. >> arrest warrant issued for aggravated murder after stevens targeted 74 year old robert godwin at random shooting him to death.
6:36 am
police say they learned about the killing from callers outside the cleveland area who had seen video of the shooting on facebook. the video reportedly shows gun being pointed at a man's head and then fired, the victim falling to the ground. >> and he drove off. i know he heard me screaming. i look across the street, and just led me -- i saw blood. >> godwin reportedly walking hope home after celebrating easter his family. >> i this man right here was a good man. i just hate he's gone. i don't know what i am ' going to do. it is not real. >> facebook disable access to the video after posted sunday afternoon. police say stevens claimed publicly to have killed other, but chief williams said sunday that they don't know of any other victims. read bin john, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> back here at home, upper darby bail set at $1 million for the man accuse in the hit-and-run that injured a young girl and had he great aunt. now facing long list of charges including robbery,
6:37 am
aggravated assault, and fleeing from police. philadelphia police say douglas sped away from officers during dirt bike round up saturday afternoon. they say he crossed into upper darby where he crashed his bike into six year old girl and her great aunt. walking through crosswalk. police say douglas then ran from the scene and carjack someone nearby. >> rowan university police officer recovering this morning after he was hit by a car over the weekend in glassboro, new jersey, investigators say officers russell was struck bypassing car saturday night while conducting routine traffic stop on route 322. spokesperson said that he has been on the rowan police for five years, treated for facial cuts, and broken facial bone. since released from the hospital. >> so have you filed your taxes yet? deadline tomorrow april 18th. if you owe uncle sam you may soon have to answer to private debt collectors, irs says it will begin sending out letters this month to affected taxpayers. now, only people with long standing tax debt going back several years will be contacted. and the initial contact will
6:38 am
not be by phone. if you are case ends upgoing to collection firm, irs will provide with you its name and contact information. >> shoppers apparently realizing that consignment storms are the next big thing for trendy unique and affordable clothing. the buying and selling of second hands apparel estimated to be 18 million philadelphia industry. here's john black stone with growing trends from california. >> in a massive warehouse, crammed with racks of used clothing, james rhinehart is a king of consignment. >> what you have got here is a thrift store on steroids basically. >> exactly right. tons of item. the world's largest on line thrift store. >> rhinehart as company thread up receives bags of used clothing, sent in from people across the country. if it is clean, and in nearly new condition, it is posted on line, at bargain apply cents. >> the pricing on thread up is 80% off of what somebody would pay in a retail store. >> but 80% less than somebody bought it for they're not getting very much money.
6:39 am
so what do you sell it? >> ultimately what they want is to get stuff out of their home. >> wide range of consignment site, and the competency has never been tighter. the real, real targets to markets high end. this is a bag, piece like this would sell for around $38,000. >> the real real receives about 150,000 items each month. julie wainwright founder and ceo. >> fashion apparel isn't bigger than handbags. >> the internet has grown into bargain hunter's paradise. >> ebay is definitely the granddad i of the on line consignment shops t made it fashionable being cool torque sell your things on line, and it also made it very cool and fan tonight buy things that other people had owned before. >> resale sites have succeeded, partly by borrowing language from car salesmen. nothing in their overflowing warehouses is used. it is all just pre-owned. john black stone, california.
6:40 am
>> i would take. >> i'm sure you would. >> up next see how some of your favorite celebrities celebrated easter. >> plus probably seen the video of a mother walk up like a t recommendation to walk her son to school. now the lesson she hopes to teach her kids. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and shut up and dance is the name after very special event that's coming up. find out where you can see dancers from the pennsylvania ballet take the stage for a very good cause. we will tell you all about it when we return. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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>> welcome back, lady gaga rocked the stage at coachrole
6:44 am
even debuted hot new single. >> that's not lady gaga. >> we hear it happened, coachella always a good show. headlined saturday, gaga performed songs, spanning her entire career, also gave her little monsters what's to come from the superstar in the future. released new single called the cure. >> well, and glimpse at how some hollywood stars celebrated some easterment kim kardashian pictured her daughter, that's her hubby kanye in there, she captioned t. dadgay. >> awesome. >> scene of paris hilton, apparently she had her own bunny ears still looking can. g cool there. >> not sure what's going on here with robert downey junior but dressed like a bunny, behind him some llamas. little odd. >> yes. >> and finley we give you a sexy easter bunny, that woman there, that amazingly
6:45 am
beautiful woman is victoria beckham behind the bunny mask, from her posh spice days, what like 20 years ago, still has it. >> looking well. >> lauren talk about all of the body gold, just gorgeous? >> sold goals. >> girl, i'm with you. >> i'm not going to be achieving today. it is a monday after a holiday weekends. slow to get started, still pretty early, but our eyewitness weather watchers they're dedicated. they have goals to report, their weather conditions, and doing that this morning, temperature generally in the 60s for most of the weather watchers, so we check in, see what's going on right now in delaware, 64 degrees, zero at our weather watch err jason's house, middletown delaware he says clouds moving into the area, hopefully the showers will hold off. not for everyone. we do have pretty good chance at some scattered showers, especially across parts of delaware head into the next several hours. we will check in, what's going on in jersey? 60 degrees right now. it is the board -- if the
6:46 am
boards want to work, tan does. darcie reporting cloudy conditions, 64 degrees, very mild start in mt. laurel. and she says cloudy morning, it is a monday, and hard to get started. i know we're all dragging, the computer dragging, everyone dragging but do have some showers that will be moving into the area, in association with cold front. back side, chillier temperatures, not -- 60s, 40's, taste of cooler air head into the overnight period, to start you off on tuesday morning, but for today kind of our day of transition, inbetween the upper 80s, yesterday, and some 60s for tomorrow. so at 74 degrees, scattered showers, early, and then gradual clearing head into the second half of the day with a little breeze kicking in, and then we feel the effect of the cold front overnight tonight, mostly clear, getting a little chilly down to 49 degrees, in the city, so you know what that means for areas north and west, lehigh valley, 4 degrees in allentown, we see some 30's breaking out far north and west of the city. 37 degrees overnight tonight in mount pocono, have you reaching for that extra layer or extra blanket.
6:47 am
storm scan3 showing us some activity starting to pick up light in intensity do, have the shower activity specially west of i-95, that is moving due eastbound in association with that cold front. seeing some shower active tip, starting to flare up now that we have the little bit of heating of the day. specially just in the area to the west of lancaster, than will move due eastbound head into the next couple every hours, pack along the umbrella as we head throughout the day. future weather, shower actively will move through. specially down the shore could see few rumbles every thunder into the afternoon hours, clearing skies into the second . no problems as we led into the evening hours. near seven day forecast, cooler, pleasant look ahead toward tuesday. 66 degrees wednesday, meisha, by thursday, up into the middle 70s with a better chance of showers. >> yes, liking the sound of that, lauren, thank you so much for that. happy monday, it will look gorgeous outside. however, we got to get you our morning rush, the schuylkill westbound past girard heads up. see the congestion levels
6:48 am
building, still traveling around at posted speeds, once we crack into the 7:00 hour, main hour, really start to slow down little bit. then peaking at the boulevard, moving in the southbound direction, actually the boulevard, actually looking pretty good. but once you jump on to the schuylkill westbound, right around city avenue that's when we will start to see some problems. so take a look at this, you can see bumper to bumper conditions moving in the westbound direction. just past those trees, eastbound side coming into center city, not bad. actually looking okay, you guys, we have accident out there involving tractor-trailer, route 47 delsea drive closed between grub road and brown road. you will have to use alternate. route five or harding highway will be your best bet there. another accident throughout just came up i would say handful of minute ago. 611 old york road near heart road. heads up for those every in you that neck of the woods, not slowing down too much, but can in the next 20 minute or so. then we have construction out there, as well, talking about coming up in the next ten minutes or so. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. you may have seen viral video after mom dressed as dinosaur. >> we are hearing from the
6:49 am
dino mom. this is video that many people have already scene, leslie with her son on the way to school in florida leslie site in the dinosaur costumes, loves it, andress in it every chance she gets. she also says it teaches her children that it is okay to be different. >> i want them to be uniquely themselves, never question anything that they do because of what people are going to think. so i try to do things like that with them all the time. this one was i guess a little more extreme, got a lot of attention. >> hilarious she did the interview in the costume. leslie says the costume will help her children remember that lesson of equality, hopefully effective. nice job by the mom. time 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell joins us with a preview. good morning, nora. >> well, good morning to you, are h ahead in cleveland with the search for the man who recorded, murder, posted it on facebook. plus, advice press mike pence
6:50 am
visit the north and south days after failed missile test. we will talk with the former us ambassador, christopher hill becomes foreign policy options in the region. fifty years ago, the first woman to officially run the boston marathon had to dodge an organizer trying to pull her out of the race. we will hear from catherine, before she laces up to run the race just again this morning. we'll see you guys right at seven. >> incredible story, we will be watching. salad and burger eaters alike stealing the effect of lettuce shortage. heavy rains in california made it nearly impossible for farm tears get out in the fields, causing gaps in planting as a result your favorite burger topping or salad green is probably going to cost you more in grocery stores in fact in some places they say prices nearly double, farmers say the higher pros cents do cover growing costs but hope they'll come down soon. today septa program kicks off with spring and summer tourists in mind, customers
6:51 am
traveling from the philadelphia international airport will be able to buy quick trips, coin less option, for traveling anywhere on the septa rail system. two weeks ago septa also started a mobile ticketing app for people traveling from the airport. septa says just want to make sure people visiting philadelphia have more convenient and affordable travels of option. here, here to that, too. >> thank you, rahel. always one of the most talk about events of the spring. >> this year celebrating its 25th anniversary, talking about shut up and dance, a one night event, where dancers from the pennsylvania ballet take to the stage of the forest theater to benefit man a. and joining me now to tell me more about it, saturday april 29 performance are sue dougherty, the ceo of manna, and with the pennsylvania ballet company. thank you all for coming in this morning. >> thank you. >> appreciate t. >> twenty-five years, i mean, this is big year for those people in the audience that do not know what manna does, explain what you do and how does this event actually help manna? >> so this event is so huge for us, as you said, 25 years,
6:52 am
manna around 27. so since the beginning. and this event is such a huge night for this organization. it really is our hollywood moment. and every day manna serving over a thousand people that are at home battling life threatening illnesses, and we make sure that they get complete nutrition, all about food as medicine, we make sure we're delivering nourishment to their homes, we could not do that without an event like shut up and dance, it raises over $150,000 a year. which is almost 50,000 meals a year. >> wonderful. ian you're not only one of the dancers and performers, you are directing this whole thing. so each year i mean i always sit in the audience like wow, what amazing performance watch can key expect this year? >> primarily see a lot of brand new choreography by the dancer of pennsylvania ballet. generally what our show is all about. but you also see choreographer work, see dancers, and see our host martha gram cracker have
6:53 am
live musical numbers, involves the dancers, string quartet from the pennsylvania ballet orchestra, whose volunteering their time to be a part of the show. and then also the philadelphia non-profit rock to the future will be accompanying martha, glam cracker, their student dance. >> i mean great worth the ticket price every cents people pay for. >> this now, alex, not only also a dancer, also the assistant producer. >> correct. >> and why is this, i understand, from s dancers i spoke with from the past, labor of love? >> absolutely. we use all of the free time we have inbetween rehearsals, performances, to either choreograph and dance in pieces that are new and just shut up and dance. we work on, ian i specially work on it all year, all year long. we finish one show all right, next year, we're ready. >> obviously looking for sold out audience this year. >> absolutely. i promise you if you come that night you will laugh, you will cry, and you will blush, and you will not forget the
6:54 am
evening. >> they think of ballet, oh, i'm not into ballet. there are some people like that. this really, i mean, cross all different types every dance lines? >> it does. it is a lot of different kinds of dance. see hip hop. see classical bay ballet. see contemporary ballet. see surprising things you weren't expect to go see. it is usually like so high energy, and then of course i forgot to mention that we always perform the dying swan this year it will be perform by our prima ballerina amy aldridge. >> wonderful. we're really looking forward to it, as always. now like to sportmann a and see the performers of the pennsylvania ballet at shut n and dance, special 25th anniversary, that only happens again, saturday april 29th. tickets available on line at thanks so much again for coming in. we appreciate it. and three to go is coming up next. we'll be right back.
6:55 am
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>> before you leave your house here is three to go. >> searching for the suspect know say shot and killed a
6:59 am
random victim and posted on facebook. learned cell phone signal was pick up in ear. >> i vice president mike pence says any use of nuclear weapons by north korea will be met with a overwhelming response, pence on ten day trip to airasia. >> today's 121 running of the boston marathon will feature more than 30,000 runners, and several olypians, one man going for his 50th straight boo boston marathon finish. >> scattered light shower for the first haft of the day. seventy-four, cool cooler, ebola put. six a. >> we got disable vehicle, 59 south near girard, very slow moving there. pulled off to the right. give yourself couple of extra minutes there, schuylkill westbound, yikes, bumper to bumper. welcome mo monday. >> that doesn't look good. cbs this morning is many coming up next. >> join us each weekday morning starting 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, april 17th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." an urgent manhunt this morning across at least five states for a cleveland man who killed a stranger and posted the video on facebook. vice president pence visits the demilitarized zone in north korea overnight and says the u.s. military's patience is over. plaus, did the missile testing end in a failure. and prince harry and his mother's death. he said hiding his grief over the death of princess die a ma


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