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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> the state is taking shape the nfl draft comes to independent ten days and what's the cost to the city and the impact it could have on philly for years to come. >> and watery eyes, itchy nose and sneezing. are allergies taking a toll on you this year? why our weather likely is not helping you out. >> first, nationwide manhunt for the suspect wanted in a cold flooded killing. extended to philadelphia putting schools on lockdown and people on edge. the suspect is accuse the kil killing an elderly non in ohio and posting video to facebook. >> i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> live is the stat center with more in the sighting in our area and what authorities are saying about their search for alleged killer sgle they're taking all sightings seriously the one in philadelphia turned out to be bogus. they want people to pay attention until they catch
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this guy fbi and other law enforcement are looking for safe to spos stevens who killed a 74-year-old man on video and posted it on facebook. >> steve is still out there some place we don't know his condition of course right now we don't know his lobe. it happened easter sunday and was completely random. >> police say 4-year-old robert godwin senior was minding his own business when stevens came up and said this. >> you can say joy lane. >> joy lane is steven's exgirlfriend. >> she's are the an this is about to happen to you. how old are you? >> this afternoon, 400 miles away from crime scene a swarm of police officers descended on philadelphia fairmont park after someone said to police they spotted stevens nearby. >> they're really looking for this guy. hopefully they'll catch them. >> 35 philadelphia schools
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were on lockdown as a result. the lockdown was lifted after philadelphia police gave the all clear. the search now includes five states from indiana to new york. >> he's got deep issues. and whether he was calm or not he committed a heinous crime in this city and we want to get them over the streets as soon as' sdmribl there's several web sites accepting donations on behalf of victim's family. authorities say they are not legitimate don't donate to the sites and there is a 50,000 legitimate reward for information leading to arrest of steve spos stevens. any information call 911 immediately. david spunt. >> facebook is under fire after that gruesome murder video stayed up several hours before removed. social network admitted it needs to be do better and trying to set the record straight with the post explaining what happened. stevens first video saying he was planning to commit water
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was uploaded 11:09 and nobody report today to facebook. two minutes later the video of the shooting was uploaded and then at 11:22 stevens wentz live and confessed to murder. only when stevens live session entered did someone contact facebook about what he said. and the video of the shooting was not reported for another hour and half. >> facebook eventually disabled his account shortly after that. >> stay with eyewitness news as the search for facebook murder suspects continues. find the latest development at >> a new federal report highlights a series of events that led to the death of fire lieutenant joyce craig killed while battling a hour fis in 2014. the federal report concluded intense heat of the fire burned through sox craig's breeching equipment and found problems with how quick colleagues responded to her seven emergency distress signals. >> the fire department says it has maintained as a result
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of her death and equipment was updated and battalions are in cementers to improve conditions and the fire department will hold a news conference tomorrow to outline find fringz internal remains. >> and a 76-year-old man died one day after he was pulled out of this burping home in upper moreland montgomery county. the fire broke out in the home on -- and authorities have not identified the victim and they are still trying to figure out what sparked the fire. >> racing through a historic delaware county church fire races through memorial presbyterian church upper chichester. it took them two hours to get the fire under control. fortunately no one was hurt. church leaders vowed to rebuild. >> i was devastated when i saw the condition of the building and yesterday was resurrection sunday and there's a new day coming for memorial press tier
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yap church. >> the investigation into the cause of the fire continues. >> police are investigating a disturbing discovery in northeast philadelphia. today construction workers found a badly burned body inside an old sushi restaurant in the philadelphia mills mall. the sushi kingdom was boarded up sometime and it's unclear how long the pod yeah was in the building. >> police arrested a us is shekt accused of shooting a teenager multiple times in berks koumentsy last week. authorities confirmed 1 19-year-old matthew hail was apprehended late surprised and hail ambushed three people friday at a home on stauffer road in washington township. he's accused of shooting a 13-year-old victim who remains in critical condition. >> and jurors in the eric frein trial sigh the liter the survivalist wrote to his parents after the attack at the blooming grove police barracks. it was found on a thumb drive where he was captured after 48
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days oment run. the letter spoke of revolution and said "the time seems right for a spark to ignite the fire in hearts of men" frein is charged with killing one state trooper and wounding another. the deadline to remingster for the pennsylvania primary is midnight tonight and elections office will be on until then. voteers in philadelphia will be choosing candidates for district attorney and tonight there was a forum for the candidates at drexel university. eight candidates in the running to be the city next da. seven democrats and one republican. selling williams was repeatedly indicted on bribery and corruption charges. >> philadelphia's third biggest event in two years is almost here. national football league draft. >> and the draft now ten days away. a lot of people are wondering how it will affect the city's bottom line. greg is live on the parkway tonight which will soon be packed with football fans, greg. >> reporter: that's exactly right, there, jessica, step
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days you mention it, it will be a much bivrn scene at nfl draft comes to the parkway in philadelphia. you can see right now the staging built as we speak and tonight we learned large event like the draft do help out the city of philadelphia especially in how philly is perceived. >> what draws people to visit philadelphia there's the food, of course, >> cheesesteak sandwich. >> you have had one yet. >> not yet. >> cheesesteak very good. >> don't forget the history. >> this is the highlight of the trip. >> it's a whole bunch of historical places. >> you're the history buff right? >> yes. >> you like history. >> yes. >> it's great for the city and economy and great for the hos pi tall take industry. >> james the president and ceo of independent visitor's center says food and history are bread and butter and major events that get international attention also bring in visitors. in 2015 the pope stopped by.
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>> let's build a better tomorrow. >> and then last year the democrats said hello. next week will be sure oumded by nation's top athletes. >> events like nfl draft the exposure geel get really all over north america is just amazing. you almost cannot put a price tag on that. >> city officials have saying philadelphia will have to shell out half a million as host of the draft. not a big deal considering the nfl picks up the other 20 million bucks. still is it worth it. >> maybe down the road you know people watch the draft and say philadelphia looks like a 'great city maybe we should blan a visit there. >> nfl draft for me i'm a junky, love sports and football. >> i know from rookie movie. it's a cool place i would like to go see. >> if all the exposure doesn't work there's always the need for a great philly cheesesteak. >> the fat die is head hat way. >> south. >> south philly you get the best cheesesteaks.
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>> so jess, ukee, the secret is where to find the best philly cheesesteak. in all seriousness it's not just these small event. mets versus phillies here he spotted manyed in the visito visitor's center. >> we're the place to be. >> we love that. >> in the spotlight. >> greg, thank you. >> it will be fun to see what the eagles do that year's draft. >> one thing for sure eagles nation talking about last year's big big. don. >> brotherly love for philly. carson wentz what he's saying about the first year with the birds. >> that's later in sports. >> also ahead at 11, spring is in bloom and that means itchy, watery eyes and lots of sneezing. so, when is the worst time for allergies and how does weather play a role in their severity, kate. >> we've got nowers and also
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april showers headed our way until the forecast and when wet weather can return to the air an a few beautiful spring days and how to expect those at well. >> and plus one year later new details in the investigation into prince's death. what unsealed documents revealed about the musician painkiller precipitation and how he hid addiction. >> tradition rolls on. kids show off i skills at the easter reg roll. why it's not just about the colorful eggs when eyewitness why it's not just about the colorful eggs when eyewitness news comes right back the following ad for your viewing convenience. so i just switched to geico. what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance. that's what i'm talking about! geico also gives you 24/7 access to licensed agents!
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>> a helicopter crashed south east of wash done d.c. and surviving crew members are hospitalized and army says it's investigating why a plaque hawk wept down during
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what was supposed to be a routine training exercise. the white house is displaying a touch approach to north core he and nuclear ambitions. kim jong-un better behave. and he said not to test america's military power. to secure the people and stability of this region. >> they parade tanks, guns and what aperiod to be untested interest continental ballistic metals that fizeled when they test aid liquid fuel
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medium range missile launched from rocket stand sunday an second later the missile exploded it's the latest in spring of recent failures which increased after president obama authorized sign area tacks against kim kim jong-unp program and tongjao. >> sophie involving to one successfully tested. the dprx ready to react and to any more war and designed by american.
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>> more than 20,000 people converged on the white house for an annual tradition the easter egg roll. >> on behalf of the president and barron we wish you great fun and beautiful days coming ahead of us. and happy easter. >> first lady melania trump opened festivities and president and son barron and easter bun academy. they were a lot of activities but main event was egg roll and children decked out in their finest. they walked away with memories and sill vo tier nears. >> -- souvenirs. >> and the president's signature? >> maybe. >> it was not all just about the egg roll. there were other activities as well. the president joined with the children for coloring and first lady read a story to
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some of the kids as well. >> and the 121 running of the boston marathon is in the history books. kenyan jeffery kerue won and finished in 2:09:37 and another kenyan won the woman's race 2:21:52 run hers to deal with temperatures near 80 but they benefitted from the strong tail winds. >> new details until investigation of prince. documents unsealed base a doctor described oxycodone under another name to protect privacy. >> and he was found unresponsive last april. autopsy results show he died from accidental overdose of fentanyl. a drug more powerful than heroin and documents showed strong pain kill he's were found in several parts of his home. >> jersey shore star michael
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"the situation" sorentino xleeded not guilty to additional tax charged and they preev yutsly paid saying they filed bogus returns and. >> and april showers bring may flowers foral are jury sufferers. another sign of spring and it's in the air. warm and warm weather offering plenty of pollen. tree pollen tends to be the highest. grass pollen season is right around the corner and usually starts ramping up in may and, and, doctors say there's several ways to get relief. >> you're only symptom is runny nose give you nose pry itchy eyes by eye drops but if you have combined symptoms you should get allergy pills. >> avoid hair spare, a mask while mowing long and you
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should take a shower before you go to bed. >> a lot of people suffering withalerys, the rain can wash it out tem requirely. but then everything grows again sdl then is comes back. the more rain we get the more lush everything becomes and more pollen you have. it's a vicious cycle out ther there. we will track some sports of rain here through the next couple days sxishlly through end of week. wednesday through friday, time frame, a hower possible and each of those days it's not a total wash yoult at all. we have a couple of nice sprivrpingz days in the 7 day forecast. let's start with a look at a time lams from earlier today that starts at noon and you can see how gloomy it was and damp in the sea h sael of philadelphia but then quickly by afternoon we started to see cloud break up and by evening finally blue sci and sunshine just in time for sunset. sun broke out a little earlier north reign west. you can see still the see cloud deck just over portions
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of south jersey each as the run returns to the city of philadelphia. storm scan 3 shows more clouds drifting back in now. the main front is offshore. and clear skies finally down the shore. but a few clouds overhead in city tomorrow looks like great day you have high pressure briefly nosing your way on in and tomorrow looks like dry, sunshine, pleasant conditions from start to finish and then the cloud and chance for showers do roll back in by wednesday average. right now it's comfortable 66 in the city and chilly in mil millville down to 4 already and 51 atlantic city and 55 allentown and a few spots especially from the lehigh valley up to poconos if skies clear enough could drop to upper 30s, these temperatures not below average this i'm year in last of how warm it's been tomorrow morning is going to foal a little chilly for tuesday. in general it's a practically
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perfectly day. we checked every box and i think you like tomorrow. here's a look around lunchtime something but sunshine and blue skies all across the north east. wednesday though the clouds rolled back in and couple of scattered showers and i lot doesn't make it in here and thursday with a warm front approaching how can you. >> isolated shower wednesday. couple scattered showers or thunderstorm thursday and few showers possible friday along a cold front. not a ton of moisture at all. not a ton of sunshine either for the last three days of the week. tomorrow looks good. 66, sunshine. wednesday is a little cooler. with that chance for a shower. and thursday warms one warm front with a shower or thunderstorm. friday another chance for hours. the good news is we start the weekend on beautiful spring note at 64 degrees e mostly sunny skies on saturday. no more 87 degrees days like we had yesterday and pretty
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good april. >> bladly sign up to that in a rot. >> we're talk football. everybody needs vacation from time to time including franchise quarterbacks. how carson's time off fueled drive in year 2 sports coming
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>> keep eagles win nfc theeingt season. franchise quarterback without a doubt. here's whaels carson said in return to public eye. >> it's been a while day one of the off surprise program the franchise quarterback held first official press conference in a few months. for me being a rookie you are familiar with it here.
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and being fortunate enough to start all 16 games to get awe and breem and relax and spend time with friend and family it was big with me. during the off season he worked with quarterback guru. after seeing film from his season he wanted to make improvement. >> a lot had to do with footwork and stuff. again it's nothing passive awe overall trying to make everything more efficient. >> eagles dove into free agent pool adding jeffery and smith. hopefully this means they approve in subpar 7-9 record. >> i'll always hold myself to high expectations and the other day we finished 7-9. that's never good enough for me or anybody in the building. so i fully expect us to all make strides and hopefully play january. >> meanwhile after a year after any belt carson is
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embracing his new home. >> it's a great city. every time i get a chance to go out and experience something new and see some of the things and go to sporting events and support the teams here. i just rulely enjoy being her here. i feel like ittists me and my personally and i just love it place. >> good to have you bro'. >> moving on to baseball. phillies had the night off. tomorrow they travel to new york looking for revenge. last week the mets scored 24 runs in a three game sweep in south philadelphia. >> and nba playoffs reigning champion cavt, kylee irving getting after it. throws it up and gets it in there. pacers make a late push. miles turner going to the hole and no you don't. lebron james had big block. 25 foypts, ten board 7 is aiingts, four steals and four locks. >> is the head doing the new finger wag.
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>> he was like whatever it's another night. >> up next, coffee looks like water. where the new brew
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company release aid new brew. >> it's clear. clear by a method they're keeping secret. belt of all don't worry about the beverage made cross the pond. it's available for purchase online kate. >> we're already looking towards weekend. even though it is monday. it will be cool and breezy weekend at tleeingt start on saturday. and saturday looks like we eliminate the shower chances that may plague us through
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much of the workweek and get mostly sunny days and sunday is the die watch first half of day looks quiet and rain could return to the area by sunday evening and that's still pretty far in the future and we'll keep you post as we head
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>> our morning crew is back tomorrow 4:30 to 7. >> i'm jessica dean the late show with stephen colbert is next. thanks for watching have a next. thanks for watching have a good night, sleep well.
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