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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  April 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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suspect body is still on the ground at the church at this moment around the side or back of the church but we're not able to see it. this is all after leading police on a chase from market street in wilmington, that we don't yet know the name of the suspect or why police were chasing after him. latest from new castle county police who are handling this investigation that is the officers made contact with the suspect around 2:00 p.m. they written investigating him but they won't say why and he fled in his vehicle crashing on philadelphia pike, right in front of the saint helena and state police trooper one station. we don't know why the officers , drew their guns and fired at the men. police say so far, giving us an update on the information that they are comfortable releasing about that exchange. >> the suspects fled on foot, and officers gave chase, and attempt to apprehend him. confrontation resulting in the suspects being shot and killed by police. >> reporter: you see that vehicle has been taken away by
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tow truck, this is again, active scene that could go on for hours. if this is on your ride home you'll want to look for different way to get home and avoid philadelphia pike in this part of the wilmington. we don't know yet why the police officers had to be brought to the hospital whether that was precautionary or if they sustained, any injuries, we will give you an update as soon as we have that information. reporting live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 three "eyewitness news". convicted killer and former patriots tightened aaron hernandez was found dead inside his prison cell. authorities say that the 27 year-old fallen football star took his own life. prison guard found aaron hernandez in his cell shortly after 3:00 a.m. prison officialness massachusetts say former patriots star hanged himself with the bed sheet attached to his cell window. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later. >> not guilty. >> reporter: twenty-seven year-old suicide, comes just five days after he became
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emotional when acquitted of murdering two men in boston in 2012. >> mr. hernandez was wrongly accused of those crimes. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: hernandez was still serving a life sentence without parole for 2013 murder of odin lloyd, who was dating his fiance's sister. hernandez was patriots star tightened with a 40 million-dollar contract when arrested for, lloyd's murder and subsequently fired from the team. >> most of the people are just saying tragedy, sadness, and the end of a really four year saga. >> reporter: prison officials say they are not aware of any suicide note, hernandez lawyers says that his family and legal team is shocked and surprised that hernandez never indicated anything like this was possible, and that his loved won are determined to find the truth, surrounding his untimely death. a patriots team spokesperson says do not expect any comment from coaches or players, about the death of aaron hernandez.
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in keeping with tradition president donald trump welcome the 2017 super bowl champions to the white house. new england patriots made the trip this afternoon. quarterback tom brady pulled out of the visit at last minute citing a personal family matter as a reason why he could not come. six other players were also not expected to attend. the brand new, museum of the american revolution, officially opened today in olde city. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was there for it all and joins us live with more on who was there for the grand opening, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good afternoon. this is only museum in our country dedicated entirely to showcasing our nation's fight for freedom. it was a 14 year process to open up the museum and today former vice-president joe biden was on hand to help cut the ribbon. 242 years ago the shot heard around the world... ignited the revolutionary war.
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now the first museum to commemorate our country's fight for independent has finally opened, and very city which holds the title of the birthplace of america. >> it is now marching over to philadelphia. >> push forward on faith but i was than the sure would i ever see this day. >> reporter: governor ed rendell, founding member of the museum which houses 3,000 artifacts from the revolutionary war including george washington's war 10t. >> miraculous and what it means for the city, but more importantly what it will mean for the country. >> museum of the american revolution is now officially opened. >> reporter: wednesday morning a grand opening ceremony for the 120 million-dollar new seem. dozens gathered at tomb of the unknown solder of the revolution in washington square before making their way to the steps of the building. hamilton star sidney james hardcourt performed for
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hundreds gathered including governor tom wolf and former vice-president, joe biden. >> i feel like this is what we're trying to be on broadway >> reporter: finally when doors opened one of the first inside, the vice-president himself. >> what are your thoughts about it, sir. >> very good. >> reporter: you can see the vice-president there, pretty impressed by what is inside the museum. it officially opened to the public around 3:20 this afternoon. we have posted information on how you can purchase tickets at our web site at cbs philly .com. live from olde city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. smoldering shell is all that is left of a four unit building in south jersey after fire tore through the residential overnight. the fire fighters were called to the unit block of zimmerman avenue in pennsauken around 2:30 this morning where we're told two families were able to get out safely. fire sent one fire fighter to the hospital with a ankle injury. one resident said her family lost a lifetime of belongings.
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>> everything is gone. i don't want to think about myself just my family not having any clothes. >> water supply issues did hamper the fire fighting efforts at a home next door which was also damaged. the cause of the fire is still unknown. investigation continues into what police are calling a hate crime. they say a black gunman ambushed three white men yesterday in downtown fresno, california. suspect shooter identified as corry ali mohammad allegedly singled out his victims at random. mohammad gunned down a security guard last week and killed three other victims yesterday. mohammad faces four counts of murder and could be arraigned by end of the week. pennsylvania state police say investigators have recovered a 45 caliber handgun that they believe, steve stevens used to take his own life. he was subject of the nationwide manhunt for allegedly murdering a cleveland retiree over the weekend and posting video on
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the facebook. police tracked him down in erie yesterday morning after a tip from another fast food worker. authorities say they found the weapon inside his car. survivors and family members of those killed in the oklahoma city bombing gathered for a remembrance services on the 22nd anniversary of that a tack. the service was held this morning at a memorial, built in place of the alfred p mur a federal building the target of the 1995 bombing. those gathered observed 168 seconds of silence to remember the 168 lives who, many of whom were federal employees. philadelphia police are searching for two suspects, in the robbery of an elderly woman. here's surveillance photos of those suspects. last month police say that they robbed a 81 year-old woman who just gotten off septa bus in the 8400 block of theron avenue. the victim who was punched in the face and knock to the ground suffered minor injuries
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and suspects got away with her purse. politicians from new york and new jersey including governor christie are teaming up to request federal fund continue on vest in infrastructure. politicians invited secretary of transportation elaine chao to get a firsthand look at area's rail and transit infrastructure. governor christie says recent track problems with amtrak and new york's penn station are a prime example of why infrastructure dollars need to flow. he pointed out that the northeast corridor is the only profitable amtrak line in the country. >> many of the problems that we have experienced in the last number of weeks have been problems that have been caused by an absolute failure of the federal government to stand up to their obligations to keep the current infrastructure, in workable condition. >> politicians say they are confident that chow will come and that they look forward to her visit. "fox news" cuts ties with veteran host bill o'reilly following allegations he sexually harassed women.
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o'reilly had been on vacation when network said both parties decided to part ways. new york times reported april 2nd that five women were paid $13 million in settlement s to keep quite about harassment allegations. o'reilly spent two decade as the face of "fox news"'s highest rated show, and he has denied any wrongdoing. scammers are coming up with new ways to keep you out of your hard earned money. coming up next on "eyewitness news" how they are using social media to trick their victims, one way to pre tend their long lost friend of facebook. we will show what you to watch out for. and nast was watching this huge space rock very carefully just how close an asteroid came to earth as it passed by this morning, kate? well, we started the day with sun but as expect the cloud have arrived, and now we're tracking threat for showers, a few different chances for showers over the next few days, we will time that out and sneak peak into your weekend coming up.
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this just into us a verdict has been reached in
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the trial of eric frein, frein 's man charged with killing one pennsylvania state trooper and injuring another, in a shoot-out, at a blooming grove barracks in 2014. our joe holden is in the courtroom. we will have that verdict once again, it has been reached, joe holden will bring us very latest as soon as it is announced. scam artists go to great lengths to fool people posing as everything from government officials to your cell phone provider. and the jim donovan, explains tonight they are also using social media to act like old friend. >> reporter: it started as a facebook friend requests from a high school buddy a michael hanson says his friend, seen here in his 1971 year book, messaged him asking him if he had collected his stimulus money yet. $70,000. he claimed he saw michael's name on a list, the friend said he got money too. >> so, i went, oh, really. >> reporter: michael texted the number his friend
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suggested he would get his $07,000 government check if he sent $850 for delivery charge. about the same time his friend's messaged him saying he too was sent that money. then michael's phone rang and caller claiming to be from facebook said he could help michael. all he needed was remote access to his computer, realize ago this could lead to his computer getting hacked or malwear being installed, michael said no way. >> they are getting desperate. >> reporter: better business bureau says most know scammers are cloning facebook pages and target ago this person's facebook family and friendlys. it is forcing conn artists to get more creative hitting target from his several directions. >> you should never pay money to receive money. >> reporter: michael knows this and glad he didn't fall for the scam. to avoid being contacted by one of these scammers experts suggest changing your security features on facebook so strangers cannot see your photos, profile or friendlys. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan.
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we're safe and sound here on planet earth after a giant asteroid swept right past us this morning. >> by cosmic standard it was very close, now these radar images of asteroid 2014j025 were captured tuesday from nasa's gold stone deep space communications complex. the peanut shaped mile wide asteroid rotates every five hours. it will be within 1.1 million miles of earth, and experts say you can look for it over the next two nights. all right. meteorologist kate bilo joining us now, certainly cooler out there kate, then we had yesterday. >> and cloud have come in. it is a glummy, gray afternoon out there temperatures are on the way up. we will deal with the cloud cover and some of the showers right here through end of the week as we head through yours friday especially when we will see that best chance for few showers and storms late thursday night and friday morning. lets look outside, it has turned out to be a gray day out there here's a live look at center sit friday our roof
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cam. we have had sunshine, blue skies this morning through about noon time and then cloud really took over, and temperatures has been dropping now that the cloud have moved in. we will get temperatures just hovering right around 60- degree mark right now, lot of spots only in the 50's and not the best evening to be outside, although it will not get all that cold tonight. storm scan three shows is what going on. we have cloud cover. not a ton of moisture outside but there are a couple spotty sprinkles here and there but atmosphere is stable thanks to the cloud and cool air. not a lot being able to getting here as far as shower activity is concerned. then we will widen out you can see a few more chances heading our way. we have this batch moving through the portions of the great lakes coming through overnight into tomorrow morning and then secondary line of showers and storms along the cold front will cross the area late tomorrow night into friday morning. live look right now in berks county, thinks bernville, at the junior/senior school only 55 degrees there right now. it is cool, it is gray, again, very stable, so not much in the way of shower,
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thunderstorm activity but cannot rule one out at anytime and temperatures have dropped back in the 50's. we have briefly moved in the 60's earlier today and now that the cloud have moved through it is only 59 in the city, 55 in millville and 59 in allentown. look at is what lurking off to the west. look at these temperatures 88 in st. louis. eighty-two nashville. eighty-five in birmingham. that warmth will be billowing toward us by end of the week. we will track showers and storms at the same time. so hanging right around 60, cloudy, cool with the stray shower, overnight, notice it is not that chilly. not as cold as last night we are down to 54 with scattered showers, wind south bringing that warmer air in tomorrow, we will start the day with couple showers early, possibly a few breaks of the sun in the afternoon and another chance for showers and storms thursday night into friday morning along that cold front. we will clear it out friday afternoon and gets some sunshine back here, friday will be warmest day of the week. so morning showers, then afternoon thunderstorm on thursday, and showers and storm mainly early friday and
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for the weekend showers could arrive by late saturday and then a chilly rain on sunday. so this shows the warm up here , tomorrow we have got temperatures, in the 70's, we will shifted these numbers here for you but by friday we're in the 80's and saturday when we will see sunshine, dry to peak back out but it is not going to be here for a while. sunday's rain chances coming in the next half an hour. >> thanks, kate, appreciate it still ahead on "eyewitness news" a playground in missouri doesn't look different from any other you may see. >> it is in the national spotlight and may end up at center of the one of the first supreme court cases heard by new justice neil gorsuch, don. some people work their entire lives to reach one day, from carson to carmichael, hear why some guys say draft day is like christmas times 20 the story you don't want to miss next up in
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taking a college course, off his bucket list. >> new at 6:00 tonight meet the 99 year-old world war two veteran who proves you are never too old to accomplish your dreams. he was honored today for his great services. and don bell joins us now. we are getting closer and closer to the nfl draft here in philadelphia. you know, draft day brings with it a lot of memories, don >> it is huge. >> history is made, memories made. >> i'm sure you remember the day you were drafted by cbs-3. >> right here in, my heart. >> yes. >> back in north dakota state carson wentz, lived in a house with five roommates and three dogs, slept on the air mattress in the living room with his golden retriever, henley but life took a turn come draft day. we are eight days away from the nfl draft an event that changes a player's life, forever. >> with the second pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the philadelphia eagles select
5:23 pm
carson wentz. >> at that time it still gives me chills talking about it just realizing how much my life changed that night. >> reporter: nfl draft where dreams come true. >> one hundred and forty-second picky was in that draft and it felt like i was number one overall pick. >> it is like christmas rolled up, multiplied, 20 times. >> reporter: draft day is one to remember, some for different reasons then would you expect. >> i just remember being tired all the time. it was an exhaust continuing time. >> reporter: like carson, some guys have the hollywood experience. others, get the blockbuster treatment. >> i had been drafted. we said lets get to blockbuster. my phone rang. i had no idea hot woman was. she said coach gruden wants to talk to you. and i had no idea who coach gruden was. >> i thought it was a joke. i thought someone was pranking me. i was not certain i was truly drafted until i got home, and peace maker with george clooney in hand, and my
5:24 pm
roommate said the phones have been ringing off the hook. >> reporter: one thing every player remembers, being passed over. >> people have been telling me my senior year that i should go in the first, or third round, but first and third round came and there was no carmichael. >> reporter: but at lee car michael heard his names, others just kept waiting, waiting and waiting. >> their pick was up. they said, well, i said oh, great, i'm getting picked. then the guy said well, draft is over. they drafted a punter. the draft is a sham. >> he can say it is a sham because he went undrafted, signed as a free agent with the eagles, played 14 season in the nfl, nine in philadelphia. >> erd the nickname tank, he could play. >> so not everybody has the same experience on draft day. >> that is true, people take different paths.
5:25 pm
>> yes. >> thanks, don. members of the chester community enjoyed a day of soccer presented by widener university and sons of ben, chester up land soccer for success program held its fourth annual fun day at the stem academy at show walter school. free event is meant to promote healthy lifestyles for children in the urban communities. >> you have to get out and run >> coming up in the next half an hour she over came what seemed like impossible odd to make a name for herself in the restaurant scene in philadelphia. we will show cristina's story and take you inside the restaurant recognized as one of the best in america. >> tori. >> with the first day this weekend, it is time to start thinking about how we can be one with nature, coming up i'll show you a few watches that will have you doing just that, and doing some good for the
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former vice-president joe biden, spoke at today's grand opening of the museum of the american revolution in olde city. 120 million-dollar museum contains 3,000 artifacts from the revolutionary war period, including, george washington's 10t. the news continues now at 5:30 here's is what happening and what you need to know right now. convicted murderer and ex- football star aaron hernandez found dead of an apparent suicide this morning. authorities say that he used his bed sheets to hang himself inside of his prison cell. hernandez was serving a life sentence and had just beaten two different murder charges last week. breaking news, jury reached a verdict in the trial of eric frein. >> frein is charged with killing one pennsylvania state trooper and injuring another in a shoot-out at blooming grove barracks in 2014.
5:30 pm
>> "eyewitness news" continues with reporter joe hold men milford pike county where the verdict was just announced, joe. >> reporter: beginning. lets give you latest. eric frein guilty of murder in the first degree, attempted murder of another trooper, weapons of mass destruction counts, terrorism charges, conspiracy charges, frein stood in the gallery of the courtroom as a jury from our viewing area from chester county, read these counts allowed, and echoing throughout the courtroom, frein, again, guilty across the board in the 2014 ambush attack of two pennsylvania state troopers. corporal brian dickson killed in that ambush. trooper alex douglasss suffering critical injuries. douglasss testified saying that it was a cowardly act. during this three week trial. it is his defense team eric frein's defense team had somewhat treated this all as a
5:31 pm
foregone conclusion that their client would be found guilty, most of their efforts focused on what will be the penalty phase face. they are arguing their i can frein should be spared the death penalty, of course, lot to develop. you can see courthouse behind me. there is a horde of media waiting to speak to the district attorney and the defense team, of course, we will bring thaw part of the story in about a half an hour. that is very latest live on this breaking news story in milford pike county, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. one south philadelphia chevies grabbing national attention for her special type of barbecue. >> as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells you she will be honored next week in philadelphia at an event that celebrates diverse culinary cuisine. >> reporter: south philadelphia barbercoa which means south philly barbecue is as colorful as its kitchen,
5:32 pm
and where cristina martinez and her husband vin miller work seven days a week. >> everything ready to day. >> reporter: they are ready to sell their lamb, pork, betty tacos and more to waiting customers on friday, saturday and sunday. >> every week we have new people, new customers. >> reporter: martinez food is so good, bone appetite named barbercoa1 of the best restaurants in america and she caught the eye of fortune magazine and city council but it it is for her activism she and her husband helped organize days of action, and got city council to pass a resolution, and on may 1st they are taking their cause national this woman has overcome insurmountable add. >> reporter: margaret o'sullivan runs the international services sent shore will honor martinez next week. while many workers live in the shadows she's putting her face and status on the line because
5:33 pm
martinez is an undocumented worker. >> she's really special. we kind of saw that early on and we really wanted to make sure somebody like cristina was honored. >> happy. it is fee feeling good. >> reporter: it comes with a risk, her face, her un documented status is exposed >> worst case scenario she gets deported we have already said that there are consequences and we know that we know how to cook our food and we know how to run our business and in mexico we could dot same thing. >> reporter: a risk that cristina and ben are willing to take to make change, thanks to what is happening in their kitchen. cherry greg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". former president george hw bush is recovering from a second bought of pneumonia at a texas medical facility. the nine two-year old former president is under close watch by doctors at houston methodist hospital and owe has
5:34 pm
been there since friday. president bush has been diagnosed with the mild case of pneumonia, been treated but will remain in the hospital until he is feeling better, back in january he was hospitalized for 16 days, battling pneumonia. meanwhile vice-president mike pence continues his overseas trip, visiting sailors aboard u.s.s. ronald reagan in japan. pence took the opportunity to warn north korea again that the you had is prepared to strongly respond to military threats against its allies. wearing a green military jacket pence told sailors that the sword stand ready. >> we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons, with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> warning comes as north korea state television is airing mock video of missiles hitting the united states. president trum signs an extension to the bill he says will give veterans the medical
5:35 pm
care that they deserve. trump signs veteran choice program extension and improvement act this morning. the legislation allows veterans to get health care outside va system. president says vets should receive top notch medical care in exchange for their services >> the veterans have poured out their sweat, blood and tears for this country for so long and it is time that they are recognized and it is time that we now take care of them and take care of them properly >> program was first established in response to va crisis in 2014 but was set to expire this year. senate lawmakers voted unanimously to extend it. supreme court heard arguments today about a church playground in missouri, seen as a key case, testing limits of religious freedom. correspondent weijia jiang tells you, some believe the outcome of the case may have implications for school voucher programs. >> reporter: amanda duffy brought her children to the supreme court wednesday to
5:36 pm
support trinity lutheran church in the case against state of missouri. >> with two kid growing up i would never want them to be treated like that based on what they believe not being able to participate in a basic government program. >> reporter: church in columbia, missouri operates a preschool and day care, it too , was denied grant money to get a new rubber surface for its playground arguing that the state violated its free exercise of religion and not applying the law equally. >> when government engages in safety benefit programs it should want all kid to be safe , it shouldn't matter what their status is or where they attend school. >> reporter: during oral arguments majority of the justices seems sympathetic to the church's case with liberal justice steven briar asking if the state could refuse to provide police or fire services. missouri argued its constitution prevents aid directly to churches and many see that as protecting religious freedoms. >> fundamental principal in this country is government
5:37 pm
does not find religious exercise. >> reporter: arguments for this case didn't make it on the high court's calendar until a date had been set for justice neil gorsuch's confirmation hearing as ninth justice he will help avoid a possible tie in the ruling that could impact how taxpayer money is used to pay for vouchers to private, religious schools. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" high tech help for children with autism we will take you inside a classroom where robots are teaching important social skills to some students. prom night for group of special guests, you're looking live at red carpet event coming up, why many of these guests never have a chance to attend the prom, kate? weekend watch features one day to get outside and one day to find son door activities, it is half/half week fend we have ever seen one. we will see some sun on saturday. mild seasonal day with temperatures in the mid 60's.
5:38 pm
then sunday temperatures won't make it out of the 50's all day and on and off chilly rain through the afternoon so get your outdoor activities in on saturday. sunday not the best day to be
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star bucks has a uni corn frappuccino is now available for a limited time, thanks to its blue drizzle, it changes colors, it starts out purple with a sweet, fruity taste and then quick stir changes to it pink with a more tart taste. something for everybody there. skateboarding can be a difficult skill to pick up, and expert level skateboarder was caught on camera and dairy say, it might surprise you. >> that reading at a park in london. as you can see, they like to watch him on easter sunday,
5:42 pm
playful pug grabs the board, mounts his skates up and down his paws pushing him all the way, just having a great time. one of my best friend from high school and now, grew up with pugs, yeah. >> loved it. >> embarrassing moment for senator from brazil, he was speak at a public hearing on tuesday when his two front teeth slipped from his dentures and fell right out of his mouth. he then caught them, and put them back in his mouth and just kept rolling and talking. >> just push on. >> you got to do what you have to do. >> wow. >> still ahead people magazine 's
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5:45 pm
never played that course i got to get up there julia roberts was named world's most beautiful woman again.
5:46 pm
thinks fifth time roberts peers on the cover of the magazine's annual world's most beautiful list. roberts say that she is flattered by repeat recognition. people's 28th world's most beautiful issue hits news stand on friday. superstar serena williams has the internet talking, wondering if she's gearing up for biggest tight of her career, 35 year-old posted this picture with the caption 20 weeks, but then she deleted it very quickly afterward. is williams a mom to be? time will tell. on the healthwatch tonight children with autism often struggle with social skills which can affect learning in the classroom and now a robot is changing that. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has the story from the einstein health care science center. >> science has shown early intervention with autistic children can be especially helpful. well now, some schools are getting high tech help for them. >> it is great to meet you. >> reporter: meet mylo the
5:47 pm
robot. >> ♪ >> reporter: he's got moves and skills. >> i can shake my head now. >> shake my head no. >> reporter: but not a toy but a new tool teaching children with autism how to work through social situations in the classroom. >> can it wait? >> they learn these important social skills and then able to actually start interacting with other people. >> reporter: richard and his company robo kind spent three years developing mylo. he can smile or frown while interacting with students and help them with tactics to calm down like counting to 10. he says that mylo consistent speech patterns and behavior repetitiouses are key for children with autism. >> when you bring technology into it, is there something that they can engage work something that is less overwhelming to them. >> yes, teaches to you calm down. >> reporter: keenan is a first grader and his teacher says working with mylo has helped
5:48 pm
him in times lining this when he answers the question wrong. >> he uses his word, able to is late what it is that he is feeling or thinking. >> reporter: less earns learned here with mylo that they can put to good use with their friend and family in real life. mylo is being used currently in 285 schools nationwide, creators hope to expand that to 2,000, by the end of the year. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, surgeons from jefferson health system offered free oral cancer screening is today in its abington campus. april is oral, head and neck cancer awareness month. jefferson's ent specialist provided free screenings and gave out information about risk factors and early signs and symptoms of throat and thyroid cancer. kate bilo joining us now with a look at your forecast, and kate, it looks kind of interesting for the weekend. >> yes. >> half and half. >> half and half and it might
5:49 pm
be more like one-third, 23rd, i'm a little less optimistic. it looks like cloud will come in quicker saturday but sunday if there is a movie you have been wanting to see or something to coincide, laundry that need to be folded like in my house that is what i'll be doing sunday afternoon. sunday does not look great. saturday we can salvage most of the day but first we have to get through the end of the week. we have a few shower and thunderstorm chances here to talk about first and foremost. lets take a look outside, show you our lovely traffic cameras looking live at ben franklin bridge from the camden side of the things. you can see city sky line in the background. not a lot of sun glare out there on the road this afternoon, cloud have moved in , and they are here to stay, through tonight. so very stable atmosphere. not a lot of showers or thunderstorms popping at all across the map here but we are seeing again, those gray skies and just a few scattered sprinkles. here's storm scan three. most of the shower activity relegated off to the north from the poconos into new york
5:50 pm
state. locally we have got a lot of cloud cover just a few dots of green here and there, showing where a couple of showers are starting to pop up. as we widen out on storm scan three there is more to come. i want to draw your attention to this system right here an area of low pressure moving east as we head through end of the week and thursday night and friday and that is our next best shot of picking up, more numerous showers and storms. now none of the days through rest of the week really look like a wash out. sunday is when we will see more steady, rainfall as we saw during the course of the day. looking live at storm scan three you can see no real problems out there everything looking fine right now. we are seeing storms start to push in from the west and then they will be getting here as we go through end of the week. as far as right now is concern , again, gray, glummy only 59 degrees, temperature wise here in philadelphia you can see that wind from the south at 12 miles an hour, stabilizing things, as cooler air moves in through the shore
5:51 pm
points and portions of delaware. it is cool, stable, again in the a lot of shower and thunderstorm activity but as we heat up over next couple of days we will see increased chance for showers and storms to poppas this system approaches. that is the stormy showed you over northern plains, slowly moving through, again for your thursday, tomorrow, temperatures on the rise, today we will stay below average all day, testimony we are heading to the 70's but showers here and there, first warm front that will bring showers early tomorrow morning , and then maybe a few breaks of sun in the afternoon and then chance for shower, thunderstorm thursday night into friday morning. friday starts with a few showers and cloud. here's good news as this cold front sweeps through, the actual cold air is on the bit of the delay. you can see it over the great lakes, warm air still in place for most of us especially from the city on south on friday and that is the day we could try to hit that 80-degree mark lets talk about pollen sufferers. people are suffering with that tree pollen. tomorrow is not a terrible day back to the medium high range with more cloud and a few showers but pollen numbers
5:52 pm
climb as we head in the weekend. by saturday we are back to high levels mapel, juniper and poplar your three biggest offenders. scattered showers tonight. tomorrow cloud and sun. scattered thunderstorms in the morning a the night breaks of sun through the afternoon. high of 74. friday morning showers and then some clearing, warm but turns cooler over weekend, increasing cloud saturday, showers by late saturday evening and then sunday is a cool, damp, rainy day at just 58 degrees. ukee and jessica back to you. jewelry good for the earth see watches that are made from natural materials. how do these time pieces work? our vittoria woodill investigates in three minutes.
5:53 pm
when you buy a used car you that's why carmax has over. 40,000 cars to choose from nationwide. with prices clearly marked, the same online as they are in the stores. that should give you some car-buying confidence. the type of confidence you need to wear white after labor day. the type of confidence to suddenly switch to an english accent for no reason whatsoever. yep... . at carmax, it's all about confidence. nothing but net. nailed it! or should i say, nailed it gov'nor.
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oh, yeah, red carpet is rolled out for gets of the special celebration in east norriton, nhs foundation spring gala. thinks a live look as get is a live for good food, live music and plenty of dancing there as you can see. event is for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. organizers say tonight will be a very special night for many attendees who have never attended a prom or formal gala before. have a great time, looks like they are having one right now. all right. well, philadelphia co make something beautiful, unusual, watches. >> vittoria woodill shows us tonight it all has to do with the materials they are using. >> we can take a fair amount
5:57 pm
of credit for design but at end of the day, you know, nature is giving us a beautiful material to work with. >> reporter: analog watch company in passyunk is making nature stand still with time pieces using natural materials >> i grew up in a small town in pennsylvania and i had appalachian trail right outside my window. so as a kid it was a great source of inspiration. our goal at analog is to bring nature in the every day. >> reporter: lorenzo bootha creates marble and wood to be face of time. the design was planted in his mind in college. >> i was a senior in design school, and i saw an opportunity, and the niche in the country market and i saw that everybody was doing wooden links in terms of the wooden watches. so, you know, my ninth material science pushed me to develop this soft, flexible band which became a intelligence of wood watches. >> reporter: eventually growing in three collections and gaining exposure of luxury brand and distinguished museum like museum of the modern art and more. >> from the getty, to the national gallery of art, to the barnes museum here in
5:58 pm
philadelphia, i think that the museum stories really understood our goal to craft functional sculptures for the rest. >> reporter: idea behind his designs wasn't just art but action. >> we use natural materials in our product and only make them to contribute back to the environment. >> it sells for 150. we partnered with trees for future. every wood watch we sell a tree is planted. >> so cool. i love how you say you just plant aid tree than. >> inside each package will be a card continued kate what sort of social contributions your purchases made. it is something that is resonating with the audience looking for more authentic products in their lives. >> reporter: your love when doing good looks good too. vittoria woodill for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. at 6:00 a breaking news, verdict is reached in the trial of police ambush suspect eric frein. er with following a developing story police shoot and kill a suspect in front of the delaware church and we are live with new details on what
5:59 pm
led to the confrontation. also a campus investigation what police at penn state say was being recorded inside this dorm. a warning to students, plus this. take me down, i will not let that happen. >> local man in the fight of his life, yes is now taking legal action against one philadelphia hospital, and health reporter stephanie stahl shares his story. it is 14 years in the making, but finally the museum of the american revolution has opened, i'm greg argos here in olde city with who decided to stop by is to celebrate the opening. and we begin tonight with breaking news a jury has found eric frein guilty of capitol murder in the ambush killings of the pennsylvania state trooper. it took jurors only a few hours to reach their verdict. beginning i'm ukee washington.
6:00 pm
i'm jessica dean. frein has been convicted on all 12 charges against him. we will go to "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden live outside pike county courthouse with breaking details, joe? >> reporter: jessica and ukee, good evening. eric trina period to stand with his defense council and keep tally as jury foreman red off guilty to a series of charges including first degree murder. that is the big one. attempted murder. conspiracy. terrorism. and weapons of mass destruction. this all the while, the uniform of the late corporal brian dickson, blood stained, fixed to a manikin was positioned in the center of the courtroom. jury from chester county deliberating for exactly four hours. they concluded it was eric frein who ambushed state police barracks in blooming grove in december 2014 killing dickson and critically wounding alex douglass. frein led state police through a mine field of traps that


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