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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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new at 11:00 an alligator in the city, where the reptile was caught and the dangerous situation that lead to the animal's discovery. bill o'reilly ousted by fox. the departure for the king of cable news and what the millions of dollars mean about possible guilt an elaborate scam busted. thieves avoided paying tolls and parking tickets costing taxpayers millions of dollars. i'm jessica dean >> i'm ukee washington. authorities say fraudulently obtained license plates are at the center of this scam. alexandria hoff is live in the cbs3 stat center to tell us how the thieves pulled it off. >> reporter: if you will, imagine if you could rent a pennsylvania license plate and never have to worry about paying for insurance, parking or tolls again. well, according to the state attorney general, that is exactly what two dozen individuals and businesses did ripping off taxpayers in the process. according to a grand jury
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report, the so-called levy organization headed by a man named raphael levi illegally obtained 1,000 fraudulent pennsylvania license plates >> our office today filed charges against 12 persons and 14 businesses that operated a major, major organized crime ring here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> josh shapiro explained that this sophisticated process began with submitting forged documents to penndot to obtain license plates. according to the report, those phony plates would then be rented out for $400 a month >> to people who wanted them specifically to evade law enforcement, evade paying ez pass, and evade paying tolls and parking tickets along the way. >> shapiro said these plates racked up about $1 million in fees in and around pennsylvania. while earning an additional million by washing car titles of loans, rolling back owe dom
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meters, falsifying insurance policies and creating fake driver's license >> to live in the lap of luxury and feed their appetite for agreed >> largely paid for by taxpayers, he hopes this report should highlight changes so that penndot makes so that no one else can profit >> the best example sits in the middle of operation car wash and their scheme and that's the red ferrari driven by raphael leafy >> this was initiated by pennsylvania state police who were looking into why some local car dealership possessed so few cars yet so many license plates. reporting in the state center, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." new at 11:00, police are investigating the shooting death of a man in north philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the 400 block of west clearfield. they found a man shot multiple times in the head and torso while sitting in the driver seat of a parked suv.
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at this point, police have no motive or suspects for the shooting. new tonight, a potentially dangerous discovery in tacony, they take the alligator out of a house, firefighters found the foot-long alligator of after a fire on tulip street. it's illegal to own an alligator. at first he did not want to give up the pet but eventually he surrendered the animal. >> the penalty phase of eric frein's trial starts tomorrow. he showed no emotion as he was convicted on all counts including capitol murder. he opened fire at the state police police's blooming grove barracks. he spent 48 days on the run before being captured >> he put forth a wealth of
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evidence and the jurors performed their duties. >> the jury took about four hours to reach a verdict. opening statements begin tomorrow in camden in the murder trial for david creato. accused of killing his son. prosecutors say creato killed his son because his girlfriend did not like children but they won't have witnesses, dna evidence or an exact cause of death. suspect is fatally shot by police on the grounds of a catholic church in wilmington. the deadly encounter began around 2:00 this afternoon when the suspect took off in car on north market street and officers tried to get him to stop. the pursuit ended a short time later with a crash and foot chase on philadelphia pike and washington street extension >> the suspect fled on foot and officers gave chase in an attempt to apprehend him. a confrontation ensued resulting
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in the suspect being shot and killed by police. authorities say officers involved in the shooting were taken to the hospital to get check the out. the investigation continues into what caused the officers to open fire. philadelphia police need help tracking down three suspects, wanted for a vicious attack caught on surveillance video. the men attacked a man who had just left a restaurant at b and tioga streets. the victim was kicked and punched until unconscious. the suspects made off with his cell phone and wallet. there is an intense manhunt underway for a traitor inside the cia. sources tell cbs news either a work or contractor stole thousands of top secret documents later pushed by wikileaks. it exposed the tools the cia used to penetrate smart phones, tvs and computers. the material was stored in a highly secured section of the
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cia but hundreds of people have access. convicted killer aaron hernandez was found dead in a massachusetts prison. he blocked the door of his occupant cell and hanged himself. his family disputes the suicide claim and wants a full investigation. sources tell our sister station wpz in boston, hernandez had a bible versus written on his forehead. the death comes five days after acquitted on double murder charge >> one of the strangest sports stories for a guy who pretty much had everything and has absolutely nothing now >> hernandez was serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder. he was in the process of appealing which is likely to be vacated in the wake of his death. his suicide came hours before his former team mates visited the white house. president trump welcomed the
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champions to congratulate them. several were no shows including tom brady who pulled out because of a personal family matter. lots of pomp and circumstance on the streets of philadelphia this morning to celebrate the grand opening of new museum of the american revolution. david spunt was there and joins us from the new attraction. >> reporter: ukee, good evening, exciting day, the revolutionary war began exactly 242 years ago today. the folks that work inside this museum hope that 100 years from now, people will come and lend about that day over 200 years ago. as night fell on philadelphia, the newest member of the museum family now has one day down, tens of thousands to go. >> we didn't think we could get in and we were fortunate >> the museum only a few hours old stayed open late for the first day. the gift shop pack i do not the
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night >> my great grandfather fought in the revolutionary war >> the building and what's inside brings a reality to her family's story. lily came to celebrate her 11th birthday >> a bunch of artifacts >> hours earlier hundreds packed the front, notables including vice president joe biden officially opened the building. >> this is an important not monument, but reminder. we got to fight every damn day to remind ourselves how we got to where we are. >> reporter: historian david mccullough was always on hand and spoke to "eyewitness news" before the ceremony >> i think this opening of this magnificent new museum is a major event for our country >> mccullough been around the
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world studying and writing history. but he says this city and this museum will always keep him coming back. >> every parent in our country, if possible, if it's possible, should bring their young children here, here to this city. here to this museum. >> reporter: another big highly inside this museum, georgia washington's actual headquarters battle tent from the revolutionary war, part of an interactive exhibit. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> quite a treasure. forced out by fox, the biggest name in cable news is suddenly let go >> the payouts sued the women accusing bill o'reilly of sexual assault and what those payments might say about possible guilt. plus this. >> i'm upset. it's wiped me out financially. >> he's fighting for his life and now he's fighting a local hospital too.
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he says a dangerous infection could have been prevented. we're tracking a few chance of showers and a few rumble of thunders. i'll tell you when the
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♪ penn state police say are investigating two incidents of someone taking pictures or videos of students showering in a dorm. police say the invasion of privacy incidents took place sunday and early monday morning inside thompson hall. police are not releasing information about the victims. authorities have not said if they have suspects but are asking students for tips about who might have been responsible. bill o'reilly has been forced out by fox news. the network took the long time host off the air for good over allegations he sexually harassed
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several women. the "new york times" reported. they were paid $5 million in settlement. >> the accusers mean o'reilly sexually harassed the women? nicole brewer has more on message >> o'reilly denied wrongdoing, he says he settled to spare his family. we spoke to legal experts and every day people to gauge reaction. >> after a series of sexual harassment allegations dropped sponsorships and plenty of folks calling for his job. bill o'reilly will no longer rule the fox news roots >> i thought it was harsh. i admire strong decisions >> it was probably a good news. >> there's no proof or no reason as a woman to fire somebody
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>> you were about to enter the no spin zone. >> reporter: following the announcement, o'reilly called the decision dis heartening based on what he calls unfounded claims. >> i would not expect him to say anything different >> will he do so in court? a "new york times" investigation uncovered up to $13 million in settlements to five different women. all paid out by o'reilly and fox. is it an admission of guilt >> he kind of formal payout whether it's like quote quote, hush money it definitely makes something seem fishy. >> i would just be trying to keep my job. keep -- i mean, false statements coming out. >> reporter: experts we spoke to say a settlement does not suggest wrongdoing, often advised as a way to save time, money and emotional distress >> i would understand why smarter for them >> if it were me and i would fight it. >> alan epstein an employment
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attorney here in philadelphia told me he agrees that settlements are not an admission of guilt but says the nature of the allegations of the high price settlement could indicate that attorneys for o'reilly and fox felt he was in great jeopardy and that he could not win in court. epstein also said it could suggest something physical went down an incident that would result in high emotional stress damages for those victims. >> thank you. legal action is underway against penn health after an infection outbreak linked to surgical equipment. 60-year-old bob of montgomery county had heart valve replacement surgery in february of 2015. he now has a dangerous bacterial infection called. ntm. a heating cooling device used during the operation has been linked to ntm infections around
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the country. they've filed lawsuits against the maker of the device and penn health >> we think this is outrageous because it was clearly preventable. other clients and other patients were exposed to tremendous risk, totally ununnecessarily without reason >> the fda is investigating and there's a warning from the cdc to alert hospitals and patients about the dangers of the infections. a spokesperson said the equipment in question has not been used there for two years but ads, they can't comment on pending litigation "eyewitness news" hosted special guests. alex's lemonade stand. children enjoyed pizza, craft and other fun activities, a chance for families to get together before the telethon in june that benefits the foundation and of course we'll be calling on you to help us out
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>> and you'll be calling us back. indeed. a wonderful night. kate has the update forecast. you know, today was kind of gloomy in the afternoon, stayed on the cool side. temperatures on the way up. that's good news. the bad news is that comes with showers and thunderstorms chances over the next two days. before we get two excited about the warmer weather, you may need to grab the umbrella. it's not a wash-out tomorrow or friday. sunday, may be a bit of a wash-out. we'll talk about that more in just a moment. here's a look outside. temperatures are holding pretty steady in the mid 50's. that's pretty much where we'll stay all night. temps will be slowly rising, a lot of cloud cover in place, not a whole lot of wet weather. that's the good news, on stormscan 3, not much happening as far as the green outside. it's all pretty much relegated up to the poconos mountains region and the pennsylvania border. as we wide and out on stormscan 3 you can see there are more chances headed our way. this little batch of showers
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over northwest pennsylvania will come through, it will fizzle out a little the system to watch is this storm over the northern plains, pretty heavy rain over portions of wisconsin, front extends down to kansas. that comes through overnight thursday into friday with yet another chance for showers and storms. temperatures in the meantime it's 54 in the city, holding steady there overnight. 54 in wilmington. 53 in reading. you can see the warm air lurking to the southwest. it's still near 80 in st. louis. 72 in beveraging has no and 68 in nashville. this is some warm air that will be headed our way for tomorrow and friday at least until the front comes in and we tap into cooler air. timing out the chance for rain. not a wash-out. but be on alert at any time really through tonight and tomorrow and into friday. because these showers and storms can pop up at any time.
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2:00 a.m. we see the batch of showers. start to move through, few showers overnight. we start with clouds, showers move away and tomorrow i think we'll see sunshine in the afternoon, here's 3:00 p.m. most of the day looks dry, morning shower and another chance of showers or storms around this time tomorrow night. showers, thunderstorms into friday morning, here's 2:00 a.m. wake up friday to clouds and showers and try to clear that out friday afternoon and friday looks like a warm at any as we approach 80. so watch for that morning shower tomorrow then thunderstorm at night. in the middle tomorrow looks ok. shower or thunderstorm early friday, next chance for rain arrives as early as saturday. and it will be a chilly rain all day sunday. pollen levels back up again friday and saturday, tomorrow is a little bit of a break. but the tree pollen is high through the ends of the week and into the start of the weekend. tomorrow is 74. shower in the morning, thunderstorm at night. friday, shower early, saturday is dry. cooler. and sunday is just a cloudy
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chilly rainy day at 58. next week looks quieter and more seasonal. that's good news. >> kate, thank you don is up next with sports. talking baseball. the phillies had a fighting chance came down to the eighth evening, carmichael and carson, one says draft day is 20 times better you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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for kate, don, everyone, i'm
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ukee washington >> i'm jessica captioning sponsored by cbs >> last week, president trump said he sent the aircraft carrier the uss carl vincent to north korea but it turns out they were over 3,000 miles away speeding in the opposite direction. instead, trump sent this to north korea. ♪ ♪ >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes rose byrne. lewis black. and musical guest pj harvey. featuring jon batiste and stay human.


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