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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." it is important that we all are vocal, and that we're vocal about the facts. >> fighting for the sciences, people from all around the country and beyond gathered in the streets today, calling on law makers to keep science funded. and another airline is taking some heat tonight after an altercation between a flight attendant, a mother, and a fellow passenger goes viral. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us, today thousands of folks visited the street of philadelphia, partially protesting the recent de-funding of the sciences, many locals took aim at president trump's budget decisions, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with the crowd. >> caring giant banner science not silence, thousands marched through philadelphia saturday to raise their voices in support of science. >> the pro science theme this earth day is in large part reaction to president donald trump, who today has questioned climate change,
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eased environ meant regulations, called for steep budget cuts to the environmental protection agency. >> i'm ankle have i what's happening in the news with the trump administration, just basically undoing all of the important institutions. >> after marching hundreds list toned speeches about science and politics at penn's landing great plaza. >> i think it is important that we all are vocal, and that we're vocal about the facts. >> bryn mawr college chemistry professor michelle said it is excite to go seem so many people take up the science and environment as they become more politically active. >> i think there is a lot of push back coming, we want economic growth, but economic growth comes with the health of people. >> brianne jefferies had molecules for jewelry and assigned science makes great again, message she said isn't a jab at trump supporters, but an invitation. >> reach out to the people who might not necessarily feel very welcome by the scientific community. >> among the proposals for how
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sciences can be more vocal, running for office. cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well, mars like this didn't just happen here in philadelphia, people gathered all around the country to support science. and those who study it. in washington dc, participant came out for the earth day protest to rally against reduced funding for research, especially, cuts made to the environmental protection agency and the national institute of health. popular science personnel spoke to the crowd at the national mall. >> we are marching today to remind people everywhere our lawmakers specially of the significance of science for our health, and prosperity, the process of atlantic city heist naked to unable the laws every nature, has in turn naked us to feed and care for the world's billions. >> president trump did not mention the science march in a tweet about earth day, but wrote he is quote committed preserving the natural beauty of our nation. >> and now to chicago, the
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crowds were massive therefore a march. an estimated 43,000 people took part. rallies were held also in new york, london, berlin, and sydney australia, all told more than 600 cities took part on this 48th annual earth day. >> and a well known family in camden county new jersey planted trees in honor of earth day today. the folk family who own the cherry hill triplex car dealership planted 50 trees at the folk baseball field in cherry hill. the donation was not only to celebrate the earth, but in celebration of the dealership's 50 anniversary, as women. charles folk says grade way for his family to give back to the community. >> now, just figure five years from now how beautiful these trees will look around this field. and this kids will be here playing, and some kid will put one right over the fence. that would be a nice thrill, wouldn't it? >> well the folk family open their first dealership in cherry hill back in 1967. >> pretty cold wet dreary kind
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of earth day out there today more rain on the way, lauren casey watching, as april showers are moving through. they just are relentless, lauren? >> clearing on out, but they will make a return as we led into the upcoming work week, but we will get little reprieve as we head into our sunday, we know we dealt with low clouds, light rain, cooler temperatures, 58 degrees, our high temperature in philly today about 8 degrees below average, and our coolest day, in over two weeks, time, and temperatures right now getting chilly. cloud decks starting to breakdown north and west of the city. allow temperatures to drop more efficiently, 47 in allentown, some 30's mount pocono, down to #r two -- 52 degrees in philadelphia. last of the shower activity moving off shore over the last hour. we stay dry through the overnight period. seeing clearing skies berks county, lehigh county poconos as well allowing temperatures to chill on down. we'll deal with slow area
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moving of slow pressure riding up the coast head into monday and tuesday, so light rain returns monday, periods of heavier rain on tuesday, and with the easterly wind flow, highs only in the 50's, but later this week, we have highs in the 80s, so we will be all over the place, talk about that in your full forecast coming up in just a few, natasha. >> lauren, thank so much. former child star who played joani cunningham in the citcom happy days and joani loves cachi has died. police in harrison county indianna say she was found unresponsive today after authorities received a 911 call. she was 56 years old. >> and another airline meantime is in hot water following an altercation with a passenger this comes just weeks after video was released of another passenger being dragged out of his seat on a united airlines flight. "eyewitness news" report alicia live in the cbs-3 sat center with closer look now at how these incidents are impacting the airlines, and ultimately their bottom line.
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alicia. >> that the tasha, as you mentioned, united airlines had incident where passenger was dragged off plane. company criticized for it initial response to the incident, seemed to blame the passenger, next day market value dropped by a billion dollars, it seems now that american airlines is trying to take a different approach, hoping for a different outcome, after the incident on one every it planes this week. >> american airlines is investigating this incident recorded on passenger cell phone video. it shows a flight attendant on friday arguing with a man on a plane leaving san francisco. >> the male passenger standing up for woman who was brought to tears after an interaction with male flight attendant. one pass inning here posted the video to facebook described the incident with the caption: omg american airlines flight attendant took a stroll fresh a lady with her baby, hitting her, and just missing the baby. the video went viral before
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the plane landed in dallas, american airlines immediately suspended the flight attendant hoping to prevent a pr nightmare like the one united dealt with earlier this month when passenger recorded a man being violently drag off a plane. american airlines also immediately publicly apologized for the behavior of their polite attendant, and said the mother and children were put on another flight and bump to up first class. >> so far american airlines does not deal within backlash unite dad earlier, and certainly not taking the financial hit united took but united incident did appear to be far more violent, and again, the department had very different initial responses. reporting live in the sat center, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> sorry, thank you so much. >> also tonight authorities in kent county delaware need your help identifying suspect in early morning burglary. dover police say just after 4:00 a.m., the man in these photos broke into the dot discount store in the 1200
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block of state street. the suspect stole 32 carton of cigarette, as well as lottery ticket. anyone with information is asked to contact police right away. >> and a second teenager has been convicted until the murder of philadelphia man who was shot while out walking his dog. seventeen year old brandon smith was convicted on all charges, including second degree murder in the 2015 dealt of james spellman. authority say three teens had finished playing basketball in the city overbrook section, when a group robbed stole man, and then shot and killed him. another teenage here was 15 at the time pleaded guilty to third degree murder. and was sentenced to 25 to 80 years in prison in 2016. the third case involving a 14 year old was sent to juvenile court. >> family and french robert godwin senior said their final good-byes at funeral service in ohio. godwin was shot and killed on easter sunday while walking in cleveland, and millions of people witnessed him die.
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stiviano ends the alleged shooter in this case posted video of the shooting on facebook live following an extensive manhunt, on tuesday, stevens killed himself after being surrounded by police, in erie, pennsylvania. >> president trump meantime awarded purple heart today to army sergeant recently wound in the afghanistan. sergeant first class was wounded on march 17th. the president presented him with the medal at walter reed national military medical center in maryland. and just short time later the president announced he'll march his 100 days in offers next saturday with a campaign rally in harrisburg. it is the same day as the annual white house correspondence dinner washington. the president previously said that he would not be attend that dinner in protest of what he says is unfavorable coverage by the media. >> stay with us everyone, still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news," one year after his death, hundreds of people are memorializing prince tonight in minneapolis.
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plus: multiple agencies teamed up to save this man. what crews had to do to bring him down from a cliff in san francisco. plus: >> casino every bittersweet in a way. i'm glad that i'm leaving because it is time. >> well the candy man is saying good-bye. we'll show you why this man was such an important part of the d. m-dum lollipop legacy. line out the door, inside the museum of the american revolution where people from all around the country are gathering to learn on the museum's first official opening weekend. that's
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>> terrifying ordeal comes to a dramatic end for a man stuck on the side after cliff in san francisco, to call on california high with a patrol helicopter just to reach the man. just as the tide was coming in near china beach. members of the rescue team hope kate dollars the man and used a rope system to hoist him to safety. they still don't know how he managed to get that far out.
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also tonight, lovers of prince celebrating his life and his music in downtown minneapolis. fans are pouring in to the music icon's hometown from all around the country. instead of traditional memorial, hundreds of folks held a dance party. yesterday it marked the one year anniversary of prince's death. >> so have you had the opportunity to get to the museum of the american revolution? it is the first weekend the museum has been open to the public and today there were long lines out the door. our anita oh, went inside to explore and to learn more about the philadelphia link to the war that made america free. >> in old city, a new addition, the museum of americans revolution. history in general interests me, because it is nice to know about everything that happened before. and even empires, and things like that, just fast nature me. >> for the museum first weekend of business, line of people had already formed, before the doors opened at 9:30 saturday morning. >> both my wife and i history
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buffets, and we heard that the museum had some very interesting exhibit. >> some made the trip from out of state just to explore the 118,000 square foot museum. >> i teach fifth grade. and i teach about the american revolution and the constitution to all of my student, so i too a.m. really interested in seeing this. >> the museum full of history, incorporating technology of today. visitors can use the hashtag how revolution area for the chance to see their social media post appear. >> we even found soldier in full costume. antis patting in war re-enactment. >> things in school you do not learn about history. specially american history. you hear about the john adams, thomas jefferson, but you don't hear about richard alle allen, jones, paul -- african-americans. >> though the shot heard around the world was fired 242 years ago, the hope is that
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through this museum, even 242 years later, the history of this nation will be celebrated happen remembered. >> we love our country, we want to understand much more. >> in old sit, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> lauren, great day to see inside taking in the museum, taking in anything as long as were you out of the rain. >> pretty light steady rain throughout the day. i know it made my dogs miserable, like ya, no, not having any part of this. you know the doggy umbrella ya, we did deal with light rain today. low clouds hanging armed, cool temperatures rape has cleared on out, live look at center city philadelphia cool air in place, 52 degrees, cooler air compliment northerly wind, wind speeds around 13 miles per hour so i think little windchill, dew point are starting to drop off now, drier air is building in. and it has cut off shower activity, but temperatures today did struggle, our coolest day in over two weeks in philly only got to 57 in
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allentown, 50 degrees in mount pocono, 56 degrees the high temperature in millville. and temperatures continuing to fall off now in the 40's, berks county, three's in the poconos, 47 degrees in allentown, currently 52 degrees in philadelphia. and with the chillier air, all across the region right now, actually we're one of the more milder spot, 45 state college, 49 degrees right in pittsburgh, overnight tonight spend some time in the four's, down to 45 degrees, chilly partial clearing, rain has come to end, then for our day sunday, better day, mostly sunny, afternoon clouds, high temperatures closer to average, should be up around 66, hid six a tomorrow. pretty good looking day for outdoor activities if you are trapped inside today. storm scan3 showing us last of the shower activity now moving off shore, heaviest rain well off shore. it will continue to clear on out. cloud deck starting to clear to the north and west of the city. future weather showing us tomorrow pretty nice looking and to the weekend after kind of dicey start. we head into the afternoon hours, cloud deck starting to return, and then specially as
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we head into tomorrow night, we will see the cloud returning, and then this area of precipitation in association with area of low pressure off to the south will lift its way northward. start off with shower activity south of the city. for the first half of the day. and then that area of precipitation riding it way north as we head into the evening hours. reaching up into the northwest suburbs, lehigh valley, poconos, headed into monday evening, deal with periods of rain, monday night. then head into tuesday, yes, dealing with rain, morning commute, dealing with heavier pocket of rain as we head throughout the day tuesday with kind of rounds of showers, and i think maybe even few thunderstorms, but dry conditions for tomorrow pretty good looking day, chill toy start up early on a sunday, 45 degrees, noontime 58 degrees dry conditions and mild by the end of the day with a few more clouds. 65 degrees for the 5:00 hour. no really nice day tomorrow in the poconos. gorgeous to get out there for hike. mostly sunny, 61 degrees, little cooler with easterly cop pope end to the winds,
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54 degrees, mix of sun and clouds, temperatures will be all over the place this week. cool air once again, monday and tuesday, as we contend with the light rain monday. heavier rain maybe some thunder tuesday. then we clear things out, area of low pressure exits on wednesday. temperatures jump back up to 71 degrees. and then how about a nice stretch of 80s, ladies? >> nice. >> just in time for the nfl draft. >> leslie has been carefully watching the weather. >> all she cares about is what's happening thursday. >> a lot of people. >> a lot riding thon. >> a lot of people excited about spring football coming to end for penn state and temple, plus why some members of the media should stick to their day jobs, late inning for the phillies. went for their third win in a row.
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>> exhausted after this game. >> i know, i'm still on west coast time. >> well the phillies, taking on the braves down at the bank, sent jared off to the mound, he was still looking for that first win of the season. and he pitched well once again, going five innings, gaining a run on two hit, walk two, struck out seven, once again got no decision, phillies down one-nothing in the fifth. hernandez scores to tie the game. tack on another run in the inning to take the lead. ramos came in for the save of the night for the phils, brandon fill i am, his 199 career homer to left field. that is going to tie up the game. phillies down a run franco at the top of the inning, redeems himself. so the phillies will win their third straight game, four opinion three, the final. spring football season came to an end, they held their annual cherry and white game.
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fans packed the practice facility, owls new head coach, jeff cop inches, nice play, hands off, bus through the middle for long game, cherry beat the white, 17-14, but the highlight coach come inches full scholarship to chris myrick, congratulations to him. >> over to beaver stadium, james franklin and the penn state knit in any lions, third quarterback up quarterback stevens dropped back, find andre robertson, goes in for the score and a hit. later stevens will connect with brandon pulp here for the touchdown, completed 17 of 24 passes for 216 yards, three touchdowns, as the blue handled the white, 26-nothing. >> well the nfl draft five days away, eagles with the 14th pick in the first round, they have many needs, one of them running back. several mock draft have the birds picking stanford running back christian mccaffrey, he can run between the tackles, he has great hands, averaged
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over 2200 yards, line of scrimmage, last two years. fellow stanford alum eagles tight ends ertz said he re minutes him of another eagles running bang. >> where ever he will get drafted in the nfl he will be successful, overt tile, his overall game, whether it be in the return game, offense, you can move him all over the place. we kind of joke around, back in san diego, darren sproles 2.0, just little taller. but i meanest so explosive. 's great player. great person, as well. >> to the pitch, union hosting montreal 39th minute, with a penalty kick. scores. so the union dropped three to nothing, looks like they'll finally win a game this season. eighty-seven union up by goalment andre blake makes the save. knocks down the rebound. union remain winless. three-three draw. they've not won a game since august. soy they have 14 game winless
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streak. not easy there is poor guy tried to catch it, got hit in the face almost there. not everyone -- check out this guy, bobble the ball, hey, held on for the catch. i don't think anyone will quit that day job yet. >> great catch. once he finally got ahold of the ball. >> he needs those gloves. >> yes. >> anyway, thanks, leslie. stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news," the candy man is hanging up his apron and retiring. >> i like the mystery. because you never know what you're going to get inside of that wrapper. >> closer look at this candy maker's sweet history, inside famous candy factories, and his words of wisdom for those who may not be too happy with
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>> if you her a dumb dumb lolly food, good chance the guy we're about to introduce to you made t helped to make more than 50 billion of them hang up his apron to retire. since 1969 al braun has watched dumb dumb lollipops slide by 12 million a day to be exact. news of his retirement exploded on social media. more than 25 muscle views on facebook and twitter. >> there is no perfect place to work. you're going to have days where things are good. where days are bad.
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but there is no perfect place. just this has been a good place for me. >> oh, words of advice there. many would find this work to be tedious and man the just, but braun said he wouldn't change a thing. he hopes retirement is just as sweet. by the way the candy factory there in brian ohio has been producing sweet tweets for more than 100 years.
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>> welcome back everyone, as earthed day comes to a close we wanted to leave up with the best tribute ever. this breathtaking view of our blue planet captured by the international space station today. nasa tweeted this has tagged earth day, views of our planet from 250 miles up on the space station, full 4k glory on youtube. beautiful. forty-seven years ago today, cbs news anchor walter cronkite hosed special broadcast in honor of the very first earth day. cronkite reported on the nationwide protest that took place that day. and he said the people that were participating were predominantly young and anti-nixon. he said the message of earth day was clear: act or die. >> and now we're going to check in with lauren, see what's going on here? >> there is a meteor shower. >> i bet we'll see it. >> it would have to fall right on our heads. >> they peak tonight, known for their persistent tails. >> okay, leslie, you got it. keep looking up.
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that's "eyewitness news," (all praying quietly) my father's been asking for you. how's he doing, levi? it won't be long. i'm sorry. you remember my brother jacob. commissioner. jacob. leave us. leave us. somebody call the police? (both laughing) how long we been friends, henry?


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