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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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z. the nfl draft takes over the benjamin franklin parkway. more road closures are now in effect. also the center city sky scraper that will be a focal point of the festivities. >> get your rain gear ready. when the heaviest rain is expected to arrive. but first. >> i was just praying i don't know what else to do. >> trapped and attacked. tonight police are looking for this man who they say beat and robbed an elderly couple inside their home. police say the suspect followed one of the victims home from the story. good evening everyone. i'm yukee washington. >> and i'm nicole brewer. jessica dean has the night off. david spunt is live at police head quarters with more on the search for that attacker. david? >> reporter: nicole and yukee, it's a disturbing story. what sets them apart is both victims in this case are complete strangers to the
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suspect. they hope the suspect is caught as soon as possible. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: 86-year-old william is afraid to answer his front door after police say this man stalked, beat then robbed him inside his west philadelphia home. >> he pushed me down. on the couch. start punching. >> reporter: authorities say the korean war veteran walked to this local grocery store to pick up a few things last wednesday afternoon. he also hit this lottery store across the street. he bout $50 to $60 in lottery tickets. this's when police say the man in the video harassed him for money. >> he pulse out a rards blade and demands the victim's money. >> reporter: the suspect follows. he threw the man on couch and punched him several times. >> he had him pinned down on the sofa, he was on top of him,
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frisking. searching. searching. and i came up and i was astan ishd. >> reporter: the wife saves the suspect then choked her. >> i was like stop right here i was just praying i don't know what else to do. i didn't have my phone. >> reporter: now detectives want to share this video as much as possible so they can move in and make an arrest. >> it's just horrible to see this occurring. it's frustrating that law enforcement to have this person still walking the streets. >> reporter: if you have any information about the suspect, police want to hear from you. you can remain anonymous. call 215-686-tips. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> david thank you. police say a teenaged boy was accidentally shot in the left eye by his best friend in southwest philadelphia. this happened around 7:00 this morning inside the boy's home.
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investigators say the boy was trying to wake his friend up and pointed the gun in his face as a joke. when the 17-year-old woke up he pushed the gun out of the way and it went off. authorities say the boy may lose his eye. police have not charged the friend yet but are trying to figure out where he got the gun. >> we are now just three days away from the start of the national football league draft on the benjamin franklin parkway. it's ab event that will draw a lot of attention to the city of philadelphia. as crews make the final push, the final series of road closures is about to go into effect. >> at midnight mlk drive closes at sweet briar it will reopen for the morning commute. kelly drive will be closed and the westbound ramp from the vine to 22nd street will also be closed. a complete list of all the closures is at >> and the parkway is definitely transforming and sports director
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don bell is at the center of it all for you tonight. don? >> reporter: i've got to tell you, it is an impressive setup here, i've been in front of the art museum steps all day long and it's interesting when pedestrians walk by here help all seem to stop and take a picture. it is that impressive. the nfl has seemed to have thought about everything, including our skyline. as we show you the sears center, this is a new wrinkle they're adding here. what's going to happen on thursday on night when teams finally go on to make their sleeks selection, the sears center will light up so everybody will know far and wide who's making that >> meanwhile dozens of prospects will be in town for the draft. but one local product was
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honored by his hometown today. cam dead native hassan reddick was given the key to camden on the battleship new jersey. he had 10.5 sacks for temple and was third in the nation with 22.5 sacks for a loss. he's projected to be taken in the first round. and also today i talked to a former eagle scout and also a scout with the baltimore ravens and currently really a draft expert with the nfl expert. >> i feel like i have a certain responsibility now that i've been given a key to the city. giving back and rebuilding. get on a platform like this, got myself situated i will always help and give back to the city so i'm going help rebuild and i'm going to help the youth. >> reporter: earlier today i talked to a draft expert with the nfl network and also he happens to be a former scout for
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the philadelphia eagles. he believes that hassan reddick could go as high as number 10 to buffalo in the first round. we will switch gears aund talk about the birds. they have the 14th overall selection should they trade up like they did last year? we'll talk about it. for now coming to you live i'm don bell for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> we'll see you then. is the place to go for everything about the upcoming draft. you'll find details on road closures. there's also a eagles mock draft that looks at the birds' potential pick in the first round. it's all at adding to traffic woes, the penn relays will also start thursday. the relays usually attract close to some 100,000 people to university city mid week through saturday. to avoid sitting in traffic organizers recommend that you use public transportation. >> and we also have some breaking news to share with you.
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just into our news room. chopper 3 live over a house fire in mill creek, delaware. that home is at 21 belmont drive. we do know that one person was rushed to christiana hospital. the case of the fire is under investigation. the site of a controversial pot party has been shut down. they found numerous fire code violations at a warehouse. more than 200 people went to the party organized by the philly smoke session on saturday night. police arrested 22 people and seized 50 pounds of marijuana along with 100 pounds of food laced with pot. as many as 20 nuns are being forced to relocate from a convent in delaware county. religious sisters from four different congregations have called the campus home for decades. the sisters will soon bid farewell to four convents there which will now be converted into
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housing for international high school while all of them are used to some degree by different orders of women religious, all are underutilized in terms of capacity that could be occupied. a transitional plan is going to be put in place i need to be clear that the building are not going to be sold and no one is moving out of an existing convent residence in the immediate future. >> the suspect accused of calling in bomb threats to jewish community centers also tried to export money. a dual american israeli citizen was arrested last month in israel. he also demanded bit coin from a state senator. investigators say he threatened to order drugs over the internet and send them to lopez's house
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if lopez did not pay him. state senator lopez released a statement saying i would like to thank all of the law enforcement agencies who participated in the investigation which has led to the successful apprehension of a prime suspect in israel. >> the white house has issued new sanctions against 271 syrian government scientists. it's in response to this month's chemical weapons attack in syria. the announcement of a new sanctions came shortly after a lunch meeting with security council ambassadors. president trump called on them to help stop north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> the council must be prepared to impose additional sanctions on north korea nuclear and ballistic missile programs. >> meantime the threat of a government shut dops down is looming on friday. the white house wants funding for a border wall included in a spending bill but that's something democrats have vowed to fight. >> long days of work can drain
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the energy right out of you. >> but before you grab another cup of coffee, rate until you hear what new research says you should do instead to get that boost. the 10-minute trick more effective than caffeine. >> also ahead tonight a video of a little girl falling out of a back of the bus. tonight we're hearing from the man who saved her.
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recovering tonight from a frightening ordeal caught on camera. she fell out of a moving church bus. take a look at this video from arkansas. you can see the back door of the bus open up and the girl fall to the pavement. fortunately the car behind the bus with the camera in it was being driven by a volunteer firefighter who is also a emt. he sprang into action, he picked her up, carried her off the road and got to work keeping her conscious and checking her vitals. >> once the adrenaline and the shock kicked in she started kicking and screaming and where's my mommy and things like that. stuff like that is really heartbreaking. >> we're told the little girl suffered a broken jaw but is expected to be okay. other children on the bus say the girl went to the back exit, pulled the latch and opened the door. the bus driver is not expected to face charges. many people do it, start to feel tired in the middle of the day and grab a cup of coffee or have a soda. >> but if you're looking to feel
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energized, research says skip the caffeine and also skip the elevator. coffee may be your go-to in the morning but what gets you through the mid-day slump. >> coffee. >> exercise. >> no time for the gym? no problem. a new study shoetion a 10-minute trip up and down the stairs provides more of a boost than half a cup of coffee than a whole can of soda. >> the soda is a lot easier. >> reporter: 50 milligrams of caffeine had little effect on how folks felt but taking the stairs made people feel more energy particular and motivated. >> if i don't exercise in a day i can feel it the next day. >> reporter: researchers sim ultded the challenges found in a typical office setting. plenty of time to take the stairs. >> i would definitely do it. >> when you're sitting down all day you need a little pick-me-up. >> i'm going to have to go exercise. >> yeah. so researchers at the university
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of georgia who conducted that study said neither caffeine nor exercise caused improved attention or memory but taking the stairs did provide increase of motivation for work without reducing cognitive function. >> no stairs for you. >> harvard researchers discovered a priceless piece of american and philadelphia history in england. it's a handwritten pauch meant copy of the declaration of independence. two harvard researchers came across it while searching the globe for every known copy of the declaration. they believe it was written in america in the 1708s. the only one like is is the copy in the national archives in washington. the researchers think the document originally belonged to the duke of richmond for the support he gave to american revolutionaries.
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a white oak tree is coming down. the 600--year-old tree at the basking ridge church is dead. it is expected to take crews a couple of days. the church will keep the stump and memorialize it with a plaque. >> i think we've got yukee kind of scared. >> it's almost go time for our pregnancies. >> this is live television. >> you guys all right? >> we're fine. for now. >> we want to talk about this new weather watcher we've got. >> what an amazing vehicle we now have in our possession. it's been a long wait i'm so glad it's here. we hope you got a chance to tune in and see the newest member of our eyewitness news weather team. this is the mobile weather watcher, a vehicle capable of taking weather on the road and giving you the most accurate
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look at the conditions around you. today our eyewitness weather watchers got the first up close look at what this vehicle can actually do. >> it's an absolutely remarkable vehicle. i remember when we launched a program that the old one came to my house and we launched it and this is a complete upgrade compared to old ones though. i'm so impressed with this. >> thank you kyle. this is more than just a weather mobile as kyle said this is just an upgrade. it tracks lightning, it tracks rainfall, it actually counts the rain drops and how fast the wind is blowing and it has the capability to report the weather from anywhere in any kind of weather. no cell service, no power, it's no problem for the mobile weather watcher. we're very excited that this guy has arrived. and excited to take it out on to the roads. there are weather watchers this morning debuting the first look at that weather watcher. the good news is the rain pretty much held off for most of our weather watcher festivities this
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afternoon and this morning but not so much for long. center city looking pretty quiet there are a few light showers moving through but the heaviest rain is still well off to the south. you can see here on storm scan 3 bee are seeing that plume of moisture it's been impacting the carolinas all day long just really pushing in from the atlantic ocean as the system works its way up the coast it's drawing lots of moisture and falling heavily across portions of the carolinas. we've got some light showers out there right now. nothing all that impressive yet but it's all going to continue to move in. we've got a very rainy day on the way for you tuesday. it's 51 in millville, that wind is going to continue battering the coast as this low moves up the coast line it's an east wind prolonged through tonight and through tomorrow. periods of rain heavy at times and gusty winds battering the coast line that's where the winds already strongest. timing it out overnight not that bad, just a few scattered
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showers, but watch as this wall of rain starts to lift in from the south tomorrow morning, 8:00 a.m. you may get to work dry just some mist and drizzle there, but the heaviest rain pushes in by mid morning and it's going to come all day long. it looks like the heaviest will be mid to late afternoon. here's 2:00 p.m. embedded downpours, very heavy rain falling at that point. 5:00 p.m. the afternoon is impacted and even still tracking showers at this time tomorrow night before we slowly clear it out here on wednesday. we're looking at plus or minus an inch or so of rain potentially some higher amounts at the coast. it all depends where those heaviest pockets set up but we're good for at least around an inch here in philadelphia. the trees, the grass they'll love it but it's a slow-go across the area, the high only 59 degrees. then after that 59 degrees take a look at this warm-up. 70 wednesday, 80s by thursday and friday. just in time of course for the nfl draft.
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thursday looks beautiful. a chamber of commerce kind of day. 81 degrees sunshine thursday. 80s friday and saturday. it is going to feel like a taste of summer this weekend. we're going to jump right from april '50s and soggy tomorrow into the 80s. it's actually going to feel a bit muggy this weekend. just a complete turnaround. maybe the kind of weekend to drag out your sprinkler for the kids. a completely scenario. >> feel like getting back on the track at the penn relay. >> me too. >> maybe not. >> kate, thank you. and let's go back out to sports director don bell live on the parkway with the nfl draft just three days away. hey don. >> did he say something about the penn relays. yukee are you trying to run? >> no, i lost my mind there. >> when we come back should the eagles take a corner back in the first round and also malcolm
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jenkins talks about the transition from college to the propers. sports is next.
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. and welcome back to the ben franklin parkway. the nfl draft as you know is thursday night and eagles general manager likes to get frisky on draft day. last year he traded up twice to get carson went. now he has the 14th selection in the first round should he make a move once again. earlier today i talked to former eagles scout and nfl network analyst. >> he's always going to be aggressive if somebody that they want he's not going to sit and wait there for him to get there. i think in this draft you could maybe see him maybe move up a
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little bit in round one and maybe later on you try and slide back and recoup some of those picks. that's something howy does as good as anybody is manipulate that board. >> during the off season the eagles lost both starting corners. nolan corner signed with the dallas cowboys as a free agent and they released leotis. they are desperate to have an impact player at that position should they take a corner with their first pick. >> i think corner has to be one of your first two picks. whether you want to do it in the first one, this is a loaded draft in the position i think in the second round you're going to have some good options there. i don't think you want to leave the second round without a corner especially where the eagles are positioned roster-wise right now. i would be very surprised if one of their first two picks is not a corner. >> let's talk about the eagles who are on the squad right now. they continue their off-season workouts today. we had an opportunity to catch
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up with malcolm jenkins. he was a first round selection back in 2009 out of ohio state. he was drafted as a corner back but later moved over to safety. but we asked him about the transition from college to the pros playing corner. >> in college you play 4, 5, legitimate receivers in the whole season where in this year i feel like every team we play has the number one big-time name. so that's hard to transition. and there is scheme which you're asking what that guy to do compared to what he did in college. it's just a hard position to evaluate. the phillies are off tonight they start a three-game series against the marlins tomorrow and also aaron nola the righty going on a 10-day disabled list with a strain in his lower back. they think he'll miss one to two starts. we'll be right back.
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>> gramry award winning musician kenny g. performs a concert 30,000 feet in the air. >> he was on a weekend flight from tampa heading to los angeles. he agreed to perform a private concert only if his fellow passengers donated $1,000 to delta's fund raiser benefiting relay for life. they doubled the cash and he kept his promise.
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not bad. kate? >> taking 'look at your weekend watch and it going to be feeling a whole lot warmer out there by the weekend, feeling like june with temperatures in the 80s. both days a little muggy. good weekend to break out the sprinkler and cool the kids off. we do have a storm chance late on sunday. most of the weekend
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