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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast
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center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tug mcgraw, now jim bunking. all our favorites are passing on. >> another legend gone tonight. phillies fans mourning the loss of jim bunking hall of fame pitcher and long time politician. good evening, i'm joe holden. he's best known in our area as a central figure in phillies history. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live at citizens bank park with the details. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, joe. moments before the game earlier today, the entire stadium here paused for a moment of silence. friends and fans taking the time to honor the former phillies player jim bunking. across the county country known for being a popular politician. jim bunking has passed.
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>> bunking was one of my favorite heroes. >> reporter: he was introduced to the world of baseball in the 1950's but phillies fans took notice and fell for the side arm pitcher from kentucky after this moment on father's day 1964. >> a perfect game. >> we've discussed that perfect game many times with other fans, what you were doing, everybody knows where they were that day. >> i was 13 years old and i wanted to go someplace, my mother wouldn't let me go. he said you might never see another perfect game again. >> reporter: he cemented his legacy with many more memorable moments during his 17 season career. when he was inducted into the baseball hall of fame although he pitched for three other teams he chose to honor the phillies wearing the team cap on his hall of fame cap. >> i got to know him real well in 1971 because we had jim bunking day and we gave jim a volkswagen bus because of the number children he had.
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>> reporter: phillies chairman david montgomery was a good friend of bunking's and remembers him as a hall of fame interall areas of his life. >> senator jim bunking. >> jim able to balance both being a hall of fame baseball player with being a u.s. senator and also incredible family man, so, it's a tough loss. >> reporter: and jim bunking passed away from complications after a stroke he had back in october. he is survived by a wife of 65 years, nine children, 35 grandchildren and thousands and thousands of fans who will love him and remember him. reporting live outside citizens bank park, alycia nieves. >> thanks for that live report. gregg allman of the allman brothers died in savannah. he and his brother were pioneers in the southern rock
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explosion in the 70's. band members public battles with drugs and alcohol made headlines. allman's manager says the musician was battling liver cancer when he died. >> greg was a warm kind heart ed southern gentleman. he loved peoplely he loved animals. he was a pet lover. he lovers music, loved his fans. you know, he really loved life and one of his greatest joys was being out on the road, playing music in front of fans on a regular basis. >> gregg allman recently canceled tour dates due to health problems. he was 69. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run in bristol, bucks county. investigators say a 50-year-old woman was struck and killed as she crossed route 13 at beaver dam road. police are looking for a gray minivan with a missing headlight. anyone with information is
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asked to call bristol borrow police. a teenager is being hailed a hero tonight after rescuing his baby nephew from a burning home in the city's overbrook neighborhood. the fire broke out around 10:30 this morning in the 1000 block of flanderses road. authorities say the family did ahead count and realized the baby was missing. that's when the young man ran inside the burning home to save his nephew. police in newark delaware are searching for a missing 78-year-old woman. she's identified as barbara calvarese last seen in the areas of routes four and 72 around 10:30 last night. she was driving a bronze buick le sabre with delaware license plate 531733. family members tells they're concerned because she has a medical condition. you are asked to call police if you have any information. it is memorial day weekend and while most prepare to grille and relax, you may need a backup plan. there is a chance we will see some showers.
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meteorologist chelsea ingram live in the weather center tracking some activity. chelsea. >> hey, joe. we'll start off with a look at temperatures. we made it to 73 degrees at philadelphia international airport today t we're now checking in in the mid 60's right around 65 degrees, 62 in millville. we have 63 in trenton, 61 allentown, 61 in reading. we're in the low 60's in wildwood and mid 60's currently in atlantic city. a check of storm storm scan3, mh quieter story compared to about four hours or so ago. we have moisture located out to our west and that's what's going to be impacting us as we head into specifically sunday night and memorial day. now, it's not going to be completely dry this weekend or for the remainder of the holiday weekend but it's not going to be a washout either. meanwhile types in -- high temperatures in the 70's. we'll talk more specifically when you'll see the rain. back to you. >> camden county honored the memory of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in
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service to our country. "eyewitness news" was at the camden county veterans cemetery at harley on haddon avenue in camden. volunteers there placed hundreds of american flags on graves. >> makes me feel great. it shows the people still care. and these -- these people who we're honoring today have passed and there's no better homage that you can pay to our fallen brothers and sisters than to respect them on this day. >> this cemetery is the final resting place for hundreds of veterans including more than 300 who served the country in the civil war. patriotic music filled independence mall this afternoon. the united states army old fife and drum corp entertained large crowds. the old fife and drum core is the official ceremonial unit and escort to the president of the united states. their goal is to inspire. >> i'm really glad to see a
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good turnout and i'm -- it really makes me -- makes me very happy to know that people still care about the history and they still want to come out and actually experience it firsthand. >> the men and women of the corp are proudly carrying on traditions that accompany the birth of our nation. well, many are heading down the shore this weekend, others observe the holiday weekend in other ways. many headed to the museum of the american revolution in olde city to learn about history and honor more than 20,000 soldiers who died during that time. throughout the weekend visitors can write thank you notes top service members and leave carnations at the tomb of the unknown soldier. new developments in the manchester bombing investigation tonight. police searched the house in connection with the terror attack today. they also made three more arrests. britain has reduced its terrorism threat level a notch from critical to severe. authorities say major progress has been made in unraveling
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the plot. 22 people were killed when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside ariana grande's concert on monday. british police released new surveillance pictures of the suspect salman abedi taken the night of the attack as he went to an apartment in downtown manchester. investigators believe the apartment may be the place where the bomb was assembled. president trump back in washington after wrapping up meetings the the g7 summit. before leaving italy the president visited the u.s. air base in sicily. it was the president's final stop on his nine day overseas trip his first since taking office. in a speech to our troops the president focused on fighting terrorism and an increase in military spending. >> we're going to have a a lot of strength but we're going to have a lot of peace. we will buy the planes, the ships, vehicles and equipment you need to get your job and to come home safe and sound
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back to your families. >> president trump has no more public events listed until monday. then he'll mark memorial day at arlington national cemetery. the white house facing new questions about the russia election meddling. jared kushner president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser. reuters news is reporting three undisclosed contacts during the campaign between kushner and the russia ambassador. the washington posting kushner was interested in following a back channel of communication with the kremlin. >> he is in a compromisable position. he needs to have his security clearance suspended. i called for it last mol along with representative don bier because he lied when he omitted all contacts with russia. >> national security adviser h.r. mcmaster says he is not concerned about these reports. the fbi has not accused
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kushner of any wrongdoing. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday night high flying fun in millville, new jersey. >> pretty cool. we've been to a couple but this is different. >> we'll take you to the weekend long air show where stunts by the blue angels captivated crowds. plus a document as old as president lincoln is up for grabs. what makes this presidential paper so important and how much you'll have to pay to to make it yours. and later have you seen lovely the lamb? how a mississippi police department helped a little girl and her family track down
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>> ♪ >> prince harry and president barack obama have been spending time together at kensington palace. sources say they talked about support for veterans and mental health, causes both men support. collectors will have a chance to snag a one of a kind civil war document. this memorial day for a cool
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$150,000. it's believed to be the only document with the signatures of president abraham lincoln and his fellow union leaders. they signed it in 1861 to help a private agency raise money to help sick and wounded union troops. wowing the crowds in cumberland county. thousands gathered to watch fighter jets demonstrations and more at the millville air show today. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was there. >> reporter: whether soaring at breathtaking speeds, or hovering a short distance from the ground, a variety of aircraft mesmerized the huge crowd at the millville air show saturday. >> this might be a record crowd. >> reporter: 20 to 30,000 people are expected to attend the two day air show. it's the main fundraiser for the museum. >> the very first air show was in 1941 when they dedicated the airport so this is the 75th year of having air shows
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in millville airport. >> reporter: this year's performers did not disappoint. >> it's pretty cool. we've been to a couple but this is different. >> the first time i've ever gone to the air show. it's a pretty awesome experience. my son loves airplanes. i figured we would come to new jersey and enjoy ourselves day. this year the u.s. navy blue angels are the main event. millville's the only stop in new jersey for the angels this year. while some are hearing them roar overhead for the first time, others try to see them as often as possible. >> 10 times. >> reporter: rose kennedy appreciates the bravery of the pilots doing things it's hard to believe are even possible. >> a lot of tricks and going up and down. >> reporter: does that look tough to do? >> yes. >> reporter: you going to try and do it some day? >> yes. >> reporter: if you missed the air show on saturday the good news is you can also come on sunday or visit the air field museum year round. in millville, cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> longwood gardens is celebrating the return of its
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main fountain garden in kennett square this weekend. this is video of long wood documenting the five year restoration project. the fountain garden includes nearly 2,000 fountain jets and streams. this expect kell dazzle during the day and at night when colors are added to the shows. longwood gardens says the restoration project cost $90 million. well, the famous grate white shark mary lee is on the move this holiday weekend. officials tell us pings from her tracking device show she is off the wildwood coast heading north. yesterday we reported mayor prelee was back in the area. officials have been tracking mayor prelee for four and a half years and yes, if you are keeping track, mary lee does ring in the size of a minivan. so, remember that when you're down in wildwood this weekend. if you see something -- >> but a really friendly name. >> a very friendly name. friendly name can be deceiving. chelsea ingram is here with -- we're halfway through the
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holiday weekend. >> overall it's been okay. we've had to dodge a sprinkle here or there, a shower here or there. overall started out the day with tons of sunshine. we'll take a look at our live neighborhood network, boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. we've seen a lot of people walking up and down the boardwalk. the beach volleyball people just stopped around 10:45. they would have to tire out at some point but a couple people maybe going back to their hotel or maybe going on to the next thing for the night. nonetheless a great weekend to be down at the beach -- down the shore i should say. we made it to 73 in philadelphia today. it is 65 degrees right now. 61 in millville. we have 64 in atlantic city, 61 in wildwood, 64 in wilmington. it's right around 61 degrees in reading. take a look down the shore at our temperatures in the 60's in stone harbor right around 61 degrees, 63 degrees in cape may. we have 64 degrees currently in ocean city and things are
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quiet. now, we did see some shower activity and some sprinkle activity especially south of town earlier this evening but that has since quieted down. we're going to deal with a dry night ahead of us and then we have some moisture, though, located out to our west. that's what's going to be impacting us as we head into tomorrow night. it's all associated with this next area of low pressure and this next system we're tracking. that's what's going to be swinging through but the majority of the day on sunday actually ends up completely dry. it's not going to be until sunday evening, sunday night and into memorial day that we bring those rain chances, those shower chances and storm chances back into the forecast so dry tonight and mainly dry throughout the day on sunday. let's show you now our future weather, how things are going to be playing heading into the next several hours or so. we'll deal with the clouds as we wake up tomorrow morning. there will be some areas of sunshine, though. we'll call for partly sunny skies on sunday.
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clouds will thicken up as we head toward the evening hours and this is when we bring the rain back into the forecast. we'll have showers, possibly even a rumble of thunder and then things are looking kind of showery and kind of damp as we start out your memorial day holiday t even on the beaches probably a very damp start to the day, a damp morning but then things begin to dry and clear out as we head into monday night. so, by monday afternoon definitely a better scenario compared to the start of memorial day. things looking much better by the afternoon and evening. here's your forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy, seasonable night, overnight low temperature right around 60 degrees. as we head into tomorrow, we'll be partly sunny and dry for the majority of the day with showers creeping back in later on towards sunday evening with a high of 75 degrees. here's your memorial day forecast. a high of 79. we'll be mostly cloudy with a shower or a thunderstorm around. again, the second half of the day is looking better than the first and here's a look at your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast. tuesday we're warming were up to around 80 degrees, not too
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bad. we'll have the chance for a brief shower, very small chance that is heading into wednesday. drying out looking at temperatures in the mid 70's. nice area of high pressure heads our way as we end the week and start off the week and june is going to starter off on a sunny and dry note. >> sounds great. all right, chelsea thank you. lesley we're going to start off with some good news here. >> eagles good news their top draft pick has been impressing his teammate. how would the phillies respond after manager pete
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>> well w-some action down at the park today but first, what's up on sports? >> well, we're talking phils. >> yeah. >> and may has been tough for the phillies. just five wins in the month of may. how would they respond after pete mackanin called a team meeting after last night's loss against the reds. the phillies hung jim
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bunking's hernandez goes deep into the right field stands fourth lead off home history. second inning michael saunders at the dish hits a towering fly ball that went into second deck in the right. number six of the year. we're tied up. third inning tommy joseph who is batting .321 teeing off on this pitch. his eighth homer of the year. phillies take the lead. in the sixth scooter jeanette live drive into the right field corner off jared i can iowa caucus i can blank eickhoff. phillies win four to three. >> tommy joseph, he's been coming up big in big situations and coming through for us and it wouldn't have happened if altherr wasn't
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heads up and advanced on that ball. that was huge. good day. i should have a meeting every night. >> we know what we're capable of. we have a great team in here. it's a matter of playing great as a team. we were able to show that today. >> the eagles will resume ota's on tuesday down at the novacare complex. the birds are hoping the university of tennessee standout will bring pressure off the edge. he broke half famer reggie white's sack record. brandon graham says he already likes what he sees from the rookie. >> happy because we always need help on the line 'cause you know we got a good rotation going. we always like to play, you know, eight to nine guys, you know, in the game so he's definitely going to help. i mean, i see his skill set is definitely -- you know, he can bend. he can definitely get around those tackles and now it's about working on his technique and getting him to do exactly what the coaches want to do. >> to arena football reigning
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champion soul on the road playing the washington valor o soul with the lead. washington with the pitch to mclean. the snap on the extra point that's bad so the soul able to make the tackle. they held on for a 48-47 victory. the soul have not lost a game in almost a calendar year. to the pitch, the union on the road facing real salt lake. no score, 36th minute of the game salt lake with the ball nice passing in the box. real salt lake gets the lead and that's going to end the union four game winning streak one-nil the final. >> all right. >> all good things must come to an end. >> right. seriously. lesley thank you very much. still ahead, do you remember your first lost toy? a little girl didn't have to wait long before she was reunited with her lost lamb. how police and social media
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>> ♪ >> so, the moments when a child realizes they've lost their beloved toy can be agonizing but a mississippi father wasn't giving up the search for his daughter's stuffed lamb without all hands-on deck. so the father called the local police to see if they would post something on social media about the lost lovie.
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the lieutenant agreed and tweeted about the girl's lost toy. the tweet was shared hundreds of times. some businesses offered a reward for the lamb's safe return. eventually the lamb was found
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i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. >> finally tonight a popular marvel and d.c. comic artist creating something super for people who fall on the autism spectrum. artist dave beatty is working
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to create a new character. he could see certain future events in realtime and affect their outcome. >> so his disability is actually the key to his super power. we believe there's some following for this and maybe it could do some good. >> right now focus is still in development. beatty and his creator are trying to raise the some and to bring him to life first digitally then in print. looks like the balance of the weekend is going to be good. >> the balance for the most part. we're going to be mainly dry heading into sunday but some showers roll in sunday night into memorial day. we'll have the chance for a shower or a thunderstorm around on monday with a high of 79. we warm up to 80 by tuesday. then high pressure moves in at the end of the week. >> very good. thank you very much and that is "eyewitness news" for now. i'm joe holden for lesley chelsea natasha, everyone here. if you're up early join our morning team starting at 6:00
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and remember we're always on morning team starting at 6:00 and remember we're always on at erin: okay, this is it. kathy (over phone): we're broadcasting on wqti, streaming on the name of our live podcast is justice denied. our guest is jeffrey durning, distinguished heart surgeon, philanthropist, and defendant in one of the most sensational murder trials of the decade. jeffrey, thanks for joining us. jeffrey: thank you for having me on, kathy. oh, please, give me a break. you know they can't hear you, right? kathy: i must admit, i feel a little strange talking to you. the last time we saw each other was a year ago in the courtroom when i was prosecuting you for killing your wife beth. jeffrey: i'm glad you had the courage to re-examine the evidence and come to a more honest conclusion, which is more than i can say for some of your former colleagues. yeah, well, if he's so honest, how come you're hiding from us, and telling your story on the air instead of in a courtroom? the first trial ended in a hung jury, so tell me, why do you think the manhattan d.a.'s office is coming after you again? maybe because you killed your wife


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