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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00. tiger woods encounter with police, dashcam video of the golf star's dui's arrest is released more fall-out for kathy griffin. how local comedians are reacting to her shocking photo shoot and depiction of the president. first, troubling accusations against a local high school teacher. authorities say he was secretly taking photos and videos up the skirts of students. even more disturbing how authorities say he ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. . >> >> the suspect taught chemistry in medford, burlington county. that's where david spunt is live with reaction to the teacher's arrest. >> reporter: eric howell is behind bars tonight. facing several charges. he will appear before a judge early tomorrow morning. those who live around here say this is disturbing and authorities say it all began with a simple coconut water bottle. here he is, 43-year-old eric you howell a chemistry teacher at
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lenape high school, detectives say he took pictures and vice under the skirts and shorts of teenager female students. burlington county authorities say howell used a coconut water box like this to hide a small camera. they say he put the box in his brief case, and that's how he got his shots. detectives say he lowered the briefcase near unassuming victims. a student noticed the odd behavior and reported it to school officials this month. >> it was disgusting. he should be fired, all the above. i don't think it's right. >> reporter: howell was arrested after authorities searched his maple shade home. found multiple digital storage devices that are currently under going analysis. authorities say there are three student victims and another victim from a local convenience store. howell was immediately let go from the district after authorities learned of the troubling allegations. he came to the school just last year. we were kicked off the property when we tried to interview students and parents but the district released a statement. quote, we reported this matter
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to the local authorities as soon as we were made aware. we contacted and communicated with specific parents throughout the investigation by the authorities. offered counseling to any students and staff members with a concern regarding this issue. and did not permit the individual on our school grounds or at any lrhsd events. i asked several time and school officials will not talk about the current employment status, if students or parent have concerns, contact the burlington county prosecutor's office. reporting live outside lenape high school, david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you. a window washer died after falling from a building in cherry hill. chopper 3 over the towers apartment building on route 38 around 5:00 this evening. an investigation is underway to figure out what caused that worker to fall. a camden county jury is dismissed after failing to reach a verdict in the trial of david
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creato junior. jurors deliberated four days but could not come to a unanimous decision. he was accused of killing his three-year-old son. prosecutors say they plan to try the case. in the meantime creato's attorney says he will ask tore a bail reduction so his client can be released from jail >> he wanted to go home today. he wanted to be with his family. he hasn't seen his family in person other than in the courtroom for a year and a half. and it's hard breaking for all of them >> a status hearing is set for july 5th to discuss a possible retrial. the trial of 53-year-old lee kaplan continues tomorrow in bucks county. he's the feastedville man accused of sexual assaulting six sisters. investigators found 11 girls in kaplan's home last summer, including a 17-year-old allegedly gifted to him. by her parents. the mother of the girls testified today, saying she believes kaplan is a profit. and that she still loved and respects him.
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police release dashcam video of tiger woods arrest in juniper florida. >> make sure that you tough your toe on each step be keep your arms down >> shows the golf great walking the line during a sobriety test before he was placed in handcuffs and ticketed for dui. police found woods pulled over asleep at the wheel early monday morning. woods blamed his impairment on an unexpected reaction to prescribed pain medication. a short time ago, president trump tweeted he will announce tomorrow afternoon if the united states will pull out of the paris climate agreement. the 2015 accord was signed by almost 200 countries, agreeing to voluntarily reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change. during the campaign, the president promised to exit the agreement calling it a jobs killer. if the u.s. pulls out, some believe our clean energy economy will is it your testimony across the globe we have a competition for who's going to be the clean energy super power of the 21 it's century and who's going to gain the economic
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benefits from doing that >> there were also new developments in the russian investigation today. especially council robert mueller has given his blessing for fired fbi director james comey to testify before congress. that is expected to happen next week. a northeastern pennsylvania man was arrested at the trump hotel in washington today. after police say they found a semiautomatic weapon and 90 rounds of ammunition in his car. investigators say a tipster told them brian moles of erie county was heading to dc and referenced oklahoma ok bomber timothy mcvay, not clear what may have motivated him. kathy griffin continues to face backlash over this controversial video of president trump. cnn fired her as co host of the network's annual new year's eve program. >> alexandria hoff is here with local reaction from her fellow comedians >> these images were released on social media by photography
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tiler shield. he's somewhat known for controversial photo shoots but this one crossed a major line for just about everyone including fellow comedians >> i understand how it offends people, it wasn't funny, i get it. kathy griffin begging for forgive ness on twitter after images of her holding a prop that is made to marry like the severed head of president donald trump were released. >> i went too far. i made a mistake and i was wrong. >> reporter: in that, there was little dispute. the president responded with a tweet emphasizing how the gruesome images affected his children, especial his 11-year-old son. chelsea clinton along with griffin's friend and now former cnn colleague anderson cooper both took to twitter with their disgust to try and understand the comic's photo choice, we showed it to comedians at the helium comedy club >> um? i don't condone it. i just don't get the joke aspect. is it supposed to be a joke
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>> all agreed a serious line of decency was crossed. oh, and that it wasn't funny. >> there's ways of showing that you don't like the president. she could give the picture the middle finger, tear it in half >> i don't know that she was ever relevant and now she is the next 24 hours. milania trump issued this emotional response saying, as a mother, a wife and a human being, that photo is very disturbing. when you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong and makes you wonder about the mental health of the person who did it. and the secret service confirmed they will be investigating as they do any potential threat made against a president. >> thank you for that. we have breaking news. a philadelphia police say city councilman david o has been stabbed in the neck during a robbery attempt in kingsessing, taken to presbyterian listed in critical condition.
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the stabbing happened around 9:40 on the 5800 block of thomas avenue. a city councilman stabbed in the neck. we'll continue to stay on top of this still breaking story. a cherry hill police officer and a detective with the camden county prosecutor's office are out of the hospital after a scare. while responding to an overdose call today, they found a woman dead inside her home on hertive drive in cherry hill. in the process, they were exposed to a powdery assistance believed to be heroin. powdered forms of opioids can be easily inguested accidently and quickly cause people to feel disoriented >> it can affect blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, which is really most dangerous. >> both the officer and the detective were taken to cooper university hospital where they were treated and released. a seven-year-old girl is on life support after being found with a plastic bag over her head. her brother is in custody.
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police responded to the 5500 block of north american when the mother reported the son had taken her car meanwhile officials were there, the mother then discovered her daughter in the basement of their olney home. authorities were able to locate the stolen car and the 18-year-old brother, who had hopped into the back of a police car. he faces several charges including attempted murder. a southwest philadelphia father is behind bars tonight. 31-year-old omar cooper is facing murder and related charges in connection with the death of his infant son. investigators responded to cooper's home on willows avenue friday after doctors pronounced his six week old son dead at children's hospital. police say the infant suffered from multiple traumatic injuries. burlington county prosecutors charged the maple shade first aid squad chief with theft. authorities say joseph freed stole more than $118,000 from the squad over six-year period. he's accused of making several withdrawals from the bank account to pay personal bills and expenses.
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authorities say he was the only member of the squad with access to the account. passengers who were on the inaugural iceland air flight from philadelphia yesterday have finally arrived in iceland a day later than planned >> here's pictures from boston's logan airport where some passengers took off tonight. other passengers from philly arrived in iceland earlier on a different flight. yesterday's flight from philadelphia diverted to boston after a strange smell was noticed in the cabin. mayor kenney and his staff were among those on the flight. a local police officer's routine traffic stop turns out to be one he likely will never forget. >> straight ahead we'll tell you what prompted the woman he pulled over to give him a hug. a world war ii veteran targeted by vandals we hit 80 for the first time in philadelphia, and nearly two
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weeks' time but the big question is. can we keep enjoyable weather around, i'll have the answer in your full forecast coming up nasa is set to go where it has never gone before. how it plans to explore the sun and why this is such a daring encounter.
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live picture of the area where philadelphia police say city council david o was stabbed in the in exchange to presbyterian hospital where he's in critical condition. it happened around 9:40 at the 5800 block of thomas avenue. updates at a special surprise for a local world war ii veteran targeted by vandals on memorial day weekend. 95-year-old dominic desteven news maintains a garden memorial on at his home. someone apparently tossed the
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flags in the trash and removed other items. the pennsylvania american legion end heard about the vandalism, members came out today to make it right. >> i saw the flag in the trash pail i was cray >> we said we'll be out here today and bring him new flags and some awareness to this block and this community that all the veterans here are together and he has brothers and just because he's 95 doesn't mean he's forgotten >> the group replaced the stolen items and paid tribute to him for his sacrifice and contribution to our nation. a program in camden county is helping both inmates. it was graduation day for a few dogs trained by inmates. they were taught for develop
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weeks and will now be companion dogs for veterans. >> it will help me when i'm thinking about my condition, thinking about not being able to move, thinking about, i guess, anything that's not good. i think the dog is going to change that frame of mind. >> mr. women bumperly is a purple heart recipient served during vietnam war. a hug between a local police officer and a woman he was going to gave ticket. >> gloucester township officer tom sherman pulled a driver he over and noticed that woman was anxious. after telling her why she was being ticketed. she confineded in the officer, she was going through tough times. the officer decided not to write that ticket. and the woman was so great she got out of the car and gave him a hug. nasa unveiled a hot new mission today. of it has its sights set on the sun. scientists announce they want to
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go directly into the atmosphere with the similar probe plus be. it will orbit within 4 million miles of the surface and face scorching temperatures. this ambitious plan will help nasa study the sun's outer atmosphere to learn more about how stars and solar winds work >> it injures as astronauts >> the mission is scheduled to launch in the summer of 2018 be it will take six years to make the perfect close encounter >> for a few minutes we had our sights set on the sun >> it looked good, so good, we were so not used to seeing it. it was beautiful, glowing, majestic and stick around. good weather news, declaration of independence a beautiful day across the delaware valley, we started off with clouds and fog but cleared out. revealing blue skies. finally and temperatures rebounding and getting a live
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look at center city philadelphia, all is quiet, a very pleasant evening, temperatures still up near 70 degrees, our high temperature yesterday was only 62. we lost that east wind, east wind bad, west wind better, winds around eight miles per hour, due points elevate around 63. so doing a big of a muggy factor, because of the shift we no longer have the winds driving in from off the chilly atlantic. temperatures were able to hit 80 for the first time in do you two weeks in philly. 78 normal high temperature we were actually above average today. a nice change. live neighborhood network, temperatures feeling pretty mild, r 65 in atlantic city up near 70 in philly. 68 in new castle with winds out of the southwest and you can see temperatures right now still at 72 in allentown, near 70 in trenton, and current 65 in millville. stormscan 3 showing us fairly quiet conditions more storm activity rolling off to our north just north of the big apple, couple thunderstorms
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through the delaware valley earlier. this little cell moving through mount pocono, eventually became a thunderstorm as it moved east and we also have this cluster and showers that's moving into lancaster county right now, fairly weak. could continue to move east and perhaps bring a few rain drops to areas of parts of. and overnight, partly cloudy, down to 61 and tomorrow we officially start the month of june let's put this miserable may behind us, mostly sunny, splendid day, high at 80 with a bit of a breeze. future weather showing us as we head through overnight. quiet conditions, thursday morning, commute. no problems, need the sunglasses as we head throughout the day, mostly sunny skies heading into friday, morning commute looking nice, no problems, and keep the sunshine around to close out the work week, due points right now, as i mentioned tell us about that sticky factor, we definitely have that humidity you can feel it when you step outside but that will fade away,
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due points will be dropping into the 40's and stay in the 40 and 50's as we head to friday and saturday, kind of atypical by june standards, it will feel nice and comfortable. that's going to make for a pretty good looking happy hour, it's thursday, it's almost friday, of course you're going to happy hour, best pool day saturday, sunshine and temperatures upper 70, shore forecast, stretch of sunshine, late-day on friday, otherwise saturday is a great beach day, high at 78 degrees with a lot of sunshine and yeah, we're sunny in the city on saturday. 79 but we increase the humidity as we head to sunday, rain chances return later in the day, wettest day looks like it will be monday showers and thunderstorms likely. but we're still warm look at that, all 70's and 80's, no 60's, we like it. >> i wish that could be my score car card. >> how many people are thanking
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you for that happy hour forecast. we need a group hug for somebody in philadelphia. no one in philly sports is suffering more than pete mackanin. we'll hear from the phillies manager. it's only may but can see becomes a hero at a
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may of 1961, huge announcement, putting a man on the moon. the phils trying to avoid a sweep in miami. aaron nola on the mound, first hitting. marcel with a two-run shot. 3-0 marlin, nola lasted three innings. to the fifth, justin bore from a launch pad.
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deep right field. he had two jacks in the game. phils down 6-0. miami starter dan, only allowed one run. the head count revealed more like 1500. you know what? phils lose 10-2, pete mackanin sounded miserable on the wip morning show >> i've been associated as a player coach and manager with winning teams and losing teams. this is as bad as it gets. we're at the end of our rope and we just got to keep climbing up, keep pushing forward. the bottom line is the players have to start performing better. they have to do their jobs better. there's no way to sugar coat. we own our record, and right now, we're that team with the worse record in baseball. but i just choose not to believe that. i know we're better than this. >> poor pete. on the football eagles lost both
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starting corner backs from last season, fans think the defensive back field is where you'll find the weakist link. ota's continue to go the novacare complex, birds brought in free agent corners in addition to drafting a pair, including sidney jones. rehab of a torn achilles will keep him out of the lineup. all this uncertainty is leading to feisty practices. >> uses his time well, robinson playing well, grimes being one of the most productive guys, duane, got a couple interception, definitely competitive. guys are competing, making plays. >> speaking of making plays, a students by the name of colin hurley at west chester tweeted at carson wentz in an attempt to get his entire class out of the final exam. he said if wentz retweeted or favorited this tweet by june 4th, he away get out of a final. just eight hours later, wentz
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responded will this do the trick? >> yeah >> for the win. >> thanks. up next, james corden done at anything ♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal, or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ from santander bank. ♪ ♪ nothing performs like a tempur-pedic.
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celebration continues from from devon, i'll be broadcasting from the horse show and country fair. we'll bring you stories about
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what makes the chester county town so special. friday here on "eyewitness news." the late late show with james cordon is broadcasting from london next week >> it will broadcast some of the historic 1700 central hall westminster in london next tuesday through thursday. he is originally from england. >> the featured guests include nicole kid man, emily blunt tom cruz, jeffery hudson and kid harrington, and a brand new car pool karaoke with ed sheer ran.
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. recap breaking news, philadelphia city council man david o was stabbed in kingsessing, he was taken to presbyterian where he is in critical but stable condition, councilman david o stabbed during a robbery attempt. it happened around 9:40 on the 5800 block of thomas avenue. at this hour, police continue to search for the suspect. updates throughout the night at a morning team will have the latest on developing story starting at 4:30 a.m. >> i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at up next the late show with steven colbert. >> have great night family and sleep well.
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