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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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breaking news right now philadelphia councilman david oh stabbed during a robbery attempt he just got out of surgery we are live with an update. it is thursday june 12017 i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is off. councilman was returning home from work when attack. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at penn presbyterian medical center where councilman is being treated this morning. what dawn tell us. >> reporter: well, good morning. he just got out of surgery and we are told councilman is in stable condition but his injuries are serious stabbed once in the left side but through it all he was in good spirits and he wants everyone to know he is doing well this morning and police want your help to track down this suspect. take a look at the video here, police say councilman david oh just a arrived home around 9:45 after a long day of work
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in meetings. he parked his koran his block 5800 block of thomas avenue in kingsessing as he was going through his car getting his bags out he was approached by a man in his 20's. the sus milk mumled something so he tried to talk to the man as he usually did during his job but that is when councilman oh realized he was in trouble. >> he announced a robbery, says give me your keys, pulls out a knife, councilman startled, at that point, expected after a long day and having this brief conversation , you know, then stabbed him one time in the left side. >> reporter: now that suspect then ran away, he didn't getaway with anything, councilman oh was brought to penn presbyterian by medics. people there at the scene, neighbors helped his family, help them cope. this morning he is out of surgery and in stable condition. police unfortunately don't have a great description of the suspect only a man in his 20's. they do hope that surveillance
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video in the area as well as eyewitnesses can help out. anyone with any information is asked to call police. live at penn presbyterian jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will have much more throughout the morning but for now lets get you outed door with meteorologist katie fehlinger has a first check of the eyewitness weather forecast and turf say hopefully is there an end to the rain. >> it is looking that way. we are expect to go see sunshine, nice warm temperatures work relatively lower humidity to go with it as well. as we are's clearing out here. what you'll find across parts of the lancaster county, back in central pennsylvania is a stray shower still out there but generally speaking skies are starting to clear and as that takes place we are expect to go see a nice day unfold here. fifty-five at the airport. we are at 65 at trenton. mid to upper 50's from millville to atlantic city. wind flow still generally coming from the south but it is a light wind flow and it will feel more comfortable to you as the day goes on, with lower humidity.
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now, it is going to heat up, it will certainly heat up, lower 80's but in full sunshine, i mean this is just a day we have been waiting on, so, expect the excuse to be there, meisha to get outside, dine outside, do what you have to do but now you have had to enjoy it because wet weather does return. >> i saw that, written below outside, that is what we plan on doing. like katie said day we wait for, outside right now, we do have a lot of construction and activity out there. ninety-five north at girard, two left lanes are compromised we have that overnight vine construction that we know, it is effects so many people but right now very quiet. we will let you know when it clears, between schuylkill and broad but westbound and eastbound side quiet because of that closure. 202e bound ramp to 202 has been since cleared so construction crews have moved out of our way. blue route north bound between norristown and mid county left lane compromised, little
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difficult to see but off in the distance you can see flashing markers letting you know that left lane is still closed. accident investigation here, this came out of 1:30 a.m. this is where a fatal accident took place in cochranville chester county route 41, gap new port pike road is closed and the alternate is route 10 highland road. a hain as you salt overnight in philadelphia's frankford section. a man beat the 29 year-old victim unconscious on the 4900 block of frankford avenue after 2:30. he then tried to stuff her in the trash bag. victim is in the local hospital in critical condition more overnight violence triple shooting in the glenwood section of north philadelphia leaves two people dead including a teenager. eyewitnesses said two males on the bike shot victims just after 11:00 p.m. on the 1300 block of rush street they were all taken to the hospital where unidentified man in his 20's and a 17 year-old died a short time later.
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third victim was shot in the arm and is in stable condition >> we don't know which of the three victims were intended targets, however, the 17 year-old, who is critical was hit multiple times, and the john doe pronounced dead at the hospital was shot multiple times. so, they may have been the intended target. >> the authorities believe that the victim shot in the arm may not have been a intended target. police have not made any arrests or announced a motive. south jersey high school teacher is behind bars after authorities say he was taking up skirt photos of individual students. authorities say three girls were targeted at len ape high school in medford burlington county. according continue on investigators eric howell hid a small camera inside a water box that he would put in his briefcase. he got his shot by unscrewing shot and lowering briefcase near victims, school district, released a statement saying in part, take a look at your screen we reported this matter to the local authorities as soon as we were made aware of
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it. immediately contacted, and communicated with specific parents throughout the investigation by the authorities, and offered counseling to any students and staff member with a concern, regarding this issue and did not let this individual on school ground or any lrhsd events. investigators in cherry hill are trying to figure out how a window washer fell from the building. chopper three was over cherry hill towers on route 38, this happened around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. worker was pronounced dead at the hospital. we are waiting to learn that victim's identity. and a trial of the lee kaplan continues today in bucks county. kaplan is accused of sexually assaulting six sisters at his home in feasterville. kaplan fathered two children with one girl, sexually abused her sisters including a six year-old. mother testified telling jurors that she believe kaplan is a prophet. prosecutors say they plan to retry david creato junior in the death of his three-year old son. creato ace cues of killing his
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son brend nan 2015. today would have been brendan 's fifth birthday. hearing next month will consider creato's possible re trial. jurors were dismiss when they could not reach a verdict after deliberating for four days. defense attorneys say they will request a bail reductions so creato can be released from jail. >> dj is upset. he wanted to go home today. owe wanted to be with his family. he hasn't seen his family in person other than in the courtroom for a year and a half and it is heart breaking for all of them. >> creato's retrial will be determined during a status conference in july. happening today, attorneys for bill cosby will be in montgomery county court for a pretrial hearing. cosby's accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple employee at his elkins park home in 2004. cosby's trial is set to begin next week. to the nation's capitol president trump is expect to withdraw from the paris climate accord during an event at the rose garden. president trump decision has lawmakers on both side of the aisle divided, mitt romney tweeted affirm nation of the par ace agreement is not only about climate it is also about
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america, remaining the global leader. house minority leader nancy pelosi calls it a grave threat to our planet's future. arguing that the agreement creates burdensome regulations and cost jobs. >> i hate to see us harm our own economy by agreeing to something that other people, who were agreeing with are going to do it. >> the climate agreement is aimed at reducing carbon emission toss curb global warming, every nation signed on but two, war torn syria and nicaragua. they caution that the plan could change before trump makes his decision publicly at 3:00 p.m. philadelphia police arrested a 18 year-old man accused of trying to kill his seven year-old sister. she may have been high when he suffocated his sister with the plastic bag at their olney home. alfred's mother found her daughter unconscious yesterday morning in their basement after she report that had alfred stole her car. well, later police found alfred sitting in the back of the police car. he told them quote, difficult something stupid, his sister
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remains on life support. the chief of maple shade first aid squad is accused of stealing more than hundred thousand dollars from the group. five three-year old joseph breeze took the money over a six year period and used it for personal bills and expenses, and, burlington county, prosecutors say freed was only member of the access to the account. freed faces court hearing july . and, some pass evening hours were on the inaugural iceland flight from philadelphia are finally in iceland this morning. these are pictures from boston 's logan airport where passengers took off last night for iceland's capitol. additional pass eveningers from fail arrived in iceland on a different flight. tuesday's flight from philadelphia to the capitol, diverted from boston after a strange smell was noticed in the cabin. philadelphia mayor jim kenney and his staff were among those on the flight. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, philadelphia councilman david oh is stabbed during an attempted robbery, did he just get out of surgery. we have an update on his condition next. plus a truck has caught
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fire on the interstate in the major sit what that truck was carrying that made the fire so intense, we will be
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we continue to follow breaking news this morning philadelphia city councilman david oh is now out of surgery and is in stable condition. he was stabbed during a robbery attempt outside his home on the 5800 block of thomas avenue in kingsessing. police have a vague description of his attack. the councilman was in good spirits overnight. of course we will stay on top of this story and bring you more information once we get it. out west major highway in denver is expected to reopen in time for morning rush hour after a fiery truck accident shut it down. lets look at this. semi there who control on interstate 25 and burst into flames yesterday afternoon. truck was hauling diesel, other fools. we are told amazingly the driver escaped and no one else was injured. authorities are washington d.c. are investigating discovery of a noose inside
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national american new sem of history and culture. they found it in the segregation section of the history galleries. museum director say incidents like are part of what makes this work so important. people in d.c. reacted to the news. >> unfortunately in these times there are still people with those kind of feelings. >> there are people who for whatever reason, can't seem to find a way, to live with their fellow human beings. >> somebody making a statement , and it is just ignorance. >> this is second time in just a week noose has been found on the property. last friday police officer found one hanging from the tree on the smithsonian ground time 4:43. lets get another check of the forecast, it seemed like yesterday was a mixed bag. at one point it was cloudy another point of the day it was hot, warm, sunny. >> it was hot, wasn't it. i put the fan on at night and normally i'm freezing. it definitely says something. we are seeing that settle in
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where we end up with more sun then anything. little breezy but high pressure is the story. even though it will pay us a brief visit, it will bring in really nice weather to wrap up our week here. i wouldn't worry about these speckles of green we are seeing now on the on it skirts of lancaster county. this will not have an impact on us. we will have sunshine. again that breeze, but today, it is june 1 as you know and it marks a couple of things. not only beginning of the meteorological summer, happy meteorological summer but also beginning of the atlantic basin hurricane season. this is the projection for the season as a whole, expecting 11 to 17 named storm, five to nine hurricanes and major, category three or higher, two to four of those. that is just talking numbers. it doesn't mean that most of those if any at all would hit the shoreline, but we are, you know, continuecally here a little more prone to any kind of tropical weather, a little later in to the season there
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is nothing to speak of in the atlantic basin right now. lots of sunshine. breezy afternoon. nice day. enjoy this. if you are grilling out tonight, take advantage of the clear skies just keep in mind it may still be on the breezy side, and we are leaving that flame unattended but it will be a nice day in general. tomorrow not bad either but with a shower, thunderstorm may fire up from a weak system dropping in here but it is timing, boding well for weekend at lee for saturday, looking great in the sunshine, nice, warm, sunday more storms coming in. >> sound good. thank you. good day to have a great day. thanks very much, katie. looking outside we have a lot going on right now. ninety-five north at girard trailer came unhitched from the truck, two left lanes are compromised because of it. take a look, it is only 4:45 in the morning, very dark, very early, already we are seeing this many backups and slow downs, not to mention we are going to get gaper delay passing by. so if i were you heading out there anywhere around girard
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right now in the north bound side, i would give yourself extra time. weird to say that at quarter of 5:00 in the morning but true. vine closed for that construction project it looks like right now just starting to open. we will see westbound side opened approaching the schuylkill, eastbound side slowly following suit. then blue route north bound between norristown and mid count that i left lane still compromised those cones in the roadway so far left lane still closed, clearing out, hopefully around 5:00, i will confirm what it does and we have an accident investigation that happened around 1:30 a.m. , fatal accident in chester county. route 41, gap new port pike, closed between route 10, highland road, your alternate route 10 or route 896 is your best bet, rahel, back over to you. all right, thank you. we have breaking news out of wisconsin crews are on the scene of the reported explosion at a ethanol plant, just north of milwaukee. we do not know if anyone was hurt or what may have caused this explosion but we will update you on air and on line
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as we learn more. coming up, septa riders listen up, transit authority is changing how you pay to ride. next up what you need to know before you head out the door for your morning commute. this friday our cbs-3 summer if he celebration continues from devon, we will broadcast from the devonnors show and country fair and bring you store business what makes the chester county town so special , that is friday, here on "eyewitness news", we will be right bac
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bite into magnum double cookies and cream... and unleash your wild side. made with cookies & cream ice cream and rich belgian chocolate. discover magnum. more on our breaking news philadelphia police looking for suspect who stabbed city councilman david oh. police say it happened during a robbery attempt near his home on the 5800 block of thomas avenue in kingsessing. the councilman was rush to the hospital where he underwent surgery overnight and now in stable condition. we will continue to follow this story and have lateness a live report at 5:00 o'clock. man who tried to storm a
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cop yelling he had a bomb head to court. passengers and crew members on the flight, reportedly had to tackle the suspect. plane was headed from melbourne australia to qualify alum pur malaysia. armed police arrested the sri lanka national, who did not have a bomb, police say the man may have mental health issues. time is 4:50. time for a check of business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill. so, myland a name we are familiar w we hear it may have overcharged u.s. government for epi-pens buy a lot more than originally thought? >> reporter: that is right, u.s. government may have over paid drug maker myland by $1.2 billion, for epi-pens, that is about three times what myland pre posed after being accused of improperly classifying the drug, epi-pen toss treat severe allergies. the department of health and
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human services analyzed epi-pen payments from 2006 through 2016. that is a lot of money, rahel. >> we hear some healthy hotel news, hilton trying to make it easier for people to work out while away from home, what is that all about. >> reporter: hilton is unveiling is what called, five seats to fitness, mini gym, 11 pieces of gym equipment including stationary bikes and you have a personal trainer, too. is there fitness kiosks and they do work out routines, five seed of fitness comes with the meditation chair and blackout shade for better sleep. i think this is a great idea. >> i will say, i like the meditation chair and blackout shade but i don't think i have ever worked out on vacation, ever. >> reporter: you know what, maybe, in your room, you would >> no. >> reporter: or make you just feel guilty probably just to make me feel guilty but when i go on vacation, i don't want
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to do anything no working out, nothing. >> reporter: sit at the beach, i get it. >> all right, jill, see you next hour. good idea though for more over achieving folks unlike myself. starting to day septa is phasing out old magnetic transpasses instead of the key card. when you buy your transpass you will get a reloadable card tokens and regional rail card will stay in use but septa is urging ride tours buy key card instead of tokens. riders can add as much money as they want and pay as you go you can even reload your card on line. it sound like the mta system in new york. good to see we are catching up with new york city. katie, after days after rain here we are seeing some sun. how long will that last. >> no kidding, it will last just a few hours at a stretch but this will linger through rest of the workweek, but wet weather will return for weekend so i will let you know which day is best to get
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welcome back everyone nice , clear skies overhead and it feels comfortable, it will end up being on the breezy side throughout the day-to-day but we have all i think looking ahead to this day as the light at the end of that pro verbal tunnel which will we see a full day of sunshine and today is the day. yesterday ended up pretty nice all and all, let's be honest but today we don't to have worry about wet weather throughout the daylight hours or night for that matter. high pressure is paying us a visit and albeit brief, it is here and here now and through at least better part of tomorrow. so enjoy that sun while you have girth. our temperatures off to a comfortable start in the city, at 65 degrees, up in the mountains though it is starting to get on the cool side. i i would walk out the door with a extra layer or more remote your suburb if that is where you are watching us from
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this morning but as days progress another system will drop in that will come as early as tomorrow afternoon and evening. it is a very weak front, it doesn't even knock our temperatures back but does trigger a shower or thunderstorm at the earliest or toward night fall. saturday looks awesome, that system will go out of here so we are back to sunshine for first half of the weekend but come sunday another system is already approaching and that is where those cloud build in and potential for more showers and storms into next week, meisha. nice how we see saturday, a little slice of pie. all right, katie, thank you very much. it is early and already, quite the activity out there this morning. not even at 5:00 almost there but not quite. accident involving injuries here two vehicles, one struck a pole at route 309 and greenwood avenue around this area you will start to heat up and you will start to get some gaper delay around this area, already, and it is the theme so far this morning. good news is 95 north at girard where we saw that
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trailer come unhitched that has been since cleared. two left lanes block on the north bound side not affecting southbound side maybe a gaper delay to tap on your brakes. southbound side now has been cleared. we are keeping our eye on. already take a look at the high volume levels. would i say not even 5:00 on a thursday, we down typically see this heat up this quickly. vine street was closed, ramp construction clearly not leading up to the westbound side that is now opened. just eastbound ramp from schuylkill eastbound we are waiting on right now. we are looking okay there then burlington bristol bridge will go up at 5:05. just a head up. and then an accident investigation fatal accident here that came around 1:30 in cochranville chester county and we will talk about that in the next 10 minutes. rahel, back to you. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we have team three coverage of the stabbing of councilman david oh. plus results of the brand new report which shows how often teenage drivers are
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filth are philadelphia city council man david oh was stabbed for an attempted robbery. we have team coverage at the home and city hall where collogues are reacting. this time three people are is not philadelphia's glenwood neighborhood two have died we have the latest on the triple shooting. and this is a live lot at parkway here in center city we are in for a sunny, breezy day , nice way to start mountain of june. and today is thursday, june 1 good morning i'm


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