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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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breaking news, all morning philadelphia councilman david oh is hospitalized after being stabbed during a robbery. we have live coverage and what his collogues are now saying. and more breaking news this morning, woman is fighting for her life after she was viciously beaten and almost stuffed in the trash bag find out who her attacker is. and, all eyes will be on president trump today when he announced whether the u.s. will stay in or leave the paris climate deal. a lot of news this morning today is wednesday, june 1 good morning i'm rahel solomon jim's off, katie and meisha getting us outside the door. >> good morning. >> a lot going on in the news and travel department. starting off early in the 4:00 w accidents from yesterday link touring day. those are being cleared out of the way. give yourself extra time. sun glare, yes. >> interesting. >> i wouldn't be shocked if that much coast people off guard because we have not had sun glare to speak of on a regular weekday and in a while , so you know, we do have that sunshine and it is one
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thing in disguise when trying to travel eastbound right into that sun smacking you in the forehead, you do need to be red which a pair of shade or v isor in the car but looking like a great day. storm scan might look and think something otherwise since we had a few stray left over showers but we see how they have fizzled. there may be a few left over cloud but this is a beautiful start with that said and couple folks enjoying that nice sunrise on the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth where it looks a little damp on the shoreline here but high tide starting to come in although it is looking like it will be a beautiful beach day. if you are lucky enough to the day off and lucky enough to go to the shore or beach lots of sunshine awaiting through and see or fill a noticeable breeze to go witt. that is kind of the story, warmer in the city at 82 and will hit 70 in the mountains. picture perfect all and all. that breeze noticeable but we will take it. that is a trade off.
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i'll fly with that. >> like you said, day to take off. sit on your porch all day. >> that is right, write and excuse note for folks. >> thinks what katie's talking about, absolutely stunning but you will be dwelling that sun glare. tapping your brakes for those traveling in the eastbound direction, here's schuylkill taillights in thee bound direction approaching such a cod gor to bumper congestion just yet 0e willit is starting to heat u. o'clock hour because of accidents we have had cleared. one spot we are keeping an eye on is our friend south bun diren before girard moving in the center city. this is what you will be dwelling there. sun glare will be be behind youro to speak but you will breaks moving in the southbound direction around girard give yourself extra time. we have an accident in
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jenkintown avenue and we have me in the next 10 minutes, back over to breing news city councilman david is in stable condition. he was stabbed near his home in southwest philadelphia. we have team coverage this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at city hall with reaction from the councilman's collogues but lets begin with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao live at penn presbyterian where the councilman is being treated, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. philadelphia police tell us throughout this whole ordeal councilman oh remains in high spirits and he wants everyone to know that he is will this morning as he recovers, he was here at penn presbyterian now out in stable condition. police continue to search for the man who assaulted him. philadelphia police tell thaws councilman oh just arrived home right around 9:45 after a licensing day of work, in
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meetings. he parked on his block 5800 block of thomas avenue in kingsessing, as he was going through getting his belongings out and bags out he was approached by a man in his 20 's. that suspect mumled something and councilman oh could not understand him. he tried to talk to the man to see what he has wanted like he has done so much times during the course of his job. that is when suspect demanded the councilman give him his keys. suspect stabbed councilman oh once and ran away. >> it does not get anything during the course of the robbery but we are looking for surveillance cameras and hoping that neighbors in that area, a residential community if anybody heard or saw anything, anybody driving through at year to call our tip line 215686 tips to provide what every information you may have. >> reporter: this seems to be a crime of opportunity, completely random. they are searching for that man this morning, unfortunately they don't have a great description of the suspect only calling him a man in his 20's. they are searching for surveillance video and these
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eyewitness hose may be able to provide some valuable information. reporting live outside penn presbyterian, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" rahel, back to you. >> jan, thank you. mayor kenney is in iceland but sent this tweet overnight we are all praying for councilman oh's quick recovery and his family. i urge anyone with any information about this crime to call 911. while councilman oh recovers city officials are keeping them close to their thoughts. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with the collogue able to visit the councilman at the hospital good morning, anita report are the fellow collogues say councilman david oh is a fighter, only military vote ran on council after being honorably discharge from the army national guard. he is first asian american elect to publish office here in philadelphia, and he was first elected to city council in 2011 and then reelect in 2015. the 57 year-old is also a father, he and his wife have four young children together
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and he recently posted a photoed owe on twitter of his daughter sarah's tenth birthday. many others expressing their support over social media, meantime council president darryl clark visited the councilman in the hospital last night. >> david's a tough guy, he will be okay, he will be ready to talk about legislation, on phone tomorrow, and we have a hearing coming up for one of his bills, he will be owe kay. >> reporter: other staff members and politicians expressing their support for a speedy recovery on twitter, as well, and the same block where the councilman was stabbed last night is where he grew up , and where he has lived for more than 50 years. live at city hall this morning i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a woman is fighting for her life this morning after a heinous accident overnight in frankford section. officers got to the scene on the 4900 block of frankford
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avenue around 2:30 where a man beat the 29 year-old victim unconscious and tried to stuff her in the trash bag. police say the attack ran away but spotted by eyewitnesses. >> employees who witnessed this across the street from the hospital, started to shout out, at the male, the male then stopped trying to put the female in the trash bag, dropped and then fled on foot north on frankford avenue. >> those eyewitnesses were hospital employees and they brought victim straight to the hospital which was just across the street from where the assault occurred. police have no suspects or motives. more overnight violence police are investigating a triple shooting in the glenwood section, that left two people including a teenager dead. eyewitnesses say two males on bikes shot victims just after 11:00 on 1300 block of rush street, they were all taken to the hospital where an unidentified man in his 20's and a 17 year-old died a short time later. third victim was shot in the arm and in stable condition but still no word on the
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motive. attorneys for bill cosby will be in the norristown montgomery county courtroom today for a pretrial hearing. seventy-eight year-old cosby faces a trial beginning next week on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted a temple university employee in 20 on 46789 cosby denies charges, jurors for cosby's trial are coming from pittsburgh because of publicity surrounding the case here in philadelphia. also today more testimony in the trial of the lee kaplan who ace cues of sexually assaulting six sisters inside his home in feasterville bucks county. they found 11 girls in her home last summer including a 17 year-old allegedly gifted to him by her parents. mother of the girl testified yesterday and told court that she believed kaplan was a prophet. to the nation's capitol later today president trump will announce whether the u.s. stays in or withdraws from the paris climate accord this afternoon. it is widely believed that the president willful fill his campaign promise and pull u.s. out of the agreement. paris climate accord is aimed at curbing global warming every nation signed on but two war torn syria and nicaragua.
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coming up, a family funding, even in the face of loss. >> we don't want claire's life dover go out. >> how family of the little girl with the big smile is spreading her spirit after she's gone, in today's story of brotherly love. plus forget your boarding pass all you need is your face we will tell you which airline is testing facial recognition check in next month. in addition to cheryl crow we will all be soaking up the sun today so katie fehlinger, they will be doing more than soaking up the sun, the space agency just announced a historic mission, to the sun, details up next. we will be right back.
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donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election,
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welcome back and take a lot this surveillance footage, incredible, showing frightening moments a tornado ter through an elementary school campus in north carolina wind in excess of 100 s and left trash and debris scattered all around that school. twenty-five students and teachers written side that building but nobody was hurt. good to know. nasa just announced its first mission to the sun, the
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space agency will launch probe to actually touch it, it is being the sun, spacecraft is small, instruments could fit inside refrigerator but built to withstand temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees. i would assume it is pretty hot on the sun. it will help learn how stars, solar wind work. launch scheduled to happen in 2018 and mission expected to take about six years. that is very cool. katie fehlinger i wonder what can't we do these days. >> when you hit on there is most fascinate to go me because surface of the sun can s hot as 10,000 plus degrees fahrenheit. how are you not just disintegrate. that just blows my mind, that ace macing, fascinating. it will take a while to see results but it will be cool once we do. now speaking of, not sunny, we have had really, gross month of may when it came to the rainfall, so many of you tweet ing me and facebooking and saying when will we get a stretch of sunshine, please,
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like hook us up here. do i promise we have sunshine for next couple days but this has been a very wet month. we were over two and a half inch's above average which is not the war thing when it comes to these flowers and the grass, everything looks lush, beautiful right now. we don't need rain but nice to have a break. high pressure will take the lead here, heat control for next day and a half before a disturbance drops in. enjoy it. nice summer day. happy meteorological summer. it first first day of the atlantic hurricane season of 2017 but looking at names we have on the list here we have had arlene, very rare, april system that developed, and vince is on the list, our producer vince getting a shout out. hopefully we won't get close to that name. let us know. mean while we will look forward to the eyewitness weather seven day forecast and we are breezy, granted with you nice warm summer day. tomorrow up to eight in the sunshine as well. pop up shower or thunderstorm
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second half of the day out there but even saturday looking good right now. sunday into monday our next storm comes and brings better chance for showers and storms. >> do you think meisha will be on that list. >> it might. >> they just retired matthewy won't hold my breath on that one, thank you. happy gateway. what are we talking about. early this morning we have seen basically accident after accident so no good, this is where we have another one we are zoomed in really tight but pulled off to the shoulder 95 north at girard where we have the accident if we have to light a silver lining it is moving in the north bound direction. you might get gaper delays from the southbound side taking a peak, flashing lights that sort of thing. we have people walking around. just a head up moving in the north bound direction at 95 or girard we will bum in to that accident. vine at 95 bird eye shot looking good, really great, blue route headlights moving in the southbound direction pennsylvania ridge pike take a look at our friend, the sun, that is just joining the party
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again. it looks gorgeous. pack those sunglasses. kip wood line has construction buses are replacing all trains , tomorrow through june 9th. we have construction still lingering out there on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound between street road and delaware valley. that left lane is compromised there, rahel, back to you. testing begins next month on facial recognition technology before you board an airline flight. jet blue passengers will have their pictures taken then facial scan, will be compared to pass port photos from the u.s. customs database. you won't need any documentation, some passengers said they can't wait, others say they do in the like their face in the database. >> having to juggle my phone, boarding pass, it is complicated, stressful and just to scan me that would be amazing. >> i just don't like the idea of having my face kind of in the system. >> anybody else have thoughts of george orwell. jet blue's facial recognition check in starts on flights from boston to aruba and delta
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is testing similar technology. boxes filled with nets, gifts will be delivered to spread brotherly love. as ukee washington shows us they are for families who who a child. >> the project started in woolwich township way mom and dad inspired by their daughter it seems like claire a slatkin was born with a smile on her face treasured baby sister of kayla and lily. >> two weeks old and has a big smile on her face. >> people would say look at her smile how eld is she. >> reporter: claire was happy and healthy until machine september 12th, her father heard a noise coming from her bedroom. claire was having seizures. she was rush to the hospital and then to chop. >> she was one minute she was happy, healthy baby and then 24 hours later we are told that our daughter will in the make it. >> reporter: doctors say claire died from an un diagnosed metabolic disorder
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she was just 14 most old. >> we don't want claire's life to ever go out. >> reporter: her parents mark and karen are channeling her spirit in the charity project called simply love claire, and that love will get in these colorful boxes called love packages filled with other items for parents who a child, things like a journal, angel figurine. >> and then a other thanment that says my beloved child you may leave this world but you will forever live in our hearts. it is a way on channel our pain and to deal with the grief, and the heartache that we have knowing that we are helping someone else. >> reporter: to raise money mark and karen are selling tickets to the july kid friendly lou on you the same theme as her first birthday party what we want to do with this is help with the financial burden of funeral cost, help with kind of trying to replicate the support that we had because without that sporty don't necessity how we would have made it through. >> reporter: mark and karen are still grieving but they are also giving.
6:20 am
>> the only way that we could thank all of these people was to pay it forward. >> reporter: mark and karen plan to send grieving families four books about loss, 16 months during that first difficult year, it is july 9th in deptford. we have more information on our web site at cws /brotherly. see you tonight. i'm ukee washington. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". family helping other families there. still ahead meisha takes us on a dream drive that is great rain or shine. she was just in wildwood over the holiday weekend and now mary lee the giant great white shark has surfaced again find out if she's still in our area next.
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in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. weekend is looking up, saturday at this point is a guarantee we will stay dry
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with sunshine nice and warm as well but we have some shower chance that is come in the forecast, looking ahead to sunday specifically, second half of the day when our next storm system will be looming, rahel. all right, katie, thank you. now for newspaper headlines across our region. intelligencer of pen ridge high school student is suing school district after she was raped by a fellow student and district officials did not investigator put a stop to harassment after it was reported. the alleged rape happened in 2014. times herald is reporting uma, at elmwood park zoo has died. the wolf suffered from a spine disease and hat limited mobility. zoo officials decide to euthanized her when her condition got worse. in the reading eagle an outpouring of support for 12 year-old girl from berks county who need a double lung transplant, she had cystic fibrosis, school nurse wanted to help her and her family so she organized a fundraiser nearly 300 people showed up
6:25 am
and raised 14 you this dollars to help with medical costs. incredible. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, shore's most famous shark is still in our area mar y lee surfaced late yesterday afternoon 7 miles off the coast of brigantine. she has been working her way up the new jersey shore. earlier in the day 16-foot, 3500-pound shark, pinged off coast of atlantic city and was trapped in wildwood over the weekend if you want to follow mary lee she has her own twit ter account and she has more than 80,000 followers. a lot of people are following mary lee. coming up next on "eyewitness news" an update on our breaking news philadelphia councilman stabbed outside of his home, jan. >> reporter: rahel, council man david oh underwent surgery at penn presbyterian earlier today coming up how he is doing this morning and latest on the search for his assailant. also new numbers released overnight on teen drivers and just how often they are involved in deadly crashes, find out is what blamed for a
6:26 am
spike in accidents, meisha. well, we started off this gateway with multiple accidents we have a few out there plus dealing with construction changes to mass transit and beautiful sun glare. i'll have those updates coming up. we will be right
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and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you
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pregnant with him,was had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor.
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it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need. and good morning, i'm rahel solomon, jim's off today just about 6:30. here's what you need to know in your morning minute. philadelphia city councilman david oh is stabbed during a robbery attempt outside his home in southwest philadelphia. >> stabbed him one time in the left side. >> he is now out of surgery and we're told in stable condition. >> he will likely be back on the phone with other council members talking about legislation very soon. >> david's a tough guy he will be okay.
6:30 am
>> busy night continues for police called out for a triple shooting in north philadelphia , two were killed including a teenager. then a woman is found beaten within inches of her life and stuffed in the trash bag in frankford this happened right across the street from aria frankford frankford hospital, employees of the hospital actually rendered aid to her and then carried her body the mets who to the brewers seven-one and their mascot may have who his job this video posted on twit's peers to show mr. met giving the middle finger to fans. not exactly what you expect from a mascot. >> well, i have to tell you within thing our phillies fanatic would never act that way. i may do belly role but never that, what do you think, katie >> absolutely not. i remember, i want to say in 2012 when mr. met got voted as best mascot in all of major league baseball. >> we need a recount. >> i know, exactly. we have a belly rolling
6:31 am
fanatic and that is the best thing on the planet. >> agreed, here, here. >> mike drop. >> lets talk weather. i could drop mike with this particular forecast, too. this is a nice day especially just because it has been so dreary. yesterday afternoon ended up nice for a lot of us despite scattered showers and heavier thunderstorms but now we are promising, a totally dry day and we have breezy conditions as well but not a bad trade off, comfortable beginning to the morning here, more sun then anything, handful of cloud still out there but we are going to see sun throughout the day, our current temperature is 65 degrees at the airport and in the lower 60's as well around ac airport and then out toward wildwood. that wind flow is more off shore, so it will allow to you warm up more readily at area shore points but currently in the mid 60's there cape may checks in at 61. it is a nice start to the day. lucky enough to have scored a nice long weekend here 70 the
6:32 am
high or temperature as of 9:00 y not eat lunch outside perfect excuse, you may need to secure your napkin or tape cloth but what a better day then new to make the most. it doesn't last forever. >> cannot agree more get outside, if you can, roll those windows down, windows in your place, it will be gorgeous. what we are seeing is sun glare, good morning, happy gateway to our weekend. looking outside schuylkill at boulevard pushing in the westbound direction where we are starting to get slow, as it is looking okay making your way in center city. e and westbound we are slow there new jersey four to freeway north bound at creek road taking it to 295 looking good holding steady right like this everybody is still traveling around at posted speed. it looks great to see that lush, green, grass, sun coming down, beautiful drive-in to work this morning f you have to work today that is silver lining. we have an accident still out there in willow grove.
6:33 am
computer avenue at route 63, plus construction crew pa turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove. two right lane blocked there we have a fatal accident, a head up, that has now been since cleared in cochranville chester county. more coming up in the next 10 minutes. rahel, back to you. we have breaking news just in the news room police are on the scene of the home invasion this happened in the 4500 block of rising sun avenue, that is in philadelphia's feltonville section. home owner was tied up during the home invasion but was not hurt, $500, jewelry, car keys and jewelry was taken n word on who was involved. more breaking news this morning a manhunt for suspect who stabbed philadelphia city councilman david oh. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live, where the councilman underwent surgery last night. >> reporter: philadelphia police are calling it a crime of opportunity, completely
6:34 am
random that the suspect, had no idea who he was attacking this morning. they are still searching for suspect today, meantime councilman david oh is behind me at penn presbyterian recovering, he underwent surgery he is in stable condition. through it all he was in high spirits and he wants everyone to know out there today that he will be okay. we will take you back and run down exactly what happened here. police say councilman david oh arrived home right around 9:45 after a licensing day of work, meetings and parked on his own block, 5800 block of thomas avenue in kingsessing. he was going through getting his bags out when he was approached by a man in his 20 's. he mumled something and councilman oh could not understand him so he tried to talk the two man to see what he wanted. it is then when oh realized he was in trouble. >> announced a robbery tells him to give him his keys, he pulls out a knife at which time councilman was startled at that point, wasn't expected after this long day and having
6:35 am
a brief conversation. the male stabs him one time in the left side. >> councilman oh knits good spirits. he wants everybody to know he is okay and he is doing well. >> reporter: so the suspect then ran away from the scene, he didn't getaway with anything, police are still looking for him this morning. medics brought councilman oh to penn presbyterian where he underwent surgery and now in stable condition. unfortunately we don't have a great description of the man responsible only to say a man in his 20's. they are looking for surveillance video cameras in the area and looking for eyewitness hose may be able to help if anyone has any information, you are asked to call philadelphia police. we're reporting live outside penn presbyterian, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, jan. council woman helen gym tweeted this, sending my pray ers for my collogue david oh. congressman brendon boyle said i'm proud to call david oh a friend.
6:36 am
i'm praying for him and his family tonight and hoping he makes a full recovery. south jersey high school teacher is behind bars after authorities say he was secretly taking up skirt photos in videos of the students this happened at len ape high school in medford burlington county. four three-year old eric howell hit a small cam crane side a coconut water box and placed in his briefcase. he unscrewed the cap and lowering the briefcase near un assuming victims. school district has released a statement in part saying that we reported this matter to local authorities, as soon as we rewere made aware of it. we immediately contacted and communicated with specific parents throughout the investigation by the authorities, offered counseling to any students and staff men with the concern regarding this issue and did not permit this individual on our school ground or any lrhsd events. prosecutors plan to retry david creato junior on charges that he killed his three-year old son. jurors were dismissed after deliberating for four days but they say they could in the reach a unanimous decision.
6:37 am
today would have been brendan 's fifth birthday. hearing next month will focus on the possible retrial. meanwhile creato's attorney says he will be seeking a bail reduction so his client can get out of jail. philadelphia police arrest an 18 year-old man accused of trying to kill his seven year-old sister in their home in olney. tamir albert suffocated his sister yesterday morning with a plastic back. alfred's mother found the girl in her basement after alfred took her car. late pour lies satisfaction they found alfred in the back of their police car. that little girl is on life support right now. down south a wild shooting inside a texas car dealership end with beam dead. deadly encounter was caught on video. we have to warn you video you are to see may be difficulties turning. >> it is hard to watch and hear. >> customers and employees duck for cover as the gun fire rang out, in greenville just
6:38 am
outside dallas this happened on tuesday. authorities say two-point hunters were trying to capture ramone hutchinson a wanted fugitive from minute so the a all three men involved in the shooting died at the scene. no one else was injured. make sure you are touching the toe on each step keeping your arms by your side. >> that is dash cam video of tiger wood arrest in jupiter florida early monday morning that shows the golfer walking the line during a sobriety test before he was placed in handcuffs and ticketed for dui police found wood pulled over asleep at the wheel. wood blamed it on an unexpected reaction to prescribed pain medication. new report says deadly crashes involving teens are up 10 percent, report released by triple a says that teens are more likely to drive distract putting themselves and drivers around them at risk. report specifically highlights 16 and 17 year-old drivers who are three times more likely then adults to be involved in the deadly crash. that number goes up during summer months. >> we typically see 15 percent
6:39 am
spike in deadly teen crashes during summer months. more likely to take risks including speeding, driving distract and not wearing their seat belts. >> triple a says speeding play s a role from 30 percent of fatal crashes involving teen drivers. a lot of people wonder is former vice-president joe biden considering a run for white house in 2020. coming up, action he just took that is fueling speculation. plus, meisha, she will take us on a dream drive to meet craft i characters you might say, find out where you can see this world of wood, pat. it is a celebration that begins today beer week is underway in philadelphia so if you are a fan of beer we will tell you where to go from now until june 11th. plus we have the hammer. >> yes. ♪
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>> i got to put this out here pat gallen will be talking about beer week. >> yep he peers with a hammer. >> i may need help, someone may need to save me. >> stop it pat gallen loves me actually. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
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microsoft is launching x box game pass service giving x books users access to more than 100 games for less than ten dollars a movement concept not new play station now already offers a similar service but the difference here is that microsoft games will be down loaded instead of remote streamed which i hear is more reliable. i have in the played a video game in so long but i don't know. this is a beautiful bag? how beautiful would you say this bag just sold at auction in hong kong forget this, $380,000, that is a lot of zeros. it noise that beautiful. it is a new record in case
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were you wondering. the berkett bag starts at $10,000. it is not i don't think that is beautiful i just don't think it is beautiful enough to justify $380,000, that is american most peoples homes cost. >> i mean is there your mortgage, here take my bag. >> no kidding. >> my goodness. >> yes, ever there was a day i could throw that money on a bag, my gosh, just tell me i won a lottery. weather watchers are definitely loving this weather , why wouldn't you. it is so comfortable but sunnies finally shining, that is the key here, so people zero in take a peak outside 61 . there we go. sixty-one this morning. he is in that bright sunshine in willingboro. modest wind flow at the moment only 1 mile an hour but definitely a nice start to the day, as far south as we can travel in dover, where ann and y is finding left over
6:45 am
cloud but it is dry and that is the key and it will stay that way throughout the course of the day. more sun then anything. next we go to storm scan three which there aren't any storms to track at this point. we have had residual showers and thunder through central pennsylvania that has fizzled. high pressure is regaining control taking the lead, keeping that control, at lee for a day and a half. if you are lucky enough to have a personal day you want to burn or got a long weekend you are starting to day and heading to the shore, um, it is looking fantastic in that sunshine. make sure sun block is ready because you'll get burn easily if you don't have it ready to go. uv index at a eight. rip current risk is moderate. always swim near life guard but be careful if you tip your toes in what is still cold water. do you your thing. looking forward, we still have a new storm system that comes in very minor disturbance, late day shower, thunderstorm but sunday into monies next big thing, next larger storm,
6:46 am
that will trigger widespread showers and storms as early as late day sunday but especially into monday but all and all this is brake we have been promised and it is finally here. >> for all of the days, to have a personal day, vacation day, jim, lucky you. >> yes. >> beautiful outside. >> we were just looking at, the cameras moving making us dizzy but we have a disable vehicle pulled off to the far right shoulder 95 north approaching betsy ross moving in the north bound side. we will not pay too much attention to it, just a head up it is there we can take a peak at southbound side how slow, brake lights there, in loaning traveling at posted speed. then vine, it is closed overnight for construction that has been cleared. pushing in the westbound direction toward schuylkill you can see that bumper to bumper conditions there, that means we are traveling less than posted speed, eastbound side looks okay. looking in delaware county first live look in delaware county 95 north at 452 looking okay, starting to heat up, we will take this up to the airport, we will look like
6:47 am
this and we continue to push northbound that is where it eases tension. by the way at the airport no cancellations or delays. we have an accident out there belmount at rock hill road. you can see there 8 miles an hour that means you are barely moving. give yourself extra time, basically, and schuylkill, and , that is it back to you. joe biden may have denied it several times, many times in fact but some say biden may get ready for a run for the white house. long time delaware senator is launching a political action committee, he has said he regrets not running in 2016 and has made regular public appearances, criticizing president trump. for now we will wait and see but 74 year-old biden says his political action committee will help other people who believe in big dreams. former first lady and former first family in fact will be staying in washington a little longer, former president barack owe bam and michelle obama were renting but now they have paid 8.1 million to buy their home after all.
6:48 am
sascha obama their daughter she starts her junior year in high school this september. their home is in the same neighborhood as home of jared kushner and ivanka trum. daughter and son in law to the president. big event is brewing in philadelphia, tenth annual philly beer week kicks off tonight and, pat gallen is here to tell us more bit, hello, pat. >> local restaurants and brew eries will hoe events around the city to celebrate what has been a rapidly growing festival. we have cristina dowd the executive director of philly beer week and the owner of yard brewery. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> we have a lot of beer here. >> we sure do. >> over last 10 years this has grown, talk about the rise of this. >> it really has. it is great. we are 10 years of beer in and is what really exciting is not even a year ago we went to philly loves beer which is our non-profit organization and philly beer week is our big 10 days of jam packed beer events >> tom, you are from yard brew ery, you guys are all
6:49 am
about the craft beers. so talk about the buildup of craft beer not only in this city but nationwide. >> brewers, great thing about philly beer brewers get together. we get together. we do collaboration beers we do one every year called brotherly should which is a pennsylvania beer, which is great, it was brought in these other collaborations. we do events with each other. it is a real great time. everyone gets together to collaborate on one beer. that is how iting. >> well, for that. >> all sorts of other things going on. everybody having their own wentz their own beers, lot of great energy. >> okay. >> so tonight is opening, hence the hammer here today. talk about tonight's opening test. >> so basically hammer makes its round, starting in all of the studios at 9:00 a.m. we will kick off and go to 30 different bars and restaurants >> yeah. >> what do you do. >> they have 13 minutes, to have some beer and then it is, the bar, restaurant responsibility to use non- motorized way to get it to
6:50 am
the next leg. it will end up at fillmore philadelphia tonight for opening tap. >> how about the rest of the week. >> so many things going on. we will be part of the relay, we're walking doing sort of a marching band, you know but the rest of the week will be amazing. there is so many cool events. we have one we are doing down, called high five public. >> i like that. >> why not. >> we are drinking beer. >> high five. >> you guys will be all over delaware valley, it is not limited to just philadelphia. >> not at all. >> we will be in surrounding suburbs doing partying just as up. >> so this thing here, it will be walked around is that what will happen. >> that is what will happen. >> that is my job. >> yes. >> that lead the parade. >> yes. >> it is heavy to lead the parade w beer week going on through june 11th, guys, thanks so much for coming out. it will be fun, is it not. >> oh, yeah. >> rahel, back over to you. >> give her the hammer, let
6:51 am
her have the hammer. >> i will get in trouble. >> thanks, pat. >> looks like fun. speaking of beer pennsylvania horticultural society has opened up a new pop up beer garden located at 36th and filbert in university city there will be daily specials and weekly happy hour specials and very nice place to go this summer. time for meisha dream drive is there history all over olde city but not quite like this, meisha. >> no, true for decade fans of woodwork flocked to this spot. i learned a lot about wood and new you will too ready for a dream drive, me too. let's go. there is no mistaking is what inside center for art and wood in olde city. every where your eye goes it is just these incredible wood sculptures. >> you have a whole range of objects, made from artists all over the world. >> reporter: the co founder, collecting wood objects in the 1907's and created center in
6:52 am
1986. part gallery, part museum, part library and part shop. his passion carving wood as it spins on the lathh. >> every where it turns is there a great object. >> this one is stealing the attention right now what is this. >> it is called time standing still, it is the size of the arm that lifts up and there is drawers in here and is there a cabinet. >> he is so sweet. tell us the story. >> this was made by skip johnson. he has hand. when you move him, why don't you try move them. >> cute. >> yes. >> look at him. >> he has a built in squeak. he talks to you. >> he talks to you. >> yes. >> center also has special exhibit like this collection of historic and contemporary mangelboard, spelled with a m. >> skateboard, clearly. >> but what they were used for
6:53 am
they are the precursor for an iron. >> where has that kind of detail gone it is cool to walk in that gallery and actually see that. >> meisha, close your eyes, take something out. >> okay. >> open them up. >> i would want to ask you what is it, circular object, with a element, well, when we look at the end what do you see. >> i love that. >> a giraffe. >> that is right. >> a tradition and the kid would cut them and shape them and take them. >> makes me think of the larger scheme of life how many things we walk by that we would never think youfully it, turn it, cut it, what it could turn into. >> that is right about every object in our collection, there is a story behind it, every piece. >> wow. >> thanks so much to our hoe for that, so cool, rahel.
6:54 am
jim said i walk by that place so many times and never thought it was back inside these doors. one in olde city. >> olde city. you have see this big old wood door. if you have never been in there that door is so cool. >> love that. >> yes. >> always want to learn more about wood. >> very close too. >> all right. >> got to get there. thanks to the hosts they were wonderful very cool. we will be right back with three to go.
6:55 am
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philly councilman david oh is out of surgery and in stable condition after he was stab during an attempted robbery near his southwest philadelphia home. police are still looking for a suspect. police are looking for person who attacked a woman in frankford leaving her unconscious. police say man then tried to stuff her in the trash bag and victim is now at a hospital. and president trump is expect to announce u.s. is pulling of the of the paris climate accord, he is expected to announce decision this afternoon at 3:00, and that is three to go. lets get a last check of weather and traffic. >> nice looking day we have sunshine, we have beautiful view of it, in one out on the beach right now in margate scoring a spot early. you have plenty of real estate to pick from. little breezy but nice, warm and we will keep that sun through most of tomorrow, pop up shower or storm and
6:59 am
saturday looks good too. >> sure does can't wait for saturday, looking outside just a head up we have delays here in mass transit because of signal issues. just make sure to check your schedules on line and we have construction in the cynwyd line through june. >> all right, katie, meisha, thanks you. awe halls has a attitude but sesame street oscar the grouch is celebrating his birthday. >> ahh. >> oscar is turning 49 today. first debuted june 1 in 1969. some trivia, i love this, oscar pennsylvania parentally wasn't always green at first he was purple, and then one season he was orange. i don't remember these things. finally, the same man who voiced oscar, also voiced, big bird. >> that is fascinating. >> yes. >> fascinating trivia. >> yes. >> yes. >> always lived in a trash can >> yes he lived in the trash can that would make you very grouchy. >> yes. >> miserable spot. cbs this morning is next. join us each weekday morning
7:00 am
on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, june 1st, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." president trump announces today if he'll pull out of the paris climate agreement signed by nearly 200 countries, and the president launches a new feud with hillary clinton on twig over russia and the election. newly released video dash cam shows tiger woods struggling to answer questions over his suspected dui. and a documentary for showtime. the russian strong man talks about why he's still alive after multiple assassination attempts. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your worl


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