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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 5, 2017 2:05am-2:35am EDT

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they are looking for an escaped prisoner. he escaped while being transported. and was last seen again on lower road, lower state road and bristol road and that's where authorities are focusing the search. it's dark so it's hard to see because most is in fact wooded areas. we do know that -- we don't know where he came from. but we do know there's a bucks county jail nearby. police are again urging residents to stay in their home. residents to keep their doors locked. they're not saying if the prisoner has been found at all or if he still out on the loose again, heavy police presence here, we will keep you updated as we know more information at this hour. until then, alicia nievez. >> more breaking news, one person dead following a multi-vehicle crash on i95 northbound lanes are closed near tin kin township at exit nine, officers say at least five people are injured.
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some traffic does appear to be getting by on the shoulder, but police say to avoid that area altogether if at all possible. authorities are investigating a gruesome discovery in mt. airy. a man and woman were discovered shot inside a dark-colored sedan that was parked along east sidney street before heading to our breaking news story, alicia nievez filed this report on the story. >> reporter: in this usually quiet east mt. airy community, philadelphia police investigating an execution style double homicide. >> both shot one time in the back of the head. this is very much a who done it. >> reporter: all they know is that the victims are a man and woman both in their early 20's. their bodies were discoveredn t afternoon along the 1,000 block of east sidney street inside this darcar. >> it does appear it happened in the shooter was probably in the the driver's see the >> thouface, but she's the
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a walk to her daughter's house. tries to forget what t, and th >> i don't know what was going found dead in the car here sunday afternoon, police aren't sure when the two victims were actually shot and killed. several have come forward and said that car was parked on the street several days as early as thursday night. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. in mt. airy, alicia nievez cbs3 "eyewitness news" now to the very latest in london, where isis is claiming responsibility for saturday's terror attack in the city, the central part of that city, seven people killed, 48 others injured.
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they made dozen arrest, tina krauss has the latest from london. >> reporter: they hauled in at least a dozen suspects believed to be linked to the terror attack. targeted locals and tourists enjoying a saturday night out. they ran a van into pedestrians on london bridge, crash add vehicle outside a pub and got out and started stabbing. >> stabbing this woman nonstop three of them just stabbing her from every direction. this is for allah >> he had been taking to photos on the bridge with his girlfriend and said the van missed him by inches but many others hit >> i haven't seen anything like that. they were just -- do you think they were dead >> for sure >> officers continue their investigation here at london bridge on sunday, police say people should expect to see more armed police and security after this latest attack. police fired about 50 rounds to kill the attackers who were
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wearing fake suicide vests. in an east london neighborhood wherli arrests, he talked to one of the terrorists got my ay of the atta van from, started asking questions how much this that and until n in really >> polic van, it's the third terror att fwers victim vigil on cbs3 news lond. >> still in the hospital including one police are still critical. a french man and a a among the seven dead. are stunned by this violence happening in the u.k. the lights of the tower in paris france
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will go dark again tonight >> hours after the terror attacks, president trump is facing backlash for his comments about the city's mayor, the president tweeted quote, at least seven dead and 48 wounded in terror attacks and mayor of london says there's no reason to be alarmed. the tweet appeared to misconstrue a statement by the mayor alerting about heightened police activity in the wake of the attack. the attacks in london led to an online stream of backlash for uber as well. users complained on social media that the ride sharing ap took too long to deactivate its surge pricing for people trying to get to safety. the general manager of uber in london said the company would not charge users for rides. and as said surge pricing was suspended as soon as the company learned about the incident. . following yesterday's terror attack in london be ariana grande one love manchester benefit concert went on as
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scheduled. ♪ >> more than a dozen artists including katie perry, cold play and justin beiber er joined ariana grande. it was attended by an estimated 50,000 fan, some were involved in the take. >> it's one of those, kind of like we were there, you know, you'll remember it forever. >> the suicide bombing at the manchester arena killed 22 people including seven children. 22-year-old salmon abedi died when he detonated the bomb, officials are still investigating the suspected network that supported him. now the sexually assault trials for comedian bill cosby is scheduled to begin tomorrow in montgomery county. last week, a jury of seven men and five women from allegheny county in pittsburgh were chosen to decide the case against cosby, two women are expected to testify in this case including andrea constand, the temple employee allegedly cosby drugged and sexual assaulted 13 years
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ago. experts called this a case of he said she said but one that may determine the 79-year-old comedian's fate. >> the trial itself is casting all kinds of light and giving attention to the fact of sexual abuse and sexually assault against women. but which is important in its own right. but the attention of the trial has received also reflects how much our culture has changed. >> bill cosby's criminal trial is expected to last about two weeks. also tonight, man accused of stabbing philadelphia city council man david oh was rained on multiple charges including attempted murder, shawn yarbray turned himself in on saturday. three days after a allegedly attacking oh outside of his home. he stalked the councilman in the left side and fled the scene. bail is set at $750,000 authorities were called this afternoon after black bear was spotted wondering about the
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streets. check out the video near the intersection near street road and bustleton avenue. he's opening gates, wondering into folks yards, residents congregated near the tree where the bear took refuge despite warnings to the folks to steer clear of that area. >> it's pretty crazy to see a sizeable bear here. >> too much feastedville seeing a big bear. neighbors are out and there's like a party >> in any believe he's a 2-year-old male. the pennsylvania game commission was on the scene out there. the bear was shot twice with a tranquilizer but ended up back in the tree. stay with us, still ahead, it may be the prom of the century. >> i have my family out here, that's all we care about getting the family out here. my mom and dad. she's the real mvp.
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meet the teen whose prom was worth more than $20,000. plus if you saw super heros wondering about philadelphia, comic con is in town, we'll take you there. chelsea >> unsettled weather heading our way. i'll have details in your updated forecast next. . families who credited the children's hospital of philadelphia for saving their babies gathered together. of a look at how parents and
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comic book to celebrity sightings and more, the invention had a little something for even >> i love the environment, i love that read together and talk buy comics, really fun. >> people of all ages and walks of life came together to celebrate their love of pop culture >> see what the glasses on, something he said he couldn't do openly as a child >> in the 80's, you had to hide the comic books underneath a magazine, it was called nerd and dork, now with the movies coming
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out. seems more acceptable >> that ability to escape resentment reality helped her through being bullied and body shamed >> i was an outcast growing up, and now it's becoming more accepting being a nerd, celebrating you can be open about it >> it can hope the door back to the future. after a help health scare oliver created the replica of the delorean car from movie >> the doctor gave him about six months to live. that was 17 years ago. maybe gave him a little extra time >> these fans your world is what you make it >> make it a good one. absolutely, it's up to you >> at wizard world, anita oh, cbs3 "eyewitness news." camel in north philadelphia? residents were florida when a
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celebration for a legal teenager turned into the party of year and is quickly going viral on social media. but it wasn't just about the glitz and glamor. we caught up with the family as the buzz about the big celebration continues. >> reporter: camel, two luxury cars, three dates and a total of sick custom made out fits along with food and fun for everyone made the debut themed block party one fit for a king and with a $25,000 price tag, you might say it was fit for a sultan. >> it was epic, i had my family, that's all we cared about >> johnny's mom said her son is graduating with a 3.8 grade point average and is a stand-out on the basketball team. she wanted to do something special to reward him >> trying to pay my
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>> my son took it really hard. he believed in his religion, he's muslim, i'm not, that's what kept him strong >> she said she wanted to use the party as way to pay homage to his religion >> people think was making a mockery of the religion, no, that's what kept him strong for me >> bringing to north philadelphia was no easy feat it was a process years in the making. >> i saved this money, this is my bank, all my ones and saved for my son's prom >> she was originally going to take him to debut for his graduation but she was able to make sure the whole neighborhood could enjoy the experience, justice udo for cbs3 eyewitness how did the prom compare to
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-- i want to say -- yes. >> looks like we will have a couple of showers, areas already seeing some, i'll show you that on stormscan 3, we're dry right now in philadelphia. here's a look at current conditions, 82, official high temperature, hello. of i wish it was 82 right now. but 82 was our official high temperature today in philadelphia. that is about two degrees above average for this time of year and overall about six degrees warmer than yesterday, some improvement. some areas got little bit of rain, philadelphia and points southward those areas stay dry. you're going to your current conditions, 50's 60's and 70, 71 in philadelphia. 61 in allentown, 60 in reading, 64 in lancaster, upper 50's in mount pocono. 72 in millville, 69 in wildwood. 73 right now in atlantic city. we have unsettled weather that will be heading our way.
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with the unsettled weather we'll have cooler temperatures, we will be below average for the next five days, tuesday and wednesday being some of our cooler days. we drop down to around 70 on tuesday, 69 on wednesday. then by thursday, we're looking at mid 70's and temperature moderating by the end of the week, by the weekend, back up to the 80's, tomorrow below average temperatures. 77 is the forecast in philadelphia. 76 millville, will be in the low 70's generally down the shore, 71 atlantic city. 75 in allentown, 76 in reading, and then the upper 60s in mount pocono. here's a look at stormscan 3, couple of showers kind of sprinkled across the map. we're dry in philadelphia but picking up on heavier downpours in the lehigh valley, allentown starting to move a little bit off towards the east. orange and red showing up there
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dealing with heavier rain and heads up to you clinton this will be heading your way over the next half hour. some areas will be dealing with showers, more unsettled weather, more moisture down to the south and west. ohio valley, moving in overnight and as we start out the work week. future weather, starting out at this hour, again, picking up really well, showers popping up in the lehigh valley. by tomorrow morning, looks like the first half of the day will be a little bit quieter than the second half. shower action starting to move in oh northern delaware. also southern new jersey, i think we could see storms as far north as cape may county, atlantic county and then early evening we'll have a better chance of showers and storms popping up. it could be a wet commute home after work. keep in mind as we stay unsettled. forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy shower around, overnight low temperature dropping down to the mid 60's.
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generally cloudy, showers and a thunderstorm possible. upper -- temperatures heading up into the upper 70's in philadelphia. take a look at your "eyewitness news" weather, seven-day forecast, 70 on tuesday, we're dropping down into the upper 60's on wednesday, looking at 74 by thursday. there's going to be a cool mid week for us, by the time we get to your friday, we're looking at upper 70's and back up to the 80's in time for it next weekend. >> thank you so much, chelsea. local nascar action >> jimmy johnson can he once again stay in the monster mile and will the phillies finally win the
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found his groove. phillies took on the giants, seventh, 7-6 and odd ball comes to the rescue. all the way from first and that will tie up the game to the bottom of the eight and. michael franco, who's also been in a slump goes to the opposite field. this is his seventh of the season and back the fightins regain the lead. later in the eight and, we have freddy galvis hits his second homer in the game. the phillies win back-to-back game in the series for the first time since late april, 9-7 the final. to nascar. the speed way to the jimmy johnson race, he took the lead on the final lap after a crash took under caution this is his 11th win and 83rd of his career. >> who's to blame for the
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terrible start? should the eagles bring back jeremy maclin after cut by the chiefs? wip glen macnow will be joining us >> not a bad idea >> do you think >> thank you, lesley. stay head on "eyewitness news" former patients and children's hospital of philadelphia spent the day celebrating treatment how chop ♪ it's here. the first night your teenage daughter stays out way too late.
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but after three years of specialist cancer care, to guide her into remission, you couldn't be happier about it. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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♪ welcome back. celebration of life today at the children's hospital of physical, leonard and madeline pediatric research center. ♪ >> kicking things off about 400 former fetal surgery patients and families mingled around with hospital staff at the 21 it's annual fetal surgery family reunion nearly all of the family
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were preanalystly diagnosed with a birth defect and under life saving surgery: at pioneer in that field. looks like everything had a great time. 11th annual alex scott on thursday. it's coming up quickly raising money for childhood cancer, alex scott dreamed of the day when none of her friends would ever have to fight cancer. and even though alex lost her own battle, we're joining her family and friends in keeping her dream alive. join us on thursday. we certainly hope you will donate. chelsea is back with us with a
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. two women never met are now lifelong friends, because of a flood in north carolina. three months ago after three months after opening her dream bridal boutique, allison was about to call it quits after flood damage ruined most of other inventory. a woman swooped into help in a moment of need, gave her five designer wedding gown, two brides made dresses an wedding veil. >> i'm now 81, i know about flood victims >> she reminds me so much of my
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mom. and these dresses. >> the woman exchanged phone numbers and planned to call on each other for business and fashion advice. crews are working to try to replace the flood damaged walls and floors into a boutique. >> chelsea >> an unselled start to the work week, take a look at your seven-day forecast. 77 high temperature tomorrow, couple of showers, thunderstorm possible, look how we cool down tuesday, shower possible 70 degrees that's average for this time of year, into the upper 60's wednesday, then start to moderate by thursday and friday and by next weekend back up into the 80's. >> thank you so much, and thank you for joining us, always on handing things over to lesley and the cbs3 sports zone, have a great night. everyone. ♪ . ♪.
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this is the hyundai sports zone >> the cavaliers cut down on the turnovers in game one and stopped the warriors 13 game post season, eagles top pick 2014 has been a no show for it's work outs. thanks for joining me, the phils will start a nine-game road trip in atlanta sending jeremy hellickson to the mound, for the first time since late april against giants, the phillies are
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down 1-0 in the first, odubel herrara, headed, hernandez, turns down and the fightins are able to tie the game. leading 2-1 in the second, freddy galvis showing pop right there. two-run homer, and the phillies with a 4-1 lead. odubel at the blate. a solo shot fourth of the year, and it's 6-3 fightins, the phillies down 7-6 but they will come for the rescue, into the gap in left center, hernandez scores again and again, the game is tied. bottom of the eighth, michael franco been in a slump lately. right there. seventh and with that, the fightins were able to regain the lead. later in the eighth, we have freddy


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