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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 5, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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> ♪ ariana grande's emotional return to manchester. >> tonight is all about love right? >> i'm in england to take you behind the scenes of her tearful tribute concert with katy, miley and justin. >> we love you so much. her entire show after rehearsals and the part of the performance that even shocked her mom. then, james corden gives "e.t." a tour of his london set. >> harry styles is going to perform out on this roof. >> how he's changing his show after this weekend's terror attack. ♪ don't go chasing waterfall plus -- tlc back in spotlight. >> when it's time to sing "red light special" and the kids are right there -- >> only we're on set of their new music video. and the power of tom cruise. >> do you know that tom cruise
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is a flight term? >> what? >> we'll tell you what it means. >> seriously? ♪ now, for june 5th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> the world was watching as the world's biggest stars poured their hearts out on stage. thank you for joining us. ali fedotowsky-manno's here, in for nancy o'dell. >> it was such a beautiful night. the one love manchester was a night full of tears and resilience. >> our senior news editor was inside the arena. >> tonight is all about love, am i right? ♪ >> ariana grande made an emotional return to the manchester stage. it was all the more impressive after we learned the singer made a risky last minute set change. the singer said she rearranged
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her show after saturday's rehearsal after meeting the mother of victim olivia campbell. who was killed in the terror attack. >> and she said that, i should stop crying because olivia wouldn't want me to cry, and then she told me that olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. >> this morning ariana's mom, joan, thanked the city of manchester and posted this incredible concert picture. i actually saw her yesterday, talking with ariana's fans in the crowd, and you could see she was definitely feeling the love. and it turns out, even ariana's mom was surprised by the song that her daughter closed the show with. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow >> joan grande told "variety," i didn't know she was going to sing it. she went on to explain that it was the favorite song of ariana's grandfather. meanwhile, during katy's performance you may not have noticed this. ♪ you're gonna hear me
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>> look closely, right there, her one love dress included a photo of the 22 people killed during the bombing. ariana grande and miley, and ariana with her boyfriend mac miller. that diamond on her left finger right there, started speculation that the couple is engaged. a source close to them says ariana grande is not engaged. finally, one more big surprise justin bieber. ♪ i've been so caught up in my job ♪ i know i'm better sleeping on my own ♪ >> his performance was one of my favorites of the night. it was so heartfelt and touching. >> everybody say we honor you. >> all: we honor you. >> we love you. >> all: we love you. >> thank you so much for having me, guys, love you. >> it was a beautiful night. now, there were also a few controversial moments. liam gallagher called out his brother for not being at the concert. he was allegedly vacationing.
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some people were wondering where was usher. he promoted the event on social media. some publications had him attending. today, he explained that he never intended to be at the concert it was his son's first day at a special camp for kids with diabetes. as a father he felt he had to be there. james corden is in london with "the late late show." and he spoke about how tomorrow night's show has been affected after what happened in london. >> after what happened here in london this weekend, we're going to have to think about our show. >> corden had to scrap his opener after they'd already filmed 80% of it, and a new version is still in flux. >> we don't know what we're going to do. maybe it's a good time to do this show to show the world, the unbelievable resiliency of this city. it's a beautiful place to be. >> james gave "e.t." an exclusive tour of his london set -- a transformed church, with an impressive view.
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♪ it will be all right >> harry styles is going to perform out on this roof. >> this week's shows are packed with stunts featuring british and american celebs, from "carpool karaoke" with ed sheeran. ♪ i'm on my way stuck in some traffic on these bad freeways ♪ >> back in london, he did "crosswalk the musical" as mary poppins. >> it's so silly. to be doing it with sir ben kingly is such an enormous treat for me. >> jennifer hudson, you're doing drop the mic. how scared are you to take on the jhud? >> it's going to be brutal. >> but knocking the wind out of those star's sails -- tom cruise. >> we call it tom cruise's on the river thames corden. it was really stupid.
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you didn't see what was happening on the boat. >> what happens on the boat? >> you'll have to wait and see. >> he came to me. >> when i'm with him i don't know whether to shake his hand or lick his face. i'm just so in love with him and at one point he had his top off. technically we're both men and we couldn't look more different than we do right now. >> james don't worry. tom kept what happens on the boat on the boat. but he had a lot to say about "the mummy," that interview is coming up a little bit later. jennifer lopez called that picture, sunday funday. me, i call it another sign that a-rod might be putting a ring on it soon. come on, they sure look like a big happy family. meanwhile, another camera-shy couple just got exposed. topping tonight's "know and tell," taylor and joe out of hiding. ♪ nice to meet you where you been i can show you incredible things ♪ >> taylor seemed to be showing her british beau the sights of nashville from the terrace of
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her high-rise pad. the singer and the 26-year-old actor shared coffee on her balcony. in this shot, joe looks at taylor with his seemingly undivided attention. ♪ nicole kidman and keith urban were also in nashville on a hockey date, wearing jerseys with their names on the back. the two celebrated the nashville predators' win in game three of the stanley cup finals. ♪ i'll never make you cry >> they were supporting the team which is captained by carrie underwood's husband mike fisher. after the win, carrie posted her reaction to the victory. ♪ all we do is win win win in beverly hills, it was dinner for two for mariah carey and bryan tanaka, the diva and her backup dancer were all smiles as they arrived at mastro's steakhouse. a source close to maria tells "e.t." she and brian are very
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happy together. and eric dane made his first public appearance since taking a leave from his series, "the last ship," to battle depression. eric, wife rebecca gayheart and their two adorable daughters made it a family night at the butterfly ball. the organization provides jobs for the disadvantaged. >> we need people to give us those second chances so that we can all be our best selves. >>. >> reporter: also very big news about a primetime couple, kevin james is saying good-bye to his tv wife because an old flame is coming back full time for season two of "kevin can wait." she's been in my life forever. i can't get rid of her. ladies and gentlemen, miss leah remini. >> in a surprise move by producers, "e.t." can confirm, leah remini's in, erinn hayes is out. >> i'm here to take your husband away to a hotel for the weekend. >> remini will be reprising her role as kevin's former partner, detective vanessa cellucci on the cbs sitcom, her guest spot on last season's finale was a ratings hit for the series. >> okay, give me some gum. >> i just love kevin. i would do anything with him. >> how the network will handle erinn's exit remains to be seen.
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we're told the writers haven't worked that out yet and the change had nothing to do with erinn's performance. the show is just "going in a different creative direction"." erinn tweeted her reaction saying, true, i've been let go from the show. very sad, i had a great experience season one. thank you for all the support from our wonderful fans. >> here's the plan. it's an unusual switch for a show that debuted as the number one new comedy of the season. we were on the set of "kevin can wait" before it hit the air. at the time erinn told us it was a gig too good to pass up. >> they came to me and i think at first i was like, i don't want to shoot a show in new york. i have my family in los angeles. and when i did take a real look it's like, oh, oh, this could be really great. >> but the chemistry on and off screen is undeniable. we saw that first hand on "king of queens." >> i don't know it's just something that -- >> it worked from the beginning.
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>> i loved those two. coming up next -- what happened? >> cheryl burke on the injury that nearly ended her new tour. >> blood running down my face. and why is the new "dance moms" coach throwing shade at abby lee miller. >> they're traumatized by the situation. then -- only "e.t." is on the set of tlc's new music video. which celeb donated $5,000 to win a sleepover with the group? >> where are you, girl? we have our onesies, we're waiting.
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restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia: a common side effect of some schizophrenia medications. learn more at they asked me who would win wonder woman or thor? i think it's wonder woman, don't you? >> gail gadot throwing down the gauntlet with chris hemsworth. we know that wonder woman would totally win. >> absolutely. what does chris think about this? he said i think she would sick thor's you know what.
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that's a smart man. >> you never mess with wonder woman, the movie made more than $100 million this weekend. >> some nice cash. and can we talk about another fierce female, cheryl burke. she's doing everything. she's taking over "dance moms." she's hitting the road with a new dance tour. and nothing's going to stop her, not even a nasty dance floor collision. first things first, what happened? >> i know. we were doing this lift, my partner and i, and we were trying something new. he was spinning me really fast and then we butt heads. and then i go to the mirror and there's blood running down my face. my boyfriend's been taking care of me. he's been washing my hair in my sink. >> the two-time mirrorball champ is dating actor matthew lawrence, again. >> we dated ten years ago when joey lawrence was on "dancing with the stars" season three. we went out on tour and joey introduced me to his brother, and, that lasted like maybe a year and a half and now we're back together. we're older -- a lot older, wiser. >> tomorrow cheryl heads to japan to kick off her "love on the floor" tour. she gave fans a sneak peek on "dancing with the stars."
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she'll be joined by three olympic ice skaters, including mirrorball champs kristi yamaguchi and meryl davis, and meryl's partner on the ice, charlie white. did you just put the call out or were they some of your favorite dancers? >> well, i find that doing "dancing with the stars" for 19 seasons athletes were always the easiest to train, they are punctual. they are graceful. >> "love on the floor" hits 30 u.s. cities starting in october, right around the same time cheryl's episodes of "dance moms" will start airing. she stepped in for the season's last three episodes after abby lee miller quit the show. >> i do not like her way of teaching sometimes and i feel like both the girls and the moms -- i know abby hates what i'm about to say -- but i do feel like they are traumatized from the situation. i try and inspire my students and expect the best out of them and not call them names. >> still ahead - ♪ i don't want no scrubs
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>> our tlc exclusive as the '90s girls group makes a big comeback. what chilli told us about the nick cannon dating rumors? plus, we're taking flight with tom cruise. >> i'm an aviation fanatic. >> from "the mummy" to the "top gun" sequel, to the first scenes from his new pilot movie. closed captioning provided by --
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>> that's one of the defining songs of the '90s. no other american girl group has sold more records than tlc. so, i was like a giddy little kid when the ladies invited me on the set of their new music video. chilli and t-boz are crazy, sexy cool and the love for tlc is still so cool. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to ♪ >> well, how does that make you feel when you turn it on and you see there's tlc? >> honestly, i start grill cheesin'. >> do you? >> big time. >> both sets of teeth, colgate's all day. ♪ the rest is up to me and you >> "the voice" coaches' version has been viewed nearly 62 million times. tlc also performed it on "dancing with the stars." but can you believe it's been 22 years since "waterfalls" first became a hit?
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we were on the set of that music video back in 1995. ♪ >> tionne "t-boz" watkins is now a mom of two, including almost 2-year-old adopted son, chance. rozonda "chilli" thomas has a 20-year-old son of her own. lisa "left eye" lopes died in a car crash in 2002. but the ladies keep her spirit alive in their music, their name and their fashion. >> look at that right there. >> this is one of them. yes, she's always with us. >> yep, she's on her -- she's on you, too, boo. >> fans always tell us how they can feel her energy because even with like "ain't too proud to beg." ♪ i ain't too proud to beg ♪ if i need it in the morning or the middle of the night ♪ ♪ so i creep >> t-boz and chilli still got plenty of swag. i witnessed it as they shot
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their new music video "way back." yeah, tlc's got a whole new generation of fans. ♪ some things don't ever change ♪ >> we look out in the audience and we see, you know, like 10-year-olds and stuff. and i'm not lying when it's time to sing "red light special" and the kids are right there. ♪ i'll give you the red light special ♪ >> no gyrating. no gyrating, girl. >> the gyrating kind of slows down a little bit. >> because back in the day? yeah. >> all that gyration. >> yeah, we weren't thinking about it like that then. ♪ i don't want no scrubs >> t-boz told me she's doing really well after getting a brain tumor removed 11 years ago. and watch how i sneak in this question to chilli about those nick cannon dating rumors. >> i really do love nick cannon. i thought you all were going to be -- i thought maybe -- i had hope -- i had hope -- i didn't see that coming. and i was like, oh. >> we're just friends. yeah, yeah. >> tlc has got a lot of celebrity friends, including
7:21 pm
katy perry who donated $5,000 to the band's kickstarter campaign funding their new self-titled album "tlc." katy won a sleepover. so what was that like? hanging with katy? >> well, honestly, we have not had that yet. >> no? >> we didn't get to do it yet. >> katy. >> yeah, where are you girl? >> we have our onesies, we're waiting. >> yeah, onesies! >> i had so much fun with the ladies. maybe they'll squeeze in that sleepover while they're out on tour, starting july 7th. meanwhile, the new album will be available june 30th. you're alive because you were chosen. >> by what? >> evil. >> that was intense. four more days until tom cruise takes on "the mummy." the thriller hits theaters this friday. and the excitement continues to build about the "top gun" sequel. it has an official title now and that is "top gun: maverick."
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tom's been flying high for 30 years. he still doesn't know how much of an effect he has had on our lives. until now. >> do you know that "tom cruise" is a flight term, on international long-haul flights? >> what? >> have you heard of this? >> no. >> tom cruise is now an official flight term, what do you think it means? >> when you hit altitude and you just go full throttle? >> not that, actually, it means keep it organized. like, keep the tea and the coffee organized. >> are you serious? >> yeah. that's what it means. better than a mess, by the way. >> exactly. >> well, that's very cool. i'm now a flight term. i'm an aviation fanatic so i love that. >> tom cruise and aviation have a long history in movies. his zero-gravity plunge in "the mummy" is just the latest. in his upcoming movie, he plays a pilot. the trailer just dropped today. >> i was working for the cia, the dea. >> i like flying. i like flying helicopters and i
7:23 pm
fly mostly -- i fly a p 51 and planes like that. >> tom did helicopter training last year in london. he first began to fly while filming "top gun." >> tom first learned to fly while acting in top gun. >> i can't talk about the story at all this point. i can't say anything. >> you know what, secrets are going to start to get out. they'll start shooting some time next year. meanwhile, tom's ex katie is going back to school. it is not just any school. we'll tell you where, next.
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all right, before we go, katie holmes and yara shahidi are both headed off to college. >> katie's the latest star to be accepted into harvard business school special executive education program. you know, this program is a part-time program which allows stars to juggle their very busy schedules and still have time to make it to class. >> meanwhile kwa ra was accepted as an undergrad at
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miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. to make a good school day. takes a lot e mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪
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>> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> number one, bill cosby's sexual assault trial begins.
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>> we saw cosby walk in the courtroom. just over my shoulder here. >> his tv daughter by his side. where was his wife? and the parallels to the infamous o.j. simpson trial. we go behind the manchester concert by the numbers. ♪ >> we're protected by all this love. and number three, tina knowles gives us a beyonce twin update. >> she's very calm and she's very happy. >> but what queen bey question was offlimits? plus, your "insider" bonus. >> you [ bleep ] me. >> how much of star jones "daytime divas" is based on her view? >> behind the scenes is the >> an affair behind the scenes the least of the scandal. is paula abdul planning her "idol" return? >> is she vy


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