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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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the reason investigators want to speak to several teenagers about the blaze. >> and behind bars, he's accused of punching a man with cerebral palsy. barry baker's shocking response to his arrest. >> also front lawns look more like rivers in montgomery count. more than 80 homes dealing with the effects of a water main break. tonight a neighborhood is coming together despite the damage. good evening everyone. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. cleave brian is live in abington tonight. what's the latest there? >> reporter: we did see some up beat attitudes as they were dealing with the situation there. the water company hopes to restore services but the roadway is a different story. a hole back here is about the size of a swimming pool as they continue to work on the roadway. they're going work through the night after a wet and wild
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afternoon. >> you just check out the fence line you can see where all the water came down. >> reporter: aaron houston says it's scary to think what could have happened when this sudden flood came tearing through his yard monday afternoon. >> normally at this time my oldest son, my four-year-old is out back playing and this is the one time where we're like no just stay inside. it might rain. >> reporter: the water came from a water main break on edge hill road. a 16-inch cement pipe that dates back to 1911 appears to have ruptured because of age. >> we have it on a scheduled to be replaced in late 2018 early 2019. >> reporter: aqua shut off the water about two hours after the break began. township officials say it doesn't appear to be structural damage to any homes but at least six took in water in their first floor or basement. luna the cat got some wet paws. >> i checked my garage. it's pretty wet and everything. so it was kind of surprising.
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i didn't figure anything like that was going to happen. >> reporter: aqua provided drinking water until repairs were over. some neighbors decided to band together for a barbecue. >> everyone is bringing something and just weather the storm and get through it. >> reporter: aaron houston who got water in his kitchen and damage to his car says this is certainly a day the neighborhood will never forget. >> once you see the water start coming at you and you're like whoa, what do we do. so you've got to start thinking fast. but it was a scary experience. >> reporter: abington police say to avoid edge hill road tomorrow morning and possibly also tyson avenue. when the water is returned they have a boil advisory. if you lost your water and get it back on, boil your water before drinking it and if you want to file a claim, abington township has information on how to do that on their social media site. >> all right, cleave. thank you. a disturbing video that showed up on facebook tonight
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has philadelphia police investigating and asking for your help. the video shows a man being punched in the face and we're blurring the video to protect the identities of the victim and the suspects who appear to be juveniles. according to the comments section on that post, the assault happened on the 100 block of west shelton avenue in germantown. officers are asking anyone with knowledge of the incident who can provide more information to call police. the man police say mocked and suckerpunched a person with cerebral palsy last month is now in police custody. he eluded police for several weeks at a west chester 711. they found him at a clairon inn in exton. he made one comment to authorities that left them shaking their heads. >> the defendant said: i don't know why this is such a big deal. it is a blessing that the united
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states marshal service and our sheriff department caught this defendant because he was at risk while he was out there. >> baker is being held on $1 hundred,000 cash bail and faces years in prison if convicted. >> fire destroys a house in bucks county and authorities are now investigating if teenagers with fireworks are to blame. alex? >> reporter: well, ukee, the exact cause of this fire has not yet been determined but neighbors tell us that their community has been plagued by teenaged boys setting off fireworks near other people's houses and tonight investigators would like to speak with those young men. >> they said had i been asleep, i wouldn't have made it. >> >> i hope they figure out who it was. >> i don't think they anticipated all of this happen. >> reporter: lisa and riley stand in borrowed clothing near the rubble of their home. lisa was home with her dog when
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she heard several blasts. >> i heard the fireworks and i said wait a mini seen this big orange flame. >> within moments the house and cars in the driveway were burning. >> my neighbor shot into the house and he grabbed me and he grabbed the dog and we got out. >> reporter: that heroic gesture is now overshadowed by the investigation into what caused the fire. like lisa, witnesses describe hearing fireworks going off moments before the fire was discovered. around the same time another one was lit on a porch of a neighboring home according to the fire marshal. >> they were terrorized with them also. placing them on their porch and letting them go off and then they run. >> i don't know much about fireworks. >> kelly johnson says a couple of weeks ago a fire work landed in her yard. thanks to an outpouring of
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support, they are less angry than they are grateful. >> is it an inconvenience? yeah. absolutely. but we're all safe, this can be replaced. >> reporter: back to who may have set off those fireworks. the fire marshal is looking to speak with four boys between the ages of 14 and 15 years old they were riding bikes and a skate board and one of them may be named alex. reporting live in bucks county, i'm alexandria hoff. >> authorities in bucks county have charged the father of escaped prisoner. he was arrested this afternoon for allegedly aiding in his son's escape from doylestown earlier this morning. his son escaped police custody last night prompting an overnight shelter-in-place order. the father's bail is set at $25,000.
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>> tomorrow is day two of the bill cosby sexual assault trial at the montgomery county courthouse. he was accompanied into the courtroom by keisha knight pull yam who played rudy on the cosby show. >> big picture to the other accusers is for the most part they will not have their day in court because we do not know of any other criminal case which is pending. >> cosby's defense team attacked johnson's claims and her recollection of the alleged asausmt cosby is on trial for allegedly drugging and molesting former temple university employee andrea constand back in 2004. jury equilibrium racials will resume in the trial of lee kaplan. he's accused of sexually assaulting six sisters.
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he assaulted the girls inside his home. authorities say the couple gifted the girls to kaplan because he helped the family financially. kaplan could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted. >> londoners came together today to honor the seven killed and 48 injured in saturday's attack on london bridge. zbld scotland yard is publicly identified two of the three suspects in saturday's terror attack on london bridge. investigators say 30-year-old man may be mor rock an or libyan. he was not known to police. the 27-year-old british citizen born in pack scan. he was known to intelligence agencies but not considered a threat. now they want to know if they had any more help. a man was driving a bus on london bridge when he saw the
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attackers' van strike and kill a woman. >> i could see the lady on the ground just after the van had passed. my first thought was to help that lady. >> police released a dozen people they took into custody in raids. british media reported late monday police found molotov cocktails in the back of the van. earlier londoners gathered to honor the victims and show their die fines. >> as the mayor of london, we will defeat you. you will not win. >> london's muslim mayor told thousands that fear and terror will never rule their lives. >> they're evil. >> reporter: saturday's attack was the third terrorist incident in the uk since march. officials say the gunman in today's shooting spree at a business in orlando targeted his
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victims. he killed five people when he walked in this morning and started shooting. police have described newman as a disgranteled former employee. >> we have new information tonight about russian hacking into the 2016 election. a report by the nsa suggests hackers from russian military intelligence were trying to access voter registration information just days before the election. the hacker stole user credentials from a u.s. election software company in florida and tried to use those credentials to send fake e-mails to 122 local government officials. the report says viruses in those e-mails tried to access election-related hardware and software applications. the white house says president trump will not claim executive privilege to block the testimony of former fbi director james comey.
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he is expected to testify thursday. he is expected to address questions on whether president trump asked him to stop an investigation and to then-national security advisor michael flynn. still to come on eyewitness news at 11:00 tonight, portraying paterno. the "a" list actor said to play him. >> back on the ground, the wildlife officials wrangle up a bear on the lose in bucks county.
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>> voters in new jersey head to the polls tomorrow for primary elections and here are some of the decisions on the ballot. the biggest race is the primary for governor. six democrats and five republicans are vying to replace governor chris christie when his term ends next year. in camden, voters will essentially be picking a new mayor because three men are running on the democratic side and there are no republicans on the ballot. atlantic city mayor will find out which democrat he'll run against in november. he is running unopposed for re-election in the republican primary. the polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow and we'll of course have results for you on >> al pacino has reportedly signed on to play joe paterno.
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multiple outlets are reporting that pacino will star in the film which is said to focus on paterno's reaction to sandusky's arrest and the fallout at penn state. the movie will air on hbo. no word on when it will be released. >> some amazing dash cam video from illinois tonight. it shows a complete stranger jumping into a moving car to help a driver who was having a seizure. police tried to pull over this blue car it was going about 10 miles per hour but the driver wouldn't stop. a good samaritan saw the driver was having a seizure so he jumped through the passenger side window bringing the car to a stop. tompkins was not injured. no word tonight on the condition of the driver who suffered the seizure. >> a bear that's been on the loose in bucks county was captured tonight and will be reelectricitied about 100 miles away.
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we're told a helicopter was used to scare it out of a tree. >> this is the photo of the tranquilized bear. earlier near a swim club a crowd gathered to watch the black bear. we're told it's about 2 years old, weighs more than 100 pounds and likely recently left its mother's den. >> let's get the latest on our forecast with lauren case. what's it looking like? >> berry dreary. >> i got it. >> it's going to stay that way for the next several days before we have some beautiful weather that's going to return for the time for a trip down to wilmington for summer fest. we have some low clouds on the scene starting to dry out a little bit, a soaking rain along the coast. we're at 68 degrees right now as we get a live look at center city philadelphia.
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dew points are up into the middle 60s, you can kind of cut the air with a knife it is so muggy outside and that feeling is going stay with us throughout the overnight period and throughout the first half of the day tomorrow. soaking for south jersey, the coach, the beaches. vineland about .5 inch. high temperatures today dp struggle a little bit. our natural high temperature now is 80 degrees. we only hit 74 in philadelphia and so far for june we are breaking even as far as average temperatures are concerned after an unseasonably very warm april and of course last month our cool, camp, dreery conditions below average and now we're breaking even for june as of yesterday. temperatures right now though they are pretty mild. we won't cool all that much throughout the overnight period. 68 degrees in wilmington, 65 in atlantic city, still near 70 in
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allentown. that's because our air temperature cannot fall below our dew point temperature and our dew point temperatures are elevated up into the middle 60s so we definitely have that muggy factor. probably need to run the ac overnight. thunderstorms possible late tonight in the city. down to 64 degrees, for our tuesday another round of scattered showers and high temperatures only topping about 10 degrees below average tomorrow at 70 degrees it's all due to this upper area of low pressure, disturbed area of weather higher up in the atmosphere has a cold pool of air aloft we get a taste of that at the surface as well. upper level lows are known for their cloudiness. and we're going to contend with that through mid week the last of the showers and light rain activity finally moving out of the shore. a few lingering showers up towards beach haven where we did pick up highest rainfall totals today. this kind of activity starting to work towards the poconos. you're probably hearing a few
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rumbles of thunder in mount pocono as we head into about the next hour and future weather going to project that for us. that line will move southbound but we can see an isolated thunderstorm rolling into center city. some showers, thunder tomorrow morning. looking like a bagged lunch if you want to avoid rainfall. same case as we head into tomorrow evening. it looks like a mainly dry start on wednesday for a commute, clouds definitely around and a few spotty showers as we head into the afternoon so we can see this unsettled weather staying with us for the next several days. this graphic specifically requested by sports director don bell. i made it happen. the first day of sipping. bring an umbrella because you might have to dodge a shower. friday the best day for gardening. temperatures in the upper 70s
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with a lot of sunshine. the forecast on wednesday is on the cooler side, temperatures in the middle 60s, thursday we head up to 71 degrees, check out friday, saturday, sunday and monday. 80, sunshine, maybe a pop-up storm on saturday but otherwise feeling like summer. >> you've got to give the people what they want. >> you ask and you receive. >> all over it. >> i also want to talk about the birds as well. the eagles suffer a minor setback we have injury news.
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>> his way home. the phils strike first. next batter, tommy joseph. deep left field, a 2-run blast. phils go up 3-0. now in the fourth, the phils up a touchdown and an extra point. a 2-run home run. bumps and bruises are part of the game. just hope they don't happen in june. eagles defense attack left today's otas with a strained ankle. wentz is enjoying his first off season as a full-time starter. at this point last year he was watching sam bradford get all the work. carson is learning a lot. >> a year under your belt does for you.
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a year under your belt and also those game situations, coming in this off season, having a full off season to go back and dissect the tape, knowing every detail about the concepts. definitely don't have it mastered by any means, but definitely feel much more comfortable with it. >> nba summer league starts on fourth of july week. don't expect fireworks from the sixers. the nba draft is on june 22nd. the sixers are preparing for the draft by working out prospects. today they hosted six collegiate players. the sixers have the third overall selection. >> i think there's some guards that you have to look at that would dramatically improve our guard play and i think that you know across the board you've got six or seven guys that we're still looking at and considering
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for three. one and two is going to determine exactly that how that list gets reduced. >> penguins and pred dors. the preds trying to even up the series second period. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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>> the students graduated from the camden academy charter high school. graduating class also in attendance zachary hicks who flu in from germany to present his sister with her high school diploma. so congratulations to all of graduates. >> we're coming off a pretty good weekend. today is only monday but of course i focused on the next weekend. after a cool and cloudy stretch for the upcoming workweek we're going to feel like summer again. looking pretty good model wise with high temperatures generally in the middle 80s, possibly some upper 80s by sunday. at this point it looks like we have a trend of
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a reminder, our 11th annual alex scott a stand for hope telethon is happening thursday. we're raising money to help fight childhood cancer. alex scott dreamed of the day when none of her friends would have to fight cancer. we are joining her family and her friends to keep her dream alive and we invite you to join us on thursday as well. >> for don, lauren and everyone here i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show is next. with kevin hart. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family.
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