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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. some residents in montgomery county are still without water after century old water main break turns lawns into waterfalls. we'll tell you just how many homes are affected. >> new this morning, a shooting leaves one person dead and a fairhill home. the reason officers may not have a hard time finding the gunman. and it is a foggy morning in the delaware valley. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. we'll tell when you the fog should clear and how much rain, yes, i said rain; in store for us today. and it is tuesday, june 6. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. all of that plus primary day in the garden state. first, a check on the forecast with katie and the roads with meisha. >> good morning. happy tuesday. you say rain, like me saying
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construction, right? it is out there. >> i know, trust me, i do not want to talk about it but it is out there and the vine, closed of course. >> i got thrown off by that this morning, and ended up getting off south street, just one of those mornings, wrong side of the bed. likes ugh. yes, so i'll need you guys help raise me up, and don't start singing, don't do it. >> ♪ >> oh, let's take a look. pretty heavy rain moving through the north and west most suburbs. meisha cracking up. but, you know, we also had some fine mist, that isn't necessarily going to show up on the radar. do you have heavy rain working its way right now through northern chester part of montgomery and bucks counties, that's the most obvious part of what you are finding on the radar. we talked about the fog, as well, and yes, it is producing some poorer visibility, down to half mile at the a.c. airport, little bet nerve some locations like lancaster, wilmington, it will be somewhat patchy where you come across it, but where you do come across it it could be locally dense, as women.
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keep that in mind, fog as well as mist, and then also some additional showers are in our forecast throughout the day today. so, it is just another, i don't want to call it miserable day, but certainly isn't bright and sunny. you won't see virtually any sunshine at all today. it will be shroud in the cloud cover throughout the day. off to mild start. i don't think we really rebounds all that much. at best maybe 07 degrees today. >> katie we love you. any time you want jim and i to sing. >> i know? >> careful what you wish for. >> totally. good morning, everybody, so what are we look at right now? this is actually video. what we are talking about yes the vine street expressway. so we do have overnight vine construction, talking about at the desk, between the schuylkill and broad. working on the 18th and 22nd street bridges, this is is why the closures are going on, it is a heads up, she got stuck this morning, still closed we'll let you know as soon as it clears, and it will be this week through thursday. the ramp from woodhaven road eastbound to 95 north, just heads up, that's just clearing, now, and the blue
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route northbound between norristown and mid-county also still out there right now, the left lane blocked northbound e-zpass lanes closed at mid-county as well. a lot more to talk about coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. this morning, police know who they are looking for in deadly shooting in fairhill. twenty-nine year old man was shot by 26 year old man during a fight inside a home on the 3,000 block of percy street about 10:30 last night. victim pronounced dead at temple university hospital. alleged shooter took off with a gun in his hand. >> he is known to the people inside of the property, the witness that is were in the house, he's also known to the victim. so we have his name, and all of his information. >> police say both men lived in the same home. family members from inside the residence are being interviewed by detective. >> well, crews are working to repair a broken water main in the montgomery county neighborhood. the 16-inch main broke yesterday afternoon on edge hill road in abington cutting
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off water to 85 homes, creating waterfall through a dozen yards. township officials say there doesn't appear to be structural damage to any of the homes. but, at least, six every them had water going to their first floor or basement. i checked my garage, you know, pretty wet and everything. so kinds of surprising. didn't really figure anything like that was going to happen. >> now the pipe dates back to 1911. it appears to have ruptured because of age. acqua america is providing drinking water to neighbors, as the repairs continue. >> the judge in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby will decide if the mother after witness can testify. yesterday former co-star who played rudy accompanied cost did i to the courthouse, i am side they heard from kelly johnson, said cosby drugged and assaulted her in a beverly hotels room in 1996. gloria allred represents johnson. >> big picture to the other accusers is for the most part
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they will not have their day in court because we do not know any other criminal case which is pending. >> and cosby's defense team attacked johnson's claims and her recommendation of the alleged assaults. johnson said she told her mother about it and her mother could be called to the stand. cosby's on trial for allegedly drugging and molesting former temple university employee, andrea constand, in 2004. >> a bucks county jury continues deliberations today in the trial of lee kaplan, accused of sexually abusing six sisters inside his home in feasterville. developers say a lancaster county couple gifted the girls to the 52 year old kaplan after he helped the family out of money trouble. the girls' parents face sentencing on child endangerment charges after kaplan's trial. >> new jersey voters head to the polls this morning for primary election day, the biggest race is the primary for governor, six democrats, five republicans, running to replace governor chris christie. christie ' term ends next year. in camden, vote letters essentially pick a new mayor,
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three men running on the democratic side, there are no republicans on the ballot. atlantic city mayor don guardian will find out which democrat he'll face in the november election, guardian running unopposed for re-election on the republican side. polls are open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. today. we'll have all of the primary results, on and of course on the cbs local app. >> philadelphia police are investigating a disturbing video on facebook that shows a man being punched in the face. now, we're blurring the vrotectf the victim and the suspect who appear to be juveniles. according to the videos comments section, the assault happened yesterday on the 100 block of west chelten avenue in germantown. the person who posted the video says the victim is mentally challenged. now, officers are asking anyone with more information on this to please call police at 215686-ipss. >> father of escapes dollars prisoners facing charges, six a year old daniel sellby senior arrested yesterday. he helped his son daniel
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sellby junior escape from doylestown township. officers had pick up t younger sellby on sunday for failure to appear on drug charges, he escaped police custody that night prompting overnight shelter in place order. se wearing an orange shirt, still handcuffed. >> he has extensive drug criminal history, but no violence, and we feel that it is safe, he's just trying to escape. >> and the search for sell by cs to close for the day yesterday. they will be open today. the father's bail set at $25,000. >> fire investigators trying to figure out if teenagers with fireworks are to blame for a fire that destroyed a home in falls township. massive flames tore through this pennsbury high home on stevens road before midnight saturday. five work was litton porch nearby around the same time this house fire was spotted. witnesses describe hearing fireworks going off moments before flames errupted. one of the homeowners was inside when the fire started.
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>> then my neighbor shot into the house. he grabbed -- he grabbed me and he grabbed the dog and we got out. >> is it inconvenience, yes, absolutely, but we're all safe. this can be replaced. >> and neighbors say they've been having a problem in their community with teenage boys setting off fireworks on other people's properties. and then running away. >> well, this morning, the justice department is charged a federal contractor with leaking classified information to the news media. reality lee winner, yes, that's her name, accused of printing and sending classified memo from the national security agency to an on line media outlet. sources say the memo was the basis for an article that details a russian cyber attack on us voting software supplier last year. now, according to the top secret report, first published on the intercept website, the nsa is suggesting hackers from russian military intelligence were trying to access voter registration information just days before the election.
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it does not say if the hacking had any impact on the election. >> well, coming up: dunkin donut full of customers turns into a fight club. >> that's when a man suddenly start attacking someone else with tables and chairs, the unexpected thing he does, in the middle of his rampage. >> and customer get little rowdy in a california liquor store, makes a mess, and refuses to leave. what it takes to finally get this peacock out. >> and a reminder, our 11th annual alex scott a stand for help telethon is on thursday, we are raising money to fight childhood cancer. alex scott dreamed of the day when none of her friends would have to fight cancer, and even though she lost her own battle, we are joining her family, her friends, and keeping her dream alive. join us on thursday. we will be right back.
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>> shooting ten people in strawberrstrawberry mansion. accused of firing 27 rounds into a crowd, happened may 20, north 23rd street. police say argument led to the shooting. both men will be charged with ten count of attempted murder. well, a community comes together to honor the seven people killed and close to 50 people in this week's terror attack in london. have publicly identified two of the three attackers, correspondent teri okita has the latest from london. >> scotland yards has publicly identified two of the three suspect in saturday's terror attack on london bridge. investigators say, 30 year old rasheed may be more okay and/or libyan, he was not known to police. twenty-seven year old, a british citizen born in pakistan, known to intelligence agencies, but not considered a threat. now they want to know if they had any more help. anthony was driving a bus on london bridge, when he saw the
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attacker's van strike and kill christie archbald of canada. >> i could see the lady on the ground, so my first thought to help that lady, i knew she was in a bad way but just wanted to get to her. >> police cook in a dozen people into arrayed from an apartment building. reported police found molotov cocktails in a back of the attacker's van. earlier they gathered to honor the victims and show their defiance in the face of terrorism. >> as the mayor of london, i want to send a clear message. we will defeat you. you will not win. >> london's mayor told thousands that fear and terror will never rule their lives. >> people -- >> saturday attack was the thirds terrorist incident in the uk since march. teri okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> in light of saturday's from or attacks, security has been amped up on london street to
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keep the city's people safe. >> man in came bring, massachusetts, facing charges after violent fight in a dunkin donut. released video shows the suspect lunging at another man with a chair. police say he and the victim new one another. the man then starts throwing anything he can find, most customers manage to get out of the way except for elderly man who relies on a walker, at this point that the attacker stops throwing things, to help that elderly man get out of the way. attacker has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct. >> a peacock wand neared a liquor store in california, and apparently got frustrated when it tried to leave. >> the birds flapped around, in the liquor store outside of los angeles, trying to find a way out. at one point it flew right toward the manager who called for help. he tried to show the peacock the door but instead the bird perched up on the top of wine shelves. >> really out of my comfort
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zone. kind of scared. i didn't know what to do, just kept on swimming for the bottle. and everything is just falling straight down, like, this whole thing used to be full. >> oh, boy. do you think he prefers red or white? the peacock did not come down without a fight. clearly knock down $500 worth of wine and champagne. and animal controls left the birds to safety. >> didn't touch the wine coolers, did it? the wine cooler section? >> you're the only one in the plan that's actually wants that. >> i think he was going for some wild turkey. i got it give credit where it is due. our producer is in my ear. >> something you don't see every day. >> no kidding. >> i think we've seen quite a bit of rain? >> it was misty today. >> still little foggy out there, too, yes. so still in the midst of this, again, unsettled, there is that word, unsettled pattern still out there. yes, at the moment, at least
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you can make out the entire lent of the ben franklin bridge. this is live shot for you overlooking the bridge from camden county but just look closely enough. yes, there was some light at the very top of the bridge. those are a little shrouded in cloud cover. so thankfully, at least, the visibility isn't horrible. but it sure isn't ideal. that's for sure. you do not have a clear sky whatsoever anywhere, this is just one example that far. it is all part of the same system still sitting and spinning and still helping to trigger additional showers. you can see, a lot more organization that's visible on the radar picture from what we saw yesterday, this same time, still some pretty heavy rain currently calling for the of the city. >> this little batch may clip the northern branch of philadelphia county. but this wrap around, what will help trigger some additional showers as the day goes on. so really not immune to having to deal with showers anywhere or any time throughout the course of the day. doesn't matter where you are, yesterday was little more localized where we ended up with the most steady or heaviest rain, at this point, anyone's fair game to see some of these showers. even though they will be
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scattered and not everyone is getting hit at any given time, anyone is fair game as we mentioned, throughout the entire day, as the hours progress, see a couple of pause points happen here, still wet weather to track even up until the afternoon and early evening drive. even into tomorrow, there will still be some showers around, but they're much more spotty and come about 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, if not little sooner, we will start to see the skies begin to clear out. may see some sun before it drops over the horizon, and promises to be pretty decent thursday. at the moment, our temperatures are certainly mild. but feels kind of clammy outside. we definitely have the clouds. we definitely have the mist. i would pack the umbrella today, meisha, it is worth it. >> sure s i walked in actually the city this morning with a umbrella katie, thank you so much. so great advice. looking outside right now, well, just starting to open on the vine, as you push in the westbound direction, it was closed overnight for the construction, it will be all week overnight through thursday. so, just heads up. you have to factor that into your plans, looks like now the westbound and eastbound sides are slowly starting to open right now. plus, we still have some
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construction out there on the blue route as well, northbound, between norristown and mid-county. left lane and eastbound, closed mid-county. heads up on that. see the flashing light blocking that far left lane, overall, though, still looking good there, both on the vine and the blue route. heads up. burlington bristol bridge scheduled to open right around 4:20. so just should, i'm hoping, being back down by now, bring that to your attention, looking at accident, new jersey turnpike northbound, outer pass height town, only the shoulder getting by right now. your alternates, route 130, route one, if you want to try to avoid it altogether, jim, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. day long saga comes to an end. >> the control officers finally get a bear to come down from a tree in bucks county. and an hour-long stand-off. the one thing they tried that finally got the bear to come down. what's next for the animal when we come back.
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stock exchange, good morning, jill. >> so with the dow down, but one stock did hit milestone. >> yep, shares of google's parent company alphabet surpassed the $1,000 mark yesterday, for the first time ever, have surged this year by about 25% t amazon hit the $1,000 milestone last week. jim, rahel? >> welshing jim, i'm hearing the trump organization now mid market hotel chain. what can you tell us about that? >> yes, donald trump junior says the inspiration for the new budget friendly chain came from traveling through america on it father's campaign. the first three property will be developed in mississippi. >> interesting. >> jim, rahel? >> jill, thank you. >> we'll check in with you next hour. well, looks like the great bear stand-off in bucks county is finally over. >> with the help after helicopter, authority were able to scare the bear out of the tree. take a look. the tranquilized animal captured near bustleton avenue in feasterville. eyewitness viewer sent us this
4:52 am
individual quote you can see wildlife officers, there it is, see wildlife officers moving in on the bear becomes two years old, with more than 100 pounds, and probably wandered away from his mother's den. we are told the bear is being relocated about 100 miles away. >> glad the little bear's okay. >> have a nice trip. well, part of our area are dealing with fog this morning. >> yes, but katie, how long do you think this fog will stick around? >> even if the fog doesn't stick around, the rain certainly will. some showers are still going to be with us throughout the course of the day. this is just a pattern that we will have to stick out at least for another day and a half. but there are brighter days down the road. i'll talk all about that
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which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪ you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed. mothers, daughters, sisters, lions. and because together you roared so loud, i know my voice matters today. this summer, come celebrate new york state's equal rights history. download our guide to plan your trip. >> center city skyline is somewhere when there, but the fog definately out, there even though we can at least make out the entire span of the benny. doesn't necessarily mean you won't run into some poor
4:55 am
visibility problems. keep that in mind. the visibility isn't horrible right now, certainly far less than ideal. we have more wet weather on the way here today. it is very muggy outside. i would not call this a good hair day. we do have some pretty poor visibility levels out there. in short, just doesn't feel comfortable in anyway shape or form. but the storm system that has been now plaguing us for one full day continues to do so. we actually have some steadier rain currently falling. just north of the city. but, in the future, visibility does eventually get better. won't be stuck in a fog all day, at least not literally. at 1.6-mile visibility as of now, and little bit worse depending on your location, but notice that skies will begin to clear over the course of the next couple of hours, it is definitely improving, most places, up toward the mountains, you could be stuck in that fog for as late as the lunch hour. just again something to keep in mind, in fact, that that could be slowing you down. in addition, there will still be showers to dodge, any time, throughout the entire day, really limiting the warmth, only up to 70 today.
4:56 am
later on tonight, we drop down to 53 degrees. now, moving forward, in the eyewitness weather seven day, the temperatures begin rebounds, take a look at monday. eighty-nine at the moment. there is a chance we even have to up that. the bottom line here is if you are a fan every heat and sunshine, you just wait for it, for now, it is cool, cloudy, obviously damp, but there is a very big trade-off that wait for us further down the road, meisha. >> oh, i've been patiently waiting for that day. all right, katie, thank you so much. so yes, katie pointed out, dealing with fog, seeing it in some of the camera shots, little bit of the wet roadways, damp roadways, however you want to look at it, schuylkill near spring garden, a shot pushing in the eastbound direction, taillights eastbound direction. wall be working with out there on the schuylkill actually looking pretty good. ninety-five at cottman, same story. still early, just before the 9:00 hour, will start to progress little bit in the 5:00 hour. just headed out the doorways enjoy the open roadways, you've got them. vine closed for construction between schuylkill and broad.
4:57 am
westbound side now open. eastbound side slowly following suit. we do have an accident out there. new jersey turnpike northbound past hightstown only the shoulder getting by. so if you want to avoid it altogether which i always suggest, i would say, route 130 or route one will be your best bet around it. then we do have some construction here. actually installing traffic management system. so 59 southbound route 29 southbound, closed right now, at scutter falls bridge. we will of course continue to update you there. and also, some more construction on route 70 between cooper landing road and kings highway. one lane blocked in each direction there, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," we're live as repair work continues on broken water main in montgomery county. >> also this morning, charges are announced in connection with this deadly fire last december in the so-called ghost ship. we'll tell how was named. >> severe weather moves across parts of the southwest, we will show you some of the damage that was left behind. we are back at the top of the hour. don't go away.
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>> far as of the area are socked in with fog this morning, looking live at the ben franklin bridge toward center city, in for scattered showers today. and katie is here to time it all out for us. >> new this morning, murdered at home. man is shot and killed inside his fair hills house, we'll tell you what led to the deadly outbreak of gunfire. >> and a waterfall where there shouldn't be one. live in montgomery county as crews work to fix the damage left behind by a broken water main. well, today is tuesday, june 6, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this tuesday morning, good morning, ladies. >> happy tuesday, you guys, looking outside, lots of construction, accident out there, as women, i would s


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