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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 6, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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overnight. crews are aimto this fixed sometime this >> the bill cosby sexual assault tria made a cameo walking with cosby into the courthouse yesterday. a post, philadelphia police are looking for germantown. >> who are you pulling for when you >> it is tough, it is tough, because i know all of the pullig for labron right now. don't let kd see me cheering for alone, say he dunk, yeah, they look at me, i start scratching. >> and that was kevin hart talking about the nba finals on the late show with steven comb bert. >> you saw kevin hart promoting his new book, this is really good reading casino every weather. >> oh, absolutely, yes. you don't want to be outside
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reading your book, no point to. that will. >> by the window sill, looking outside? >> absolutely yes. i love that idea. sit by the bay window, amazing, ya. we do have some clouds out erere right now, and certainly misty, little foggy, the worse of the fog starting to lift at least little bit. but it is just one of those mornings, and yet, another one, that we've got to classify as glooming. so when you walk out the def dit with a umbrella. and as you take a quick peak here, overlooking the center sce very heavy rain working its way through, now meisha found that in her cameras, and this is still going to be a problem for us, probably at least for the next hour if not longer. as this continues it trek east. so even if the rain has stopped falling, in heavy fashion, up through the lehigh valley for example, you may roadways that would just lead to problems anyway. so, expect that. and all day today, still going to see these additional showers fire up with storm system just staying put over the northeast.
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that's where the problem is stemming from in the first place, low to mid 60s, anywhere, pretty much across the board, only odd bowel out, trenton, mount pocono, into the 50's at this hour. down toward the shore points, not looking like great shore day. if this is your vacation week, try to find some indoor plans at least initially, but later on, i promise you, that skies will just gradually start to brighten up. now, for now, both at the shore and also up in the mountains, resort towns there, it is just kind of cool, for june, you would expect to be easily into the 70s, not even coming close to that, mid 50's up in the mountains with showers there. dreary, damp conditions at the shore. and here in the city, as well, don't expect a heck of a loft sun, virtually none at all, with lot of clouds, and additional showers really off and on at any time, meisha. just not a pretty day. >> you know really isn't, katie. exactly what you said, in the camera shot we're finding just wet. it is so wet, and this is going to pose problems for thus morning, so i would say even though 5:30, headed out on the roadways, i would give
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yourselves couple every extra minutes. you will have to travel more than likely in most places a little bit less than posted speeds. 309 headlight moving in the southbound direction, approaching the pa turnpike, see droplet over the camera lens, wet roadways, see the glow from the headlights, really you will have to take it easy out there. fifty-nine headlight moving in the southbound direction at little bit more difficult to see how wet and damp it is out there. but you can see the sheen on the roadways. you can also see how many vehicles are already out there on 95, as you make your way toward center city. 422, headlights moving in the eastbound direction past wking h there, again, very wet. we do have accident out there that's still out there, new jersey turnpike northbound past hightstown, so traffic right now is being diverted to the inner roadway. your alternates if you want to avoid altogether which i would suggest is route 130 or route one. also, just not too far away, 95 southbound, and route 29 southbound closed, at scutters falls bridge, for installation of traffic management system. so we are talking more about this coming up in a little
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bit. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. crews are working to repair broken water main in montgomery county neighborhood. this is a live look at the scene on edge hill road in abington right nowment you can see the rain falling pretty steadily out there right now. chopper three overhead yesterday, as water gushed from the 16-inch main. water cut off to eight a homes, waterfall ran through dozen of yards. township officials say there doesn't appear to be structural damage to any homes, but at least six homes took water in on their first floor of their basement. >> i check my garage. you know, pretty wet and everything. so kind of surprising. didn't really figure anything like that would happen. >> the cement pipe which date back to 1911 appears to have ruptured because every age. with a america now providing drinking water to the neighbors as the repairs continue.ty are investigating to see if teenage boys with fireworks are to bla house fire in falls township. e on the blaze destroyed this h stevens road just before midnight saturday.
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eyewitnesses say they heard fireworks going off jus broke out. another fire work was same time. the homeowners say they're grateful for their support. >> then my neighbor shot into the hou me, and he grabbed the dog, and out. >> is it an inconvenience we'rel safe. there is, you know, just can setting off say that their fireworks on other people's properties. the cause of the fire, again, i. well, after hanging out in a bucks county tree, this little guy ise belongs. >> this two year old bear finally captured andhit the bear with tranquilizer dart sunday night happened n feasterville. the bear then captured last night, "eyewitness n of wildlife officers moving in on the bear, a crowd gathere somers
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skim club in feasterville to ca. told helicopter u tree. >> time 5:36n business news, this morning, how apple is dn on distracted driving. >> and who is helm wagner,rew? good morning, jill. >> reporter:mo right now pointio lower open. yesterday, down day here in wall street, dow fell 22-point, nasdaq lost ten, shares of google's parent company alphabet hit new record high breaking through the $1,000 mark. alphabet shares have surged this year by about 25%. amazon hit that $1,000 milestone last week. j crew long time ceo stepping down after 14 years, creative dire lleft the company. will stay on as chairman, will be replaced by james, former president evwe apple offering sneak peak of its newest devices including
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smart speak their runs with siri, and new software that let your apple watch signing with your treadmill to share your work out detail. apple also want to c distracted driving. comes with do not disturb while droving mode. phone defect when you are driving and turns off note any cases, use kearse sends automatic friends and family knw they're behind the wheel. great idea, jim, rahel? >> agreed. absolutely. i feel like technology so much these days is distracting us. good to see it being used for a positive purpose. >> thank you, jill many we'll check in with you t london terror attack. investigators have released over dozen people they took into custody after saturday terror attacks in london. police publicly identified two of the three attackers, officers shot and killed a man accused of running over pedestrians with a van, on london bridge, and stabbing other in borough market. seven people died, and 48 others were injured. >> and london's mayor, calling on the uk's government to cancel president trump's visit.
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president trump criticized london's mayor's response to the weekends' terror attacks, and in a interview, said, quote, i don't think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the united state. the circumstances were his policies goes against everything we stand for.ladelphe have two suspect in custody for a strawberry mansion shoot that left ten people wounded. tyrell broadknack and burley will be formally charged today with ten count every attempted murder. the two men are accused of firing 27 rounds onto a crowd on may 20th on the 2500 block of north 23rd street. police say an argument led to that shooting. >> authority in california have arrested two men in connection to that warehouse fire that we told but that killed 36 people last year. prosecutors say derrick, warehouse known to be as the ghost ship, leasing the property when the warehouse went up in flames last december, attorneys argue there weren't enough escape routes the night of the fire.
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>> they actually blocked one of the points of egress leaving only one way to get out of the second floor of that building. the paying guests at the event were faced with nearly impossible lamb brit. >> also arrested max harris, creative director of the warehouse, they face 36 kinds every involuntary manslaughter. >> professional ballet dancer leaps into action in new york city. gray davis, his wife, also a ballet dancer, and his mother, were at the 72nd street train station heading home saturday night. they saw a man and woman arguing loudly across the platform. when he raised over to help, the woman was gone, and the man was unconscious on the tracks. davis rushed to save him. >> i rolled him over my shoulder, and i didn't realize how high the platform was, until i went to put him up there, and two other people had helped him or helped me get him the rest of the way up there. then somebody grand me and pulled me the rest of the way, too. >> well, other good samaritans detained a woman who ran from the scene. she is now facing assault
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charges. >> up next: big day for phillies own kevin hart. i'll have the details,. >> then show you more of the surveillance video shows a man's rampage inside dunkin donut. find out what caused him to temporarily stop his tirade. >> and these folks are lined up and waiting not for the newest toy or gadget but for an ikea store. we'll tell you what they'll get for being in line when we
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>> show's producers decided to revamp the opening of the show following saturday's deadly terror attack. yes, this includes nicole kid nan, russell brands. always a good show. as always, you can watch the late late show with jail cord on week nights 12:37 right here on cbs-3, tonight carpool karaoke with ed sheeran. love them both. how about this? kevin james and lea remny teaming up again. will both appear on the tv citcom kevin can wake. guess starred in the season finale as undercover cop. actress after -- erin haze, who played his wife, now off the show.
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>> nice little bump. dillon did not attend the nobel prize ceremony but the nobel prize winner and literature had to give a speech to collect his wings. so he turned the speech in yesterday. giving credit to rock-and-roll pioneers, and claiming that rock-and-roll was like explosion in his brain. dillon collected a $922,000 prize for winning the nobel prize. >> ross war winning actor al batch even owe taking on new role, reportedly signed onto portray late penn state coach joe paterno in upcoming film about the jerry sandusky, expected to focus on paterno's reaction to sandusky arrest and l fought the at penn statement sandusky of course serving 30, zero six -- 60 year prison sentence, the moverly air on hbo. no word yet on when it will be released. >> phillies own kevin hart, promoting his new book, i can't make this up life lessons. on the late show with steven column bert last night, a as you probably saw in the morning
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him. kevin hart's memoir out today discusses difficult topics. he told parade magazine he wants to show the world more than his public persona. >> i was going to use that, i can't make this up. >> what would you say in your memoir? >> i got a lot of stuff. i can't make it up. you know me, it is crazy stuff happens to me. >> ya? >> i feel like you might attract some of this crazy stuff. >> i tell you, i'm wack owe magnet. >> you know what they say. >> what do they say? >> it takes one to know one? >> life drama, attract drama. >> yep, yep. >> we can toss to weather. >> weather, i know, you, me? okay. so i see you're giving me the side eye from here but yes, we do have some wet wet their we're tracking, shot for you right now, overlooking center city. wait who took the center city skyline? normally a lot more tall
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buildings than this? you know the problem is, well, it is not necessarily a natural hazard, but certainly very low-lying cloud cover. definitely the culprit here. yes, doesn't look like we're quite as industrialized or quite as built up as we normally do since we have the fog. really blocking the shot in the distance. at least you can see the whole span of ben franklin bridge, so, the visibility are quite as harsh or as limit whg it comes to your travel here today but still a problem in some spot. so start things offer very quickly checking in with the eyewitness weather watchers really up and atom this morning, thank you for your reports this morning, i actually want to zero in to cherry hill. couple of folks, actually live very close to one another, the report that comes in this morning from jenny jensen, her profile picture sitting in the mobile weather watcher, she had that for the debut, clouds overhead for her, just sent this in in the last 12 minute or so, 59 greets, lot of very high humidity. let's switch gears. look at couple of pictures, too, i want to show you the before and after.
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phil sent this one in, just web cam at his business out on germantown pike, our german testify -- germantown avenue. 303a this morning, fog was issue, here we go, to more present time, about 5:30, he took this shot, now just damp from the rain that's working it way through. so, it kind of just depends when you have left the house, when you are about to leave the house, what you will face. but i think you'll face some problems out there. in the form of either poor visibility, or maybe some showers, or even some steady rain like we currently have northwest of philadelphia. it is knocking on our door here at the broadcast center. 2-mile viabilities the best in trenton, otherwise starting to get little bit better, at 1.74, a.c. airport at this hour. let's take a look at storm scan though. here is the line every pretty soaking rain right now working it way up toward the i59 corridor there is will slowly progress east, as it continues to do so, still some showers in our forecast throughout really any time of the day. i would walk out the door with a umbrella for sure. but don't expect whole day will be wet. but anyone is fair game for
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showers, off and on, any time. coolest day tomorrow, then lock at the rebounds that get underway here, not only is it going to really heat up. it will feel quite steamy. so cool weather await meisha. we just have to wait it out for a few days. >> only tuesday and already, monday, come next monday, right? never wish for monday. when we see 89, 90, wishing for that monday. we bounce back today, like katie was talking about, very wet roadways. >> this will be slow commute. on a busy tuesday morning, what we don't want to see is exactly what we are being look at. 202 tail light northbound direction, this is approaching king of prussia area. i just want to show this shot. yes, billing levels a little bit. but really not that. just how wet and damp and almost misty foggy it is out there. which when visibility issues come into play, as well, it is really going to slow us down. ben franklin bridge for those every in you jersey westbound, headlight westbound direction, into center city, this is what you are working with right now. moving obviously in the eastbound direction, not paying much attention to that just because that's always looking pretty good even for the rush for the most part.
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422 at route 23, we had con cock haven't sean. you can see behinds it, see 422, route 23, actually looking okay. but this is actually the construction we were just looking at, off ramp to route 23, closed between ten a.m. and 1:00 p.m. and then 422 westbound between 23 and trooper the right lane between nine a.m. and 2:30 p.m. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. juggling schedules can be a major struggle for any busy family. but now there is new option forgetting kids where they need to go. zem car a boston area start up. a ride handling service designs specifically for children. think of it as uber for your kids. your phone records the whole entire trip, so you can watch your child ride as it is happening. parent receive text messages, along the way, too. >> zem car totally different. i know the drivers. i know they're screened. they're insureds for driving kids. so i don't have to worry about texting him or constantly trying to find him on my
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iphone. >> right now, it is available that handful of boston suburbs, for kids as young as eight. the service is expanding it families and drivers sign up. >> this is wild scene, massachusetts man is being charged after a violent fight inside a dunkin donut. surveyed ends video shows a man lunging at another in a chair, then starts throwing anything he can finds. most customers can manage to get out of the way except forever errly man. at one point the attacker stopped to help the elderly man get out of the way. charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct. answer the victim know one another. >> and illinois police dash cam footage captured this amazing scene, officers tried to pull over that blew car you see on the right side of your screen there, which was going about 10 miles per hour, or in the middle of the screen there, but the driver wouldn't stop. good samaritan saw the driver of the blue car was having a seizure, so he jumped through the passenger side window bringing it to a stop for police, all happened in the city of dixon about 100 miles wells of chicago, the man who
5:51 am
jumped into the car was not hurt. no word though on the drivers condition. >> such a scary site there. popular furniture giant ikea opening up new store. >> folks are already lining up in hopes of nagging one of their grand opening give a whales. now the store doesn't open until tomorrow morning, at 9:00 a.m. but customers started lining up as early as yesterday morning. the first 44 adult in line, will walk away with a free, three-seat sofa. the next 100 adult will winfrey arm chair. give aways will continue throughout the week. >> see if they said those swedish meatballs? >> that's what you want? >> just go for. that will i would stay in line for those. >> i think they're like a couple dollars. >> but you say free? >> okay. >> you know me? i'm thrifty. forget wild turkey. we will show you what happens when a peacock, i say a peacock, got no a liquor store. >> and we're flaring a woman who found a bear playing the piano in her garage. >> no kidding. >> cannot make this stuff up. we will be back.
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♪ >> apparently the animal kingdom has a new star. >> some were out there is a
5:55 am
bear who said he has played the piano. >> that count, right, for playing? this is video from home security camera at house near denver, colorado. bear got into an open window, left behind before briefly tickling the ivory. homeowner -- >> you can see the bear, like you can see it now, like oh, this is pretty coolment you can tell he was in the house. and then, all the sudden, he jumps over the railing, you can see, the whole bear, then he jump up on the piano. yes, pretty shocking. >> she hats been overwelmed by from the from tv stations but she is bear it. not totally unbearable, she is bear t also, continuing our animal block, wands needs a living room, got frustrated when it tried to leave.
5:56 am
>> trying to find a way out, and at one point it flew toward the manager who called for help. he tried to show the peacock the door, instead the birds perched up on top of wine shelves. >> really out of my comfort zone, kind of scared. i didn't know what to do. just kept on swimming to the bottles, everything just falling straight down, like, this whole thing used to be full. >> the peacock didn't come down without a fight. it knock down $500 worth of wine and champagne, animal control took the bird to safety, the peacock left the manager to clean up the mess. i'm happy to see apparently didn't go after the wine coolers. >> the wine cool remembers safe. >> yes. >> well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," uproar on social media after this eight year old soccer player's team was disqualified from a tournament because officials thought she was a boy, and not a girl.
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this story is even getting the attention of the worlds cup champion. >> plus the sun can do a lot of damage to our eyes, so important to pick out good pair of sunglasses, that shades your eyes from the uv rays. we'll tell you what to look for when shopping for a new pair every shades coming
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>> cloudy and cool and best chance for rain. >> water main break sends rushing watt near people's yards, now a big repair job is underway. we're liver on the scene with an update on the damage. >> day two of bill cosby sex assault trial in montgomery county. we take a look at what he can expected to. >> well, today is tuesday, june 6, good morning everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things on this tuesday. good morning. >> yes, good morning, so it is wet, it is getting slow out there, a little bit of water, funny at 6:00 in the morning can cause real problems. we're seeing three, four accidents at this point. >> oh, my goodness, and we have some very soaking rain in places develop localized, what you'll see over the last hour and a half or so slow progression, too, sipping right through, soaking rain, currently falling, at this hour, and across portions of i-95, now, this is the schuylkill, up toward the new
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