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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 7, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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principal's face. >> i wish him luck. >> comey's testimony here on capitol hill tomorrow comes amid mounting tension between the president and attorney general sessions. he is only 5-pound but already making a big impression, baby gorilla becomes new member of the philadelphia zoo. ♪ >> and that is james corden as mary poppins in the middle of the crosswalk in london. >> yes, still ahead car pool car oak which ed sheeran. here's a question do you think we will need our umbrellas today. >> i don't think so, unless do you a musical number with your friend in the street you should be okay without it. >> i don't think broad street can hand that will. >> we don't want to you do that. so, stay on the sidewalk and be good pedestrians, right.
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>> yes. >> i do think you can getaway without that umbrella for sure today other than most stray showers we will see skies brighten up nicely as day goes on for sunshine, finally and other than left over cloud that is all that is left at this point. this morning, you know, overhead, mainly a gray start to the day, sunnies rising and just about a minor two, and as it does we will not end up with a pretty sunrise but it will do its job to help bring out cloud cover, a system that was responsible for recent glummy, dreary conditions, that is pulling away completely but we are off to a cool start in the mid 50's up and down i-95, lower 50's in trenton but as day goes on we will rebound so far from here. mid 60's at best and some won't break out of the 50's here today. it is a cool one. daytime highs of 66 in the city. cool day with more cloud then anything but skies start to gradually clear we will see breaks of sun later in the day especially and up in the mountains where you may end up
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with a stray left over shower. coming up this is last we will call cool day, before we start to see if this substantial warming trend gets underway. that starts tomorrow but it becomes more pronounced by the weekend. stay tuned for where we will fall later in the show, meisha >> jim just said it is so nice we have a thing for katie later, so we will sing for you later on. we are so happy. we have a problem at 95 south at girard. we are looking g nice and dry. yesterday, of course, being wet that slowed us down in certain areas. this will be a day where you extra time on your commute, just know it will still be busy despite we don't have any rain, thank goodness for. that we have crews out there, resurfacing, it looks like they are just cleaninsoutramp td westbound wasck, could not get by and some cars we sawdo le clearing out, so that is goo i e
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495 southbound age closed betwen 7:00 a.m. at top of o hour 7:00 p.49nd terminal avenue twoan 5:00 p.m. bridge cru between 422 and right lane blocked between 9:00 a.m. and 2:30. 422 westbound off ramp, closed 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. more to talk about when we come back in a bit. pregnant woman is rush to the hospital after she is struck by a stray bullet. >> this happened in the nicetown section. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at police headquarters to bring us up to date. good morning, jan. >> good morning. that woman is seven months pregnant and she was just exiting her friend's house in the nicetown section late last night when she was hit in the leg by a stray bullet. fortunately she was taken to temple university hospital and is in stable condition this morning. police search for the gun man. take a lot the video you can see where this went down late
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last night where the 27 year-old pregnant woman was injured. police were called to the 3800 block of archer street around 9:30 p.m., soon after tend to go her investigators found four spent shell casings about 200 feet down the street leading them to believe that this woman was indeed, an innocent bystander in this shooting. about 90 minutes later police were then notified of the second victim a 21 year-old man shot in the shoulder and leg. he was found in the home on the 3500 block of germantown avenue which is just around the block from the shooting scene. police believed he was the intended target. he is now in stable condition at temple university hospital along with that pregnant woman >> although she's in stable condition doctors are concerned, with the fact that she is seven months pregnant, family members were on location of the initial shooting and they told police that the victim was in fact pregnant. we have a description of the shooter, a male with the shaved head, and he was wearing a gray hooded sweat
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shirt with medium or dark complex and last seen running west on butler from archer. now police are looking for that suspect and a mote think of morning, they have found, private surveillance cameras in this area that they hepp can help, northwest detectives division is now investigating. reporting live outside police headquarters, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, jan. andrea constand is expect to return to the witness stand in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. yesterday constand told jurors a montgomery county court that cosby gave her three pills at her elkins park home in 2004 and she was unable to stop cosby from molesting her. seventy-nine year-old cosby faces sexual assault charge that he is could put him in prison for 10 years. cosby is not expected to take the stand in his own defense. time is 5:35. in business news this morning a new campaign can help, keep your children safe, on the internet. >> and macy's and sears are in the spotlight this morning, money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new
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york stock exchange, good morning again, jill. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. futures pointing to a lower open, dow jones who 47 points yesterday, nasdaq finished 20 points lower. more bad news for country's biggest retailers, shares of the macy's hit a six year low after the company warned that profits could be weaker then expected, and macy's new ceo says the brandies still valuable but it need to do bed der, telling customers about their low prices. mace a estimate add a rooftop with restaurants and green space. meanwhile sears is closing an additional 66 stores as a way to cut costs this includes 49 k-mart's and 17 sears locations, mess will close by september, sears already announced 180 closures. june is internet safety month, and google is spearhead ing a campaign to teach preteens about on line safety. the program is called be internet awesome. it includes video game allowing players to battle cyber bullies, hackers, and scammers. game free.
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available on all major webb browsers. what a good idea. >> back to the macy ease and sears thing those are the stores that i used to go to as a kid. i mean sears you go in there there is in one there. i shop macy's all the time but i don't buy anything unless it is on sale because it is always on sale. >> which one is flagship, is it 34th street. >> yes, 34th street. thanksgiving day parade where that end. >> did i tell you i was in that parade won? i was woody wood pecker balloon handler. >> are you serious. >> yes. >> that is all from a rooftop, i can get behind that, jill. >> you were a flight attendant and you held -- >> macy's i work in the woman 's shoe department in macy's in college. i could sell shoes to anybody. i'm telling you. made a fortune. then moved on to television. >> yes. >> photos of the macy's parade >> yes, i will powe, see i will post it on twit inner a while and facebook.
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>> jill, thank you. in other news this morning , important news, i might say, votes are in and stage is set. >> two candidates who will face off to replace outing new jersey governor chris christie have been chosen. on the democratic side philly up murphy is nominee. goldman sachs executive and obama administration am was dor poured 20 million-dollar in his campaign. republican chose kim guadagno, former sheriff and prosecutor has served as christie's top deputy for past two terms but she wants her support tours necessity she will run the state her way. >> aim running for governor based on my values, based on my record, and based on my principals. >> four more years of christie style politics won't change new jersey's unfair, unsuccessful, unsustainable course. >> kim guadagno will be in burlington county calling main street not wall street tour. sheila tend a afford built round table in marlton.
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tight race for mayor of atlantic city came down to mail in ballots on the democratic side. frank gilliam pulled ahead beating out marty small, as well as faretta abdul and jimmy whitehead. gilliam will now face republican incumbent mayor don guardian who ran unopposed. city council president frank moran won democratic race for mayor race in camden. dozens turned out to celebrate moran's victory at hank's bar and grill in camden. long time councilman dominated democratic field in the three way race to succeed dana red who heavily endorsed him there was in republican dayton that ballot. and, for the full list of results from the new jersey primary, just head over to our web site at cbs former president obama says that the paris climate change agreement still has a chance despite what he called temporary absence of american leadership. he said americans are making their own choices. >> i took great comfort last week in seeing american states , cities and
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universities and corporations that made it clear that they will keep pushing forward for the sake of future generations >> and more than dozen governors representing 40 percent of the u.s. economy have pledges after president trum april announced the u.s. will not honor 2015 worldwide agreement. well, delaware governor john carney says he is disappointed that the criminal charges have not been filed following a deadly state prison take over. prison guard was killed, you may recall, during a riot at james t vaughn correctional center in february. carney made comment while responding to an independent report that said maximum security prison was poorly run and managed. the governor plans to appoint a special assistant to lead reform efforts. the may event known as diner en blanc is coming back to the city this summer. >> thousands of gets dressed in whiten joyed last years dinner in front of the art museum. every year organizers pick a different place in the city to host the picnic, they keep the location secret until minutes
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before the event, even so a huge number of people will show up to eat, to sign up for wait list to get invited to diner en blanc go to philadelphia philadelphia dot diner en i like saying en blanc. >> yes. up next we will show you best moments from james corden 's car pool car oak which ed sheeran. >> a children's toy become evidence in the police investigation we will tell what you was discovered that has parents calling the authorities. blank blank. call it a supreme work out we will tell you how you can work out like ruth badder ginsburg the rbg when we come
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well, i got to tell but latest celebrity to hitch a ride with the late, late show hoe james corden. >> ♪ >> recognize him? fellow brit ed sheeran joins corden in the car pool lane. they picked the most chocolate candy in their mouth. that sound like i love lucy episode. sheeran came out on top with 55 pieces. you can see more of james corden late, late show in london tonight at 12:37 here on cbs-3, tonight's guests include tom cruise. if you want to be healthy, and strong as an ox, working
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out like a ginsburg, 84 year-old ruth badder ginsburg personal trainer has written a book how he helps her keep fit , brian johnson outlines supreme court justice exercise routine which, get this, includes daily squats, plannings and push-ups, yes, he credits routine for her physical and mental stamina ruth badder ginsburg who survived colon and pancreatic cancer says she has in plans to retire from the bench. fashion for a great cause, "eyewitness news" at moore college of art and design for hoes night out. professionals models donated students to outfit those who need them to walk and even to work. i was there and did a little modeling myself, what do you think. >> you look great. >> yes. >> do you like that. >> yes. >> yes. >> even vogue. >> yes. >> it is a great cause and kyw cherri gregg was there, yes. >> look at this. >> working it. >> she's showing me. >> going wild out there on
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that stage. >> we had council members, men and women and media personalities, and recipients of career wardrobe. a little bit tired. >> i believe it. >> but well worth it. >> life of a runway model is exhaust continuing i must say. >> apparently this is a news thing. >> you will be just fine. >> i'm sure. >> will we be fine with this weather. >> i think so, yeah. we have some really great pool weather coming up here, lead go into the upcoming weekend. what better timing than that. today is still cool, odd ball out we are not breaking out of the 60's here. it is, actually. we will take a peak here, definitely a lot of cloud but that sometimes can make for the prettiest sunrise, while we are not seeing a lot of that sun coming up, right now it is there. little sliver of the sun being taken from our station headquarters facing east toward ben franklin bridge and off in the distance you can see bridge but still cloud and
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a sliver of the sunshine trying to pop out there good news here is that we will start to see cloud clear with every passing hour basically. it is gradual but it will happen. more sun by the time day is wrapping up here. some may see a stray shower which we will get to lets check with our eyewitness weather watchers, we will take to you central new jersey where andrea has 51. live his profile picture. these girls are so, so sweet. a lot of cloud at the moment. off to the north we are at 52 degrees from sandra and she has a glimmer of sunlight. much like that rooftop camera shot. calendar may say june but you want to walk outside with the sweater, fleece, sweat shirt, whatever your pleasure here, an extra layer is good idea. let me switch gears, switch on back over to what is happening on storm scan and at the moment still pretty heavy rain falling in the deep southeast specially southern branch of florida, but we are starting to see things clearing, the storm that had been bringing us all that glummy, dreary weather will pull away, high
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pressure taking lead, jet stream starts to lift off to the north and that will allow not just warming trend for next couple days but we are talking about down right hot conditions by the weekend and especially sunday. there is summer-like conditions on the horizon for sure, and i think we can end up in the 90's with no problem next week. we have 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's in the next seven days. it will happen that quickly. by today stray shower, tomorrow, friday not bad, warming trend continues but weekend, i mean great pool weather, meisha. you will want to get outside and get that sun block handy, it is about to get steamy outside. >> that is really exciting to look at that seven day and see that upswing. all right, thank you. katie says wear that spf. i get freckles all over and burn. looking outside, this upper shot of the blue route this is at route one headlight moving in the north bound direction and i-95 approaching airport. both of these cameras are
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showing you looking good. every where that we're basically looking is still holding steady at these levels everybody traveling around posted speed. i will say, today it probably is going to get busier, later on. as we crack deeper in the 6:00 . moving on, just a head up on the blue route 95 looking good schuylkill same story here. taillights moving in the eastbound direction approaching conshohocken curve , beautiful shot here, we are still traveling at posted speedy and westbound looking okay. paoli pike closed because of this between warren avenue and long lane. we will use an alternate king street is your best bet and then an accident we had earlier, one and only in the morning in delaware county that has i have heard, since been cleared so hopefully that is moving out of the way if it isn't completely there getting that wrapped up for you. they are demolishing an old ramp at 95 girard interchange. southbound delaware avenue and southbound richmond street is closed between 9:00 a.m. and
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3:00 p.m. and that will be that way through saturday. route 43 busies detoured. make sure to check those schedules on line. construction cherry hill crew is still out there route 70 between haddonfield road, and also kings highway, one lane blocked and that is blocked in each direction, jim, back over to you. a young southern california boy done something unusual inside a toy he got from a restaurant vending machine. it was cocaine. police are on the case they want to know where the drug came from. toy was purchased, from a machine owned by snack time vending but police say the company and restaurant likely had nothing to do with the cocaine, customers were shocked and surprised. >> it was like weird because usually me and my sister get toys, and then like when i heard about it, i don't think i'll get them anymore. >> it is very, very upsetting. these are kid, small kid that come in here, getting this stuff in the machines. >> police determined there was almost 5-ounces of cocaine
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inside the toy. that is a lot. the young boy was not injured fortunately. a 10 year-old boy has his wish coming true meaning one of the biggest celebrities in the country. >> by celebrity we mean, april the giraffe, alex johnson fridays avon, ohio, he has a life threatening seizure disorder. like many people he and his family faithfully watched april every week during her very long pregnancy. yesterday make the wish foundation connected him with the beloved animal. >> we watched on line for so long, so long, we are waiting for that baby, my goodness gracious. we never thought he or she was ever going to come. >> and alex's family said they have always felt a connection with april. >> see how big april's tongue is, they are huge. >> yes. >> i could watch this all day long. i love this sort of thing. their name is will and grace but they have nothing to do with the tv show. wait until you see two cuties we are talking about. oh, babe think beautiful new born is already a handfull
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we will hear from the delivery doctor and tell you how big she is, just
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♪ a florida woman is giving birth to a big, baby. >> how big you ask? almost 13 and a half pound. meet carli core bin at 13-
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pound, 5-ounces on may 15th in jacksonville. because carli has gestational diabetes doctors knew she would be big but they didn't expect her to be so big. >> the baby was coming out i was like this baby ever going to end. everybody in the room kind of stopped, during the delivery and was like my god, my gosh. >> i had nine and 10-pound babies. i figured she would be 10- pound. i would have another 10-pound baby. she was a surprise. >> carli did have to stay in the n icu for some time and have her levels checked but they have gone home and they are resting comfortably but she's done with having babies. >> these cheeks and that chin, i had a chin look like that it looked like a stack of pancakes when i was a kid. experts say it was two in a million chance. >> licensing shot but california ranch owner delivered two healthy horses. most horses born at same time require emergency care because of their size. ranch own shore delivered the two say second foal was a complete surprise but more the
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more year. >> absolute miracle that they are here, they are healthy, and most have to go to critical care to the hospital, and they have been able to stay at home, it has been constant care but it is worth every minute of it. >> just great, colt and philly are named will and grace for will's will to live and their grace as horses. both horses are doing just fine. good to hear. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" there are studies on alcohol and it's affects on the brain, but in this morning's healthwatch we are learning how even moderate drinking can take a toll. plus woman accused of text ing her boyfriend to commit suicide goes on trial, we will have much more on a landmark case making national headlines, coming
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it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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you're looking at new video after a suicide attack overseas, we will tell how just claimed responsibility just moments ago. a pregnant woman is hospitalized after being struck by a stray bullet. andrea constand returns to the stand to testify against bill cosby in his sex assault trial but we're also hearing from another alleged victim who is a former cosby show actress. today is wednesday, june
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7th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things and getting us out the door good morning. >> happy wednesday, happy hump day, a lot of smiles, nice dry roadways, i necessity you have a good forecast i'm hoping for , katie. >> yes. a lot of construction. good news the crews are clearing out of the way. >> good news is we shouldn't have a sun glare issue, but storm scan is empty, so thinks creating the best case scenario, those cloud are breaking throughout the day which is awesome news. this is beginning of the transition to great looking weather, and by the time we hit weekend those who are lucky enough to have pools in your backyard, first of all can we hang out but second of all we will get to use them finally, taking a look at storm scan, things are quiet, just cool for now, mid 50's to report up and down i-95, cooler in


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