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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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what he had to say. >> this morning he is being called a hero we are hearing from a south jersey man who helped foil an armed robbery inside of his local, wawa. well, todayes thursday, june 8th i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. let's check the information cost with katie and road with meisha, good morning. >> it is gateway to our weekend we are this close to our friday.
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>> and i have a feeling. >> yes, i thought, you know, like yes. >> yes. >> we're looking outside right now and is there construction to talk about, we will get to that. >> oh, yeah, did you say it. >> held back maybe up to 10 minutes today. >> yes. >> but, it is the season i suppose, we expect this will happen and the construction guys and girls will love this weather. it is actually very comfortable outside but it is on the cool side too. skies really cleared out nicely through the overnight, a streak of cloud is all we are finding on the satellite over the board, between sussex and kent counties and with that said, yeah, it doesn't mean you want to walk outside with the sweat shirt in places like more remote suburbs. look at millville, atlantic city at 47 degrees and in the lower 40's. you're flirting with the 30's in mount pocono. so for june, yeah, that is cool but today will be very pleasant, granted, not necessarily an average day, we normally would be in the lower 80's but still very pleasant
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with some sunshine, as skies are starting to clear out and meisha, big warming trend on the way and let you know when we will hit the 90's. >> and, great cooler as we said that makes it all worth it. good morning everyone. outside, it is dark in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we have a car fire, here. and, and, and, just a head up on than that. vine closed, katie pointed this out causing a headache and it has been going on all week long it is still waiting to open. vine closure between schuylkill and broad, westbound just opening, eastbound side, we will follow suit in the 5:00 o'clock hour 95 north around woodhaven road westbound right lane blocked approaching the ramp right lane block on the ramp, more to come in about 10 minutes, jim, back over to you. well, new this morning no
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one was hurt after this fire in manayunk, it happened on the 100 block of du pont street around 3:00 this morning. fire fighters managed to knock down the flames just before 3:30. also overnight fire officials are investigating what caused flames to break out in old kensington. fire fighters responded to a house in the 1400 block of north hope street just before 11:30 last night. they put out blaze by midnight , no one was injured. well, the woman accusing bill cosby of sexual assault is finished, testifying, after her second day of fears cross-examination. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live in norristown to tell us what we can expect on day four of this trial, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. bill cosby is not expected to testify, for prosecutors, are expected to bring up a damming deposition that cosby gave in 2005 in relation to constand's civil suit against him. meanwhile yesterday was dominated by andrea constand's continued, testimony. now, day two and day three of
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bill cosby's sexual assault trial, andrea constand testified for seven hours total, constand alleged cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her inside of her home in january of 2004. cosby's attorneys say constand was in a romantic relationship with their client, which she vehemently denies, and defense has brought up phone record that show constand called constand 53 times after the alleged attack. constand says she was just doing her job as manager, as temple's woman's basketball program where cosby was a
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>> people change my facial expression in anyway during the awkward silence that followed. we simply looked at each other in silence. comby said their next encounter came three weeks later in the oval office and president cleared the room after a scheduled counter terrorism investigation to speak with comey alone. president trump said, i want to talk about mike flynn, national security advisor he fired the day before for lying to the vice-president about the cast with the russian diplomate. comey said president said i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go to letting flynn go, he is a good guy, i replied only he is a good guy. white house insists this is not a truthful accurate portrayal of the conversation. comey shared that information with fbi leadership and asked attorney general jeff session to prevent the future direct communications with the president. >> then, a month and a half
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later, comey said the president called me at fbi and described the russia investigation as a included that was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. he said he had nothing to do with russia, had not been involved with hookers in russia. he asked what we can do to lift the cloud. he reassured the president that he was not personally under investigation. for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> president's personal lawyer said in the statement he is please that had comey confirmed mr. trump was not under investigation, he said the president feels completely and totally vindicate had. cbs news will carry james comey testimony as a special report this morning. join nora o'donnell, charlie rose and gayle king at 10:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3 meanwhile president trump has announced his pick to replace james comey. he nominated christopher wray as the next director of fbi. he served in the department of justice from 2003 through 2005 he defended chris christie during the bridge gate scandal governor applauded the
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decision. >> so, i commend, the president for, extraordinary choice, and the agents at fbi and men and women of the united states will be well served, by having a first rate fbi director. >> confirmation hearing for wray will likely take place in the next two weeks or so. >> well, rahel, police are thanking a good samaritan in new jersey after a tackle and for the an armed robber at a convenient store. this happened just before 2:00 e wawa at cross keys road in sicklerville. and, customer man identified himself as darryl, he is twice the suspect's age. owe wrestled the robber for several minutes until police arrived.
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health inspectors found drug paraphernalia in the toilet
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tank as well as numerous health code violations in the restaurant. family friend and community members in wilmington, show their support following their tragic shooting of a young boy. dozens, formed a prayer circle yesterday, just a day after a six year-old was shot in the head along the, 700 block offere sixth street. his mother was also injured, she suffered cuts to her arm. wilmington police chief bob tracie says that the violence, must end. >> senseless, and i think what we will do moving forward and what we have been doing to the small percentage of individual , and going back and forth, causing this violence in this city and as you can see all of the good people in the city are tired of it. >> last check the young boy is in critical condition, his mother has been treated and released from the hospital, so far, police have made no arrests. well to day pennsylvania lawmakers will unveil a proposal to strengthen the state's hate crime law. now it is aimed at protecting people with mental and physical disabilities. move comes after several recent attacks on disabled people, including this man
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with cerebral palsy who was sucker punched outside a store in west chester last month. earlier this week you may recall, we showed you video, of four teenagers attacking a mentally challenge man in germantown. police identified the suspect, in both of those attacks. well, up next, a power ball jackpot has rolled over, again, you hear that meisha? but someone in pennsylvania is waking up a lot richer this morning. >> we have got last night's winning numbers for you, and, speaking of getting rich, we will show you more of one criminal attempt to make money using a stolen piece of construction equipment, wait until you hear how much damage was left behind. >> check out this impressive display from mother nature, we will tell you just how close she got to the tornado when we come
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welcome back to cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning this is surveillance video of the a dose strucktive robbery attempt that was also, unsuccessful. the robber used a stolen
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backhoe to try to break in the automated teller machines in prince georges county, maryland. he did not get any money but did he cause $10,000 in damage and that suspect is still on the loose. >> okay, who drives around with a backhoe. and let's try again. power ball lottery continues to grow and it now stand at 435 million-dollar, that is your match, all six numbers in last night's drawing. >> in the next drawing for sure. >> winning numbers announced are five, 21, 57, 66, 69 and power ball is 13. let's check your tickets because no one in pennsylvania , did win a million-dollar, and they are just one of five people across the country, the cash option, that i will be accepting for saturday's drawing is a cool, 273.1 million-dollar. >> positive thoughts. >> yes, yes. >> absolutely. >> exactly. >> well, viral video of the large tornado touching down in the eastern dakota, a few hundred feet away. >> this is a pretty, jesse
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says he was working on his, alarm when that funnel touched down, he was just a football, and, and, building, and, made, and no injuries were reported. >> this is now second time this week where we have reported a twister or a tornado and people just go about their business per usual >> yes, so used to it out there. >> i would be running. >> yes. as would i. >> dorothy, wizard of oz, and, through the air. >> yes, in the air. >> yes. >> age are and this weekend i'm looking forward to this weather. >> as i am, the whole roomies butting about how warm it will get, and, starting to turn as well, we will look at one of our camera shots, this is the same camera, outside palmyra cove nature park you can see the bridge here, around, the basically a 180 with the camera view. see on the traffic though going by, there is a clear sky , out there at the moment,
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and, and, and, started off by looking at storm scan, we will have storm scan with no storms to detect at the local level and granted, that is the case, and, and, and, installing and the sunshine state of florida, yesterday, or the day before. that continues to roll role northe here, sluggishly as well. it is leaving behind some very impressive rainfall totals in these spots. this should clear out. we will not have a major issue witt. but lets take a look at area temperatures, we're talking really cool conditions, blue contour colors are starting to filter in, especially throughout lining suburbs. it is 55 at the airport. cool enough for extra layer we're talking lower 50's if not 40's through chester, montgomery and portions of bucks county, in the warmer suburbs suburbs. expect thaw need to walk outside the door with extra layering here too. mount holly at 48 at this hour lets lot at beach forecast that is place to be this
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upcoming weekend. look at this at the shore we're talking to mid to upper 80's. it will be hot but we will get that sea obviously right next door to help keep you on the cool side. make sure that you are layering up with sun block in the next few days we will go from fleece, to sun block layering in the next few days. we have three straight days of 90 or above to make it a heat wave but even into wednesday at this point, meisha we are looking steamy. >> finally gets back there, thank you and very good morning to all of you.
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construction on i-95 north ramp to woodhaven road and that has been cleared. >> construction is still out there between northbound and mid county, we have another car fire out there in, ambler, ambler road, at church street. just a head up on this, slow you down again like the other one, and we will talk more about that in a little bit. jim, over to you. >> up next, impacts of james comey's testimony is expected to happen on wall street today we will have a live report from the stock exchange. pennsylvania lawmakers passed a bill that could expand casino style gambling, details up
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welcome back. stay up to date with katie's forecast on kyw news radio 1060. also, how area bars are benefiting, off of james comey 's testimony today. philadelphia city council postponed action on two bills that paved the way for half billion dollars in spending
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and some local high school students are beating the odd and celebrating their next step toward the step. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. casino style gambling could becoming to airports and bars in pennsylvania. law passed by state house would allow licensed casino to bring gambling, and satellite locations. bars and truck stops would be allowed to operate slot machine style video games. bill moves to the state senate and republican leaders say it would prop up the state's finances. time right now is 4:51. time for a check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange, good morning, jill, there is a lot on the agenda for wall street, what are investors watching. well, like a lot of other people, investors will be watching today's testimony by former fbi director james come y and whether it will cause more political turmoil. if so it could delay president trump's economic plan that includes a major tax overhaul and other pro business
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policies. also, overseas british voters head to the polls today, teresa may called for a snap election in april, three years early, jan and rahel. >> you have to explain this one, i understand dominoes is having a movie night on facebook what is this all about. >> yes, if you want, you can watch ferris buehler's day off on domino's facebook page. dominoes is streaming the movie for freon sunday at 7:00 . this is to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the film, part of the facebook live movie night on the domino's page and there will be a pizza discount more people that watch the bigger the discount. >> buehler. >> buehler. >> i think that is a great idea. >> you get something, you get free, and -- >> every time i watch that movie, i remember how good it is. >> it is one of those, such a classic. >> all kid came out, practically. >> well, some of us.
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>> well, thanks jill. we will check in next hour. >> coming up after the break we will get another check of weather and traffic. katie will let us know when our next warm up will be and i have a feeling it will be very warm when we come
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we are expecting sunshine and a couple of cloud as the day goes on but very nice weather all and all and comfortable warmth. normal high in the lower 80's at this point so we will be shy of that but we want to invite with you your forecast here to join us for alex lemonade stand, tell-a-thon getting underway in just over an hour. so hopefully you will stay tune, and tune in for that. but we do expect sunshine and very pleasant weather here today, for all of the folks, hosting lemonade stand. as day progress we will only get hotter. it will sound, awfully tempting by this weekend.
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mid 80's saturday. lower 90's begin on sunday and last right into tuesday. you are not only talking about heat and sunshine but humidity as well. man, dog days of summer are coming early but i think we will all welcome them with open arms, meisha. >> yes. >> waiting for this. >> not just sunny stretch by but the warmth. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> all right, katie, thanks for that. very good morning. looking outside, roadways we are looking at a car fire blue route northbound near route 30 , pulled off in the shoulder and that car fire has been clear. we will talk about another one in a moment here. vine closed, overnight construction westbound side we are opened, we are waiting for the eastbound ramp from the schuylkill to open and it looks like that might be opening right now, so for those jumping on the vine, we should be okay. ben franklin bridge, beautiful shot in new jersey traveling westbound looking good, quiet, this is where that other car fire is, other one on the blue route has been since cleared, this one is still out there ambler road at church street.
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if that is your neck of the wood it will not slow you down much. we have construction crew is still out there 35 turnpike eastbound between route the two and valley forge that right lane compromised there, obviously still at this early hour, we will be traveling at posted speed. northeast extension between quakertown and lansdale we have crews blocking the right lane as well. jim, back over to you. well, thanks, meisha. as katie just mentioned today is day for our 11th annual alex scott: a stand for hope tell-a-thon. we are raising money for cancer. >> alex scott dream of the day when none of her friend would have to fight cancer and even though alex who her own battle we are joining her family and friend, keeping her dream alive. phone lines have been active. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning , former fbi director james comey releases his opening statement ahead of the testimony on capitol hill. voters in the uk are heading to the polls today we will tell you how last weekend 's terror attack in
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expect to be a extraordinary day in washington d.c. in a few hours fbi director james comey will testify on capitol hill about his interactions with president trump and what he says were calls from the president, to drop the investigation in, to michael flynn. we're live with more on what to expect. he wanted coffee and bag of doughnuts but ended up bagging a robber. we are hearing from a quick thinking south jersey man who went toe to toe with an armed man inside this wawa. we will see a mix of sun and included, as we look live at parkway in center city, temperatures are about to start feeling like


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