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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the shooting was all caught on surveillance video, good afternoon, i'm natasha brown. ukee will be along in just a moment. lets get out to "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves live at the scene of the shooting in feltonville with what we know so far about the case, alycia? >> reporter: well, natasha, that philadelphia police officer has been taken off the streets, put on administrative duty and that is per department policy. authorities say that they do have surveillance video from one angle that does show that the man who was killed being shot running away from police officers. today authorities are searching for more surveillance video to possibly paint a fuller picture of what happened here. a tense scene on whittaker avenue after a philadelphia police officer kills a man who will be officer says was driving a dirt bike erratically. >> i don't know about. >> reporter: man's grandmother and other relatives angered, emotional after shooting after police reviewed surveillance video. commissioner admitting that
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the video shows a man being shot, as he ran away from police. >> we're outraged that a young , black man was shot in the back by a police officer and we want to support the family of that person and also , call for the accountability of this police officer. >> reporter: philadelphia police commissioner richard ross has said he is disturbed by surveillance video and it does ant peer to follow department protocol but commissioner has also heard witness accounts of what is not shown in the video. witnesses said man seemed to reach for a gun and ran from the officer. >> he actually said when the officer approached the victim, it also tell the male, to not go for it and when the officer grabbed him and appeared to feel the weapon, he, himself, looked the guy in the face and said don't do it, man. >> regardless of the facts, a young black person was shot, and killed, by a system that
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repeatedly kills us. >> reporter: again, officer involved in the shooting here has been put on administrative duty, authorities still searching for, the additional surveillance video that shows the missing pieces of the puts will here, what happened moments before the shooting. reporting live from philadelphia, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a leash, thank you so much philadelphia police are investigating the shooting of the three two-year old man by a tow truck driver repossessing his friend's car. an argument this morning between ropo man and car's owner led to the shoot-out at 18th and dickinson street in point breeze. friend later died at thomas jefferson hospital. the man is in custody as police try to make sense of exactly what happened. we will have more on this story in a live report tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 o'clock. a spokesmen for bill cosby says that the 79 year-old comedian may testify at his sexual assault trial. we have also learned today that members of the cosby
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family will join him in court as this trial does progress. our david spunt is live in norristown with more on day five of the trial, david. >> reporter: after five days of prosecution, it is done and up to the defense, they will take the helm, next week, we are told that cosby may actually take the stand that was a surprise today and we're also told close members of his family are expected to show up behind me. bill cosby walked with confidence, into court on day number five, next to him the man who walks him in every day , andrew wyat, the comedian 's friend and spokesmen. >> his moodies great. it is as good as can be expected. >> reporter: wyat dropped surprising news on the montgomery county courthouse steps by announcing possibility of cosby himself taking the stand. >> nothing is ever off the table in a trial of this magnitude. you have to look at and weigh your options. in a ballgame things changed and players are taken out and sometimes a star player plays and sometimes they don't.
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>> reporter: inside more from a 2005 deposition, including an admission from cosby, he says he gave multiple woman quaalude but it is not clear if they were aware. seven prescriptions, many from the mid 1907's were in cosby's names but cosby never took drugs because they made him tired. earlier this week andrea constand, insisted that cosby drugged and then sexually assaulted her at his montgomery county home in 2004 according to the deposition, cosby gave constand benadryl. cosby admitted when he was on the phone with constand's mother he worries that she thought he was a quote dirty old man. cosby says he repeatedly apologized to constand's mother on the telephone. cosby has always maintained that the sexual contact with constand was consensual. andrew wyat says that reality is difficult for cosby's wife, camille but she still supports her husband. >> people think because of optics thaw don't see them here that they don't love him and they are not together anymore. that doesn't say that you
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don't have the support. >> cosby case is expected to not take nearly as long as the prosecution, again, it begins behind me monday morning. reporting live, david spunt, cbs-3 three "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much, david. also president trump talked about the bomb shell testimony, james comey gave to the senate intelligence committee, as seen live here on cbs-3 the president accused the fired fbi director of giving untrue testimony and said he is willing to share his own version of events, under oath. cbs correspondent lona linka has latest. >> reporter: president trump faced a media at a joint news conference ready for questions about fired fbi director james comey. >> frankly james comey confirmed a lot of what i said , and some of the things that he said, just weren't true. >> reporter: thursday, comey revealed he gave notes about his conversations with the president to a friend, to give to a reporter.
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>> no collusion, no obstruction, he is a leaker. >> reporter: president's personal attorney plans to file a complaint with the justice department, and senate intelligence committee next week taking issue with comey passing details about private conversations with the president. comey explained to lawmakers why he wrote memos. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it important to document. >> reporter: comey testified he took suggestion that he let go of the investigation into former national security advisor mike flynn as an order from the president. >> hopes flynn investigation you could let it go. >> i did not say that. >> reporter: he lied about that. >> well, i didn't say that. i will tell you i didn't say that. >> reporter: two congressional committees and special counsel robert muhler continue continue on investigate russian meddling in the 2016 election and possible ties between trump associates and moscow. mo linka for cbs news, white house. keep it right here for continuing coverage and you can see more of today's press conference from the president, and comey's testimony anytime
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at cbs well, our summer fest celebration continues, it is a day we are hitting back on the road to highlight another great community, we're taking to you wilmington, delaware for an annual event that gets a big, big crowd. holy trinity greek festival is the largest fundraiser of the year for this community, and look who is there, our buddy, ukee washington live at the festival tonight with a look at what inspired this celebration, hi there, ukee. >> hi natasha. you know what the community is celebrating big time, they are celebrating free spirit, they are celebrating culture and, of course they are celebrating food. take a look over here to my right look at this line, this line is for the gyro, and look who is last in line there. that is our own tori woodill, we will get more on the gyro later but it is more about the food and it is more about the
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fun. >> wilmington greek community the journey started long before world war two and this celebration wouldn't be what it is today without, holy trinity church. greek orthodox tradition, experience begins in the pow s at holy trinity church in wilmington delaware. >> the church is very important in the community because it was always an entity that brings people together. >> reporter: the first known greek immigrant as arrived in wilmington in 1890, almost 50 years later funding was secured to build the church but world war two delayed the construction. it wasn't until early 1950's that holy trinity greek orthodox church was finally completed. >> it was built hand on by many members there was a construction contract but the labor was supplied by the parishioners, they did the brickwork, they dug foundation s and some of them are still alive today.
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>> reporter: brick by brick a foundation for greek immigrants grew into a robust community. >> basically home, if you need comfort, if you need joy, place to be joyous and church is the place. >> reporter: today beautiful works of art adorned ceilings and walls of the holy trinity paid for by generous parishioners. >> the chorography in the church started to fade so seven or eight years ago we undertook a big job if we did all of it and we needed to raise close to a million-dollar to do that and i thought that would take months and months to do, and within several weeks we have raised the money which really surprised me. >> we told the people that we are united, young and old, together. >> it is a beautiful thing. i have been part of the big greek culture and it is food, when we started our broadcast. with me now, i like like to call her triple t, triple t is in the house, and if there is food to be had, you know all
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bit, right. >> you got, bob and weaved the line and i said i'm out, i'm coming with you. >> what do we have here. >> we have some traditional food for you guys to try out. >> yes. >> so i got some forks and knives for you guys. >> love that. >> we will start here, on the left, we have pasta based ground beef. >> it is like a greek lasagna. >> yes, no tomato sauce. >> that looks amazing. >> we have similar but we have egg plant in there. >> wow. >> okay. >> someone toll me mousaka. >> it is fun to say. >> you can say it however you want to it. >> it all taste wonderful. >> we have cheese pie, it is butter and bake, it has feta cheese and some wonderful, other flavors in there. >> don't give away secrets.
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>> we have a spinach pie, very similar, different cheese filling with spinach. >> fantastic. hold on to this. we have the saferry but what about the sweet treats. we will show you something really great. we have volunteers working to put every kind of pastry together, for us, and our friend marika gave us a tour of the treats that are set up for the festival. lets take a look. >> they are coffee cake and they are twisted. all of the good stuff, sugar, butter, eggs, and these are a wedding cookie, all ready, like a short bread cookie. this is a famous your almond cookie, also very good. and this is a traditional bacl
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ova and every place certainly does love. >> ukee will tell you when. >> we had so much fun talking to marika, thanks for helping us out. >> what do we have here. >> we have here annal monday cookie which vice good. >> love that. >> okay. >> we have coffee cookie, everybody should have a coffee cookie. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> and this is our traditional wedding cookie. >> yes. >> almond. >> almond. >> yes. >> cool. >> with almond. >> this is fineki. >> short bread. >> i like the name. >> yes. >> it is dipped in honey and sprinkled with nuts. this is a very good traditional dessert. this is rolled. >> hold on to that for you because we want to take a bite a little bit later.
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>> i will take a bite now. >> you take a bite now. we will take a bite out of our forecast, right now, because it is beautiful out here, and lauren casey is at frawley stadium with your forecast, hi there, lauren. >> hi guys, i'm here at frawley stadium wilmington blue rocks are getting ready to take on the buoy creek astros, and it is first pitch 7:05. summer has finally returned just in time for upcoming weekend. we will take a swing at some 90's. we will talk about that in your full forecast coming up, natasha. >> thanks very much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tattoos that talk, they are more than just a work of art, health reporter stephanie stahl will show us how some tattoos will keep memory of a loved one alive, in more ways then one. >> ♪
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welcome back to wilmington , holy trinity greek festival the streets alive with greek music, food and, of course, traditions the weather is perfect. we will check with lauren case any just a moment. right now though, we have the governor of the great state of delaware, john carney. how are you, sir. >> good to have you back in the first state. >> always, always, always. a little birdie told me that you know a little something about this festival because you may have been here last night that wasn't your first time. this is my first. >> think was here last night, i had some good food, and some lamb sandwiches, and it was unbelievable, you know, we spinach pie, it was awesome.
5:18 pm
>> i'm a first timer what do you recommend, for me. >> i like the chicken, pork, skewerd meat on a skew and then we have in like a flat bread and then we have seasoning in there. >> look at you, you are a chef >> i don't know about that. i like to eaty love what is happening in the state of delaware. we're in new castle but when it comes to kent, sussex, talk to our visitors that want to know what this date is all b when they visited how they can enjoy it. >> one of the things that people don't think about when they think about delaware visiting is our delaware beaches. most of the folks i know when i was in congress coming over from washington and new jersey , pennsylvania, new york , they come to go to the beaches. but there is a lot of other things to do in the bay shore, i met a guy today who comes here often to do bird watching we have really started to develop our bay shore communities, to attract tourist, eco tourism, if you will. we are starting festival
5:19 pm
season here in the city of wilmington at greek festival. next week we will be at italian festival, polish festival coming up, lot of exciting things to do with the old du pont mansions. i'm near the hospital. we have winter they're which is a hot attraction. lots of interesting things to do in delaware. >> this has to do your heart so good. this is greek festival. but i have seen so many different cultures out here today. >> it is amazing. city of wilmington is a great community that puts this on at trinity church here that attracts people from all walks of life, all ethnic background it is a really special way to get to know people, see people out and about enjoying food and fun. >> and the weather is perfect. >> weather is perfect. i can attest to that, here today. >> matter of fact, governor why don't you throw to lauren casey. >> tell us lauren it is awful nice what do you see in the studio. >> she's over at frawley stadium. >> yes. >> it is probably just as nice over there.
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>> way to go, governor. >> yes. >> thank you, so much. the weather is beautiful. i'm out here at frawley stadium. wilmington blue rocks are getting ready for their game. first pitch 7:05. we have sunshine. warmth feels so great. this is blue rocks 25th season , they will have some fire works tonight, they have fire works, every friday, night so they will be fun for the whole family, the blue rocks, the blue granite a rock found along the brandywine river. the minor league team and actually 162 blue rocks, in their history has gone on, to the major league. major league so it is big time for blue roxanne yeah, conditions are absolutely beautiful, after temperatures, below average, all week long, we have got the cloud, now, we have really switched things up for upcoming weekend thank you , mother nature. temperatures in the upper 70's and lower 80's across the area in fail we have made it up in
5:21 pm
the 80's and we are dealing with a lot of sunshine and just some friendly looking cumulus cloud across the area. as we head into the evening hours we will maintain this westerly wind, we have hade wind, all week long keeping our temperatures cooler then average, but now that wind shift has brought us backup in the 70's and 80's closer to average. this evening, feeling great, temperatures in the 70's, mostly clear to partly cloud ace we head in the upcoming weekend, temperatures will be soaring, talking about some upper 80's as we head into tomorrow. chance of the stray shower or thunderstorm possibly but otherwise mostly sunny for the afternoon, bound ant sunshine into sunday with high temperatures cruising up in the lower 90's. we will challenge some record as we head into sunday, monday and tuesday, forecast high in the lower 90's. record high temperature for each of those days at 95 degrees. we will take a swing, for those, as we head in the next several days. it will give us a heat wave and in your seven day forecast we will keep this heat around. even as we head into the
5:22 pm
extended portion of the week. i think we're done at least in the kind of long term for that colder then average weather but we have beautiful conditions, right now, and we will enjoy this sunshine. i will talk more about the blue rocks. they actually have three mascots, they have who i have on my head, rocky blue winkle, mr. rubble and mr. celery hoist most fun and we will talk about those, coming up, it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. from the time i was pregnant with him,
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welcome back. "eyewitness sports". it is hard for one school to have one team playing for a state championship but what are odd of two teams in the same sport. well, that is what is happening in one delaware county school. tomorrow is championship day at springfield delco as both boys and the girls lacrosse teams play for the state championship. boys will play west chester henderson, girls taking on carroll. boys are looking to repeat and for the girls it is their first trip back to the
5:26 pm
championship game since losing to garnett valley. >> our seniors experienced the 2014 state championship as freshman, many of them at that time, they experienced it at hershey. >> looking back to freshman year, we were in the state championship, same feeling, same nerves, and everything is the same, it is just bringing your best. >> reporter: this is second championship game in the pennsylvania three years, they know it is tough to repeat. >> group is dialed in. i think it can happen. it is tough to win a district title and state title playing the same team, especially a team of the caliber of henderson but we will do everything that we can and hopefully we will come out on top on saturday. >> i mean, winning last year was an amazing feeling. even this year topped that more amazing feeling, and hard work we put in, our team, and just, have that chance to do it and repeat it would be amazing. >> springfield has built a successful, and what is key to
5:27 pm
their suckes. and, second grade: and, how great both teams, and, the whole, special community,. >> it is great. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next in the next half an hour a tattoo that talks, sound strange, right but you will see how different kind of body heat can bring memories to life, all about it when "eyewitness news" continues. plus streets of wilmington alive and kicking with greek music and food, we will take buck summer if he at the greek festival we are live, stay with us.
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well, news continues at 5:30, here is what you need to know, right now, police involved shooting in feltonville, remains under investigation. police say that last night's
5:31 pm
deadly encounter followed a struggle between the officer, and a man, police say was driving a dirt bike, erratically. the officer has been placed on administrative leave. today is day five of the cosby sexual assault trial and the prosecution has rested its case. a spokesmen for the 79 year-old comedian says cosby may end uptaking witness stand , in his own defense. good evening, i'm natasha brown. i'm natasha brown. thanks for being here. latest on the political he said he said in washington. today president trump responded to the testimony fired fbi director james comey gave to congress about their conversations, and the russia investigation. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he is a leaker. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version 100 percent. >> are there tapes, sir. >> you will be very disappointed when the hear the answer, don't worry. >> well, joining us now is hoe of the face the nation john dickerson, good to have you
5:32 pm
with us, john, quite a week here. your thoughts actually on this public battle brewing between president trump and james come y. >> well, it is sort of character verse character so on the one hand you have james comey who took notes, you had with the president, talked about it with his collogues at the time, he had nine different interactions, he now has testified under oath, about them, and then on the other side you have the president, who has not done any of those things, so how do you figure out hoist telling the truth. we may never know. one way might be that the special counsel, who is, undoubted going continue on investigate all of the matters that were discussed at the hearing yesterday, will do interviews and seek corroborating evidence for the claims that director comey made and then, now president said he would be willing to be interviewed. he will get on the record under oath testimony presumably from the president
5:33 pm
as well. >> and ongoing thing here. also, chuck schumer we understand will be joining you this sunday. it appears as if lindsey graham is leaning toward a lot of support for president trump at this point. >> lindsey graham is an interesting character he is kind of all over the map both on supporting the president and he has been highly critical of the president. his argument was there was nothing in the comey testimony that suggested obstruction of justice and so we're talking to him about that. he was an impeachment manager when bill clinton was impeached so i'm interested in getting his take on that because really when we evaluate any of this information it need to be thought of in what will congress do with it. because the law seemed clear cannot be prosecuted in court, so the question is then only place they can be sanctioned is in congress and so, every time we look at any of this information we have to think about what will republican who control things in congress
5:34 pm
think of it and make of it. we will talk to graham about that. chuck schumer, sees things very differently on the democratic side. >> we will look forward to the show, thanks very much, we appreciate it. don't forget that you can watch face the nation with john dickerson sunday morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. site of the 1985 move bombing in cobbs creek will soon get a pennsylvania historical and museum commission marker. the group to push for historical marker may surprise you. cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio has more. >> reporter: it was may 13th, 1985 when a police helicopter dropped an explosive on the owes age avenue row home where members of the radical back to nature group move were barricaded. resulting fire destroyed 61 homes and killed 11 people, including five children. >> the children, younger and older then us were killed by a bomb that was dropped by
5:35 pm
police and stuff. they didn't even know why. >> reporter: meet ela, hanna, iishtar and david. >> i don't know how they could do that. >> reporter: these current and former students make up songs of the children, anti violence group, after learning about move last may, teacher karen fall come took the group to osage avenue. >> the houses look worn down. they were not rebuilt well. >> reporter: what stood out was what was missing a memorial that told what happened. >> we were like, how about we have a historical marker. >> reporter: they got 200 signatures and filled out lengthy applications for historical marker, the pennsylvania historical and museum commission gave approval, in march. the move bombing marker will be placed at corner of osage and cobbs creek parkway, it will summarize the 1985 tragedy including participation of the city, state police and fbi. >> it is really empowering and it makes me feel happy. >> reporter: they launched a go fund me for june 24th
5:36 pm
dedication and documentary about their work. >> i really want to show that it is out there and that this happened. >> reporter: the kid, no matter their age. >> we can make a difference. >> reporter: by taking action that makes change. cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, search in the meantime does resume for dozens of irish work hours died while building pennsylvania's first railroad along the main line. today a team of volunteers explored duffy's cut archeological dig site in east whiteland with the ground radar. they are looking for remains of 50 rail workers from 1832, who are believed to be buried in a mass grave. the digging at the site began in 2004. cbs-3 summer fest makes its way to wilmington delaware city is a big parade filled with plenty of places to visit , eat, lots of opportunity to learn all about that community and our friend, hey ukee, ukee washington joining us now, by wilmington
5:37 pm
's mayor with a look at what the city has to offer in 2017. lots going on there, ukee. >> a whole lot going on, in a cash a we are on the ground of the holy trinity greek orthodox church for greek festival summer if he 2017 continues for cbs-3 and we are having a great time and crowd are building. tonight it is really going to be out of this world. one of the gets is wilmington delaware mayor, nice to see you mr. mayor. >> nice to see you, ukee. >> this is fantastic. you're mediate thoughts on just festival in general and all of the culture that comes. >> yeah, you know, we consider ourselves a city of festival and this is one of the outstanding won and it jussie think they told me 35,000 people, come to these gates and that is just for a small location like this, that is a packed house and we are really thrilled to have them here. >> a lot of these folks are not from the city, visiting coming in and just enjoying, enjoying our city and to get
5:38 pm
them back too. >> you played a key role in the river front revitalization project. tell us about that and how things are going right now. it is beautiful. >> thank you. i was first executive director for 20 years and i just retired, last year to run for mayor. it was just a world war two abandoned graveyard and you know 20 years later we have a million-dollar invested down there. we have got 1400 people living down there 7,000 people working down there and restaurants, beautiful amenities. we're really proud. we just want to continue to expand the enthusiasm, to build out river front and do rest of the city. >> speaking of enthusiasm i know people were excited. you why embarrassed. you had a special honor. >> they named river walk after me and i was humiliated a loft people had to do, had so much to do with the river front and so they bestowed this wonderful honor iron i'm very grateful but a little bit...
5:39 pm
>> well deserved for you and your team. >> yes. >> thanks sir for stopping by. >> you too. >> like wide. >> we will get together. get out on the course. >> of course. >> that would be great. >> you played for the giants one year, didn't you. >> back in the late 60's, new york giants. >> but that is all right, good man. >> lets get back to you in the studio. >> wealth of knowledge, ukee, we will see you soon. thanks, my friend. caught on camera a scare in the sky, still to come on "eyewitness news" watch as two hot air balloon collide. in one was seriously injured but they certainly have quite the story to tell. what caused the collision when we come right back. >> ♪
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's front blind spots. kid in cars and organizations, that tracks these types of incidents says that the number of deaths in front over accidents has listen over the past two decade. most happen in driveways and involve bigger vehicles like suv, vans and pickup trucks. that is a very scary moment hot air balloon festival gust of wind caused two balloons to collide, yesterday in chatsworth, illinois. balloon operator was dangling from the basket. after the operator dropped out , the balloon ascended again with two people still inside they did not know how to operate the balloon and reports say occupants made it out safely, the operator was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. and, our summer fest is going through wilmington today for greek festival still ahead what you can expect to see heading to the big celebration this weekend. we will be right back.
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well, is there a story behind most tattoos but what if you are ink can speak for itself. yes, we have details on talking tattoos, health reporter stephanie stahl explains from the einstein health care science center. >> technology has now created the ability to make tattoos talk, and it looks like an ordinary tattoo, but a different kind of, body ink is bringing memories to life in a new way. >> this isn't misty hoover's first tattoo, and by far the most precious. this pink ink carries a special message. >> i love you, mommy from my little girl lily. >> reporter: thinks sound wave tattoo, body art that talks. it works through skin motion app or web site and
5:48 pm
specialized tattoo artists. >> you take a picture with our app, we process the tattoo and we make it so app can play it back. >> i love you. >> reporter: majority of the requests have been from people hoping to preserve memory of a loved one like josh. >> every morning 100 percent i start my day with it. >> reporter: he plays voice of his father who passed away two years ago a recording of his dad talking about his long battle with cancer. >> you absolutely have to believe, but once you have that belief and that desire you can conquer anything. >> it is business best advice he gives to how to survive not only cancer but life. >> reporter: advice he car business him always with the help of audible ink. skin motion app is scheduled to be released this month. no word on the cost. company is in the process of training tattoo artists and we're told that the audio message will have to be limited to one minute. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3
5:49 pm
"eyewitness news". well, it is another fantastic friday, great baseball weather, out there and as part of our summer if he celebration our lauren casey is live from wilmington outside frawley stadium, home of the blue rocks, hi there, lauren. >> reporter: hey girl how is it going, beautiful evening right now, sunnies shining on my face but luckily think of adorable blue rocks hat to wear to keep it out of my eyes the ticket stand, first pitch at 7:05. they are taking on astros. minor league team here. they actually have three mascots, one of them is rocky blue winkle, who is on my hat. he is a strong yet adorable. then we also have mr. ruble, he is representative of the blue granite that the team is name is based upon and then we also have my personal favorite mr. celery, yes, a little bit random, amazing. president celery comes out only when they score a run and
5:50 pm
when he comes out he throws celery stalks into the stand. so fun and nutritious for all of the baseball goers but yeah , beautiful condition, the breeze feels great, temperatures are warm, after we have had a much cooler then average week, we're generally in the 70's and 80's in the area currently in wilmington we are at 83. eighty-two in philadelphia down the shore after a cool week with highs only in the 50 's and 60's, you are hanging out in the 80's. storm scan three is showing us a bunch of nothing. we like that. no rain on the scene and just some fair weather cumulus cloud pass ago cross delaware valley as we head in the overnight period, partly cloudy, mild only falling back to 65 degrees and for our saturday we will boost temperatures up, even further, up to 87, we have a chance, due to a disturbance moving through of passing shower in the morning but not to worry as we head in the afternoon that sunshine will return, and we are warming up to 87 degrees, your shore forecast is looking, down right amazing, you might call
5:51 pm
it a home run, of a forecast, over the next several days. high temperature in the lower 80's for saturday, sunday and monday, beautiful beach conditions. be sure to put on that sun screen up but as we health things up we will see humidity factor increasing as well, tomorrow, not too bad, humidity, feeling a mugginess with dew points around 60 degrees but push dew points in the mid to upper 60's heading in to sunday and monday and with highs in the lower 90's we are definitely going to feel that steam factor and challenging record as we head into sunday, monday , tuesday with high temperatures in the lower 90's record for each of those daises 95 degrees and keeping summer like condition around in the long range as well but beautiful conditions, game starting soon, ukee, i will head in, get some baseball oriented snacks, hot dogs, probably some nachos and then we are packing up and coming up with the greek festival and we will have gyros and baclova
5:52 pm
and we have a whole menu, planned out for the next several hours you said that, right, gyros, some people say gyros, but they told me it is gyros. >> we will save you some, indeed. everybody is coming out here tonight. things are heating up big time right now. the fun, the foot food and tor i so is the shopping. >> it is here and alive. >> it is here and alive. we will talk to vendors coming up but i'm feeling the magic of greece and greek culture and the greek faith. >> but do you have some money. >> i was going to ask you about that. >> we will be right back.
5:53 pm
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the forty-second annual greek festival is underway we're having a great time, come on down, join us we're only 40, 45 minutes from center city philadelphia so everybody, opa, new word i learn, have fun, cheers. >> and well, that too but i learn a new word. >> what is that. >> ge pe. >> that means. >> joy, happiness of being together, drinking, eating great food and enjoying. >> it is all about the greek festival. >> yes. >> i mean really. yes, we are spending money, marcos holding something i have on hold, we will talk about that in a second. so tell me about your stand and all of the beautiful things you have. >> i have been making these for 11 years, jewelry.
5:57 pm
i love coming here in this community because my sister and my brother laura are part of this community. i love being creative. this is my outlet. i enjoy it. you have been coming to this festival for 11 years. >> eleven years. >> what makes this a must do to come back and be sheer and show off your beautiful jewelry. >> the people in this community are absolutely hospitable. the food is a nation. we have a fantastic time. they open, you know, they welcome you with open arms and it is a fantastic place to be. >> it feels like that kind of a festival where people really are, stopping at every single stand because they want to see it all. >> they do i have customers coming for 11 years and they come back and see me and we catch up, amazing, so come on down. >> how does that feel when you see those same faces. >> i have kid that i have seen grow up and people that come to me and their kid are going to college. it is a nation. >> well, talk to me about what we have here. >> i have a new jade necklace that i just made for the
5:58 pm
spring line and it is blue, and pink or so, for the spring i have my signature piece. >> i love that. if i can ask your assistance would you mind throwing that on me, and do you want to get your wallet out, ukee? >> i don't think so. >> this feels beautiful. i feel very greek. >> it is eclectic blue. >> can you stay again, that sound even better. >> eclectic blue. >> yes. >> you need that. >> i think everybody need a pace ofe click particular blue jewelry and i also love your name. >> thank you where does that come from. >> the carnation. >> what is that. >> that is amazing it is translated. >> so beautiful. >> is this your son. >> this is my son marco. >> you help out at the stan. >> no. >> too busy eating. >> yes. >> that is what i thought. i would have to have the same problem if i were one of your
5:59 pm
children while working here. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> ukee will have this for you when we go into break. >> can i put it on an account, on the active no money. >> we really need to start bringing cash to these things. >> yes, i do. >> but you are good. >> we are having a great time, wonderful evening, natasha, back to the studio. >> come on ukee open that wallet i want a necklace too. >> thank you natasha. >> we will work on it. thanks so much. we you soon. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> and now at 6:00, a page out of paris. our summer fest continues with a little bit of wilmington history, the story behind the story's grand opera house, lauren. and, conditions are going to be beautiful for some baseball at frawley stadium in wilmington. we will talk more about the conditions this evening and a home run of a forecast, coming up in the 6:00 o'clock show.
6:00 pm
tension is good but keeping is tough i'm cleve bryan. we will tell you why people are frustrated with the summer flounder season. investigation currently underway after a man is shot dead by police. evidence officers are now focusing on as they look into this deadly shooting. it is 6:00 o'clock. call to repossess a minivan end in gunfire. police say boyfriend of the vehicle's owner is shot dead by the tow truck driver trying to haul away the van. tonight we are learning why that repowe man said he had to pull out his weapon and start shooting. good evening, i'm natasha brown in for guess contact ukee will be along in just a moment. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is tracking latest developments in the deadly shooting in point breeze tonight, anita? >> reporter: good evening, in a cash a neighbors say thinks corner known for violence with several shootings here in recent months, and this morning violent encounter left one man and a dog


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