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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, is taylor swift trying to ruin katy perry's big day? ♪ my name keeps coming out your mouth ♪ the bombshell taylor dropped just before katy's weekend pajamas party. and "e.t." is the first show to take you behind closed doors with four things you never knew about katy perry. >> ilgts it's nice to show i'm a human. i put my foot in my mouth all the time. then, blake shelton, the bartender? his big surprise for a few lucky fans. plus, brad pitt's big night out. cindy crawford's lookalike kid. when is beyonce having those babies. we hind the scenes will ferrell and amy poe her's new movie crack up. we love you so much but you need
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to shut up. now, for june 9th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." welcome inside katy perry headquarters. she will be broadcasting live all weekend long from inside this house. i'm inside the monitoring room in her house in los angeles. there are 41 cameras all over the house to capture every move she makes. here's the cool thing. i had a chance to talk to katy. why expose your entire world to the world. >> sometimes people don't see me as human. if you realize i'm human you realize you can do everything i've done. just an hour after releasing katie's new album her rival taylor made a bold
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>> let's start with the surprise move by taylor swift as they feud escalates. just one hour after katy perry kicked off her live screening stunt, taylor swift made a bold, calculated move. swift rereleased her entire catalog to spotify and other streaming services. >> this is a huge deal. she's the biggest pop star out, and was the last holdout from streaming. it does make you scratch your head. >> katy's album went to number one on itunes this morning. it includes a song widely seen as a swipe at taylor. ♪ switch switch switch how did this start? taylor seemed to be talking about perry when she said a celebrity tried to sabotage an arena tour. >> katy told james corden the feud was started over a rift with back up dancers. >> it's like she started it, and it's time for her to finish it. i tried to talk to her, she wouldn't speak to me. then she writes a song about it. ♪ baby now we got bad blood >> in a new interview, perry said, i'm not buddha, things
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irritate me. i wish i could turn the other cheek every single time. i'm also not a push over youn especially when someone tries to sas nate my character with little girls. that's so messed up. >> so, katy is calling this her witness house, named after her new album. there have been lots of revelations. and here's four things we never knew about katy perry. >> i don't know how to hug. >> what are you talking about? >> i know how to hug now. >> i'm a new hugger. >> i kind of have a germ thing, too. >> katy has been super candid about everything else. >> revelation number two, how she may have gotten over some former flames. >> i take selfies of myself when i was crying and upset in the relationship, to show me it wasn't all a bed of roses. >> you say you want people to speak your language.
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what is your language and what does that mean? >> i love speaking through music. that's the way i speak to people, through my music. even when i get to date someone, we talk through songs. >> it's not alcohol, it's apple juice. ♪ >> revelation number three, katy knows her limits. >> i'm really sensitive to all substances. my hangovers are literally three days. i can't get out of bed. it's a delicate dance. the song dance with the devil is about my dance with alcohol. i'm very proud of who i am. >> her pup nugget is all over the house with her, showing us her maternal side. here's revelation number four. >> i'd like to be a mom soon. definitely. i just would like to find my partner. >> we know katy is big on yoga. she did that with pal jessie tyler fergson today.
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>> i invited her to try this at the big brother house. all our camera operators are behind glass. if she stays true to who she is she'll be fine. easier said than done with a camera in your face. >> katy will be live on youtube all weekend long, and will be joined by some of her friends. jesse tyler ferguson, sia, and she's going to cook with gordon ramsay. >> and brad pitt ditches the dad pants. >> looking sharp and trim in a fitted gray suit in new york. a big contrast from the baggy pants brad was spotted in just last month. he hit the red carpet solo for the premiere of "okja." the film he produced with netflix. the stars of his movie gave pitt
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big props. >> i love brad, and he's our godfather on the film. >> and looks like brad's ex, angelina, got their kids a slip and slide into the pool in their new house. >> baby watch continues with beyonce with the super star's twins due any day. grandma tina shopping in beverly hills. and cindy crawford's son, graduating high school. the proud mama presented him with a watch for his big day. then on to the runway for him, and her daughter also on hand, looking very grown-up in a tube top and edgy leather skirt, cheering her brother on. now, blake shelton surprises fans, dropping into bars in nashville.
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>> welcome to nashville everybody. ♪ the superstar was flying solo. no gwen stefani in sight as he posed at a meet and greet with fans. at one point, blake even went behind the bar to pour drinks. two nights ago, he was spotted behind the stage with a smithworks cup. he's a brand ambassador. ♪ i've been keeping all the letters that i wrote to you ♪ we were with him as he performed at an l.a. bar last year, and we know he enjoys adult beverages. i just don't picture you with alcohol. >> is that right? >> yes. >> have you been in a coma the last few years or what. i like vodka. so, this is like, that's a no-brainer for me. >> i think like every interview i've done with you, you've had vodka in your hand. >> that's right. >> and blake was grateful we've shown him sipping from a cup from time to time.
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>> thank you nancy. >> we show him with that little red cup with vodka inside. >> that's why we love you. >> up next, what brought these powerful hollywood women together last night? then, it's one of the most classic mysteries ever. we're with the cast of "murder on the orient express". the star studded new movie with penelope cruz, michelle fiefr and this aye lister. then the men of thunder from down under give us the secret to their show. what's the move? what's your signature? what gets the lady's screaming. but first -- >> we have to speak as one united group. >> let the binge watching begin. "orange is the new black" kicks off their fifth season today. >> i've done so many incredible projects over the last couple years. there's something about "orange is the new black". the emmy-winning dramedy covers just three days with a prison
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riot over 13 episodes. >> we're denied basic humanity. the show's emmy win er uzo aduba welcomed the challenges and the storyline. >> i can tell you, there's a change of power. >> and stars aren't giving up any more spoilers. >> i can tell you all kinds of things. but, you know, i don't want anybody to break my legs in the bathroom.
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♪ diane keaton! >> the actress received afi's life achievement award from woody allen. he presented his old friend with the honor. meryl streep copied diane's signature style by wearing all black. she received an oscar for her role in "annie hall." >> she was the second person that ever hired me in hollywood, she was the second director that
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ever believed in me. always been my greatest supporter. >> daisy ridley went to an instant celebrity the moment she joined the "star wars" universe, but now she's aboard the orient express. she talked to carly steel about this new big screen ride aboard the world's most famous train. >> when you first read the script, did anything surprise you? >> yeah, the outcome. >> johnny depp, michelle fiefr, penelope cruz join daisy. in suspects in one of the most stunning mysteries ever. one person has committed murder on the train, but who? >> who from the cast would be most likely to get in trouble on the train? >> jonathan depp. for sure. >> naugty one that one. and the other person with a dark side to her, dame judi dench.
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she's really a bad girl. she would always leave at the end of the day, put on a leather jacket, and gloves with spikes on them. >> he's kidding. dame judy got along with everyone in the cast. that's dench in the robes trying to get "star wars" secrets out of daisy. it was actually josh behind the camera. he posted a few videos hoping to get daisy to answer questions. >> are you a jedi? answer my damn question. >> did josh get any information from you. >> aside from the videos he recorded which he wasn't supposed to have. >> i became close to daisy, tormenting her. >> only 181 days before the next "star wars" film. not that we're counting. it will hit theaters on december 15th. still ahead, is matthew perry living his battles with addiction on stage? >> i'm an open wound out there.
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>> we're behind the scenes at his new play. plus, australian hotties dancing. meet the real men from thunder from down under. >> i was doing elementary school teaching before this. and our first look behind the scenes of will ferrell and amy poehler's new comedy. >> luke i am your lobster. closed captioning provided by --
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for millions who suffer from schizophrenia a side effect of their medication... is something called "akathisia." it's time we took notice. this is the story of how q got curly. quin was crazy about curls. curly fries. curly straws. curly haired dogs. even those cute curly tails on pigs. but to quin's chagrin everything about her was so very straight.
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which made the next twist so amazing. did she expect to find a high-end hair curler at a mind-bendingly low price? never. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. marshalls. your surprise is waiting. i have a way for you guys to make four years' tuition in one month. >> no surprise here, things totally get out of control
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in "the house," when will ferrell and amy poehler start an illegal casino in their neighbor's place. >> they're doing what they got to do. if you're going to put your money on two comedy stars these two would be a safe bet. am i right? >> yes. >> here's a first look. >> we got ourselves a casino! >> yes! >> this is working! >> they come up with the scheme after spending their daughter's tuition money. they need money fast. >> honey chill. you're a great student. i'm sure you got in. >> i think people assumed we looked a lot but we've never done a film together. we've worked in a film in many years
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was called "blaze of glory". >> that was back in 2007, and >> you would assume, oh, they've >> luke, i am your lobster. >> on the set, the "snl" alums kept cracking each other up. and they really got to show off their physical comedy skills. >> get off my husband! >> check out the crazy way they shot this scene. spinning on a giant lazy susan. >> when i was told the idea was will and i as this couple who kind of lose their minds together, i got excited. >> don! don! don! >> i've always been dying to be in a movie together we where we're in the scenes all the time. >> i'll never be as tall or as loud as well, but i will die trying. >> i could watch them all day. this is not the only big comedy will has coming out this year. "daddy's home 2," and they will be joined by john lithgow and mel gibson.
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we'll have the first scenes for you next week. >> that is seriously one of my all time favorite "e.t." moments. i've never seen you shocked like that before. >> i still get embarrassed. >> i can't blame you. >> it is precisely because of that moment, there was only one person uniquely qualified to go back to sin city, and meet the guys from "thunder from down under". ♪ >> i feel like i'm avoiding the elephant in the room, the fact that you all are half-naked. >> we're pretty used to it by now. >> they have the costumes and the moves, but what does it really take besides abs and the accent, of course. >> staying in shape. if you have a healthy lifestyle and a hot body, you're halfway there.
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♪ >> the fellas are shaking things up every night, but i spent quality time with them at wayne newton's ranch, where they were working on their 2018 calendar. that's due out later this year. >> what is your story? how did you get here? >> i was a personal trainer. >> i was doing elementary school teaching. a bit of a chance of pace. >> every woman's fantasy. you love kids and look like this. ♪ >> i find it hard to imagine you can get comfortable with taking your clothes off on stage. >> yeah, you can. the weirdest thing was getting used to wearing a man's g-string. >> yeah, you can. >> you never wore a "g"-string before you started dancing? >> i swear, just ask my mom.
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she does my laundry. >> i don't even know what to say about that. >> i'm just going to call him a mama's boy. the guys say they get along well, but sometimes they do fight over things. like, who stole the body oil. matthew perry is famous for tv work from from "friends" to "the odd couple," but right now he's working on an off-broadway play. the story resonates strongly with his own life. >> i'm a very artistic person. there's my name right there. >> artist matthew is acting in a play he wrote, "the end of longing," with personal ties to the role. >> what did you draw from your own life? >> i'm always drawn to characters who start off from a somewhat broken place, and are trying to improve their lives. and that's what i've tried to do. >> he went to rehab in 1997 and with addiction.
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how did you get this courage to fight the addiction? >> you get into a place in your life where you're having a problem, and you can lie down about it, or step up to bat and take your swing. and that's what i did. ♪ >> perry made us laugh back in 1994 on the set of "friends." >> just got to get through it. i got to get through it. that's the thing that is great about the show, we're always there for each other, trying to make a fool out of each other on camera. >> what? >> the show made him a star, and brought him major roles like 1997 "fools rush in." >> i remember it was a joke for the whole movie he would say something and i would on purpose pose not laugh even if i wanted to. >> i would go, that was funny, and he would laugh. >> but behind the laughs, matthew was struggling, and the
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press focused on his addiction. he said in 2015, when i was in big trouble, it was so public because i was on a tv show that 30 million people are watching. >> was this kind of your way to share your story with everybody? >> in a way. >> it's definitely not me, it's an exaggerated form of myself. but i am on open wound out there at the end of the play, that's for sure. >> fans will always love matthew as chandler, but he has this nightmare where the cast comes back for a whole new "friends" series, and nobody cares. >> that wouldn't happen. >> still ahead behind the scenes of cars three and how did kerry washington drive her mom crazy?
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>> travel consideration provided by --
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1.2% higher top speed. >> kerry washington has joined the cast of "cars 3, " and we'll be with them all this weekend at disneyland. >> we have something fun for you now. kerry and the gang, cruising down memory lane, thinking back to when they learned how to drive. bye, everybody. >> my dad taught me how to drive. >> my mom tried to teach me how to drive. that did not go well. >> we were driving on the highway, he would say, take the wheel. i would have to reach over and grab it. >> i am a good driver not to toot my own horn. >> coolest road trip? >> two parents, a cooler, and a drive to the grand canyon. >> i think we were cherishing
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perry. >> you know i'm above that crap. >> but is all of this bad blood just a publicity stunt? >> the conflicts she has with people are strategic. >> then, child star amanda bynes breaks her silence after her public breakdown. >> i was on drugs and trying to be hilarious. >> is she planning a hollywood comeback? >> and number three, we grill the "stranger things" cast for season two secrets. >> i would love to let out everything. >> plus, your "insider" bonus. lionel richie teams up with mariah carey. >> it's just going to be an evening of hang on to your seat. >> but why was he nervous on dancing on the ceiling with corden? >> it was either going to end or further my career. >> and the cast of "this is us"


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