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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> new this morning, police investigate a robbery that ended with two men stabbed in the lawncrest section of the city. i'm still like in shock like, you know, i'm not really mad but just this shock. >> a father in mourning speaks out to "eyewitness news" after his son is killed during a confrontation with police. >> temperatures are on the rides, we have a big warm up coming this weekend. >> today is saturday, june 10, i'm jan carabeo, let's get right over to meteorologist, matt, so possible heatwave on the way for us? >> yes, it could be the 21st of the year, not even summer
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yet, could possibly be looking for our second string of 90 degrees days. we had the couple every days of 90s in may, now the second day of heat in june. before we talk about the temperatures up into the 80s, 90s this afternoon and tomorrow, we've got few rain showers, moving into the delaware valley on this saturday morning. taking a look at storm scan3, right now, most that far shower activity still just off to our west. but again, we will be keeping an eye on it, as it tracks eastward here through the rest of the morning, getting few maybe light showers out toward mount pocono, as well, as down toward reading, so northern berks county, right now, getting little bit of shower activity. but just north of the turnpike, kind of inbetween 81 and 76. so overall kind of what we're looking at here had morning, pottsville, mount pocono, as well, maybe few light showers out there. it is not going to hold together all morning long. >> whether we talk about the rain, light if anything at all, most likely done by
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mid-morning at the absolute latest, and here if phil our chances for stray shower while they are there are very shawl, 60 this morning in millville. a look at the day planner again chance for shower through the morning, but all the way up to 74 degrees, rapidly rising, through the morning hours, by 9:00 a.m., high temperature today, of 87, after we see that sunshine pretty much all afternoon. talking about hot, humid, near record breaking heat, jan, as we get through the week. i'll talk all about it coming up. >> finally feeling like summer, thank you, matt. single car crash on i95 in bucks county has killed one man. pennsylvania state police say the car lost control in the southbound lanes and crashed into the woods there, near wood born road in langhorne. the man was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. the cause of that crash is now under investigation. >> philadelphia police are investigating the stabbing of two men in lawncrest, as possible robbery. this happened just after 3:00 this morning.
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on the 600 block mayfair street. investigators say, both men, ages 27 and 28, were stabbed several times, and they're undergoing treatment at einstein medical center. >> around 2:30 this morning, 38th and market streets, a woman was undergoing treatment forehead injuries, at penn presbyterian medical center. police say the driver did stay on the scene there. philadelphia police continue their investigation into deadly shooting involving one of their own officers. that investigation includes surveillance video, and now, we're hearing from the family of the man who was shot. "eyewitness news" reporter, alicia, live at police headquarters to bring us to up date. alicia? >> jan, philadelphia police have not identified the man an officer shot and killed on thursday, but that man's family had. they say his named is david jones. we spoke to his father, who says, he heard news of an
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officer-involved shooting on the radio, and thought to himself. what a shame. it was only later though that he realized it was his son. >> i'm still in shock. like not mad but just, you know, just in shock. >> the family after man shot and killed by philadelphia police still struggling to except the loss. >> i never -- sad that this happened. >> thomas jones is the father of david jones, identifies his 30 year old son as the man police shot and killed. on thursday, a little after 6:30, a night police and witnesses who were with police say an officer got into a confrontation with david jones along whitaker avenue. after witnessing him driving irradically on a dirt bike. the officer frisk david jones and found a loaded nine millimeter gun. according to police jones grabbed for the gun. one witness even told authorities he tried to tell david jones not to do it. >> he said he, himself, looked the guy in the face and said:
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don't do it, man, don't do it. and as if to say don't pull that gun out. >> and police admit that there is surveillance video that appears to show david jones being shot in the back as he ran away from the office ever. the commissioner has said that surveillance video concerns him, and it does not appear to follow department protocol. but that the shooting may still be justified. reporting outside police headquarters, alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> all right, alicia, keep us to up date, thank you. >> philadelphia police are also continuing their investigation into a deadly shooting involving the repossession after mini-van, investigators say, a tow truck driver shot and killed a man trying to stop him at 18th and dickinson in point breeze. police say the worker didn't realize the woman was inside of that van. she called her boyfriends, to the scene. police say the boyfriends pistol whipped the poe truck driver. investigators say the two men then exchanged gunfire. the woman's boyfriend died at the hospital. neighborhood dog was also
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killed. >> delaware authority have charged the man chelsey outlaw, you see there, in the shooting of six year old little boy. sean banner remains in critical condition after shot tuesday afternoon while in a vehicle in wilmington. a judge set bail for outlaw at $2 million, charges include attempted murder. >> well, a spokesman for bill cosby says the comedian may take the stand, at his sexual assault trial. this is video of cosby walking into court for day five of the trial. cosby's spokesman, andrew wyeth, announced the surprising news on the courthouse steps. >> nothing is ever off the table when you're in a trial of this magnitude. you have to look at where all of your options, in a ballgame, things change, players are taken out, sometimes the star player plays, sometimes they don't. >> the prosecution finished it case and rested. the defense will take over monday morning. we also learned that members of cost bee he's family will soon be supporting him in court. >> president trump has fired
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back at his former fbi director. on thursday, james comey accused the white house of lying during testimony before the senate intelligence committee. now, as we report, the president says comey is the one who is not being truthful. president trump said he's willing to testify under oath about his face-to-face conversation was fired fbi director james comey. 100%. >> the president made his first public remarks about comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee during a joint press conference with romania president in the white house rose garden. >> some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> comey testified the president asked him to lit the michael flynn investigation go. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? >> welshing i didn't say that. i mean i will tell you i didn't say that. >> the president said comey also wrong when he testified that the president asked him to pledge his loyalty. >> there would be nothing wrong if i did say it according to everybody that i read today, but i did not say. >> comey said he took careful
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note with his talks with the president. >> i thought it really important to document. >> earlier the president tweeted: despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication, and wow, comb say leak err. >> i don't know if there is the courage or the conviction in the white house to say that the president, you shouldn't be tweeting something like that, it is beneath the dignity of the office you serve. >> the president also tweeted right after he fired comey that the former fbi director had better hope there were no tapes of their conversation. the house intelligence committee is now asking the white house to release any tape recordings or memos of comey's meeting with the president. >> lordy, i hope there are tames, i will tell but that in the very near future. >> the committee want tapes by june 23. >> at the white house, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and, still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. a multicultural party at the greek festival in wilmington.
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summer fest is therefore all of the fun. stay tuned to see how ukee became part of the band to play guitar. that is next. >> and it is a problem known as tech neck, when you spend too many hours hunched over your computer or your phone. coming up: how you can prevent the problem and feel better. stay with us. you knew when you cast it they'd lock you up. but that didn't stop you. you traveled far and wide, and others followed.
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miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪ >> highlighting great accident happening around our area, wilmington the holy trinity
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greek festival is the place to be. friday, summer fest tour headed to the state of first, and the place where theater, music and arts collide. we toured theatres, talked history. and explodes the community that created by the greek orthodox church. we headed to the holy trinity where the city's largest greg festival was underway. vittoria woodill tried her hand. >> on this picture perfect day, the sounds of music filled the outside of holy trinity greek orthodox church. skirted around the edges were tons of vendors. with hand painted greeshan items. and what couldn't be missed was the smell of every authentic, savory and sweet kel cassy covering every inch. of folding tables. but there was one favorite that i got to try my hand at, with dimitri, rolled grape leaves, or abi. >> the traditional way and the
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way you see mostly in greece, the blends we have here, which is white rice, soft white rice washings ground beef. grape leaves, you can buy them at any grocery store, most of the ethnic ones, california grape leaves, what you look for is agues side grape leave. you grab a mixture, you grab little amount. kind of put it right in the middle. you want to get it into a log shape, like tootsy roll. i grab the back. roll it once. tuck in the sides. roll it again. all the way to the end. yours is much better than mine. >> what do you think? i think mine does look a little bit better. >> i think i'm fired. >> after soaked in chicken broth and olive oil. they come out like this. very good. >> so good. >> i'm now happy, now addicted. and very greek. vittoria woodill, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> oh, how cute are they? the dancing and music also
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makes this festival a great time with authentic outfit. >> this group performs all year around. ukee washington has says the dancing was a little bit advanced for him but did have a chance to learn about greek music from the pros. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> fun to be greek. it is fun to dance greek. and even if you're in the greek, it is still fun. >> ♪ >> it is about fun. it is about passion. it is about laughter. it is about dancing, eating, celebrating. you name it, we do it. >> ♪ >> you see people having fun, you play better, you know, from the bottom of my heart, i love when everyone has a good time. >> is there any possibility that i could do something -- i got a little musical backgrounds. boy. >> what do you want? >> dude. >> well, you can stand up there with us. >> i can stand and tap my fingers? i can fake it, though. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> truth be told, it is all about air guitar for me. can't play a note. and as the bands allowed me to stay, ya, it was all greek to me. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> always a good time at the greek festival. they get 30 to 40,000 visitor a year. summer fest continues next week. look for us live from ambler, montgomery county. for the ambler art and music festival. we will show you everything everything that the town has to offer, that's next friday cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for the cbs-3 summer fest. it was but the full day out there yesterday for the greek festival. today, it will be a lot warmer, their last day, open 11:00 to 11:00 tonight. >> oh, you just want to make sure you drink the water, bring the sun block, good to go. it will be warmer today. but nothing like what we're going to see in maybe the next, you know, couple of days. definitely get out today if you can. enjoy this nice weather,
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because it is going to get warm. it will get humid. it will get very summer like, jan, as we head into maybe sunday and then monday, tuesday, as well. so this is what we are expecting for our saturday. we have a few morning showers, that are going to be pushing through the region. they'll be light. they're not going to be widespread. it is not going to be anything that really even lasts past about mid, maybe, late morning at the latest. so it is not going to put a dam perron your afternoon plans. although generally sunny skies as we go through the afternoon, that's some good news for us. temperatures will be slightly above normal. again, they will not be as high as we will see on sunday, monday, tuesday time frame. and the bigger idea, what we are seeing, is the rising humidity. it will start today. then it will last through the rest of the weekends. even if today isn't quite as humid, again, as that sunday, monday, tuesday time frame. storm scan3 shows you the light showers, now just starting to push into far western reaches. viewing area. we zoom in on the northern section of this kind of weak line of showers.
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out toward shenandoah, pot ville, where we are seeing showers right now, maybe light returns around mount pocono. i wouldn't be surprised if you are up in the poconos this morning, if these returns aren't evening reaching the grounds, if the rain isn't even reaching the grounds. the stuff off to the wells, as that moves in, that probably will reach the ground. at least little bit of drizzle early in the day. out tort northwest of reading, parks of berks county, then far, far, maybe northern lancaster county getting in on very, very light shower right now. this little cell, just past harrisburg, we will watch that, as well, some light showers, as it moves, will ends up north of lancaster, which is good news for you guys, but again, it will be out there. it is not going to be widespread, as i said, it will be very, very light if we do see any precipitation through most of the morning. our future weather again kind of overdoing our chances there, by 7:00 in the morning, but again, it weakens, falls apart. by 9:00, 10:00 at the latest we go with maybe mix of some sunshine, cloud cover, early in the day. but plenty of sunshine later in the afternoon. and then, as we go later on toward the 4:00, 5:00 time
5:18 am
frame. could watch as another little weak short wave comes in. gives us another chance for shower, maybe isolated thunderstorm up through the lehigh vale. doesn't look like we will get any precipitation out of it here in the delaware valley or south jersey, even though future weather tried to paint in few showers, really not anything we need to wore built as we head through tonight, into tomorrow, it looks like plenty of sunshine for us sunday, and very, very warm temperatures. we're already still in the 60s, and we do have one spot, mount pocono, in the 50's where we are getting again few light showers out there. but this afternoon, what we are looking at temperature wise, into the mid to upper 80s, lots of places, wilmington, eight a this afternoon, same as trenton, reading, 87 our high in philly. we will be down into the lower 80s toward the shore point atlantic city and wildwood. close to record high temperatures starting tomorrow. we go with high of 92. our record is 95. same for monday, tuesday, where we go with high temperatures of 93 degrees. so again, closing in on those records. for tomorrow, after high of 87, today, as i said, 92 degrees, 93 on wednesday, or excuse me, monday and
5:19 am
tuesday, with hazy, hot, humid weather, then go wednesday, next chance for shower, maybe pop up thunderstorm to develop with a high of 88 degrees. and then we could look for couple of more showers toward the end every next week, jan, hopefully everyone's air-conditioning is working, you're going to need it >> we all finds our way looking down, but the havoc can reach bad on your spine known as tech neckment bridgette carry discovers she had tech neck, when she got prayers during visit to the chiropractor. >> that's my neck, i found myself in this position because i spent too much time in this position. years of crunch up, hunch forward, while using computers, has given me tech neck. >> yes, tech neck. i know, it sounds ridiculous. but it is a real thing. and apparently i'm a classic
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case. >> i'm doctor mackenzie huber, i'm the chiropractor at manhattan total health. >> to get my neck back in shape, because apparently it is the wrong shape. x-rays confirmed years of bad posture changed the curvature of my spine, putting extra sprain on my vertebrae, left me with upper back pain that wouldn't go away. >> your head has gone forward, forward head carriage, which is an effect of tech neck. or a cause of tech neck. and it happens over time. this doesn't happen, you know, over a week or two, using a phone. this is years. >> so, right as -- does a lil wayne so much strain? >> your headways about 10 pounds, you know how the further out you hold the ball, the heaviest and heavier it feels, do you have work harder to keep it up. just bending your neck down 45 p a 50 mounds head. but this doesn't have to be your story. there are easy things you can do to prevent tech neck.
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start by changing how you hold your phone. stand up straight. try to keep your arms to your side. and hold your phone, like you're t-rex, now less reason to bend your head forward. of course it is good to state up straight at your desk and getting better at that time by putting feet flat to the floor, and the top of your monitor should at your eye level, and the monitor should be arms lent distance away from you. you can counter the strain by bending your head back and look up. it also helps to stretch your arms back, ease your shoulder blades, roll those shoulders. pressing your hands back into your back another nice stretch f stretches aren't enough be sure to talk to a doctor, and get professional help. it is what i needed to feel better. bridgette carry, for cbs news. >> or could you always just get outside and take a walk, that's what i always say. children's hospital of philadelphia, held its annual alex's lemonade stand kick off
5:22 am
event. and they handed out a very special award. ellen tracey was honored with this year's picture of hope award. she is the senior director of clinical operations, on oncology, medical nursing at chop. tracey and the nursing staff there have done a lot in the fight against childhood cancer on friday, chop hosed 28 stands throughout their care network. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: we take you behind the scenes of what is new in theatres this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier. coming up: tom cruise pulls off incredible stunt as he races to
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>> this soul full performance, many of the musicians are actually philadelphia student. feet all-day concert was presented by the philly pops, and the kimmel center. sounded really good there. >> well, tom cruise races back into theatres this weekend with the new movie. kevin frazier from entertainment tonight, has more on the mummies. >> this week pulling offer incredible stunts, tries to stop ancient source of evil in destroying the world in the mummy. >> you have no idea what you have unleashed. >> in the mummy, tom cruise plays nick, guy who makes a big mistake, by re moving the mummy's casket, awakening the angry super natural being, inside, and kicking off a race to stop her from destroying the world.
5:26 am
>> and, for tom cruise, playing the knot so perfect good guy was a bit of a change. >> you play a character like that, he is the character that that they follow into this new world of gods and monsters. he's a funny guy. you know, bit after scaly wag who finds his humanity at the end, we don't want to give away the ending. >> one thing we can give away, how tom cruise continues to pull off those show stopping stunt, including the inch plane crash sequence, in a 0g plane to get it right. >> i am feeling it when i am doing that. we did over two days, we did 16 in the morning, 16 in the afternoon, 64 total over two days. it was -- you're doing it, it is like okay, you know? this is also just physically draining doing that. you can't prepare for t you just have to -- you got to get used to it, luckily i didn't get sick.
5:27 am
i can't, i got to do these takes, i convinced everyone into doing this, i can't sit in the corner and please, tap out. i can't tap out. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," in the next laugh hour, the prosecution rests in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. what the jury heard from cosby about his encounter with andrea constand in his own words. we'll also have this. >> catching is good. but the keeping is kind of stuff. i'm cleve bryan, coming up, i'll tell you why some people
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no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor?
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a distance contest. i already made it from this line. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. early showers, but then shaping up to be a nice day, especially, if you like the warmth. meteorologist, matt peterson live out there on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. matt, we better get used to that heat, right? >> you're not kidding, jan it, will get hot and it will get humid and it will stick around for more than, you know arc day or two. and outside right now, i still have my suit jacket on. you definitely real can i get away maybe just t-shirt depending how warm or cold you are stepping out the door. but lab hot afternoon. right now we're looking at some clearer skies across the
5:31 am
delaware vale, but just off to the west, storm scan3 shows that you those light showers out there, slowly tracking eastward it, looks like for the most part they're going to stay north of the philadelphia area, but areas northern bucks county, back up into lehigh county, also, starting to see around mount pocono, some light returns. so again, don't be surprised specially up toward lehigh valley and the poconos if you wake to up more cloud cover, the chance for maybe light shower or two to develop. out toward lancaster looks like the small area of precipitation will stay north of you in the lancaster area, but again, it is out there. and it could possibly pose not too much after problem we call it but little news and here this saturday morning. temperatures still very warm, or in the mid to upper 60s across pretty much the entire area, coolest spot that's mount pocono, down at 50 degrees, shore point this morning, also still showing you mid six's across the board, rehoboth up through cape may and back up toward atlantic city as well. if you are going to the beach this afternoon, 83 degrees, put on the sun block, uv index
5:32 am
of eight. cool water temperatures will cool you off. careful, swim near the lifeguard. moderate risk for rip current today. jan, we are getting -- going to get hot and humid and i'll breakdown how long we stay in the hot pattern. >> the beach may be the place to be, thank you very much, and bill cosby's defense team begins presenting his case in the sexual assault trial monday. prosecution rested on friday. now, the cosby spokesman tells "eyewitness news" reporter, david spunt, that it is possible the comedian could take the witness stand. >> bill cosby walked with confidence into court on day number five. next to him, the man who walks him in every day, andrew wyatt, he is the comedian's friends and spokesman. >> his mood is great. as good as can be expected. >> wyeth dropped surprising news on the montgomery county courthouse steps. by announcing the possibility of cosby himself taking the stand. >> nothing ever off the table. when you are in a trial of this magnitude, you have to look at where all of your
5:33 am
options n ballgame, things have changed, players have taken out, and sometimes the star player plays, and sometimes they don't inch. >> side the courtroom more from 2,005 deposition including admission from cosby. he says he gave multiple women quaaludes, but it is in the clear if they were aware. seven prescriptions, many from the mid 19 70s, were in cosby's name, but cosby said he never took the drugs, because they made him tired. earlier this week, andrea constand insisted that cosby drugged then sexually assaulted her at his montgomery county home in 2005, according to the deposition, cosby gave constand benadryl. cosby admitted when he was on the phone with constand's mother, he worries she thought he was a quote dirty old man. cosby says he repeatedly apologized to constand's mother on the telephone. cosby has always maintained that the sexual contact with constand was concentual. andrew wyeth said that reality is difficult for cosby's wife camille. but she still support her
5:34 am
husband. >> people think because of optics that you don't see them here that they don't love, you're not together any more. that doesn't say that you don't have the support. >> the prosecution rested late friday afternoon, cosby's defense team will pick it up early monday morning. david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." in washington now president trump is responding to the bombshell testimony james comey gave the senate intelligence committee this week. during a white house news conference, with the president of romania, president trump accused of fired fbi director of giving untrue testimony about their conversations and the russia investigation. the president also says he's too long share his own version of event under oath in the same breath he also says comey totally vindicated him. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's leak err. >> would you be willing to speak under oath to give your version -- >> 100%. >> are there tapes, sir? >> oh, you're going to be very
5:35 am
disappointed when you hear the answer. >> the president saidel soon reveal whether or not there are tapes of the conversations with comey. >> well, senator pearson drops the f bomb as she expressed her frustration with washington politics. the new york democrat used the salty language when she criticized president trump for not following through on promises to improve healthcare and the tax system for working families. we've bleeped off that offensive lane. take a look. >> what about president trump? has he kept any of these promises? no. no. instead, sorry. >> this is not the first time she has used four letter words. she cursed several times in her 2014 book and in a recent magazine interview. well, we are learning more about plans for the former taj mahal casino in atlantic city. hard rock bought the building in march for $50 million.
5:36 am
a wish list admitted to regulators about the upcoming remake is suggesting there are will be poolside, reentrant gambling, slot, fantasy sport betting. the company also plans new slot products not currently available in new jersey, a summer 2018 opening is planned. >> well, flounder fury in the garden state now. some fishermen are fired up this season. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan, headed down the shore, where people explained why they feel this is a real issue. >> the boat underway, the bathe on the hooks, and the sun shining, now all that's missing on the duke every fluke friday afternoon are the flounder to take home. nope. that's a throw-back. so is this one. the knowledge of the bay around somers point, customers didn't have too much trouble catching flounder just hard time getting one big enough to keep. >> about 17 and a half. just missed. >> the size limit this year for summer flounder the same as last year, 18 inches. but only because the state of new jersey rejected new federal guidelines for
5:37 am
19 inches. >> there is no good reason on earth why they should keep on raising the size on it. >> new jersey's decision to snub federal guidelines comes after analysis by month click state university, raising to 19 inches could cost the state flounder industry $800 million, about 3500 jobs. thinks federal regulate verse gone way too far. >> i think it is a pathetic performance. >> refusing to come into compliance could backfire lead to federal ban on err fishing this summer, but pending right now, trying to compromise new jersey shorten the flounder season by almost a month. not only have they shortened the summer flounder season this year, also cut back on the number of keepers you can take home from five to three. although i'm still working on my first. caught the day's only keeper, john smith called two, just un the legal limit. >> what's it like having to throw back that kind of fish? >> for me it is almost normal. keepers are far and few between.
5:38 am
>> are you okay with that? >> you except it. it doesn't matter whether you are okay or not, just fact of life. >> can't mount most every these fish, but you can always take pictures, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> in other news this morning the search resumes for dozens of irish workers who died while building pennsylvania's first railroad along the main line. team of volunteers explored the duffy cut arc logical dig site in east white land with grounds radar recently, looking for the remains of rail workers believed to be burried in a mass grave. >> the flags are placed here, the locations of anomaly, things that don't belong under the surface, which we -- we hope are bod ills, we hope to excavate them, do tis, rebury them. >> the dig interesting at the site began in 2004. the site of the 1985 move bombing in cobbs creek will soon get a pennsylvania historical and museum
5:39 am
commission marker. current and former student that are part of a anti-violence group at the jubilee school are behind the effort to get that marker. they learned about move last may, and their teacher took them to osage avenue for a visit. they got 200 signature, and filled out the appropriate application form for the marker. pennsylvania historical gave the approval in march. >> really empowering, and it makes me feel happy that we can do something like this. >> now, the move bombing marker will be placed at the corner of osage and cobbs creek parkway. it will summarize the tragedy, including participation by the city, state police, and the fbi. >> well, there is still so much more ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. including this incredible find in a homeowner's garage. this painting could be the work of a legendary artist and it turns out the owner could now be a multi-millionaire. plus, tattoos that talk.
5:40 am
more than just a work of art. how some tattoos can keep memories after loved one alive in more ways than one. >> and we're in store for hot and humid weekend. matt peterson is back to tell us when we could challenge records. that's next. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> welcome back, never know what you will find, painting thought to be the work of
5:43 am
abstract expressionist, recently turned up in arizona, and it might be worth millions of dollars. vladmeere with the store. >> i we asked ourselves immediately what everyone else would -- >> when josh levin's auction firm was called to this retirement community in arizona in 2015, they thought they were going to examine memorabilia, by laker star, kobe bryant, instead stumbled on what appeared to be hidden treasure. >> all packed up, just all in piles, you could see library boxes of personal effect the way tax returns, letters, correspondence, and then these stacks of art. >> inside this garage, levin said he found famous works of art. and what he believes is the work of abstract impressionist jackson polec. >> this would be the biggest thing i've ever represented in my life. >> the the art has been sitting in the garage since 1992 when the owner, wishes to
5:44 am
re name unnamed inch heard dollars it from his sister. >> jen for gordon socialite at the right place at the right time. all of the artists were hanging out at her apartment, including jackson pollock. >> finding the painting was the easy part. levin reportedly spent more than $50,000 on forensic report that date the pigment, and on a private investigator who confirmed gordon hung out with new york's famous art lovers. >> i really looked at it all over and under magnification. >> appraise err sean morton was asked to assess the painting. >> when i first saw the painting i was a little skeptical, until i learned of the owner, and her relationship with jackson pollock. >> numerous lawsuits have errupted through the years over the authenticity of pollock's paintings. many have been found in unusual places. this one, the real deal, was found in a new york garbage dump. levin is convinced, his discovery is genuine. >> i'm putting my entire
5:45 am
reputation and business on the line saying this. there are people that will go you are nut, but i'm sorry, we have everything we know. the only thing i don't have is a photograph of jennifer standing next to jackson going hey, look, here is our painting. >> the painting it set to go up for auction later this month. when the owner's family was told, they just might have a jackson pollock, expected to fetch as much as $15 million, some responded jackson who? vladmeere, new york. >> how incredible is that? matt, whenever i clean out my closet or attic, i just finds trash. why can't that happen to me? >> you know, i feel the same. maybe we keep stuff now, and in like 50 years? are revisit it 50 years? 15 million? >> maybe. if i keep this suit long enough, you know, keep the dress, keep the suit, it could be an antique one day, who knows, $15 million. >> ya, rid. >> our weather is great today. a million dollars day for us. it is going to be wonderful
5:46 am
this afternoon, a little bit maybe if-ee this morning in a few spot, because few light showers slowly working their way through the region. again, overall, it will be very nice day, some clouds are out there, kutztown sunrise looking wonderful. 64 degrees, waking up this morning, up in the kutztown area. now, here are those showers, storm scan3, you can see, they're very light. they're well off to the west at this point. and as they move east, they are slowly dissipating, the line that's back near state college was even in western pennsylvania. pretty strong, but as it continues to move eastward, again, it is fading out. so these light showers up near reading, up toward allentown, mount pocono, continue to keep an eye on them. overall not going to be expecting too much in the way of rain. maybe little bit more, maybe slightly moderate rainfall there in the northern berks county toward the albany area. but reading, few sprinkles, down toward lebanon, along the turnpike, few sprinkles there, as well. again, that's what we will be watching as it continues to track eastwards. here in philly morning shower is a possibility. it is not going to be
5:47 am
widespread. and it will be very light if we do see anything at all. 90s will be back in the forecast, not today, but as we ends the weekend tomorrow. as we move into early next week, and that's when we could be looking at that possibility of near record heat, as we kick off our next work week. temperatures out there right now, coolest spot, well, that's mount pocono at 50 degrees, reading at six a, lancaster, 63, looking at more 60s down toward millville, atlantic city, wildwood, kinds in the low to mid zero six range, not bad morning down at the shore. as we get a look what we are experiencing later this afternoon, 87 degrees for our high temperature, really heating things up. we always need to stay safe when talking about temperatures up into the eight's and near 09 degrees. just a quick refresher. we will be want to go head for those shaded areas throughout the afternoon today. always drink plenty of water. that's something you know we should be doing anyway. stay hydrated but real important when we get the hot and humid days. of course always light and loosely kind of light colored clothing, loose clothe being when it is really hot and
5:48 am
humid like this. you always want to avoid trying to be outside for extended periods of time. and do you have to be outside, you don't want to be doing anything crazy, no strenuous activity, air-conditioning, if you don't have it, go somewhere that does, tan will help you out extremely a lot when we have these kind of days. don't want to forget about the pets of of course keep ion small children, the elderly and your pets, as well, and on 90 degrees day the asphalt, blacktop consideration reach 145 degrees, so this is what you need to do if you're worried about if your pets paw's are going to be hurting, just put your back of your hand on that asphalt for seven seconds, and if it is extremely hot to you, even hot at all to you, then you know it will be hot to your pet as well. 87 degrees today, here come the 90, a sunday, machine day, tuesday, hazy sunshine pretty much all of the days. add in the humidity, heat index values probably up into the upper 90s, looking at 88 degrees on wednesday, with another chance for a shower,
5:49 am
and then more 80s, jan, next thursday and friday. so eventually, slightly cooling down. >> all right, slightly. thanks, matt. >> well, there is a story behind most tattoos, but what if your ink could speak for itself? yes, talking about talk tack toes. health reporter stephanie stahl explains from the einstein healthcare science center. >> ♪ >> science and technology have now created the ability to make tattoos talk. it looks like an ordinary tatoo, but, a different kind of body ink is bringing memories to life in a new way. >> this isn't missy hoover's that took but by far her most precious. this pink ink carries special message. i love you, mommy. my little girl lilly. >> i love you, mom. >> i this is sound wave tatoo, body art that talks. it works through the skin motion app, website,
5:50 am
specialized tatoo artist. >> you take picture with our app. we process the that, too and we make it so that the app can play it back. >> i love you. >> the majority requests have been from people hoping to preserve the memory of a loved one, like josh. >> every morning, 100%, i start my day with it. >> he plays the voice of his father who passed away two years ago. it is a recording of his dad talking about his long battle with cancer. >> you absolutely have to believe, and once you have that belief, than desire, you can conger anything. >> his best advice he gives how to survive, not only cancer but life. >> advice he now carries with him always, with the help of what's called audible ink. the skin motion app scheduled to be released this month, no word yet on the cost, now in the process every training tatoo artists, and we're told the audio message will have to be limited to one minute.
5:51 am
stephanie stahl "eyewitness news." >> sport is next. plus millions of americans have fit bits to track their activity levels, right? but we'll tell you how some people are hacking their fit bits to get higher readings without breaking a sweat. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the cbs-3 science center sponsored by einstein healthcare network. more than medicine.
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5:53 am
>> two struggling teens battling it out down in st. louis the phillies came into the losing streak, taking on the cardinals on seven game slide. hellickson on the mound for the fighting's, the phanatic making the trip to st. louis, having little fun at the cardinals mascot fred bird's
5:54 am
expense there, no score in the thirds, tommy joseph at the plate. he singles up the middle off michael, how i scores and the phillies take the lead. later, aaron al tear goes the opposite way, that's a fly ball, it goes off the base of the wall, in right, tommy joseph scores from first, on the triple, and it is two-nothing. >> the cards, scoring twice in their half of the inning, jed, with the rbi single juan that the game is all tied up. then in the fifth, diaz will take the hellickson pitch over the wall left center with solo homer and the cards seven-game slide is over. three-two, the final, nick, will be on the mounds this afternoon. well, the flyers have lock up one of their young defenseman to multi year deal. six-year contract extension worth reported $27 million, four and a half million a year, eggs the second highest path defenseman behind andrew, goes with final, colder trophy in 2016, but struggled last
5:55 am
season scoring just seven goals, was healthy scratch for five games. >> eagles head coach doug pederson gave the team a break on the final day of ota's instead of practice, they place played paint ball, will be headed back to the practice field on tuesday for three day mandatory mini camp at the nova care complex there is will be doug's second season as the birds head coach, in his rookie campaign, went seven and nine, missed playoffs again, so doug was asked what needs to change this season? >> i don't think a lot has to be changed. i think things can be better, i think you can just improve upon what we've done. that's one of the things as coaches that we look at in the off season, how well can we better ourselves schematic stand pounds, and better ourselves from a coaching standpoints. that comes from studying our offense, defense, specials teens. >> and we head up to the pocono race where they qualified for the pocono 400, for the second week in a row, kyle busch, turned up up the
5:56 am
fast, will start first, the third time he's won in pocono, but never won the checkered flag. he is hoping the thirds time will be the charm. last year his older brother, kurt, won the race. that's all for sport, i'm lesley van arsdall. have a great day. >> well check this out. millions of americans have fit bit, and pedometers to check their activity, but some people have figured out how to earn steps without ever taking one. >> gilda explains. >> this man isn't doing laundry. he's asked us not to show his face, because of what he is doing, with his company issued step tracker. >> put the fit bit in a sock, hour and a half on no heat setting if the dryer, 11,000 steps. thank you. >> he's earning 11,000 steps, without moving. as is the case for many employees, his pedometer is linked to company insurance incentives that can lower his payment. >> you are now more involved in, well, how much is this bill, how many steps. >> companies benefit from a healthy work force, and many
5:57 am
are rewarding workers with freebies forgetting fit. but there is also a growing movement on line to cheat the system. >> we're starting with 3472 steps. >> we were curious, do the hacks even work? >> so we ran our own unscientific test. >> it does take effort, to sit here, press a button for awhile. >> okay, that is minute. thirty-five, 41,. >> that equals about 70 steps. this is the bike hack. our attempts with this one, not so successful. blame it on user error. seems like a lot of work though to get this to -- >> you still got to push that wheel. >> if you ever wondered about letting your best friends take the steps for you? woody wore his human fit bit for a day, pick up about 2500 steps. doctor james morgan said when people cheat the system and miss out on the exercise? >> really just cheating themselves. >> cbs news, dallas. >> i think honesty might be the best policy here, am i right? sorry. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning.
5:58 am
>> it has become a case every he said she said. between the president and james comey. now lawmakers calling on the white house to release any tapes that might exi
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