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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> tonight at 11 o'clock, remembering autumn pasquale and fighting for a new law. a closer look at what the proposed legislation could mean. a beautiful and the warm day but it's just the beginning of a heat wave. we'll take a closer look at just how high those temperatures are going to get. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news at this hour. a woman is dead after a vehicle strikes her and her nine-year-old son in port richmond. "eyewitness news" at aramingo and tioga. the woman's child was taken to saint christopher's hospital and he is currently in critical condition. authorities say the woman died shortly after arriving at hahnemann hospital and police say the 29-year-old driver who hit them is suspected of dui but did stay at the scene. we'll continue to follow this story. remember when we're not on air you can get the latest on our web site now we hope you had a
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chance to get out and enjoy the weather today. we soaked up some sun, i know i d we caught these folks out and about enjoying the warmth. sixth and race streets. it's finally feeling like summer. meteorologist chelsea ingram is tracking the temperatures. how hot is it going to get. >> going to feel like summer through the weekend and the start of in next week. we made to it 88 degrees officially today in philadelphia. 77 right now. 73 in allentown. mid 70's in trenton a little bit cooler down the shore. we're in the low 70's wildwood and atlantic city and it's 72 degrees in millville, 75 degrees right now in wilmington. we are warmer compared to just 24 hours ago a-6 degrees warmer in philadelphia, 5 degrees warmer in allentown. this is setting us up for a very warm night a-very warm tomorrow. and we also have an air quality alert in place for your sunday so this means you're going to need to take it easy especially if you belong to one of those more sensitive groups. we're heating up as we head into tomorrow a heat wave is
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expected. not only are we talking heat, we're also talking humidity so it's going to feel even hotter than what you city on the thermometer. details in just a bit natasha. back to you. >> thank you chelsea. a call for action in new jersey as family and friends walk in honor of autumn pasquale. you may remember the 12-year-old little girl was killed for bicycle parts in clayton gloucester county. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan in clayton tonight with the kate latest details. >> it means a lot to me and it's -- it's heartwarming. >> reporter: walking stride for stride with fellow members of the clayton community anthony pasquale sees hope at the end of a long journey that began with the murder of his 12-year-old daughter autumn pasquale. >> it's a tough road. >> reporter: authorities say in october 2012 autumn was strangled and stuffed in a recycling bin by brothers dante and justin robinson of clayton t the latter took responsible is serving 17 years. according to the robinson lawyer on members oft
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community the teens came frappe troubled home. many believe autumn might still be alive in new jersey had tougher laws about parenting. >> to make parents responsible for doing what they should do for their children so they do not commit felony crimes. >> reporter: this walk through the borough saturday was to raise support for creating autumn's law calling for penalties for abusive or neglectful parents whose children commit serious crimes. >> there has to be consequences for that parents of a minor mainly with felony charges. >> reporter: the idea has some precedent. already parents in new jersey are liable to pay money if their child commits vandalism and repeatedly letting your kids skip school carries up to a hundred dollars fine. >> if we hold parents responsible for truant kids,
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kids who break lives,. >> reporter: one of the reasons for doing this walk is that dante robinson, the older brother initially charged in autumn's murder is back in jail, this time charged with a home invasion. in clayton i'm cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> also tonight firefighters in darby delaware county battle a three alarm blaze in a building on main street. this is iwitness cam video. the fire started just after 4 o'clock this afternoon and was placed under control about two hours later. no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation. and a drexel student is in critical condition after she was struck by a vehicle walking in university city. it happened about 2:30 this morning. police say the student suffered severe head injuries. doctors are treating her at pen presbyterian medical center. police say the driver did stay at the scene and so far no charges have been filed. also the search is on for a robbery suspect who stabbed three men in lawncrest. this happened on the 600 block
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of mayfair street just after 3 o'clock this morning. investigators say all three victims were stabbed several times in the tupper body. right now they're in that stable condition at einstein medical center. philadelphia police continuing their investigation into a deadly shooting involving one of their own officers. that investigation includes surveillance video now. and we're also hearing from the family of the man who was shot. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves has more. >> reporter: thursday night news broke that a man in feltonville was shot and killed by a philadelphia police officer. around that time, thomas jones was driving for work and heard about the incident on the radio. >> just, you know, didn't really think nothing of it at first. i just kept driving until my wife called me and when i heard her crying. >> reporter: through tears his wife explained the man police shot and killed was david jones, his son. >> i'm just still like in shock. i'm not really, um, mad but
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just in shock. >> reporter: thomas jones says his 30-year-old son was a truck driver like him who had just gotten married four years ago. >> he was always the joking laughing type. he wasn't like everybody try to portray he was. he wasn't violent. >> reporter: authorities are still investigating the officer-involved shooting but so far do say on thursday night, david jones had a "violent encounter with police." police and witnesses who were with police say an officer got into a confrontation with david jones along whitaker avenue. after witnessing him driving erratically on a dirt bike the officer frisked david jones and found a loaded 9-millimeter gun. according to police, jones grabbed for the gun. one witness even told authorities he tried to tell david jones not to do it. >> he said he, himself, looked the guy in the face and said, "don't do it, man, don't do it" as if to say don't pull that gun out. >> reporter: police admit
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that there is surveillance video that they have viewed that appears to show david jones being shot in the back as he ran away from the officer. the commissioner has said that that surveillance video does concern him but it does not appear to follow department protocol but this shooting may still be justified. alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> the bizarre arrest of jack morgan and his lover after the pair allegedly kidnapped a woman in las vegas. >> fought so hard 'cause you a like this is how you die. >> the woman was discovered by police chained up in the back of a minivan in new mexico. authorities say her captors were planning to take her to a cave and brainwash her into that marrying morgan who is her ex-boyfriend. police did arrest both men. and we're also now getting a first look at how police rescued a woman from serial kill intersouth carolina last november. authorities released this disturbing video of kayla brown she was held captive and
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chained inside of a storage container on suspect todd kohlhepp's property. kohlhepp confessed to killing seven people including brown's boy. he was sentenced to seven consecutive life sentences plus 60 years for kidnapping brown. sessions recused himself from a federal investigation into contacts between russia and the trump campaign after acknowledging he had met twice last year with the russian ambassador to the u.s. it's not clear if sessions will testify in a public hearing or if it will be made private. and more than six years now after she was nearly killed in a mass shooting gabrielle giffords was honored today with a new u.s. war ship bearing her name. out of thousands of ships commissioned by the navy, this is only the 16th named after a woman and the first named after a living woman since martha washington. over 420 feet long the u.s.s.
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gabrielle giffords it's designed to take on threats such as mines and submarines in open ocean and close to shore as well. and today we learned actor adam west television's original batman has died. family members say that west died peacefully in his sleep friday night following a short battle with leukemia. batman reruns turbo boosted west to global hero status. west told bryant gumbel he enjoyed playing the lighter version of the caped crusader. >> we did it on several levels for the adult and for the children so that as you got older you would see the fun and the humor in it. as kids you would love the adventure. >> adam west physicals played himself on the big bang theory and several other sitcoms. he was 88 years old. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, did you buy your powerball ticket? well, the jackpot is huge. we're going to show you how much is up for grabs and we'll
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take a look at those winning numbers so get your tickets ready. plus. >> it was really just an incredible experience to see all the firefighters, folks who knew joyce, folks who didn't know joyce mural arts philadelphia honors joyce craig. a look at the new addition that celebrates the life of the lieutenant killed in the line of duty. the stand that started everything. we're take you to alex's original l
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>> welcome back. are you feeling like a millionaire. the jackpot is worth $435 million. tickets were popping out of the busy 7-eleven lottery machine at broad and race in philly today. this is the tenth biggest jackpot in u.s. history. the odds of having a winning powerball ticket are one in 192 million. that's not stopping dreamers from playing. some already have plans for the money. >> i am going to live a beautiful life and i'm going to send my nieces and nephews and my son and daughter to college. >> take care of my friends. easy living and i'm not
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quitting my job. i don't have to. i may buy it. >> tonight may be the winning night so have your pen handy the winning powerball numbers 32, 26, 20, 38, 58 and the powerball number is three. again, that jackpot 435-mile ondollars. good luck everyone. a new mural pays tribute to the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. today community leaders gathered for the lieutenant joyce craig dedication ceremony. the artwork is located on the facade of the lawncrest free library branch. craig died while fighting a west oak lane house fire in that december 2014. she was last assigned to engine 54 in lawncrest. >> i painted some of joyce's part of the mural with makai next to makai her son just to be there doing that it really makes it an impactful
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experience. >> fallen firefighter james heinz is also in the mural. he died in the line of duty along with terri mcilvaine in 1997. heinz grew up in lawncrest. and alex scott's stand for hope it is living on as the annual lemonade days continue. this is the stand that really started everything. the original alex's lemonade stand. "eyewitness news" at penn wynne elementary school in wynnewood montgomery county. alex's friends and family continue to honor her dream of finding a cure one day for childhood cancer by holding a family event at her school every june. >> everybody's just grate nice and gracious and caring and loving and hopefully there will be a cure and there won't be any cancer at all for the kids to not have to suffer. >> we can only hope so and just like all the other alex's lemonade stands this one also raised none help fight childhood cancer. big thank you to our partners sponsors and you of course the viewers out there for coming through during the
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11th annual alex scott telethon. our grand total $6,545,474. that is a new record for alex's lemonade stand foundation and we certainly could not have done it without you. thank you to everyone who contributed. means so much. i've got my alex's lemonade stand yellow on. i'm continuing the tradition. >> you do. you look sunshine. we had a lot of sunshine today. with the sunshine we have the heat and also the humidity so we're going to be talking heat index values i'm afraid really, really soon. take a live look outside at our neighborhood network in rehoboth. you can still see some people on the boardwalk. they've been enjoying this evening on the delaware beaches. it has been such a fantastic evening. definitely feeling like summer an little bit warmer for this time of year. a live look at storm scan3 shows that nothing at ally is
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going on. we've got high pressure in control. we're looking at mostly clear skies as we head into the overnight hours tonight. a very summer-like night setting up but overnight low temperatures are dropping back into the upper 60's so it's not going to be the most comfortable night to keep the windows opened. you want to crank up the ac especially as we head into tomorrow. here's the official high temperature for today. the average high is 81. we were well above that. heading into tomorrow we'll be even more above that. take a look at our current temperatures right now. we are in the 70's. even at this hour. upper 70's in philadelphia. 75 degrees in trenton. it's 73 in allentown. a little bit cooler mount pocono right around 64 degrees. down the shore we're checking in in the lower 70's. 71 degrees in atlantic city. it's right around 73 degrees in wildwood. so o-the next several days we're talking about high temperatures in the 90's so, yes, forecasting not only a heat wave but we're going to be challenging records all three days.
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tomorrow we're forecasting a high temperature of 93 degrees. the current record 95. 95 reall but not only are w were going te these values, the dewpoint values going all the way up to the steamy category and that's going to make it feel more like the mid upper 90's, if not to near a hundred degrees when you factor in the heat index values. so, it's going to be steamy out there for sure. it's not going to be as comfortable and awesome as it is outside right now. you will notice the humidity starting to creep up starting tomorrow. here's a look all right forecast high temperatures for tomorrow, 92 degrees allentown, 93 philadelphia. 93 in trenton. 93 wilmington. really widespread 90's across the delaware valley. we're looking at lower 80's when you head down the shore but it's going to be a gorgeous beach day out there with mostly sunny skies. so looking good if you're lucky enough to enjoy the ocean tomorrow. mostly clear as we head into the overnight hours tonight. overnight low temperature right around 69 degrees so it's going to be a very warm night for this time of year. heading into tomorrow look for
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a high temperature had of 93, mostly sunny hot and more humid than today but i think those dewpoints are going to go up even higher as we head into your monday and your tuesday. 93 on monday, 94 on tuesday, plenty of sunshine but it's going to be sunny, hot and humid. keep that in mind. it's still going to be warm as we head into wednesday but just a touch cooler compared to those 90's. we're forecasting a high temperature of 87 degrees. we'll have that risk for a shower or thunderstorm. we really are going to stay unsettled as we head into the end of the week and the start of next weekend and they are we're also looking at 82 degrees by thursday so that's a little bit more seasonable for this time of year and keep in mind as well that heading into tomorrow we have that air quality alert in places. just take it easy and drink lots of water. >> lesley. >> an exciting finish at the belmont stakes and once again phillies pitching is letting them down. how bad is it right n
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>> all right, lesley sports highlights time. >> that's right. and the phillies -- >> i don't know, i try the gauge when you start talking. must not be good. >> not good. came into the season hoping the pitching would be good enough for them to be a .500 team. the phils rank dead last in the league right now. lead.ine past freddy g scores. seventh bases loaded for matt rit center, two more runs are going to cross the plate and the phillies trail six-nothing at this point. carlos martinez tossed avenue complete game four hit shutout as the phillies lose their fourth straight seven-nothing the final. cesar hernandez likely head to the disabled list. he sat out today's game with an oblique injury. happened last night when he made this throw. manager pete mackanin says until make -- they'll make a miniion tomorrow.
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camp. we should see jason peters johnny jones and marcus smith. they all missed voluntary workouts. we know the birds spent the getr carson wentz. they signed chris long traded for tim jernigan and drafted derek barnett. >> want to be a defense that's always on the way up. we don't want to be up and down just want to be consistent, hard nosed and most important have fun doing it. >> we have potential. i mean, that's the bottom line. every defense i've been on had potential. you know, what we do with it is up to us and, you know, the urgency that we approach every day with is just going to dictate how far we go. >> final leg of the triple crown belmont stakes 11 horses in the field and the winners of the kentucky derby and the preakness did not run.
11:25 pm
irish war cry was the favorite. the two are half a length apart. they are clear of gormley and patch. it is irish war cry and on the outside tapwrit. it is tapwrit and josé ortiz in the belmont stakes. >> tapwrit finished sixth in the derby beat the favorite irish war cry by two lengths followed by patch and gusty thunderstorm low. trainer todd fletcher won his third belmont stakes. the soul taking on the cleveland gladiators. third quarter dan -- aren't the soul are trailing -- >> i love watching that. >> it's always fun. >> thanks lesley. a little girl is on a big mission to make the world a better place. >> i see what she does and her face lights up when she hugs
11:26 pm
them and when she's with them. >> how her hugs for officers are inspiring police forces from coast to coast. that's next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. a seven-year-old little girl from nebraska says she wants to make a big difference. so she plans on hugging police officers in all 50 states and
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let's introduce you to little courtney roslyn. she got the idea after hearing about shootings in texas and baton rouge. she made a plan with her mom to take a road trip. so far they've made it through 15 states and they have no plans of stopping now. >> because that's the best thing of all, make some them feel blessed. >> it warms your heart really it does. helps people to know that this is why we do what we do. we're here to help people. we want to be a part of our communities that we serve. >> she is just adorable. roslyn is heading to chicago this week. her mom says they hope to hug all -- hug all 50 states in 18 months and we got to get her to here to pennsylvania. we'll be right back everyone. stay with us.
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ing. celebrating mankind's failures and laughing about them with failure opened on june 7th. it holds a number of inventions that failed to take off such as beta max video recorders. is necessary part ovpoin with it other than i
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and i wanted to find a new wreso featlearned in the museum inclue fat free chips that cause stomachaches, i remember those. [laughter] and a plastic bicycle that wobbles when you ride it. now, thats frightening. >> i've never seen that before. >> like i need anything else to mak u know. >> let's not go there. one last check of the forecast. >> going to be hot, hot, hot. looking at a time 90's in the forecast in the next three tase. >> i'm natasha brown for lesley, chelsea all of us here. remember we're always on have a great night, everyone. have a great night, everyone. we'll see you jamie: hey. russell. what do you got? okay, there's been a series of armed robberies in this neighborhood. and those two fit the description to a tee. these guys? russell: yeah. let's go. set? yup. set.
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hey, get your hands out of your pockets! go, go, go! let's go! hey! police! jamie: hey! janko: stop! (man grunts) janko: stop running! jamie: stop! police! watch it! move it! (people yelling, shouting) aah! move it! aah... (grunts) jamie: police! jamie: hands behind your back. yeah. stay in the car. stay in the car!
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