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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of this. the day has been long for bill cosby according to his attorney, agonizing hours on the man whom he says is suffering from a combination of macular degeneration and glad comb a cosby has no family with him, accusers he has for the off have increased in number at montgomery county courthouse. reporters from around the globe await a verdict. jury has been at it for more than a dozen hours, they are weighing testimony and evidence, on three counts, of aggravated indecent assault. cosby could get a maximum jail term of 30 years if convicted on all charges. andrew wyat blasted the court and prosecutors in the midday news conference, he is cosby's spokesmen. >> the d.a.'s closing argument where he put a lot of fiction in those arguments to try to sway the jury. that is what the jury is looking at now. they are looking at and they are saying show us this, show thaws because it is questionable. >> reporter: those questions ranged in substance from seeking a review about pills, cosby gave to andrea constand
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on the 2004 night in question to her initial 2005 police report, to canadian authorities, where she returned home to family, after the alleged a salt and the bell tolling here at montgomery county courthouse exactly marking hour number 13 of the jury's deliberations. their questions focused on the pills, testimony concerning pills, and also testimony, concerning the 2005 initial police report by andrea constand to canadian authorities, and to sum up bill cosby's defense team is pleased that those questions are being asked by the jury. that is very latest as we watch deliberations continue here at montgomery county courthouse aim joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. our live team coverage continues now with greg argos who has more, on how people outside the courthouse are anxiously awaiting this jury's decision, greg. >> reporter: that is exactly right, guess contact outside montgomery county courthouse keyword is patients, as you
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mentioned there are dozens of members of the media, of course, proponent and opponent s of comedian bill cosby. everyone here is waiting for the 12 men and women inside to decide the 79 year-old comedian's fate for more than 12 hours, over two days, 12 men and women have debated over the fate of comedian bill cosby. hours of deliberations, punctuated only by questions from the jurors, this key players back into open court, accuser andrea constand flanged by members of the prosecution, cosby by his defense team, the questions answered and the jury continues their process. >> meanwhile, outside the courtroom the dance, more free style. key players surrounded by media, surrogates, spinning different versions of guilt and innocence. >> mr. cosby is feeling good. he is just looking forward to a positive outcome. >> reporter: andre wyat says he believes the 79 year-old
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entertainer has in the been offered a fair trial and hoping for an acquittal on the three aggravated sexual assault charges cosby faces. >> this jury is, they are intelligent, they are asking the right questions, and feel confident that they will come back and make the right decision. >> reporter: but attorney gloria allred who represents other women hoffa accused cosby of sexually assaulting them says evidence against him is strong and she expects a conviction. >> we have mr. cosby's own admission under oath that he provided three pills, that she didn't consent, and that he found andrea constand to be truth full and that he penetrated her after she had taken those pills. so the only issue in this case is consent. >> now, judge stephen o'neill has not put a time limit on when deliberations will wrap for the night.
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if the past is any indication last night jurors wrapped up their deliberations around 9:30 in the evening. also this is reading tea leaves so to speak but tomorrow in allegheny county in pittsburgh is stanley cup parade for pittsburgh pirates, many of them are from that county and there is some speculating they want to be wrapped up by tomorrow but, that is all speculation right now. for now we are live from norristown, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see what happens, greg, thank you. "eyewitness news" is standing by for very verdict as soon as jury reached a decision in the cosby case we will bring it to you on tv and also on cbs investigation is underway after a minivan jumped a curve and struck three people, in center city. vehicles slammed in the news stand and a bank at 16th and jfk, police say two vehicles collided at intersection causing the minivan to leave the road. two of the victims are being treated at hahnemann hospital and they are in stable condition, and a worker in the news stand suffered cuts, and
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bruises, and he refused treatment. today is going down in history, the temperature, soaring, to record territory. how hot did it get and what is in store for tonight. we will get answers now from meteorologist lauren casey, lauren. >> yes, we are soared in the mid 90's again today, day number three but today our hottest day up to 96 degrees at philly international. that does break previous record of 95 setback in 1956. getting a live look at center city philadelphia, not even a cloud in the scene as we continue to deal with the scorching, sunshine, current temperature right now at 95 degrees. we are at 93 in allentown. after hitting 95, the record for you today, 90 degrees in atlantic city. we have a feels like temperature in the triple digits right new in dover. feels like 97 degrees, and millville. feeling like 96 degrees factoring in that humidity in atlantic city. heat advisory remains in effect for philadelphia and surrounding counties for next hour but as we head in the
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evening hours, speaking of hot , is there going to be a rocket launch which could create an aurora scene over the delaware valley. we will talk about that plus hit or miss storm tonight and then not as hot as less humid, we will let you know when that arrives in the full forecast coming up. >> see new a bit, thank you. record breaking heat forced schools to dismiss students earlier today, limited air conditioning and fans in some philadelphia schools, made classrooms unbearable for students and staff. in the philadelphia school district students were dismissed at noon to help them escape the heat, and for the second day in a row camden county students were dismissed at 1:00 o'clock due to the temperatures. non-profit organization that helped homeless youth is finding success with a new music program. as cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio shows us tonight, these specialties are keeping kid off of the streets. >> hey. >> edward pollard has never met a mike he was not frayed
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of. >> have you ever been home less, pick to the boneless. >> reporter: his words tell a common story, one of the thousands of youth nationwide who was on the benches with in place to go. >> i was at age of 13. >> reporter: he found covenant house and last year he heard his music. >> i'm a kid from southwest. >> i will use music as a way to open up dialogue. >> reporter: meet karl hill, aka dj karl. >> ♪ >> reporter: brain behind street beat, a program here at covenant house that uses music , as therapy. >> being a young adult that experienced all types of, you know, forms of homelessness, were being kicked out, dealing with mental health. >> ♪ >> reporter: using special software, keyboard and a drum machine paid for by independent blue cross foundation, dj karl, creates the beat. then he helped youth share
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their experiences artistically while coaching them on life. >> i challenge them not to accept being here in the shelter. >> reporter: pollard attributes his success to music sessions with dj karl. >> i can stay with a crib now and job now. >> reporter: used music to heel learning that he can teach others to learn as well. >> i can write songs that mean something and not just random lyrics. >> ♪ >> reporter: showing the world his courage, by a song in, germantown, cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead tonight, how to start the summer with healthy skin. plus meet aaron and abby, they have been conjoined their entire lives, until last week. surgeons at children's hospital of philadelphia separated them and now for the first time they are apart, we will tell but this complex surgery. navy seals undergo rigorous training both physically and mentally our alexandria hoff trained with them and she will show you what it takes to be a part of
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the elite team of warriors, that is coming up, leslie. eagles have mandatory mini cam in south philadelphia, their veteran left tackle finally thereafter missing voluntary work outs, we will hear why he was a in show, jason peters in
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they were overcome by the excessive heat, during the central bucks south high school graduation. it was held on the football field in warrington, bucks county late this afternoon. school officials, tell eyewitness that the students and spectators were treated on the scene and they are all okay. train like the navy seals our alexandria hoff traveled to monmouth county for a grueling, work out, and she has a preview for a story you'll see it in on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. i am sweaty, i am certainly muddy and earned a few blisters, that is because i have been training alongside u.s. navy seals, and you can
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too. today we got an exclusive first look at the bone frost challenge that is taking place in englishtown, new jersey this saturday. thinks the only obstacle course race owned and operated by u.s. navy seals with an 8- mile run, 3-mile sprint, plus a water component, and then, a grueling obstacle course begins participants a taste of what seal training is like, yeah, all of that is still just a taste. participants don't to have complete the whole thing but let me tell you even just running a stretch of the course can push you tour limits and that is a rewarding place to be. this saturday, this venue will be filled with thousands of people even just spectators and food, lots of music, overall a very patriotic vibe and portion of the proceed, do go to a great cause. if you need to know why i'm the condition i'm in i promise you our story at 11:00 will help you figure out why. >> all right, alex we will see you at 11:00. we have learn tonight that
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conjoined twins have been separated at the children's hospital of philadelphia, and health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details on what is a rare, very complicated problem. >> the surgery happened last wednesday, the information released today, by children's hospital. ten month-old twin girls aaron and abby were conjoined at the top of their head, they are now, separate and continue to recover from the surgery. their parents, heather and riley delaney on live in north caroline after been here in philadelphia since the girls were born. there is months of planning for complicated surgery, and skin on the twin's head had to be slowly, expanded, so it could be used in the reconstruction, and operation last week took 11 hours, as surgeons separated the girls. they are being carefully monday tarred and recovery and rehabilitation we are told will take months. we will keep you posted on their progress. also tonight, on the healthwatch, skin safety, and a giant reminder about the importance of fighting skin cancer. that arrived, today, at
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philadelphia's city hall. it is called destination healthy skin, a 38-foot rv traveling the country to save lives, spreading the word about the dangers of skin cancer and providing, free screening. >> we have 11 there that you had a long time that looks fine. >> reporter: two private screening rooms inside unit scarfed by volunteer dermatologists, screening is a simple visual check of the skin. >> i have never had it done. i feel relieved. i was anxious going in knowing i go to the shore and there are times i miss putting sun screen on. >> reporter: skin cancer is caused by sun exposure, rates sky the wronging, getting sunburn once every two years can triple your risk of developing medical nome at deadliest kind of skin cancer. >> skin cancer is an epidemic, right now in the you had. >> reporter: doctor stephen he ss is a philadelphia dermatologist who says everyone should have yearly skin checks. >> any age, any race, any location of the skin can be affected by skin cancer.
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is there a common misconception skin cancer only effects older people or affect s people with fair skin with a history of sunburn on only occur in place west sun exposure. >> reporter: doctors said when found early skin cancer is highly curable. >> we cried. >> reporter: susan had a rare kind of skin cancer and had to have part of her know reconstruct. >> i have just finished my seventh and last surgery. i love saying that. >> reporter: wow. >> avoiding sun exposure is the best way to prevent skin cancer and when outside be sure to always use, a broad spectrum sun screen with a spf of at lee 30, and reapply it often. that is a especially important with kid. >> yes. >> they need to be protected. >> even when, i remember, not getting tonight my eyes, when you are swimming, sweating which we are doing a lot now, lauren, thanks very much, more sun screen. >> more and more sun screen. >> thanks very much. there is a lot of sweating happening today. >> so much sweating, over the
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last couple of days, buckets and buckets of sweat. put buckets away as we head in the day tomorrow but today, another scorcher and we increase that had steam factor as well. our high temperature topping at 96-degree in filth a breaks the record for the day. we have tied a record in reading and allentown. pair of 95's and we have soared along the high temperatures in the low to mid 90's along coastal cape may and atlantic county. right now scorching sunshine as we look live at center city philadelphia. not a cloud in the sky. southeasterly wind at 8 miles an hour and temperatures sitting close to our high, for the day. ninety-three in allentown. ninety-five in philadelphia 90 in ac. ninety-four in dover. we are catching a little bit of the sea breeze and some shore towns, so nice, 78 degrees in ocean city. we are down to 76 at barnegat light house and up at 92 in rehoboth beach. heading in the evening hours temperature still very warm as we would expect upper 80's to near 90. just a few passing cloud for most of us and that will make
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for great viewing conditions of the rocket launch later this evening. nasa, lifting off as we head in the 9:00 o'clock hour to 9:19. we could see some colorful cloud over the delaware valley , orange shaded area that visibility zone, due to vapor release by that rocket that will interact with the atmosphere and releasing this to help set air in motion in the atmosphere that will create an aurora like looking scene. look for that a few minutes after lift off. look to the southern sky. overnight tonight we could see a hit or miss thunderstorm rolling through otherwise warm and muggy. 74 degrees. tomorrow improvement, isolated thunder shower for first part of the day and then increasing sunshine, temperatures in the nearly as hot 83 degrees and even better, decreasing humidity values throughout the day so we will wake up tomorrow at 7:00, still steamy , feeling berth by lunch hour and feeling down right awesome as dew points fall off in the lower 50's as we head into tomorrow evening.
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storm scan three showing us the surrounded by thunderstorms but we cannot bring in a shower or storm to cool us off but we will as we head in the overnight period for a few of us, now starting to see a little bit more activity to the north and west of carbon, monroe county and they will continue to move off to the south/southe and provide us with a little bit of relief. future weather will show thaws scene just a very hit or miss showers and thunderstorms in and around midnight down around center city philadelphia, and south jersey as we head throughout the overnight period better chance will be toward the south of the city and we could see an isolated thunder showers lingering in the first half of the day, long the coast and for delaware beaches, otherwise, increasing sunshine and a much cooler, and less humid stretch as we head in the next several days, thursday, down right beautiful with sunshine and highs in the 70's. tomorrow will be much less hot , 70's along the coast, 80 's elsewhere getting a break from the extreme heat, thursday a beautiful day to maybe even open up the windows
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and sunshine, comfortable humidity and 78 degrees, before temperatures, climb and that steam factor returns by the end of the weekend and looking unsettled for weekend as well. >> thanks very much. leslie up next with sports. >> we have a new nba champion and phillies lose a tough one at fenway, and eagles mailed it mandatory mini camp begins, marcus smith missing from voluntary camp speaks, we will hear from him next.
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jason peters left tackle was all smiles as couch doug pederson, he missed voluntary cam top rest his body. he wants to retire as an eagle so time to rework that
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contract. >> i want to retire here. i don't want to be year to year, you know, release me, are they go to go do this take a pay cut and all. that i want to get the reassurance that i will retire here, i don't to have worry bit. just show up. >> the other veterans who missed camp was former first round pick marcus smith. he was asked why he skipped practices when he is fighting for playing time. >> i did want to be here, as far as being with my teammates i just decided to stay home. it was a decision i made, not regarding the coach, gm, or my teammate, it was just my decision. >> for second time in three years golden state warriors are nba champions they knock off lebron and cavilers last night in game five of the finals, 129-120 the final. mvp kevin durant talk about the support he got this year after joining the team. >> so many people came to me every single day. i just tried, you know, just
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to keep grinding and let them know it doesn't, you know, it doesn't go in vein. i'm working. i believe. you know, just every day, man i'm just grinding, and believing in myself that i can make this happen and to do it, and it feels great. >> to the phillies, caesar hernandez will be missing approximately six weeks with that oblique strain and that means he will are out into august. phillies who a tough one in extra innings to the red sox at fenway park. dustin came up with the rbi single in the 11th to win the game six-five. phillies play one more in boston tonight before the series shifts to philadelphia tomorrow. and great story in pittsburgh last night, he hit five scoreless innings for pirates. this is a big deal. he was coming off dl after being treated for cancer. he had surgery may eighth. he struck out five in his return and, pirates won the game seven-two. >> what a return. >> um-hmm, good one indeed.
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>> thanks very much. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away and scott pelley has a look ahead, scott >> hi jessica great to be with you in philadelphia, here's "cbs evening news" tonight, attorney general said he was never briefed on russian meddling in the u.s. election but he remained coy on his role in the firing of the former fbi director james come y. uber has signalled a change after an investigation, into improper conduct. nba champ kevin durant calls this woman the real mvp, meet her, just ahead on the "cbs evening news". here's one way to cool off these students were planning the fountain jump, no matter what the weather was today but you know it work out well. we will tell you why they did
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pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. this weather is perfect fun an all you'll event on logan square. that right is there the graduating class from john w hallahan catholic girls high school. they had a nice time, just splashing in the fountain on the last day of school, for seniors. congratulations. that is for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next tonight "cbs evening news" and tonight more from attorney general sessions testimony before congress. now from new york here's scott
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pelley. >> pelley: daytime drama. >> to suggest they participated in any collusion is an appalling and detestable lie. >> pelley: the attorney general denies a trump russia connection but faeses tough questioning. >> you're impeding this investigation. >> i am not stonewalling. >> pelley: also tonight, the hunt is on for two inmates wanted for murdering two prison guards. >> i am begging to the korean people and government for my forgiveness. >> pelley: after being imprisoned by north korea, an american college student is coming home in a coma. >> look at me! you did it! >> pelley: you could say the n.b.a. champs have two m.v.p.s. >> it was really


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