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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  June 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking news a mass i have inferno in london, flames engulfing this huge apartment building where we're learning there are several fatalities. bill cosby does his fat albert voice as jury deliberations are set to continue, reason the team is optimistic this morning. heat wave comes to an end but don't be fooled it will be hot outside this is a live look from our parkway central library camera, we will tell you how different today will feel. it is wednesday, june 14th good morning i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. lets check with forecast with kate i and traffic with meisha >> good morning. happy hump day. right into this week we are looking outside and guess what we're starting out with. >> construction. >> there is a lot of it out
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there. >> yes. just, killing me. >> i know. >> you have to let me know when that draws to a close too >> i know. i might be retired by then. >> so, we have, what was mentioning a moment ago it is not quite as hot today. it is still quite warm though, our dew points are still high n short it is muggy outside and net is on storm scan, long island, specifically getting lit up with heavy thunderstorms. thinks still our front trying to drop south and taking longer then anticipated. that is as a result of even toward afternoon possibility some pick up a quick shower or thunderstorm. expect that you might have wet weather to dodge. do you need umbrella? i don't think so. keep your ears perched for thunder and if you hear it, head inside, area temperatures are currently stuck in the mid to upper 70's. mount pocono cooler by
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comparison and you are still flirting with 80 in palmyra. here's a glimpse of the day, it is not as hot, mid 80's where we should be but spotty shower or thunderstorm still in the card for us, but right now that would mainly happen through midday. we will keep an eye on the radar up until that point. >> we are waiting for that. so right now we are talking about dry roadways and overall just construction that we are used to in the 4:00 o'clock hour. very good morning. happy wednesday. vine street is closed overnight for construction between schuylkill and broad. traveling in the westbound, and eastbound direction it will be closed. i will let you know when crews move out of the way. ninety-five off ramp to woodhaven road is closed but they might pick that up sometime soon. blue route north bound between norristown and mid county e-z pass lanes are closed as well, left lane is closed as well. as soon as crews move out of the way i'll let you know chat door barry bridge one lane blocked in each direction and we have a 25-mile an hour restriction on the bridge.
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head up on that. sensor map showing yellow, you will be traveling slower on. that delaware river bridge we have crews eastbound blocking the left lane, and also on the pennsylvania turnpike this morning, so when crews are still out there take it easy, maneuvering around them. pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove two lanes blocked there, rahel, back over to you we have breaking news intense flames engulfed a high rise apartment building in london. this morning officials confirmed several people who their lives. no word on what caused this fire but residents said it began around 1:00 a.m. in the lower floor apartment, at this point still no word on how many people were killed or injured but as one official said they are expecting a worse case scenario. survivors say there was virtually no warning as flames raced through their building. some described the frantic situation. >> help save my children, save my children. they had their kid out window, they were jumping, there was panic. run underneath the building.
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>> when you see children being dangled from the window. >> there is 23 floors in the building. eight and up is when people were jumping up. >> at lee 40 fire engines and 200 fire fighters were called to the scene, and they have also evacuated 30 nearby apartments. here's a live picture of the store story apartment building in west london. it continues to bilo massive amounts of smoke. fire is under control but building is smoldering. there are fears that it could collapse. we will continue to follow this breaking news, throughout the morning. in other breaking news, a pregnant woman is recovering after she was shot during a home invasion. it happened in the 3,000 block of north front street in philadelphia's kensington section. officers say woman and her boyfriend were woke up by two to three men who forced their way in the home. woman confronted one of the
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men and that is when she was shot in the thigh. she was taken to the hospital where she's in stable condition, two other children who are three and five years old were also inside at the time. no arrests were made. two women shot overnight in wilmington. police mark the scene with chalk on the 1100 block of reid street. incident happened just before 1:00 victims are between 25 and 30 years old, both were rushed to the hospital, multiple bullets, also hit a car on the street, so far police don't have any suspects or motive for that shooting. well, jurors will return to court deliberations resume in bill cosby's sexual assault trial. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside montgomery county courthouse with more on what questions the jury has been asking the court, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. jury has had four questions so far, they seem to be focusing on the pills that cosby gave constand and whether she was able to give consent. they asked the judge to rehear some key testimony. bill cosby left montgomery
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county courthouse tuesday night, channeling his signature catch phrase of his well known zero seven's animated character fat albert. >> hey, hey, hey. >> full 12 hour day of jury deliberations, the seven men and five women are charged with deciding whether the famous comedian and former temple trustee drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constand and a then temple employee he was mentoring. jurors came back twice tuesday to ask judge stephen o'neill two questions which observers like dave ferrell saw as a good sign for defense. >> it suggested to me somebody on that jury is having a problem with the commonwealth case, that is how i see it. >> reporter: jurors asked the judge to define quote without her knowledge, a phrase, included in the charge that cosby used pills to impair constand before molesting her. judge said he could not. and just after 5:00 they asked to hear testimony of the canadian police office shore
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took constand's initial police report back in 2005. cosby's spokesmen says his team is encouraged by jury taking his time and in the rushing to the decision. >> they are willing to stay here and try to get it right and that is all we ever asked for to try, you know, get a fair, impartial jury, to deliver the truth and look at the facts. >> between monday night and tuesday, the jury has now deliberated for more than 16 hours, and they will reconvene here at the courthouse at 9:00 . for now live outside montgomery county courthouse i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. "eyewitness news" will be there as deliberationness cosby's trial continue this morning. once is there a verdict we will bring it on tv and on line at cbs also happening today pretrial hearing for philadelphia district attorney seth williams. williams you may recall faces 29 counts of corruption, bribe ry and fraud in the trial
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that is set to begin on monday list of possible witnesses includes, former philadelphia d.a. lynn abraham and philadelphia deputy police commissioner joseph sullivan. williams has ignored calls for his resignation, his term, as philadelphia d.a. end this year. there is also a preliminary hearing for omar cooper, man charged in the death of his six week old son in kingsessing, last month, investigators believe the boy was beaten at his home on willow avenue. staff at children's hospital alerted police after treating the boy for multiple injuries and internal bleeding. the boy died at the hospital, the medical examiner ruled the cause of the death was homicide. also in kingsessing authorities have officially charged salem in the death of his one year-old stepson. boy was found unresponsive in the house on the 1700 block of south conestoga street. doctors found bruces and other injuries on the child, consistent with bet physical and sexual assault. upper gwynedd police
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charged a man accuse of grabbing and kissing a woman in the wawa parking lot. man has been charged win decent salt, harassment and disorderly conduct. it happened outside a wawa on the 1600 block of valley forge road in april. victim told police that he suspect, grabbed her arm and forcibly kissed her. 200 democratic lawmakers are suing president trump claiming he accepted foreign fund through his global business empire. lawsuit alleged that mr. trump violated a clause of the constitution, which requires the president to obtain consent from congress, before accepting foreign gifts or payments. earlier this week, democratic attorney generals in d.c., and maryland, filed a similar claim, the president and justice department are calling the lawsuits baseless. president trump will be able to see attorney general's jeff sessions testimony as a spokesperson said that the president thought the session did his a very good job and was strong on denying any
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collusion, between trump campaign and russia. meantime, about 24 hours after speculation began white house finally announced that the president has no intention of firing special prosecutor robert muhler. in other news, happy flag day philadelphia, we celebrate 240 years since officially adopting the u.s. flag. the national constitution center is honoring flag and military with the stripes annes stars festival. it raising of the 13 star flag at betsy ross house. later there is a parade on independent mall and a sky diving demonstration. just head over to constitution for full list of events. and, museum of the american revolution in olde city is also celebrating, flag day, it has a lot of activities throughout the day. you can add a stitch to a re product of the flag from the revolutionary area or you candy sign your own flag. some of the oldest flags from the american revolution will also be on display, you can grab tickets at their web site
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take a lot these lolly-pops, they look normal, right. investigators say they are hiding a dangerous secret. search continues for two inmates accused of killing two price than guard and burglarizing a home. what officers say the men were looking for inside of that hoping, to help them in their escape. we will be right
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fatal overnight high rise fire in west london. here's footage from earlier this morning. this started around 1:00 a.m. london time. so far we know people have died in the fire we don't know how many, but we do know at least 50 people were hospitalized. flames from the 24 story building are under control but it continues to smolder. welcome back, everyone. american college student released from a north korea prison is back in the united states and being treated at a hospital. this is new video, parents of the 22-year old otto says their son was in a coma when's arrived at university of
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cincinnati medical center. he was, serving 15 years of hard labor after tearful confession to charges that he tried to steel a north korea propaganda ban inner 2016. rolling stone magazine will pay more than 1.5 million-dollar to settle lawsuit over a discredited story. magazine will give money to a university of virginia fraternity at the center of their retracted story. a rape on campus was published in 2014 but quickly fell apart under closer examination. review by the columbia school of journalism said rolling stone failed to follow basic principals of journalism. a manhunt is underway in georgia for pair of the escaped inmates wanted for killing two prison guard. authorities are searching for these men donnie row and ricky deboot, they carjacked a, motorist after escaping from the prison bus. they are accused of burglariz ing a home in madison , 60 miles from atlanta the suspects were looking for a change of clothes and food before taking off.
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>> went to check on my grandmother and i came back and everybody was just pulling up, coming every where, like 20 or so police officers, all pulling up over in here investigating and like i said they went through one by one. >> that no one was inside when they broke in, officers then flooded a nearby family dollar store after reports that the two were spotted in the area law enforcement found no trace s of the two men. police in texas investigating a burglary ended up seizing one million-dollar of meth laced lolly-pops this may look like candy, much of it is shaped like popular cartoon characters but it is authorities, who say that they contain meth. yesterday police arrested ivan milk and david is a lean as. they were spotted removing the lolly-pops from this home in houston. >> they put so many narcotic inside the vehicle they were try to flee they could not close the back hatch to these vehicle.
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if a child picked them up they will see them and think it is regular candy. >> police believe lolly-pops were being manufactured in the kitchen of that home. detectives say that the lolly-pops were selling for between 20 and 40 bucks. well, time is 4:46. katie has another check of your forecast. >> it is not as hot today but that is deceptive because it is still pretty hot out there. >> it is still very steamy, absolutely but just not as oppressive would be the way to spin this because it is actually going to end up being a warm summer day for us. mid 80's where we will top off but humidity is gradually decreasing with time here. it is very quiet beginning at the morning at boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. we have not seen anybody just yet, but they will start to flock to the beach as morning progresses because we should end up with a sunrise, cloud out there but warm start to the day, still muggy, really perfect beach weather, but we will take a look at storm scan to show you what is up here. maybe a little easier for to you see, where this is coming
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from. you can see cloud cover dropping in, it looks like it is being, you know, taken away from the shoreline here, this is still, what has to drop in. that is going to potentially bring us residual shower or thunder shower this morning, if not into the early afternoon but this is the front that will keep the temperatures at bay and held back and cooler and less humid tomorrow. in time we will notice humidity dropping off. it isn't a really refreshing day but just not as hot. high of 83. tomorrow we are up to 80 but looks pleasant with sunshine as we sit between systems. there is another unsettled pattern returning. i don't think friday, saturday are at all, qualified as a wash out. quiet generally speaking just a spotty shower or thunderstorm, off and on anytime. sunday into monday this next potent cold front comes along, that could bring more widespread showers and storms. >> all right, katie, good to know, thank you. >> very good morning to all of you, just waking up, so glad you are here. so going out, nice dry
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roadways for your commute then we are looking outside, this is what it looks like, disabled tractor trailer in that, schuylkill eastbound ramp to passyunk avenue and it might start to slow you down, maybe once we crack in the 5:00 a.m. hour. it is a nuisance. it has flashing lights on but just a head up heading out there that it is right there and it can potentially sneak up on you being that it is so dark outside. norristown and mid county left lane compromised you can see cones, and e-z pass lanes are closed. we will let you know that they are still out there. there is quite a few of your neighbors as well this morning ninety-five north off ramp to woodhaven road is closed, just a head up, i will let you know when that reopens. it might be in the process of doing so. construction, commodore barry bridge one lane blocked in each direction, 25 miles an hour restriction on that, more to come on this, when we come back in the next 10 minutes. jim and rahel, back over to you. a flight from my am toy chicago does not make it out
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of the state. >> there was enough complaints to where they felt like they needed to contact ground control. >> we will tell what you passengers noticed mid flight that led to an emergency landin to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets. takes a lot of people mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪
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unite had airlines flight makes an emergency landing in florida. it was headed from my am toy chicago, that passengers said they were worried about a smoke smell coming from the cockpit so pilots decided to land in tallahassee. united airlines says only emergency landing was caused by maintenance issue. 4:51. time for business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange. so markets open up at record highs today what are investors watching. >> reporter: fed wraps up a two day policy meet to go day, analyst expect that the fed will decide to raise interest rates, it would be third time since december so they will also be looking for future rate hikes, jim and rahel.
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>> i understand a group of entertainment companies, including cbs, are teaming up to fight on line pie racecy? >> reporter: that is right, it is called alliance for creativity and entertainment, and it includes over 30 companies like cbs, amazon, netflix and hbo. group estimates that last year there were 5.4 billion down load of pirated films and tv shows. that cost companies money but it hits consumers at risk of mal wear. >> jim and rahel. >> interesting, it is sort of the lose/lose. >> thanks, jill. well, if you are tired of the extreme heat, good news, heat wave is over. >> heat is over. >> katie do you think it will be comfortable enough to eat lunch outside. >> it just depend on the person on a day like this, it will still feel on the steamy side come lunchtime and we have a hint of wet weather to track around that time too, we will show you future weather and show you when things take
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it is a day of transition for the delaware veil. we have a frontal boundary dropping in, it is lighter or sluggish then originally anticipated so we may end up with a shower, thunder shower toward maybe lunchtime and we will show that to you here coming up, in future weather but just a glance of the three hour loop most current loop of storm scan three and not so much what is going on out to the west but specifically over the new england area and out to sea? that is best representation of the frontal boundary dropping in here. it is not terribly strong but it will help trigger a shower or storm, and potentially again toward lunchtime. we will time this out, for you , primarily a long island issue for next couple hours but by 9:00 a.m. we are dropping in here and notice toward say 12 or 1:00 is scattered showers. this is a model, but it does provide a good guide so don't be shocked if you see rain drops coming back from the lunch hour and maybe even
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toward evening, but generally speaking, later tonight humidity will drop off and we will also see, the temperatures, you would think later tonight, we are down to 61 degrees which is cooler by comparison. tomorrow looks like a decent day maybe a few cloud and un settled pattern will return into the weekend. meisha. >> good to know, katie. thank you very much. we are looking outside, kind of what you were talking about dry right now. good news is our commute is looking good, looking quiet, we have construction crews out there right now. we had a disabled tractor trailer still out there schuylkill eastbound ramp to passyunk avenue. you can see vine camera is frozen bye it is all clear. construction crews have been moving westbound and eastbound giving a thumbs up and blue route north bound between norristown and mid county left lane still compromised by those cones and e-z pass lanes are still closed as well. ninety-five north off ramp to woodhaven road is also closed, right new we are waiting on these construction crews to move out and there is construction this morning.
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good news is we're approaching that 5:00 o'clock hour and they start to move out right around there. pennsylvania turnpike westbound between bensalem and willow grove, two lanes are blocked there, jim and rahel, back over to you. well, pittsburgh penguins are having their victory parade today after bringing home the stanley cup. >> someone or something was probably looking forward to the celebration, you see stanley weighs 40-pound. fisherman, said he wanted to protect him from fans of the predators because they are known for their cat fish on the ice during games. well now that the finals are over stanley is being released in a nearby river, and it is happening after the victory parade. coming up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" more on the bizarre behavior from bill cosby leaving the courthouse on the second day of jury deliberations. store clerk attacked with avocado? what sparked this vicious food fight. taking one for the team a former fill any a much different roll we're back at the top of the hour.
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well, updating our break ing news this morning a london high rise up in flames, several people are dead and there are fears that the building could collapse. hey, hey, hey. >> bizarre behavior from bill cosby leaving court, responding to reporters in his , fat albert voice as jury deliberations continue. three days in the 90's our heat wave breaks today, the wig change ahead and when we can see some rain. it is wednesday, june 14th, flag day, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i feel like we have not had rain. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, i was like,


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