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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 14, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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well, updating our break ing news this morning a london high rise up in flames, several people are dead and there are fears that the building could collapse. hey, hey, hey. >> bizarre behavior from bill cosby leaving court, responding to reporters in his , fat albert voice as jury deliberations continue. three days in the 90's our heat wave breaks today, the wig change ahead and when we can see some rain. it is wednesday, june 14th, flag day, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i feel like we have not had rain. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, i was like, um.
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>> well, let's just say it is dry today. it is looking g hopefully we can keep that for the morning rush and evening rush. >> it depend. it looks like we will see a stray shower or thunderstorm at some point. i don't think we are talking about anything at all, to be a wash out status at all but there is a front dropping in and wet weather will come from and note ace cross long island , that rain is coming down, heavily with heavy thunderstorms to go witt. most of our region is in the clear. it will not stay that way because this is dropping in, so, with time, there may be a smattering of showers, that fires up on the radar. morning drive is probably fine , may find some haze because is there moisture to work w it is still steamy outside but with time there may be a shower that pops up around lunchtime or shortly thereafter as front sluggishly drops from the north. in the meantime here's where we stand, it is a warm start, 78 degrees, the current temperature, but once that front drops in that balancing
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act will take place where humidity gradually begins to drop off and then temperatures just can't rebound all that efficiently. so eventually we will be back to the mid 80's. we're not talking about record breaking temperatures that we did verify at 96 degrees but today about 83 degrees is best we can hope for for a daytime high with some sun, grant budd that spotty shower or thunderstorm will be out there and it gradually, keyword starts to turn less humid, meisha a lot of people will be happen bye that, katie, thanks very much. let's see, yes, we did welcome back. we have a disable tractor trailer right here. schuylkill eastbound at passyunk avenue, and because it is so dark, this sort of thing can sneak up on you. heading out there eastbound ramp to passyunk avenue and schuylkill just a head up it is out there we do have some flashing lights but overall sometimes like i said that can pop out at you. also ben franklin bridge, looking gorgeous, for those
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traveling from new jersey, into center city traveling westbound direction, looking good, we are looking quiet, skies are looking nice, road are nice and dry, exactly what we want to see on what will shape up to be a busy wednesday morning. blue route north bound between norristown and mid county left lane compromised between roadway and traveling by good e-z pass lanes are closed as well, tap your brakes, we are seeing your neighbors doing that right now. as you approach or push deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour this area gets busy. head up to get out there and enjoy open roadway and space this is time to do it. more construction to talk about in the next 10 minutes, jim, back over to you. well, horrific scene playing out this morning in london as an apartment building goes up in flames. >> video really speaks for itself. we are waiting to hear about casualties as fire fighters conduct a search, rescue mission. cbs news correspondent terry o kita is at the scene. >> this is an unprecedented incident. >> reporter: thick cloud and smoke continues to rise from the west london high rise this
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morning as members of the london fire brigade work to put out pockets of flames. massive fire at the tower apartment building broke out shortly before 1:00 a.m., quickly spreading from floor to floor. >> who are i can. people were on the edge jumping out. >> reporter: sparks flew as the flames grew more intense and david benjamin said smoke trapped his neighbors inn side >> unaudible. >> reporter: this video shows resident looking out windows as crews battled the blaze outside, cities fire commissioner says fire fighters arrived on the scene within six minutes but weren't able to save some of those who could not get out. >> there have been a number of fatalities. i cannot confirm the number at this time, due to the size and complexity of this building. >> reporter: the greenfield
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tower had under gone a multi million-dollar face lift with many of the 120 apartments outfitted with new windows. >> fire was raging through the building for a good four or five hours. police have said at this stage they are concerned that the building could collapse. >> reporter: it is unclear if the fix played a role in igniting the fire. terry okita for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home home invasion in kensington end in gunfire leaving a pregnant woman hospitalized this happened on the 3,000 block of north front street around 3:00 . officers say woman and her boyfriend were woke up by two to three masked men who forced their way in the home. woman who was three months pregnant confronted one of the men and was shot in the thigh. >> the female exited the bedroom first to see what was going on and as soon as she opened up her door she was confronted by at lee two males , and they struggled over the bedroom door. >> woman is in stable condition, two other children age three and six were also
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inside at the time and they were not hurt. well, police in wilmington are investigating a shooting that leaves two women injured. it happened just before 1:00 in the 1100 block of reid street. woman were brought to the hospital, with what is described as none in life threatening injuries. several bullets also struck a koran that block. so far police have not identified any suspects or motive. well, after more than 16 hours of deliberating jurors are still trying to reach a decision in the sexual assault trial of bill cosby. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside the montgomery county courthouse where deliberations will resume this morning, good morning, trang do. >> reporter: good morning. jury seems to be struggling with this decision, they had two questions yesterday, one of them focusing on the pills that cosby gave andrea constand and whether she was able to give consent. they wanted to rehear some key testimony. bill cosby left the montgomery county courthouse on tuesday, channeling his signature catch
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phrase of his well known 70's animated character fat albert. >> hey, hey headaches. >> and end of the full 12 hour day of jury deliberations, seven men and women are charged with deciding whether the famous comedian and former temple trustee drugged and sexually assaulted andrea constand a then temple employee he was mentoring. jurors came back to the courtroom twice tuesday to ask judge stephen o'neill, two questions, which observers like attorney dave ferrell said as a good sign for the defense. >> it seems to me that someone on the jury is having a problem on the commonwealth case. >> reporter: jurors asked the judge to define quote without her knowledge, a phrase, included in the charge that cosby used pills, to impair constand before molesting her. judge said he could than the. and then just after 5:00 they asked to hear testimony of the canadian police office shore took constand's initial police report back in 2005. cosby spokesmen says his team
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is encouraged by the jury taking its time and in the rushing to a decision. >> they are willing to stay here and try to get it, right, and that is all we have ever asked for, you know, to try to get a fair, impartial jury just to deliver the truth and look at the facts. >> reporter: jury will re convene here at courthouse at 9:00 a.m. for day three. day eight of this trial. but for now we are live outside montgomery county courthouse i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel back to you. >> thanks for that update. philadelphia district attorney seth williams faces a preliminary hearing ahead of the next week corruption trial williams faces 29 counts of corruption, bribery and fraud, his trial begins monday. possible witnesses include former d.a. lynn abraham and city managing director rich ne grin. defense plans to use character witnesses to describe goodwill yams has done for the city and
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various, none in profit organizations. ohio college student sentenced to hard labor in north korea is back in the u.s. but his parents say he is in a comb a this video came in overnight. it shows at owe warmbeer arriving at cincinnati medical center. he was serving 15 years prison sentence in north korea for stealing a propaganda banner. warmbeer tearfully confessed last year. state department secured his release. down in georgia police are searching for a pair of fugitives accused of killing two prison guard. donnie row and ricky dubois are on the run this morning. authorities say they escaped from a prison bust and carjacked a motorist. they are accused of break nothing to this home in madison, 60 miles from atlanta suspects were looking for a change of clothes. >> i went to check on my grandmother and i cam back and everybody was just pulling up, coming every where like 20 or so police officers, some pulled up over in here investigating and they went through the rooms one by one.
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>> officers swarmed a their by shopping center after receiving reports that the inmates were inside a family dollar store, however, investigators say there was in surveillance video or evidence to believe that the two men were actually inside that store. well, still ahead scare moments in center city when a minivan jumps a curve. >> pelted with avocado, serious injuries to the store clerk and what sparked this food fight. when a bride's car breaks down, an officer is there to save the day. >> ♪ a break in the heat wave katie has more on the, big changes in the forecast and when we can see some rain, when we come right back.
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♪ minivan jumps a curve hitting two pedestrians and news stand worker. crash happened at 16th and jfk outside suburban station yesterday. police say two vehicles headed westbound on jfk boulevard, causing the minivan to swerve
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off road and on to the sidewalk. there was no structural damage to suburban station. >> it is a miracle other people weren't hurt when you see how much damage got done to the bank, in one was in the conference room at the time. window of the conference room got blown out. there are people hurt so i don't want to say we were lucky but we were luck there i wasn't more casualties. >> very busy intersection there worker did suffer minor cuts and bruces. two pedestrians are expected to make a full recovery. philadelphia police need help finding two men who broke in the grocery store in overbrook. surveillance shows men climbing through a broken window to get in deb's deli on the 6500 block of lansdowne avenue last movement after they got inside they stole cash, cartons of cigarettes, if you recognize either one of these men please cat police. nypd is looking for two men wanted in connection to an assault at new york city deli that left an employee seriously injured. take a look at this video, two customers were so upset over a
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botched order that they started to, throwing avocados at a deli employee. that employee suffered a laceration and fractured to his face as well as a broken jaw, they got away in the dark colored sedan. no amount of wedding planning could have seen this coming, police officer delivering bride to her very own wedding. bride says her limo broke down 30 minutes from the church, almost there, 30 minutes but greenville, south carolina police department rushed to the rescue. they didn't use lights, siren and they followed all traffic regulations and how about this , they got her to the church, on time. that is a grand entrance. >> oh, yeah. >> police escort, come on. >> very cool. well, it is getting cooler , not cool but cooler. >> exactliy wouldn't call today a cool day, it will feel steamy out there too. humidity is going to start to drop off but it hasn't done that just yet and we are coming off very hot weather
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from yesterday, we did make it official it was a new record as of yesterday, we will start off looking back in time and taking a glance where we ended up, tuesday's high was 96, it did break a rorrer back from 1956 though of 96. but, we do have a problem, a front dropping in as well and even though again, let me step to this side because this will show it more easily. it won't be blocking it. the front looks like it is leaving. that is how these back door cold front tend to look they are coming from an opposite direction then you would expect. so this will continue to drop south, we are not talking about anything widespread or major but it will be a shower, thunderstorm chance that firing up because of this later today. maybe toward lunchtime generally speaking but it looks like it is taking its time. it could be delayed in that regard. behind it though we can see signs of life toward iowa, very potent frontal boundary will cross over our area in
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the weekend and that is where this next renewed round will come from. for now main activity is centered out over water or long island area but with time we will see cloud deck spill in. we will call it partly sunny but there may be a shower or thunderstorm that fires up late this morning and in the early afternoon. nothing major, nothing widespread but i don't think you absolutely need an umbrella but if this verifies in southern chester county that is a heavy round of rain or thunderstorms through here for early evening drive. not everyone will be hit but it is worth a mention, right. as we go outside to our live neighborhood network, western suburbs my favorite camera with the cile owe in the distance kutztown area middle will school not the best sunrise but light of day, lingering included are out there and they will continue to be out there, we will call it a mix of sun and cloud. seventy-eight the current temperature at the airport. mid to lower 70's, generally from mount pocono and as day
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progresses partly sun which that stray shower or thunderstorm and not as hot as transition is made. warm right now but we will rebound all that efficiently. couple cloud, we will drop down to 61. much cooler by comparison by the way. looking forward we are about to go up on another ramp up on the heat and humidity this weekend but it is a pattern that goes downhill. >> i think people will be happy to see those 80's and 70 's creep back in. in the me but i know other people will, good morning. happy wednesday. if you are just joining us, grabbing your first cup of coffee we are nice and dry, right now but we have an accident 95 north near broad street block ago this left lane, hard to see, you can see them pulled off, block ago this left lane, and this will be the area that will start to get busier. you can see plenty of headlights, just a head up, but schuylkill at boulevard looking good, thinks another area that will start to get busy, would i say, once we crack in the 6:00 o'clock hour
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it shifts around this area, coming off boulevard southbound. head up, schuylkill at boulevard looks like right now and then we have a certain disabled tractor trailer still out there, schuylkill eastbound ramp to passyunk avenue, dark earlier, saying watch out, it looks like it is getting lighter on you the side from this vantage point. i would say overall, schuylkill, eastbound ramp to passyunk avenue you will see this guy, head up on this, this area will start to get slow too. when we have something like that disabled tractor trailer can start to slow us down. in other talk about when we come back in the next 10 minutes, rahel, back to you. and new for a lot newspaper headlines across our region. >> delaware county daily times 35 overdoseness 12 days, that is what first responders are dealing with, this month in upper darby as a heroin and opioid overdoses hit the township n all but two instances, overdose victims were revived with the life saving narcan. two of the overdoses were
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fatal. outdoor fireplaces are increasingly popular in backyard and soon they will be legal in pottstown this week b oro council voted to advertise an ordinance rescinding the ordinance that made them illegal. from the trentonian for years, cadwallader park the 100-acre park designed by the man who designed central park was over grown, unkept but the city is bringing the recreational space back to life due to a 2.3 million-dollar in funding provided by the new jersey department of environmental protection. that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. well, another wandering bear in our area, this time officials used a trap to capture young black bear on butler avenue in any britain bucks county. police department shared this photo. pennsylvania gaming commission is new relocating that bear. glad he is okay. up next phillies fall again in extra innings. >> you may recognize this former philly, but certainly not in this role, sports is up
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welcome back everyone checking "eyewitness sports". phillies/red sox series moves to citizens bank park tonight. >> last night second straight game of extra innings at fenway park. phillies got a two run home run from aaron altherr, his tenth of the season in the third inning that tied the game at two but with the game tied at three in the 12th inning, red sox, came through for their second, walk off win in the week. phillies who seven in a row, their longest losing streak of the season. and it is phillies looking for pitching, well, they could bring back, fan favorite
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carlos ruiz, he plays for mariners and struck out a batter during an inning on the mound in the loss to the twins we should say, chooch did serve up a home run. well, eagles will be back at mini damp at novacare complex after a false start yesterday. bird were scheduled to start their work inside the complex yesterday but power outage got them out in the sun earlier then expected. the man mandatory mini camp felt like training camp practice in late july. that camp starts july 24th. well, coming up next on "eyewitness news", key moments from an intense hearing on capitol hill. attorney general jeff sessions denied he has had any inappropriate contact with russia. i'm weijia jiang on capitol hill with the very latest coming up. and conjoined twins are separated and the surgery, it was complex and it was performed right here in
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute to day wednesday june 14th. a massive, fire at a high rise apartment building, in
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london. >> help me, help me. >> pregnant woman is recovering after she was shot during a home invasion in philadelphia's kensington section. >> hey, hey, hey. >> familiar sound, bill cosby doing his signature fat albert impression while leaving court as jury continues to deliberate. >> jury has had four questions so far, they seem to be focusing on the pills. >> the manhunt is intensifying for two georgia prison escapee s, they are accused of killing two prison guard on the transport bus. >> how are you adjusting the life in the white house. >> i could not be happier, do you see, we will be together in the white house for 1,315 days, 11 hours, 55 minutes, and, 27 seconds. make america great again.
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>> katie, perfecting the smile >> i try to look on it too. >> that is a tough one to pull off, when i try to do that smile with your eye, i just look like a crazy person. >> deranged. >> exactly. >> you want to see it. let's go full screen on the sky deck. >> okay, all right. >> it is not good, rahel, it is in the good. >> very generous, thank you. jim has no comment, that is a smart move by you. >> yes. >> we are looking ahead to a day of transition. we have a front dropping from the north and as it does so, it is going to bring in a couple cloud, eventually help drop humidity, and bringing in a shower, thunder shower in a couple spots, at the moment that activity is confined across long island and open waters of the atlantic here and we do have at lee right now cloud over a


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