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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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montgomery county courtroom but the same philadelphia comedian is still unsure of his fate at this hour. we are approaching 30 total hours of deliberations, following closing arguments on monday. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm natasha brown in for ukee today. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live in norristown and you have been there all day long and for last several days or so what can you tell us tonight about where the jury is in deliberations. >> reporter: well, natasha and jessica jury had question last time we saw you. they were in the middle of asking court to read back more testimony. this time it would be the first time that andrea constand made a police or report to police, this particular detective, in canada is actually her brother-in-law. he is married to andrea constand's sister. he took the initial report and referred andrea constand to durham, ontario police. they phoned police here in montgomery county.
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how this all playness to what is happening right now? jury will have dinner. we have learned they will have dinner and then they will read this testimony, and deliberations will continue. one on one with bill cosby's publicist we talked about all those questions from the jury. do you think these questions are pulling back curtain on the jury struggling with inconsistencies. >> correct, correct. i think when you heard them go back through constand on the witness stand and when angela 's attorney cross examined her you saw those inconsistency compared to what she told first detective. >> andrea constand said cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004 but waffled on exact dates when compared to a police report and other documents. prosecutors have described such slips as minor when compared to the bigger story. that includes the use of cosby 's own word a damming deposition where he recount what is happened. jury's entire deliberation process has span more than two
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dozen hours. legal experts say that of the realm of the possibilities they could convict on any number of the three charges, and each count carries a max sentence of 10 years. we're told cosby also could be convicted on any single count, even if the jury was to dead lock on the remaining charges. so right now the judge is actually developing a transcript of this initial police report by andrea constand, the testimony was just taken down in shorthand. this is going all the way back to last monday at beginning of the trial, so that shorthand is being transcribed so that it can be read in court, that is why jury is now taking a dinner break. my collogue greg argos is interviewing some of the key players in the defense side of this, count on continuing coverage, from cbs-3 outside the montgomery county courthouse we are here all night. reporting live, from norristown joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thanks. we have been reporting on shooting in virginia all day
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long and tonight law enforcement is warning lawmakers in washington to be vigilant after a gunman targeted a congressional baseball practice. again gunfire rang out in alexandria, virginia this morning. five people were hit including house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana. he was shot in the hip and is in critical condition following surgery. police shot and killed the gun man identified as james hodgkinson of illinois. social media shows hodgkinson spoke out against republicans and volunteered for the bernie saunders presidential campaign >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. >> i am by this despicable act . they say it will go on, as planned. now, pennsylvania congressman, pat meehan and ryan costello were supposed to be at that practice, today, costello
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missed his ride. meehan had a previous engagement. local congressional delegation is praising law enforcement. >> my first thought go to the heroism of the capitol police that were there and responded immediately in a man their likely saved the lives of a number of people. >> there has been a shooting gallery for three minutes begins people in an opened field. they could have went after them in the dug out. all they had was baseballs to throw back at them. god bless our capitol police. >> congressman brady also called for unity. cbs news will stay on top of the developments in this story, scott pelley is in washington d.c. tonight for a special hour long addition of the "cbs evening news". it is happening at 6:30 right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. just a short time ago police identified man who died in yesterday's crash at 16th and jfk in center city, philadelphia two vehicles collided causing one of them to leave the road, investigators say that vehicle slammed into a news stand, it
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moved, and then struck two pedestrians. police say peter, died from his injuries, today. the 76 year-old was an advocate for better transportation solutions, a worker inside the news stan was also injured. preliminary hearing will continue next month for 15 members of the penn state fraternity charged in connection with the death of a pledge who died after a drunken fall. eighteen beta theta pi members and fraternity itself are all charged, because of the death of 19 year-old timothy piazza of lebanon, new jersey. two fraternity brothers waved hearing that began monday with the 11 hours of testimony. pennsylvania court upheld philadelphia's tax on sweetened beverages, the court agreed with the court of common pleas, city council has full legal authority to inact one and a half cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. in the meantime, it has lowered its revenue projection on that tax. city expects it will fall short of the 46.2 million-dollar that the tax was supposed to generate for
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this fiscal year. new jersey lawmakers got their day in court today, to halt governor chris christie's 350 million-dollar state house renovation plan. bipartisan group argued that the lacked authority to do so. governor believes it is needed and says it was authorized legally. today is flag day, and american pride was on display in camden. >> of the united states of america. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" at camden county haul off justice earlier for a naturalization ceremony. twenty-four people from 15 countries, are now among new american citizens. our reception followed that ceremony. there was plenty of red, white, blue aboard battleship new jersey on the camden waterfront. in honor of flag day visitors to the battleship received american flags. earlier guests could bring torn or taterd flags proper proper. northeast philadelphia teacher whose green thumb impact lives of thousands, is
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hanging up her garden gloves this week. >> well, cherri gregg from our sister station kyw news radio tells us her retirement comes after nearly four decade of service. >> the memories, in this place are just monumental. >> reporter: karen carden weber runs horticultural science program here at lincoln high school and for years she has kept her students, faculty extremely busy. >> kid do plants, they do courtyard, the greenhouse. >> reporter: carden rememberer has led students to jobs in landscaping, flower shops as well as top honors. >> we have had so much fun. >> reporter: snagging best in show at the philadelphia flower show for their creative green feat year after year after year after year. >> we received many accolade for what we do. >> reporter: at last after 37 years and several very cool haircuts, clearly some of the 1980's. this penn state graduate is finally saying good bye. >> it is extremely difficult.
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it is a combination of the leaving faculty my friend. >> reporter: and students, thousands and thousands that she has helped. >> i'm just going to miss her talks with me. >> reporter: junior kiara garcia wants to work herbal medicine thanks to carden- weber. >> she change my life. >> reporter: impact is visible all over the walls and halls of the lincoln and in the hearts of nearly everyone you meet. >> reporter: on friday she will don this robe to give remarks on graduation day. >> i will start to cry. >> reporter: at 60 she's starting new life of family and travel but this legacy is one she will never forget. >> so nice. >> reporter: cherri gregg for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, sylvester stallone attended lincoln high school and statue in his likeness is back opened. >> iconic rocky statue
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reopened today, area has been closed off since end of may for improvements. in those two weeks visitors were not able to snap a photo with the famed sculpture but back to business as usual, this afternoon. stay with us everyone still to come on "eyewitness news" siblings sharing in the fight against cancer. >> trying to teach my kid, you know, just live in the day, enjoy every moment. >> reporter: a delaware county mom dealing were not one but two difficult diagnoses, our stephanie stahl shares their story, and the unique way the community is now rallying around them. plus making the grade several area colleges are getting top marks when it comes to safety, the school being recognized, and why, lauren? sunshine but not scorching in rehoboth beach and humidity levels have in the dropped down in your neck of the wood just yet they will soon will with a much cooler and much more comfortable night ahead we will talk about that plus preview of the your weekend forecast coming up. well, jason peters said
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yesterday he wants to stay with the eagles and it looks like he got his wish we will tell but his new deal and the legend a former philly and fan favorite carlos ruiz continues to grow pitching for mariners for the first time in his career, last night, how did dough? i'll show you later in sports.
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several area schools in the tri-state area on a new list of the state of safees college necessary america for 2017. >> university of delaware is ranked 26th, rowan university comes in at 38, and the national council for home safety and security used fbi crime statistics to compute ranges goes. other schools on the list montclair university is ranked eighth, west chester university 28th and rutgers university is at 59th. on the healthwatch kick out cancer as soccer tornment to help kid with cancer.
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>> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with more on the preparations and one family in need who has going to benefit. >> they will. one child with cancer is hard enough but imagine, having, two. and the third at risk. that is what a family in havertown is confronting. bunch of kid will be playing soccer in hopes of helping them. they are practicing for the upcoming kick out cancer sock are tournament. >> we wanted to help and we came up with this tournament. >> reporter: started out as a way to help neighbor and then teenagers from northeast philadelphia decide todd raise money for children's hospital which gives a portion to two families who need financial help. >> i was so happy. because we are in need now. >> reporter: sam mcgonigle and his five-year old sister who live in havertown have hodgkin's limb foam. it is bad and kind of good we get to stay home from school but you are sick. >> he started just chemotherapy and while they are cancer free is there a
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high risk of recurrence. >> painful, scary, thaw don't know what will happen in the future, with chemotherapy can have side effect that is can cause a lot of pain, which i did have. >> having kid diagnosed with cancer is a game changer. >> reporter: mom said she's determined to stay focused on hope and doing fun things like flag basketball but two of her four children have battled a rare form of hodgkin's linked to genetic defect and another son also car that is gene. >> best thing that has happened is the community supports has been overwhelming just really brings out, the best in other people like when you are able to share your darkness people just want to bring in the light and love. >> it is a really good cause and happy that we're the won that will do it. >> reporter: seventeen year-old maria who started kick out cancer now has dozens of other students, playing for those who cannot. >> we're going to kick out cancer. >> reporter: they are certainly trying. that tournament is this saturday, june 17th at
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philadelphia soccer club. fifty teams are signed up each paying $150 but they are hoping to get more teams and donations. we have a link, and additional information at cbs, lincoln health, what i great cause and she said darkness and light, helping each other out. >> amazing. >> you of yourself up. >> thanks, stephanie. well, special visitor from children in delaware, that is right look who stopped by dover educational and community center for some lunch with kid and parents, ukee washington taking sometime during his vacation to make that trip and he knows the area well. he is a graduate of dover high school. ukee's never off, is he. >> he never is. >> twenty-four eye seven. >> man about town. >> about time. much more pleasant. >> much more pleasant, after three days in the mid 90's, scorching, sweltering, sizzling, and now it is, gone. bye. yes, but humidity levels are
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still on the high side in some areas in the delaware valley but they will decrease as this dryer air slowly overtakes our atmosphere, getting a live look at center city philadelphia some sunshine break go through the scene, we have high low cloud break go through moisture. 83 degrees is current temperature. much better than 90's. easterly wind at 7 miles an hour but we have a feels like temperature at 85. temperatures right now what a difference, cold front came through earlier today and cooler temperatures have yielded on the back side 77 degrees right now in millville, down the shore, temperatures in the 70's and even some 60's right now after sweltering, in the 90's, yesterday. 69 degrees in ocean city. sixty-six in barnegat light house where we are at 70 degrees in rehoboth beach. dew points tell us about that sticky factor in the 60's, but still feels steamy, muggy but notice these lower dew points and lower 60's and even 50's with that dryer air moving from the north and east that
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will slowly pen straight atmosphere across remainder of the area as we head in the evening and overnight. increasing comfortable, conditions, as we head throughout the phillies game, so still 80 degrees for first pitch, cloud around and then decreasing cloud, decreasing humidity levels, by 10:00 o'clock how by end of the game with the win 72 degrees and clear sky conditions and overnight tonight mostly clear, less humid, open up those windows and give ac the break back to 62 degrees and for our thursday still comfortable humidity wise sunshine late day cloud with a high temperature running below average at 80 degrees. we will keep it nice and comfortable tomorrow but as we head into friday humidity values creeping backup and steamy category and then by saturday kind of bordering on oppressive and as we head into sunday those dew point will be down right miserable but right now storm scan three, quiet conditions, cloud deck continuing to decrease, seeing sunshine along the coast, up toward lehigh valley and poconos that cold front did
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generate a few morning rumbl ers but thunderstorm activity is well off to the south and west ahead of that boundary will it will stay but we will bring back unsettled pattern after a dry day tomorrow, thunderstorms in the forecast, mainly west of i-95 on friday and then this weekend dodging scattered showers and thunderstorms, neither day a wash out but keep an eye to the sky, and remember, come in doors if you hear that thinned, thunder go in doors. as we head into monday strong thunderstorms possible. that day looking most active as we head in the next several but shore cast, going up to 82 d watching out for spotty storms you should be able to squeeze in time on sand in the seven day forecast warming things up to 89 degrees by sunday, hot, steamy our weather day looks like monday with the strong cold front coming through period of rain heavier at times and that possibility of strong are storms before we clear things out once again and humidity drops down as we head into early mid week next
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week. >> not bad. >> yes. >> all right, leslie up next with sports. >> um-hmm. eagles still continue that mandatory mini camp and one day after asking for a new contract jason peters has one we will tell but his new deal and he is back, former phillies gm reuben amaro, junior now a coach with the red sox back in time for the first time since his departure how does it feel to be back and we will hear from him
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leslie joins us now and we have part two. >> do i. >> of the discussion. >> yes. >> exactly right. >> we have heard from eagles left tackle jason peters who said he wants to retire an eagle and team should rework his contract. today that is exactly what they d eagles sign peters through 2019 season for 13.5 million, 15 and a half of that guarantied he will now be able to retire as an eagle and
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happy to have eagles be his his last team. >> fans, the organization, the fans deserve a super bowl, to get in the playoffs, and get home field and go from there. like i said the sit of philly deserves its. >> we are just eight days way from the nba draft and sixers took care of one question mark they exercised their team option on robert covington so he will be back next season. phillies will hoe boston red sox tonight in their home to home series and look who it is , former phillies general manager reuben amaro, junior. he is now first base coach for boston but he pays close attention to players that he brought to the phillies. >> look at their stats and see how they are doing. i called some folks from time to time to see what is going on with them. i don't get a whole lot of information, but, they keep me abreasted and i keep myself abreast of the progress. >> carlos ruiz doing something for the first time in his career, last night, he pitched
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, chooch played for mariners, and forced to pitch when his team was getting blown out. he gave up one home run and had a strike out in one inning of the work. mariners who 20-seven. >> i was looking at that score >> that is a blow out. >> yes. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> thanks, leslie. >> "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead, scott. >> hi jessica and natasha great to be with you in philadelphia "cbs evening news" will come to you tonight from capitol hill where we will have a report on the gun man who was angry with republicans and wounded a member of the congressional leadership and three others today. gunman was killed in a shoot-out, the late breaking news on what is being called an attack on american democracy, just ahead on the "cbs evening
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rescued in delaware. on monday 252-pound turtle was covered in marine growth and showed difficulty diving under water. turtle was saved by multiple organizations including the u.s. coastguard. the crew of the lawrence law son who initially spotted turtle had an opportunity to name it, they chose tammy after the historic coastguard cutter, tamara. >> yes. >> tammy. >> tammy. >> we got you safe. new member of the cape may
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county zoo, everyone, bison, sip i and hank are proud parents of a female calf, the fourth calf for the bear. she was born june 5th and doing just quite well. new name has not been released >> i like that. thanks so much for watching us here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on the cw philly and we are back here at 11:00 on cbs-3. >> up next special hour long addition of the "cbs evening news" in tonight tracking latest on the virginia shooting a team of correspondent is is in the nation's capitol on the scene as well and they will bring us an update on congressman scalise and the other wounded. >> plus we have got details on the gunman at his possible motive as investigation continues to unfold. >> from washington d.c. now here is scott pelley.
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[gunfire] >> pelley: members of congress under attack. a gunman opens fire on republicans practicing for a charity ballgame. >> as soon as the gunman is down, i ran out to steve. >> pelley: house majority whip steve scalise of louisiana is critically wounded. >> many lives would have been lost if not for the heroic actions of the two capitol police officers who took down the gunman. >> pelley: outrage at the capitol. >> i am sickened by this despicable act. >> pelley: but unity, too, as democrats pray for their g.o.p. colleagues. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [applause] >> this


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