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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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snrv right now an emergency off the coast of accuweather two teenagers disappear while swimming in the ocean. >> deliberations will continue. juror ors in the bill cosby trial wrap up for the night undecided. and first, unity on the baseball field. republicans and democrats join together to play their annual charity game one day after a gunman opened fire at a gop team practice. and good evening, everyone, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm natasha brown. >> ukee is off tonight. several local congress men were among those at the game honoring victims of yesterday's ambush. >> hof hof is at national's park in washington d.c. with more on the emotional evening. now democrats did come out on top. 11 over 2 for the reps. it was clear early on winning was not necessarily the goal here. taking the field as americans together. left or right for these two that's not a question of party affiliation but a matter of what side of the field their seats are. >> this is just the beginning
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we hope has influence among others. >> dwight evans and brian fitzpatrick are pennsylvania congressmen and members of opposing parties and chose seats know. to each other for the congressional baseball game. >> we trickled in and nobody had the details and these are friends and family really. >> fans poured into nationals park many wearing lsu purple for skeev scalise who was injured with five others when a shooter targeted republican team's practice. following bipartisan prayer circle injured officer bailey threw out the first pitch. with that, the republicans and democrats played ball and boy did they ever. here's pennsylvania rep ryan costello stealing home for the republicans and of course in phillies uniforms. it's a tradition founded by another pennsylvania congres congressman and later governor john ten orin 1909 and as retired pro baseball player he
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found it as a way to put politics on the bench if not for a few innings during america's favorite past time. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]. >> this came earned an extraordinary amount of support. over 20,000 tickets sold raiingz over 1 million for local charities. reporting from nationals park in washington d.c., alexandria hof, eyewitness news. >> and another emotional act of bipartisan comradery during the post game sair moany. democrats accepted trophy and gave the trophy to the republicans to put in scalis scalise's office. >> wife of gunman games cox kinson, she said she had no idea her husband was going to drooe toe commit a horrific act. he said he was going to the
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d.c. area to speak with government officials about tax reform. he sold frevring his business just before leaving. >> i don't know what to say about. it i can not wrap my head around it okay? i cannot believe he did this. i cannot believe it. and at this point you all go away and leave my neighbors in peace. they don't deserve this i don't deserve this. my daughters don't deserve all this. >> together doctors say congressman scalise is in critical condition and has improved after a second surgery. >> accuweather rescuers in tonight for two swimmers miss in the ocean and will resume efforts in the morning and teenagers were reported miss around 6:30 tonight while swimming near martin luther king boulevard. police, firefighters and the coastguard all joined together in the search. >> and another day of deliberations and juror ors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial still have not made their decision. and those juror ors will return tomorrow morning to continue talks. eyewitness news reporter greg
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argos is live at the courthouse where we will start a fifth day of deliberations. >> that's right there jess kax the jury told the judge at 11 this morning they were dead locked on all three counts. he sent them back to deliberations. that was ten hours ago. still no verdict. those deliberations continue tomorrow. >> it seems like this song is on repeat. another full day of deliberation 40 hours and counting and still not verdic verdict. but a skip on this track 11:30 a.m. wednesday morning when the jury telling steven o'neal they're dead locked on all charges. bill cosby spokesperson andrew way at signaling that was a victory for the defense and backtracking. >> when the golden state warriors beat the cavs is it was a win. >> telling the seven help and five women to continue worker
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and do everything short of violence to reach a verdict. jury deliberating ever since and celebratory tone changed by 8 thursday night. >> we're hoping that the judge would, if they don't have a verdict by then release them and say this is a dead lock. >> i don't think he speaks for the jury. >> attorney gloriaalread who represented one of the accusers is upset about the comments. >> that's not how the system works. the jury can deliberate for how long long they wish to deliberate. >> they're doing what the judge told them to do. >> with another day of deliberations set to begin friday morning attorney and analyst said it's anyone's guest when it's over. >> as long as the judge believes the potential exists for them to reach a verdict. >> now this long wait appea appearing to affect many of the key players and in fact brian mc mongal the defense
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attorney usually comments as he leaves courthouse at the end of the deliberations this evening and for past evenings tonight he went to the vehicle waiting for him and as he drove off he had his head in his hands. juror ors continue 9 a.m. to continue day five of deliberations more than 40 hours so far. live at the montgomery county courthouse, greg aring owe, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> and jury corruption begins in the trial of selling williams. he is accused of accepting two brides from businessmen to help friends of theirs charge was crimes and prosecute rz say the 60-year-old two term democrat used money for his own personal use. williams has denied any wrong doing. >> vice-president pence is now joining president vump in hiring a private alawyer to represent him in the russia investigation. this comes athe probe may be
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entering a new chapter. special counsel ill robert muller is investigating whether the president tried to obstructs justice. allegations of obstruction surfaced after president trump fired fbi director jim comey. today the president again called the investigation a witch hunt. >> getting to intent to obstruct or impede will be very important and it could be that they never are able to build that case in a meaningful way. however, damage could be done political damage could be done during the process. >> in addition to the special council, two congressional committees are conducting investigations. >> and today doctors in cincinnati provided the first update on the condition of the american student released from a north korean prison. they say otto warmbeer has extensive brain damage. on tuesday the north korean cents the 22-year-old home after detaining him more than a year. officials say warmdeer fell into a coma after cop tracting
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botulism. >> pilot of a blimp suffered minor injuries when it burst into flames and crashed at the u.s. open fol of tournament. the appoint lot was taken to the hospital via helicopter. the preliminaryp was being used for advertising and was airborne several hours when it wept down. setting stories are investigating. >> an elderly woman is targe targeted in broad daylight and believe me your heart in finding her attacker now surveillance shows the 8 82-year-old woman being followed near the corner of batter z avenue and tyson avenue in mayfair. this was june 1. female suspect grabbed the victim's purse and threw her to the ground and police say the victim did sustain an elbow injury. if you have any information contact police rite away. >> disease carrying bugs this summer camden county districted more than 2,000 fat head memos as an equal
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friendly message to get rid of mosquitoes. it's everyone's responsibilit responsibility. you're encouraging to eliminate breeding ground by dumping containers with rain water. >> it's standing water that is the issue. for example, abandoned pools you have a lot of forclosure or inground or above ground that's been abandoned. >> u.s. sent rz for disease control is warning a particularly severe season fortic born illness this year. >> you may have enjoyed wine you have ever thought how that affect that gloos of veno. >> changes in climate are affecting local wineries and havshet and what it means for whine makers. >> the treats are as switas pie. how it started with a birthday wish and how they play a role in the signature dishes, lauren. >> and people are still out
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and about rehoboth beach enjoying a beautiful evening. conditions will challenge-up as we head to father's day weekend. we'll bring steamyness and stormyness and have all the details in the full eyewitness forecast coming up. >> and changes to boardwalk and sea isle city why city liters put a break on the plan to liven up the shore town inner agency. >> stephen colbert the late night i have my low and camelia from this is is. beautiful show. >> i might cry during the interview. >> i might cry as well. >> the late show with stephen colbert is coming your way tonight 11:35 after eyewitness
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>> the painting depicts a smiling john street with city sky line in the background. he served as mayor from 2000
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to 200 12k3w4r-8 plans to liven up sea isle city entertainment scene hit a roadblock. they voted done a proposal to extend outdoor music and dipping hours on the boards walk. some residents complained to lawmakers it's already noisy enough with cut off time at 9 . business community supported the proposal. philadelphia has a new distinction it's now officially a national treasure. the national trust for historic preservation gave designation to philadelphia historic neighborhoods and the organization says it signify as i long term commitment to explore preservation tools with city leaders and developers and that encourage growth without compromising each of the neighbor's authentic character. >> and climate change could affect your next glass of whine according to some in the whine producing community. season and climate are becoming more unpredictable. they believe temperatures are rising leading to changes in great harvest times in our
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area. they say the largest change that whine drinkers are likely to see is higher alcohol content. >> you have sugar ripeness in the grapes as things get warmer but you don't get through the skips and this means you have wines with lots of alcohol and not length. >> some producers say they will have to auto just production methods to cope with the climate. >> and tomorrow, cbs3 once again hitting the road as summer fest makes way to ambler. >> tonight's taste with tore torey. vittoria woodill introduces us to a husband and wife team whose cafe is a sweet success in one montgomery county town. buttery crust. filling galore get ready for the pest pie in ambler, >> who doesn't love pie? >> together for 26 years meet
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husband and wife owners kurt and kristin wentzment their business didn't start with buy e pie but a birthday wish. >> did he buy you a food truck. >> best husband ever. >> kristin said at 40 she needed life change. they got off to a sweet start in cupcake industry with jimmys cupcake food truck and then they saw a need for speed making a fast dash for something different, pie. >> we saw a pool in the dessert industry. there was not a lot of nice pies being done. we thought we would fill that hole. >> in the adorable calf take goes on for soup, salad and pie you can only get in ambler that's how they're made. >> people get a kick off the certain street they live on that is a keesh or something. >> well, i'm sure psych todd eat my way through ambler starting with forest avenue pie aka mac and cheese pie with bacon.
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>> oh, my gosh so creamy. macaroni and cheese bacon pie. does it get any better than that. i like when i can feel the flakes all over. i'll keep them there. >> and then the elm street keesh with mushrooms, spinach and. >> feta. >> and finally tennis avenue pie. chocolate peanut butter pretzel pie. >> i don't know what to say. >> except. >> you can put the pies on my plate any day. >> tory is always on it ther there. summer fest kicks off tomorrow morning. pat gallen will kick off live in the a 346789 and vittoria woodill and i will be on eyewitness news at 5 and showing you everything the up to has to offer telling you
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about the history and introducing me to people. that's tomorrow here on eyewitness news. >> exciting time for you guy guys. you may have to keep the umbrella handy, is that right. >> i'll keep a close eye to the radar and because we might get rained on. >> i'm with her whatever she she says. >> i'll be tracking it. >> bring several umbrellas for everyone. >> for the whole crew i'm on umbrella duty. we have a chance of scattered storms in the morning and afternoon and evening tomorrow. but right now, all is quiet after a beautiful day today. we have extreme heat to kick off the week. but today felt so much more comfortable and sunshine and nice breeze going. it was down right awesome and this evening pretty nice as well. 68 degrees now and breeze out of east 8 miles an hour and temperatures now fallen back into the 60s and in general 66 trenton and 68 wildwood and 65 miliville and 70 allentown. dew points they tell us how humid and uncomfortable it
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feels when you step outside. there's better measure than relative humidity relative humidity changes depending on air temperature. dew point temperature won't it will always be the same. dew point down to 40s and 350z indicate that so nice, dry and comfortable. hold on to that feeling because as we head into the next several days dew points will be on the rise that steam factor late day tomorrow and feeling oppressive as we head up to coming weekend for saturday and sunday as dew points wail procht 70 degree mark. overnight tonight mostly cloudy and isolated showers developing low temperature back at 64 and for our friday keep that umbrella on standby for yourself and friend because we'll see scattered storms in the morning and later in the day. more humid with high temperature 82. storm scan three showing us quiet conditions now and cloud deck increasing towards berks county and lehigh valley. we have area of prescription in association with very slo slow-moving cold front. you can see over the last
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several hours the rain really not getting anywhere and that's going to be the case as we head into the next several days. future weather confirms with us and maybe a couple showers working their way in far west of the city and we'll see most shower activity building in overnight tonight from the south and east and as we head into the morning hours again not widespread prescription but spotty, scattered in nature and that will continue to the arm hours into the evening hours as well. and then as we head toe saturday morning more spotty activity. so really, still getting outdoor plans and breaks of sunshine. be sure to keep an eye to the sky for storms rolling in. for tomorrow, scattered storms this weekend and spotty showers and storms and most active day on monday with possibility of heavy rain and strong thunderstorms and with all the storm activity in the forecast checking in on lightning facts. lightning is temperature 50,000 degrees, five times hotter that you surface of the sun and men when thunder roars
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go indoors, 79% of strike fatalities are men. do you hear don bell. >> the struggle. >> it's real for guys. >> your shorecast watching for body storms as we head to the next couple days. humid along the coast line sunday 90 city and suburbs for dad's day and quieting things down as we head into next week. >> all right. thank you so much. >> all right. don't get hit by lightning do don. >> stay inside. >> what's happening in the sport scene. >> camping. >> fishinging. >> phillies try to snap an eight game losing streak against one of the best and eagles receivers are ready to fly west. find out where and why. fly west. find out where and why. sports coming up ,
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>> ice cube on the sidewalk on 95 degree day. phils facing all star chris sales. like that ice cube they have been meeting under pressure trying to snap a eight game losing street. dominant under the start for boston. struck out 10 in eight inning innings, rookie nick pavetta was almost as good for the fooiingtin's. punching out a career high nine. gave up four hilts and zero runs. great start for him. to eighth inning tied and doing damage. and he goes to the wall and andrew trying to score from first. here comes andrew knapp we have a play at the plate, sort of. he is safe. phils win 1-0 and tomorrow they host arizona. how much do you know about north dakota. capital of bismarck and 50 states ranged 47th in
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population. next month eagles wide out and tightened will learn more than that they'll join carson wentz for passing camp. wrapping up final dave mini camp this is last taste of organized football until training camp in five weeks. for those not going to fargo they have other plans. >> i have a nice flight going to disney world. i'll enjoy that with my girlfriend. just owe go out there and be a big kid. never been out. there i'm going to be a big kid for five, six days and since i get back home it's back to training and keeping me straight for short. >> i see you. >> jay right in camden to watch former nova stars josh heart and darel republican eldz work out. monk was there as well ' contender for the sixers what had third overall pick in the nba craft. >> i think di a good job and comfortable whatever they put
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me through and knock down a couple of shots and. >> i wish i knew where i was going. but i mean the goal right now is to -- you know no matter what you hear or anything like that no matter if you're top 20, 30, 40 whatever it is you want to hear your name called. that's great thing. >> good luck took josh heart. u.s. on ricky fouler huge first round for him. real close there on number two tap in for birdie and number 7 he was shooting 7 under 65 to take the opening round lead. pretty ricky. >> nice of him running all those past tells. >> i love his colors, always bright. >> hat, flat rim. >> up next evening of fashion and entertainment in one of philadelphia's most
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safe in bite full event on rittenhouse square tonight, 34 annual ball on the square held every year on third thursday of june. ball is largest fundraising event for friend of rittenhouse square. proceeds from the black tie gala will be used to maintain parks. jim donovan and rochelle hallman were the host tonight
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and they look so good. we'll be right
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>> up next late show with stephen colbert followed by the late, late show with james corbin. our morning team is back tomorrow 4:30 to 7. for lauren, i'm jessica dean. thanks for watching tonight and have a great evening and thanks for watching tonight and have a great evening and we'll see you tomorrow.
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captioning sponsored by cbs attorney general jeff sessions has directed federal prosecutors to reevaluate marijuana legislation. >> my best view is we don't need to be legalizing marijuana. >> attorney general sessions. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> not able to be rushed this fast. it makes me nervous. ♪ the -- colleagues, that is false. i can't say "colleagues" now. i'm no longer a part of this body.


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