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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 16, 2017 5:00pm-5:59pm EDT

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all of the latest details, for us, joe. >> reporter: natasha, jury is very much asking questions and judge stephen o'neill pointed out very early this morning and then again late this afternoon it appears they are still, very much in the deliberation process. now that despite a note from forewoman yesterday morning that indicated that the jury had been dead locked. it appears we are along way from that as jury is deep in today number five of their deliberations on these three indecent sex assault charges against bill cosby. their questions have ranged in testimony, concerning andrea constand, and her gian a constand and phone calls , and other documents that have been raised in court the jury in fact at one point asked the judge to review some testimony, that they had asked s morning. so even doubling up, the judge said no, he was not going t the judge also came down certainly on the defense attorney brian mcmonigal warning h moving for
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mistrial after mistrial without presenting case law, to backup claims that the lengthy jury deliberation should resulte judge also went r cosby's publicist andre wcat after he yesterday declared that the dead locked jury was tionsoho for the cosby team. the judge asked cosby if he declared a mistrial double jeopardy would ldt apply, for future be tried again. cosby answered yes, and about all of the spin happening out here. >> we get the impression that there was some concern by the court that there was a lot of spin going on. >> well, there certainly was a lot of spin going on yesterday and it is a veryrocess for a jue and the court, and the courthouse police, to add to it, really makes it more challenging. >> reporter: now, andrew wyat had a response to the judge for our cameras i'm working on
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that angle for 6:00. as you might expect there is widespread interpretation, and speculation about what is going on, here inside that jury room. my collogue greg argos joins us at 6:00 for more on that and his observations, and, no verdict justsi of another dead lacca monk this jury, as we entered and near hour nr o their deliberations on day number 56789 we will be back for continuing coverage, of the cosby trial, on "eyewitness news"reporting live, from montgomery county courthouse in norristown, joe holden for cws3 "eyewitness news". >> we will keep watching and waiting, thanks very much. "eyewitness news" will be at the courthouse until the end of the bill cosby trial, once the jury has reached a decision, we will bring it to you right here on air on cbs-3 and on line at cbs and, cbs local app. meantime a deadly multi vehicle accident shuts down route 322, in gloucester county, chopper three over the scene here, 322 near garland
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road in mullica, one person was killed, three people had been taken to the hospital, and there is no word on wt caused this accident. and 322 is a very popular route for those who are shore bound, as well, it remains closed at this hour, authorities would like to you avoid that area, if at all possible. down the shore, a teenagerie on the beach in atlantic city last night. crews continued to search for the two swimmers but rescue has now been considered a recovery effort. reporting cleve bryan has more >> in my eyes he was a hero, my sister's hero and my familyho >> reporter: family of crea hand said it brings her some comfort to know her friend tried to save her. ac town and group of friend went in the ocean avenue life guard were off-duty thursday nice. clea was caught in the rip current so the 15 year-old they both disappeared and then never re-surfaced. >> he didn't to have jump in to try to save her but did he
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what he did at the kindness of his heart and appreciate that and respect that. >> reporter: atlantic city officiale 6:30 they got a call for to missing swimmers near jetty at mlk boulevard. within two minutes officers who used to be life guard were in the water, but they never saw clea or ramone. >> start sucked out and probably panic, and swallowedord until 10:00 p.m. on thursday and resumed as recovery mission at dawn. family and friend held each other and cried as city officials updated media on the search hampered all day by fog >> this is really, the sadest day since i have been in office for me personally. >> just two children whose god has decided their time has come. >> reporter: atlantic city has dealt with several drownings after life guard left for the day. silt i officials say this highlights need for people to swim only on protect beaches. >> it is just not swim without life guard. >> reporter: atlantic city beach patrol shuts down typically after 6:00 p.m. until july 4th when they
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extend to 8:00 p.m. on select beaches but because of this incident they will continue hours untilat mlk boulevard stag right now. again they urge everyone, only swim, when life guard are on duty. in atlantic city, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, cbs-3 summer if he continues this friday, we are broadcasting live from ambler, this evening, where the fifth annual ambler arts and music festival is taking place tonight along main street. jessica dean is live in ambler montgomery county where music and arts are taking over but the map, hi there, jessica. >> hi, natasha great to see you, happy friday to everyone. we are holding on the cbs-3 summer fest where we visit a different destination every friday to show you how great i valley. now ambler is certainly a place that was connected to the railroad, like so many of the pennsylvania suburbs and a y profitable destination. through its ups and downs over
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the years, it is always remained a place where people want to live and today people say they wouldn't live anywhere else, lets take a look. follow the railroad tracks, to ambler, pennsylvania. that goes back to the mid 1800 influencing factor for why the keys bye and madison asbestos factories were in ambler.businer in the map in 1881. well known pharmaceutical firm keys bye and madison decided to relocate its headquarters from philadelphia. when that he arrived they discover the land was perfect for asbestos production. the town's boom, until factory folded. >> i got drafted in the arm any 1964 from vietnam, i got out in 66. when i came back, the town wasn't the same. >> reporter: malls moved in during the 1970's, andne, moved. >> i was little, the town had
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two grocery stores, woolworth and furniture store, clothing store and everything. and then slowly but surely the small took everything away and everything started to closehe end for ambler. >> when ambler theater came back they were able to get grant money and they were thet . >> reporter: that came from the program funded by the government, and helped bring the factory town back to its feet. >> that program is the one t ton around. they have got movie theater back, we have all kind of downtown, ambler on a friday, saturday, sunday and you think you are down the shore. itte as businesses continue to find a home in ambler, they are keeping tradition alive, in the small town. just ask, tyler vex. >> we got paint, hardware, electrical, plumbing. >> reporter: his family owned hardware store has been in
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business smbler is a close commy , kind of everybody knows everybody. the upside has been great,ttin w younger people moving into this area, real estate has gone through the roof, and a lot o >> as i look back i think that there can't be a bette country,d could gro up. >> reporter: i have to tell you it is certainly dn area there is so many restaurants. i'm joined by the mayor, jean sorick and thanks for being with us. >> thanks so much for coming. h. >> it is our honor. tell people about if they have never been to ambler what makes this ace special place. >> ambler is special because of the people. the people makewh is. if you go around ambler it is very walkable, there is shopping, dining, to happen, there is a lot of parks to play at. you are always meeting people. people really make this happen
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we could not have great events we have here without >> yes. >> so, again, is what most important, are the people here in ambler. >> yes, they have been so friendly, so welcoming and they are so grateful for us. i was here earlier this week, we will talk about the theater , historic theater they have in town later but that was kind ofd in terms of the revitalization down here and it has just grown and grown and grown. tell me about that process and you guys are continuing to grow. >> exactly. you know, the theater was a great, you getting it done and that did get some of the restaurants in and then we have act two playhouse which is one of the only, one of the few professional playhouses in the area and they are absolutely a nation. they do great work and get many award and then we grew even more, we kept getting more people investing in here. they saw what a gem we had here. we had from the very beginning we had what people want today. we have got that regional rail line that comes into our downtown, we have got homes,
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we havtthe walkability and we he got all of the places that you can put great restaurant and businesses in. it is very much a lot of hard work. >> yes. >> we have got artspeni right behind us, just opening up at 5:00 things are starting to open. what can we expect from that. >> you will expect greate of tht performers. tonight we have b street band coming and tomorrow night, i'm really looking forward to the firls of the women soul, excuse me, woman of rock and soul and tramps tomorrow night absolutely wonderful. so much fun. dancing, great food, can't food, and everybody just having a great time, people just having a good time. >> that is awesome. >> so, mayor in her first year , first female mayor. >> yes. >> you have more to g >> definitely. >> more growing to go. >> exactly. >> thanks very much. we wantal and what you can
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expect in terms of the time and everything. ambler arts and music festival continues through the weekend. you want to come tomorrow you, l runs from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. so whatever time you want to come, they will be here for you, with all kindtivity and mud , and my collogue lauren casey's also here and she has been keeping her eye on the sky. they have been cloudy. sunnies just starting to peak out. we are grateful about. how that weather is looking. >> thanks, guess contact it is looking all right. definitely have some cloud. we have peaks of sunshine. fe humidity, you can feel it, it has returned but it is still a nice night to music. we are set up me and mobile weather watcher got a great spot by the stage, at 6:00 it i. clark, a regay band so i'm excited about that. temperatures are warm and we are feeling muggytae day yester, temperatures right now as we look ahead the area 82 in
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philadelphia 8 cooler in allentown at 72 and calling in at 80 degrees in ac dew point, r elevated, we have dew points yesterday, in the 40's, and 50 's to day middle 60's. that steam factor has definitely returned and we will push those dew points up near 70 degrees as we head in the weekend. it will be a steamy one for us storm scan three showing us quite a bit on the satellite, a lot of cloudeun way of rainfa, few isolated cells around there was much more activity up wind with slow moveep an eye to the sky, for passing shower or thunderstorm, so we have got my umbrella on stand by for authentic, spotty thunderstorm in the forecast otherwise warm, humid temperatures in the upper 70's fewnight tonight we have a showers or storms, rolling on through mostly cloudy and few rumbles of thunder falling back near 70 degrees. but just right now i have to
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practice my dance moves because i havehe band hits the stage and i want to get my moves going, so i can look good, fit in with everybody in ambler. turf get to that. >> thanks, very much, lauren. appreciate it. i met somethey both lived here r and i just wanted to know quickly because everybody went is what your favorite part about living there. >> it is a small town. i love the citizens. >> everybody is really friendly. >> you have been super friendly to stop by and say hello. >> i like citizens and stores in downtown neighborhood thaw can get do. hopping. >> yes. >> nice. >> thanks very much. we have you some swag from cbs-3. put those shade on, enjoy festival. >> thank you have fun. sh you. we're making friend in ambler, make sure you stop by. >> you guys are having fun. we will check back with you. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we all think our dad are price,coany crunches
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and determined what a father is worthies days. concern about the investigation into russian interference into the presidential election, tpresident's tweet that set off even more controversy. montgomeryis summertime, live county, fifth annual arts and music festival it is underway, ti painting, to twist in ambler are working their magic right now, we will check on their progress all throughout the next hour half or so-so stay with us everyone we're glad you are with us.
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today we're talking about arts and music festival, we will get your forecast from there in just a moment. but fi humanity and subaru are teaming up to build a brighter future in camden, ntoday, construction began on a brand new, home, for a local camden family. volunteers got out their about 10:00 a.m. and as you can see they are still, very, very hard at work. today's habitat for humanity
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has built 58 homes in camden county. now lets head back out to ambler and is there our lauren casey looking snazzy, summer- like with her shade on. i'm assuming that means the sunnies out, is that r, lauren. >> i'm seeing peaks in there natasha but i have to wear my shade, because, i have t is sumt , the season is here, we are out and about, it is ao begin, band will take the stage at 6:00. i'm ready to jam. certainly feelingwe're warm like june. we have nice comfortable day yesterday, but humidity is on the increase and it will continue to increase as we head in the next couplefemperatw generally in the 70's and 80's , cooler in the poconos and dew points they tell us about that sticky factor dew points in the upper 60's right now even in the 70's, so it is feeling, quite steamy, on this friday and dew points will stay elevated as we head throughout the weekend.
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storm scan three showing us quiet conditions, we have the cloud in place but seeing a couple breaks of sunshine and quiet on the radar right now but we will see some activity taking up spotty in nature as we head in the evening and overnight period due to a stalled frontal boundary that is off to the west. very far moving. it will stick around throughout the upcoming fathers day weekend and keep spotty storm chances around for the next several days and for tonight, watching out for thunderstorm, cloudy and humid , low falling back only to 07 degrees. kick off our weekend tomorrow temperatures will be crewing up in the middle 80's 86 degrees, mostly cloud which sunshine and again watching out for a chance of spotty showers and thunderstorms both in the morning, again in the afternoon, and evening, so, it is not a wash out, it witt shoal that in the next couple hours. as we head in the evening we could see spotty thunderstorm activity so keep an eye on the radar here in ambler as we
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head in the upcoming weekend. have that umbrella on stand by and have a backup plan for your outdoor plans. still get plenty of activity in for fat dares weekend as we take new to saturday, seeing cloud around and breaks of sunshine even down the shore it is not all together a terrible forecast, checking out the tropics right now getting activity. 60 percent development of the disturbed area in the caribbean right now and we have a secondary area, disturbed weather that has a 50 percent chance of development, within the next five days, kind of out far in the atlantic or so early in the season so we will keep an eye on both of these systems as we progress in the next week or two. but as we head into your fathers day it will be a hot, steamy one for you and dad but again, still get grill out with a chance of the isolated shower or storm. in your seven day forecast our most active dau will be on monday with rain and even a few strong thunderstorms as strong cold front moves through and clears us out as we head into mid week next week but right now, natasha, i
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have a suggestion from one of my twitter friend, debbie leonard said i need to go to alex's bakery and try a cup cake. i heard torey had an eclair. i have to get my cup cake on. i need energy to get through shows tonight. >> exactly. >> get ready to bust a move or two. >> exactly. >> appreciate it. >> see you soon. stay with us, stay with us , a whole lot of buzz about this story, whole food is being sold, who is buying and even credible price they are paying, don. title town, from south philadelphia, to bucks county, a couple of local high schools are going for state championships on the diamond sports up next.
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takesmiss hoffman gets us to mathere safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing.
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and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪ don bell has a check on baseball. >> yes,. >> happy friday. >> are you good. >> i'm just hearing that for the first time.
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>> friday. >> what, i don't know. >> aim just here to teach, don't mind me. >> just little things, don, appreciate it. >> i'm here for you championship friday, yeah, right now pennsbury high school baseball team is playing for the class 6a title at penn state. we told but that team yesterday. of course, we will have the results later on tonight. south philly's newman goretti won its second consecutive state baseball tight toll day, a big celebration near home plate, yeah, they beat bishop mccourt from johnstown seven-four for the class 2a title, yep, say it loud, proud, look at photo, newman goretti back to back state champs. philadelphia is home to several popular regatta races, now city will be part of a new rowing series. today at boat house row officials announced formation of the schuylkill navy series, and it will consist of six events including the philadelphia youth regatta, nation's largest, one day re got, hosted annually in late
5:26 pm
july. >> we all have boat houses, we all have boats, we have coaches, let's try to work together to make the best boats that we can so we can be most successful and so that is bases of the high performance collaborative. >> once again shout out to newman goretti on their championship, back to back and we will check on pennsbury high school later on. >> thanks, don, appreciate it. coming up next, text messages could send ayuk woman to jail, plus, president trum is getting rid of a major policy change that was put in force by president obama this is as russian investigation heat up. find out whose financial record are being check out. we are going to take you back live to ambler for fifth annual arts and music festival , tori will show off her skateboard skills, we will be right back.
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news continues at 5:30, here is what you need to know right now there are more jury questions but still no verdict in the bill cosby trial. jurors are deliberating the charges for a fifth day, after declaring, they were dead locked yesterday. and two swimmers who went missing last night at an atlantic city beach are now feared dead, crews have turned the rescue mission into a recovery effort. officials say 15 year-old ramone quinn tried to rescue c lea hand and were both caught in rip currents near jetty at mlk boulevard. good evening, i'm natasha brown. also tonight new developments in the russia probe, president trump confirms today by tweet that he is under investigation , and singled out
5:31 pm
deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, who appointed special counsel bob muhler. muhler's office is reportedly looking in the financial dealings of the president's son in law, and advisor jared kushner. california senator dianne fine stein says that she is concerned that president trump will try to fire muhler, and rosenstein. president trump today meantime rolls back part of the obama administration's re engagement policy with cuba. the president made the move and at an event in miami, changes include prohibiting transaction was businesses, controlled by the cuban military, including many hotels. also, banning individual travel, meaning americans can only go to cuba with a tour group and holding the regime accountable for oppression. joining me is cbs news chief washington correspondent and anchor of face the nation, john dickerson, so good to see you, john. >> good to be with you. >> thank you very much. there was an extraordinary show of unity and bipartisanship at last night's
5:32 pm
congressional baseball gale in light of the baseball field in alexandria do you think is there any hope of translate nothing to legislative action on the hill, and we will see a little more comradery there. >> it was an extraordinary moment after a horrible shooting in washington. certainly, touched members of the both parties, deeply. but, the feeling of comradery and connection that was so apparent had some pretty strong forces to go against in our political system these days and unfortunately, those forces, partisan ship, which is basically the way you make money and the way you raise money in politics, is by demon icing the other party and the way it is discussed in social media and talk radio and cable tv, it is often the people with the strongest voices are the won that are heard and those voices that are strong are the usually the won that are saying that the sharpes
5:33 pm
things about the other side. and that system of politics exists, and so, until those deeper challenges are faced, the reaction to the shooting as wonderful as it was are not going to be able to overcome those systemic problems with our politics. >> i know that switching gears , florida senator marco rubio will be one of your guests this weekend, he has been working with the president honorary storing some of the restrictions on cuba lifted during the obama administration, so how is the new cuba policy being received by lawmakers? how do you think it will be received. >> reporter: well, we have senator rubio's with the president in miami and that is what we want to talk to him about is the, some of the changes have been made in the cuba policy, not all of them. it is fascinating new piece of evidence in an emerging store bit relationship that the trump presidency has with countries where there are human rights issues. there are obviously some in
5:34 pm
cuba but in other instances the president has said he will in the lecture or do anything to tell countries how to behave, specifically, with countries like russia or saudi arabia. so why cuba and in the those other countries. is there a hoe of other things to talk about including he is on the senate intelligence committee, he has had two high profile hearings in the last couple weeks. lots more to go into that investigation into russia. there are new troops going to afghanistan. he is on the foreign relations committee. what does he make of. that we will a lot to talk about with the senator. >> looking forward to the show , thanks very much, john. of course, be sure to catch face the nation with john dickerson this sunday morning at 10:30 on cbs-3. ban hour ago doctors gave an update on louisiana representative steve scalise's condition. scalise is one of the six people injured when a gunman opened fire, at a practice field on wednesday, ahead of the annual congressional baseball game. doctors say that scalise has a good possibility of recovery
5:35 pm
after he was at imminent risk of death from a gunshot wound to the hip. >> we are encouraged by improvement in his condition over the last 36 hours, and we have controlled the internal bleeding and his vital signs have stabilized. >> the charity game went on, as planned last night in washington d.c., democrats and republicans put on a display of unity both on and off the field. the democrats won the game, and quickly handed the trophy over to the republicans, so that they can give to it scalise. again, a young woman who sent text message urging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. michelle carter's wanted and reckless acts caused the death of the conrad roy who committed suicide in 2014. court found that carter's text messages played a key role in his decision. massachusetts woman faces up to 20 years in prison now. the minnesota police office shore fatally shot
5:36 pm
philando castille during a traffic stop last year has been found not guilty of manslaughter. he was also acquitted of two letters charges. castille's death received widespread attention after his girlfriend, broadcasted the shootings, on facebook live, and in the aftermath, the injury any that case deliberated for about 29 hours , and if convicted, ines could spend 15 years behind bars. death toll is continuing to rise in wednesday's high rise fire in london. it climbed to 30, now authorities continue their search for survivors, as they expect that number to rise. relatives of the dozen still missing have blanketed the year with posters of their loved won, others are leaving word of condolence near the scene. greenfell tour hours 600 people. london police are investigat ing whether foul play may have contributed to the fire. earlier today britain's queen elizabeth and her grandson prince william visited a relief center for the displaced. they met with the affected families first responders, and
5:37 pm
volunteers, and the queen also signed a book of condolence and thanked charity workers for all of their service to those in need. >> uk prime minister teresa may was spotted visiting a hospital this morning where many survivors are now being treated, after the meeting may announced a nearly 6.5 million-dollar fund to help the victims. the package includes a guarantee to rehouse people, and as close as possible to where they previously lived. stay with us, everyone still ahead tonight we all think our dad are priceless but one company crunched the numbers to find out just how much a father is actually worth. plus it is a deal that is not cheap, who is buying whole food and what people think bit , up next. we are going to go back to the ambler arts, music festival our vittoria woodill learns art of the skateboard nothing ambler. that was scare. at lee she tried. we will see how she's doing in 10 minutes. stay with us.
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well, it is the fifth annual arts and music festival in ambler, pennsylvania, this weekend, and artist from his painting, with a twist, there very hard at work, make something progress, looking lovely, guys. we will check back with them and jessica, tori and lauren, everybody having a good time on this friday. we will get back to them in five minutes or so. amazon makes a major move, on line giant is buying whole food for $13.7 billion. the up scale grocery chain known for fresh, organic options will continue operating stores under its name. the company's ceo will also stay on board. now we did ask some local shoppers what they think about this big purchase. >> i initially thought that it
5:42 pm
was a good thing. i believe that if you can get fresh, whole food delivered through amazon fresh, or whatever i think it is a good thing. i just hope that amazon takes a book from whole food page to consider, you know, how many lives are impacted and keep the quality of life for the employees that are affected by this change. >> well, they are expected to close the deal later this year fathers day is quickly approaching, and one study has figured out how much dad would make, if all of the work he does throughout the year was calculated in some way. stud friday said dad would make about $26,000, if he earned a paycheck for things like firing up the grill, mowing the lawn and, of course, bug squasher. dad's value is up 6 percent from last year but still falls short of the mom's value. according to the same study, moms are valued at almost $68,000. >> still ahead, we are going
5:43 pm
to take you back to ambler where arts and music festival is currently underway. not just fine arts we are talking about but art of skateboarding as well and lauren has your fathers day forecast when we come right back.
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5:46 pm
drone watch three, high above ambler right now, the ambler theater is a big part of the town's history as we told you earlier. we are hoping for a nice week toned celebrate the town's art scene. today marked the start of the fifth annual arts and music festival in ambler and it is the town that is hub for fine arts, music and more. lets go right back down with jessica dean and vittoria woodill live on main street right now where everything is in full swing there, you guys. >> hi there in a cash a everybody is turning out, it is wrapped up the workday they are out here enjoying everything. our friend tori is here. we will have some fun. >> that is right. >> everybody is ready for a good time tonight. >> no question about that. people are ready for friday
5:47 pm
night. is there a fun fact. >> i think she probably already knows this but we want to share it with you. >> go ahead. >> there are seven parks in the town of ambler in this area one of those is a skateboard. >> yes. >> if we send anybody to the skate park. right.nteered me, that skating, we're talking about arts here, right this weekend with the arts festival. skating is a form after art, guys and girls get to be creative. they get to do their own moves one of the sports where it involves everyone, including skating challenged, like myself, however, i went to one of the oldest skate shops in ambler, if you didn't know, ambler is a great town for skating, check out these great guide that are continuing this tradition, right here in this great city. >> i wanted to be a probation officer. in some ways i am. >> some ways me and mike we are alike the big brothers of the community. >> reporter: skate scene in ambler has been on a roll
5:48 pm
since 80's where home base has always been the ambler skate shop where local kid like shawn and mike grew up, and now being the shop's new owner feel the responsibility to keep it going. >> we didn't do it with a purpose of making a dollar, we did it because it was right thing to do. >> reporter: sure they have your skating need including inn in house, board splattered with the unofficial mayor of ambler shop cat. >> needless to say he eats well, he eats good. >> reporter: they are doing more than just selling things but they are making a difference. >> they are excited, they take ownership of the shop and they love shop cat like it is their own cat. >> it is cool because i feel like we are setting a standard for next generation, like these guys, they dan achieve this and it is the hill that is not that high. you just to have put your head down and keep going. >> reporter: outside of the shop they are pushing skaters like lucky to do their best at their ambler skateboard academy. >> it is really nice and it is
5:49 pm
not hard. >> reporter: i was hoping shawn could help me. >> ready yes. >> all right. >> not bad. >> a little shaky. >> extend those arms. >> wow. >> bend those news. >> my first fall. >> yes. >> ahh. >> i stayed on. >> xavier had a thought. >> you can go a little faster. >> faster. >> should i try it again. >> unoughty probably a good idea. little off to the side, veering left here. >> yes. >> jessica, i thought i was going at lee 25 miles an hour.
5:50 pm
>> that looked way too slow. but i have to tell you, the ambler skate shop and skate ago contacted my they offered skate to go all ages, so, i may have volunteered too. >> well, thank you. >> we will see how good my skills are later. thanks, tori. >> lets go over to lauren casey keeping an eye on the weather as we get kicked off for this weekend, how are things looking. >> things are looking, okay, rain isn't falling so that is a good thing. we have cloud, but something to look at cooler now that humidity has increased but the bandies warming up. several band will be taking the stage throughout the evening hours. different one each hour, and i have heard all kind of instruments getting tuned up, guitars, we have heard an organ on the keyboard, saxophone, i'm pumped for that but temperatures feeling good but humidity levels we can feel that sticky factor has returned to our atmosphere. we will check on the weather computer, 80 degrees in wilmington. eighty-two in philadelphia cooler in the lehigh valley.
5:51 pm
seventy-two in allentown. seventy-five in reading. as we check ocean temperature still chilly and only for the brave at 69 degrees, shore temperatures, feeling good right now, 70 degrees in ocean city. warmer in cape may at 81. we are calling it at 71 degrees right now in stone harbor. 72 degrees in rehoboth. we have a feels like temperature where we have, the humidity that has creeped in from the south, feeling more like 85 degrees right now in philadelphia feeling like 87 in millville. feeling like 83 degrees when you pack in that humidity. in wilmington right now. humidity is the trend as we head in the upcoming weekend. our high temperature for saturday in the city, 86 degrees when we factor in that heat index feeling more like 90 and our high temperature will hit 90 for dad's day, but feeling more like 96 degrees, so good idea to just take it easy, with dad on sunday, just sit pool side, beach side and you will get time outside but we have a chance for spotty storms as we
5:52 pm
head into fathers day but storm scan three is showing us quiet conditions right now, definitely have the cloud in place but sunny conditions along the coast at the present moment, up wind, much more inclement weather due to a frontal boundary slowly working its waye bound. this system will stall out, unfortunately for next several days and bring us spotty storm chances. it is not a wash out but keep an eye to the sky especially planning on heading out down the shore, showers, possible on saturday, maybe a spotty shower or thunderstorm on sunday for dad's day, monies going to be the wetest day with period of heavy rain and possibility of strong thunderstorms as well, but once that cold front comes through on monday it will help clear us out and dry us out, as well, and 83 degrees on tuesday with lower humidity and looking nice as we head into mid week, next week but jessica and tori can you hear the band, they are getting going, we have about five minutes, before they officially begin, all different banding on tonight at 6:00 it is regay band that
5:53 pm
will start so i feel like i have the right outfit, i got my tyedye rainbow going on and i like how we all coordinate as well in our festive summer colors, yeahs with her bright orange, tori with her tyedye. >> that is right, i think we are dressed the part, you certainly, did you have it, it looks perfect. i think tori made her shirt. we will learn more about that. >> i actually who to hri because she has gone in search of the food trucks that will be here, so she will take you on that tour when we come back
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
5:56 pm
i mentioned that tori had gone in search of the food trucks here so lets check with her now. what have you found.
5:57 pm
>> what haven't i found, jessica, more importantly, let's just say that butler and ridge has turned into than avenue of these, quick stop over by the tot tart this is gourmet, this incredible family has gotten incredible tots, tell me wharf in your hand. >> i have salt, vinegar. >> i like your style. >> what do you have over there drench in that goodness. >> i have beer, cheese and bacon. >> okay, wow. >> do me a favor, hold on i will come back for a bite, give you a dollar, maybe. i have been learning, that i have to bring cash, so, now the big question is, where am i going to blow it. do i get a brot war? maybe i hear they are the best >> they are the best. >> i hear they are in the war but the best. >> they are not the war but they are the best. you are a contender, i will come back, let's keep it moving we have a lot to see as we keep things moving last night on taste with tori i went ton incredibly cute, pie cafe called pie and play cafe
5:58 pm
incredible pie, and soup, so on and so forth. let's just say that here is their food trucks, okay. i will give you a quick run down. look, it is kristin. that girl is proud to be flaky thinks where it all began, this was your birthday wish. >> it is, yes. look at me now. >> lot awe now. >> i see a little something there. oh, curt's hiding. thinks curt, and kristin, they are husband and wife of the pie and plate cafe. curt, you look adorable. are you keeping cool, it feels air conditioned. >> very nice in hear. >> well, i love your smile and i love your tie. what is this again. >> it is cream cheese. >> i had a feeling today was going to be a good day. jessica, now back to you. but not without a quick little bite. >> yes. >> look at that. >> i'm going to hang on here.
5:59 pm
call me if you need me. >> you enjoy that, tori, thanks very much. things are getting going here at ambler arts and music festival, natasha we have more to come at 6:00. lots of fun out there, thanks very much. see you soon. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> at ambler looking inside the historic ambler theater a project that brought this community, back to life, we will tell you more bit, lauren >> and we're staying dry so far for festivities tonight, the bandies just getting going but we have not been staying dry the entire, fathers day weekend. i will time out when when you might need that umbrella and backup plans tour outdoor plans coming up. plus a big story tonight, the question, just keep coming , jury in and out of the deliberations all day long, what they were asking of the judge, as they remain dead lock in the bill cosby sex assault trial. search continues, but the hope is dwindling, the tragic
6:00 pm
update from the shore, after two swimmers go missing. well, right now at 6:00, day number five of the deliberations and still no decision, the jury goes back to work, and back to asking questions, with the bill cosby trial, now in day number 10, again, deliberationness day number five. the judge had some strong word , for bill cosby's spokesmen. good evening, i'm natasha brown, in for ukee tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has been there for all of the days developments and live in norristown. joe, where do we stand right now. >> reporter: deliberations continue, and as we have seen, today the questions have also just continued. the judge not watching word with bill cosby's publicist. >> bill cosby's publicist, verse judge stephen o'neill. judge on


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