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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 17, 2017 2:07am-2:40am EDT

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. cbs summerfest is ambler. we'll talk about the music, food and arts and everything the town has to offer. following a developing story. seven sailors are missing after a u.s. navy ship collides way japanese vessel. first. i want to thank you, the jury for their long days
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>> for the first time, bill cosby talks to reporters outside of the montgomery county courthouse. his message to his supporters has the jury and his trial wrapped up another marathon day without a verdict. i'm natasha brown and for ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean coming to you live from ambler for cbs3 summerfest, we'll get into all that's happening in ambler in just a moment. we got developments in the cosby case, we now deliberations will go into the weekend. >> after more than that 50 hours of deliberating. the jury wrapped up for the night and for the first time during this trial, bill cosby is speaking out. greg argos is live outside of the courthouse in norristown with the latest developments. greg? >> reporter: natasha, good evening, most nights as bill cosby leaves the montgomery county courthouse he may acknowledge supporters with a shout or a wave. tonight, he held an impromptu press conference.
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over the past 12 days we have not directly heard from the defendant himself. >> calm down. calming down. >> reporter: that changed friday. >> to the supporters. stay calm. do not argue with people. just keep up the great support. >> reporter: the 79-year-old entertain thanking the seven men and five women who have now spent more than 50 hours deciding his fate >> i want to thank you the jury for their long days. their honest work. >> reporter: that work will continue into the weekend. no verdict so for the juror, it's back to the hotel for the night. the trial snaking now into saturday. >> we have just reached a the 52nd hour. and we're still waiting. >> reporter: andrew whity speaking to media. under judge steven o'neill's
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scrutiny. the judge explicitly asking bill cosby in court whether he understood a deadlocked jury is not a win. double jeopardy ask not apply and he could be retried on aggravated sexual assault charges if the charge does not reach a verdict. that direct questioning from the bench came after he appeared to indicate a deadlocked jury was a win for the defense. >> i just felt like the judge was giving me a huge complement. i will continue to speak on his behalf. if i see something that should be taking place i will say those things. >> reporter: the jury sent back to their hotel with no verdict on the aggravated sexual assault charges which could send the 79-year-old entertainer to prison the rest of lives. natasha as he normally, judge o'neill telling the jurors he's grateful for their hard work before second them back, they're sequestered for the evening, they will be back tomorrow expected at 9:00 a.m. to continue now the more than 50
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hours of deliberations. we're live here at the montgomery county courthouse i'm greg argos cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> marathon days for them. thank you so much. greg. appreciate that. "eyewitness news" will be at the courthouse as deliberations continue to enter into the weekend. as soon as a verdict is reached, we'll be sure to bring it to you on television or online. developing, u.s. military officials say two crew members including the captain have been evacuated from a navy destroyer that collided with a merchant ship off the coast of japan. officials say seven crew members are still unaccounted for. aerial footage of the trip shows heavy damage to the mid right side of the u.s.s. fitzgerald and officials say there has been flooding. the exact number of injuries is still being determined. jer me yancy who fatally shot fernando castille has been found
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not guilty of manslaughter and acquitted of who lesser charges. the death received why spread attention after his girlfriend broadcasted the shooting aftermath on facebook live. despite the verdict. he has been dismissed as a police officer. protests have erupted in st. paul tonight following yancy's acquittal. hundreds rallied at the state capitol and a short time ago began marching. officials are urging any protests to be peaceful. two teenagers are feared dead after disappeared in atlantic city it happened last just after 6:00 last night. authorities say 15-year-old ramon quinn tried to rescue kalea a after caught in a rip current. they disappeared into the water and never resurfaced. the family says it brings them some comfort to know her friend tried to save her. >> in my eyes, he's a hero. he's my sister's hero?
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he didn't have to jump in and try to save her but he did what he did out of the kindness of his heart and i appreciate and respect that >> crews suspended search efforts about 11:00 this morning, hammered by fog and a rough ocean at that time. president trump takes to twitter once again confirming he is under investigation for possible obstruction of justice in the is russia probe. he singled out rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who appointed special counsel bob mueller. he traveled to miami where he rolled back part of the obama administration's reengagement policy with cuba. however, the administration will keep the embassy in havana open and u.s. airlines and crews ships will still dock on the islands. there's a contract agreements between the philadelphia school district and its largest teachers' union, negotiates both sides agreed to the terms of a new contract that runs through august 2020.
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details of that agreement haven't been released just yet. a ratification is set for monday night, they've been working without a contract more than four years. it is friday, cbs3 is on the road exploring the great communities throughout the region and this week, we're in historic ambler. earlier over the main street of the montgomery county town, the fifth annual ambler arts and music festival. lots of folks out there. that's where we find jessica dean where he's been all day. just like the name of the festival. art, music, but so much more? >> reporter: so much more, really something for everyone for all members of your family. we've seen all ages out here tonight and there's still people here at the fifth annual ambler arts and music festival still going on and pretty good food as well. here's the thing about ambler. we've been learning history and
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like so many suburbs of philadelphia. the history is linked to that of the railroad. it was critical for ambler's development, brought the madison pharmaceutical company in 1881. the town then bombed until the factory folded then saw a revitalization from the program that was funded by the government. they have been here many years and generations. certainly has wonderful small, town feel. we decided we should walk up and down and see what it's like to be here at the festival so we could share it with you. take a look. our first stop on east butler avenue was a birthday party. >> today is ambler's 129th birthday. ♪ . everyone got in on the cake,
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al alexander. told me he was enjoying it >> good pretzels and mustard. >> reporter: we shopped around the stores and caught up with liz who moved her store outside for the night. >> reporter: you've been here over 20 years. what's great about this festival >> it brings a lot of people in town that not familiar with this area. we got a lot of new restaurants and shop >> we continued along snapping pictures and getting a food recommendation. >> i had some water ice >> the a good choice >> it was very good. coconut. >> that sounds yummy. >> reporter: i hear we're celebrating a 50th birthday >> 20th. >> reporter: hap b20th. >> reporter: great night to celebrate or maybe the fact it's summer. everybody is so happy that it's
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summer and a great night to be out and tomorrow i'm told the artists w wears so people can look at them and take all of that in. so everyone. lauren casey is here over at the music portion of this event all night the let's check in with her now for more on the weather. lauren? things are wrapping up. this is the vincent james band got done playing, played great covers, cheap trick, they played tomet seasons, really fun time and best part is, the weather stayed dry. and that is good news, but unfortunately, that's not going to last as we head through the entire father's day weekend but we'll check in and see what's going on on the computer we'll show you we do have temperatures feeling pretty good 73 in philadelphia. 74 in wilmington. 70 in allentown. we have a sticky factor that has returned to the atmosphere feeling more humid.
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yesterday we had due points in the 40's and 50's. today, due points in the 60's and even 70's and the steamy factor will stay with us as we head to the upcoming weekend for dads day. high temperatures will be in the middle 80's to near 90 on sunday but the heat index value will be well into the 90's for father's day and we'll talk more about timing of some thunderstorms for the upcoming weekend. if it's going to be a wash-out or not for you and dad i believe i have good news and yes, i heard there's still an e clare in the weather truck i have to do all the tasting of the flavors of ambler. >> that's technically your job, lauren, good work. all the flavors of ambler, there's somebody that has tasted so many wonderful foods. this also a music festival. >> my gosh, ambler is turned up.
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they're turned up. what they're doing in ambler and that's right, i got out over by all the bands. we had a ball. the music was rocking. the bands were rocking. people were going crazy. i couldn't help myself. i may have even jumped on stage. but there's one thing that is undeniable, it's the energy is absolutely electric. >> we're going to talk about the history in ambler and the historic theater. you how this movie house was brought back to its o
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. summerfest showing ambler at the historic ambler theater glowing bright and it has our name. that movie theater is a great
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source of pride for the town of ambler. it was actually built back in 1928. believe it or not. it's been here a long time. it was fell into disrepair in 2001 and that's when the town decided to do something. the theater was bought, underwent a major make over and shine as brightly as ever. first run and also classic films. >> there's something about sitting in dark auditorium with other people laughing, crying feeling suspense together. this is our history. >> reporter: you ask anybody here, they gave it rave reviews. >> right now, we have the arts and music festival and this is on the music right now. that's what you got into tonight. >> the music was stiller. all different genres, folk, types of dancing.
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we were getting down. >> you don't put it past us >> or ambler. take a look. >> come on. get the hands up high in the sky. >> reporter: ambler got the feeling. >> entertainment, food, atmosphere. it's just awesome. >> reporter: no parking on butler pike or the dance floor either. >> it's fun and live and the music is awesome. >> hold it. that's how tim does ambler. off the beaten path if you follow the beat of the music. ♪ ♪ . >> reporter: every ambler yte was tapping their toes something contagious. you couldn't help yourself >> i can't control myself. >> reporter: calm down, go back over there. calm down. >> reporter: that good ambler energy was around >> perfect night. party time and it's summer.
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>> reporter: rounding out a great day of smiles, selfies and sounds in this great little town. >> we love ambler. >> reporter: we love ambler. love ambler. and you know, all of this weekend, of course you're going to find the arts but we're talking about the music. headlining tomorrow night, the tramps, a little disco inferno, tack r taking it back, jess >> i think the crowd will love that. >> reporter: i loved today. >> today was awesome and what was great, when we first got here, it was a little cloudy, we maybe felt a drop of rain and you kind of started to worry. but it was a beautiful day. check in with lauren casey, and the weather really held up so nicely. now at beautiful summer night. >> perfect. >> beautiful evening, great for the band, you certainly don't want rain when you're trying to jam out. the story was mentioning i think the headlining band that starts at 9:00 is the trams, philadelphia based band, you
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might know them from burn baby burn. i won't sing. but yes, it's been a beautiful evening. little humid but the important thing is we did stay dry. we had a couple of showers working for the delaware valley, otherwise dry conditions but as we head to the upcoming weekend, we'll see more of an unsettled pattern due to a stalled out frontal boundary that is going to stay with us as we head to monday before we start to clear things out. let's turn it over to the computer right now, we'll check in on current conditions we're at 73 philadelphia, 68 in trenton, 78 in allentown and 72 in millville. poconos at 63. shore temperatures, sea breeze, ocean temperature getting closer to 70. air temperatures in cape may, we're at 67 in ocean city and 71 in rehoboth beach. as we take a look at stormscan 3, showing us clouds in place as they have been through much of
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the day, more sunshine along the coast but the cloud deck firmly increased across berks county. the lehigh valley, moisture trying to work into parts of delaware to the southwest but not having a successful time. but we do a chance of seeing a spotty shower or thunderstorm. keeping it mostly cloudy, areas of fog developing, warm and muggy, 70 the ac all night long. high temperature above average at 86. clouds around sometimes sunshine but clouds will be the general trend for our saturday. with that chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. the weekend won't be a wash-out but keep an eye to the sky, but the tropics getting bill cosby, western caribbean, giving this a 60% chance of development. we have a secondary system pretty far out for this early in the season, it is in the tropical atlantic. that is a disturbed area of
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weather as well. 50% chance of development within the next five days, something to keep an eye on as we head to the next week. if you're heading down the shore. not a terrible but not an awesome forecast with clouds around, chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm saturday and sunday the wet and most active day for shore will be monday, way strong cold front that clears us out, we'll drop the humidity down, monday is day to watch. we could see strong thunderstorms, not a wash-out for you and dad but high temperature at 90, we fall back into the low 80's with lower humidity by next tuesday, we had these little fireworks led fireworks people were using i've done this about 100 times, been successful once. let's see.
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i hit myself once earlier. >> all right. >> sean got sports highlights. the sixers working on a trade, a walk-off leads to a state title and the phillies take the lead against arizona but could they hold on? sports next.
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. the phillies had bad luck, they played the hottest team the boston red sox and opened a three game series against the second best. citizens bank park. aaron nola. we go to the fifth, phils down 2-1, tied at 2 and all of a
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sudden, it's fightins feeling good, michael franco at the dish. and doing some damage. deep left field. also the wall it goes. here comes one run. here comes another. and the phillies go up 4-2, but back complainant diamondbacks. blanco roughing you have nola. five runs and we're tied at four, same inning, more problem, jack lamb. that is the go ahead run. the phils lose 5-4 at the bank. markell false is a point guard from the university of washington. he's the consensus number one pick in thursday's nba draft. sixers are in heavy talks with the celtics for the is up selection. third pick along with a future first rounder to boston. stay tuned. the teams prejeff work-outs
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continue in camden, to that prospects. tomorrow they will take a look at seven more players. two local high school baseball teams are state champs in pa, pence bury at penn state. the falcons won 1-0. south philly newman goretti winning the second consecutive baseball title. 7-4. newman
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amazon is shaking up the grocery business any a 13.7 billion dollars deal. the up scale grocery chain known
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for fresh and organic options will continue under its name, the ceo will stay on board, wanly amazon and whole foods said there will be no layoffs. this deal is
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. before we say good night, let's go back out one more time to jessica, tori and lauren, you guys have had such a fun night in ambler >> we've had a great time. we covered a lot of ground >> i believe we covered everything you could absolutely do >> i did a lot of dancing. >> and i got, and toys >> i'm glowy and been practicing a lot. >> the fun rolls on next week, cbs3 summerfest is headed to sea aisle city, there's so much more and there's a lot of things happening in sea aisle city, we will be there next week, summerfest is a lot of fun, we get to meet all the great people. >> you guys have done such great job. thank you so much. and don you'll be in sea aisle city >> tori's tie dye shirt
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