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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 18, 2017 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> a mistrial. >> ♪ >> we will take a hard look at everything involved and then we will retry it. >> the people of pittsburgh that came here and deliberated
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long and hard over 52 hours of deliberation, the judge is right, justice is real, it lives here in montgomery county. we came here looking for an acquittal but like that rolling stone song says you don't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need. >> it's too early to celebrate, mr. cosby. round two may be just around the corner. and this time justice may prevail. >> good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks for joining us. for nearly a week the jury deliberated working to achieve a verdict in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. this morning they returned telling the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was there as the judge declared a mistrial. >> reporter: for the sixth morning, 79-year-old actor and comedian bill cosby entered the montgomery county courthouse waiting for a jury to decide his fate. unlike the long days of
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questions and deadlocked deliberations up until now things happened fast. by 10:15, the jury announced they couldn't reach a unanimous verdict so judge steven o'neill declared a mistrial. some cheers for cosby as his legal team addressed the belabored yet inconclusive outcome. >> justice is real. it lives here in montgomery county. i'm proud to have been able to represent mr. cosby. we came here looking for an acquittal but like that rolling stone song says you don't always get what you want, sometimes you get what you need. >> reporter: cosby's spokesman raised his fist in victory. >> mr. cosby's power is back. >> reporter: mr. cosby kept quiet only pausing to wave to his supporters. prosecutors say the legal battle is far from over. immediately declaring their intentions for a retrial. >> we will evaluate and review our case. we will take a hard look at -- at everything involved and then we will retry it. >> reporter: district
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attorney kevin steele says his team will be ready to meet the judge's direction of retrying the sexual assault case within four months and he has little doubt alleged victim andrea constand will testify against cosby again. >> she is entitled to a verdict in this case and the citizens of montgomery county where this crime occurred are entitled to a verdict in this case and we will push forward to try to get that done. >> reporter: we don't know the break down how many jurors thought cosby was guilty or not. district attorney kevin steele says this is his first mistrial in more than 25 years but he says the last time he won the retrial. in norristown, i'm cleve bryan cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> also bill cosby's wife camille released a family statement about the trial praising the attorneys who represented bill cosby and blasting the montgomery county district attorney and presiding judge steven o'neill. accusing them of "arrogantly collaborating." the statement also says in part "i am grateful to any of
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the jurors who tenaciously fought to review the evidence which is the rightful way to make a sound decision ultimately that is a manifestation of justice based on facts not lies." the jury of seven men and five women from allegany county in pittsburgh were seen leaving their double tree hotel in plymouth meeting this morning. the jurors deliberated more than 52 hours over the course of six days before telling a judge this morning they could not reach a unanimous decision. jurors who were sequestered in a hotel began deliberating on monday evening. and representatives of cosby accuser andrea constand have released their own statement about the trial thanking the district attorney's office and other members of the prosecution as well. this reads "we are confident that the proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced. we commend those prosecutors who raised awareness that one of the hall marks of drug related sexual assaults is the
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affect the drug has on the victim's memory and the ability to recall and were nonetheless willing to present this evidence to the jury ." what does it mean for the comedian and his accusers? "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff joins us now live in the studio tonight to tell us a little bit more pow where we go next. alex. >> reporter: yeah, natasha, if mr. cosby had been convicted this morning, he would have gone straight to prison. likely never tom return home again. of course that's that did not happen and we are told he is now taking each day as eight comes as the prosecution vows to move forward. >> how is mr. cosby doing. >> mr. cosby is doing well. he's resting. he is just spending time with mrs. cosby here in philadelphia. and just happy to kick off the father's day weekend being a free man. >> reporter: "eyewitness news" sat down with cosby attorney angela arguza and spokes western andrew wyatt hours after charges including
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aggravated indecent assault against bill cosby resulted in a mistrial. >> the only disappointment is that we didn't get the full acquittal but at least we got an acknowledgment from 12 people that there was not enough evidence to convict mr. cosby. >> as long as you can leave that courtroom with your client, presumed innocent as he began, then i'm satisfied. >> reporter: in an interview with cnn lead defense attorney brian mcmonagel said that as a long time fan of cosby's answering the call to represent him was simple. >> i'm from philadelphia. i was born there and bill cosby means a lot to a lot of us in this area. so, when i got that call, i said yes. >> reporter: in that interview he said he would gladly consider representing cosby for a second time if retried. >> we can never underestimate the blinding power of celebrity. >> reporter: another philadelphia native, attorney gloria allred, who is representing 33 cosby accusers says she hopes that a retrial
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will allow the prosecution to present more witnesses. >> in other words, it's too early to celebrate, mr. cosby. >> reporter: you know, in sitting down with cosby's spokesperson today we did learn some pretty interesting nuances about the routine that cosby had gotten into during this trial. for example, i was told that the conference room that they were using inside of the courthouse during deliberations kind of just for down time he referred to as his -- as his dressing room. just really channeling his show biz days as way to keep himself calm. >> we did see him engage his supporters on several occasions, the other day a strange outbursts kind of a hey, hey, hey fat albert reference. what was that about do you think. >> reporter: i asked about that and was told this was a defense mechanism. he was in a stressful situation so that is what he was doing when he was exiting the courtroom. >> thank you so much. alex we appreciate that. well, "eyewitness news"
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meantime spoke to people on the streets of philadelphia who have opposing views about how this trial ended. >> sadly, i believe that there's something in it. there's -- it's not -- that there's something he didn't do and to have the mistrial, it upsets me because for women overall and that's it. >> women that were coming forth, it just was years later, didn't make sense to me, how that they were accusing this man and just years later now out of nowhere y'all just come out and just start talking about it. to me i just think he didn't do it. >> folks we spoke with are also split on whether the district attorney should pursue a new trial. now, many people are speculating on the next move in this case. will there actually be a retrial? if so, could we expect a different outcome. clearly jurors had lots of questions during this deliberation process. i spoke with linda dale hoffa an attorney with dillworth paxon and she did answer some of those questions for us tonight.
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>> i think the fact that the jury had deliberated probably more hours than it took to try the case what you a good indicator that there were problems there and the jury was deliberating not just, you know, seven or eight hours a day but they were putting in very long days and nights because it was a sequesters jury. usually prosecutors know what the break down in the vote was from the jurors. with the judge's permission they can go and talk to the jurors and they would find out what the vote is and that is something is usually taken into consideration. i don't know whether or not the prosecutor in this case does know what the break down is. certainly that's not a public record to us. we don't know fit. and the decision was made immediately that there was going to be a retrial and as i understand it under pennsylvania law, that means the trial has to pick of take place in the next 120 days. >> and of course we will that continue to follow the latest developments of this case as they happen and as you heard, we could probably hear about
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that next step as early as 120 days from now. when we aren't on the air you can get the latest on this case online at and the cbs local app as well. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a u.s. navy destroyer collides with a ship near japan. a closer look at what went wrong and the breaking details about the crew that was on board. plus, an update on the tragic apartment fire in london. what officials are now saying about those who are still missing. also -- >> you have the opportunity and also responsibility to develop or to create better world. >> and later, wise words from the dalai lama. the message he's sending to graduates in california. chelsea. >> feeling a lot like summer out there. we're talking about a steamy and unsettled father's day foreca
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. now to recap tonight's top story. the sexual assault trial against comedian bill cosby has been declared a mistrial. after 52 hours of deliberations, the jury from allegany county in pittsburgh announced this morning that they could not reach a unanimous decision. the prosecution immediately
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said they will pursue a retrial. a spokesman for bill cosby andrew wyatt says it's desperate move on behalf avenue kevin steele. we know a new jersey police officer was killed in a crash on route 322 on friday afternoon. chopper3 over the scene in mullica hill yesterday. vineland police say 33-year-old charlie amadae was a passenger in a minivan headed eastbound near woolwich township when it collided with a pickup truck. his spouse and three children were also in the car. the extent of their injuries is unknown. and the mayor of atlantic city meantime was involved in a car accident in a city vehicle this afternoon. atlantic city police report that mayor don guardian was driving down route 30 just before 3:30 when a seven-year-old girl ran out into the street and hit his car on the passenger side. police say the girl had minor injuries and is being treated atlantic care regional medical center. mayor guardian was not injured in this accident.
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the family of a mother struck by an alleged drunk driver last week honored the three officers who arrested the suspect. rosa lydia rojas and her two children were struck last sunday while they were walking along aramingo avenue near east tioga. rojas died at the scene. her son, jayden, way also was also struck and suffered a broken leg. the family presented the police officers with a plaque and thanked them for their help. ryan mchugh faces multiple charges including vehicular homicide. u.s. navy search teams have found the bodies of missing sailors after the collision of a navy destroyer and a merchantship near japan. the "u.s.s. fitzgerald" collided with a ship when most members were asleep at the time. seven sailors were missing. three people including the commanding officer were injured. 18 people were injured after a high speed ferry
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struck a jetty in hyannis massachusetts. it traveled between nantucket and the hyannis. the ferry was on one of the last trips of the night on friday when the collision mapped. none of the injuries are considered to be life-threatening. so far there's no word on what may have caused the ferry to collide with the jetty but the incident is still under investigation. 58 people are presumed dead sadly enough after the devastating fire at a west london apartment building. fire officials say many residents were asleep when this fire broke out early wednesday morning. nearly a hundred people are being treated at hospitals. 18 are still critical. fire investigators are trying to figure out how the fire spread so quickly, how it started as well. the building is now gutted and you can seal right through it. check out this amazing drone. it helped rescue crews in colorado find two lost hikers in pike national forest. two men lost their way after leaving one of the trails. the rescue team says their newly approved drone was
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launched and quickly covered miles of terrain before their boots had ever hit the ground. it took just two hours to find the lost men. flash floods and storms will not let up in rockingham north carolina causing one pharmacy to have that store flooded two times in june. madison pharmacy is cleaning up the mess the rain left behind this morning the owner of the pharmacy says they had at least 4-inches of water inside the store at one point. from that to the sizzling temperatures across southern california certainly complicating things out there for firefighters battling a wildfire near los angeles the fire which sent plumes of smoke hundreds of feet into the air was reported before 2:00 p.m. by 2:50 p.m. it had grown to 150 acres. no evacuations were issued. so far no structures are threatened at this time. now let's check in with chelsea here. yes, i've gotten rained on at least twice today. just couldn't seem to catch a break. >> i know. because it's been so humid there's so much moisture in the air, some of the showers and storms that rolled on
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through produced some very heavy downpours very easily so yeah you needed the umbrella more than one time today, that's for sure, at least some of us did across the delaware valley. the good news is things are starting to quiet down. taking a look at storm scan3 we're looking at a couple of light remaining showers well north of philadelphia at this hour so things are much quieter even in the surrounding areas. different story, though, when you head out to the west. we're talking near the great lakes we are dealing with a cold front boundary that's located near the great lakes down into chicago, portions of iowa, also illinois. that is going to be heading our direction as we move toward monday so come tomorrow night that's really going to be the focus weather-wise because we could be talking about some strong to even severe weather heading our way. the official high temperature today in philadelphia wall 85 degrees. that's about 2 degrees above average for this time of year. with the humidity factored in that made it feel a little bit warmer out there and we're going to deal with a similar scenario heading into your
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father's day. temperatures have fallen back into the 70's. 77 degrees in philadelphia, 75 in millville. we're in the low to mid 70's down the shore. 75 in atlantic city. 72 degrees right now in wildwood. the cool spot on the map, that's mount pocono right around 68 degrees there. look at the dewpoints. yuck. we're going to continue to deal with dewpoints like these even as we head into father's day. we're forecasting a high temperature tomorrow around 90. it's going to feel more like the mid 90's when you factor in that combo of both heat and humidity. dewpoint at 72 in philadelphia. that's certainly not making it feel very comfortable out there. we've been in that steamy to oppressive category pretty much all weekend and that continues. as we head into father's day. even as we kick off the work week, too, we'll finally get some relief and i'll show you that in the seven-day forecast t here's how things pan out on future weather. everything calming down radar-wise as we head into the overnight. tonight we'll deal with mostly cloudy skies, likely patchy fog developing and that will linger around into tomorrow morning to start out your father's day.
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the first part of the day looks a-okay. we'll deal with plenty of cluck to start -- cloud cover to start. we'll have to mon thor things for a shower or thunderstorm possibly popping up and that's something you'll have to keep an eye to the sky. no need to cancel any outdoor plans, just keep a look at radar if you can but we'll see a couple peeks of sunshine, too. overall not a washout of a day but the story really changes as we head into your monday with this cold front swinging on through. this is going to possibly bring some strong to even severe weather our way. main threats will be heavy rain, also some strong to damaging winds. we'll certainly -- it will certainly be a possibility. that's why the storm prediction center has us under that enhanced risk for severe weather as we head into your monday, specifically the afternoon and the evening so keep that in mind. we could potentially see severe storms. high risk for rip currents down the shore. like for a high temperature around 83 degrees. here's your forecast for
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tonight. overnight low temperature of 72. we're mostly cloudy with some patchy fog. heading into tomorrow, father's day, hot and steamy one, we're forecasting a high temperature of 90 degrees. remember, it's going to feel more like the mid 90's out there, though. a shower or storm but no need to cancel outdoor plans. your seven day "eyewitness news" forecast goes like this. finally some relief from the humidity as we head into tuesday afternoon with a high temperature right around 85 degrees. >> that's more like it. >> you like that. >> love it. >> thank you, so much, cello. lesley we're trusting the process. >> i have huge news. >> want to hear new developments. sixers attempt to land the top prospect. how is fultz handlin
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>> a developing story tonight. we just interned sources that the sixers have reached a deal in principle with the celtics that would land the sixers the topic in thursday's nba draft. sources say the team could
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finalize that teal on monday. the team is expected to pick this top prospect university of washington star guard markel fultz he worked out with the team in camden earlier tonight. more on this deal the celtics would get the sixers third pick of the draft and two additional first round picks of 2018 and 2019. fultz addressed the media after his workout. >> i really don't pay a lot of attention to it. i'm blessed and i pray every night before i go to sleep and i let god take care of it. i wake up every morning and get ready to go to the gym. i don't pay attention to everything that's going on. i'm truly blessed to be in this position and whatever happens i'm looking forward to taking my talents wherever i go. i think it would be pretty cool being with a young team. the upside of it, it would be crazy. i'm close to home. this city has great fans. >> the struggle continue for the phillies taking on the diamondbacks down at the bank. jerad eickhoff still looking for his first win of the season.
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andrew knapp with the sac fly into center field. maikel franco will score and with that we're tied up at one. casey on the mount in the seventh diamondbacks open a big league. paul gold schmidt with a shot off the wall. they scored four runs. to the eighth bases loaded. phillies have a chance to get runs on the board. michael saunders can't get the phillies done. the flyers lose five to one. the finale tomorrow. undefeated philadelphia soul looking to keep that winning streak going against the tampa bay storm. third quarter at the wells fargo center dan raudabaugh goes deep connects with darius reynolds for the touchdown. soul wins 62 to 41. they are now a perfect nine and zero. and it was a historic day for justin thomas at the u.s. open in wisconsin. making this crazy putt for birdie from the fifth hole. started off the green hit his putt away from from the green caught the roll.
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he's one behind the leader heading into tomorrow's final round but how crazy was that shot. >> that's one of the best putts i've ever seen. >> i know, wow. >> thank you lesley. still ahead on "eyewitness news" inspiring words from the dalai lama who addressed students in san diego this afternoon. >> in order to create happier peaceful world, firstly, inner peace very important. >> what the spiritual leader told students about living
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. just imagine hearing some of the wiseest words. students were able to hear an inspiring message. the dalai lama gave their commencement address. he was awarded with the uc san
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diego medal for humanitarian work the spiritual leader of tibet spoke about creating a more peaceful future and also finding inner peace. >> the happy family, happy society, ultimately very much depend on our inner peace. so, inner peace, just a mere education not necessary inner peace. inner peace with warm heartedness, then inner peace come. >> the 14th dalai lama is a 1989 nobel pea
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>> giant rubber duck is just hanging out a little bit in tacoma washington this week. the duck hailed as the world's largest floated neat frost waterway. officials say the golden giant is six stories tall and made it look like a rubber duck. the duck and more than 20 sailing ships will be featured on the tacoma waterfront through june 18. the four day festival is the largest tall ships event in the seattle region. food, wine. >> and a look at a big old
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duck. >> had to go virginia on you for a second little virginia southern accent. that's "eyewitness news" for lesley chelsea all of us, i'm natasha brown. you are not thinking about the fans. you're thinking about what you need to do at the plate. whether it is move a guy over, base hit, homerun, whatever you are trying to do at that moment, that is what you are most focused on. >> byron allen, coming to you from this is "the american athlete". get ready to hang out with some of the world's greatest sports superstars. tiger woods. >> you determine your own future. don't depend on teammates or ther people. if you screw up, it is your own fault. you have no one to blame but yourself. that is what i'm about. >> from the philadelphia phillies, chase utley.
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>> east coast fans are intense, especially in philadelphia. they love you one day, can hate you the next. >> jackie joyner kersee. >> every dream i had, i lived it. there is no regrets. everything that's happened to me i believe happened for a reason. >> how you doing, man? >> doing, good. >> good to see you. >> you, too. >> where you grow up? >> right here, southern cal. 15 minutes away. >> is that right? you started playing golf -- you were still in diapers, right? >> i was pretty young. very young. >> were you? >> 11 months. >> what do you remember? >> as far back as i can remember? >> yes. >> i guess when i was three or four, i


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