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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  June 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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you are you ever think build what your dad did thing if he saw you. >> obviously he can cry. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> morgan: the bodies of american sailors killed in a crash at sea off the cost of japan have been found. seven crew members of the u.s.s. fitzgerald have been missing since the navy destroyer was hit by a cargo ship about four times its size it happened early saturday morning local time. bodies were found today in a flooded sleeping area. japan's prime minister sent president trump a note expressing his sor row and condolences. we get more now from ben tracy in beijing. >> when navy divers were able to get inside the destroyed compartments of the u.s.s. fitzgerald they found what they had feared. their crew members killed by the collision or the flooding that followed. >> my focus is on the families.
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the grieving family members, the crew, and the friends of the u.s.s. fitzgerald. >> vice admiral joseph aucoin heads the fleet based in japan. he called the damage to the fitzgerald significant and the imdk-- impact talkic. in the middle of the night it collided with a container ship. aucoin says it was the heroic efforts of the crew thattive sad the fits ger alt potentially sinking with 300 sailors on board. >> you can't see most of the damage. the damage is mostly underneath the water line and it is a large gash. >> in addition, the navy sailters who lost their lives, three others had to be airlifted off the ship by the japanese coast guard. they are said to be responsive, including the ship's commander bryce ben son. his compartment was destroyed in the collision and the navy says he is lucky to be alive. >> the navy will now launch an investigation into what caused this commission. while it did happen in the dark of night, they routinely have watch teams on board to make
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sure this kind of thing does not happen. they say that the ship is salvageable and the head of the seven fleet says it will sail again. >> morgan: ben tracy, nbc. breaking news from syria, a u.s. fighter jet shot down a syrian plane after it dropped bombs on coalition-backed fighters. military officials say the syrian plane was shot down, quote, noorns with the rules of engagement and in collective self-defense of coalition partners. president trump spent father's day weekend with his family at the presidential retreat camp david in maryland. he is returning to washington amid new questions about the russia investigation. errol barnett is at the white house. >> reporter: in a tweet two days ago president trump announced he's under investigation. today one of the president's lawyers refuted that. >> there has been no notification from the special counsel's office that the president is under investigation. >> reporter: say sekulow a member of president trump's legal team says the president's tweet was not an admission, it was a reaction. >> this was his response via
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twitter, via social media was in the response to the "washington post" piece. >> "the washington post" white house bureau chief pushed back. >> the president is indead under investigation, that it is an investigation into his potential obstruction of justice in addition to a number of other issues related to the russia matter with bob mueller's investigation is only getting started. >> reporter: adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee fears the administration is undermining special counsel robert mueller. >> the president wants to take down bob mueller. his lawyer wants to take down bob mueller. and the question is why. and i think the answer is they want to lay the foundation to discredit whatever bob mueller comes up with. >> reporter: still republicans like senate intelligence committee member marco rubio support ongoing probes. >> i think it's in the best interest of our country that we have a full scale investigation that looks at every thing so we can move forward. >> reporter: the president returned today from camp david
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after spending the weekend there with miss family. and this morning assured his twitter followers his agenda is doing very well despite what he calls the witch-hunt. >> now on the possible existence of recordings between the president and ousted fbi director james comey president trump's lawyer today said he expects it will be addressed by mr. trump in the week ahead. demarco. >> morgan: errol barnett at the white house, thank you. we're also following reports of a terror attack in mali. gunmen stormed a resort popular with westerners near the city of bamako. they say there have been at least two casualties. security officers are on the scene and at least 32 guests have been rescued. >> and more than 60 people were killed many of them in their cars trying to escape raging forest fires in central portugal. the fires broke out this weekend during a severe heat wave. the latest now from jonathan vigliotti in our london bureau. >> reporter: di marco, portugal's secretary of state has called it the deadliest
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forest fire in the nation's history. many of the victims were found in their cars, apparently trapped when strong winds blew flames over a busy motorway. the fire began saturday in the mountain office area of pedestrian rog what grand err. it has been in the grips of a heat wave. police believe the fire was sparked after lightning struck a tree. the flames then quickly spread in the try conditions and burned through several neighborhoods destroying homes. >> hundreds of local residents were treated for smock inhalation and emergency services tents set up in the area. many who lost their homes were then transferred to temporary shelters. this afternoon the fire was still raging on four fronts with over 700 firefighters deployed to battle the flames. the portuguese government has alsos dispatched two army battalions to assist emergency services, while spain has sent
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two water bombing planes to help its neighbor contain the fire. portugal now has declared three days of national mourning to pay tribute to the victims. demarco. >> morgan: jonathan vigliotti in london, thank you. here in the u.s. there is extreme weather on this last weekend of spring, dangerous heat in the west and southwest and violent storms in the center of the country. there has also been an outbreak of wildfires. paula reid has the story. >> reporter: wildfires in brian head, utah, have now spread across a thousand acres forcing hundreds of people to evacuate the small utah ski town. fires also continue to rage across other western states. in southern california, firefighting planes attacked brush fires mere castaic lake. an abandoned camp fire sparked another fire in northern new mexico forcing hundreds from their homes. >> we're helping with water. we're helping with housing. and just animals and whatever anybody needs. we're just trying to do
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whatever, towels, blankets, anything that is necessary. >> early sunday officials said they are finally getting that fire under control. >> when you see black on the map, that is a good thing, considering it is contained. >> reporter: summer doesn't officially start until wednesday but states in the southwest are seeing temperatures in the trip em digits prompting some res dnts to take precautions. >> i know it's going to be hot, i can't stand the heat. >> she has a towel so she can put it down so we aren't roasting our, you knows. >> the dangerous heat is expected to continue baking the southwest region throughout the week. >> as heat and fire plague the west, wet storms pounded missouri with lightning and heavy rains. power outages mean families can't even get relief from the heat indoors. >> it's very sticky. very humid. and not tolerable. just hitting-- sitting inside of a house, like, this it's not tolerable. >> we're also in hurricane season now. over the theks 24 hours the air
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force is going to send its hurricane hunting aircraft. and demarco, it will investigate whether or not developments in the gulf could turn into a hurricane. >> morgan: paula reid, thank you. georgia's special election is tuesday. republican karen handel is facing off against democrat jon os offer to fill the congressional seat vacated in february by president trump's health and human services secretary. polls suggest it is a close race. the campaigns have spent more than 50 million dollars making this the most expensive house race ever. >> there is word today that music superstar beyonce has given birth to twins. mireya villarreal has the latest from los angeles. >> she is called queen bey for a reason. beyonce's ground breaking music is matched only by her unpredictable announcement. in february the popeye con told more than a hundred million instagram followers her family had been blessed two times over. the picture is the most liked post on the social media site
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ever. today tmz is reporting the twins have arrived and have been at an l.a. hospital since last monday. >> baby heir with baby heir and afros. >> beyonce's moth err tina lawson seemed to be trying to throw off the rumors posting this cryptic video of herself saturday night. >> but grandma matthew knowles may have stolen some of the spotlight with this happy birthday post that appears to confirm the birth. just last week husband jay-z stirred speculation when he missed being the first rapper inducted into the songwriter's hall of fame. in a video tribute to the hip-hop mogul, even former president obama had baby fever. >> j and i are also fools for our daughters although he will have me beat when those two twins showed up. >> beyonce opened up about being a mother in this 2013hbo documentary titled life is but a dream. >> especially after losing a child, the pain and trauma from that just makes it mean so much
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more to get an opportunity to bring life into the world. >> the 35 year old rocked her latest baby bump at this year's grammies. amed. and since then she continued to share updates with millions of fans worldwide. beyonce and jay-z have been silent or their social media pages. with he did reach out but have yet to hear back. demarco you can be assure when the cart ares are ready to el it the world, their announcement will be fit for hip-hop's royal family. >> morgan: mireya villarreal, thank you. on this father's day we want to tell you about a program that teaches young fathers the responsibilities of parenthood. and how to be the best dads they can be. our cbs chicago station wbbm with i dmitri young dad without just graduated from the dovetail project. >> tell me what this little guy mean ntion your life? >> everything, like, he's the reason why i wake up every day. >> corey lennore knew he loved
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his son coree, jr. but he wanted to learn how he could be the best father. >> also think there is room for improvement. you know. i'm not per feblght. i could really benefit from this program. >> reporter: this program, the df tail project. >> i have never been around so many young black men my age without drama. >> reporter: giving young african-american fathers some of some of them teenagers. >> how many of you have children already. >> reporter: the guidance they fleed to take care of their children. >> 72% of african-american children are born from single parent households. >> executive director shell done smith saw the numbers in the black community and created the dovetail project several years ago. >> when fathers are not involved, the like leehood of outcomes around children being successful or being incarcerated or in school, teen pregnancy, all of that data skyrockets. >> the facilitator covers a lot of ground in 12 weeks. >> at this age now, y'all are like i know what i am doing. >> reporter: even connecting
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the yung men to education and job training so they can provide for their sons and daughters. >> they get a sigh pend, a job, a ged or a trade once they complete the program. >> they get something else, you know. >> it's a scary feeling. >> reporter: encouragement from one another. >> we motivate each other, you know we do jobs t is a great thing. >> reporter: at dovetail father's day self ree day. >> there are dads who are looking to do something different and impact their children's lives. >> there you go. that's a nice bubble. >> it seems like you love being a father. >> i do. i really do. i enjoy it. >> can i have a turn too. >> reporter: cbs news, chicago. >> morgan: got to love that story. an happy father's day. coming up next, a plan to steer truck drivers towards a healthy lifestyle.
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>> there are about three and a half million professional truck drivers in the united states. they work long hours siting behind the wheel and it's not
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easy for them to stay healthy. which is a requirement to keep their commercial licenses. dr. jon lapook now on a fit, plan for road warriors. >> this is my crockpot. this is where i cook my meals. >> in his first couple of years as a long distance trucker, 31 year old carlos lazos was up 70 pounds and on the road to diabetes. >> started eating more fried food, a lot of fried food, there is atta lot of-- in this industry. so . >> reporter: as getting in and house of his cab became a struggle he knew he needed to switch drebses. >> i want to be healthier for my family. i want to see pie daughter grow up. >> siff i we baleka runs a program at the prime inc. >> can you take care of your family if you are dead? he is one man prep rally steering drivers towardses a healthy lifestyle. compared to the national average, truckers are twice as likely to smoke, be obese or have diabetes.
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>> the drivers are living in a box. they don't have access to a kitchen. they have food storage issues. this he are not able to get to gyms plus their schedule is always changing. and all of it creates this great storm of risk factors of disease. >> clients keep a food diary he monitors. >> you you don't have to overhaul your whole diet, just make a series of strategic changes. >> other strategy is daily vigorous exercise anywhere they can. >> grab my weights. >> we met up with angel gomez on the road. he dropped about 50 pounds on baleka's planment now weightlifting gear is the pa of his cargo. >> you can inside your truck, as far as squats. >> mountain climbers. >> it turns out what is good for long distance drivers may be good for all of us. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> morgan: still ahead, a daughter gives her father the gift of life.
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this father's day is extra special for a family in new york. they are together after a daughter gave a life-saving gift to her dad. meg oliver has their story. >> i'm just really glad that i have him here the family has a lot to celebrate this weekend.
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last father's day mar yele dad was in liver failure and needed a transplant. >> i just didn't know how long i had. >> steven was on a transplant waiting list. the doctors said the chances of getting a liver were slim to mar yele got test todz see if she could give a piece of her liver and she was a match. >> if this is something i could help with, 100% i am there, i will do whatever i need to do. >> like any father, steven was more concerned about his daughter. >> i wasn't really afraid for myself. i was always afraid for her. from the minute we went to the or, too to the minute i woke up. >> as soon as we start cutting the liver in half, the liver starts to regenerate and within six weeks 90% of it grows back. >> dr. sandy and a team at mount sinai hospital in new york performed the complicated hours-long surgeries. >> living donation is a really important aspect of what we do because we're trying to save people's lives and there simply aren't enough organs from deceased donors to go around.
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>> it's been almost a year since the transplant and everyone is doing great. >> tell me about the necklaces are you wearing. >> well, i wanted something for us to share together. mine says her hero's dad. and hers says my hero. >> a father and daughter bond that cannot be broken. >> i will always have a part of her with me at all times now. >> meg oliver, cbs news, new york. >> morgan: up next, a father's day sorry about a son who followed his dad's footsteps.
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>> morgan: we end tonight on this father's day with the story of a son without followed his father's footsteps, not into law enforcement but to law. here's carter evans. >> america first saw enrique camarena 33 years ago when the death of his father kiki camarena made national news. it was 1985 and they were living in the gawd lamara-- guadalajara, mexico. enrique was only 11 years old but understood his father was working undercover for the dea. >> he was keeping drugs from coming to the united states.
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>> shortly after helping bust a billion dollar marijuana operation, kiki disappeared and the family home was suddenly filled with armedhin about fivex hours there is a dozen to two dozen agents that arrived. >> were you scared for your father. >> well, your dad is superman so you think, we'll see him, he'll be fine. >> but kiki had been kidnapped. enrique remembers how he and his brothers were rushed out of mexico to the u.s >> this linebacker of a man picks me up and fireman carries me and runs full sprint from my living room to a waiting vehicle. >> kiki's body was found a month later. he 4 been tortured to death with a drill. years later when enrique was decided on his own career, one late night conversation with his father stuck in his mind. >> he asked me what do you want to be when i grow. i said i want to be just like
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you. and the answer was a swift no you're not. wasn't going to have a law enforced. son. >> so the son stay away from law enforcement, but not the law. enrique became a prosecutor. >> good afternoon. >> and was appointed judge in 2014. >> good morning, everyone. >> where he now presides over cases involving children. >> she is in the right place to get ready for more time with dad. >> part how dot lessons you learned from your dad over the years translate into your court room? >> he taught us to treat everyone fairly. to be respectful. >> do you ever think about what your dad would think if he saw you now? >> yeah, obviously he would be proud. >> every weekend rick a visits the law enforcement memorial in san diego and kisses his father's name. honoring his hero with his own service. >> carter evans, cbs news, san diego. >> that's the cbs weekend news for this sunday. i'm demarco morgan, in new york, thank you for joining us. happy father's day and good ni
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