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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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katie is tracking rain and i when it moves out. >> jury selection is underway today in construction trial of da seth william environmental live with details on the jury pool. >> developing now a van nows into a crowd of worshipers leaving a months, in london. police are investigating the act at terrorism. what we learned. >> everyone is off and my job is easy. >> mine is not. >> sorry. >> works that way right. >> feast or famine on one side of the desk. for sure we have stormy weather going to erupt. it's not here yet. but when you walk out the doorman do you notice humidity and plenty of sunshine to work with and that to credit though
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will actually help get instability going because heating of day is bart of the problem and you have a cold front going across through at the moment though for northern communities in central pa heavier showers ork working their way in. severe threat as such. pretty accident in fact enhanced risk for portion of our area and basically include all of i-95. flanking counties here and then still slight risk at least for the rest of those outlying counties especially near the shore. this comes up with poor timing guys. basically second half of the day when you had the opportunity to heat up the atmosphere and get nasty storms going and then roll through in time for evening rush for good portion of the area too. temperatures upper 70s. warm start for the day. factoringing in the mutety. and no problem hitting 90 here for yet another day and with
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time the storms really start to get going 5 p.m. >> and 7, 00 or so the heaviest storms get in here. we'll break the details down in little more specific nature a little later in the show. >> when i go to bed. >> wear your ear buds. >> brutal we'll get through it and tomorrow will be bette better. >> no delays in this area and certain cruising this morning. same holds true for 42 freeway in new jersey headed to city of philadelphia. no delays really on any of the majors so far this morning. there's an accident out on route 42 eastbound between limerick and royersford.
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keep an eye on that. no major delays. also south philly south 16 between fitzwater and katherine. lanes blocked there due to overturned vehicle on accuweather expressway which since cleared out and right lane is still blocked just before route 40 mays landing for investigation due to accident. little later on today you want to keep an eye on this if you take the schuylkill. schuylkill between blue route and route 1 city avenue between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today and tomorrow intermittent ept lane closures. so it's already head oyk on the schuylkill. let's add that to the list. jim back to you. >> and new police in west philadelphia are trying to figure out note any deadly shooting after 3:00 north udal streets, 54 and market and the 20-year-old victim was on house arrest and sitting on front pour of. of home when sht moult pl tim time. police are canvassing neighborhood for possible witnesses and so far no
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arrests made. >> prosecutor to being prosecuted. >> and philadelphia district attorney seth williams begins this morning at the federal courthouse in center city. we find trang do there. p p good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim and legal says this process could move quickly. there's a juror pool for trials. this will be selected during nine county area in pennsylvaniaen including as far as away as lancaster county. here's a recap of the case. district attorney seth williams faces 29 counts of corruption and bribery charge charges. he's accused of accepting tens of thousands of bribes in skaiching for legal favors. those bribes included all inexclusive vacation to dominican rep and jaguar and williams is charged with defrauding nursing home and elderly mother of money supposed to be used to her
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care. she's denied any wrong doing and attorney following case is damage of representation has already about done. >> it's a tragedy. seth williams is a guy that was on top of world. district attorney of philadelphia leading major prosecutor offices in the country and he has brought himself down entirely through self inflicked wound and it's a sad day for the city and obviously for seth williams that all of this has come to pass. >> and despite legal troubles williams ignored calls for him to resign. he has announced he will not seek a third term. meanwhile at the courthouse jury selection begins 9:30. live outside the federal courthouse, trang do, cbs3, eyewitness news, jim, rahel, back to you. >> stay with eyewitness news for continuing coverage of the seth williams trial. follow us at
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>> happening today the suspect in the stabbing of david oh has a preliminary hearing. he was stabbed may 31. yourpray demanded oh's car keys outside his home and then stabbed him. yourbrayden eyes the allegations and councilman oh wept back to work a couple days later. >> and several news operations are challenging protective order that shields identity of jurors. the judge declared a mistrial after the jury told them they were hope lus ly dead locked. >> and fleeing london offer a suspected terror attack. one person is dead after a van crashed into pedestrians outside ever a london mosque. brook has more details from london. >> a van rammed into a crowd as worshipers were leaving a
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mosque after sunday night prayer in north london during this the holy month of ramada ramadan. >> and then turned left with no indication of the people and one of them he was under the van and he actually missed it to get this guy out. >> video taken moments after the crash shows chaos. police arrested driver a 4 48-year-old man. >> this is treated as terrorist attack and counter terrorism khand is investigating. this was attack on london and all londoners and we should all stand together against extremists whenever their cause. >> many criticized police and media for what they saw as too slow decision to label mosque as terror good it's absolutely clear there's double standard going on the fact you have not reported it as terrorism
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receipted charges. just because it's the other way around why is not london served. >> drawing connections to other recent acts of invoice lens in uk said while it appears to be an attack on a political community like manchester, westminster and london bridge it's assault on all our shared values of toll raps, freedom and respect. cbs3, eyewitness news. >> the navy is promising a full investigation ofit destroyer and containership off coast of sxwrap an. on saturday, u.s.s. fit gerald crashed with a cargo ship. the crew tried to keep the boat afloat adds tug boats to towed it to shore. >> up signatureing the president is not under investigation and tweet two days ago do the president announced he is under investigation by special counsel robert mueller. this came after washington
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post broke the story yesterday in interview with cbs one of the president's lawyers again denied claims. >> there's been no notification from special counsel's office that the president is under investigation. by twitter or social medias with in response to "washington post" piece with five anonymous sources. >> "washington post" shot back by saying the president is indeed under investigation. democrats and republicans are pressing president to cooperate with the investigation including senator marco rubio. >> well at looingt a thousand and fwal on of raw sewage spills into a south jersey water way coming up. what people are told about their water. >> preventing summertime tragedy. see bun man's invention designed to help spread awar awareness of the dangers of leaving children and pets in hot cars. >> and good-bye boarding passes and hello facial recognition. we'll look at new technology being tested at the airports. being tested at the airports. coming up next.
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>> pat askedfy would choose this sound and oom a carpenters fan. >> rainy days and monday. that picture dereceiving ther there. not a cloud in sky. and that exchanges. big time. we'll be right back. >>
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>>. welcome back, everyone, wild weather continues to sweep across the nation. several khupties assessing damage after four tornadoes pass through nebraska. >> national weather service says tornadoes touched down friday night and strongest one up to 135 miles an hour and traveled nine miles. other parts of the state suffered damage from winds between 80 and 100 miles an hour. >> alabama bracing for a week of reign and thunderstorms. several inches of rain fell in montgomery. flash flooding and national weather service says parts of state could get more rain today. >> well ohio man spread ago wareness of dangers of leaving children and pets in hot cars. >> i love this. keith lovewit began making cars with important message
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don't leave me. he's featured on the decall and looks at each to save a life. >> to bring awareness that we have a child here and remember he's back there. >> ludwig started producing decalls a year ago and sold close to 200 often times he donates them to local organizations. >> anything that can help. it becomes oven even at a low. what do you say katie. >> even 75 it takes handful of minutes to feel like 90s. it's its own greenhouse sitting in the parking lot. >> you as a mom can appreciate it. >> it's so true. >> there's a things as mommy brain you have so much going on you would never think it would be possible to forget your child or pet or anyone else in the car but i have a neighbor that actually takes a shoe off and puts it in backseat wait a minute i'm missing a shoe and should she forget it's back with the little one. whatever it takes. another hot one and day it's
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important to take care of eave other. eye high hitting 90 today. a front crossing through too. this prescriptions in very strong thunderstorms. what's up with the sunshine right? i know it's deceptive. what inviting view though. oh, my gosh. steamy, granted at the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. you will get beach time today if that's your thing. khoudz roll in and storms erupt. from 1 to 3 storms getting underway if tok poconos. generally montgomery, chester, bucks counties, around 5, 6:00 tonight, 7 to 8 for center city philly and after 9 p.m. moving to central and southern new jersey where storms lose a little up of and you have a lot of moisture in this atmosphere. that means it feels oppressiv oppressive. we're not quite unsuffer rabl yet but it might be before the storms get here. seek out the air conditioning for sure. that's other side effect here with this particular setup. but, the storms are main
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headline for sure. and again they come for the pm hours. we're drawing long straw as far as compute is concerned here today pat. >> looks goes. >> it's not great. >> that works for me. >> not late under week that's good. this is where you normally see traffic start to heat up around this time in the morning really our first line of traffic we're seeing, 95 southbound at girard avenue. con greington in this area. you should be louised to it if you travel through this area. northbound at the airport picking up volume levels and not bad here. ben franklin bridge looking beautiful. nice line of traffic headed into philadelphia but not this morning. out on 422 eastbound limerick, royersford there's an accident there. people tapping brakes and not bad now as of south philly earlier overturned vehicle between fitzwater and kaming written streets. lanes blocked there and route 2 pus rerouted around this accident.
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and we have to tell about you this. this may be a pain later on. schuylkill between 476 and city avenue between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today and tuesday intermittent lane klosh awrz and some mess out there on the schuylkill. something to keep an eye on sxwrim. >> thank you patrick. >> officials with the new jersey environmental protection agency will be back at big tim per creek today after thousands of gallons of raw sewage spilled into the water way. hazmat crews were on scene as chews landing pumping station. a power outage in the area created backup at the station and sewage as spill into big tim per creek for almost two hours before the power was restored. residents are being urged not to swim or fish in that water. encouraging news for louisiana congressman steve scalise doctors upgraded his condition from critical to serious. ment scalise continues to show signs of improvement after shot at republican baseball practice last week.
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yesterday supporters held a blood drive in his honor. showing they were scalise strong. they stopped by his parish to donate blood. >> it's a nice thing they're doing for stooe and a lot of other people will benefit from all this too does it's a great thing to know when tragedy strikes we can come together and help people. >> they won't go directly to scalise but will stay in southern law lieu to help those in need. >> your face may be the only thing needed to board an airline flight. they're checking facial recognition with the government. >> cbs news correspondent is giving us a closer look how it works. >> so you can board without presenting boarding pass or other travel documents. >> this is trill of patient recognition by u.s. customs and jet blue. the airline want to see if it makes the boarding process
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faster. >> technology is supposed to be quick. snaps a photo and compares to government database of passport pictures and if you're approved board the plane. >> that's revolutionary in the airline industry. delta is at the front of this. >> we were there as delta senior vice-president joyce tested at the airport. they will be able to check luggage without revolving identity. and they will also test facial recognition. >> if you could go curb to plane without interacting if human being as you desire. >> even as it speeds through the airport some fear it's moving too fast. >> implementation of biometrics needs to be scrutinized closely. >> electricic personal
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worried officers cannot be kaivrpinged. >> if we use it more and more those databases will become target and risk of data breach increases greatly. >> u.s. caught omz and border protection reports it's not he using def eess to store photos of u.s. citizens and insists privacy is a priority. cbs news, boston. >> interesting. we all lead busy lives. it can be tough to career care of your lauren. what you need to know if you do. >> it's pink. >> pink panda. >> i think that's how they >> i think that's how they open and get color back.
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welcome back, everyone, tag a look to the upcoming weekend. if you have plans schedule away right now looking like a
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flight where you end up with warm and dry conditions saturday and possibility of thunderstorms for first half of sunday. guys. >> from inquire led poison soil resurfacing in neighborhoods in a series of special reports inquire break neck construction is unedgeing lead dust coating playgrounds and backyard. you may recall most of the last century neighbors were home to factoryes and lead smellers. >> and too costly to campp. summer camp remains out of reap for some families and need for affordable full gay programs is great. and buck and montgomery county camps range $50 a week municipal programs and more than $1,000 for private specialty camp good and stand ago loan as only state that bars people from selling baked
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goods they make at home. while it's leader for people in the and a wisconsin validated that in new jersey as being the only one. >> well, here's something to brighten your day. >> jim is welcoming a new member to -- tokyo zoo is welcoming a number member. panda cub. >> i guess that's noise to make when born. >> they released images of cup. it mother gave brm a weak ago on the twelfth. they're monitoring the parents and figuring out a name. no word whether the cub is boy or girl. >> i think we can all agree whether boy or girl that's adorable. >> coye watch those videos all day long. >> coming up next half hour live at tld top prosecutor said to go on construction --
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>> find out what started the fire and where most of the victims' lost their lives. >> and the death toll rises in this massive apartment fire building in lon didn't and we're getting our first looked in the burned out tower. pat. >> rahel we're keeping an eye on the roadways. this is 422. we'll tell you where it is when cbs3
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>> good morning i'm jim donovan. >> sign rahel solomon. >> and here's what you need to know in the morning minute minutes. today, june 19, 2017. a deadly crash in london
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when a van rams into worshipers leaving a mosque. >> this is being treated as terrorist attack. >> he's brought himself down through self inflicted wounds. >> jury selection today begins in trial of district attorney seth wimz yumz. jury will be chose from a nine country area 234 eastern pennsylvania. >> u.s. navy identified 7 take lorz killed on board a destroyer off the coast of japan including xavier martin from maryland. >> very hard he's my only child and all i have. >> these shirts bringing out the best in our fans. >> a major champion. >> would the u.s. on and tied
6:32 am
lowest score of 16. >> he earned more than 2 million with this win. let's send it out toit katie. looks beautiful behind you now but you hear that may change. >> absolutely. yep, getting along strong with nicest weather day will offer up. granted don't get me wrong. you walk out the door especially maybe from climate control air conditioned space. it's steamy out here and feels like summer. there's acouple of patchy clouds over cbs3 sky deck. that's it more than anything sunshine and blue sky. you cannot get used to it. here's why. no problems areto report. there's a front headed our way here and with time eventually even a flash flood watch will take effect with that said some of the storms could
6:33 am
produce flash flooding since we're going to sit and watch and other storm issues when it comes to wind or cloud to ground lightning. those seem to be the issues. it's warm, steamy, winds out of south, southwest, currently at the airport 79. 74 in accuweather and low 70s in mountains. your dewpoint are not comfortable. look at dover. 78 for due point temperature. that's brutal. and this is time of day most typically in summer tend to feel steamest manure hurting this morning if you're not a fan of humidity. why would you be, you know, regardless with time all this does is fuel proverbial fire for us. and second half of the day everything goes down and it comes to stormy weather here pat and later in the show more specifically we'll talk about
6:34 am
who gets hit when and you can plan around it for travel purposes. >> i have a plan with sea isle city in ice company. >> i will be ib doors nice and cool. >> a lock at 422 at route 23 accident off the should airport police are tab around this concerninger but no major delays in this area. westbound, new jersey, 42 freeway levels build as you head to city of philadelphia. no real delays but starting to slow down 6:0 that's what you come to expect. big changes regional rails for septa. go to and check on late night service changes. it starts today and goes through october on this list right here and there's also this to look at when at sept and suburb urban transit for select lines. we have construction to keep an eye on later today, 10 to 2 between the blue route and city avenue. it's today and tomorrow as well that's going to cause
6:35 am
lane closures in the area. jim back to you. >> pat, just a few hours jury selection begins for trial of sem williams. >> philadelphia da charged with bribery and corruption. live in fingerprint of the courthouse in central city, good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel and jim we could hear opening arguments as well saying there's a larger jury pool with federal cases and this will be selected from nine county area from as far as away as lancaster county. here's a recap of the case. districts attorney seth williams facing 29 counts of corruption and bribery charges and aacquisitioned of accep accepting tens of thousands in bribes from two different business owners in escaping for legal favors. prosecutors say those gifts included all up exclusive vacation to dom inand
6:36 am
is denied any wrong doing in this case. paul diamond set a tight timeline for the trial but an attorney in the case said it should take some timep still. >> it has a lot of notoriety the trial could take three to four weeks buzz of the series per sued against seth williams and number of witnesses to pov that series. >> despite his legal troubles williams ignored calls for him to step down. meanwhile jury selection starts at the courthouse at 9:30. for now live outside the federal courthouse. trang do, cbs3, eyewitness news. back to you. >> little less than three hours now. thank you. >> meanwhile london investigators are treating every night incident that left one dead and ten others injured after a it happened
6:37 am
just before 12:30. the how mowed into worshipers shortly after midnight prayer prayers. police arrested 28-year-old suspected driver and have not identified him. one eyewitness described what he saw. >> wpt on top of him and we fried to help him out and the van turned left and with no indication and with no -- >> extra law enforcement officers have been deployed across the city. this incident comes weeks aft london bridge and borough mark eight tacks earlier this mont month. >> and death toll has been raised in london apartment fire 79 people now presumed dead this is what it looks liked in the building that burned for hours. investigators sifted through the 24 story green belt tower yesterday and they are claiming materials used were flammable and band in the uk and the condition that
6:38 am
provided them is denying that. >> portugal declared three days of natural warning after a care tild 60 people. they believe it started after lightning struck a free during the thunderstorm. many were foundpp trapped in hirz cars. and the plays destroyed home and injured 50 people. >> u.s. navy is investigating collision of one destroyer in cop taper ship off the japanese coast. seth legalon has more on the 7 u.s. navy sailors that died and the desperate efforts to keep the destroyer afloat. >> it's my only child recall i have. >> reporter: darryl martin 2 24-year-old zone davidary from maryland one of those identified as killed when the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a koring owe ship off the coast of japan. there was dakota rigs by who was a volunteer firefighter.
6:39 am
>> knifeal officials say the sailors liningly died either from the impact or droupd as the quick and so the water flow here was tremendous. and so there was not a lot of time. >> the navy says since the incident occurred in the very early morning hours most of crew was sleeping and it's the same crew to tlavrping making it to sure in one piece. >> they had to fight the ship to keep it above the surface. >> u.s. and japanese officials continue to investigate what caused sins to collide and one of the buzzest waterways in world. seth lemon for cbs news washington. >> neighbors in new jersey are mourning death of young girl who was electro cuteed swimming. 11-year-old cayla monday tos from newark was visiting
6:40 am
friends toms river saturday night and she and two friend were using inflatable raft in a lagoon behind the home and when they touched the lift it was electrically charmed. >> she was too young and my heart goes out to her family. it's a lesson. you cannot fool around with anything by the water. >> police say the two two children are not hurt. adults were watching them at the time of the accidents and all three kids were wearing life jackets. >> well, still ahead on eyewitness news this morning trying to get db what to do if you consider hireing a free help with maintenance. >> and former fox news host bill o'o'proms to make news bill o'o'proms to make news coming up. >> bow on say and jay-z no
6:41 am
doubt crazy in love with their twins. rahel is excited and katie excited and world is excited. we'll take a look at all the hype surrounding birth over the weekend. the weekend. >> buzzing.
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>> muk. >> >> big news for the beehive. >> word spread quickly that super star beyonce gave birth to twins. the latest from los angeles. ♪ >> she's called queen bee for a reason. beyonce groundbreaking music matched only by unpredictable announcement. in february, the pop icon told more than 100 million instagram followers her family was policed two times over. pictures is most liked on social media site timber.
6:45 am
they he on say's mother gina law sob tried to hide it posting this saturday night. >> but grandpa matthew knolls may have stolen the spotlight with happy birthday post that appears to confirm the birth. just last week there were speculation when missed being rapper indistricted to hall of fame. in video tribute former president obama had baby feve fever. >> yeah jay and i are fools for our daughters. he'll have me we'll bups those items shopd up. >> this in document my titled life is put a dream. >> after losing child pain and trauma after that makes it so much more to give an opportunity to bring life into
6:46 am
the world. >> the 35-year-old rocked her latest baby bump at this yea year's grammys and since then she's continued to share updates with millions of fans worldwide. >> beyonce and jay-z have been silent on social media pages and we did reach out to the reps and have yet to hear back. when the carters are ready to tell the world you can bet their announcement will be hit for hip-hop royal family. cbs news, los angeles. >> so katie, rahel. she was listening quickly. >> president obama said daughters. implying they have more than one. of course they only had blue. but maybe -- >> this is 60 minute worthy journalism here. >> the world is waiting. we're all waiting but let's be patient. mama needs rest you know. give them a chance to sleep, make sure babies are healthy if they're here. things can be complicated with
6:47 am
two bunches in an oven. >> when she announce it's it will be done in a big way. she does nothing small. >> she does not. >> congratulations. >> major congratulations september their way and hope everybody is doing well. we're really looking forward to that announcement. you know this weather may not be anticipating much after this and you're not going to be eager to deal with swelte sweltering humidity that is already out there and temperatures coming in from the eyewitness weather patchers. out in the independent philadelphia section. eye leap in gilbertville 78. she's one of the spots that tends to be on the cooler side, she's at 78. list goes on. eagelvillep 6 one of the coolest spots we've seen of this particular list and john gumby 75. >> it's mild regardless. let's talk about the storms on the way. it's all courtsey of potent cold patch bringing scatter
6:48 am
showers and thunderstorms and a few across the new york state. the time and moisture building in this atmosphere you he second - of day early afternoon poconos and towards early evening right around the philadelphia metro and immediate vicinity. we are sitting here across a good portion of the area in enhanced risk for severe weather. it's up atic here. and in short the probability is pretty high we'll at least see thunderstorms some of them could locally turn naeingty. if you hear thunder today this is a great start to the day to hit the pool. if you hear that thunder later on today you have to go inside. downpours, strong wind, frok wept crowd to ground ground lightning are that say low risk, okay. not a guarantee. far cry from it. heavy down powers i would say are again going to be primary
6:49 am
threat with couple inches worth of rain. by tomorrow in the clear. at least for time being. 85. back to sunshine. got to get through today really. >> i love a good thunderstorms but this seems crazy. too much. >> you don't want to be out in that. >> it will hit you around 6 . not good for pm rush but a.m. rush not looking bad this morning. accidents web 422@23 going west off the shoulder as you comma around that curve this will be out there and in your way. taking a look at boulevard at the schuylkill hope you packed the shaits shade. that sun glare is nasty this morning. slowing down. some congestion. schuylkill at montgomery as you come into city. so as you know, schuylkill at this time of day 6:49 going to be slow. construction later on the schuylkill is between city avenue and the blue route. it goes between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today and tomorrow. so that is definitely going to
6:50 am
throw you down. not much you can do about tha that. 422 eastbound, limerick, lip field and royersford off to the site and not causing too many delays. rahel over to you. >> fire fox news holing host bill 'ole lukemia and lymphoma lukemia and lymphoma societyry is miss being news. >> he reported he and network paid millions to settle sexual harassments against him and new stories say he is calling a conspiracy ra round firing. he said, it has to do with far less despite who they disagree with. >> if you're in center city you didn't see maybe you heard it. >> thousands marched through philadelphia for philly pride parade and festival yesterday. the colorful procession kicked off 13 and locust and ended at
6:51 am
festival location a long the parade rude leave letters lined to see performers and cheerleaders and danker on floats. they say the parade is getting more popular every year. >> there's hope for the future. thedz are our yuming and parent and future together. >> everybody can come out free and be would have you want to be. >> it attracts more than 25,000 women. >> time now 6:51 there's a lot coming up. >> charlie rose join us live with the preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, raixel and jim we're in london at the scene of a deadly attack in monthsing and we'll talk to fran townsend about the attack and an interview with the please and closer look at north korean threat. peter greenburg is on amtrak train to philadelphia to new
6:52 am
york this morning and struggles ever the age and infrastructure and high speeld rail across the use. that applause the eye on eper, your world in 90 second. >> we'll be watching. >> and most homeowners are happy to have a beautiful lawn and maintaining it can be a big headache. which is why many here a pro. >> it used to be common for people to care for a lawn and homeowners just don't have enough time. >> consumers are turning to out-sourcing because it helps busy families and in particular kids involved in many more activities and unfortunately the lawn gets ignored. >> jmy decided to put an expert in charge. >> it's hard to take care of a lawn. even though it's not a huge yard it's a lot of work and time to maintain and understand what is fog on with your lawn and what it needs. >> and matt coldwell test the
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soil and developed a detail plan for mowing and fert sdaix. >> a lot of times we can apply an application to less than what it would cost to you go down and buy the product. and equipment to do so good get onsite quotes from three different providers and ask if additional services like grub control and aeration included and also ask ft. same person will come each visit. >> it's important to have the same technician on your lawn each time. they know your expectations and what you expect and know the property where there's high spots and low spot. before hiring anyone to take care of long find references to find a company you can trust. >> we'll be back with three to >> we'll be back with three to go
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>> well before we head out the door he's three to go. >> london police detaend a driver after a van struck a group of muslims one died and ten hurt. >> jury selection began today for sinl williams and he was charged of taking bribes and denies any wrong doing. >> names of jurors in bill
6:58 am
cosby trial is sealed and the judge could revisit that issue before today. >> i got a tweet from author that said you know humidity is bad when glasses fog up as you exit the car. it's steamy outside. i would not call it best hair day. be prepared for that. up to pocono mountains this is plenty sapt valley high school you see first of storms rumbl rumblele through today. for now through lunchtime nothing but steamy and generally sunny and heating up. here's timing take a look find location that's when the storms gets menacing, pat. >> looking at the roadways. there's a couplep accidents 95 northbound near 322 car off the side of road causing delays there and there's another one in northeast philly boulevard at rhawn. there's an accident with police and ems on the scene. it's got outer lane blocked so accidents all over the place. it was a slow morning until now. >> thank you patrick. >> elephant born prematurety
6:59 am
at the pittsburgh zoo and now we get to watch her grow up. >> a call of born a month early keepers were worried because 50 pound under weight but appears well. the call of's birth is important and bat toll save the species. she's not on exhibit for the next three months. >> cbs this morning coming up next. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here cbs3 starting at 4:30 a.m. starting at 4:30 a.m. have a great day.
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