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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 20, 2017 2:07am-2:40am EDT

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countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses. right now at 11:00, a hit and run leaves a woman in south jersey critically injured. the new clue police hope will help them solve the mystery. >> robo calls on the rise. why these annoying calls are increasing and what you can do to stop them. >> but first, wicked storms role through the region leaving their mark. heavy winds knock down trees and
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powerlines and lightning sparks fires. tonight the cleanup is under way. >> i'm ukee washington. >> and i'm jessica dean. authorities in chester county say five homes were struck by lightning. this one of the homes believed to be hit. since there are no fire hydrants in that area, firefighters had to get water from ponds and water tankers were called in to help. the owners were away at the time. a house sitter escaped unharmed. >> also in chester county heavy winds knocked over trees and powerlines. this was the scene in devon. lauren casey has a closer look at where the storms hit hardest. >> we had numerous storm reports. you can see all of these symbols indicating that tree kind of falling over the house, that is indicative of wind damage, whether that be downed
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powerlines, downed trees or structural damage. you can see how many we had when those severe storms came rolling through this afternoon or evening, we saw a few homes hit by lightning unfortunately in chester county as well as ocean county but things now have quieted down tremendously. we're still dealing with residual rain, light to moderate in intensity. right now a soaking at the store, that rain stretched out from cape may up into ocean county and a soaking night across the state of delaware. now the rain starting to break up a bit especially over the last couple of frames so we'll start to dry things out in delaware as we head into next couple of hours. we do have a bit of light rain redeveloping around philadelphia now that is tapering back as well so quiet conditions throughout the overnight period will be the trend picked up some healthy rainfall totals today. atlantic city about inch and a half, and over half inch at philly international. but for the rest of the
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overnight period low clouds lingering over the next several hours, a few lingering showers especially east of i-95. no longer concerned about the development of any severe weather and actually we're going to see clearing skies as we head into the late overnight period and that's going set us up for a beautiful tuesday and we'll talk more about that forecast coming up in just a few ukee. >> we'll see you then, thank you. a woman is hit and dragged by possibly two cars in burlington township. now police are looking for drivers involved in that hit and run crash. it happened after 9:00 last night when the woman was walking across the southbound lanes of route 130 and devlon avenue. eyewitness news reporter david spunt is on the scene tonight with the latest. david? >> reporter: ukee, she is 53 years old, this victim. she's in critical condition at a local hospital right now with family members, but tonight as you mentioned, authorities are looking for one possibly two cars with everything that happened behind me last night. these pieces of a car inside an
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evidence bag are just a few clues into a violent hit and run on route 130 sunday night. a woman crossed the busy road when a car hit her. detectives say it's possible another car dragged her down the road. >> it's a very serious crime. the vehicles left the location, no one stopped to even render aid. >> reporter: burlington township detective is the lead on case. he showed surveillance individual video of a car that is likely involved. in the video the car pulls into a local car dealership, the lights go off and the driver and passenger get out of the car and switch seats before driving off. strange? definitely, according to detective fontana. he says other surveillance video puts this specific car at the crime scene but he's not calling the driver a suspect, just a person of interest that should do the right thing and speak up immediately. >> thank god there were four witnesses that did stop so we were able to speak to some people and gather some
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information, but the vehicles involved didn't stop. they kept going. >> reporter: they kept going, that's unfortunate in this case. if you have any information give burlington township police a call. you can remain anonymous. david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> an off duty police officer was killed in a car accident in him i will ton late this afternoon. the accident around 4:00. mercer county officials say another car was involved in the accident but no one else was hurt. the name of the officer has not been released. >> opening statements are scheduled tomorrow in the trial against seth williams. jurors were selected today. the jury consists of 10 women, two men and four alternates, all of woman are women. he's denied any wrongdoing. also tomorrow a judge will
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hear arguments on whether the names of the jurors at bill cosby's sex assault trial should be made public. meantime an alternate juror in that trial told a pittsburgh radio station that he probably would have voted to convict cosby. they deliberated for more than 50 hours. prosecutors plan to retry the case. >> family members of a man who was shot and killed by philadelphia police during a traffic stop earlier this month are pleading for justice. they carried black lives matter signs in protest today calling for the officer to be charged for fatally shooting a 30-year-old truck driver david jones. the 15th district officer is now on administrative duty. >> i just want justice, my son didn't deserve this. was a good kid. he wasn't a street person. >> the officer claims jones was driving a dirt bike recklessly and pulled out a gun during the
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traffic stop. the commissioner acknowledged that the surveillance video showed the officer shooting him in back as he was fleeing. they declined to comment further citing the ongoing investigation. >> the body of the one of the swimmers who went missing off the coast of atlantic city has been found. police say the body was recould have had at jefferson avenue beach in margate. hand and her friend ramon quinn went missing thursday after lifeguards were gone for the day. 15-year-old quinn reportedly tried to save hand who was caught in a rip current. the american student freed from north korea last week has died. he was detained in north korea for more than a year and last week he was sent home to his family in a coma. north korea claims his condition was brought on by botulism and a sleeping pill but doctors at the university of cincinnati medical center found extensive loss of
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tissue in his brain saying he suffered from severe neurological injury. >> london police say the terror attack outside a mosque was also a hate crime. one person was killed and 10 people were hurt. cell phone video shows police arresting a man identified as 47-year-old darren osbourne. the suspect plowed a van into a crowd just after midnight. >> this was quite clearly an attack on muslims. >> we have to break the circle of violence. we want to live in harm any in a peaceful community. >> the prime minister says security will be stepped up. in paris authorities say a man oo their radar has been killed after ramming a car carrying explosives into a police vehicle. the car exploded into a cloud of orange flames. no police officers or passengers were hurt in the blast. france's antiterrorism prosecutor has opened an investigation.
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it's unclear why the attacker drove into police though officials say the incident was apparently deliberate. >> new tonight philadelphia public school feechers overwhelmly approve a new contract with the school district. more than 4,000 teachers voted to approve the contract tonight compared to about 200 no votes. it's now been four years since the teachers had a new contract and five years since they've received a raise. details of the contract have not yet been released but it will run through 2020. the commission is expected to vote on contract tomorrow. a major highway skekting the suburbs to the city is about to get even busier as construction crews make repairs. the schuykill expressway other than known as 76 will undergo resurfacing from the blue route to city avenue. it will last through october and affect the commute of tens of thousands of people every day. >> pretty much going every day starting sunday the 26th through
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the end of october. the milling and paving is part of the resurfacing. >> roving crews will also be repairing expansion joints in overhead signs. think of alternative routes and expect backups. >> stay strong, family. stay strong. >> they can strike at any time those unknown numbers calling your phone. >> robo-calls are increasing in leaving you the consumer more frustrated than ever. why the calls are on the rise and how you can stop them. >> plus new details on the death of actress carrie fisher. >> the health benefits of yoga. why it could be key in helping people who suffer from chronic back pain. >> after a wild weather day it is much calmer now. meteorologist lauren casey is tracking the changes that will follow these storms. leslie? >> the sixers finally confirm
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the rumors they now have the number one pick in the draft so what do the fans think of the process?
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no one is immune from them. we're talking about robo-calls and those annoying interruptions are actually on the rise. >> our greg argo is here to tell us why the spam calls on the rise and if there's anything to do to stop them. >> it used to be only land lines. they're annoying and inextrusive and much more common. >> if you get a call in the morning while at work or minutes before dinner, it's probably not a loved one now that mom can
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text. rather it's likely to be a robo-caller. >> i don't know why they started or why they keep coming but they do. >> reporter: the dreaded spam call has transitioned from land line to cell phone. you mail a company that says philadelphiians dealt with 49. million of those annoyances in may. >> that's a lot. it averages about 6 calls per line for that very month. >> it always seems to be a somewhat local number. it comes up with a town near where i live. >> it's probably just a law of averages. they make a thousand calls, 10 will hit. >> the best way to deal with the calls is to simply ignore numbers you don't recognize and block them if your phone has that feature. but what about the national do
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not call registry maintained by the ftc. >> do you think that actually works? >> no. because they always call you back. >> i don't think it works at all. >> reporter: experts say it does but only for companies based in the u.s. if you're getting a call for that free cruise or low interested mortgage and it was routed from a call center overseas, the ftc can do little about it. >> i'm sure they can do something. >> the best advice is registering your cell phone on the national list and manually blocking calls that come true through. if they don't leave a message, don't call back. experts say that verifies your number and for robo-calls generated within the united states, the city responsible, los angeles. 82 million calls came from l.a. >> so annoying. >> very. >> thank you, greg. you might not want to think about the holidays right now, but ups is. the delivery company announced today that it's instituted
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per-package surcharges for the holiday season. ups says it's to help cover the costs of hiring additional workers and renting extra planes and trucks. the surcharges will start thanksgiving week for ground shipments and december 17th. >> surprising new information about carrie fisher's final days they're autopsy report shows she had had drugs in her system when she died. she died into december when she went into cardiac arrest on a flight and her official cause of death is sleep apnea combined with other factors. >> new research shows yoga can be as effective as physical therapy for people with back pain. some took weekly yoga classes designed for back pain once a week, others did physical therapy. the study found yoga worked as well as pt for reducing pain
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intensity, improving function and reducing use of pain medication. >> nasa reveils a major discovery. hundreds of planets. the exo planets were discovered by the keppler space craft which lawned in 2009. they have compiled the most comprehensive catalog yet of potential planets in our galaxy bringing the total to 4,034. >> cool! >> science! >> lauren joins us with the forecast. >> it's going to be so lovely. today not lovely. not at all. severe storms rolling through the area. check out this time lapse from our roof cam here from the cbs3 studios. we had sunshine for a good chunk
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of the day but the storms came rolling in. strong intense gusty winds you can see reducing visibility greatly so in our scene here the rain pouring down, flashes of lightning and dropped our temperatures from the 70s to the 80s just like that. no more ominous weather is in our future. sitting at 73 degrees we've actually warmed up a couple of degrees after that rain moved through. winds out of the south right now at 8 miles per hour but we did have all of those storm reports and today is just a handful. probable tornado damage in delaware we had to tornado warning earlier in the day, we saw video of trees and wires down.
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we will have a storm survey as we head into the temperatures right now we have that rain cooled air, 72 degrees in atlantic city, overnight tonight temperatures stay fairly stable. 70 degrees, lingering shower possible, that chance is increasing to decrease. for our day tomorrow, mostly sunny, less humid breezy with high temperature at 85 degrees. skorm scan 3 still dealing with residual rainfall right now mainly across portions of jersey but starting to break up right now. we do have the rain coming down light to moderate across burlington county. a few rumbles of thunder but not
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concerned with any severe weather as we head into the overnight period. looking a-okay and need the sunglasses, sunshine, into tomorrow evening looking great as well. feeling muggy, dew points elevated but by late day tomorrow dew points dropping off into the mid 50s so it's going to feel so much more comfortable and that's going to be nice heading out to the phils game tomorrow beautiful conditions. mostly clear, 82 in allentown, we'll top 82 degrees in wildwood, 85 in philly as we head into the next several days. otherwise sunshine, comfortable humidity, even come if i into thursday, warmle 8 degrees before we increase the humidity towards the end of the week and we have some better rain chances as we head into the upcoming weekend. >> thanks so much. >> up next lesley with sports.
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>> the sixers have done the big deal but they aren't done next.
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the rumors became official. the sixers get the first overall pick in this year's draft. in return boston gets this year's third overall pick, the celtics will receive next year's lakers pick and falls between 2 and 5. if the pick does not convey, then the sixers will send boston the 2019 pick for the kings assuming it's not first overall and then the sixers would send their own pick to satisfy the trade. got all that? here's don bell with more. >> trust the process. >> reporter: the process got a shot in the arm. this afternoon the sixers traded the third pick in thursday's draft to boston along with a future first round selection.
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in return the sixers will have the number one pick for the second straight year. >> the odds are in your favor at number one more so than any other position in the draft that the player chosen may end up being a franchise level player. >> reporter: the sixers are expected to take the top prospect in the draft. >> i love it. i've been preoccupied by it. my family is tired of me talking about him all weekend long. this is massive. >> the combination of what fultz can be, able to make this deal and keeping saritch, they're going to have a squad to build with, i think it's a very exciting thing. >> after losing at a record clip, the process is beginning to take shape and on the courts here in south philly, fans have their own opinions. >> in order to win, you have to suffer some defeat,
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unfortunately. but that's sports. everyone rebuilds and the city of philadelphia is going through a rebuilding process. >> it's a good thing for them getting better players, but other than that no. because it's not going to help mark that much. >> the tools you're looking for especially at that young of an age we can have a nice long career now with these guys building a nice little empire. >> i'm don bell for cbs3, eyewitness sports. >> now the question remains are the sixers done. we know they have that first overall pick. brian colangelo address the picks today. >> call every day and wonder what we're going to do with the picks and what we're doing is lining up options and alternatives for the picks and for those selections. we want to be prepared as we're on the clock the 2-minute mark moves fast and we're going to have multiple decisions to make. >> not a bad problem to have. >> trying to control my
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enthusiasm. because i'm pumped up. >> up next, a pol
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a florida shir i have had an interesting encounter while responding to a call in marion county. >> a friendly black bear wanted to make a new friend. you can see the bear approaching the car walking right up to the door. apparently bears are common in that area. the sheriffs joked that the bear was just looking for doughnuts. lauren? >> a quick peek at the forecast for the upcoming weekend. the trends at this point look like we are going to see quite a bit of humidity on saturday. we could potentially be dealing with tropical moisture for the
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first half of the weekend. rain most likely on saturday. we could see some heavy rain if we do deal with that tropical
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