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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 20, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> my living room went light. >> one home burst into flame flames. more about the severe storms. >> a live look at storm scan 3 showing lingering showers and storms and offer to see katie is here what exact by to expect today. >> live outside of the federal court and on eping arguments said to begin today in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney saej williams. tuesday, june 20. good morning i'm jim donovan. >> keeping an eye on things meisha is off today. >> good morning.
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>> traffic not bad this morning and i hear today i get to work on my farmer's tan. that's good. >> you'll never live that down. >> glad she targeted you and not me. i'm pasty as you are. >> one of the people at the table can admit that. no i'm kidding. >> don't you love the morning chat. >> hey. >> you know what i always say you kid the within you love and i make fun of these guys all the time. >> thank you. >> we know you can handle it coming from a loving space. >> you're out there. >> you're overty get it we have a stray thunderstorm in the next three days. i'll hook you up here. it's looking good. we have a few showers out there. they're very, very scattered and spotty at this point. frontal boundary from yesterday. doosey much. that caused headaches. we'll get to that in a second here. take a look at how things are currentlien owe folding that front pretty much cleared. it's left the building exiting
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stage atlantic at this point. so other than that stray leftover shower we clear things out. now it's humid. you walk out the door and notice that yeah feels a little sticky out there. dew points continue to drop off. slowly granted but surely as the day goes on. now at the morning at least you can make out that line and humidity again noticeable and it's not bad and wind for the forecast as well. other thing to note here because you don't have sunlight yet anyway it feels the way the thermometer reads des spilt the high humidity. elsewhere into the low 70s and across the portion of the region south jersey, delaware, as the day progresses it's a nice are day by comparison. as humidity drops it's breezy behind the front. but i expect more sun than anything. pat. >> got to love. it won't sweat today. it's one of those nice days. air it out a little bit. good morning, everyone, how are you doing?
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a look at 422 oaks. sunrise happening at the top of your screen. beautiful serene morning and no glaze on roadways. that's also a good things. schuylkill 202 out near king of president bushia. no delays here either as we get to 5:30, 6:00 it ramps up out here as well as along the schuylkill which we'll get to in a minute. regional rails, late night service changes through october on this list here. and it's 18 weeks of changes and really it's happening after 9 p.m. this is just to keep an eye if you do late night service go to there. schuylkill construction eastbound blue route and city avenue begins 10 a.m. and as we said it's part of larger scale construction. 12 1/2 miles of construction. back your patience right ther there. pa turnpike a little construction there as well between valley forge and for the washington. left lane is closed. jim. back over to you. >> thank you, pat. authorities in chester county say five homes struck by lightning and one in kennett
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square quickly caught fire yesterday. fire crews rushed to this home on the 1 0 0 block of osborne circle yesterday and fire marshall believes chimney was hit sparking massive blaze. eyewitness news caught one neighbors that described what they saw. >> and the house there was flames coming out of chimney and putting hole in the roof to let the smoke come out and smoke billowing out of the upstairs bedrooms. >> it was pretty loud. my house kind of shook and whole living room went white. and it was just something i never heard before. >> now the homeowners of this particular house were away. but their house sister was in the house managed to escape the fire. staying in chester country downed trees and power lines causing issues with ever hade wind and this is the scene fairfield avenue spencer road me devon. >> and new this morning fire officials are trying to figure out what caused shawl overnight blaze with a strip mall in olney inside of harbor seafood garden, 5600 block of
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rising sun avenue 3:00. no one was hurt. >> and opening argument ready sketched for today in the federal corruption trial against da seth williams. eyewitness reporter trang do is liver with details at the trial gets underway. good morning, trang. >> good morning, rahel, we're going into day two of this trial. jury selection took all of day one things wrapping up 5 . the biggest challenge was fin finding juror ozs able to serve up to a month. >> district attorney seth williams spent the entire day in court. not as a prosecutor but as a defendant in the federal corruption trial. monday, 137 potential jurors from philadelphia and surrounding suburbs whitled down to a jury of twelve, ten men, two women and four alternate all female. they will decide if these
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guilttivity charges he's facing. prosecutors say she accepted more than $34,000 in bribes in skaiching for legal favors which included tropical vaiks, car and laeminger couch. williams is also accused of miss humiding city vehicles and campaign fund and stealing 20,000 intended for his mother's nursing home care. judge paul diamond pledged a speedy timeline. but he told the jury the trial could last up to 3 to 4 weeks. >> and meanwhile, williams continues to draw his 175,000 dollar a year salary while this whole trial is going on. things kicked back up at the courthouse at 9:30, for now live outside the federal courthouse. i'm trang do, cbs3 eyewitness news, rahel back to you. >> thank you. >> and you can get the latest on district attorney trial here on cbs3 eyewitness news. you can also find more coverage >> also today a judge hears arguments on weather the names from juror from bill cosby
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sexual assault trial should be made public. one of the alternates went public and told a pittsburgh radio station he probably would have voted to convict cosby. theres with a mistrial after announcing they were dead locked after 50 hours owe of deliberations. prosecutors plan to retry the case. >> overnight andrea constand tweeted this message saying thank you for the outpouring of love, kindness and support a.m. grateful for the messages i have received in recent days. constand says cosby drugged and molested her in 2004. >> today, residents in a conservative district will cast votes in expensive house race that gained national attention. runoff puts republican karen handle againstalsof. the seat has in the been said by a republican since 1979 and oslof fell right outside.
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>> and we'll focus on washington. >> i feel great encouraged by things and enthusiasm on the ground has been amazing. >> and more than 140,000 people cast their ballots in early voting even vacancy was previously held by president trump health and human services secretary tom price. >> overseas now the sus condemning north korea following death of north korean student last week. u.s. plans to hold north korea only for otto warmbier's arrest. they sent him home in a coma. doctor says he had a severe neurological injury. they say it was caused by botulism and sleeping pill. he was detained in north korea 17 months for allegedly stea stealing a political poster. >> a teenageer is cilticily injured after crashing a stolen scooter into a car in north philadelphia. officers found the scooter at front and witnessart streets after 10 atlantic city last
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night. the 14-year-old driver ran away. police found him two problems away with a bad gash in leg. they took him to the hospital and realized the scooter was stolen. >> that motor scooter turned out to be in stolen status it was stolen two weeks ago from an address just about three blocks from here. >> well the teen is in critical condition and facing a long list of charges. the person in the car was not injured. >> burglars break into a new jersey museum causing significant damage. >> we'll show you important clue that was left behind and this. this morning excessive heat advisories and warnings are posted from california to uta utah. i'll have more on the heat wave gripping the west coast. >> and life in outer space the new find fringz nasa. that suggestions we may not be alone. >> i told about you this. they're around us even here on earth. we'll be back. we'll be back. >> uh-huh.
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the seasons are changing while it may feel like summer today is the last day of spring and katie will tell us what the first day of summer will be like. >> are you interested, rahel. >> yeah i'm interested it always feels like summer. always feels like summer. >> details when we come
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>> a major discovery from nasa. hundreds of planet near earth side and could have life. they were discovered by the kaeppeler space craft which launched in 2009. this most recent finding -- with this most recent finding they compiled the most comprehensive catalog yet in our galaxy bringing total to 2034. >> braeing bracing for more record heat. health experts warning it could be deadly. temperatures expected to hit 110 to 120 degrees in some places and hannah daniels has more on the intense heat. >> heat wave grifing west is so intense people in arizona are warned to be careful around concrete and playground equipment.
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touching them could cause second and third degree burns. >> heat wave is not a good way to describe it. it's like heat attack. >> phoenix, 120 a mark only hit three times in history and record is 122. american airlines cancelled dozens of flights saying regional jets cannot operate once tellps hit 118. emergency officials in phoenix are hoping not to have a repeat of last year when there were 130 heat-relate the deaths. >> people can go from what they think is heat exhaustion to symptoms of heat stroke which is fatal illness. >> in california roads across the state buckled because of extreme heat and hot temps blamed for several wildfires. hundreds of acres burned northeast of big bear. families that live nearby are packing up and getting out even though there's not a mandatory evacuation. >> it's scaring me because ft. wind shifts too bad it comes
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straight through here and takes out this community sdmrt heat caused several power outages in the state. and power officials predict more out ams in the coming days. hannah daniels for cbs3 eyewitness news. >> and well take a look at this view of center city from sky cam three as the storm rolled in yesterday. dark clouds above the philly sky line before it started to rain. >> also, it looked like a beach day over ocean city with these clouds. the viewer sent video with storms headed down the shore before pounding ocean city last night. >> and katie you were out there. you were in the wet mobile weather watcher. >> yes, i was actually super jazzed to get it out of the storms for the first time. because we've had other meteorologists had the opportunity to do that. i feel like i'm always chained to the studio. it was interesting to get out in the vehicle. and see what it was able to do and get to actually track the storms. but, yeah, i was out there with the rest of you trying to
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just get home for the day. and certainly at the caused quite a mess. thank fully the front responsible for all that has now gun to clear out nitionly other than stray shower and lengthiering humidity we're starting to feel change of pace here. more repreeshing as the day goes on. outside, a shot of gorgeous moon. this what and iing crescent courtsey of wonderful photographer kyle hall taking this out from the parkway now. and that moon is about 19.7% illuminated incase you're interested. waning crescent moon and clouds rolling past. it beautiful shot. can we stay on this the next two minute. love. it we talked about the fact this front is beginning to clear out nicely and as it does so skies do the same here on this satellite picture. now that the sun comes up what do we have here. 15 minute or so sun will rise and we should see pretty colors out there on the sky line. still off east you'll have departing clouds. and like i mentioned even a
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stray shower in spots not enough to warrant umbrella. temperature is beginning to shift. specific to north and west most suburbs. you're noticing biggest drop off from the same time yesterday. 14 degrees deficit from yesterday's standards as of this time in lancaster spvrkly and city is not quite as much. we'll take when we can get. yesterday was so, so soupy when you walked out the door and you don't really have that at this point. as it reflects on the thermometer, 7. cooler that last check. as i day progress this looks like nice transition. we'll take. it gusts may peak high as 20 miles an hour and still warm. going to see sunshine as the day goes on and less humid. again we'll take that later on tonight dropping down to 67 with clouds and beyond this point i think we have a frontal passage that take place friday into saturday helping to trigger late day thunderstorms friday into the weekend and all a in all pat this forecast is warms a.m. really the next few days look going. >> loving. it got outdoor wedding this weekend.
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i'm going to take the weather. it will be nice. this not so nice an accident offer to the side. this is 95 southbound at girard avenue. and the accident is pushed of off. buttock in this area at this time of day it's going to cause you some problems. so take precaution as you go through that area. as you normally would. this is a look at 4, 42 freeway headed to city of philadelphia. no delays yet as you head to i 295. that's a good thing a little after 5:00 this morning and this not such a good thing. construction on the schuylkill expressway begins at 10 a.m. today and goes from blue route to city avenue and as we mentioned it's part of that larger scale construction 12 1/2 miles of construction most of it is going to be overnigh overnight. starting around 9 . this is sort of the lead into that. so just take note if you are a driver on the schuylkill expressway thinking 9, 10, 11:00 at night you skate through there. no, you be behind delays. this is more issues here in
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delaware, 495 southbound between 12 street and terminal avenue two lanes closed until later today and same holds true other side 45 northbound until 4 . jim and roachel back to you. >> all right. pat, thank you. for a look at headlines across region. >> from the news journal proposed legislation in wilmington requires that residents convicted of gun related charges register with city police department upon release from incarceration and check in with police every six months. failing to do so would result in additional jail time or penalty of up to $1,000. >> and intelligenter montgomery county sheriff department estimate it will have spent 100,000 to provide security during bill cosby 11 day sexual assault trial and made 20,000 for that amount would be for staff that worked over time friday and saturday. >> from burlington county times joint base mack choir lxed new leader on monday and colonel neal richardson.
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he most recently served vice commander as 374 air lift wing at yacotta air base in japan home to over 14,000 service members. welcome colonel. >> and that's a look at number headlines around the delaware valley. >> so he's going to do what? he said what? wait until you hear the stunt olympic michael phelps will try to pull off. >> and all about the sixers trying to get number one pick in mba draft. we'll hear from him in sports we'll hear from him in sports coming up next.
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>> become welcome back to cbs3 eyewitness news this morning. pat is the doing double duty with sports. >> you have to trust the sixers process and sixers officially hole the number one pick in nba draft it's second year in a row and sixers are picking first and expected to take folts although the gpm wouldn't tip his happened. sixers worked out washington guard this past weekend and will be sixers target obviously there. the sixers traded their pick plus future first rounder for the right to move up to that number bun spot. and gm brian coangelo said they made of moot. >> the fact we're here today is surprising coming off 28 win season. you could make the argument that had both players been healthy we would not be here talking about acquiring number
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one pick or having number fly in the first place. and things happen for a reason. that was not by design or plan. >> so here are the complicated details. simmer get the first overall pick in this year's dprvt in return boston gets this year's third overall pick and celtics receive next year laker pick as long as not first all over and falling between 2 and 5 if celtics don't do it they get 29 pick from kings assuming not first overall and sixers send own pick to sea that trade got all that. >> no. >> cool. >> don't understand any of tractor-trailer. >> question remains are sixers done making moves ahead of thursday draft or next season opening tip. one then they have to resolve is jahlil okafor situation. they have thursday's first round picks in the second rou roun. colangelo says that could be the key to that situation. >> we're lining up openings and alternatives for the picks
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and selections. we want to be prepared as we're on the clock that two minute mark moves fact and we're going to have multiple decisions to make. >> enough about the sixers how about phillies they opened three game series in south philly against the sfxt louis cardinals. the phills have lost three in a row and cardinals lost two straight. 23 time ohio limb pick gold medalist michael fell ms may have avoided jumping the shark but now is racing the shark. the disoffy channel has convinced him to race a great white shark during shark week programming next month and calling it great fwold versus great white. it's unknown if phelps will use a shark cage i hope he does less he get chomped to death. >> he has a new baby boomer. he needs to stick around to
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raise boomer. >> i agree with that. into swimming with sharks. >> i'm confused with the sixers thing. >> i need a chart. >> we'll get you that chart. >> someone get him a chart. >> someone yesterday said on twitter i didn't seem excited. i didn't understand. i am a visual person. >> coming up in the next half hour of eyewitness news one major airline telting out a new way to let passengers exit the plane. we'll tell you about it in a live report from wall street. >> ahead burglars break into a new jersey museum leaving behind damage and a clue. we'll have an update for you. >> accused mob boss joey marlene owe files paperwork in new york and why he wants his trial moved back to philadelphia. katie. >> jim as we get close to the upcoming weekend right now i'm thinking you see a frontal passage take place friday to saturday and that could bring couple showers or thunderstorms and that ill will be clearing throughout day. with that said i think you get sunshine for both days. although at this point it looks to me like coolest day
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looks to me like coolest day impacted will be sunday.
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this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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