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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> well now at noon, surveying the damage people in southern delaware are cleaning up after a powerful storm left a big mess behind. now the national weather service is trying to figure out if this is all of the work after tornado. >> the corruption trial of philadelphia da seth williams gets underway. five things prosecutors say williams did wrong and the defense says it's a weak case. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. >> how both sides planning to prove their case. >> our greg argos was inside the courtroom, joins us outside the courthouse with the developments so far.
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greg, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, rahel, jim. right now this federal corruption trial is officially underway. this is happening right now in the 14 floor, i can tell you every seat is filled, standing room only, as the county's top prosecutors try to defends himself against federal corruption and bribery charges, this morning the embattled district attorney sit williams, entered, flanked by hers attorneys, simply greeting the media, but not making any other comment. the morning began with jury instructions, folds by the opening statements from assistant u.s. attorney, the federal prosecutor here in this case. laid out the government's case against williams dividing it into five separate schemes. those include excepting bribes, like free trips, cash from philadelphia businessmen, and in exchange for special treatment from the city. the government also plans stole money from his mother's pension and social security accounts for personal reasons and also used city vehicles for personal reasons, as well. but in his opening statement, williams defense councils
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thomas burning said the government's case against williams is weak. which is why they combine five different so called schemes against him. admits williams made mistakes and used bad judgement, but claims, in his seven and a half years as district attorney, not one single case williams prosecuted was tainted or corrupt. and the government did not perform a focused investigation, rather, berks said, this was a, quote, search for a crime. now, right now the defense is continuing their opening arguments, the judge says, likely after this they'll break for lunch. this afternoon the prosecution could begin to call witnesses here, at the federal courthouse, if convicted on all 29 counts, seth williams could face a maximum 20 years hine bars, in a federal prison. i'll be upstairs for the remainder of the day's testimony and if any witnesses are called. but for now live here at the federal courthouse in center city, i'm greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> all right, greg, thank you. >> and later today montgomery
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county judge will hearing argument on whether to unseal the names of jurors from bill cosby's sexual assault trial. news organizations are speaking the identity of the jurors, while prosecutors are trying to keep the names sealed. on saturday mistrial was declared after the jurors said they were hopelessly dead-locked following days of deliberations, yesterday, alternate juror in the trial told a pittsburgh radio station he probably would have voted to convict cosby. >> we are following some bringing breaking news, chopper three over the area of 29th street and cecil b. moore in brewerytown, man found with multiple gunshot wounds inside a car. this was about 10:30 this morning, the 32 year old man was transport today hahnemann university hospital where he was pronounced dead. no word yet on suspect or a motive. >> clean up continues in southern delaware after yesterday's powerful storms left behind a trail of destruction, chopper three over greenwood sussex county. the national weather service is visiting the area to determine whether a tornado caused this damage.
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the severe weather blew apart buildings and sent debris flying across fields. the weather service is also expected to survey upper burn township, berks county for possible tornado damage as well. what a difference a day makes. this is now live look from ocean city new jersey. as we can see, very busy, a lot people out enjoying the sun on the beach today. but the question this noon is will the warmth last? meteorologist, katie fehlinger live outside of the cbs-3 skydeck with closer look at the temps. >> yesterday getting ready for severe weather at this point. >> you remember how soupy it felt outside this same time yesterday. my goodness, you walked out the door and your hair did one of two things, either fluffed out like crazy, and friz dollars out, or it fell flat immediately. you got a good hair day going on right now, guys, yes, little breezy but humidity has dropped off. substantial way. it feels so much more comfortable, very refreshing, still quite warm, that's the interesting thing about this particular colds front. it came through with
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vengeance, yesterday. but it didn't knock the temperatures back all that much. but, with that said, let's take a look at the conditions, start it off with quick check on storm scan3, remains empty at this hour, still see the departure of some cloud cover off the jersey shore line, nice and clear, humidity as well has dropped. talking dew points little later in the broadcast but feels great outside. low 80s to report, up and down i-95, down through south jersey, down through delaware, out to the north and west suburbs, one oddball out, mount pocono. what else did you expect? simply a lot cooler up in the mountain us terrain, still nice and comfortable at 69 degrees there, with off shore winds flow, pretty warm at the shore point too. great beach weather, that said, and the rest of the day, featuring just sunshine. couple of scattered clouds, all you will have to contends with out there. so much more comfortable, it is a great excuse to be outside in short. but again, this is pattern that of course is only going to last for so long. so little later in the show we will talk about the next frontal boundery that gets in here, bridges our necessary threat for wet weather, also,
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more steamy conditions, i'm time it out little later in the show, guys. >> all right, katie, see you soon, thank you. >> major improvement project is getting underway along the schuylkill expressway in montgomery county. project will affect tens every thousands of drivers through the fall, and repairing and resurfaced 12.5 miles between king of prussia and city avenue. the first phase of lane closures began yesterday, will continue through friday, between the blue route and city avenue from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. penndot says traffic backups and delays are expected, so drivers are advise today use alternate route or allow for extra time. resurfaced part is scheduled for completion in late october. >> happening today, philadelphia school reform commission is voting on deal for public school teachers. the teach ears union approved the deal last night by overwhelming margin. contract gives members lump sum payments, also, requires teach tears start paying healthcare premiums. deal worth about $395 million over the next three years, the
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school reform commission however still has to figure out how to pay for it. the vote set to take place this afternoon at 2:00. and, new this noon, pennsylvania department of health is expected to name the state's first recipient of medical marijuana permits. twelve permit being issued, the recipient will be allowed to grow and then offer medical marijuana in pennsylvania. governor tom wolf signed the program into law back in april, might recall, when implemented set for 2018 will allow patients with certain medical conditions to receive medical marijuana. >> in other news this noon, the trump administration is still considering how to respond to the death, ohio native died after falling into a coma last year, while in a north korean prison. correspondent with more from the white house. >> it is a brutal regime. and we will be able to hands it will. >> president trump criticized north korea for the death of 22 year old, in response, white house said to be
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considering a ban on americans traveling to north korea. the university of virginia student was accused of trying to take a propaganda poster while touring north korea he was detained and sentenced to 15 years hard labor, he was believed to have sustained catostrophic brain injury shortly after his conviction, was in a coma when they released him in june after serving 17 months in prison. >> at low of bad things happened. but at least we got him home to be with his parents. >> his family released statement saying he was at peace. he was home and we believe he could sense that. the negotiations for his release are believed to be the first time the trump administration has had direct talks with north korea. >> south korea's new president will visit the white house next week, tells cbs this morning nora o'donnell the us needs to be open to negotiations to end the nuclear programs. >> i believe dialogue is necessary. we were unable to resolve the north korean nuclear issue
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through only the songs cents and the pressure. >> south korea defense ministry says usb1b bombers flew over the peninsula tuesday in a show of force against north korea. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." three other americans kim done cho, tony kim, and kim hangssong remain in captivity in north korea. >> baseball field where several were wounded during team practice will be is her moan justly reopened this evening. will host the event, now, it was originally set for last night but severe storms delayed it. the park reopened last saturday. less than a week after a gunman opened fire on members of the gop baseball team. house majority whip seriously wounded in the shooting. >> polls are open today in the atlanta area for the most ex pens i have house racer in history. looking to fill former congressional seat left in february to become the president's health and human services secretary. the two candidates, john ossoff and karen handle have
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raised nearly $30 million between them, but agree now it is down to one thing. >> it is a neck and neck race. all going to come down to turn out. >> it is about the voters and the people had can come out and vote today. >> today's election is runoff meaning it is a result of no candidate receiving more than 50% of the vote in the april 18th primary election, if ossoff wins, would go democrat for the first time since 1978. coming up: data company be blamed for big information leak. >> 200 million people affected how the information got out and the personal details that were revealed. >> plus, big crash shuts down an interstate in the southwest for hours, and involves more than two dozen cars, why it is
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>> philadelphia are investigating a shooting that left 24 year old man dead, shooting happened around 4:00 a.m., 200 block every east indianna avenue, fair hills section. police say the victim was found on a porch shot once in the head by a semiautomatic weapon. the victim lives in the area but does not live or have family at the home where he was found. >> so we don't have motive for the shooting at this time. however, we did find some private surveillance cameras, in the neighborhood, and hopefully those cameras recorded something, that could help us, with this shooting investigation. >> now, along with checking surveillance cameras, police are interviewing the friends who found the victim on that porch.
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>> authorities in bucks county say this man, has been charged with stealing $1,200 worth of scratch off lottery ticket. they say he stole them from a gas station on east lincoln highway in penndel, and now faces multiple charges including retail theft. >> fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused an early morning fire at a strip mall. it happened at the harbor seafood store in the 5600 block of rising sun avenue. that is in philadelphia's olney section. crews put out the fire at about 3:00 this morning, no one was hurt, but a lot of damage to that business. >> republican data firm under fire, after the personal information revealed 200 million vote mistakenly exposed on line. blame the incident on security sitting upgrade and acknowledged the data exposed for two weeks. fiber list analysts discovered the problem on june 12, took another two days to secure the information. leak information included names, birthdates, even social media posts. and dust storm being blamed for deadly chain
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reaction crash near the new mexico-arizona borden. high winds monday kick up enough dust to severely reduce visibility for drivers on interstate ten in new mexico. the number of people killed or hurt hasn't been released this noon, police say at least 25 vehicles were involved. the highway was shut down for hours, reopened early this morning. >> the postal service is unveiling its newest stamp t does something pretty cool. >> yes, these new stamps are actually the same stamp, we'll tell you the secret, how it imitates total solar eclipse. i know you like that. >> oh, you know me very well, my friends. looking ahead, guys, to upcoming weekend that may be a little on the unsettled side. we have frontal boundery that will be crossing into the region, through the region over the course of friday to saturday. that's the current expectation on timing. it will lead to the possibility of little wet weather. but i think you will see sunshine for both days, another one of those mix the bags for the regions, but cooler weather also waits in the wings. upper 80s on saturday, more like the low 80s, come sunday.
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stay there, coming right back with the rest of your forecast.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" with news morning on the steps of the art museum, perfect place to get a good work out in. we saw several getting exercises in before the rest of the day begins. baby hawk? little hawk? not just a good morning, good afternoon, good day, exercise, work out. >> so get cracking, jim. >> i've been locked in this place since 2:30 in the morning. >> all right, we're almost done. >> please send me notification what's going on, they keep me -- >> there are windows in this building. >> i know.
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>> it really, though, is being looking like fantastic excuse to do anything outside. little breezy. i'm give that you. but really feels comfortable. i think more than anything, because of the perception from yesterday, so darn steamy, and now, that has since cleared out. and it is like the slate has been wiped clean. it feels really comfortable out there. it is still warm, though, as i mentioned earlier in the broadcast, still going to heat up. yes, cold front, but it did nothing to cool us down. just the way the atmosphere is going to set itself up. we'll stay nice and warm for the next new days, minus the worse of the really steamy humidity. though it is something that will return down the road here, let's get you out there. take quick peak, first and for most, wider zoom on storm scan. again, it is nice and clear, across good portion of the region, still residual showers falling down wind of lake ontario, central up-state new york getting in on some of that, we're done, for the time being, with any wet weather. come tomorrow even as early as
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tomorrow, spotty shower, thunderstorm could cross through the area which we will get to. meantime, this is a front that's no longer an issue for our area, still trying to clear the carolinas at this hour. meanwhile, let's turn our focus to the tropics. of course atlantic tropical hurricane season did begin june 1st, and 2 separate systems that we're tracking, what's still potential tropical cyclone three, which is actually going to bring in some moisture to the gulf coast over the course of the next couple every days, tropical storm brett. now, what's interesting about brett, is not the fact that it is going to have any direct impact on the us, in fact, will have none at all, it is the fact that where this develops, right over the lesser antilles region, it is kind of rare for to you see this casino every development take place, this early in the season, in fact, the earliest that a storm has become a named storm, in this part of the atlantic, for this ever since records began, all the way back in 1851. so very unusual scenario going on here, but this has a very
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limited window of time before it is actually going to fizzle again. basically going to do some interaction with south america, and that will help it fizzle. but regardless, still something worth mentioning, where does that put us then on the list for atlantic hurricane names? already had arlene, rare april system developed. brett now under the books right now, then we think that that other system i showed you a moment ago will become city. regardless through a look at the other names; your name on the list? hear from me on twitter. bring it back stateside. dew point, remember the lower the dew point get, more comfortable it will be. still pretty steamy. seventy-two there. sixty-one dew point temperature in millville. fifty's, that feels so refreshing, yes, breezy, with the sunshine, it is a nice day. eighty-two right now at the airport. eighty-two gross in atlantic city, that wind flow is off shore. it is moving in from the west. that's part of the reason it is still pretty mild here in the city, and basically everywhere else. but that winds is, yes,
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noticeable. even noticeable in the camera shot outside pleasant valley middle high school, broad heads ville, winds in the trees for you there. 76 degrees, up near the mountains, and as we take a look at how the rest of the day has up its sleeve, still see the gusts 25 miles per hour, tonight drop down into the 60s, far cry from last night, nice and comfortable, 80s continue, then friday into saturday when the steaminess returns to the forecast. and we'll have our best chance for showers and storms with the next front that comes along. >> my eighth grade brother graduating from middle school, so such a nice day for a graduation, yes. >> so excited. >> my weekend doesn't look that great, though, just looking at that thing. >> we'll take care of it. >> not blaming you. >> well, check this out. us postal service issuing new stamp and it is over the moon. well, the stomach some available starting today. and honors this summer's total solar eclipse. now it actually uses a thermo chrome i can ink changing from
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eclipse moon and back. just by touching it. next real total solar eclipse set for this august 21. >> looks like a mood ring. you snow. >> exactly. >> remember those? >> in the 70s. >> now mood gel nail polishes. >> oh? >> how cool. >> i love it. yes. >> i would like you all to wear that so i know which mood you are in each day. i sometimes can't tell. special ceremony welcome the newest american citizens. >> that when "eyewitness news"
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and tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 it was quite a site near the art museum, no, not talking about the rocky statue, we'll show you what had plenty of people looking up this morning, you don't want to miss it that's tonight at 6:00. >> special ceremony olds city today bridges together strange presser all over the world with one common goal. >> all candidates to become our country's newest citizens. group of 35, took the oath of allegiance this morning at the national museum of american history. hail from 19 countries, the caribbean, africa, asia, usual, congrats to all. >> bravo. >> big day. >> well, that's "eyewitness news" tore today at noon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel son man. >> we're always on line at the young and the restless is next. have a good day everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> victoria: i told you last night i'm fine. i don't need a pep talk before the deposition. >> billy: yeah, well, maybe i need one. >> victoria: [ sighs ] why? >> billy: how do i testify about cane and not make him sound like a slimeball? >> victoria: seriously? can you two just table this for one day? >> billy: no, juliet knows that we can't stand each other, and i'm sure she's given her lawyer plenty of ammunition. i don't want to slip up and, you know, hurt the company. >> victoria: i wouldn't worry about that. >> billy: really? why is that? >> victoria: because juliet's case hinges on one lie, that cane promised to promote her career in exchange for sex with him. once michael gets her to admit that that's not true, then her case is toast and we can all move forward. >> billy: i wouldn't be too sure. >> michael: now, we'll be in a conference room instead of a courtroom, but you'll still be under oath. i'll be questioning juliet,


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