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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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defending himself tonight, good evening, i'm jessica dean i'm joe holden in for ukee washington. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in center city. you caught up with the district attorney's walked out of court what did he to have say. >> reporter: exactly right there, joey did speak with seth williams leaving the federal courthouse here an hour and 20 minutes ago and asked him directly about one of the accusations brought up, in court, that is that he stole some $10,000 from his own mother. the federal government has filed 29 federal bribery and corruption charges against philadelphia's district attorney seth williams. tuesday the sitting d.a. entering federal courthouse in center city greeting the media but say nothing else. inside with the jury seated opening statements began. the prosecutors led by assistant u.s. attorney robert , eric moran and others painted a picture of a man living in debt and lining his pockets bribe in exchange with
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favors tied to his position as district attorney. thomas williams defense attorney admits the 50 year-old made that decision but what he did is not illegal in the opening argument he told jury that the 29 federal craiges, split among five different so-called schemes are part of the unfocused investigation that simply searched for a crime, a crime his defense counsel never occurred. williams is accused of taking international trips, cash, plane tickets, even a couch in return for helping out friend and two philadelphia businessmen. the government also says that he stole more than $10,000 of his mother's pension and social security money, meant to pay for her nursing home and elderly care. seth, did you expenditure mother's money? >> unaudible. >> reporter: as you heard there from d.a. seth williams his response was no way. if convicted, on all 29 of these federal counts williams could spend up to 20 years in federal prison. this trial continues tomorrow
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morning, 9:30. we are live from center city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". greg, thank you. delaware county day care worker pleaded guilty to charges stemming from a disturbing incident caught on camera. sarah gable was seen pushing a child down the stairs in an upper darby day care center in march. another worker watching the cameras saw everything unfold, gable was fired, immediately, she now will be sentenced on simple assault and child endangerment charges, august 16th. the bomb squad was called to a bucks county home this afternoon after police found a number of guns and ammunition. officials say they arrived on the 8700 block ofe ton road in on theville shortly after two for mental health check or an elderly man. easton road is closed as officials continue continue on investigate. chopper three over a mess in bucks county some railcars jumped the tracks near jessica lane in sellersville spelling their load of butter. clean up is underway, no one was injured but it is unclear,
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why it was unclear why the train cars went off the track. an update now on breaking news we have been following, authorities say, that, explosion in the train station in belgium was a foiled terror attack, soldiers, shot a suspect at the station, officials say it is not clear if that suspect will survive. a bomb squad performed the controlled explosion of a bomb belt, that the suspect was apparently wearing. there appears to be no other people, injured at this time, but the lassie vac ways of the train station and public square in brussels, stay tuned , to "cbs evening news" we will have more on this developing story, coming up at 6:30. prevending led poisoning in philadelphia, an advisory group released its plan for lead free kits. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details on that steph. >> reporter: jessica and joe lead poisoning in children is a health concern, mainly for families living in old homes or apartments. primary component of the led prevention plan announce today is aimed at expanding a law
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that requires landlordness philadelphia, to certify that rental properties are lead free. old homes and buildings are primary source offer lead poisoning that comes from chipping paint, number of children in philadelphia, exposed to lead has declined, but it is still a big concern for megan massrick hoist a rent inner port richmond with a small child. >> we were worried about the paint. we are looking to move out to the suburbs. >> reporter: final recommendations from the city advisory group called for more lead testing, berth education efforts and expanded enforcement. >> we are committed to reducing presence even further here in philadelphia. >> reporter: lead isn't just in paint a sweeping environmental investigation from the inquirer and daily news found dangerous levels of lead in soil, neighborhood around fishtown and kensington construction boom has unearth ed a toxic legacy left over from old factories. >> in our soil doesn't necessarily surprise me that much. >> reporter: reports say once
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in the soil heavy metal stays indefinitely and even little amounts can permanently lower a child's iq and cause behavioral problems. >> that is not what the emphasis was in the development of this. >> reporter: report health commissioner doctor thomas far ly say chipping paint in houses built before 1978 of which there are hundreds offer thousands, remains the target of concern. >> this report represents a shift toward primary prevention, prevending kid from having exposure to lead in the first place rather than testing them and finding high levels of lead and then acting >> now all children are supposed to be checked for lead, with blood testing, to see the cdc says there is no safe level of exposure. health officials say homeowners and landlord are supposed to make sure that lead paint is safely removed from homes. this is a big issue not only in fail but other big old cities around the country. >> what an alarming report that is. stephanie, thank you. well, pennsylvania department of health has issued 12 medical marijuana
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permits. those permit is allowing growing and processing of medical mar juan. >> too day signals start of the next phase of the medical marijuana pick up program. the 12 permits will have six months in which to become operational. growers, processors, may not begin to grow medical marijuana until the department has deemed that they are operational. >> two of the growers and processors are located here in southeastern pennsylvania, or soon to be, both in berks county. permits were dispensary will be issued later this movement. pennsylvania is toughening its animal cruelty and neglect laws for the first time in more than 30 years. newly passed legislation re classified such abuse as a felony if it causes severe juror death. state law currently makes animal abuse a felony in certain situations, such as animal fighting or repeated, severe abuse of cats or dogs. also, those who tether a dog with a chain.
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governor tom wolf says he will sign the legislation. philadelphia public schools teacher officially have a new contract, the school reform commission approved three-year deal today , superintendent william hite said 202 million-dollar contract includes more instruction time for students, pay raise for teachers, and reduces costs for taxpayers. philadelphia federation of teachers ratified at agreement monday night. last day of school marks end of an era in camden. final class is graduating from historic camden high school. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in camden with this story, cleve. >> reporter: we saw graduation from one to 3:00 this afternoon, annes sin then families have been coming here to the steps of the high school to take a picture. they know they are part of history.: >> hearing your name called, is something a high school graduate and their families never forget. but camden high school class
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of 2017 are graduates that the city will never forget, last to finish school at 100 year-old building known as the castle on the hill. >> everybody will remember 2017. >> last class to walk down those stairs. >> reporter: last fall state of new jersey announced 133 million-dollar project to replace camden high. officials say it makes more sense then keep sinking money in the old building with 60 year-old boilers, crumbling front and outdated classrooms. >> it is heavy in the beginning and heavy on the historic time in camden high school but opening up with a new beginning. >> reporter: the principal, 1989 graduate says he understands why some people for the to preserve the historic building but he thinks camden kid deserve state of the art media, classroom, exercise and performing arts facility. after all these kid expect the best from themselves. i'm going to college. >> rutgers and rutgers school of medicine. >> army. >> reporter: deborah fletcher
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says being race to do something is special but parents prefer first, first in her family to graduate high school. >> good job. >> she did an amazing accomplishment. i'm so proud of her. >> first in our family. >> i'm so proud of her. >> big congratulations to all of the graduates, construction on the new high school will begin in the fall and in the meantime, all of the students over the next four plus years will be taking classes down the street at the cooper hatch building. live from camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve bryan, thanks very much. we now know this storm damage in southern delaware was caused by ef-zero tornado. twister touched down in greenwood, sussex county, this video shows debris swirling around a delaware electric cooperative site. the national weather service also confirmed another ef0 tornado left behind damage in
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pennsylvania, in berks county. severe weather is gone, sun's out but will it be sticking around? that is a question for lauren. >> thanks very much. after pouring rain severe thunderstorms yesterday, today nothing but rays of sunshine, summer officially begins overnight tonight, can we keep around these beautiful conditions for rest of the week in the first official weekend of summer? i'll have the answer in your forecast. and high praise for philadelphia the reason cities making grade according to a new list, reports that is urging people to take a trip to the city of brotherly love. all eyes to the sky, art museum is drawing a crowd today but not for steps or rocky statue, we will show what you had people looking up this morning. sixers continue to work out potential second round picks today and two local players get a look. when you are war team in baseball you need to shake things up. that is what film difficulties cutting twice two players we will have the surprising details, later in
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city ranked number two on best historic destination. new york city took top spots on both list, they were released to day and they are based on expert and consumer opinions. and one philadelphia neighborhood was drawing some visitors this morning and not for usual reasons. >> it wasn't rocky statue but something else catching peoples attention at art museum. cbs-3 photo journalist kyle hall, shows us what had everyone looking up. >> ♪ >> he has his eye on the babies all the time. >> what is this shot being taken from the parkway a shot of the hawk high atop perching on top of the street lamp. >> thinks where he had his nest and lucky for us he got
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down. >> we are watching the franklin red tail hawk family. the mother bird has been on the hawk for nine years on the parkway. >> it is amazing how they survive on this parkway with all of the accidents. >> there is a lot of food available in the city. rats, squirrels, snakes, they tend to come in and tear off and establish a territory that is about a mile in circumstance friends. they have over 2,000 fans world wide they are called franklin hawks and it is because we follow them closely , that we have been able to tell what has happened , to the male bird. we had one killed by a car, one killed by a train and one missing. so mom went out and she found this fourth male flying around now. >> look at that.
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he is gorgeous. they are really good for the balance of the different species in the city. if you have the proper hierarchy of predators and pray, it tend to keep a nice ba. >> well, we may be a city but we still got some nature out there we have beautiful things going on. >> wild life you never know what you will. >> next time you are jamming around eakins oval take a few minutes, know there is nature there. >> yes, true. >> not just seven lanes crashing into two. >> that is a nice, positive, very naturey, perspective. >> yes. >> i get it. >> but it was a beautiful day for spotting wild life because we had sunshine, we didn't have any rain coming down, a brutal day yesterday. today beautiful day. looking live at center city philadelphia sunshine, just some cumulus cloud out there, grazing the scene.
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86 degrees right now but with the lower humidity and nice breeze out of the southwest it feels, cooler, then that air temperature, would reflect feeling like 84 degrees. yesterday, of course, a much different day. national weather service meteorologist have been surveying damage in berks county and they have confirmed an ef0 tornado did touchdown yesterday. max wind of 80 miles an hour. just 6 miles an hour shot of e f1 status, on the ground for about 2 miles near mountain springs campground and fortunately we didn't have any injuries or property damage but uprooted and snapped trees we did have a secondary ef0 tornado in sussex county, delaware. national weather service will release that this evening. storm scan three showing us we have quiet conditions, tons of sunshine toward lehigh valley, center city high level cloud cover across the shore and parts of the delaware filtering out that sunshine. this ace plume of upper level moisture due to tropical storm cindy, well off to our south
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and west in the gulf of mexico right now. look at that rain moving in along the gulf coast and it will likely make land fall along u.s. coastline heading in the next couple of days. wind with cindy around 45 miles an hour, projections by national hurricane center have us making land fall sometime between wednesday afternoon and thursday afternoon along the gulf coast and then dissipating as we head in the end of the week over portions of the mid south this could push a little extra moisture our way as we head into friday and saturday but otherwise not going to bother us. we have three names down, arlene one before the season started, brett, ongoing and that system will dissipate as well north of south america right now and cindy we have just looked at not a threat to us, next name on the list is don. overnight tonight partly cloudy, pleasant down to 68 degrees that breeze will let up and kicks backup tomorrow, mostly sunny, comfortable humidity levels. warm. eighty-seven.
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southeasterly wind at 10 to 15 . summer will officially begin overnight tonight, summer solstice at 12:24. just after midnight. we have a nice day in store to kick off season. temperatures right now sitting right around average 86 in philadelphia. eighty-two allentown. eighty-four in ac. eighty in wildwood. we have had humid day yesterday, storms feeding off that moisture, dew points much lower and feels much more comfortable that is trend for next couple days before friday when we up anti on the humidity levels and bring dew points back up to near 70 degrees. next couple days looking and feeling great, spotty storms on friday, looks like we will have a mixed weekend saturday some spotty storms 87 degrees and sunday is looking increase leg better 84 with sunshine. >> old mixed weekend. >> thanks, lauren. >> leslie up next with sports. >> phillies are war team in baseball right now so they are making a couple moves to try to shake things up a bit.
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plus sixers might be making another big move this week. couple local players getting a look with the sixers practice facility today, and includes chris jenkins, talking high hopes for thursday
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we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than fios. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ last few days all about big moves but today work out continues for players they may take in the second round. teamwork out six players, including a couple of local guys, villanova's chris jenkins and princeton spencer white. jenkins says wow like to get pick by sixers but he will play for anyone. >> hopefully the sixers want me. i love it here. but, you know, just where ever chips may fall, whatever road i have to take. i have always been the one, to never have the easy road and always grind so i don't expect it to be different. >> meanwhile sixers may not be done making big moves. they have forced second round picks and they with like to move jahlil okafor.
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brian colangelo says team still trying to get another first round pick. >> there has been some talk about our interest in acquiring yet another pick, and i am not going to give up those efforts because we have moved up to number one. i always feel that future assets are just that they are future assets but when you can look at a group of talent in this particular draft and know that you have a comfort level with who those players are, grab them, grab them while you can because it is a known quantity. >> meanwhile reports out of new york suggest knicks are not against their player, teams have been calling knicks for a few days to see if he is available. they have not said no. price tag for 21 year he is said to be very high and reportedly knicks are actively shopping him. phillies start a three game series with the cardinals down at bank, jeremy hellickson on the mound. phillies will be without jared eickoff, he is headed to the d l with the back stein.
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phillies jeanmar gomez and michael saunders for assignment. gomez had 37 saves for phillies last year this year he had an era over seven. saunders was on the one year deal but has struggled for phillies. he had a .205 batting average and 200 at bats. kobe millnor and cameron perkins have been called up to take their place. it is eagles running back darren sproles 34th birthday to celebrate eagles tweeted out video of sproles when he was a little kid playing football. he had moves even then. >> yes. >> dominating other kid. >> yes. >> look at him. >> look at him go there. >> he is moving. >> glad he is on our team. >> i like the hand out. >> yes, nobody catching him. >> when they are little, you cannot kind of tell, that kiddies good. >> fly like an eagle. >> well, first special visit here for children who need it most. >> philly fanatic was brightening spirits and ball players he brought with him.
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>> and "cbs evening news" is just minutes away. >> anthony mason joins with us a look ahead to that anthony. >> hi jessica and joe, tonight on the "cbs evening news" temperatures sky rocket in the triple digits, as the heat wave, grips the southwest. just released dash cam video shows the fatal shooting , of fill and dough castille minnesota office shore killed him was acquitted last week. take a walk on the wild side with these product zest tears, just ahead on the "cbs
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patients at st. christopher's hospital for children had a fun surprise to bryant their day. >> members of the philadelphia phillies and even fanatic visited patients families and staff. patients had the opportunity to meet players, and, they got a lot of hugs from the fanatic when fanatic is around there is a lot of hugging. >> oh, man, love it. >> he is a hugging kind of guy >> he is. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10 on clock on wpsg the cw philly and we will be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", southwest is sweltering with temperatures climbing well in the triple digits, chris van cleve is in phoenix where the heat wave is gripping that area for the second day. from new york here is anthony mason.
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>> mason: solstice with the mostest. summer arrives with a vengeance in the southwest. temperatures set triple-digit records. >> don't try to out-beat the heat because the heat will out-beat you. >> mason: also tonight, just-released police video captures the fatal shooting of philando castile by a minnesota police officer cleared of all charges. >> oh, my god! >> don't move! >> mason: the president's job approval rating hits a new low. some see a special house election tonight as a referendum on him. and bear on a tear-- putting trash cans to the test. >> they just ripped the hinges right off? >> they ripped the h


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