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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  June 20, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, "bachelor in paradise" back in production. why the show is getting a second chance after scandal. but will corinne and demario return? >> it is so complicated. >> what the contestants are only telling us. >> it is crazy. i didn't think there was a chance it would come back. >> then. >> congratulations. >> beyonce and twins still in the hospital and only we can show you around her maternity ward. >> plus -- >> oh, my gosh. >> straight from france to an interview with "e.t.," j. lo's man tells all about their romantic rendezvous. >> i say bonjour. >> beautiful. >> then animal print is in from indicate's purse to mariah leopard top but who went top to
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bottom animal print? how miss carter is helping to find the next boy band. and behind the scenes of steve harvey's new show with talented seniors. >> we had a 91-year-old gymnast that did the parallel bars. i went wow! >> now, for june 20th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> hi, everybody. welcome. well, it is official, "bachelor in paradise" will air in this summer as originally scheduled. despite the sex scandal that shut down production. >> warner bros. made the announcement today, but what went into their decision and why is the fallout from this controversy far from over? no evidence of any wrongdoing or sexual misconduct. that's the conclusion of the near two-week internal investigation surrounding corinne and demario's drunk and naked pool encounter. "e.t." on-line has been reporting on the story. >> but what about the so-called smoking gun? that videotape evidence? abc says they do not intend to release the tape out of respect
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for privacy, but reps are clear on this, saying no one's safety was ever in jeopardy. >> do you plan ongoing back to paradise? are you going to film? >> how do you feel about the investigation being concluded? >> no comment from corinne this morning. corrine's lawyer tells us it's not over. abc confirms shooting will resume on bachelor in paradise. no comment on whether corrine or demario will return to the show. but this is we went back and asked for clarification on what the changes would be but they would not give us a clear answer. >> robbie hayes is part of this season's paradise cast. we did a facebook live interview with him this morning. >> i don't think they'll change much. i think that this is kind of an
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outside issue from that third party that stirred something up because she didn't like that she saw. honor system, right? you're only as drunk as you can see, portray or tell somebody. >> watch the drinking. cut yourself off. a source close to demario tells "e.t." he's relieved the investigation is over and this is a huge step to clear his name. let's move on to the latest beyonce baby news. we're taking you inside the hospital to show you what life is like for those twins right now. while daddy of three jay-z was just spotted out and about. >> hey, jay. congratulations on the twins, jay. how bee? >> that's jay-z ignoring the paparazzi, while leaving a west hollywood gym. the first sighting of the music mogul since the birth of his twins. the proud papa's next stop, ucla medical center in west los angeles where he visited beyonce and the babies inside the hospital. security there continues to be extremely tight, but our cameras have been allowed inside before. in fact, the same maternity ward where beyonce delivered her twins is where i had my second child lilly george. >> having contractions. my water broke.
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my midwife said get to the hospital. >> from private birthing suites to post partum recovery rooms, it is a comfortable and secure facility for beyonce or any new mom. >> going up to floor five. >> the elevators are restricted by security guards, i.d. badges are required and the reception desk on the maternity floor is equipped with security monitors. >> after a pretty swift labor, we welcomed this little angel into the world. >> beyonce's twins are here! >> while b has yet to release any details about her twins, the double delivery is providing plenty of inspiration for late night. >> it is a boy and it is a girl, and they said it is jay-z and beyonce. oh, my god. beyonce say was surrendered by her husband, two doctors and a nurse and a man waving a fan through her hair.
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>> she's named her twins, she's named them juniper halo and coriander silo. those aren't real names but none of you questioned it. >> it wouldn't have been surprising. >> what's wrong with that beyonce fans? >> i wish i had that in the hospital. >> you can -- >> nischelle turner joins us with the latest on the hot couple jennifer lopez and a-rod. >> they are for real. this is the real deal. >> they seem so happy. >> they do. and they're a pretty couple. they have been together for months now, juggling romance and careers. a-rod is joining shark tank this fall. barbara corcoran joined party when he and i sat together and first thing i had to hear about was about the j-rod vacation in france. ♪ i wish you were my first love ♪ >> how amazing was it? it looked pretty darn good. >> the weather was awesome. we never get six or seven days off. we were blessed to have that opportunity. >> balcony kisses, ice cream in the park, lunch at the louvre. we're calling j-rod's whirlwind trip to paris pretty much the most romantic trip ever. i mean, look how happy they look here.
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and while j. lo's french fashion was fierce, he said his girl isn't just a beauty, she has brains too. >> do you guys trade ideas back and forth? >> does she throw stuff out at you and you throw stuff back at her? >> she is one of the most brilliant business minds i've ever met, the hardest working lady. i grew up with a single mother. i have two daughters. i'm a big proponent of women equality. i like that for my daughters and jennifer is the role model. >> from the look of the cute pool pic, it seems jennifer's twins and alex's daughters are already bonding. >> this summer for me is the first moment i had off baseball in 25 years to spend time with my daughters and that's one of the reasons i'm doing this show, my daughters are so excited. >> how do you think j. lo would do? >> awesome. she did idol and so many wonderful things, but i think has great instinct and she's also a new yorker, she's from the bronx, she would do fantastic. ♪ used to have a little now i have a lot ♪ >> i just love the way they look at each other. shark tank is hitting a major
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milestone, their 200th episode. other celebrity sharks like bethenny frankel and richard branson that will also be joining the fun. it is not easy to film scenes from "transformers" with two hot leading men mark wahlberg and josh duhamel. that is just how amazing 15-year-old isabella moner is. last night, she was in chicago getting ready for the big premiere tonight. >> fight like a girl? yeah i fight like a girl. >> come with me or what? >> you have been little miss globe trotting jet setter. you've been everywhere, shanghai, to china, to london. >> we're going to brazil and we're going to miami. >> are you loving being on this tour or kind of ready to get home and relax a little? >> i mean, i always want to be home. i'm a home body. but this is a great opportunity. >> i've been following your fashion choices. you've done long hair, short hair. what's the vibe we'll see
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tonight? >> i don't know. i think since i just got a little fresh new haircut, i'm going to rock this one. >> i was just a normal kid. my whole world fell apart. >> isabella's world in real life as a normal kid is probably no more, thanks to the "transformers" excitement. pretty sensational for the cleveland native who turned 16 next month. how are you planning to celebrate your 16th birthday? >> hopefully relaxing, the opposite of what usually 16-year-olds are doing at their birthday parties. i kind of want to relax and sleep a whole entire day. >> do you hope you'll get a cool gift from mark wahlberg? >> i'm just thinking about the cars that michael bay has on set, he has too many, i was hoping he would give me one. >> she shows a lot of self-assurance in the movie too. >> you think i'm afraid of you? >> and at 15, isabella had already been accepted to college. >> i was able to do my homework too. and graduate with all straight as and skip two grades. i think i did all right. >> high five.
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♪ tell me why >> up next -- nick carter is building a boy band and giving us an exclusive look at how he's doing it. but would he encourage his son to be a singer? >> then, from boy bander to sunning seniors. >> old people don't hold back nothing. >> steve harvey tells all about his surprising new series. >> can you help me call a husband? >> sure. >> but first -- ♪ hello it's me >> adele popped in to say hello to some very special firefighters at the chelsea firehouse in london. the grammy winner made the surprise visit to show her support for brave men and women who battled last week's devastating grenfell tower blaze where at least 79 are believed to have died. the station manager says adele simply knocked on the window and said, hi, i'm adele, before presenting some cake.
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♪ all you people can't you see >> makes me want to dance. does it make you want to dance? the backstreet boys are larger
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than life in las vegas, they just added 15 more shows to their residency at planet hollywood, they're doing such a fantastic job. nick carter has a few other things keeping him really busy now. like a new tv show and being a dad. nick talked about it all with "e.t." online's leah aguilera ♪ i want it that way >> you are a father yourself now. if your little boy were to come to you in a decade or so and be, like, dad, i want to be in a boy band, i want to be like you, what would you say to him? >> i'm already expecting it to happen. >> to be fair, little odin is only 14 months old, but he already likes to bust a move just like his backstreet boy dad. >> i just got to support him and guide him in the right things to do and hopefully -- because that's the thing about the entertainment business, it could be dangerous at times. if you're not supported by your family, you can get in trouble. >> nick is now 37 years old and
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still performing in vegas with the guys. ♪ backstreet's back all right >> but he's also pulling double duty. nick is an architect, basically a coach on abc's new music competition show "boy band." ♪ jump in the cadillac, girl, let's put some miles on it ♪ >> on the series, nick, baby spice emma button, timbaland and rita ora try to find the guys who will be the next backstreet. nick might be the perfect coach because he was just 13 when his boy band took off. what would you say was your role in the backstreet boys back then? what is it now? >> i guess started pretty, then went bad, then got mature, more responsible now, so i went through all the phases of every single boy. >> we got nick to show off his coaching skills. ♪ ain't nothing but a party ♪ tell me why ♪ >> ain't nothing but a party and
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then roll the butt. >> he's still got the moves. >> yeah. looks good there. >> still ahead, animal print is in, from kate's purse to mariah's leopard top. who went head to toe tiger? and nicole kidman's 50th birthday flashback. >> it's incredibly exciting, very thrilling. >> how she's celebrating with her family. from a 91-year-old gymnast to the world's oldest show girl, steve harvey gives us a sneak peek at his new show with some spectacular seniors. >> you got swagger. has anybody told you that? >> my fourth wife told me that. or was it the third wife? i've forgotten. closed captioning provided by --
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that is celine dion stepping out in a leather skirt and check out her top, a nice tribute to all the legends we have lost. celine's other outfits have been getting absolutely wild. in fact, she's leading all the stars rocking animal print. ♪ i drove all night >> harnessing her inner animal, she went bold yesterday in a tiger print jump suit and at the gym too. fitness wear, maybe this was her workout soundtrack. ♪ eye of the tiger >> the 49-year-old is on her european tour and loves amping up her style. >> just to have a good time and play. >> and check out her more demure look today, in head to toe pink and turning a paris doorway into a runway.
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>> not changing her spot, kate hudson, and katy perry vibe, leaving new york's jfk airport today, she paired her simple black and white leopard top with a similar print purse. it is pricey, over $2,100, but her other baggage could really break the bank. that louis vuitton roller is 4 grand. but nobody does leopard like mariah. ♪ >> she rocked this sheer animal prescript while shopping with a bodyguard in barcelona yesterday, in stiletto platforms retailing for $1,800. today, she kept things covered at a recording studio. but she's always fashion forward. >> want to tell me about the dress? you're wearing it. >> it is an ensemble. i'm trying to. >> you're trying to? >> doing the best i can. >> she always wears it. >> we know she's the queen. >> yes. this is a big day for another
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one of our favorite fashionistas, nicole kidman turns 50 today. >> looking more gorgeous than ever. celebrity well wishes pouring in. this one from nicole's "big little lies" co-star reese witherspoon and fellow aussie naomi watts. they met auditioning for a tv commercial more than 30 years ago. but nicole is the one who is absolutely owned 2017. >> if someone told me this year of my life everything would come together like this, i would have gone, no way. >> nicole is ageless. 1990 when we first met the fresh faced girl from sydney, she was just 22. >> i rang my mother and screamed on the telephone, said, i'm going to do a film over here. >> the film was "days of thunder," tom cruise had seen her in the australian movie "dead calm" and cast her as his leading lady on and off screen. >> that's interesting enough, mr. trickle. but it is just not my specialty. >> hopefully it will be a stepping stone for me to do some other work here. >> soon, nicole became one of the industry's most sought after leading ladies.
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>> you like strong women. i've done my homework. >> people didn't expect me to do this kind of movie. that's why i wanted to do it. >> she and tom divorced in 2001, their roles kept coming and in 2003 she won best actress oscar for "the hours." she was unrecognizable in a prosthetic nose. >> that is my choice. >> it has been a really long journey for me. and for it to sort of culminate in this, at this time, is pretty special. >> in 2006, she married keith urban and the two will celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary on sunday. last week, she told "e.t." she was thrilled to be turning 50 and hoping to celebrate with her family. >> i try to embrace all parts of my life now because i think you just go, wow, so lucky, so blessed, you know, really making an effort to go back and see my mom in australia and spend time and take the time and i've got the whole summer off. so i'm just kind of relaxing.
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>> all time favorite. >> great outlook on life, perspective. >> so true. steve harvey turns 60 this year. he's busier than ever with five shows on the air. and actually a new one on the way. >> can he save one for the rest of us? >> he can't. >> this new show is a spin-off of the original "little big shots," "little big shots forever young." it is all about senior citizens who will absolutely amaze you. >> mr. steve harvey! >> first of all, we love little big shots. so why a spin-off and kind of flip it on its head, do a 180 "forever young". >> you see an 80-year-old person doing something that you can't do, you realize you got to get yourself together. >> i'm only 73. >> 93. >> i feel young. i feel like 65. >> we had a 91-year-old gymnast on the show that did a floor routine, took a break, and then did the parallel bars. >> wait a minute. >> with flips. >> 93, she holds the record as the oldest show girl in the world.
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the thing with the kids, you try to pull stuff out of them. old people don't hold back nothing. >> are you a cougar? >> you know, there is a lot of needy people in the world. >> i've had an illusionist who was 70 years old, just tricks, you could see the tricks. one of the best acts i've ever seen, man. >> you have swagger. has anybody ever told you that? >> my fourth wife told me that. she was crazy about me. >> another act, this spunky 88-year-old who was chicken, hog and husband caller. >> can you help me call a husband? >> sure. get yourself in here. you know i want to play cards tonight. roy! >> i don't know if that's how to draw one in. >> trying to call her tv husband.
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>> it didn't work though. >> when we come back, get ready to sing along, we're celebrating the 20th anniversary of "my best friend's wedding." ♪ how i love you together forever ♪ ♪ forever and ever you never will part ♪ ♪ how i love you
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travel consideration provided by -- ♪ forever and ever you never will part ♪ ♪ how i love you >> one of the most famous sing along scenes in the history of the movie, "my best friend's wedding". it hit theaters 20 years ago today. i can't believe it's that old. >> julia and cameron, see how young they looked? it made nearly $300 million worldwide, that was a massive amount back then. >> it was. money was on their minds when we
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joined the cast at the new york premiere. >> we decided before we came here if this movie doesn't make over $100 million that we'll get married. >> what is it about julia that america just loves so much? >> i think it is her eyes. she has something really magical that just draws you into her. >> in the movie julia's best friend, dermott mulroney marries cameron diaz. >> and joining the premiere was julia's real life ex-husband lyle lovett. >> he's such a big supporter of you. >> he better. i bought him a ticket. >> he said you guys are still great friends. >> yes, we are. >> hello? >> i didn't notice any bruises on the knees. >> the cameras go down again. no, i survived it surprisingly well. >> sure did. survive and thrive. >> and always a good sport.
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>> "the insider" tracking the biggest stories making news today. >> it's raw.
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you know -- it's rough. your bones burn. >> number one carrie fisher's autopsy reveals a life long battle with drug abuse. >> i haven't lost my mind. it lost me. >> what her sister exclusively told us about carrie's struggle with mental illness. >> then kim kardashian west sounds off on her black face controversy. up. >> that was like a sting for sure. >> yeah. >> number three justin bieber has a new enemy. '90s boy band hanson. >> it's ear infections. they're terrible. >> why the mm-bop brothers are not beliebers. >> plus your "insider" bonus. tv's funniest women come together to take on comedies boy club starting with emmy rossum very public salary dispute. >> why is amy poehler telling will ferrell's not academy award worthy. >> sometimes before a scene i


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