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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 21, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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i'm jan carabao in for rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan, katie and pat will be along but first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, it is wednesday, june 21st. >> seth did you expenditure mother's money. >> no way. >> philadelphia december trick attorney seth williams returns to federal court, to defend himself against corruption charges. >> tuesday was first full day of the trial and prosecution calls its first witness. i stand before you extraordinarily humled and honored.
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>> most expensive congressional race in history is a big win for the republicans and this morning president trump is boosting about it on twitter. parts of the gulf coast are bracing for tropical storm sidney. >> we will ride it out and see how everything goes. >> ice cube. >> how did you get that name. >> my brother gave me that name, i used to try to talk to his girlfriends when called, my brother was like yo. i slam you in the freezer and when they pull you out, call you ice cube. now i'm making money witt, clyde. >> never know what will happen down the road that was rapper ice cube on the late show with stephen colbert last night. >> certainly not icy out there when it comes to the weather department, katie. >> definitely not, guys. we're expecting daytime highs in the 80's but one of ice cube's songs is a go to summer play list songs to day was a good day and i think today will be a phenomenal day if
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you like the summertime heat, it is a touch more humid out there for to us day but regardless bright, sunny, for the most part, there is always a caveat, isn't there? lets go out to storm scan not much more to track other than a stray deck of cloud here and there down near shore points but it is helping to create a sunrise for many of you. we will show you great shots of that later in the show but for now we will get you out the door waiting for your traffic, weather, hit the road here or running late. seventy-two at the airport. seventy in millville. it is steamy right now, i got to be honest but it will be a touch more humid, as a whole here today but we have lower dew points further north and west you travel. do i not want to you get worried about that low thunderstorm icon, anything that pops up will be stray, in nature, and if only coming in the p.m. hours so we have got through lunchtime to enjoy quiet weather every where. we will spike to 88 in the city. i would say between four or 7:00 o'clock later toward
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evening we will see a scattered shower or thunderstorm pop in a couple spots, bringing in a keyword brief but locally heavy downpour and if you hear thunder you will want to head inside. that is where that is coming from. it is not a sign of anything bigger yet to come here, but the heat is on for yet another day and i have to be honest, i absolutely love this weather so happy summer. >> i will take it. i wore extra deodorant for a day like today because you sweat so much. you are welcomes, guys. it is a bad water main break in glenside. it has been out there since 2:00 a.m., 12-inch water main break right by mount carmel avenue, so take glenside avenue to get around but they do think that it will be cleaned up by this afternoon. so that is, a good thing. lets go to the city of philadelphia and the vine, looking fine, sorry about that , that was a bad one but it looks good so far this morning at 5:33 no delays from i-76 toward i-95. garden state parkway issues
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near great egg tolls, one, southbound, one northbound, it will be out there until late morning, and also in the northeast extension we have got something going on here northbound and southbound, that is near lansdale, the right lane is compromised there, but it doesn't look like it is backing anyone up yet. over on route 70 causing headaches new for a little while bothe and westbound between penn avenue and crop well road alternating lanes get by but it looks like it is all green on the maps, guys, back over to you. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will be back in court today as his federal corruption trial continues. jurors heard opening statements from both side in the center city courtroom yesterday. prosecutors say that williams took part in the five criminal schemes, they say he accepted bribes in exchange for legal favors, williams also allegedly stole more than $10,000 of his mother's pension and social security money that was meant to pay for her nursing home care. williams attorney says d.a. broke in laws with his conduct
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you may remember this horrible video that we showed you back in march? now a delaware county day care worker pled guilty to shoving a young girl down a flight of stairs. surveillance video captured sarah gable pushing a five-year old child. gable was fired from the day care center in upper darby following her arrest. she's facing jail time and will be sentenced in august. well, time 5:35. in business news a big shake up overnight at uber. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange with the details on that plus latest numbers, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning jim and jan. futures right now pointing to a bit of the flat open, yesterday the dow jones dropped 61 points, nasdaq dropped 51. oil prices fell to their lowest level on months in word of the global over supply and less than demand. that is good news as we head in the peak of the summer driving season. the ceo of uber is out, travis kalanick stepped down from the company that he helped create back in 2009, new york times
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reports that numerous board members wrote a letter demanding his resignation, many questioned his leadership following reports of the widespread sexual harassment and discrimination at the company. kalanick will remain on uber's board. that is not the only change that company, uber is adding a tipping feature to the app, available in seattle, minneapolis and houston right now. more cities will be added over next few weeks. burger king tapping into nostalgia to get customers in the door this summer. chain's serving lucky charms milk shake with vanilla ice cream, lucky charms cereals and marshmallows. dairy ruin this and tell you it is 740 calories. >> wow. >> jim and jan. >> i'm not a lucky charms fan. >> my husband is, he will eat it. it might make me sick. >> lucky charms there is something bit, i like froot loops, apple jacks, lucky charms not so much. >> calorie count will make you say no, every time. >> i like marshmallows and lucky charms. >> that is not for me, thanks,
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jill. no surprise here but philadelphia's mix of history, culture and funnies making city of brotherly love a must see destination in the united states. just ask u.s. news and world reports they have ranked philadelphia number two on two big lists, best place to visit in the you had, and best historic destinations in the u.s. new york city, took the top spot on both of those lists. the pennsylvania department of health has issued 12 medical marijuana permits, those permits allow growing and processing of medical marijuana. >> today signals the start of the next phase of medical marijuana pick up program, the 12 permits will have six months in which to become operational. growers, processers may not begin to grow medical marijuana until the department has deemed that they are operational. >> two of the growers and processors are in southeastern , pennsylvania, both in berks county, permits
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for dispensary will be issued later this month. pennsylvania is toughening its an mule cruelty and neglect laws for the first time in more than 30 years new ly passed legislation re classifies such abuse as a felony if it causes severe juror death. it also targets those who tether a dog with a chain, state law currently makes animal abuse a felony in certain situations such as animal fighting or repeated and severe abuse of cats or dogs, and governor tom wolf says he will sign the new legislation. funeral services for otto warmbier will take place tomorrow. we are learning his family has declined an autopsy for him. warmbier died monday just days after north korea released him medical examiner honored his family's request and performed an external examination but official cause of the death remains a mystery. warmbier was released last week but returned to the u.s. in a coma. belgium authorities avoided a large scale terror attack when they gunned down a
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suspect in brussels, central railway station. cell phone video shows moments following the failed attack, we have just learned that the suspect who was killed was from morocco and had gas canisters and nails in his bag he allegedly ran toward the solder after partial explosion , shut shouting. there were no other injuries in that explosion. is there a shake up at top of the saudi royal hierarchy, saudi king replaced country's crowned prince with his son, mohammad sal machine will be first in line to succeed king salman as saudi arabia's ruler he was serving as defense minister but now he will also be deputy prime minister, and saudi arabia is a key u.s. alley in the middle east. britain's prince william celebrates his 35th birthday today william arthur philip lewis windsor was born june 21st 1982. he has achieved highest educational degree of any member of the royal family with the master of arts, no
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word on how he plans to celebrate. well, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to release a draft of the obama carry placement bill as soon as tomorrow. mcconnell says release will be a so-called discussion draft of the g.o.p. bill, and he wants to send final bill to the congressional budget office as soon as possible, so he can issue a report on it next week. mcconnell wants a vote before the july 4th recess. president trump and vice-president pence spent sometime bonding over dinner at vice-president's house. >> the president and first lady traveled to the home of the mike pence and his wife karen last night, they were at residence at naval observatory in washington d.c., about 3 miles away from the white house, the four enjoyed filet mignon and red wine. up next on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" oscar winning actor who is retiring from hollywood. also a rough flight for airline passengers heading to houston we will tell you what sent several of them to the hospital. smoke from the massive
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wild fire in portugal is so thick, it can be seen from outer space, we will have an update on efforts to gain control of the flames, when we come right ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year
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just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪ >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin.
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open a pa able account today by visiting our website at i got to tell you an undisclosed illness forces john ledge toned postpone his upcoming concert in camden, the 10 time grammy award winner apologized to fans on his facebook page for backing out of thursday's show at bb
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and t pavilion. he said he need to recover and rest his voice. university of pennsylvania grad said all tickets will be honored when the rescheduled dates are announced. oscar award winning actor daniel day lewis is retiring from the big screen, his publicist says in a statement that day lewis quote will in longer be working as an actor but she didn't explain why. day lewis is only actor to win three best actor award at the oscars. did he go into semi retirement in the late 1990's but apparently it is for good this time. well, if you are a fan of the rock band the foo fighters turf tell you you will love this one, band has announced its next album, concrete and goal will be released september 15th and to top it off they are going on tour in the u.s., while on tour, foo fighters will join other famous rock band for music festival in southern california on october the seventh. major congrats to singer tony bennet, 90 year-old star
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snagged one of the few music award he didn't already own. he has won 19 grammys and put albums on the charts in seven different decade. well, he received this years girshwin pry for popular song from the u.s. library of congress. >> ninety years old still going strong. >> good for him. >> yes. >> i love when i see him with gaga. >> they are great together. >> what a combination. >> yes. >> so good. >> i don't want to say it is hot, if you don't mind a touch of humidity. >> i don't mean heat but humidity. it is the humidity. >> i can appreciate that wearing a dark suit after all step out and immediately start >> when i garden in my suit, it gets messy. >> you know, i can picture that. >> sad thing. >> yes. >> today will be a very cool day, great beach day, look at that shot. >> it is nice. >> two for two our kyle hall here in camden, taking a
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beautiful, span of the ben franklin bridge. you can see the entire span despite a touch more humidity, it is in the creating any low lying cloud cover, really nice looking start to the day in most locations. we will see that sunshine over city throughout the entire avenue. we will have the opportunity just like yesterday, in previous days to heat up efficiently possibly also with a shower or thunderstorm out there, which will get to it. lets look first at eyewitness weather watchers. i called for pictures. boy, did they deliver. they do anyway but they have got extras this morning. thanks, guys appreciate that. lets look at a handful, you have to look closely but shot of the sliver of the crescent moon off in the distance this came from wayne hunter and beautiful first light of day. look at those colors, just gorgeous, brighter, blue, more yellow to report from jenny jenson in cherry hill, we have more to show you, this is ed's shot from early this morning still a few cloud across
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central and southern new jersey. he hasn't had too much sunlight just yet but this is a promise to you ed with time as the day goes on. let me go back to the radar, take a look at storm scan, here's cloud cover, it even brought in an isolated shower to cape may county, i saw a flick of moisture there but don't worry that much more than that, later on today spotty shower or thunderstorm is promised but keyword there is spotty. now lets look quickly at cindy , still a tropical storm system that has not made land fall. already heavy rain being pushed in the southern states in gulf of mexico. if you have travel interest, family living there, this is something to watch. it should not strengthen further but rain will be the biggest issue here. then look what happens right-hand turn as it storm starts to get drawn in another passing system across the u.s. we are going to be spared from the war of that tropical moisture but friday night into saturday comes our next cold front passage. timing is perfect because of that. we will end up with a
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scattered of showers and storms friday into saturday and by sunday it is clear. this is my personal favorite of forecast, it falls on a weekend and b, sunny and 84, looks awesome. >> i will take that seven day forecast, right. >> yes. >> not bad. >> looks like a nice weekend. >> this looks lake a nice shot 95 northbound. i hope you have sunglasses on because glare behind me is wick right now. no delays but this will probably slow you down just a little bit going north toward academy road, also the boulevard at the schuylkill expressway, if you can tell where it is because of that crazy sun glare, i hope you trust me there are in delays but there aren't just yet at 10 of 6:00 but as you know after 6:00 rolls around that will start to pick up. this is the schuylkill at spring garden, again no other delays, it looks like a good morning, no delays heading in the city of philadelphia, but again that sun glare is going to cause, some slow downs throughout the region. this will too. 10:00 a.m. schuylkill expressway construction between city avenue and the
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blue route, yesterday, and -- excuse me, yesterday and monday was eastbound, today, tomorrow it is westbound and also some 95 construction to tell but keep an eye on this, this starts at 11:00 between allegheny and bridge street, guys, back to you. well, prodigy of the ledge legendary mob deep has died at age of 42. cause of death is unknown but rapper had been hospitalized following a performance in vegas for complications related to sickle cell anemia. it was comprised of prodigy and they saw success in the 90 's with their critically acclaimed album the infamous. crews in portugal are still trying to get some big wild fires under control there but they are making some progress. crews say fires are 70 percent contain, more than a thousand fire fighters are involved in that effort, and hot weather is making the work tough for them. some affect areas have forecast highs of 100 degrees this week, fires killed 64
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people and left 130 others hurt. this morning we are getting new perspective on that fire fighting effort, look at these pictures, they show portuguese fire fighters battled the wild fire taking a much needed break. this was taken by one of the fire fighters there, they were resting on the section of the grass near a river, pictures have been shared 10s of thousands of times, wow. >> such a brutal fire out there. seven people on board united airlines flight are rushed to the hospital. >> officials say they experienced strong turbulence on their way to houston. paramedics cyst ted them yesterday afternoon, plane coming from panama city and landed in houston. pass eveningers were rolled away on gerneys and wheelchairs, one passenger described the scene. >> there was a little turbulence. the plane went very violent. >> many people were crying. >> people, they jumped from the seat of the plane.
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>> we are told passengers suffered minor injuries all are expect to be fine. wear your seat belts when you are sitting in your seat. well, how is this for a surprise? snake comes out from under a car hood while the carries moving. you have to see this one coming up. >> i don't like that. plus bears breaking out of their enclosure what next? we will tell you how many got loose and update you on the effort to get them back when we fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection,
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we're continuing with another animal segment, imagine spending your summer days on a road trip. >> suddenly you see a pair of eyes looking back at you from under the hood. >> my gosh what the hell. >> unreal. >> two men were driving when this happened, they kept going at hopes that the snake with fall off but it kept hanging on at one point they pulled over to try to get it off and eventually it did. i have gotten bugs, um-hmm. >> i never saw a snake, frightening just stay in the car. >> stay in the car if you see this one. one young barry mains on the
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loose after a daring jail break in british, columbia. >> is there one, back safe and sound on the ground in the zoo in british columbia canada officials say bear made it to the roof after climbing through a hole, and now four of the bears are back in their homes but officials say that the fifth is no threat to the public. >> she doesn't like people, she will stay away, she is very much baron and will do her own thing. people do not have to worry. she will not come up to you. she will not eat your dogs. she will very much want to be alone doing their thing. >> yeah, so she says. >> well, two escapees were shipped to another compound and two remain on hand at british columbia wild life center. >> famous last word there. california deputies came across another escapee on monday, they were riding in the patrol car when they saw a llama on the roadway. animal had escape from the pasture they had to walk llama back to the home, there they go, the owner, united him with
5:56 am
his llama buddies after a verbal counseling. >> love it. >> look at him. >> trotting down the road there. >> yes. >> this is cute too. little four year-old girl is ready for spotlight. >> back with human stories now >> over the top singing video has turned into an internet sensation, check this out. >> ♪ >> my goodness like a little katie fehlinger. >> yes, she gave it all at pen brooke pines, so far this video has rack up more than 13 million views on facebook, sophia's mom didn't realize her little charmer was catching the attention of nearly everyone there. >> she just came out there with all of the gusto and it didn't hit me until afterward. everybody was coming up to me and said did you watch her? what i actually watched was video on my phone when it hit me.
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>> ahh. >> she feels like a little superstar. she already has an agent by the way and she models and acts. i told you you have to sell the tickets to the show. >> beautiful. >> so cute. >> good for sophia. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are learning how to fall asleep, should be simple but millions of americans toss , turn praying for some rest, surprising thing doctors recommend doing to help you catch some z's, faster. i don't have any problem with that one jim, not at all. did you know we will have a total solar eclipse this summer, we are chatting live with the nasa scientists about when, where you can see this rare event, that is coming [vo] strong. intelligent. explosive. the all-new audi s5 sportback. in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits.
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the all-new audi q5 is here. hello, summer. it is first day of the season and it is heating up outside, katie will let us know what to expect. plus, the federal say he was constantly on the take but philadelphia's d.a. seth williams lawyers say he didn't commit any crimes, we are live with what to expect as his corruption trial continues. new this morning nearly 100 homes are without water after this water main break? we will tell you when repairs should be complete. today is wednesday june 21st, good morning, i'm jim donovan. 's jan carabao, katie and pat are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning. >> we are keeping an eye on that break, nasty,


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