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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  June 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." developing right now, on "eyewitness news" at noon, search teams have recovered the body after missing swimmer in hamilton township mercer county. the 17 year old boy was swept away while swimming at rowan lake in roebling county park yesterday with three other teens. a friends of the victim says the current pulled them apart. also, this noon, tracking tropical storm cindy, the storm made landfall this morning, in louisianna bringing lots of rain, flooding and powerful winds, and the worse of it not over yet. some parts of the nation's south could see up to foot of rain. and we'll tell you how the storm could affect our area. good afternoon, i'm rahel
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solomon. >> i'm jan carabeo, jim donovan has the day off. we're heating up, already in the 80s. katie fehlinger out on the skydeck to talk about this heat. >> yes, this heat is definitely building already. and i think the thing that always the ads the proverbial insult to injury, humidity now beginning to climb. i wouldn't minds it so much if it wasn't starting to feel so sticky out here, but trust me, you notice that humidity now, although, if you are lucky enough to be going to the pool this afternoon, heading down to the beach for an afternoon, well you pick perfect day for. that will let's show you why. taking a look first and for most, storm scan three devoid of any storms how it stays for a change, of course yesterday heavy thunderstorms that began to rumble through through the second half of the day. burr here we sit, already, everywhere, except mount pocono. what else is new? sitting already into dollars mitt 80s, cooler by comparison, mountains typical obviously but nice weather underway if you don't mind that humidity. keep in mind already at 84, all week can do go up from here, and the peak that far solar angle happens around
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3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon these days, so we still have probably 6 degrees or so up our sleeves here in philadelphia, we're specking the daytime high to reach 90, so yes, it is a hot one folks. with the climbing humidity it makes it feel of course that much worse. but at least you've got sunshine. at least it stays dry, although does not stay that way. so little later in the show, we talked about this just before we came to the show, there are storms in our forecast, i'll let you know when they get here, the timing on everything and when you may want to rearrange some of those outdoor plans, guys, back into you. >> katie we'll check back with you soon, thank you. nearly 1500 homes remain without power this noon, after severe storms rolled through the region yesterday. this was the scene on the 7800 block of limekiln pike, philadelphia west oaklane section. strong winds uprooted trees. fortunately no one was hurt. >> more now on tropical storm cindy, as it churns across the gulf state. the effect of cindy have already claimed the life of a little boy in alabama. and authority are warning residents to take this storm
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seriously. correspondent don champion has a look at some of the hardest hit areas so far. >> cindy made landfall overnight, as a tropical storm, with pounding rain, and powerful winds in southwest louisianna. the rising flood water reached mailboxes in some places, and a canoe was the only way for some people to get around this morning to survey the damage. the tropical storm dumped as much as 10 inches of rain along the gulf coast. forcing drivers to abandon carson washed out roads. >> i was going to drive through it but it was a little too deep to go in with the car. >> cindy's whipping winds caused trouble as far east as mobile, alabama. where trees top kneeled a home. >> i'm thankful nobody got hurt. the stuff that is damaged in the house is just stuff it, can be replaced. >> in florida tornado touched down. destroying the ballfield and uprooting the tree that flattened a truck. >> not usually one for a loss of words but i am now. i can't get over this.
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>> i love this part -- along this part of the gulf coast in bill observation i, downpours happening off and on for three days now, the saturday rated grounds and winds have led to concerns about falling trees. the water is also already knee-deep in some part of the state. the national weather service says flashflooding is possible, in part of texas, mississippi, and arkansas, some areas could receive six more inches of rain before the system moves out later today. don champion, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." workers rescued this morning after scaffolding collapsed in old city. take a look, chopper three over the scene at fourth and walnut st. the workers were removed from the roof of an apartment building. both workers transport today jefferson university hospital with cuts, no word on their exact conditions. viewer sent us this instagram video. police officials stay a line on the scaffolding snapped, causing it to fall nearly 30 feet, to adjacent roof. the 40500 blocks every walnut st. are currently closed due to structural damage.
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a repoman speaking out this noon, after seven year old is towed away inside her mother's car in west philadelphia. >> trang do explains what led to this mishap. >> a mother holds her daughter tight, after a harrowing ordeal overnight, where the sleeping seven year old was accidentally hauled away by a tow truck. >> the daughters okay. she was still asleep when the vehicle was towed. so i'm not even sure if she new she was being taken for a ride on a tow truck. >> it all started here at the domino pizza at the intersection of 45th and chestnut where the mother was inside clocking out for the night. her ford mini-van parked out front with her daughter asleep in the third row. >> this vehicle to me appeared unoccupied. there are two carseat in the second row, that were empty that i could see from the mirror of my truck. >> repoman carmen, said he towed the mini-van, not knowing the little girl was inside. after the girl's mother called 911, he said, he stopped twice
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for officers to look for the child. it was during the second stop, ten blocks away, 50th and woodland, that an officer finally spotted the girl in the back seat. >> i could see a piece of clothing or something, and actually looked like really hard and just yes, the kid is right thereunder neat the blanket. >> the driver says police have cleared him of any wrong-doing, but for chief inspector scott small, many questions remain. >> still concerns us for several reasons. why did this 26 year old mother go inside her place of employment for several minutes leaving her seven year old daughter in the back seat, all alone, at about 2:30 in the morning. >> from kingsessing, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> it could be a bombshell day of testimony today in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia da, seth williams. >> our david spunt has been in the courtroom all morning long. he joins us now, from federal court, in center city, with who the prosecution has put on
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the stands today. david? >> yes, big day, a lot of text messages from the beginning, the federal government has called this justice for sale. today on the stands, man named muhammad ali, friends asomugha owes ate of set william, who authority say he gave seth williams special trips for williams to provide him special security access at philadelphia airport. >> seth williams walked into court on the third day of his fed ram corruption trial, said hello, walk quickly into the building, made the usual pleasantry, refused to say anything else n court he sat sideways, frequently looking at observers and journalists, the judge told his defense attorney to lower his voice and not fight with the witness. williams' charged with what prosecutors label as five schemes. they say he traded influence for bribes. overseas trips. and convertible to name a few allegations. today businessman and williams friends muhammad ali seen going into court took the stand. whether asked why he was friends with williams, ali
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said it was good to know someone in a place of power. according to the government, ali paid for williams' trip to the dominican republic, in exchange for williams to help smooth things over with security screenings at the airport, when ali returned from international travel. in court, a border agent testified that ali came back from a trip to the dominican republic with his family and did not go through the proper customs check upon his return. the agent said philadelphia police metal ' at the jet way and skipped the usual customs. the agent called it, quote, abnormal, and said it appeared ali had a connection. ali gave his testimony a day after authorities discussed williams' alleged deceptive money supposed to pay for his mother's nursing home expenses. federal prosecutors say williams used his mom's money to pay bills and buy clothes. the government also spent time focusing on thousands of dollars of out standing bills at the union league that williams apparently can't settle. >> it is important to remember, seth williams, despite the fact he's on
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trial, he is still the current da here in philadelphia county. he says he has no plans to resign, although his first assistant in the office seems to be running things according to sources. reporting live tonight, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, david, keep us up-to-date. thank you. >> meantime, jurors' names released just four days after the bill cosby sexual assault trial is declared a miss trial. judge steven o'neil granted a motion yesterday, to make the names of all 12 jurors and six alternates public. abc news reporting two members of the injury think prevented cosby from being found guilty, prosecution and defense teams were against the release of the juror's names. route five, back open, in franklin township gloucester county after deadly wrong way crash overnight. investigators say pick-up truck driver heading south in northbound lanes slammed head on into a dump truck causing both vehicles to catch fire. the driver of the pick-up truck died at the scene. we're told the dump truck driver was able to get out of the vehicle. but there is no word this noon
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on if that person was injured. police are asking for the public's help to ida man who stole from a southwest philadelphia church. police released this surveillance video, 6800 block every woodland avenue, investigating series of burglaries at the church. last month a man broke into a shed stealing coolers, tires, and tools worth $3,000. of course if you have any information, philadelphia police want to hear from you. >> coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": as more and more states are legalizing recreational march juan, a we have the result every brand new study that looks at the effect the drug is having on car crashes. >> also, ahead, celebrating summer with snow. we'll tell you where this snowball fight is an annual tradition, when "eyewitness
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>> welcome back, more than half the country legalized marijuana in some form with growing number every states passing laws for recreational use. now, new insurance study shows us that using the drug could lead to more crashes on the road. correspondent chris martinez has the story. >> he was a youthful soul. >> couldn't holds back the tears, last year a colorado teen was sentenced for killing britain's 16 year old son. the teenager smoke marijuana before he plowed into chad. >> worse thing that could have happened in the state of colorado was passing the marijuana law. >> new joint study released by the insurance institute for highway safety, and highway lost data institute, shows
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some concerning numbers, that may link legalized recreational marijuana, increased risk of crashes. the research examined crash data in three of the first states, to make pot legal. >> the big take away, is that legalizing recreational use of marijuana in colorado, washington, and oregon, has not been good for highway safety. >> insurance data on collision claims showed colorado had 14% more crashes, compared to surrounding western state. >> washington had more than a 6% increase, and oregon, was four and a half% higher. those statistics could lead to higher premiums for drivers with legalized marijuana. >> if crashes continue to increase, insurers will have to takings to compensate for that risk. >> says it needs to be studied more closely specially in several other states like california, massachusetts and nevada, that haves recently passed legislation, to
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legalize recreational pot. chris martinez, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news." well, americans are expected to travel in record numbers, over the upcoming july 4th holiday. triple a predict 44.2 million people will travel at least 50 9 increase from last year's records for the holiday. majority of the travelers expected to travel by car, but, airline travel, that's also expected to rise for the eighth year in a row. >> and if you are expect to go travel, this is some good news. drivers are enjoying the cheapest gas prices at the start of summer, in 12 years. gas prices fell ten sent, since the beginning of june. thank to the recent drop in the cost of oil, after prank price for gallon of regular 2.28. triple a says gas prices have been falling ever day, since june 2nd. >> just need somewhere to go, now. need a road trip, vacation. >> we'll think about it on the break. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news," good news for coffee drinkers. >> how climate change could affect your cup of joe. katie? >> oh, boy. guys looking ahead to weekend
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that does feature bit of half and half forecast. still tracking cindy. what's left of it, anyway. in the meantime, that does mean that we are going to see some thunderstorms rumble through the area saturday, which we will time out for you on the other side. also real nice weather on sunday. so, i'll walk you through the pattern change, again bit of half and half weekends and half and half forecast, we will tell you all a
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>> tropical storm cindy made landfall. >> while most bracing for the impact, some were embracing it. dozens of beef goers took to the sands and surround in galveston, yesterday, despite the risk for dangerous weather. enjoyed a storm swell that produced five to 6-foot waves, actually the kind of day they've been waiting month for. >> i pretty much only come down one of those tropical
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storm, where hurricane is about to hit. >> not my cup of tee. live threatening flashfloods and tornadoes cindy is expecting. >> schools across philadelphia n opening, first of the city's 73 pools opened today. all will be open by july 1st. the city has three indoors pools, seven open outdoors for residents to cool offer. going to need it today. >> katie that's a lot more my speed, something, controlled, on the side. >> controlled. >> how far you are? >> you don't get sands in your suit, yes. >> no. >> perfect combination. >> the place to be, right? yes, perfect pool weather no matter where you are in the region here this afternoon, and i'll show you couple of shots, actually, outside of philadelphia where folks are enjoying that very same thing. >> with time, storms do make their arrival, so, eventually
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is going to be a downhill side to this forecast which we will get to. but let's enjoy the nice sunshine while we have t1 of my favorite shots, outside lake harmony here, seen motor boat coming through, jack frost, big boulder, lake harmony in the distance, no frost to find in this particular camera shot. and you can even see the boat slip offer in the distance, just such a beautiful looking start to the afternoon here. >> the for the tress up at camel beach, so much fun been waiting all season, finally has, the people enjoying themselves out here in another view of our pocono camera networkment meanwhile, across storm scan3, things definitely pretty active across the mid section, for two separate reasons, a, you have got system working its way east, that is what is impacting our region headed into tomorrow and saturday, then here is now what's left, and this is an update, of what had been tropical storm cindy, now downgraded to tropical
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depression. so even though it has lost somewhat of its strength, it still has ample moisture to work with. and i've been saying all along the legacy of the storm will be the flooding rain it bridges, it may be a depression, not even a named storm at all. if it has the moisture to work with, it can devastate parts of this section of the country. and it certainly is doing that with the incredible rain amount it is bringing in with it. now as this is expected to make right-hand turn, basically south of the ohio river valley, it is not going to adjust -- move right into our region, going to be spared the worse of that, but what we are going to see happen system we mentioned moment ago, sort of draw in some of the moisture, as it fizzled. that will help produce locally drenching rains for our area. friday into saturday. comes through in several different pieces, which we will go over in the seven day. but meantime, again, another pretty shot for you to enjoy. as the beach has definitely filling up here at beach patrol headquarters. and that sun is beating down on you. not just at the shore, this is everywhere.
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so if you are going to enjoy a beach afternoon, we will have the sun block on, please, uv index high up to ten, and 84 degrees, make you want to take a dip. thankfully that rip countries social security low up and down the jersey and delaware shore points. now, looking forward, let's talk about that timing. i'm thinking tomorrow you'll going to have two separate rounds every rain, initially in the morning, some steady showers come through, catch a break, midday, and then see more thunderstorms that could have some gusto to them. second half of the day toward evening. saturday, it is mainly the first half of the day, that the frontal boundery itself starts to cross through, so, as the day progress it is should start to clear out, and that bodes very well for sunday, beautiful looking seconds half of the weekends there with lower humidity, and actually still warm, sunshine sunday, looks like real nice day. >> half and half, indeed. >> thanks, katie. here is a aspect of climate change, you may not have considered. the effect on your next cup of joe. new study published in nature finds ethiopia could lose
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farming lands due to the chime at change. >> can also affect taste, it causes the coffee to rise too fast, less flavor full beans. my family is actually ethiopia. so nod good for us and everyone who consumes coffee it, might mean more expensive coffee, also not good for everyone there who depend on that for their lively hood. >> yes. >> and i like a good dark roast, so that's not good
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>> welcome back, summer officially here, just ask the people on the banks. ohio river. >> why are they celebrating with snow? apparently out there for very special ceremony months in the making. >> yesterday was snowball day, in pittsburgh, people bring snowballs from last winter that they keep in their home freezer, then launch them into the river. all of the fun get pretty technical, too. >> and you can also experiment with the angle of the launch. so, if you are to launch it straight up it, wouldn't go very far. but if you do a 45 degrees angle that will achieve the maximum distance on your launch. >> i always say, 45 degrees angle. >> oh, snowballs are different, apparently the same for the launch apparatus. the annual snowball launch started back in 2006. >> i'm sure the kids enjoy that. >> surely. >> always a good time. that's "eyewitness news" at noon
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>> nick: cat video. father-daughter dance? >> phyllis: what? >> nick: just trying to figure out what's got you so riveted. >> phyllis: i'm just waiting for an update from billy about the brash & sassy case. >> nick: yeah, vick told me there was a lawsuit. she didn't give me any details. >> phyllis: a former employee has claimed that she was sexually harassed. >> nick: billy? >> phyllis: why would you assume that? why would you say that? >> nick: the dude has shown a stunning lack of judgment, so i just assumed -- >> phyllis: then that would make you an ass. cane is the one who's named in the lawsuit. >> nick: cane? >> phyllis: yes. look, whether he did it or didn't do it, everyone around him is paying the price, and it's all coming to a head today. >> leslie: now, cane, can you


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