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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 22, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> it was at his peak because it was torrential downpour and what happened was one of kid got in the middle of the marsh and got caught in the channel, caught in the current and was, swept down, down the marsh. >> reporter: two park rangers first tried to find barchew and hamilton township police fire, continued to search late in the evening. even waiting through the mud. around 8:30, thursday morning barchew's body was located using sonar officials say it was less than 20 feet frommer with disappeared. his family tells us he could not swim which is not allowed in the park and not a popular thing to do according to locals. >> nobody, nobody was swimming here as far as i know. it is dirty. water is filth i. it is not safe underneath. it is all mud. >> reporter: hamilton township schools released a statement on his death saying marvin was an ongoing student who had a smile on his face and kind word to say. this is second tragedy this week for students in the town, and earlier this week they have experienced a sudden death of school officer thomas white who was a program
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director with the hamilton police athletic league. >> this week is greatly impact , all of our residents, particularly the children. officer white made such a significant difference in the city, for our children. >> reporter: local officials believe these two tragedies may help bring the community together and if any children need help with counseling, they can get that by contacting the school. in hamilton township aim cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". crews have recovered body of the second teenage swimmer who disappeared in the ocean off of atlantic city a week ago. authorities say 15 year-old ramone quinn vanished while attempting to rescue 16 year-old, clea hand. she was caught in the rip current near martin luther king boulevard they were both swept out to sea. hand's body was recovered on monday. many people are heading in the water to escape heat so please, please be careful. on this second official day of summer it was a hot, humid day meteorologist chelsea in grammys on the sky deck to let us know when we might
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expect a break. >> it is feeling like summertime for sure, let's show you temperatures across the delaware valley. we are checking in with numbers that are in the upper 80's in many locations, right now we're checking in around 88 degrees, in philadelphia, we have, 87 degrees located just to our north and down the shore, we are looking at temperatures that are checking in currently in the lower 80's it is 80 degrees right now in wildwood. now dew points are perhaps a little bit more noticeable, you feel humidity, dew point measure of the absolute moisture in the air, we have dew point around 66 degrees, so humidity is more noticeable and in store for a muggy night live look at storm scan three not a whole lot going on until delaware valley. we have showers and storms that are popping up in locations out to our west, that could be impacting us in the latter part of the evening but tons of tropical moisture located down to the south and west in the tennessee valley, that is impacting us later this week and this weekend. we will have details on what
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you can expect coming up in a bit, back to you. >> chelsea, thanks very much. authorities meantime in new jersey are looking for a suspect who was attacking a woman running on a trail. the attack happened on monday night, about 5:00 o'clock at harvest state park in pittsgrove salem county. police say suspect jumped out of the wood on the parvin lake trail. he struck his victim in the face and neck with a stick. she for the back and then ran to the state park campsite where she met up with a new jersey state trooper. the victim was in the seriously injured in this attack. now this is suspect sketch, who is described as a white male, 20 to 30 years old, 6- foot two with a skinny build and short, dirty brown hair. we are learning more about how jurors deliberated in the bill cosby trial. one juror tells the associated press they were almost evenly split in the number of jurors who wanted to quick or acquit. another told abc news they voted 10-two to convict cosby
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on two counts. juror who spoke anonymously to the ap confirmed that vote but said that three jurors later change their mind. trial ended saturday in a mistrial. coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 how conduct in the cosby trial courtroom has spark another investigation. meanwhile representatives for bill cosby say that they are fielding requests for the 79 year-old entertainer to go on a public speaking tour about the justice system. representatives say the request have come from churches and other organizations, including at least one right here in philadelphia. well, it is day three of the philadelphia d.a. seth williams federal corruption trial to day the prosecution called a man to testify, who allegedly benefited from favors in exchange for gifts, to williams. our david spunt was in the courtroom all day long and joins us from federal court in center city to break down all of the days developments, david? >> reporter: ukee, very big day to day, federal prosecutors say that seth williams used his mother's nursing home money for those expenses to pay his own bills, and they say he went on a
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lavish vacation from an associate of the friend named muhammad ali and in exchange for greasing the wheels of justice. federal prosecutors, call it justice for sale, seth williams under federal indictment walks past our camera exchanging pleasantries without talking about the case williams is charged with what prosecutors labeled as five schemes, they say he accepted an all expense paid trip to the dominican republic, from his friend, muhammad ali, seen here walking in to court morning in exchange, authorities say williams promised ali he would smooth over the customs security process, when ali returned to the united states. in court, a border agent testified that ali came back from a trip to the dominican republic with his family and did not go through the proper secondary screening customs checks. the agent said a philadelphia police officer met ali at jet way and skipped the secondary screening. the agent called it abnormal and said it appeared ali had a
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special connection. the judge told williams defense attorney to lower his voice and not fight with the witness. ali told jury he befriended williams because he was a man who had power, during the day 's testimony williams sat to the side, taking notes, and frequently looking back at observers and journalist, one of williams friend sat in the front row highlighting bible verses. at the end of the day as he left the courthouse williams told us this. >> first thankful for my attorneys they are doing a great job. >> reporter: according to prosecutors and text messages presented today muhammad ali told seth williams allegedly that he had a friend that had some legal trouble but he didn't want to go to jail. williams allegedly wrote back that he would look into the issue. williams attorney said while d.a. may have made bad decisions did he nothing illegal and they look forward to presenting their side of the case. reporting live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you so much. also tonight parts of the walnut street in olde city remain closed after
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scaffolding on and apartment building collapsed sending two workers to the hospital. police say a line snapped, dropping the scaffolding nearly 30 feet, on to the rooftop of a adjacent building at fourth and walnut street. workers were transported to jefferson university hospital, and there is no word on their conditions, just yet, police say the 40500 blocks of walnut street will remain closed until tomorrow morning. philadelphia police continued to investigate why a seven year-old girl was asleep in a car, towed by a repossession man earlier this morning. special victims unit is now hand telling case and they want to know how long the girl 's 26 year-old mother was inside of the west philadelphia pizza place where she worked, and if she routinely kept her daughter inside the car while she was at work. investigators are interviewing co-workers and checking surveillance cameras to try to piece everything together. police say the answers will help them deciding whether the woman should face child endangerment charges. >> all we can do is look at
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what happened this day i'm sure from what investigators say they will piece it together to see if there are instances of this and that may be the result of not only talking to the mother but other people that work there to see if that is something that is recurring. >> police say mother is being held on outstanding warrant in an unrelated case, the operator was already cleared by police. northbound route 55 reopened around mid-morning after being shut down, for hours, as police investigated a deadly wrong way crash. chopper three over the scene in franklin township gloucester county. investigators say pickup truck heading south in the northbound lanes, slammed head on into a dump truck causing both vehicles to catch fire. the driver of the pick up was killed, and still unclear if the dump truck driver was injured. well, this is the night, sixers nation has been waiting for, as specially now that the team has traded up for first pick in tonight's nba draft. >> it is a big night, excitement is building, cbs-3 sports director don bellies live at barclay center in
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brooklyn as team gets ready for this huge night. we're all ready, don. >> let's go. >> it is a huge night and just under two hours the nba draft will get underway and the sixers they have the number one selection, in this draft, as you mentioned and they are expected to take the top prospect in the land, that is guard markell fultz out of the university of washington. he is 6-foot four, 190-pound, explosive scorer, averages 23 points per game and his lone season with the huskies. his squad did struggle, they who their final 13 games, nine -22 overall but he is said to be a good leader and he is even a better teammate. once again he is expected to go number one overall to the sixers. >> i want to read you a tweet he sent this morning at 8:30. he said i woke up thanking god for everything, per usual, my life is about to change in a few hours and i'm full of emotion. we hope fortunes of the philadelphia 76ers is about to change, as well.
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now coming up later on in the show we will hear from his high school coach down in de massa high school in maryland. coming to you from brooklyn insuring, i'm don bell, cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> can i use my slogan now it is fultz steam ahead for sixers. >> what is that. >> fultz steam ahead. >> one more time. >> you know, i told you last night i was going to use it, fultz steam ahead. >> kaine use it. >> i could not hear ya. >> he wants to use it later tonight. >> i'm sorry. >> that is all right. >> well played he wants to use it tonight, thanks, buddy, i'll get back to you. coming up later it has been shrouded in secrecy until today senate releases details on the health care bill but are all republicans and democrats on board. forget the stool or bar new work out craze has you doing the downward dog or pigeon pose with your pint of beer. and tropical storm cindy is on the move see trail of
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destruction that it left behind and where the storm is heading now we will be right
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president trump end nine speculation today he confirms he did not make the record goes of his conversation was fired fbi director james comey
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president sent two tweets saying with all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, un masking and illegal leaking of informative no idea whether there are tapes, or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make and do not have any such recordings. and, after months of closed door meetings senate republicans have revealed their plan to repeal and replace affordable care act. it makes some changes to the house passed bill, democrats and even some republicans, though are already lining autopsy begins it. demonstrators protested outside mitch mcconn em's office immediately after majority lead's announced the senate g.o.p. plan to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> because obama carries a direct attack on the middle class and american families deserve better then its failing status quo. >> reporter: plan eliminates individual mandate forcing people to buy health insurance as well as some obama care
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taxes. it also makes cuts to medicaid payments but not as quickly as house version, and it keeps some protections for people with preexisting conditions but democrats say millions will lose health insurance, if the bill is passed. >> senate republicans are going to keep telling americans that they are fixes their health care, right up until the second when it gets taken away. >> reporter: plan also sparked a rare back and forth on the senate floor as democrats said they were shut out of the process. >> let us right now, democrats and republicans, sit down, and try to come up with a bipartisan bill. we're willing to do it today, now, this minute. will you accept that offer. >> if i thought that was a sincere offer i would take it in a minute, in a new york minute, but it is not. >> senate will be in order. >> reporter: president trump said some details still need to be negotiated. >> we would love to have democratic support but they are obstructionist we went get one no matter how get is.
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>> reporter: first president has to win over republicans, kentucky senator rand paul say he and three other g.o.p. senators will in the vote for the bill as currently written putting its eventual passage in jeopardy. senator bob casey joined fellow democrats in opposing the bill, he says it hurts middle class families and the poor, meantime, senator pat toomey praised the bill written by fellow republicans. he says this is first step to replacing the affordable care act with something better and simple. local federal employees rally with aid begins proposed budget cuts today. "eyewitness news" on independence mall they are concerned about the possibly limb nation of the jobs in the environmental protection agency, social security administration, veterans administration and national park service. unions representing the employees organized this rally cindy has weakened to a tropical depression but storm system is still making life miserable along the gulf coast storm made land fall overnight in southwest louisiana packing 40 miles an hour wind and rain
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downpours in mississippi led to flash flooding making driving very dangerous. some road were even washed away, heavy downpours made people question their decision toss ride out the storm and flood prone areas. >> this is crazy, i will not stay a night again because where we was, the water was almost inside the camper, lights went out. >> as remnants of cindy moved north some areas of arkansas and tennessee could get 5 inches of rain. look at this amazing video from pensacola beach, florida, cindy's arrival spawned this water spout. it came out of the gulf, across the beach and made its way cross a resort. no injuries were reported. down south, hot weather up here for us. >> hot, humid, feels like summertime for sure, great place to be during this weather, that is down the shore or down the beach. so things are looking great down there and our delaware beaches. we have some cloud that have been on the increase, throughout the afternoon here is a live look but still tons
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of people out there enjoying the boardwalk, also enjoying beach we are not seeing sunset until 8:32. loving these long, long days. nice weather, down there but unfortunately the entire weekend will not bring us beautiful beach day but we will get to that. 88 degrees in philadelphia, that ace above average for this time of the year. we are at 83 in millville. eighty in wildwood. it is 81 in atlantic city. eighty-seven in allentown. eighty-seven in reading. it is right around 79 in mount pocono. perhaps more noticeable thing when we step outside it is humidity. it has been on the rise, dew points are in the middle 60's in the delaware valley. in the 70's in some spots down the shore. seventy-four in wildwood. with the dew point around 66 degrees we are in the more steamy category and dew points will be on the rise as we head into tomorrow, and also saturday we will see those dew points climbing up in the lower 70's. we will make tonight that oppressive range once again.
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here's good news there is not going to last all that long. we will get a break from the heat and humidity. we have to get pennsylvania next couple days here. we are down to 87 on saturday, but still with that humidity will make it feel warm. we will have plenty of rain and we will talk about. that we will drop down by sunday to 84 degrees. in the only that but we will get a break in the humidity too. it will feel more comfortable as we head into sunday afternoon. monday we are well below average with the high of 80 degrees. can't ask for much more during this time of the year. eighty-one into tuesday and dealing with the break in humidity. storm scan three shows not a whole lot across the delaware valley. we have a couple showers and storms popping up located out to our west, moving through portions of central pennsylvania these could make tonight our neighborhood later this evening and then it looks like as we lose that day time heating after midnight things will be very, very quiet. looking down to the south and west they tons of tropical moisture associated with what was tropical storm cindy, that will be making it up in tour neighborhood as we head in the
5:20 pm
next couple of days and that could bring heavy downpours just due to the tropical nature of this rain at this point that is moving n here's how things play out tonight 7:00 p.m. we will have a couple showers, brief thunderstorm, things quiet down. then we will have risk for showers tomorrow morning, little bit of the break during midday and another chance for some showers and thunderstorms as we head into your friday night but then by saturday morning look at this moisture that moves in. it is a wet start tour day as we head into saturday. here's what you can expect tonight increasing cloud, shower early, 74 degrees for that overnight low temperature tomorrow will be another hot, humid one, grab umbrella we will have risk for showers and storms around and you're witness or down the shore lets talk about that real quick. i told you i month. things looking in the too great as we head in the first part of the weekend but mostly sunny by sunday. that is the best beach day as we head into the next three days. here's you're witness weather seven day forecast lets get back to the first part, things
5:21 pm
looking better by sunday and then really comfortable weather heading our way by next week all the way through middle of the week. >> that looks good. >> here's one how weather and changing climate could affect your morning coffee, that is coming up in our next half an hour. how about a little downward dog with your beer, is there a new washing out trend that mixes yoga pose was a pint, don. >> markell fultz is expected to be number one overall selection for sixers. well this week we took a trip down to maryland and check in with his high school basketball coach, hear what he had to say about the top
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this is it, won't be long now big night for sixers and sixers nation especially since the team made the move for that number one overall pick. >> big night for markell fultz who will be most likely sixers pick tonight. sports director don bellies live in brooklyn with fultz rise to stardom, hi there, don
5:25 pm
>> hi there guys. for top prospects the trip to the nba isn't often paved with gold. sometimes you have to get play through adversity to get where you want to be. that happened for markell fultz. lets take a look and a listen. >> he was talented enough to play on our varsity team but i was concerned how many men he would get to play with, and i was a fool in hindsight but in terms of his leadership and leading other players and his work ethic that year really helped him develop. >> develop he did, fultz went from junior varsity to becoming one of the top three or four players in the country as a senior. dozens of big time scholarship offers began to roll role in but he chose the university of washington which had been recruiting him all along. >> he is a loyal kid. >> wasn't an easy year for fultz and huskies they struggled with a nine-22 record leading some to question whether or not he can be a winner, but coach jones says, you can stop right there
5:26 pm
>> the thing about a winner is ridiculous. he won in high school. he won on his u.s.a. basketball. he had one season for four months where they weren't very successful. you cannot tell me this kiddies a winner and four months of basketball dis credits the rest of his basketball resume. that doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: jones says fultz is just as good off the court as he is on it. >> that is something that the philadelphia community will enjoy because he will not be the kid that just shows up to his games and goes home. he will be out in the community. he will be an inspiration to young african-american boys in particular, but to the community as a whole. >> reporter: demassa high school has produced to 22 nba players but markell would be first to be drafted number one overall. >> unbelievable. it is a great story. it is a true testament to what hard work does. >> some guys they achieve a certain level of stature or status and they are
5:27 pm
comfortable. markell is just going to okay, a cheered this goal now, my next goalies, and then, truly work hard. he will never be satisfied. he is always going to try to prove people wrong. he will be one heck of a pro and i can't wait to watch him. >> and these guys can't wait to watch him as well, here's the big apple, got a little brotherly love here. ukee and natasha they have a message for you,. >> trust the process, trust the process. >> yes. >> back to you guys you got it >> big time. >> nicely done. >> thanks. >> process end tonight, this is it. >> thinks where it starts. >> can't wait. >> coming up next, possible terrorism on american soil, what authorities are learning about the man that they say stabbed the police officer inside a michigan airport and the disturbing details about his actions before, and after, the attack. you know would you think it would be great to be in
5:28 pm
line for british thrown, however, prince harry has some surprising comments about his family, and who really wants to be king or queen, we will be right
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the news continues now at 5:30, here is what you need to know right now, authorities recovered body of 17 year-old swimmer marty barchew in hamilton township mercer county. on wednesday he went missing in the water at john robeling park during a celebration of summer. police are searching for suspects who attacked a woman who was running on a trail at the par vin state park in salem county. it happened monday. woman for the back but was not seriously injured. muhammad ali took witness
5:32 pm
stand for prosecution today in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. the will yams is accused of accepting an all expenses paid trip to the bow minute can republican from ali, in return , williams promised to smooth over customs security at phl when ali returned from abroad. and also tonight the stabbing of a police officer in flint michigan, airport is now being investigated as terrorism. good evening, everyone i'm natasha brown. aim ukee washington. investigators say suspect has a hate of the united states. the suspect shouted god is great in arabic before stabbing police lieutenant jeff neville in the neck at flint michigan airport, in what investigators are now calling a lone wolf attack. >> continued to explain all a and made a statement something to the effect of you have killed people in syria, iraq, and afghanistan and we are all going to die. >> reporter: flint journal reports that the married father of three is a dual citizen of can inadequacies
5:33 pm
and tunisia and lived in montreal for 10 years. he is in custody as incident is investigated as a act of terrorism. according to a criminal complaint filed wednesday, surveillance shows he spent 47 minutes in the airport, before the attack. he arrived, around 8:52 a.m. with two bags. about 9:10 he went to a restaurant on the second floor where he stayed for about 28 minutes. the documents alleged that he entered a rest room, dropped off his bags, came out and stabbed neville 52nd later. >> the lieutenant neville never stopped fighting, never stopped fighting. >> reporter: criminal complaint said he asked the officer who subdued him why he didn't kill him. police searched the montreal apartment of the suspect wednesday afternoon. three people have been taken in for questioning. >> we have no information to suggest a wider plot. >> reporter: he has been charged with committing an act of violence at an airport. flint airport police said lieutenant neville was moved
5:34 pm
from critical to satisfiry condition yesterday. the suspect will remain in custody until a bond hearing next wednesday. newly released video in the shooting death of the philando castille shows his girlfriend diamond reynolds being consoled by her four year-old daughter just after the shooting. >> it is okay, i won't hurt you. >> at one point child asked her mom to stop screaming because she doesn't want her to get shot too an officer shot and killed castille during a traffic stop near minneapolis last year, last week jury acquitted that officer of manslaughter. now to a case of road rage in southern california, that is going viral, watch as a motorcyclist and driver get too close to each other, motorcyclist kicks the car, the car swerves, bumps
5:35 pm
motorcycle and then skid back into traffic hitting another car. it happened yesterday on freeway 14 in santa claire, we're told one person suffered minor injuries and there is no word what spark the incident. today funeral services was held for american college student who died after being imprisoned in north korea for 17 months. friend and family of otto warm bier led the procession in wyoming high school in cincinnati where he spoke four years ago at graduation. the 22 year-old returned to ohio in the coma last week, the exact cause of his death is still unclear, his family declined an autopsy, and u.s. blames the north korean regime for his death. disturbing new details in the investigation in the deadly london apartment building fire, combustible siding is expected to have contributed to this spread of this fire that killed at lee 79 people. today prime minister teresa may's office revealed that the combustible siding has now been found on seven other high rise buildings in england. the government is checking
5:36 pm
siding on all of those buildings. and britain's prince philip has been discharge from the hospital after treatment for an infection. philip, husband of the queen elizabeth the second, was admitted to the hospital tuesday just as a precautionary measure. prince philip turns 96 earlier this month. last month he announced he was stepping down from public life , and wouldn't take on anymore charity rolls. more royal news now britain's prince harry has suggested that no one in the royal family really wishes to rise to the thrown. harry says in an interview with newsweek magazine it is duty rather than desire that prompts family to continue serving the british people. harry revealed his distress at having to walk behind his mother's coffin as a 12 year-old child following princess diana's death in the 1997 car accident. the former owner of the house where hitler was born is challenging a decision that gives ownership of the property to the australian government. a woman filed a legal
5:37 pm
challenge against a law that allowed the government to acquire the three story home. hitler was born there in 1889. officials want to use the home for people with disabilities and break its historic connection to hitler. do you have trouble sleeping? well, coming up new advice from some doctors that may seem to defeat the purpose but they say it will help you get, solid sleep in no time. if you need a cup of coffee to possibly wake you up in the morning you will want to hear this. climate change could affect that cup of joe, chelsea. we're keeping a close eye on the weekend as some tropical moisture from what was cindy moves our direction, and we will have the risk for thunderstorms and showers as we head in the day saturday but then by sunday we will start to delilah's out and we will have lower humidity as well and very comfortable temperatures so sensational weather is on the way for part two of the weekend, we will be right
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you can explore the work of legendary photographer michael nichols at philadelphia how museum of art for three decade michael nichols has traveled all over the world, capturing nature's wildest animals and vast landscapes. wild. michael nichols opens up june 27th and runs through september 17th. well, are you thinking of getting out of town for upcoming july 4th holiday? if so you are not alone. >> triple a predicts 44.2 million americans will travel, 50 miles or more, for the holiday weekend. if you are flying, driving there is some good news, average airfares are about 10 percent lower this year then last year, top u.s. destinations and gas prices are at lowest levels in more than a decade leading up to the holiday.
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right now filling up in pennsylvania is costing drivers $2.48 a gallon in, new jersey a gallon of gas average s about 2.32. drivers in delaware are paying 2.20 for a gallon. driving down the shore tomorrow, join news sea isle city for our summer fest celebration. pat gallen gets the party started early tomorrow morning and then i'll there been at 5:00 p.m. with lauren casey, alexandria hoff, showing off all of the things that draw people back to sea isle year after year including sea isle city food truck festival, that is tomorrow right here on cbs-3. love me some food trucks. >> you will to have bring some back, ukee. >> maybe. >> okay. >> of course, i will. >> i will give you some cash. >> i gotcha, we're a family. new work out trend makes you feel like you are in a bar >> um-hmm. >> a very relaxing bar. >> we will show you exactly what this is all about coming
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the climate change you may not have considered at all, how it can affect your next cup of joe. new study published in nature plants find ethiopia could lose a significant amount of suitable farming land because of climate change. ethiopia is world's fifth
5:46 pm
largest coffee producer. climate change can effect change, warmth causes coffee to ripe even too fast meaningless flavorful beans. is there a new kind of sleep therapy aimed at people, who wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. health reporter stephanie stahl is in the einstein health care science center to explain how it all works. the science of sleep is complicated, and issue for millions of americans. instead of drugs this new therapy says that if you want to sleep more, try sleeping less. >> whenever i go to bed i would say you have to go to bed now, and then an hour goes by and then it is like now i only have seven hours, six hours and then it is the morning. >> reporter: this was the unhappy and unhealthy way megan grant slept, or tried to sleep, at night. >> i was just sort or laying in my bed, trying to sleep. >> reporter: her doctors suggested a new therapy that i had megan getting up, out of
5:47 pm
bed if she was awake for more than 30 minutes. >> i was like what do you mean like that doesn't sound right to me. >> reporter: it is called restrictive sleep therapy. >> once we toss a turn for 30 minutes get out of bed and don't get back in until you are tired again. >> concept of laying there and resting in bed, felt better then liking nothing to do something else, so i was a little reluctant at first. >> reporter: she likes idea of drug free therapy, even if the doctor prepared her for discipline, the process requires. >> when i'm suggest to go someone if you have been up three to 3:30 in the morning get out of your bed and bedroom, they will will look at me like i'm crazy at first but rationally intuitively it does make sense. >> admitly the first few nights will be terrible. >> reporter: once patients are out of bed they should try simply reading, no tv or electronics, no food or alcohol. >> it seems very backward, kind of counter intuitive that we ask people to be sleeping
5:48 pm
less when we try to get them to sleep better. >> reporter: idea to quiet the mine, staying calm as they wait to get tired again. doctors say it can take several weeks to relearn how to sleep. >> eventually you will sleep and that is a very simple idea , but it really works, works neatly. >> every night i'm loving going to bed. it is greatest feeling. i get in in my bed, i'm cozy, ready to go. it makes a world of difference >> reporter: doctors say people experience marked improvement in the quality of sleep after about a week of restricted time, in bed. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". everybody was quiet in studio, check ago this out. >> interesting taking pointers >> well, weather was perfect today for opening of the new park in camden. >> "eyewitness news" was on hand for ribbon cutting of the new spray ground in vonita park, new spray place is nature theme and features tree branch that showers kid as they play, a lock archway, and
5:49 pm
spray that pop up like budd and rain garden that captures infiltrates and treats the spray ground's water. it looks like kid had i great time for opening day. >> they sure did. >> did you see those faces. >> perfect day for that, don't you think. >> absolutely i want to go there. >> that looks like fun. >> nice place to cool down on a hot, humid day to day. dew points in the mid 60's. that makes it feel uncomfortable. that is threshold where you are like it is starting to feel uncomfortable. we will deal with more of that , lets take a live look outside, right now, it is not a bad evening in the city. it is definitely feeling like summer. it is first full day of summer for sure and it is a nice evening but we could run into a couple showers later on this evening and especially as we head in the next couple of days we're tracking tropical moisture that is heading our way. we have weather watchers that have been checking in this evening with temperatures in the 80's out there we will show you reports that we have gotten in recently. we have general any cherry
5:50 pm
hill right around 87 degrees in her neighborhood. john in mullica at 85. i will show you several other people reported numbers in the 80's, feeling summer-like for sure, david in norristown right around 82 and then we have a chesterfield ed, it is 89 degrees in his backyard. lets show you numbers across the delaware valley. we have been checking in the 80's all afternoon, 88 degrees currently in philadelphia. eighty-five in wilmington. eighty-seven in allentown. in the upper 70's in mount pocono. down the shore we have lower 80's down there cooler down there in 81 in atlantic city. eighty million-dollar wildwood dew points in the mid 60's in philadelphia that will start to feel uncomfortable, as i was telling you. we are in the steamy category, abe as we head in the next couple days we will be teetering on to that oppressive category and that will make it feel really uncomfortable out there. here's good news it will not last all that long we have to
5:51 pm
deal with the heat, humidity for about two days and then links looking much better heading in tour sunday, dropping down more seasonal norms and below average as far as high temperatures are concerned for monday and tuesday with high in the low 80's, and in addition to that humidity will be in check. it will feel good for sure out there across the delaware valley we are quiet here on storm scan three. just some cloud starting to build in. we have a couple showers moving through central pennsylvania, and state college area. these will be tracking east, likely entering our neighborhood as we head in the latter part of the evening tonight but by midnight things calm down, we will lose that day time heating and everything falls apart. looking to the south and west a lot of moisture right now moving in the tennessee valley , associated with what was tropical storm cindy now been downgraded so that will be moving in our neighborhood during the next two days. we could see serious downpours just due to the nature of the air mass that is pushing in. so couple showers around, this evening but look at how things
5:52 pm
fall apart by midnight, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies as we head in the overnight hours tonight. we have a couple showers moving through during the morning commute, tomorrow so keep that in mind, there is going to be wet road out there a little break during middle of the day, things are less active and then another chance for showers and storms moving in as we head into your friday evening, friday night, overnight into saturday and look at this moisture that will be swinging on through as we head into saturday during first part of the day. definitely will be a drencher on saturday but if we play our card right by afternoon things are looking better. tropical moisture. locally heavy downpours could be possible, minor flooding and then look at that clearing from west toe, as we head into the day on saturday. down the shore, not the best beach weekend but if we can get just past friday and saturday, sunday has high of 79 and mostly sunny skies. here's your forecast, seven, four increasing cloud, showers early but mostly cloudy.
5:53 pm
mostly cloudy tomorrow with showers and thunderstorms and high of 88 degrees. we will get that break in the action and at least during lunch hour. so for saturday 87 degrees, you're witness weather seven day forecast 84 sunday, lower heat, humidity, things feeling comfortable through middle of next week, guys, back to you. water is typically beverage thaw think of drinking while exercising. >> but not for this group of people in indiana they are drinking beer, during yoga class. the yogis meet at a brewhaus and in between downward dog posts they take sips of beer. brooke arm brewster says beer turns up the fun factor. >> a lot of people think that yoga is super serious exercise , that you can only do if you are touching your toes and bend backward and the beer yoga just makes it fun. >> well, right now only a few beer yoga classes are
5:54 pm
scheduled but organizers are hoping to make it a perfect feature. >> wow. >> you no what, too much, you have to drive home from class. >> i don't know i feel like it is tough enough. i just start doing yoga again. we don't want to complicate the process. coming up next big revelation by courtney cox what she says she will never do again. and the hans solo movie in jeopardy until a major movie director saves the day, those stories and more in today's hot minute with bex when we come right back.
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so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. courtney cox has skin care advice for her friend. millennium falcon movie has a new pilot. tom brady gives up football for wrestling.
5:58 pm
bex from 96.5 has more of the sizzle in the hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and natasha courtney cox knows a thing or two about friend and facial fillers are not one of them. five three-year old actress says that she's all natural again after being unhappy with her look, following, too many injections. cox says everything is going to drop, i was trying to make it not drop but that made me look fake. oscar winning director ron howard has been hired to trek upcoming untitled hans solo film. it comes two days after lucas films and disney let director phil lord and chris miller go for creative differences over style and tone. new england patriots quarterback tom brady is men to pull off miracles on the field, but in a new under arm or promotional video on the matt is a different story, five time champion kept his sense of humor while taking on assume owe wrestler but obviously was no match, 355
5:59 pm
pounder. that is the hot minute i'm bex from 96.5. >> tom could have gotten hurt. >> was he protecting his arms. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. coming up at 6:00. neighbors across philadelphia are asking city leaders to step up in battling opioid epidemic, i'm anita oh in kensington eye opening items presented to council members this morning. and a new investigation surrounding the bill cosby trial but it does not involve the famed philadelphia comedian. we will show you why something that happened inside of the montgomery county courthouse is now being looked into. also the process, complete , we're live from brooklyn as sixers prior to select the first overall pick, everything that you need to know about the man experts think is going to be the next sixer. chelsea. >> we are tracking moisture heat and humidity i will have what you can expect in your exclusive forecast coming up
6:00 pm
next. sanctions in kensington. the residents on the block would rather see drug deal pores lease block then police. >> now at 6:00 concerns about the crisis, a philadelphia neighborhood feeling the effects of the heroin epidemic , and the tragic signs , were on display today. organizers and city leader are coming to go to shine a light on the problem and work for a solution. i'm ukee washington. i'm natasha brown in nor guess contact "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh are live at city hall where people were tackling the issue today. >> reporter: it has gotten so bad that even some local librarians are taking it upon themselves to learn how to administer narcan as people overdose outside of their doors, and those in the community are asking city leaders to step up saying this isn't just an issue that need to be handled but an emergency , crisis that demand


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