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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i'm ukee washington here in sea isle city for summer fess. we got here around 1:00 this afternoon very warm but i think temperatures have dropped at least 10 or 15 degrees as those line of thunderstorms are on the horizon. lets check this severe weather information from our lauren casey here in sea isle city with me, lauren. >> thanks, ukee. we have dry conditions right now but we have a severe thunderstorm watch for every area west of i-95 that runs until 10:00 o'clock this evening. we have some warnings in effect right now as well. we will get over to storm scan three and show you what is going on as we look toward berks county, lehigh county and northwestern suburbs as well where we have severe thunderstorm warnings until 6:30 for possibility of 60- mile an hour wind, we will give thaw warning information. these cells are moving off east at 45 miles an hour, right now, under this warning, parts of the berks county, montgomery county, west central bucks county and northeastern chester county for about the next half an
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hour, cells moving east at 40 miles an hour with the possibility of damaging wind. we could see once again as we have already seen this week some down trees, some down power lines, earlier in the week we had incidents where we had down trees and cars so you need to yield appropriate safety precautionness these areas under severe thunderstorm warning. we have that watch in effect as these cells will move east as we head in the next several hours and likely impact areas closer to the city. philadelphia county is under a severe thunderstorm watch which means conditions are favorable for development of severe weather until 10:00 o'clock this evening. we will talk about severe weather threat plus improving conditions as we head in the second half of the weekend but we have to get through heavy rain as we head into tomorrow morning. we will have more in the full forecast coming up in a few. all right, lauren we definitely will get back to you. summer fest continues here at promenade in see sill city. lots to sianni learn when it comes to history.
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we caught up with the cure eighthors of the sea isle city museum and give you a background on that right now, very, very interesting. town was found in the 1800 by charles kay landis, landis and his children developed the island used for cattle and grazing into a peaceful, healthy community. michael mikhail marvels over the way his community has grown over years. before becoming layer serving as a local tour guide and taking overee sea isle city historical society he was a, summer regular. >> we came down here, the day after school ended, and never put our shoes on except to go to church. it is a spiritual concept. when you come here in the summertime people are relaxed. they want to enjoy. >> they certainly do. this city is a place full of resilient locals, in 1962, a nor'easter wiped out the town but they rebuilt, stronger and better than ever. today you'll find thriving businesses, pristine beaches
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and people who loved to spend time in their community, by the ocean. now there aren't many historical buildings left in sea isle but if you are willing to look for them, those still standing are made very useful. like the first bank of sea isle city, first bank of sea isle was formed in 18988 at sea isle building and loan. when founding fathers of the sea isle city saw need to pre mote home ownership among area residents and it is still, lending, today. and just across the street, st. joseph catholic church is still thriving today, and first formed in the late 1880 's congregation has expanded, but the original church building is part of its construction. you can still marvel at the original architecture and beautiful, stained glass windows, on landis avenue. now another reminder, another reminders of the past is the main drag itself, landis avenue was named for founder charles k landis. landis is consider the man that really put sea isle on
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the map, when he purchased it in 1880 he had been inspired by a recent trip to italy and pressed by beauty and charm of venice and other italian cities. landis sought to recreate that atmosphere in his resort community. he renamed it from ludlum island to sea isle sit and had waterways and canals and imported art and statues from europe to try to give the fledge link community an old world ambience. this town is also takes pride, in honoring its veterans, that is so important, to everyone here in this community. our jan carabao, introduces you now to one of the hometown heroes. >> reporter: when sunshines on the shore a couple blocks away on a patriotic 50th street visitors will find bill johnson who has owned a home here for 45 years.
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>> i like to sit out here on the porch, and so many people greet and say hi as they go by some i know some i don't know. i always like to tell people thinks best street in sea isle city. >> as proud as he is, johnson is proud tore call himself a veteran. >> my son had this made for me >> enlisted in the arm any 1942 johnson was a radio seven operator communicate to go morse code. he served in the european and pacific theaters. >> i will some men. >> reporter: he doesn't consider himself a hero, ever modest. >> difficult what i was assigned to do, you know, and it work out and fortunately i came back. >> reporter: still medals on his wall say otherwise. johnson earned a honorable discharge november 11th, 1945. >> what is presented on armistice day, now today ites veterans day. >> reporter: now every veterans day, and memorial day for that matter, johnson comes here to the sea isle veterans park to lead holiday
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ceremonies, pledge of allegiance. as a simple way of saying thank you sea isle city once again this year is offering its veterans a free beach tag, a symbol of gratitude johnson says is greatly appreciated. >> i hope i made a contributions so to speak and as lie back on it, i'm glad that i was able to do what i was able to do what i did. >> reporter: at 96 years old but what started as a summer local is now his year round home, sea isle filled with memories of his late wife sarah. >> to me, she was my girl's sal, yes. >> reporter: their five children, eight grandchildren and nine great grandchildren and one great, great grandchild, his secret to a long happy life. >> it is important to have humor tour life. there is no question bit. it is an important part of longevity, so to speak. >> reporter: good friend, a bit of kindness and that salty sea air don't hurt either n sea isle city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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from heroes, to history, to just having a great time, sea isle city is a very, very special place and we are honored to be here. much more to come, during our broadcast right now lets throw it back to natasha in the studio. >> very special indeed, thanks very much, ukee, see you soon. environmental protection agency meantime has reached a decision about the future clean up of the local neighborhood where the soil is full of crushed car batteries. the neighborhood in west deptford is a toxic super fun site. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live there now with more on what lies ahead for those home owners in that neighborhood, cleve? >> reporter: well, natasha we have been out here several times over the pennsylvania year and a half and residents here keep asking what is the plan, for cleaning up these toxic car batteries in their yard? this week, they got an answer. they tested, they started cleaning up the war of it and now epa is planning to address the rest of the neighborhood built on toxic super fund site
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full of crushed car battery parts. >> basically tear up this whole yard. >> reporter: with choice toss remove none, some or all contaminated soil at 36 properties along wood land avenue in west department for the epa announced they will proceed with the most aggressive and thorough clean up plan, it calls for full partial removal of contaminated soil around and in some cases, under the homes that means some people like carroll martin will to have temporarily relocate. >> i'm very disgusted. i know a pew people are too but it has got to be done and i have no choice. >> reporter: in fall 20 15a sewage repairman discovered a thick underground pile of lead contaminated battery parts. epa says they came for the matteon sons recycling operation less than a mile away which has been under investigation for a decade. in the late 80's neighborhood was built by tempo development group, epa say they mixed it in with filter when they leveled the neighborhood. for decade residents like
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dennis richie has been finding pieces of toxic plastic in their yard. >> all these black, battery casings. >> reporter: he and his wife are beside themselves. >> she's really upset. she wants to get it over with. that is it. i mean you cannot sell your property, so we're here for the duration. >> reporter: families and their pets continue to be exposed, and most people have lawyers. >> yes, somebody in the township i think had to know about this. >> reporter: clean up can start as soon as this fall at a cost of about nine and a half million-dollar, through the epa, and is there a 30 day public comment period, and there will be a meeting on july 6th for residents. we have all of the information on our web site at cbs philly .com and west deptford aim cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cleve, thank you so much. tonight, pennsylvanians are starting to see change toss new drivers licenses including a larger primary photo, a special laminate, and magnetic strip is gone but one thing does stay the same, it is still doesn't meet federal
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requirements. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh went looking for answers as to why. >> reporter: while path department of transportation has just rolled out a new driver's license design the card are still not federally compliant with the real id act legislation implemented after 9/11 terror attack that is security standard for id's accepted by federal government >> they are trying snub the federal, by doing that it way to just be like we will make a new id and not compliant. >> reporter: penndot spokeswoman alex is campbell said while it has been working on a redesign in two years, 2012 law barred a real id act. that change last month when governor wolf sign legislation that would bring the state to compliance but the actual card won't be available until early 2019. >> we could not put them all on hold to wait for real id. >> reporter: unless the department of home land security grants state continued extensions to be compliant pennsylvanians flying domestically will no
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longer be table use drivers licenses as id at airport after january between the second, 23018. and come october 10th, they will also need alternate forms of id to access federal buildings. >> really means bringing my passport every where i go. >> reporter: other valid forms of permanent resident card or u.s. military id but those with licenses. >> it is more inconvenient roars roars others won't ab affect. >> it won't that be much of a problem. >> reporter: penndot says it is still too early to know how much of a real id compliant card will cost or what had process would be to obtain one and although pennsylvanians will not be required to get the gold star card, penndot estimates 25 percent of state license holders will optn as far as other states in our region delaware is already federally compliant, while new jersey, like pennsylvania, has been granted an extension, while it works to do so. reporting from the center city penndot i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". stay with us, still to come on "eyewitness news", it is tail of two drafts, don. >> the flyers are up next, and
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we have the 411 on tonight's nhl draft, plus... markelle meets the media the sixers top draft choice tells us why he is happy to be in philadelphia , ukee? all right, db, summer if he in sea isle there is much more to come here on "eyewitness news", we will make a splash, a big splash, alexandria hoff tries her hand and feet if you will at paddle board yoga. don't miss it. coming up next, from sea isle.
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welcome back everyone. ukee washington here at summer fest in sea isle city. i was looking at key that the mayor leonard gave knee, to the key, to the city, beautiful key. we thank him and everyone here at sea isle city for having us here on this friday night. a lot to do, lots of things to do lots of sports, if you want the key to a good fitness regime our alexandria hoff did
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something very, very special. alex, i can't wait to see this tell us about it. >> well, i'm scared for everyone to be seeing it, to be honest. first of all we are here at sea isle city food truck invitational and no one is counting calories around here but it is shore, so people like to stay active. i have surf, stand up paddle board but yoga wasn't ever really my thing until this latest adventure. leave any motors, and sails at the dock, it is back to the basic for these bay cruisers. >> yeah, there you go. >> yes. >> learning the ropes with sea isle harbor outfitters. you would recommend paddle board to go other girls too. >> yes. >> reporter: what i'm here to do though involves a bit of the twist. lower down, around, it is entails, up dog, and then hold it, yes. as soon ace got on the paddle board i wanted to do downward dog. >> reporter: owner, instructor tricia guide what is a popular
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water work out that eases mind and strengthen the core, paddle board yoga. >> with the cog it is a floating studio. >> reporter: water and boards, i know, ohio, not so much. >> so as we go in the head stand or something like thaw will want your head, right here. >> reporter: did she say head stan? no time to think about that now. >> try to sind down to the hipps. >> we are shaking. we are feeling each other shaking, and as well as our own, so, this is really stabilizing our core. >> reporter: oops, well after working out a few kinks. >> you should feel lose by now , tranquility of it all really did set in. >> now the feet like the star fish and then just relax. >> then it happened, bring your head down to the board. >> the head stand or try pot. if you would like to try to bring your legs straight up above your hipps you can do that. >> that may have been out of
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my league but didn't stop one more bold, attempt from the bunch. >> with that, we left feeling refreshed and in more ways then one. >> but to be completely honest it was a wonderful experience, and that water element really challenge your core and kept it super interesting. highly recommend it. we are here at sea isle city food truck invitational. i have a extra juice to continue my way through this, weather has been great but we are feeling rain drops from here. we will send it over to meteorologist lauren casey. >> thanks, so much alex. we have a couple drops coming down right now. we did have sunshine but clouded over with mid to high level cloud cover producing a lit built in the way of sprinkles but much more active weather, across western parts of the delaware valley. we have a new severe
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thunderstorm warning to tell but for portions of the area it includes southeastern berks , northwestern montgomery , southeastern lehigh and all bucks county until 7:00 p.m. for possibility of 60 miles an hour wind this cell moving east at 40 miles an hour, and some rotation has been indicated by radar with this storm, while tornado is not likely, it is possible, so in these areas, you need to be taking safety precautions, right now, severe thunderstorm warning in effect for those counties, and severe thunderstorm watch in effect for philadelphia county and all areas, west ward until 10:00 o'clock tonight, and temperatures, we're seeing ate cross the area still very warm in philadelphia at 87 degrees. seventy's with rain cooled air in reading up in allentown and poconos, as well, overnight tonight, showers, thunderstorms likely especially west of the city, low temperature of 74 degrees. for our saturday we will contend with tropical moisture from the remnants of the tropical storm cindy that will enhance our rain chances, could be period of heavy rain
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for first half of the day and some sunshine breaking out for second. it will be a tough go, at lee over next 18 hours storm threats through tonight and first part of the day tomorrow heavy downpours likely wind damage possible as well as frequent lightening and future radar will show us in the evening hours active activity in the form of some scattered showers and thunderstorms, a few of those on the stronger to even severe side as we are seeing right now as we head in the evening and overnight period, and then as we head into early saturday morning we will see a line of heavy rain and better thunderstorms moving across the delaware valley we could see a few strong storms tomorrow morning but before we quickly clear out by saturday afternoon. i think by saturday evening we will have plans to grill out on the barbecue you'll be looking okay and sunday, it is gorgeous, sunshine, low humidity, high temperatures in the 80's, beautiful toned up the weekend. but keep yourself wet's wear as we severe thunderstorm watch for parts of the area until 10:00 o'clock this evening.
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we will be right back with sports and don bell after this
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sixers had their moment and now flyers are on the clock. they have second overall pick in the tonight's draft who will they take. well, it is simple they will expected to draft the guy that the devils don't no take it. new jersey hold are first overall pick and nolan patrick or nika bryshere. the draft starts in an hour. wayness brooklyn last night for nba draft, every where i went, sixers fans chanting trust the process. it was pretty cool. today the new center piece of the team, met the local media, markelle fultz was in camden along with the pick, jonah
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bolden and mathias. fultz is maryland native and thrilled to be playing close to home. >> you know, close to family so being that my family is so close it makes it feel better. they were going to come with me but now that they are close we can visit home and stuff like that. it is a little bit of comfort. >> how about that, that is villanova star josh hart, celebrating, he is trade nothing blue and white for purple and gold. he was drafted by jazz but then traded to the lakers, with the final pick, in the first round, that is 30th overall. also, chris jenkins was not drafted but today he sign with the washington wizard, good luck, to big smooth. on to baseball phillies are in arizona to open up a four game seer wits diamond backs tonight, game time is at 9:40. phillies snapping a five game losing streak yesterday, they beat cardinals at citizens bank park, five-one. aaron nola went seven and a their. only allowing one run, and four hits, and a punched out
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eighth. long road trip for fightins. hopefully they can get it done tonight. >> thanks, don we appreciate that. that will do it for us back here in cbs-3 studios, a live look from sea isle city and is there much more coming up on the way, wait until you see is what popping, when we come back when ukee returns with more summer fest fun. >> popping.
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go to today.
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a little away from me where i am right now is a really sweet place. it is called so guy can pick up fudge, water taffy, popcorn , and i had a chance to stir the carmel corn to keep it from sticking and clumping up. that is crucial. that is crucial to a good box of carmel corn. lauren casey. >> yes. >> it is very, very good. >> very important. >> very important. we have some right here. we want to thank them so much for bringing south of the popcorn, some of the fudge. >> yes. >> cheesy good kind of cheesy. >> and weather really quick we are almost out of time. >> severe thunderstorm watch, the city and west ward until 10:00 o'clock so head up. >> very good. we will see you tonight at 10 on the cw philly and 11:00 on
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cbs-3. "cbs evening news" with anthony >> mason: going south. hundreds of jobs the president promised to save. >> reporter: do you feel betrayed? >> yes. >> mason: also tonight, the president takes action to fix the v.a., as a new report shows dozens of vets died waiting for appointments in los angeles. >> reporter: is there any doubt in your mind that they were responsible for your haze death? >> definitely, they were. >> reporter: charlie d'agata is on the front lines in mosul, iraq. >> mason: and steve hartman, when a mom gets fired... >> call me back. >> a son gets fired up. >> my biggest worry was, like, if she loses her job, what else


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