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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 24, 2017 2:07am-2:41am EDT

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our hair tnew pantene. the minute you wash it? the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful. subway® footlong sub of the day, for just $6 dollars. a different delicious sub every day of the week for only $6 bucks. ♪ "take a bite outta that" ♪ . papal visit in sea aisle city summerfest continues. johnny dep under fire, what the actor said that has him apologizing. a dear in distress. philadelphia police talk about the challenge with the water
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rescue and what they did after they pulled him to safety. we're heading to the shore with summerfest. good evening i'm natasha brown. i am ukee washington. natasha it has been a long but a very exciting day. here at summerfest in sea aisle city. we thought a storm might roll through but it did not. with that being said, let's check in with lauren casey. i understand that you're watching a system that could make for a wet saturday? >> yeah, wet first half of saturday. thank you for paying attention, ukee. the forecast. but yes, i kept the storms away. everyone enjoy a lovely evening. not as much as what we saw, another round working through berks stretching down to lancaster moving off to east.
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chester county. if it can hold together. lit move towards the i95 corridor. and bring heavy downpour, we do have a flood advisory. berks county into the lehigh valley. mercer county. much of bucks. we do have the surge of moisture due to tropical storm. the downpour we see and on the first half of the day will be quite heavy. we'll talk more about the threat and improving conditions. and some great grilling weather in store. coming up in a few. >> thanks, lauren. the weather did hold off in sea aisle city, that was a great thing. we had time to take in all of this great shore community has to offer. during the 5:00 i had the chance
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to speak with the mayor. he was kind enough to present the key to the city and i humbly accepted on behalf of all of us, thank you so much. what a great honor. great city, people, fun, so much to do. so much to do in this city. the weekend. the food truck invitational will roll through town. alexandria hoff will be here and will give you a preview event. how about a little karaoke? it's friday. why not? let's do this, natasha brown, get ready. >> i can't wait. thank you so much. we'll see up soon. tonight, we are hearing the story of the deer. greg argos joinses from penns landing to tell us how they managed to rescue the little guy. greg? >> reporter: natasha diners noticed splashing in the
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delaware river. at first they thought it might have been someone trying to cool off rather turned out to be a deer. >> don't blame this young deer from taking a dip >> she knows how the to get in and out >> he didn't plan on to cooling off in the river >> we received a call for a deer. >> reporter: this guy stuck's pretty exhausted >> shivering shaking >> when the marine unit responded. sergeant said the deer managed to free itself >> able to snare him with a dog noose and safely bring him on board >> they pulled him on to the boat and snapping the selfie >> there was a selfie involved >> before setting had my free v
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>> the deer didn't give us issues, continued into the woods. >>reporter: really positive ending to this story the deer just walking back into its area of the woods like you heard from the sergeant. we spoke with a little bit how often these rescues happen. surprisingly. they respond to animals in the delaware about three to for times a year. live i'm greg argos cbs3 >> glad he's all right. south jersey ice cream shop owner is facing serious charges, he had a hidden camera. this is the suspect, larry boss tick charged with five counts of child endangerment and five counts of invasion of privacy >> the own of cool breeze ice cream parlor. he hid a camera and spied on employees as they changed into and out of the uniforms
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>> that's nasty. people's kids out there. that could have been my died. my daughter is going to be there and you know? >> currently being held in the cumberland jail. center city philadelphia, a border agent testified that seth williams seemed to get special treatment at philadelphia international airport. left court after more testimony about bucks county muhammad ally. the prosecution said he paid for williams and his girlfriending to to domain consistent republic. denies wrongdoing. joe sullivan will testify on monday. officials from obama administration say theying anize over what to do as russia attacked the 2016 election. a former u.s. official tells
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cbs. officials say they struggled with they didn't dilemma, how to publish russia while not having it appear while they were trying to help hillary clinton. president obama decided not to speak out and some democrats criticized the decision. nevada dean heller has now become the fifth republican senator. he says he opposes the bill in its current form. he is running for reelection next year, republicans can afford to lose two more senators to pass the legislation. johnny depp is apologizing that he made for comments. he jokes about the last actor to
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says 98 a president. referring to john will,s booth. he apologized saying he was only trying to amuse. the secret service said it's wear of his comments but wouldn't elaborate. the flyers get their man and don bell is here to tell us all about the news. we're talking about action. the nhdraft the new jersey devils had number one pick. that left the door open for the flyers with a second overall selection. >> philadelphia selects. nolan patrick. >> ron hakstol going with 19-year-old nolan pad trick. his dad and uncle both played in the league. last year he suffered from a
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hernia but hakstol was uncomfortable enough to take him. sound like a mature young man and ready to join the orange and black. we're going to head back back back back to summerfest. at the food truck invitational. plus look who's showing off his singing skills. who invited ukee to karaoke night down the shore. a beautiful view of the beach of sea aisle city. lauren casey is tracking rain.
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she'll let you know the best time to get outside.
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great talk and good food. a tune if i'm, having a great time. we're like a traveling carnival, but we bring really good food >> this is the invitational. >> i think it's a popular vacation spot. people are like, i'm off of work, might as well try something new >> i'm holding the most popular item. melted american cheesesteak, bacon >> to waffles drenched in ice cream. >> next to that soda. and even yes, a berger. >> holly molly.
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but it was a few bites. >> what do you think of the food truck >> as the weather held up. not every game did. still that fun came with a side of anything your stick could desire. >> wow. >> i went cross-eyed. i know you just saw. if you missed today. no big deal, it continues tomorrow from noon to 9:00 p.m. >> i'm going to sit you and tori down. >> i proved it today. it's not going to work. >> i had a chance to go out and i realized when the sun goes down, some people get a chance to get down. i'm talking about getting down way little harmony, and some hoops. >> ♪ . >> i'll go first, what do you
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got? ♪ ♪
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♪. the mayor gave me the key to the city. so since it's friday. fun. it was a lot of fun. mother nature was keyed up during the day, let's get the forecast. lauren is standing by. lauren? . thanks so much, i see what you're doing there with all those keys. i don't want to have to bring out my singing voice because
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everyone knows it's to incredible and i just don't want to make everyone feel bad. we had rain earlier this morning and now conditions have been quiet. we got a good bit of sunshine but conditions active west. we did have a severe thunderstorm in effect. that has since been dropped. berks county really seeing quite a bit of rainfall. we do have the line. now moving its way to chester and that will continue to move to the east as we head to next several hours. make its way towards center city we'll be dealing with heavy rainfall, there's a big distinction r distinction and where we have stayed dry, 83, philadelphia, rain at 75 and 73 at allentown, due points are consistent and they're high. it is muggy, sticky, steamy, due points up into the 70's and
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that's where we'll keep them for the first half of our saturday. by late at any, humidity levels will be dropping off considerably setting us up for a great feeling sunday and bert monday. but mostly cloudy showers with an isolated shower with temperatures fwaublg to falling back to 74 a ba back. rain out of the way with nice conditions in store for saturday night and sunday, but it is going to be a wet go as we head to the about the next 12 to 18 hours, future weather showing scattered downpours as we look at tomorrow morning in or around 5:00 into about about 7:00 heavy rain. i think this area will started
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to die down as it pushes towards the shore, i would plan dealing with periods of heavy rain. hang in, cook up that breakfast at home. save cash and as we head to the second half. we're going to go see approving conditions break out as we head out. shore forecast looking similar dealing with showers and thunderstorms. as we head to the first a half of the day, improving conditions for saturday. 82 sunday, gorgeous. get the spf. lot of sunshine, 80 and 79 as we head to monday. on sunday, beautiful day, sunshine 85. temperature running a bit below average as we head to next week. it will feel nice with temperatures around 80 with low humidity as we head to next week but it's been a fun night. i had pizza, a stroll. a met people.
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hugged some babies. some dogs. >> it was a quiet night. >> just a normal night for me. that's how she rolls. >> you know what i mean >> thank you, lauren, appreciate it. that's how lauren does it. whole lot going on to markelle meets the media. the flyers gets it's man, latest sports coming up next. on your flush
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. top rated homeland security production spelt now a member of reporting r orange and black. overall pick in chicago tonight played for the teams in the
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western hockey league this past season but battled injuries. they say he has great size strength and vision. patrick says he's looking forward to establishing himself. >> i'm just going to try to play and contribute as much as i can and you know, i think the flyers have, you know, a really good team, as you look -- they got prospects. couple years they will be really good. even this year coming up. they got the tools to do that. >> also the flyers trading brayden schenn and receiving the 27th pick. with that, hakstol selected morgan frost from canada. they got urie. lefera. >> i was in brook alone last night, sixers were chaptering trust the process.
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markelle fultz was in camden. and second rounders >> ona bill den. they say he expected the team to have chemistry. >> you see now in the nba everybody has different people, what you got to do. >>th that's what i'm capable of doing. >> that is villanova star josh hart. celebrating in the reason why is he's trading in the blue and white for the purple's gold. traded to the laker it's. that was 30th overall. also. nova who are, kris jenkins signed with the washingtons with studios. the phillies underway and aaron
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altherr and freddy galvis gets a jump on what would have been a hit and it's 1-0 phillies right now. i'm excited about the picks for the sixers. >> and for flyers. the video
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. this has back quite a sensation. take a look. by the dallas zoo. he gorilla she'd off his moves. it's gotten tens of thousands. they added the song maniac as the sound track. back in a moment. jape
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. ukee, i thought i heard you tuning up the vocal cords. were you singing >> need something, it was rough night. many thanks to everyone for accepting us. we may go over and >> i was there. and? what song do you want to do. >> i heard it through the
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grapevine >> we're going right over. and i also heard that summerfest is coming home, coming back to philly it's the friday before the 4th of july. hopefully showing you a full things you didn't know, cbs3 summerfest in full effect. behind the camera thanks so much for watching. we're going to send it back to you. >> it might be awhile before the two of us get. hang on. >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the copper chef xl, brought to you by tristar products, inc. last year, copper chef changed cookware forever.
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on-air tv chef. eric theiss is a successful restaurant owner, author, and culinary expert. he's here today to introduce you to the copper chef xl that will change the way you cook in the kitchen. here is eric theiss and denise repko. >> denise, i am super excited. you want to know why? >> why is that? >> because everybody loves our copper chef pan! >> it's my favorite pan. >> i know! it's everybody's favorite pan. you know, we sold over a million of these guys! >> i'm not surprised. >> come on! they've been asking us for more. >> a bigger one! >> let me introduce the copper chef xl. >> yeah! >> it's 60% bigger than the original. it means we can go super high searing temperatures. >> oh, my gosh. >> now we're gonna go to this corner. >> oh, my gosh. every corner! >> and everywhere in between. >> perfect. >> nine filet mignons in here. >> wow. >> they're cooking perfectly. and you're gonna get great results. now, in the original pan, which was big, i could only get four. >> yeah. yeah. >> you've got nine huge fillets in there. all right, we're gonna let those cook. >> okay. >> now, the other thing that we did -- we put two side handles on here. so we call it a casserole.
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>> right. okay. >> so what that's gonna do for us is it's gonna make it easier to roast. >> a turkey? are you kidding me? >> this is a 12-pound turkey. see, you don't need your lasagna pan, your roasting pan. >> right. >> you don't need that anymore. you can do everything in the copper chef. >> ahh. >> and i want to show you the side dish. now, these potatoes are delicious. i want to say i have eight pounds of potatoes in here. >> wow. >> so easy to do. all we did -- salt, pepper, and rosemary. that's all you need. and, man, they're perfect. >> beautiful. crispy and tender. >> so simple to do. now let's take a little snippet out of here. >> oh, yeah. >> look how gorgeous that is! >> oh, wow. >> it's so juicy and wonderful. >> that's beautiful. >> i always have good stuff to show you, right? >> you do! >> we are gonna make a breakfast bake. so, i have a lot of eggs here. >> and i love that you're not adding extra calories. no extra butter, no extra oil. >> not unless you want to, right? >> right! >> so, just think -- we're getting rid of our lasagna pan. >> yes. >> that's what you'd normally make this in, right? >> yep. >> like a 9x13 baker.
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>> mm-hmm. >> now i'm gonna add a ton of cheese 'cause we know it's not gonna stick 'cause we got the cerami-tech. i love the cerami-tech. now, i'm gonna just open one of these guys up. so i take this out like this, and then we're just gonna cut these into quarters like this, and i just quarter them. >> these? dump them in? >> yeah, help me out. come on. >> absolutely. >> you know, denise, you got to work around here just a little bit. >> i am! >> you can't just eat. >> i'm getting to be a whiz in the kitchen. >> [ laughs ] you know, when you have a copper chef, it's just easier to cook. we're gonna put this guy in. all right. [ laughs ] >> oh, my! >> look at this. am i ever worried about anything sticking? i need kip. >> kip, good friend! >> the reason i want kip is because i want you to see. no oil, no butter. now i'm gonna just pull it right out of here. >> really? >> before i serve it up. >> oh, man. >> kip, seriously, i can actually make something else in there now if i wanted to. >> right! >> look at this! you have the biscuits cooked right in with the eggs, right? >> mm-hmm. >> look how gorgeous that is! >> wow. >> breakfast all at once. >> right. >> all in one pan. >> mm-hmm.
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>> no cleanup. i didn't need to use my lasagna pan, my ceramic baker. >> oh, can i try it? >> yeah, please try it. >> honestly? >> and, again, while you're eating that, remember -- the copper chef from the stove to the oven. >> that's so good. >> cleanup is a breeze, right? >> mmm! >> let's check my steaks here. medium rare. i think they're perfect. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. they look really good. >> all right, so now i'm gonna show you the way i like to cook my steak. all i like to do is put a little truffle salt and pepper on there. >> wow. >> that's it. and we give you easy cleanups in high heats -- just what you need to get these perfect temperatures. >> yeah. >> so, have you ever had a beef wellington? >> no, 'cause i heard it's hard to make! >> oh, well, you tell me. i'm gonna show you. >> all right. okay. >> all right. first of all, we seared the meat and we got a great sear. >> mm, pretty sear! >> look at that! >> all right. >> now i'm just gonna let that cool. we're just gonna spread some eggs all the way around our puff pastry. anybody can do that. a paintbrush or you can use your fingers. so now we're just gonna get dirty. i'm gonna use my hands. this is mushrooms cooked down. >> mmm! >> and then you kind of mince them up in a food processo


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