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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. a stormy start to the weekends. storm scan3 is tracking showers and thunderstorms for your saturday morning. today is saturday, june 24th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get right over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness forecast. good saturday morning, matt, so when is the heaviest rain going to come through the delaware vale? >> this morning, showers, thunderstorms, really now until about 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 maybe at the latest, then we start to clear things out. actually we will ends up seeing sunshine later this afternoon, good news for us, the heaviest rain comes through early on in the day right to storm scan3, you see the showers, again, right now not a ton of thunder associated with the
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precipitation as it is moving through, but a bit of heavier rainfall now in southern bucks county moving into the trenton area. so be prepared if you're down newtown, yardley getting up this morning, you'll see some showers maybe again rumble every thunder little on the heavier side. as you head further west of the city see another line starting to develop from lancaster back down toward baltimore, frederick, maryland, up in there, as well, that shower, under this earl storm activity will continue to track kind of east-northeast. that's a line we will watch. it could move into the philadelphia area again in the next couple of hours or so. but again, the good news for us, is heaviest rain early on in the day. then clearing skies on the back side after cold front as we get toward the afternoon hours. it is a warm start to the morning. temperatures right now sitting in the 70s for the most part. seeing 78 in wilmington, now the rain starting to come down lancaster, so 69 degrees, little cooler with the rain cooled air. reading, allentown, at 70, 80 for dover, back up toward millville. dew point extremely hi, seeing them in the 70s, going to be a
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very muggy morning, and it will continue really into the afternoon hours, as well. so by 9:00, few showers do remain, 81 degrees, going all the way up though to 90 degrees today, jan, with the sunshine later this afternoon, talking about great conditions at the end of the weekends and early next week. tell you about that in a bit. >> heating up. thank you, matt. new this morning, two people are recovering following an accident in south philadelphia. police were called to broad and oregon streets just before 1:00. investigators say a car hit a man and a woman who were riding a bike there, both victims were taken to the hospital. they're now in stable condition. the driver did stay on the scene, no word yet if that driver is facing any charges. also, overnight, police are investigating a hit-and-run that injured at least three people in north philadelphia. this accident happened just before 2:30 at venango street and kensington avenue. first his two cars, injuring people inside the cashing. driver kept going before
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flipping over on castor and erie areas, the driver ran off. no word on the condition of the three people who were injured. >> well, check this out. after several attempts, crews manage to rescue a deer from the water at penn's landing, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has the full story from the people who saved its life. >> pretty hot and humid this week. don't blame this young deer from taking a dip in the jersey pool. >> she knows how to get in, knows thousand get out. she kind of comes and goes. >> thursday afternoon this distant deer relative in the delaware didn't plan on cooling off in that river. we were on duty last night, we received a call for a deer. >> this little guy stuck in the muck, and pretty exhausted. >> it was grunting, it was shivering, shaking. >> when the philadelphia police marine unit responded sergeant said the deer had managed to free itself. began swimming away. >> we were able to snare him with a dog noose, safely bring him on boards. >> pulling him on to the boat,
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wrapping him in a towel, snapping the selfie. >> there was a selfie involved. before setting him free. >> fortunately the deer didn't give us any issues, got up on it way, continued into the woods. >> greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and in other news this morning, south jersey ice cream shop owner is facing charges, after police say he had a hidden camera to spy on employees in a changing room. this is the suspect, larry bostic, charged five counts of child endangerment and endanger of proo i is he. owner of ice cream score in vineland, hid a camera, and spied on female employees as they changed in and out of their uniforms which they were not allowed to take home. >> it is nasty. that's people's kids out there. that could have been my daughter, you know, my daughter one day will be there one day trying to get a job, you know? >> bostic being head in the
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cumberland county jail. >> philadelphia police hope you can help them track down a burglary suspect. the surveillance video shows suspects inside delaware county home last saturday, police say the pair stole various items, along with keys to a corner grocery store in kingsessing. that store was robbed the very next day. if you recognize the suspect, please call police. >> in center city now, a border agent testified that a wealthy a quaint and the of district attorney seth williams seemed to get special treatment at the airport. williams left court on friday, after more testimony about bucks county businessman, muhammad ali, prosecutor said ali paid for williams and his girlfriends to go to the dominican republic, in return, williams helped ali skip secondary screen at philadelphia international airport. meantime, den youth i police commissioner joe sullivan who oversaw security issues will testify on monday. >> there are new details of how the obama administration
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handled russian hacking of the 2016 election, as cbs news correspondent reports, the president and his staff apparently agonized over how to punish russia and president putin in the middle of a volatile campaign. >> by early august us intelligence had evidence of vladmeere putin had approved the operation. russian hackers had been caring out cyber attacks, and had orchestrated disclosure of stolen democratic emails to hurt hillary clinton and help then candidate trump. >> wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia? >> former us official tells cbs news there was debate about how can we punish the russians and not have it appear like we're trying to help hillary? ultimately the administration decided to focus on shoring up-state election systems against further attacks rather than having the president publicly speak out. instead the department of homelands security issued a statement blaming russia. president obama did warn putin
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directly, something he only revealed months later. >> i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that didn't happen was to talk to him directly and tell him to cut it out. >> in december the white house announced sanctions and that it had expelled 35 russian operatives from the us and seized compounds in maryland, and new york. former deputy director of the cia, michael morrell, says the punishment should have been worse. >> the 3us actions, i think, were seen by vladmeere putin and only a slap on the wrist. they didn't hurt him politically in anyway. >> the obama administration did consider a cyber attack in retaliation. multiple sources say there was no precedent for that, and it could have made the situation much worse. cbs news, washington. >> meantime, nevada's dean heller has become the fifth republican senator to declare
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his opposition to the party's new healthcare bill. senator heller says he opposed the bill in its current form, but he didn't rule out backing a changed version. senator hell is her running for re-election next year. republicans can afford to lose just two of the 52gop senators to pass the legislation. actor johnny dep is apologizing for some controversial comments he made about president trump at a film festival in the uk. he joked about the last actor an assassinate a president, referring to john wilkes boot who killed president lincoln, he apologized saying he was just trying to amuse people. secret service says it is aware of the comments but wouldn't ' will be rat any further. >> in other news this morning, the speculation is over, the philadelphia flyers get their man in the nhl draft. >> philadelphia ... nolan patrick. >> with the overall number two
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pick in the draft, the flyers selected 18 year old nolan patrick from winnipeg. patrick previously played junior hockey in canada's western league, hear from nolan patrick coming up in sports. >> still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning. pennsylvania's potential problem, when it comes to new licenses. the confusion surrounding the changes on state i.d.'s. >> and cbs-3's summer fest is in sea isle city. see how the resident there honor the shore town's history. that's when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> welcome back. cbs-3's summer fest visit the sea isle city this week. taking in all of the great shore community has to offer. sea isle's mayor, leonard presented our own ukee washington there with the key to the city. how cool is that? and it was a beautiful day in sea isle city. their visitors can stroll a the prom made, cape may county has a lot of history, too, ukee washington caught up with curators of the sea isle city museum who carefully collected city memories to preserve them for the next generation. >> i don't think i turned around more than once, i turned around, it was over the fence. the water came rushing down
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and filled sea isle. that high, i mean it. >> historic nor'easter later named the ash wednesday storm of 1962, still fresh, in the memories of sea isle city's oldest resident. >> my mom is in the arms of these two guys, and my father and my uncle angelo are following, following, making sure doesn't fall off the sort of tray. and said you better get that (italian word). >> that i have on the stove. >> it was categorized as 100 year storm, almost every beachfront home or property was destroyed, or damaged. >> but the destruction led to development, building the town into a strong residential community. >> everybody went high. we followed the sea level regulations, today you have to be 13 feet above sea level. >> michael marvels over the way his community has grown, before becoming mayor serving
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as local tour guide, and eventually taking over the sea isle city historical society, he was a summer regular. he remembered sea isle before the storm, when his family would pack up the car and travel from philadelphia in the 1950's. >> we came down here the day after school ended, never put our shoes on except to go to church. >> in those days sea isle city was small destination on the water built to house and entertain those looking for warm sand and cool ocean breezes. but the community grew up long before those family vacations, thanks to founder charles k ladies. >> this island was -- mr. landis hired five agent, within one year's time he owned the entire island, started selling the property in may of 1881. he started selling, i think he sold like 400 properties that summer. >> years later the son of charles k landsis began dredging the canals, paving the way for fishermen to start businesses in the middle of
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town. a town that continues to thrive, and one that continues to draw those seeking sun and serenity. >> a spiritual kind of thing. when you come here in the summertime, people are relaxed, they want to enjoy, very fortunate, live in a safe community, clean community, i'm proud of it, and i help to keep it that way. >> ukee washington, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> and every summer you might see the sea isle names of bags on ice. our own pat gallen checked out sea isle ice, packed 250 tons of ice per day. joe roman owe's father started the company more than 50 years ago, basically by accident. he bought an ice maker for the family's fish business, then sold the extra ice. >> my mom would bag the ice by hand, and they would -- my mom and dad would deliver ice in a pick-up truck. >> there you go. sea isle ice now has 100 seasonal employees, serving all of central, and south jersey, and beyond. and matt, we've needed that
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ice over the past few days it, has been hot out there. >> definitely today not going to be too different. so sea isle ice working over time i think this afternoon. but not so much this morning. you have the showers out there. >> okay. >> but again, sunshine later this afternoon, get hot, gets little muggy again for our saturday. so, before things really clear out nicely, we get toward the ends of the weekends. so better beach day, as a whole, is most likely going to be tomorrow. but our saturday afternoon, going to be very nice, down along the shore points. just got to get past this morning. we have little bit of shower, even few rumbled of thunder. storm scan3 showing no precipitation along the coastline, heaviest rain still west of the city. seeing few areas of spotty showers, and again, spotty thunderstorm, really kind of north of philly, as well, now moving toward the trenton area, even northern mercer county. bucks county was getting it just little bit ago, down toward bensalem, upper makefield, looks like you're in the clear, just right now some light to maybe moderate rainfall. now northern month co, you're getting in on some of the action right now, too, with
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again, maybe few rumbles of thunder, more moderate rainfall, so douglas, pottstown, that's where we are getting heavier precipitation. see the orange in, there up toward rich lands, northern bucks county, too, again, we are watching that area, as it continues to move to the east. as we get even further to the west of the city, chester county, back to lancaster county, as well, getting even some red and orange back there toward that area. so again, showers, few isolated rumbles every thunder, not inning ham, heavier rainfall in a few minute, west caln, western chester county. continue to watch this. little line that extend further back down into maryland, so as that comes east and actually moves a little north, that can give maybe some gusty wind mixed in with that thunderstorm activity. overall no severe weather, which is good news for us, especially after yesterday, where we had couple of severe thunderstorm warnings. looks like thee these will all stay below severe criteria. future weather, by 6:00 a.m. see the heaviest precipitation really kind of moving to the
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east of philly. by 7:00 there is the line, but out in the central jersey. so again, if you're out toward atlantic city between 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m., areas south of atlantic city toward the shore point, sea isle, avalon, stone harbor, you will be getting in on the action little bit after maybe sunrise or so. and then once we move toward lunchtime, everybody is cleared. the sunshine start to come out. 11:00, 12:00, you should see by 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon it will be warm, muggy, and again see plenty of sunshine for us. that continues with our clear skies anyway all the way through the nighttime hours tonight. temperatures for us right now, in the 70s, because of the rain coming down, that rain-cooled air got us down to 77 in philly. we don't see as much precipitation toward dover, and millville. and you see the temperatures there still in the 80s. so what we will be seeing is the rain-cooled air early in the day, then the sunshine warms us pretty rapidly later this afternoon. that's why we still get to 90 degrees for high temperature on the saturday. back side of the cold front,
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86 degrees tomorrow, much lower humidity, that 86, very seasonable, lots of sunshine. eighty on monday, go mostly sunny through the afternoon, spotty shower chance is there monday, late in the day, because another boundary will common through. and then we get even down to cooler on tuesday, high of 78, jan, then we stay very nice and in the middle of week, 82, so really got to get through today and looking good. >> get through the morning, thank you, matt. pennsylvanians are starting to see changes to new drivers licenses, including a larger primary photo, special lamb than the, and the magnetic strip is gone, but one thing does remain the same, it still doesn't meet federal retirements. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, went looking for answers to find out why. >> while the pennsylvania department of transportation just rolled out new drivers license design, the cars are still not federally compliant with the real idea, the legislation implemented after the 9/11 terror attacks, set security standards by id by the federal government. >> feels like they're trying
5:20 am
to snub the feds by doing it that way, to just be like ya, we'll make new id, not make it compliant. >> but spokesman alexis campbell says it is working on license redesigned, 2012 law barred agencies. that all changed last month, when governor tom wolf signed legislation that would bring the state to compliance, though the actual cards won't be available until early 2019. >> we couldn't put all of those things on hold to wait for real ideas, just too important. >> unless the department of homeland security grant the state continued extentions to become compliant, pennsylvanians flying domestically will no longer be able to use drivers licenses, as id at the airport after january 22, 2018. come october 10th, they'll also need alternate forms of i.d. to access federal building. >> means bringing my passport everywhere i go. >> other forms of identification, permanent residence cards or us military id. for those who rely on licenses to board a plane? >> more inch convenient. >> others say they won't be
5:21 am
affected. >> won't be that much of a problem. >> at this point penndot says still too early to know how much real id compliant card would cost or what the process would be to obtain one, pennsylvanians will not be required to get the golds starred card, penndot estimates 25% of state license holders will opt in. as farther far as other state, delaware is compliant, state like new jersey has been granted an extention while it works to do so. reporting at the center city penndot, i'm anita oh. >> still ahead on cbs-3, we take you behind the scenes of what's new in theatres this weekend. >> hi, everybody, i'm nancy odel there is week, mark wahlberg returns for the next chapter in the transformers saga with more action and globe trotting for transformers, last night.
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>> welcome back, new transformer movies in theatres. entertainment tonight nancy odel takes us behind the scenes of transformers, the last night. >> this week mark wahlberg is back in action with transformers, traveling the worlds with some crazy action, to safer the day, in transformers, the last night. >> have skills today, budd. >> i transformers the last night, humans and transformers at odds, and the worlds being in danger of being did he tried, unlikely team, can finds a hidden history of the transformers on earth. >> you want to know, don't you, why they keep coming here. >> one key to the history, legendary stonehenge, which director michael bay blew up. don't worry, it was a replica. a lot of things are answered here at stonehenge. >> it get crazier and crazier, every day we go on. >> speaking of crazy, wahlberg
5:25 am
had slightly unusual method to get in shape for his second time in the transformers franchise. >> i was on strict diet. but i would still to keep my golf game going play golf in the morning, but then i would run on the golf corals, so hit ball, and run, speed golf. so i ran seven, 8 miles every day, then go to work. >> co-star can vouch for the golf workouts. >> gets up every morning and plays 18 holes of speed golf. >> i started the movie, dude, i'll come and do that with you. we get up at 3:30, work out, go play at 5:00. >> you know what? catch you on the weekend. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm nancy odel. now back to you in the studio. >> i can't wake up that early to work out. i got to just come to work. still ahead, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, we are following some breaking news, a brutal attack in the strawberry mansion section of the city has left a woman dead. we're live on the scene, with the latest from police. we'll also have this.
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>> plans announced to clean up west depford neighborhood built on top of a toxic superfund site. i'm cleve bryan. coming up how the clean up will impact those who
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in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime.
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new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at >> this cbs-3 "eyewitnessnews" . >> thunderstorms starting the weekend. good morning, i'm jan carabeo,
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rain moving into the delaware vale so let's sends right over to meteorologist, matt peterson. >> keeping it dry? >> i appreciate it, put the raincoat out, headed out this morning, you definitely need the raincoat, definitely need the umbrella wet start to our saturday. showers out there, maybe couple of rumbles every thunder mixed in. good news, while it is wet, while dreary this morning, sunshine is going to make it very nice, later this afternoon, after our cold front officially pushes through the region and we look for clearing skies later on in the day. here is storm scan3, again, showing the showers, maybe couple of isolated rumbles every thunder now moving through the delaware valley. seeing the heavier returns, the stronger returns on the radar, orange, yellow, even red mixing down into southwestern chester county where we see the heaviest precipitation, at this point, north, and west, of the sit at this self. and what we are seeing is, again, kind of northern part
5:30 am
of chester county, now into central month co, and then as you move into bucks county looking at the northern half of bucks county getting in on some of the heavier rain at this point. and while we're going to continue to watch this for the next couple of hours, it looks like it will sweep on through probably again next hour or so, through philly then will go through south jersey, and down to the shore point, probably, a little bit after that. and then we will finally clear things out completely by the time we get to mid-morning, leaving with us just sunshine later this afternoon. hopefully you're not planning ongoing to the beach early today. >> beach patrol headquarters shot on the neighborhood network, little rough sea out there, winds starting to kick up, really don't want to be out on the beach because again it is just a mess after morning down in the margate area. temperatures, in the most part, in the 70s, especially, as you head north of the city. seventy-seven right now in philly. two reasons for this. we have our cold front that's slowly tracking a little bit toward us, that's going to bring in some cooler air, but also, the rain-cooled air, as
5:31 am
well, so areas like lancaster, reading, allentown, seeing 70s, the rain starting to slide on through. haven't seen as much precipitation in philly. so at 77. millville, actually dry all morning, atlantic city at seven, a still getting some southerly winds, keeping temperatures up. dew points, hi, going to remain on the muggy side every things, all the way through the day today. and temperatures again are going to rise, too, so when you add in warm temperatures and dew points going to be in the 70s, it will be feeling even warmer, than our actual air temperatures. get to 09 degrees this afternoon, you can see the clouds dissipating after about 10:00 this morning. jan, then very, very nice, on sunday, and into the start of the work week, talk about that in just a bit. >> matt, thank you. breaking news now, police are searching for a suspect after a woman is stabbed to death early this morning, in the strawberry mansion section. city. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, is live with the latest on this investigation. anita? >> very sad details this morning, jan, police calling
5:32 am
this a brutal savage attack, the victim believed to be a 34 year old woman, who lived nearby, and you can see that there is still police activity here at this park behind me, authorities say, someone stabbed this woman at least 12 times, from the legs up to the chest in a violent murder. and video from the scene shows police trying to collect evidence this morning, they say, that someone walking by, found a boyde, just after 3:20 this morning, and in this park directly behind dobbins high school. this is at north 21st and west lehigh avenue. police believe that who ever did this, not only stabbed the woman at least a dozen times, but beat her in the face, as well. the woman's pant had been pulled down, but it is unclear at this point if she had been sexually assaulted. while police don't know at this time who the suspect is, they think it is clear that whoever did this, wanted the woman dead. >> this was a very brutal, savage attack, somebody really wanted to make sure that she
5:33 am
suffered and that she was killed. >> and back out live here at the scene, now, k9 dogs have been combing the area for any signs of a murder weapon. so far nothing has come up. police are also searching for surveillance video nearby, that may help catch the person who did this. for now, live in strawberry mansion, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> horrible news, anita, thank you, keep us to up date. >> the environment al protection agency has plan for the new jersey neighborhood where the soil is full of crushed car batteries. the neighborhood, in west depford, is toxic superfund site. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan shows us what lies ahead for the local homeowners there. >> they tested, they started cleaning up the worse of it, now the epa planning to address the rest of the neighborhood built on toxic superfund site fuld of crushed car battery parts. >> just going to basically tear up the whole yard. >> with choices to remove none, some, or all
5:34 am
contaminated soil, at 36 properties, along woodland avenue, in west depford, the epa announced this week, they'll proceed with the most aggressive and thorough clean up plans. it calls for full or partial removal, contaminated soil around and in some cases under the home. that means, some people like carol martin will have to temporarily relocate. >> i'm very discussed. i know a few people up the street are, too, you know, but it has got to be done. so i have no choice. >> in fall 2015, sewage repairman discovered six underground pile of lead contaminated battery part. epa says they came from the mat yo and sons recycling operation less than mile away, which has been under investigation for over a decade. in the late 80s, the neighborhood was built by the tempo development group, the epa says they mixed the crushed batteries in with fill dirt when they leveled the neighborhood. for decades, resident like dennis rich had i have been finding pieces of toxic plasmic their yard. >> black, batterie casings. >> he and his wife are beside
5:35 am
themself. >> she is really upset with it. she want to get it over with. that's it. you can't sell your property, so we're here for the duration. >> family and cents continue to be exposed and most people have lawyers. >> somebody in the township i think had to know about this. >> the clean up could begin as soon as this fall at a cost of about nine and a half million dollars through the epa. resident here have a 30 day feedback here, and there will be community meeting july 6. we have information about that on our website in west depford, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> we're going down the shore now. happening this weekend, the food truck festival in sea isle city. alexandria hoff checks it out. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> live music, vendors, and 19 premiere food trucks from as far away as new york. i'm hoping a lot of great tacos and a lot of good food. >> it is a fun time. we're having a great time. the place to come.
5:36 am
>> we're like a traveling carnival, we just bring really good food. >> this is the sea isle city food truck invitational, with no invitation required to dine. >> i think just like popular vacation spot. i'm off. i'm here. might as well try something new. >> from phase at philly fry. >> holding on to the most popular thing, steak and bake fries, melted american cheese, steak, bacon. >> to waffled drenched in ice cream, crunchy, next to that artisan soda, pirate pete's, even burger bacon between two glazed donut. order up. >> totally, right? oh, my goodness. holy moly. >> with a was whimsical for some, just a few bites for other. >> so what do you think about the food trucks? >> as the weather held up, not every game did. still, that fun came with a sign of anything the stomach could desire. alexandria hoff, cbs 3, "eyewitness news."
5:37 am
>> looks good. the event continues today from noon until 9:00 p.m. and then on sunday, from noon to 6:00. >> and good news if you are headed down the shore for the weekend. the townsend inlet bridge is now open. the bridge connects sea isle city to avalon first car to cross, been closed to traffic since early april for emergency repairs there, after officials found a crack in one every it support beams. >> back here in the city now, boyz ii men getting its very own boulevard in philadelphia today. the city of philadelphia will honor the r&b singers with a street remaining at 11:00. the stretch of broad street between christian and carpenter will now be known as boyz ii men boulevard. the group attended philadelphia high school for creative and performing art on that block. they're also performing at the wells fargo center tonight, alongside new kids on the block, and paula abdul. congrats to them. >> coming up next right here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news" this saturday morning.
5:38 am
it should be a show of the century. find out when and how you can see rare total eclipse. also ahead this dancing gorilla is lighting up the internet. i can see y how he is chanelling his inner maniac coming up. >> also, going viral. video of this news anchor, and what he did or didn't do, during four minute of technical problems on the air. feel for him. plus showers, thunderstorms this morning, matt has your forecast for the next couple every days, that's coming u
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we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person. preventing lead poisoning, its plan for lead-free kids. health reporter stephanie tall has the details. >> reporter: old homes and buildings are the primary source of lead poisoning that comes from chipping paint. the number of children in philadelphia expose today lead has declined, but it is still a big concern for megan, who is a rent or in port richmond with a small child. >> we were really worried about the paint. we're actually probably looking to move out to the suburbs for this very reason. >> final recommendations from the city advisory group call for more lead testing, better education efforts, and expanded enforcement. >> we are committed reducing its presence even further here in philadelphia. >> lead isn't just in paint, sleeping environmental investigation from the inquirer and daily news found dangerous levels of lead in soil, in neighborhoods, around
5:42 am
fishtown, and kensington. the construction boom has unearthed a toxic legacy left over from old factories. >> in our soil, doesn't necessarily surprise me that much. >> the report says once in the soil, the heavy metal stays indefinately, and even miniscule amounts can permanently lower a child's iq, and cause behavioral problems. >> that's not what the emphasis was in the commencement of this report. >> health commissioner says chipping paint in houses built before 1978 of which there are hundreds of thousands, remains the target of concern. >> this report represent a shift towards primary prevention, preventing kids from having exposure lead in the first place rather than just testing them and finding high levels of lead and then action. >> reporter: all children are supposed to be check for lead with blood testing. the cdc says there is no safe level of exposure, health officials say homeowners and landlords are supposed to make sure that lead paint is safely removed. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3,
5:43 am
"eyewitness news." switching gears now, a gorilla at a texas zoo has become an internet sensation, thanks to its dance moves. take a lock at this. this is a video posted on line by the dallas zoo, the gorilla there showed off his moves in a swimming pool, already gotten tens of thousands every views, of course, some on the internet have gotten create, too, adding the son maniac from the movie flash dance as the sound track. coy watch that all day. matt, that's me on a friday right there. >> yes, you snow. >> he's happen. >> i nothing says get the friday going like spinning around, slashing around. >> there go. >> i was wondering how were you going to top that, but i think you might have just done it. >> i think i embarrased myself. i think the gorilla has better dance moves than i do. >> for sure. >> that's all right. we will be dancing around later this afternoon, even though it is rainy here this morning, showers out, there it is really going to be pretty nice, later on, on our saturday. storm scan3, shows two features dealing with here this morning, the first, all of this moisture, the shower,
5:44 am
thunderstorm activity, tracking its way through the delaware valley. second feature shows the actual cold front that's still off to our west. you see it around williamsport, just back down into southwest pennsylvania, so this front is actually our main kind of surface feature besides the precipitation, and once that goes through, that's when we will really start to see some kind of northerly component to the winds, westerly flow, bridges in drier air, going to be bringing in some much more comfortable conditions, as we get toward the ends of the weekends. storm scan3, as we zoom in, kind of central bucks county, see buckingham in there, montgomery, hill town, as well, shower, and maybe again, few isolated rumbles every thunder, but for the most part this precipitation moderate, maybe heavy at times through central parts of bucks couldn't, see 202 through the buckingham area. move into skippack, norristown, toward the turnpike, seeing shower, maybe few isolated rumbles every thunder, again the moderate to heavy rainfall through central
5:45 am
montgomery county seeing the red around the norristown area, as we push even further to the south, and west, this is into western chester county, east nottingham, back up to upper oxford, london grove, as well, showers maybe few rumbles of thunder, darker red, at the end, extremely heavy downpours, and then we watch the bottom half of the line still right now just to the east of baltimore. it will track kind of to the east northeast. goes through northern delaware, gives us the chance for some shower, thunderstorm activity there. could push into philly as well. as i said, we clear out nicely this afternoon, first front goes through, later on today, we look for the sunshine, really for the most part all sunday, another weak boundery tries to pull on through even though kind of future weather bridges in couple every showers sunday afternoon, i don't think that happens. most likely remain dry sunday. then move into monday, few spotty showers could be out there in the later half of the day. temperatures through the afternoon hours tomorrow, we will be much calmer, much
5:46 am
cooler, temperatures only maybe in the 80s for some of us, 70s could be out there, out toward the poconosment monday morning waking up, 50's across the delaware vale, maybe even some four's up to the poconos, still seeing some 60s monday morning back toward the shore. again tuesday morning, 40's to the north, very cool start to the day tuesday morning, in philly, at 54. staying little bit warmer back down into southern new jersey, the bigger thing that we will see, the better conditions, drier air moves in, sunday, dew points are only in the 50's, we could see some 40 dew point, as wet goat into monday. here is the seven day forecast, 09 degrees this afternoon. we then go with high of 86 tomorrow. again on the back side of the front, plenty of sunshine for us, drier air filtering in, monday, tuesday, few spotty showers, temperatures staying below average at zero eight and 78. then another great day as we get into wednesday, jan, high of 82. plenty every sunday shine, don't even have spotty shower chance for the middle of the week. >> a lot of sun on that seven day, thank you, matt. well the countdown is now on.
5:47 am
in two month, the united states will witness unique vest tal event, total solar eclipse. while a total eclipse isn't that unusual, this one is rare. meteorologist, lauren casey in einstein healthcare science center to explain what makes this total eclipse stands out from the rest. >> in late august americans will witness the first total solar eclipse to cross the continent in a century. and nasa planning to closely study the event, today's scientist shared some of the details. >> soon the best view will be on american soil of the first total solar eclipse to cross the us in decades. >> this is the 99 year event. it is the 99 years since a total solar eclipse across the entire us, the west coast to the east coast. >> on august 2; the moon will pass between the sun and the earth. it shadow will race across the country at average speed of about 1500 miles per hour,
5:48 am
covering swat roughly 70 miles wide from oregon to south carolina. the sky will darken and temperatures will drop as much as 25 degrees. >> these cosmic moments, when nature speaks to us, in a emotional way, sometimes comes loud like thunderstorms, storms, like hurricanes earthquakes. this one will be silent. >> looking skyward, will have a chance to lower the corona. electromagnetic matter into the smearer system which have real world impact here on earth. >> messes with communications systems even power grid. >> it can even mess with your eyes. >> the sun is way too bright for your eyes to enjoy it, so be safe. >> best way to enjoy the spectacle with special viewing glasses, nasa warning the public not to let the light show eclipse your safety. >> we will get to see partial solar eclipse. in the einstein healthcare science center, meteorologist,
5:49 am
lauren casey at enterprise, we guarantee it. next vehicle purchase? . head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news," and in sports, the phillies one game one of four game set beating arizona diamond backs six to one in arizona mark lighter junior got the win in his first career start throwing six scoreless innings. ben lively will start game two of the series today. now, here's don bell with a look at the rest of eyewitness sport. >> nolan patrick the top rated north american hockey prospect. now member of the orange and
5:52 am
black. general manager ren hawks tall selecting the 19 year old with second overall pick in chicago friday night played for the brandon wheat kings, western hockey league this past season, but battled injuries due to sports hernia. they say he has great size, after all, he is six-two, 200 pounds, great strength. also has excellent vision. patrick says he's looking forward to establishing himself. >> i'm just going to try to play my game, crib as much as i can, and obviously, you know, i think the flyers have a really good team. if you look at their -- they have prospect, so i think in a kim of years they'll be a real good team. even this year coming up. i think they got the tools to do that. >> also, the flyers trading braydon schenn to the blues, and receiving the 27-six. with that pick, hextall selected forward morgan frost from canada. for schenn, the flyers also get urie, and conditional first round selection, next year. i was in brooklyn thursday night for the nba draft. everywhere i went sixers fans
5:53 am
were chanting trust the process. met the local media, markelle fultz was in camden along with 25th pick andre. and second rounders jonah bolden and met eye as. fultz says he expect the team to have pretty good chemistry. >> we talked about a little bit, just doing whatever we need to do to win. sometimes i'll be on the ball, sometimes pretty much just flipping it up. you see now in the nba. everybody has different people bring up the ball. just what you got to do to win. and that's what i'm capable of doing. >> former villanova star josh heart celebrating on that night, as well. estraying in the blue and white for the purple and gold. he was drafted by the jazz, then trade trade the to the lakers final pick in the first round. that will was number 30, overall. >> hey that's all for sport, i'm don bell. have a great day. >> all right, well, i hate to talk about this, but we have to, every news anchor's nightmare came true during a bbc newscast tuesday night.
5:54 am
the show hit a technical glitch leaving the anchor to stare at camera with nothing to say for four minutes. but, as jeannie mose report, some viewers didn't seem to minds. >> here's the what the news sounds like when the anchor doesn't make a sound. (silence). >> for four minute. >> cbc flag news at 10:00 was silent except for breaking news a nounments run amuck. >> during those four long minute of technical melt downs, news man hue edwards sat calmly with only the occasional facial flinch. tweeted one viewer, kind of absorbing, like a lava lamp. after so much bad news lately, tweeted someone else, wasn't it lovely, sort of time out from all of the craziness. no matter how many times they played the graphic saying breaking news, the news
5:55 am
remained broken. so editor blamed it on a technical system crash, second before air time. the veteran anchor told radio four? >> there was so much going on in the director's gallery, that nobody booth towards tell him of course that he was actually on air. >> i have to say, i tried to behave myself. >> he played with his mouth, he scribbled, prompting everyone to ask the same question. what did you start writing? help? i think he was writing down his order for dinner. >> i was listening to all of this pandemonium in the background. >> we do know one guy who would specially appreciate four minute of silence. bbc. >> where are you from? >> bbc. >> here is another butte. >> i speaking of beauty, after the melt down ended, q the anchor. >> tonight, actually, 10:04. edward only sign of stress was his post newscast tweet. a double dragon all. i think i'm going to enjoy this little beauty after that
5:56 am
pen. followed by the welsh equivalent of cheers rename that newscast, z. n at 10:00. >> jeannie moose. >> new york. >> a true professional, if i do say so myself. fingers crossed. nothing like that happens here. but it is live tv, so keep watching. well, do you have trouble sleeping? coming up the new advice from some doctors that may seem to defeat the purpose, but they say it will help get you some solid z's. >> plus, a deer in distress. philadelphia police talk about the challenge with this water rescue, and when they did after they pulled the animal to safety. >> when can we expect showers and thunderstorms to move out of the area for our weekend? we'll be right back.
5:57 am
we got the keys! to our new house! we just gots ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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5:59 am
>> we're liver in strawberry section of the city with police. >> storm scan3 tracking showers, thunderstorms, for the beginning every weekend. >> today is saturday, june 24th, good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's head right over to meteorologist, matt peterson with the eyewitness weather forecast there is saturday morning, matt, sure are keeping you busy today.
6:00 am
>> one of those mornings where we are waking up, it is raining, there is some thunder out there. the good news it, doesn't last all day. we never like have a rainy afternoon on a saturday or sunday, we like to get outside, enjoy it, hope we have sunshine, and we will get some later this afternoon. again, we have just got to get through the next couple of hours or so and then start it quiet things down. showing thunderstorm activity, heavy rainfall, downpours, as they're now tracking eastward, through the far western suburbs, just now entering into western new castle county, and delaware, and and still for the most part philly getting few light sprinkles. but it will be moving through this line of, again, heavy rain, some heavy downpours, maybe little built every gusty winds, some thunder and lightning will be pushing through, probably within the next hour to hour and a half at the latest, then it will track through south jersey and we will be clearing the coastline most likely getting toward mid-morning at the latest. and then the good news, even though our cold front still off to the west, this is really going to be our main area of precipitation


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