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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." a violent stabbing leaves a woman dead in strawberry mansion. what police are staying about this brutal crime that happened behind a local high school. and nothing but a mess left behind in collingswood, new jersey today as severe storm left behind a trail of
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destruction, what neighbors are saying about the terrify to go experience. damage in some parts of new jersey is pretty significant. neighbors are working around the clock, clearing down tree, waiting on power and also assessing the destruction of some sidewalks. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh caught up with some of the homeowners who were impacted by this morning's storms. i heard like waves crashing against the ceiling and i was confused. it was just the rain was coming down hard. >> reporter: those are the sounds that woke him up saturday morning, when he looked outside >> this street was decimated was just destroyed completely. it's terrifying. >> reporter: on park avenue in consolidation wood entire trees up rooted. lifting even the sidewalk pavement with them. just one street over on stokes avenue, josh said it appears whatever passed through clipped just the tops of the trees outside of his home
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>> sounded like a plane going over the house, super loud. >> reporter: other area, trees and power lines littered the streets. >> we lost power, we have a couple of trees down. >> reporter: there's a lot to clean up. neighbors are grateful. >> we got pretty lucky. nobody got hurt. the house has a little damage. >> reporter: the weather service issued a tornado warning saturday morning for some areas including parts of new jersey. as far as what specifically blew through this area causing all of this damage, that remains under investigation. reporting in consolidation wood, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." that was actually the scene this morning. but this afternoon, the sun came out turned out to be a beautiful day out there. from what we hear it will stay that way for a bit. chelsea ingram is live with more on what's ahead for us. hopefully smoother >> things definitely looking much smoother but man those storms earlier this morning producing torrential rainfall because of all the tropical moisture that was around in the atmosphere. we clocked in just under two
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inches of rain in trenton. a new daily record rainfall. same thing for reading, pennsylvania, right around 1.31 inches, impressive numbers but the rain since moved out. the tropical moisture moved out and welcoming back in sunshine. also lower humidity and that is here to stay for at least several days. right now, temperatures are in the 80's, 86 in philadelphia. 85 in millville, 86 degrees in atlantic city. what's more noticeable are the due points dropping to the 50's making it feel more comfortable out there for sure. we're in store for a nice evening as we head into the next several hours. nice night to dine outside, temperatures around 79 at 8:00 p.m. we'll be getting cooler as we head to overnight. relative to what we seen in past several nights with cooler air, i'll have details coming up in a bit. natasha back to you. detectives are investigating a deadly stabbing right outside of a school. "eyewitness news" alicia nieves
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got the detail. >> reporter: philadelphia police minced no words when describing how violent this woman's death was. whoever killed her wanted to make sure that she suffered. 3.21 in the morning, a passerby discovers the body of a woman behind dob bins high school >> her condition shows an awful experience that she must have gone through. >> reporter: police are investigating this as an apparent homicide in the face the woman was badly bludgeoned her pants pulled down to her ankles and stabbed at least 12 times. authorities not saying yet if the woman was sexual assaulted. but she was stabbed in her vaginal area all the way up to her chest. >> her chest is full of blood, hands covered with blood. this was a very brutal savage attack. somebody really wanted to make sure that she suffered and that
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she was killed. >> reporter: k9 dogs were called out to try and find the weapon used to stab the woman, but authorities were unable to find one. they're hoping now for anyone with information to come forward and to look at potential surveillance video nearby. >> very hopeful that dobbins high school may have had cameras that captured some of this incident. >> reporter: and police say the woman is 34 years old. her last known address isn't far from the location where her body was found, authorities are not releasing her full identity, they're trying to notify her family. reporting live outside police headquarters in philadelphia, ilicia nieves cbs news. authorities tell us a man and woman armed with a handgun fired at police around noon. the pair is barricaded inside a home on the 5,000 block of lime port pike. lime port pike is closed from
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chestnut hill road. police are urging folks who live in that area to stay inside at this point. the suspect is on, the search is on that is for two men describe themselves as construction workers to commit a robbery in drexel hill, delaware county. this happened at edible arrangements on state road this morning, police say the suspects broke into the rear of the store and robbed the clerk. they were wearing hard hats and vests. anyone with informationed to contact police right away. and two bicyclists are seriously injured in an accident in south philadelphia. police say a car hit them at broad and oregon about 11:30 last night. the operator of the bike is in critical condition. the second victim was riding on a bicycle's handle bar. no word if charges are being lodged. a small plane crashed into an empty day care center. one person on board was killed, another was injured.
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eyewitnesses say the plane hit the building after taking off from southwest florida international airport >> the right wing clipped the trees and when that happened, he lost control landed on the side of the building, summer salted in front and landed in from of that day care, and exploded about five seconds later. the ntsb is investigating the cause of this crash. and the senate bill that would repeal and replace the affordable care act could be in trouble at this point. a handful of senate republicans now say they cannot support the current draft of this bill. they say it doesn't do enough to repel the affordable care act and lower healthcare costs. if three republican senators vote no on the senate legislation this measure will fail. president trump focused his address on reforming healthcare. >> democrats in congress created this calamity and now, if we don't act, millions more americans will be hurt by
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obamacare's deepening death spiral. >> some democrats are holding events this weekend to stand up against the bill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell wants to hold a vote before the july 4 recess. . you it is not the end of the road for philadelphia's own boys ii men. broad street between christian and carpenter, it is now boys ii men boulevard. it was renameded in honor of the award winning group during a big celebration in south philly. members of the group attended philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts located on that stretch of broad street there in south philly. still ahead on eyewitness news 100 people missing after an early morning land slide in china. a look at where the terrible disaster is still developing as folks search through the earth for loved ones. plus philadelphia native ed bradley honored through hearts. a look at the progress happening on the mural dedicated to his
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memory and more from his family helping to make the project a reality. plus coming up a bit later, a backyard paradise is taking shape in texas. how this man turned a plot of
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. you are looking at the tallest building we have the of the mississippi river. the 73 story in los angeles has a huge spiral that a brings the height to 1100 feet topping the nearby u.s. bank tower by more than 80 feet.
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it held the record since 1989, it still dwarfed by buildings on this coast. trade center is 1,776 feet tall, making it the sixth largest completed building in the world. a record number of u.s. travelers are headed out of town this 4th of july. 44.2 million are expected to travel. 50 miles or more from their homes. that's according to the auto club aaa. at increase of 1.25 million traveler overs last year. making it the most traveled independence day weekend since aaa has been counting. at least 15 people have been killed in a land slide in china. it swept over more than 60 homes and more than 1,000 worker are now involved in the rescue effort. people were fast asleep when the earth slammed into their homes and a hotel. now at least 100 people are still missing. as villager use bare who doesn't
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to move the stones, access to a nearby river is cut off and at least one major roadway into the village is gone. heavy rain triggered the land slide. more tonight on the london apartment fire that killed at least 79 people on june 14th. the u.k. local govern said fire safety inspectors found failures which prompted the evacuation of thousands. four tower blocks were evacuated following worries about the blocks external and gas pipe insulation. the computer system has been hacked. the parliamentary spokes woman said security teams are on the case working to figure out who is behind the attacks. the national cyber security center said the parliament shutdown remote access to e-mail describing it as a deliberate decision as part of their mitigation measures. now, a mural dedicated to the memory of ed bradley getting
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closer and closer to completion. the new africa center museum hosted a paint day for the ed bradley mural in west philly. dozens gathered to paint that will ultimately be installed at 9:49 belmont avenue. best known for his time on 60 minutes, the late cbs news correspond was quite the trailblazer >> if ed were here, i believe he'd be surprised and excited about this. never, well while he reached tremendous heights, he never thought of himself as a big man, in his own head. he did his work. so he would be really, really pleased and deeply honored i believe. >> he was quite the legend. the mural will be revealed on november 9th. the cbs corporation joined the ed bradley foundation to fund the mural. the philadelphia association of black journalists and his alma madder are playing big roles in this project. it's well, well deserved for
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such a great man. shelties some locations picked up well over an inch of rain and torrential rain and downpours thanks to the tropical moisture that was in the air, due to what was left of cindy but that since moved on out. turned into a really nice afternoon, we officially climbed to around 88 degrees today at philadelphia international airport. the average for today is 85. so we were above that, but in the coming days, we're going to be dropping below average for this time of year and we'll talk about that. here's a live look at stormscan 3. not a whole lot going on. we have a good amount of cloud cover moving in through this afternoon, but, tons of sunshine as well. the tropical moisture moved out and we're looking at quiet weather and limited rain chances. this evening, a nice evening to break out the grill and tomorrow will be more of the same. temperatures will be in the upper 70's, to around 80.
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24 hours from now, nice and less humid you'll be hearing me say a lot of that less humidity air is going to be here to stay for the next several days. of current temperatures are checking in in the 80's, it is 86 in philadelphia. 84 in trenton, we're in the mid 80's in millville, 86 in atlantic city. 83 in allentown, we're at 74 degrees currently in mount pocono. look at these due points. they're in the 50's. a due point at 57 in philadelphia. that's making it feel very pleasant out there when we look at the due point comfort index, more where this came from as we head to the next several days. not only are we talking lower humidity, but also a break from the heat, it's going to be rather cool for june standards. especially as we start out next week. on monday, high temperature of 81, tuesday, we drop down into the upper 70's for a high temperature. we'll see high pressure by the end of the week moving offshore and that's going to bump up our heat and humidity once again as we head to the end of next week and start of next weekend. we'll be keeping a close eye on
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that. here's the set up. nice stretch the weather going to be heading our way for the next several days, we'll be saying see you later, we already are to the remnants of cindy moved offshore. welcoming in the sunshine lower humidity. we're going to have some limited shower chances though moving in as we head to your sunday afternoon, your monday, sunday for the poconos, monday for us and also on tuesday, but really most areas are going to end up staying completely dry. at the shore looking at a nice next three days, 78 on monday, it will be a fantastic beach day with temperatures in the 80's and 76 tuesday with a stray shower possible. here's a look at your forecast as we head to the overnight hours tonight mostly clear and cooler, overnight low temperatures around 69 degrees. that is a very comfortable for this time of year and then plenty of sunshine and lower humidity for your sunday, you can look for a high temperature right around 86 degrees. take a look now at your eyewitness weather seven-day forecast, we've got lots of
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sunshine in the forecast again, limited shower chances as we start out the work week, a small shower chance tomorrow afternoon in the poconos, look at those temperatures just dip on down. it will be a cool week. especially for june standards. >> looks nice. joe holden on sport tonight. i was about to ask you what the big story was. >> you know what? i can tell you we have you covered on all three fronts tonight, let's start off with the nfl day two of the draft wrapping up in chicago. flyers gm ron hextall was busy working the phones looking to move up in the second round and was successful. the flyers swapped their second round pick along with a third and fourth round pick to arizona to move up nine spots. they took he thinks his game will help the flyer >> i'm a big guy i can play
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offensively and defensively and really. and playing all areas in the zone. adding that to their lineup and being able to maneuver my way into that lineup in the future and playing with those guys, it will be awesome and i think i can bring a lot to the table. heck c made another trade sending brayden schenn for and the 27th pick in the first round. there's does the trade of schenn mean the flyers are on a full-on rebuild? >> no. no. i wouldn't -- are we getting younger? yes. a rebuild absolutely not. we have young players at some point here, we have to open up opportunity for them to play when we feel they're ready to play. i think unlike what people think about our philosophy, we do not
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want to hold players back when they're ready to take that next step. of we want to allow >> good news with the phillies going for the third straight win when they take on the diamond backs in phoenix. ben lively will be on the mound. later night, mark lighter junior made his first career start threw six shut-out innings giving up three hits and struck out five. the phils were clinicing to a one you-run lead when maikel franco took the high pitch over the wall in right for a homer of the season to make it 2-0. they put the game away scoring two runs, two of them on phoenix native tommy joseph. and lighter won his first career start 6-1, the final in phoenix. the nfl draft process is over. next up is summer league action in utah next month. yesterday, the local media got to see number one overall picking markelle fultz along rest of the sixers draft class.
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there was a lot of excitement about the future of this team. >> you talk about some of the piece that is we have, and i don't want to leave out names, i'll say none, we've got pieces that look like and feel like they're going to fit together and be the basis of that championship dna if you will for a club. championship dna, certainly a lot of momentum there for the sixers. phillies looking good, and flyers making some big moves as well. >> exciting time. thank you so much. joe, appreciate that. still ahead on "eyewitness news," forget the big name water park, a man in texas is making quite the name for himself >> i like the country. i like bond fires. i like barbecuing. >> meet the man who's running a backyard water park inviting people
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a texas water park that
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looks more like a backyard paradise is giving customers a place to cool down and relax. owner said he sold two construction businesses to build his oasis. the park has a is secluded mud hole, 12 acre campground where customers can relax and you got to watch out for snakes. in the owner's word, just be country >> everybody around me looking at me like i was dumb, and they were like you're going to build a water park >> they used fire and machete teas to clear that space and now they're hosting concerts and promoting themselves on facebook, they've seen nearly 10,000 customers in six
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. ly world's you go lee yesterday dog. it was a 125 pound gentle giant named martha. a favorite of the northern california crowd from the start. plopping down on her side on stage. contestants were judged on first impressions, unusual at bouts. aren't they all cute? they're all cute, come on. . >> you girls are all pretty. that's "eyewitness news" for now, i'm natasha brown, for all of here, thank you so much for
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joining us, take care. we'll see tonight. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: trumpcare troubles. can the president win over republicans opposing the senate health care bill? a vote is expected next week. also tonight, severe weather on this first weekend of summer. heavy rains pound the east, dangerous heat bakes the west. two texas mothers charged in the deaths of their children. the desperate search for survivors after dozens are buried in an overseas landslide. and the tallest building west of the mississippi opened for business. >> if an earthquake happened right now, i'm in one of the safest spots? >> yes, you are. i'm not


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