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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 24, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." tonight at 11:00, a brutal crime the strawberry mansion community is on alert after a woman is stabbed is to death near a local high school. and very frightening moments out of howell new jersey where a storm is being investigated. was it a tornado that touched down. i'm natasha brown, thanks for joining us. the damage in parts of jersey is significant. residents are working clearing down trees on park in view of the fact collingswood. huge trees up rooted damaging the sidewalk and one street on stokes avenue a neighbor says it appears whatever passed through there put the tops of trees outside of his home. >> sounded like plane going over the house. super loud. my wife woke up.
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dragged me out of bed. there was trees all over the place. then initially did that know what was going on. >> winds snapped power lines as well. after reviewing this dramatic video, officials confirm a tornado did touch done at the home depot had in howell monmouth could you. destroyed power lines. high winds flipped over car, luckily no injuries reported despite the frighting scene. researchers are working to determine how serious those wind rain and lightening were that were scattered about the. chelsea explains what was happening >> we actually had two confirmed tornados in new jersey this morning. first you showed it was in the
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home depot parking lot. within speeds around 75 miles per hour, rated an ef 0. there was a second one close in oaklyn in monmouth county. this tracked through ok line park around .3 miles, maximum wind speeds of 75 miles per hour. we had a confirmed mike burst close by but that burlington county county. micro burst is a strong down draft that produces straight line winds not a tornado but can skill produce extreme serious damage. maximum winds estimated 75 miles an hour. we had torrential rainfall and record rain in locations including trenton, just under two inches. a record rainfall for the day today and then in reading, around 1.3 inches. a different story on stormscan 3, a couple of light showers over the poconos, but quiet looking at mostly clear skies, a
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cool-down and lower humidity on way coming up in a just a bit. natasha back to you. >> thank you so much. new jersey and pennsylvania aren't the only two states dealing with this severe weather continued heavy rains are leaving parts of mid michigan under water. this is brentwood estates mobile home park. so high people a became strande stranded. officials warned folks to stay out of the water. more rain is in the forecast for that area. to california farmers fear their crops will be destroyed by extreme heat. some fruit farmers are scrambling now to save the harvest. been working extra to pick as much fruit as they can. san joaquin county is affected by the heat wave scorching. develop say a ten-hour barricade incident in lehigh
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county is over and man and woman are dead. they're investigating the deaths as a murder suicide. the bodies of that couple were discovered in the attic of a home h held up inside. investigators say that man and woman were armed with a handgun and had fired at police around noon. this was a couple police had been tracking detectives are investigating a deadly stabbing in north philly. just outside of a school. alic alicia nieves has more a gruesome homicide in the strawberry mansion. one that has residents on edge >> to hear that somebody was visually brutally attacked. i wonder what the motive would be. >> reporter: police were called here, a passerby discover add woman's blooded body in the grass >> her condition shows an awful
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experience. >> reporter: the woman i was bludgeoned in her face, pants pulled down to her ankles and she was stabbed a dozen times from her thighs to her chest >> somebody wanted to make sure that that she suffered and that she was killed. >> reporter: authorities combed the area where the boyd was found and discovered some of the woman's purse contents. authorities have not found the weapon and have not made arrests leaving some concerned about her safety >> somebody needs to do something to protect us. just because this is an area where we live, don't mean this is the stuff we should have the face >> we have checked with homicide detectives, they're not releasing the identity of the woman only saying she was 34 and last known address was not too far from the location of where her body was found. outside philadelphia police
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headquarters, alicia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> also the search is on two men is disguised themselves as construction workers. this happened at edible arrangements on state road. police say the suspects broke into the rear of the store and robbed the clerk. wearing hard hats and vests and anyone with any information about this case is asked to contact police. bicyclists are seriously injured. police say a car hit them at broad and oregon about 11:30. the operator of the bike is critical. the second victim was riding on the bicycle's handlebar and suffered a broken leg. the driver stayed and no word on charges. a small plane crashed into an empty daycare center in for the myers florida. investigators say the plane went down shorely after attack-off. a passenger was killed in the
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crash, but the pilot survived and is hospitalized. one witness says the plane clipped trees before smashing into the building it it happened. the senate bill that would repeal and replace the affordable care act could be in trouble. a handful of republicans say they cannot support. it does not do enough to repeal it. if three republican senators vote no, the measure will fame. president trump focused his address on reforming healthcare >> democrats in congress created this, if we don't act, millions will be hurt by obamacare deepening death spiral. >> some are holding events this weekend to stand up against the bill. majority leader, mitch mcconnell
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wants to hold a vote before july 4th recess. it is not the end of the road, not for philadelphia's very own boys ii men. broad street between christian and carpenter is now boys ii men boulevard. rename in honor of the grammy award winning group during a big celebration in south philly. members philadelphiaed philadelphia high school for creative and performing arts. and the cbs3 eyewitness news team just got a little bit bigger. good news, meet lucy victoria brian. beautiful daughter of cleve bryan, seven pounds, nine ounces and big brothers love their lucy. cleve tells us mom is recovering well. from all of us here at "eyewitness news" congratulations cleve and nicole on your bundle of joy there. stay with us.
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still ahead, 100 people missing after an early morning land slide in china, a look at where the disaster is still developing as people search through the rubble for their loved ones. a giant pink triangle unfillun. ed bradley honored through art. a look at the progress happening on a mural dedicated in his
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15 people killed after a rand land slide over overtook a village in china. the land slide swept over more than 60 homes. people were fast asleep when the disaster happened. now more than 100 folks still missing. more than 1,000 workers were involved in the initial rescue effort. and the amount of rock and earth that slammed into the town is the equivalent about 3,000 olympic sized swimming pools. access to a nearby river is cut off. at least one major roadway into
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the village is gone. officials say heavy rain triggered that land slide. more tonight on the london april fire that killed at least 79 people on june 14th. t the. prompted the evacuation of thousands had. the blocks were evacuated following worries about the blocks external cladding and gas pipes. the computer system has been hacked. a parliament said security teams are on the case working to figure out who is behind the attacks. sushi security center says the parliament has shut down remote access to e-mail describing it as a deliberate decision as part of their mitigation measures. now, this enormous triangle in san francisco crafted from more than an acre of cloth.
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it's also all about the message it carries. the symbol has been around since the 80's. it is a symbol of defines and activism. they say unfillering. it was flanked by leaders and state lawmakers eager to show support >> every time i see the triangle it challenges me to say, ok, what can i do differently? what can i do better, how can i stand up those who need the equality >> supports say it's important for them to keep the symbol front and center as many of their hard legal and social gains come under attack again. check out how police in st. louis are working to make their community safer. safe place stickers on the front doors of businesses signify the shop is willing to open doors to someone in the lgbtq community.
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they hope they will have more people watching to keep their community inclusive. it started successfully in seattle yearly. the streets of manayunk were alive today for the start of the 28th annual arts festival. hundreds of artists showcase their along main street. it featured 300 local nationally known artists. and for the sixth year included a tent to emerging artists. a mural dedicated to the memory of philadelphia native ed bradley is getting closer completion. the new museum hosted a community paint day for the ed bradley mural in west philadelphia. dozens gathered to paint pieces of the mural that will be installed at 949 belmont. known for his time on 60 minutes.
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the correspond was quite a trailblazer >> i think he'd be surprised and excited about this. never -- he reached tremendous heights, he never thought of himself as a big man. he did his work. but he would be pleased and honored. >> the mural will be revealed on november 9th. cbs corporation. the philadelphia association of black journalists are playing big roles in this project in making it come to fruition. chelsea, you're here, you've been busy. when i got up the sun was out but it was violent. >> this morning was a mess. especially in new jersey. had two confirmed tornados. but you wouldn't have even know if you slept by the afternoon we had blue skies and sunshine. take a live look at the network.
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we're looking at rehoboth beach. we got people enjoying night, beautiful beach night out there. and we got more beautiful weather. now that we're done with the severe weather. both this morning and yesterday. here's a live look at stormscan 3. things are relatively for the most part. more quiet than earlier. we have a couple of showers located north and west of philadelphia. those are going to be diminishing and we're looking at mostly clear skies as we head to the remainder of the overnight hours. the official high temperature in philadelphia was 88 degrees. that is three degrees above average for this time of year. the next couple days we'll be dipping below average for this time of year and that's going to be for several days. and we'll talk about that. checking in in the 60's and 70's across the delaware valley. it's 78 in philadelphia. 72 in allentown. we're in the 60's in mount pocono. 63 also in the 60's in millville
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around 67 it is 76 degrees currently in atlantic city take a look at he's due points. definitely a different story compared to earlier this morning and yesterday. due points are in the 50's and 60's. things are feeling really not too bad on the due point comfort index, we'll be in this pleasant category with due points in the 50's, nice sunday is on tap. i told you cooler weather heading our way, monday we're in the low 80's, upper 70's tuesday, below average. especially for june standards, back up to 81 wednesday. by end of next week and weekend we'll start to see the heat and humidity creeping back up. here's a look at the set up as we head to the remainder of the overnight hours, high pressure is no control for sunday, beautiful day, cold front will be swinging through monday. we could have just stray shower on monday but limited shower chances for the next several
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days in the upcoming week. nice forecast down the shore. sunny and nice for sunday with a high temperature of 83, cooler by monday with highs in the upper 70's a lot of sunshine. watch for a stray shower tuesday. temperatures in the mid 70's. tonight overnight low temperature of 69. mostly clear. pleasant of sunshine. take a look at your "eyewitness news" weather seven-day forecast. 81 as we head to monday. we'll see a stray shower possible also spotty shower into tuesday with a high temperature around 78. that is well below average. overall we're looking at tons of sunshine in the forecast. we will see that heat and humidity begin to creep back up as we head to the end of the week and next weekend but summertime after all. >> thank you so much. joel holden is in.
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soccer baseball let's talk about the union here tonight and in a three-game losing streak. the sixers in phillies are in the middle of a rebuild and the flyers about to join
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. star wars night in phoenix phils going for the third straight win, the force not with phillies starter. bases loaded at the plate but strikes out in the 95 miles per hour fast ball. in the 4th inning he got his revenge. major league homer. phils and diamondbacks tied. day two of the nhl wrapped up. continued to add more forwards to the roster. of selecting five a goalie an
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defensive man. the flyers swapped second around along with a third and fourth pick to move up nine spots. took 6'6" isaac radcliff. he scored for ontario league. isaac was the best prospect. he thinks his game will help the flyers in the future. >> big guy i think i can play both offensively and defensively. i'm really not that. and playing all areas in the zone, adding that to their lineup and being able to maneuver my way into the lineup in the future and playing with a lot of those guys it will be awesome and i can bring a lot >> the flyers sent brayden schenn to the blues at the 27th pick and picked morgan frost from canada. schenn scored 17 power plays last season.
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next season the orange and black could have six rookies in the lineup, are they in full rebuild? >> no. no. are we getting younger? yes. we have young players. at some point here we're opening up opportunity to play. when we feel they're ready to play. i think i'm like. people think about our philosophy, we do not want to hold players back when they're ready to take the next step, we want to allow them to talk it. after a franchise record four game winning streak. the union lost three in a row and tonight they looked to get back on track against dc united down in chester. in the 31st minute the union on the attack. with the pass across the box and left foot the volley and the sons of bens were happy.
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70th minute, dc united had a melt kick and andre blake coming up big. access denied blake with his sixth shut-out and the union's three-game losing streak is over, it was one nil the final. football. soul versus cleveland, philly in control. glad 88ers. and he falls into the end zone. they're still unbeaten soul with a 59-28 victory. soccer, baseball, nhl got you covered >> on a roll. thank you. still ahead forget the big name water parks. there's a man in texas making a name for himself. >> i look bon
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♪ . welcome back. you could call it a little bit of a hidden gem. texas water park a giving customers a place to cool down. he sold two construction businesses to build this, it has
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a he warns visitors to watch out for snakes and just in his words be country. >> everybody is around me looking at me like i was dumb and they were like you're going to build a water park in the middle of nowhere >> he and his crew used fire and
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. how many times have you been to the happiest place on earth? one california man is breaking a record. been to disney land 2000 times in a row. day after day, you can find him getting his fill of the park's most popular rides. he's an air force veteran. something he looked forward oh every day and doing this since january of 2012. >> i'm going to disney land again. going over and riding the guardians of the galaxy. over a dozen times so far. >> he calls the it a treat to go. and says he plans to keep doing it. he's going to keep going as long as he can. >> good luck that will do it. i'm natasha for all of us, we
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thank you for joining us ♪ (indistinct chatter) excuse me! i've gotten separated from my daughter. there's a police kiosk over by... look, can you make an announcement from here? she's only eight years old. her name is claire! sir, i'm sorry. this is a ticket window. please, you have to help us! we're not from here. daddy? claire! claire! daddy! daddy! that's him. that's him. all units, all units, suspect in sight. repeat: we have the suspect in sight. grand central, main concourse. repeat: main concourse.


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